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Close Up

Sharad Kelkar
Friday, September 16, 2005 16:46:48 IST

How did you make it to the television industry?
I was modeling for a couple of products. Then I did a series on Doordarshan called Aakrosh. I played the lead there. That was followed by a negative role in Bhabhi on Star Plus. Then I was offered a character in CID Special Bureau. The latest addition to the list is Sindoor on Zee TV.

'Rudra' sounds interesting. Tell us about your role in it. 
Like I told you, I play Rudra. He is a slightly grey-shaded character. His mother brings him up single-handedly. She is disowned by her lover. Later, I discover that the person is quite happy in his life. I feel that my mother should get her rights. So I kind of take revenge from my
father's family.

You must be sharing a great rapport with your co-stars, especially with your wife being around.
With my better half being with me all the time, life has become easier. Besides, the people I am working with are great. They are all professionals. We all share a great rapport, as I have known most of them for some or the other reason.

Which is that one performance that you really cherish or will cherish?
I think this performance in Sindoor is my favorite and most cherished. I would cherish it for a number of reasons. This is one character that I am playing that has got variety in shades. Besides, working with one's beloved and friends is a great experience
in itself.

What are your future plans?
There are really no plans as such. I would not work on anything as of now that does not really grab my attention. I will continue acting for sure. Recently, I did this film called Uttarayan that won a national award. So I would look forward to doing classy and challenging cinema besides doing television.

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Article from Midday:

Pakeezah palki for Sinndoor
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   September 19, 2005

Elaborate marriage (and remarriage) ceremonies may be commonplace in soaps but what's unique about Niharika's (Kirti Kelkar) wedding to Rudra (Sharad Kelkar) in the Zee daily Sinndoor – Tere Naam Ke is the palki. It was the same that was used by the late actress Meena Kumari in Kamal Amrohi's film Pakeezah (1971).

"As we wanted a full-on traditional wedding for Niharika, we were on the lookout for a quaint, yet well-known palki for the shoot," says producer Kinnari Mehtaa.

"The palki was procured from Kamalistan (Amrohi's studios) and the authorities confirmed that it was the same which was used in Pakeezah," claims Mehtaa. "The palki still remains in tact after all these decades post the film."

The Sinndoor team was so overwhelmed by the palkhi done up in gold and silver that they paid Rs 20,000 as hire charges for a single scene. "It added a special tinge of nostalgia and made it the USP of Niharika's wedding sequence. We transported it to Space Studios, Goreagaon, where the wedding was shot from Kamalistan Studios," informs Mehtaa.

Interestingly, Sharad and Kirti are a real-life married couple, "so the wedding scene had that touch of realism. For them it was like marrying all over again and they were willing to go to any length for the post-wedding scenes," laughs Mehtaa.

Those who tune into this Zee daily will recall that Titli (Jayati Bhatia) spills the beans to Kavita Raizada (Tanvi Azmi), saying Kavita's husband Virendra (Naresh Suri) cheated her and that Rudra is his son from the other woman Sundri (Sumukhi Pendse). That makes Niharika, who has dumped Antariksh (Prachin Chauhan), Virendra's son from Kavita.

Sinndoor, produced by actor-turned producer Jay Mehtaa, has Vedika (Gurdip Kohli), the elder daughter-in-law of the Raizadas, and her phobia for sindoor besides the wheeling-dealings of the family.


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Reel'ative values

Do artistes identify with the characters they play? Obsessive lovers, submissive daughters-in-law and temperamental sons? Are our stars the same way in the real life? Or do they feel repulsed by the eccentricities they are forced to enact on the telly? Natasha Havewala explores.

The coy and ever sacrificing bahu , Kumkum, has converted Juhi Parmar into something similar! "Kumkum is too good to be believable. What I feel right about her is that she is someone who stands up for the truth, always. And this is something I have learnt to incorporate in my life too," dimples Juhi. But unlike Kumkum, I won't ever become the self-sacrificing bahu who will live in pain for the sake of her family! I have my own way to cope up with my life," asserts Juhi.

And what about the constant lachrymose image that she keeps up. "Oh, can't help that," says Juhi flatly. "But what I like is that although Kumkum keeps crying, she also dares not to be afraid and this is something I relate with."

