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Sinndoor... marks a century!
Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka has completed 100 episodes. What better reason could the shows
producers, Kinneri and Jay Mehta, have to throw a bash? So the cast and crew met up on Tuesday at Quilla the Restro Bar, in suburban Mumbai to celebrate the benchmark.

The turnout for the party was decent and seemed like everyone had some fun.
What started off with a reel of the entire cast speaking about their favourite scenes on the show, with the entire cast getting all excited with screams, claps, whistles rending the air… a cake was cut, typical to any party. After which of course, everyone hit the bar and then the dance floor. Jay Mehta was seen all over the place sporting a wide grin, with wife Kinneri tending to the guests like a good hostess should.

Kirti Kelkar nee Gaekwad, who came in with husband Sharad, was sure ready to let her hair down,

wearing a lovely backless top and a high rising short skirt that sent temperatures rising. The couple had such a rocking time with each other, we doubt they needed the rest of the revelers to keep up the tempo.

Sachin Shroff spent his time, chilling out with leading lady Gurdeep Kohli and fiance Arjun Punjj. Spotted amongst others were Prachin Chauhan , Naresh Suri, Jayati Bhatia, Kishori Shahane , Shweta Gautam ,Tanushree, Anand Syuryavanshi, and of course Gulrez Khan.

Once the drinks began to flow, there was no stopping any of the spirited party enthusiasts from having a ball. The party however did not keep them from heading home early. Was it because of the busy working ahead?

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Vedika off to US for stage shows
   By: Chaitanya Padukone
   August 24, 2005

Gurdeep Kohli
Gurdeep Kohli, who plays the vibrant Vedika in Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka (Zee), which has completed its 100th episode, is shortly leaving for the US for a month-long trip.

Has she secretly married beau Arjun Punj, and is now leaving for their honeymoon? No, says Kohli. "Yes, it (marriage) will happen in due course, when we both strike it big in our careers.

Both our families have approved the alliance, so it will all be done formally. I am visiting various cities in the US during the whole of October, making appearances at shows and events. It's definitely not a honeymoon trip!" laughs the former Dr Juhi of Sanjivani

Gurdeep, who will soon appear as an anchor on Fame Gurukul (Sony), had screen-tested for the lead role in Swades, but lost out to Gayatri Joshi. Recently, she even shot for a Telugu movie, Apurupam, where Priyanka Chopra was her co-star.

The incomplete film has been stalled indefinitely, sources say. "But I am optimistic that some day, I will definitely feature in a movie as one of the leads, in a worthwhile role," Kohli says.

Fianc Arjun (currently seen in Woh Rehnewali Mehlon Ki ) has already acted in a few films, like Tere Liye, directed by Sanjay Gadhvi (of Dhoom), and more recently in Time Pass.

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Holding fort

At Quilla on Tuesday, it was party time for the cast and crew of Sindoor Tere Naam Ka. The show completed a hundred episodes and it was a well-deserved pat on the back.

The star of the evening was clearly Gurdip Kohli. And wherever she was, the cameras followed. Or was it the other way round? Unlike Kohli, beau Arjun Punj preferred a low profile.

But that didn't really explain why he chose to hide by the caterers' corner. "It's Gurdip's evening," he was heard telling someone. Gurdip would come by once in a while and pat him for being obedient. The couple that stole the show though was Kirti Gaikwad and her hubby as they set the dance floor on fire.

And going by the compliments Kinnari recieved, we wonder why  she chooses not to be in front of the camera in the first place? She might  make television viewing more interesting. Ever gave it a thought, Kinnari?

Bird of a feather: Gurdip Kohli

No babysitter available: Jay and Kinnari Mehtaa

Packing a punj: Arjun Punj

Not here darling:Kirti and hubby Sharad Kelkar

Can I get that for you? Gurdip Kohli and Sachin Shroff

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TIME TO CELEBRATE: Producer Jay Mehtaa and wife Kinnari with Gurdeep Kohli
Pics: Pradeep Dhivar
On Tuesday, Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka  had a party to celebrate the completion of their 100th episode.

The centre of distraction at the party held at Quilla in Andheri, was Kirti Gaikwad who plays Niharika in the Zee daily.

In her short black backless dress, she grooved like a professional dancer on the floor with hubby Sharad Kelkar who plays the character of Rudr in the drama.

HANDS ON: Jayati Bhatia and Kishore Shahane Vij
Actor-turned producer Jay Mehtaa and wife Kinnari were jubilant as they showcased a
Kirti Gaikwad
special reel of what viewers could never see in Sinndoor — getting actors off-guard on the show from picking noses to making faces!

Sinndor's Vedika Gurdeep Kohli came with her beau
Kirti Gaikwad with husband Sharad Kelkar
Arjun Punj who preferred to keep away from the spotlight (he is not part of Sinndoor!) and let Gurdeep hog the limelight.

The cast comprising Tanvi Azmi, Sachin Shroff, Prachin Chauhan, Jayati Bhatia, Anand Suryavanshi, Kishore Shahane Vij, Naresh Suri, Taanushree, Gulrez and the rest made merry as Jay and Kinnari Mehtaa dragged everyone to the dance floor.

KEEPING A DISTANCE: Arjun Punj         &a mp;n bsp; 

ME TOO: Tanvi Azmi

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'Sinndoor...' strikes a ton!

No Sindoor, No Mehendi, Sachin chills with Gurdeep


'Sinndoor...' strikes a ton!

Sachin preffered to hang around Gurdeep almost throughout the party

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 Profile: Sachin Shroff Nitin Joshi

Kolkata, September 4: He is popular. He is successful. And he is talented. And yes, he is considered one of the most eligible bachelors of tellytown. Who is this wonder? Sachin Shroff of course. He is, currently, in Jai Mehta's daily Sindoor on Zee (it's just completed 100 episodes). You've maybe seen seen him in earlier shows like Naam Gum Jayega, Shagun, Vishwas. We caught up with this young actor for a brief chat.

He's been anxiously following the response to the show. That's understandable. ''It feels great, just fabulous. It's like sowing a seed and watching it grow into a tree. And it feels good when it bears fruit. So we are enjoying the success. All of us are happy and excited and now expectations are growing,''smiles Shroff.

Nitin JoshiAdvertisement
< = src="">
Before his present assignments, Shroff was part of Ken Ghosh's Pepsi Ada on Sahara. Meaning till recently life was very hectic with shoots happening 30 days a month. Now he's got some time to himself. ''I watched Iqbal recently — that is I had gone to see a film after six months. Besides my ad films, there is only Sindoor that I am shooting for. So I am taking some time off for myself, my family and friends,'' adds Shroff.

You will have seen Shroff in ad films like Colgate, Airtel, Maruti Omni, Livon. ''I am shooting for Colgate again,'' he reveals. He also runs a company called Komal Enterprises (Komal is his mom's name) which is into the supply of construction steel. ''It's doing well. I am little squeezed for time. But I am trying to manage acting and business. So far so good,'' he says.

In Sindoor, the actor plays this very sweet, loving boy Dhruv Raizada, the younger son of a huge business family who married to lead girl Vedika (Gurdeep Kohli); earlier he was in love with Aarti. ''Dhruv is simple and straight without any twists and turns. He is a guy who does not think of his own happiness but the happiness of his mother, father, wife. He is a nice guy, good-hearted,'' Shroff explains.

He claims he's been receiving a tremendous response from everywhere for his performance, including the United States, South Africa — even Spain. ''I keep getting messages saying we like your show. That's nice,'' says the actor with a smile.

According to him, the USP of Sindoor is the story and its well-defined characters, besides the direction and camera work. ''It's a complete team effort. Even the producers are deeply involved in every little thing — the lighting, the direction, everything is in place. Each one is putting in their best,'' explains Shroff.

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Sinndoor actors down with fever
   By: Tushar Joshi
   September 13, 2005
Sachin Shroff and Gurdip Kohli in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka
The entire unit of Zee's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka has been down with fever and suffering from body ache for more than a week now. While some actors are on the way to recovery, others have started showing symptoms of viral fever.

Actress Jayati Bhatia (Titali) was the first to fall sick. Due to the contagious nature of the illness, it wasn't long before the rest of the cast started feeling feverish and complaining of headache.