And does the saintly Dhruv of Sinndoor - Tere Naam Ka, feel the same?
Laughs Sachin Shroff, "I am the complete antithesis of Dhruv. He will never raise his voice against anyone, is docile and nave. He is someone who never takes a stand because he doesn't want to hurt anyone, and in the bargain, suffers quietly. But I wouldn't do anything like this. I believe in finding the truth myself and stand for my decisions!"

So, isn't there anything he identifies with? "One characteristic I relate with Dhruv is love. I love my mother and my family just the way he does, otherwise I don't identify with his sensibilities," smiles the shy Sachin.

Family first. That's how Aashka Goradia feels too. Kumud of the long suffering Kkusum family, Aashka asserts, "For me, my family is my world and I would sacrifice anything for them and in that, completely identify with Kumud."
But that's where the similarity ends.

"At times, Kumud goes over the top with her crying. She has her tears ready for every little mishap in her life. I, on the other hand, make sure that no one has the guts to bring tears to my eyes," she says practically.

And what if obsessive love is the core of a character one plays. Is Raahil Azim comfortable playing the besotted Ashmit in Ye Meri Life Hai? "Currently, Ashmit is shown as an obsessive lover, which I am not in real life," he says smilingly. "I am possessive but not obsessive. There is a thin line between being obsessed and being possessive. Possessiveness shows that 'I care for you but you have your free will.' Obsession

on the other hand cages the other person and it could go to the extent of harming anyone else. I am possessive, but not obsessive like Ashmit!"

Posted on 28 September 2005 4:00 pm
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Gurdeep Kohli and Keerti Gaikwad in a still from Sindoor...

Niharika is raped by ex-husband

…on Navaratri eve in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Rape on television can cause a lot of stress between the producers and viewers of a show. It happened for the first time on Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki when a blind girl was shown being raped by two brothers. The episode generated plenty of debate and the outcome was that people felt if rape had to be shown on television then a message regarding how the victim was treated and the rapist punished necessarily had to be conveyed as well. This time, a rape episode is going to be shown on one of the most popular shows on Zee TV, Sindoor Tere Naam Ka. The two female protagonists on Sindoor…, Niharika played by Keerti Gaikwad and Vedikaplayed by Gurdeep Kohli, are sisters who battle for the rights and wrongs in society.  But, their relationship with each other changes when the younger sister Niharika gets raped. "Niharika, Antariksh's ex-wife, will be raped by him," says Prashant Bhatt, the executive producer of the show. And what brings on this strange twist in the story? "We've already shown how Niharika keeps provoking Antariksh. She does it to seek revenge. Niharika is responsible for creating havoc in the lives of the entire family. Her angst reaches a point where she accuses her husband of impotency before divorcing him. She eventually gets married to his step-brother Rudra on the rebound. Since they all live in the same house, Niharika is forever provoking Antariksh, calling him a loser," says he.

This sensitive episode will be telecast on October 4 on the eve of Navaratri. The rape happens when the entire clan is busy performing the puja. "We're not showing this as a planned rape. Antariksh is a good Samaritan; circumstances trigger the situation. It's out of anger that such a thing happens. This is his revenge on his ex-wife." Although the producers sound like they are justifying the rape, they assure us that it is not the case. Apparently, the story line from here on will have the family divided on the issue of taking the rapist to court, debating whether an act as horrendous as this can be forgiven, etc. Obviously this will lead to conflicts and changing equations within the family.

Another forthcoming highlight on Sindoor… is that the Zee Challenge finalists will perform for the Navaratri puja that will take place in the Raizada house.


* Blind girl: Kushi in Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii

* Strong-willed: Nandini in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

* Comatose: Pallavi Joshi's character in Alpviraam

* Sex worker: Poonam in Astitva Ek Prem Kahani

* Marital rape: Pammi in Des Mein Nikala Hoga Chand



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Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka

After battling phobias, identity crises and marital problems, Vedika (Gurdip Kohli), the main protagonist of Sinndoor – Tere Naam Ka, will now be involved in a kidnap drama.

Abduction signals a missing-in-action scenario — exactly what the producer wants. This twist in the track is to allow Kohli to proceed on a month's leave from the Zee daily. The actress is slated to perform in stage shows in the US throughout October.

Conveniently missing

"Gurdip has told us that she will not be available for shooting from October 4 till the month-end," says producer Kinnari Mehtaa.