In fact, Kirti Gaikwad (Niharika) has been unable to shoot for the last five days and advised complete bed rest. Apart from the cast, unit members like a make-up artist and a couple of spot boys have also contracted the virus.

Rudra in the spotlight
The focus will very much be on Rudra. After it is revealed that he is indeed Virendra's son, the drama will now revolve around him and Kavita. Dhruv and Vedika go to Sundari and ask her about Rudra's intentions of staying in the family.

Sinndoor Tera Naam Ka cast speaks out
Jayati Bhatia (Titali)
I am still recovering from the fever. Even though I was down with a temperature, there was no way I could bunk the shoot. I remember doing some of the really dramatic confrontation scenes on the show while shivering with fever. I feel really week and try to rest whenever possible.
Sachin Shroff  (Dhruv)
I am packing early and coming home to rest after the shoot. I think I was the last one to be struck by the illness. It isn't easy shooting when you are unwell, but since it's a daily, one has to take that into consideration. I have been taking medicines and hope to recover soon
Kirti Gaikwad (Niharika)
Kirti, who's married to Sharad, was unavailable for comment since she is unwell. "She has been advised total bed-rest. I think she will be able to resume work in a couple of days," added Sharad.
Sharad Kelkar (Rudra)
I have been unwell from last week. I started having high fever accompanied by shivering and body ache. We work closely as a unit, which is why the chances of getting the illness from one another are high. I try to relax and lie down between shots, and have been taking medicines since a few days. I hope I recover soon since I hate sitting at home, doing nothing
Gurdip Kohli (Vedika)
Compared to the rest of my co-stars, I didn't suffer much. I was unwell for a day, but recovered soon. I will be going to United States next month for Navratri, which requires me to shoot in advance for the episodes.
Kishore Shahane (Uma Agarwal)
I am one of the fortunate few to be able to fight the viral attack. After the floods on July 26, I have been taking extra precaution about what I eat and drink. Apart from this, I have also been taking multi-vitamin tablets and making sure I stay fit.

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Sinndoor's Titli in accident drama
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   September 15, 2005 =1&TPN=1

Jayati Bhatia

I am so annoyed with what happened. Just because I am a known face, I had to pay a price," fumes TV and stage actress Jayati Bhatia, who features as the butterfly-obsessed Titli in Sinndoor – Tere Naam Ka (Zee), and the sombre Gayatri in Kasautii Zindagi Kay (Star Plus).

Acting hurts

The cause of her ire is her run-in with the cops after a car accident in Lokhandwala, Andheri, on Tuesday.

"My husband Kiran was at the wheel of the Maruti Alto, when suddenly, an auto rickshaw veered towards us. The driver lost balance and banged into our car," says Jayati

High drama

"Immediately, a huge crowd gathered as the auto driver began arguing with us and demanding compensation. Some people recognised me and said, "Yeh to actress hai, galti iski hi hogi," further reinforcing the auto driver's demands."

"The driver could not control his rickshaw and banged into our vehicle. He kept arguing with us, paying no heed to the fact that our car was also damaged. What about the cost we would have to incur for repairs?"

OH MEIN NIKKLA, GADDI LEKAR: Jayati's husband, Kiran Bhatia, points out the damage.
Pic: Pradeep Dhivar
Rudr stops by

Meanwhile, actors Sharad Kelkar (Rudr of Sinndoor) and Tarun Khanna, who were passing by, stopped to inquire.

"Things went out of control when passing policemen came on the scene (they were not even traffic cops); they took the auto driver's side, without fully understanding what had happened," says the actress.

And the passengers in the rickshaw, who witnessed the accident, made a quiet exit.

Cops book Kiran

"It was crazy. The cops told us to proceed to the police station near The Club, Andheri, and we had to shell out Rs 2,500. The cops gave Rs 1,600 to the auto driver, told my husband he had been speeding, so they had to book him. But they were not on the scene earlier, and there was no one from our side to tell the truth."

The incident has left Bhatia bitter. "The prejudice towards actors gets on my nerves," she says, "as if the rest can do no wrong. The men in uniform made us pay a fine and compensate the auto driver. Even though some of the onlookers tried to explain what actually occurred, they did not pay heed. What about compensation for the damage to my vehicle? And, more importantly, to my nerves? The men in uniform just did not care!"

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