"As she is the main character in Sinndoor, we can't have her disappearing for too many episodes. We have tried to shoot in advance as much as we can, but to make things easier in Gurdip's absence, we have added an abduction track in the show."

Sundri spews venom

The person who will mastermind the abduction is Rudra's (Sharad Kelkar) mother, Sundri (Sumukhi Pendse) — the other woman in Vedika's father-in-law Virendra Raizada's (Naresh Suri) life.

"Now that Sundri has entered the Raizada household, she wants to unleash terror. Her target is elder daughter-in-law, Vedika," explains Mehtaa. The kidnapping will put the Raizadas, especially Virendra's first wife Kavita (Tanvi Azmi), in turmoil. Sundri abducts Vedika and locks her up in a dungeon.

What's next?

The kidnapping track has another twist, when the kidnapped Vedika observes the karva chauth fast for hubby Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) in the dungeon. How does she manage to see Dhruv's face and break her fast? That's yet another turn, done in true Bollywood fashion.

"There will be a heavy downpour on Karva Chauth day and the rain havoc will be a blessing in disguise for Vedika," points out Mehtaa. In a make-believe world, after all, anything can be made conveniently possible!

Sinndoor's dandiya drama

Keerti Kelkar
As most telly soaps do, Sinndoor has a piece of current festive flavour in the track. Tuesday's episode has a dandiya utsav, in which Niharika (Keerti Kelkar) will be raped by former husband Antariksh (Prachin Chauhan).

"It is not a predetermined move from Antariksh. It's a spur of the moment act, when he wants to settle scores with his ex-wife, who is now married to his half-brother, Rudra," explains Mehtaa.

While shooting for the rape scene, there was high drama even off-screen as the actors exchanged heated words over the issue of a man raping his former wife.

"There was a schism between them over the rape issue in the track, which will echo in the show as well, with Sinndoor's Raizada household divided over Antariksh's heinous act," says Mehtaa.


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Rudra hurt in suicide shot
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   October 6, 2005

Rudra (Sharad Kelkar) and Niharika (Keerti Gaikwad Kelkar) in Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka
The shoot of a suicide sequence in the Zee daily Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka, proved to be injurious to one of the serial's characters. Rudra (Sharad Kelkar), suffered from a deep knife injury on his right palm.

The scene required him to swing to the rescue of screen wife Niharika (Keerti Gaikwad Kelkar), who was trying to end her life by plunging a knife in her stomach.

And just as all such filmi moments go, Rudra had to stop her in the nick of time — just before the knife pierced her abdomen. The end result was that he held on to the sharp edge a bit too tight, leaving a deep cut on his palm.

Continues to shoot

The incident occurred on Tuesday at Space Studios, Goregaon. "It happened very suddenly," says Sharad.

"I felt a deep pain and there was blood all over. That's when I realised I had held the knife too tight." Sharad managed to complete the shoot despite the cut. The doctor advised him to take a couple of stitches, as it was a deep wound.

"But I didn't like the idea of stitches and all the pain, so I preferred to take injections and tie a huge bandage around the palm. There is still a throbbing pain in my palm, even though more than 24 hours have passed," says Sharad, who continues to shoot "as it is a daily show."

My mistake

The suicide track in Sinndoor comes in the wake of the dandiya utsav on the show. The festivities were marred when Niharika was raped by former husband, Antariksh (Prachin Chauhan). "She is shattered after the incident and the only way out for her is to end her life. There is high tension till Niharika's present husband, Rudra, comes to her rescue," explains Keerti, who plays Niharika.

"There were tears in my eyes when I saw Sharad bleeding. It was my mistake; we just got carried away with the scene."
Keerti's dilemma doubled as Sharad is her real-life husband. "It was a case of actually giving blood to save me; even though off-screen," she grins.

"Now I am being showered with lots of love and care!" laughs Sharad.

Actor-turned-producer Jay Mehtaa's family drama is about Virendra Raizada's (Naresh Suri) family. Rudra is Virendra's illegitimate son, who has arrived on the scene to take revenge. As plan one, he marries Niharika, who was formerly wedded to Virendra's son Antariksh.

"Sinndoor is about the complex relationships that are weaved into the Raizada household. The rape and suicide track will prove to be the turning points in the drama, adding to more twists. It's a daily soap, after all," says co-producer Kinnari Mehta. "Rudra's off-screen injury only adds to the high drama!"

Keerti, Sharad facts

Keerti Gaikwad and Sharad Kelkar wed in June this year. Keerti also features as Kannan in Balaji's KahiinTo Hoga (Star Plus). Sharad will soon be seen in Sunjoy Wadhwa's Saat Phere, which will air on Zee.

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 Sachin Schroff

 For comments please visit:



On your sex appeal
My eyes. There's always a sparkle in my eyes. Girls tell me that it's the best thing about my face. I can speak with my eyes as an actor and otherwise.  

How girls react to you
They think I've got a very soft and cute face. Of course, they don't pull my cheeks as I'm not chubby (laughs). They also find me quite balanced and mature. Now how do I react to girls? Well, if she's hot and sexy then I'll give her a glance and move on (laughs).

Your first date
It was in the 9th std. I knew her before but it was the first time we were going out. We went for a film, don't remember which one. Unfortunately for me, I met a family friend in the theatre. So I was too scared to do anything except watch the film (laughs). I rushed home after the film as I was worried that he would tell my parents. Eventually my parents came to know of it but didn't react. We went around for a year after that. She was my classmate.

Your first crush
In the 4th std. She was very pretty, cute and sweet. We played Jolly and I always lost on purpose as I wanted to give her chocolates as penalty. She liked that. My crush lasted for a year until I developed a major crush on one of my teachers.

Your most cherished compliment
'You speak through your eyes'. I cherish it as it shows what's in my heart.

Your wildest compliment
Not to be mentioned! (Laughs).

Love & romance...
I'm in love with someone but she's not an actress. It's about a month since we started going around but I've known for almost five years. It's one of those friendships turning to love kind of cases. My friend liked her so I never really looked at her that way. My friend got married recently but she stayed in touch with me. We started meeting up and chatting over the phone. I felt she was a nice girl. She also felt the same about me. It felt strange to talk about our feelings for each other as we were friends. But thanks to SMS, we managed to convey it through a joke. But she's still my close friend with whom I can share
everything. I'm a very romantic person. It could be a long drive, a walk, a candlelit dinner, or just having road side chaat that I find very romantic.

To me, lust is just a 'Four-Letter' word! (Laughs). It doesn't include love and emotions. Now I'm not going to tell you who I lust for! (Laughs).

On a nudist beach
If I want to look different then I'll wear clothes. Otherwise I'll be lost in the crowd. Obviously I'll look around and have fun (laughs).

What if a girl made a pass at you?
I'll just smile and move on. Of course, I'd giggle if it's a physical pass. I never make a pass at a woman.

Would you ask a girl out if you liked her but didn't know her well?
I definitely would. If she's the slightly boring sort then I'd ask her out to a film. That way we don't have to talk much. Otherwise I would be lunch or dinner.
What if you fell short of money on a date?
I'll use my credit cards. But honestly I'm never short of money but I still were, I'd ask her to chip in. I have no hang-ups.

Your dream date
Charlie's Angels. I love all of them and would go with them to Miami. What I'll do is something I can tell only after I've gone there (laughs).

Would you dress to impress a girl?
Of course! I don't have a great body so it would be a casual full-sleeved shirt and tight jeans. I'd avoid body fits as I haven't been working out for a while and my slight paunch would show (laughs). I love the blue denims and white shirt with leather boots combination.

I flirt a lot. It always starts with a smile. Of course, a lot depends on the person's age. I love to flirt with all age groups, right from 13 or 14 to no upper limits. I enjoy the company of flirtatious women. I find them very stimulating.

I believe in the institution of marriage. At the end of the day one feels the need to be committed to one woman and also need a commitment from one. My relationship is too new for me to think of marriage. I'll have to see how it shapes up.

What if your girl caught you with your pants down?
(Laughs) I think it would be my last day with her. I don't think I'd want to face her again because of guilt. But if she wants to carry on despite this episode then I'd make sure my pants don't go down the next time.

Your wildest bedroom fantasy
I should be very close to a nudist beach. The room has to be painted white and everything else should be white too. My girl too would be draped in white. I can't reveal anything more now! (Laughs).

Are women a necessary evil?
They are evil at times. Even God has not been able to gauge what goes on in a woman's mind. But they are the best companions. Every man needs a woman.

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Pracheen Chauhan


On your sex appeal
Everything about me is sexy! (Laughs). I can't pinpoint just one thing. I'm a package dea (laughs).

How girls react to you
I'm a very fun loving person and am always cracking jokes. They enjoy my company. Besides I'm also good looking so obviously they find me attractive and want to be friends with me. But I don't go out of my way to talk to girls. I'm slightly shy that way. Even if I like a girl I don't show it. I cannot give her those vibes. But once the ice is broken and I'm comfortable with her then it's okay.

Your first date
She was a girl in my batch in the second year B.Sc. class. I told you I'm a very shy and silent lover sort of guy. So that was when I had my first date. She too liked me and asked me out. We went to watch Kamal Haasan's Hindustani. We just held hands and later went to Nirulas for ice cream. We went around for almost two years after that.

Your first crush
She was a girl in my 11th std. class. She was short, beautiful and fair. I was a very bright student and she often came to me with her Physics and Maths problems. She too liked me. But we never expressed our attraction to each other. It was all in the eyes. A couple of years later I did express my feelings to her but it was too late then. She was moving to another city.

Your most cherished compliment
When I was nominated for Subroto in 'Kasauti Zindagi Ki' by the Indian Telly Awards, it was like the best compliment to an actor. I cherish that one a lot. It felt like I got my first real appreciation as an actor.  

Your wildest compliment
I haven't got any so far. I guess I'm not wild enough for that.
Love & romance...
Both are very important for me. Today I have a girlfriend. Spending quality time with her makes all my problems take a backseat. My girlfriend is my support system most of the times. Earlier I used to be in love with the idea of being in love and daydream a lot. Now I'm more practical. Life is very hectic today. Besides at 27, I have realized that there's a lot more to life than just love and romance. Love and romance go together for me. But maybe after seven years of marriage it may be a different story (laughs).

It's a very strange word. You can talk about it in a negative or positive manner. It has gray shades (laughs). Lusting for someone you are in love with is very positive. Lust is very important in a relationship. Only love and romance is not enough. But when lust is for someone outside a relationship then it can be both negative and dangerous. Presently I'm in lust with my
girlfriend. Talking about Hollywood beauties earlier I used to lust for Meg Ryan. Now it can be any good looking and sexy female. I'm open to all the sexy women of the world. I lust for all of them.   

On a nudist beach
It's a very dicey situation. I'll definitely feel out of place. I would rather cover my body parts with  leaves but would never be completely nude. I'm a very private person.

What if a girl made a pass at you?
Girls have complimented me but never made a pass at me.

Would you ask a girl out if you liked her but didn't know her well?
No! I would do that only when I'm sure that she too likes me. But if she asks me out then I'd definitely go (laughs).

What if you fell short of money on a date?
I'm very particular about carrying enough money on a date. It would be a very embarrassing situation otherwise.

Your dream date
It could be en exotic hill station or somewhere in Switzerland or Australia. I'd love to go to some far off island with my girlfriend and get lost there.  

Would you dress to impress a girl?
I am very particular about my clothes and always believe in dressing well. I always dress to impress people so obviously the girls too are impressed (laughs).

I'm not a flirt at all. I'm always cracking jokes and making fun of people.

I believe in marriage. It is something that will be for keeps, at least I will try and hope it does. But I don't see it happening for the next two years. I will get into it only when I'm very sure of the girl. Divorce is a big trauma.

What if your girl caught you with your pants down?
That will never happen. I've never cheated on my girlfriends. If I ever feel that I'm not happy with my girl and am attracted to another girl, I'll break up with her but would never cheat on her. Two timing will kill me. I'd die of guilt.

Your wildest bedroom fantasy
(Laughs) That's an extremely guarded secret. I can't even think of telling you this.
Are women a necessary evil?
They are necessary but who said they are evil! Women are very nice. I want to be loved by all my female fans (laughs). 

(PRACHEEN CHAUHAN shot to fame as Subroto in Kasauti Zindagi Ki. Being nominated for the Best Actor award for his negative role in the serial was the high point of his life. Today he is content being Antariksh in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka. Of course, the wait is on for another challenging role of his career! In the meantime he is busy furnishing his new house.)


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