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Variety is the spice of screenlife
Friday, July 08, 2005 12:36:45 IST

Though he never intentionally pursue it on television, says Pracheen Chouhan to PREMA K. as he discusses his dream of turning a big star in Bollywood and his dream woman Monaz.

What attracted you to Antarishk of 'Sindoor Tere Naam Ka'?
When I was offered the role, the creative head and director of the show told me that this is a once in a lifetime role for an actor where one has to work on the physical aspects. I had to work on the body language a lot. I said why not give it a shot as I had never worked on a character like that.

What has been the response so far?
Although the story started with me and we've already completed 60 episodes, in between, the story shifted to other characters. My track, the real performance oriented one starts now. Even the producer says that there's a good response to Antarishk. So far, most people who recognize me at public places do so for my character, Subroto, in Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

Were you disappointed when the story shifted to other characters?
Initially, I was. Although the story started around me, I didn't get much scope for performance. I never spoke to the creative head or anyone else about it. I knew, being a daily, it takes time to establish characters. Now it's finally happening. The next 10-15 episodes revolve around me and will be mind blowing. I think we've covered 250 episodes in just 100 episodes.

How did it feel being nominated for your negative role in 'Kasauti ...' even as a newcomer?
I was elated. It was the high point of my career. I still have the nominee certificate with me.

Your track record shows that you've been very experimental and bold in your choice of roles!
Yeah, but it wasn't anything planned. I started as a positive character in Kuch Jhuki Palkhe.  That had KSBKBT for competition in the evening slot and Kahi Kisi Roz in the afternoon slot. So it never really got a chance to become popular and successful. When Kuch Jhuki Palkhe ended, I was offered Kasauti Zindagi Ki. I had got a call from Balaji telling me that they wanted to cast me in a very good role. The first year, my track was very good. They gave me everything that they had promised. When they were planning the time jump, I decided to quit. I was also not very happy with the way my character was shaping up. But I have to add that whatever fame and popularity I have achieved has been through this serial. I kept a low profile and slipped out of the show unnoticed. It was only when I went to Balaji to collect my cheque that Shobha Kapoor realized that I was not in it any more. When I took it up, I never thought it was a negative role that I was doing. But Sindoor ..., I took up intentionally. I can boast of variety in three years.

You also had quite a bit of variety in 'Kyun Hota Hain Pyar'!
I started as a negative character in it and then became the main guy and also did comedy later. So in 50 episodes, I had a lot of variety.

What about films?
I came to Bombay to become a superstar. I thought I would do television. My only dream is to do films. Let me settle down. Give me another six months. Maybe in a year's time I should be doing a film.

Didn't you get good film offers when you first came?
I tried meeting a few people, but there was no one to guide me. I just came here with a gut feel. Now I have a vague idea of how to meet film producers. Earlier I went to production houses and distributed my pictures to whoever was around.

Any role model?
Lots of people inspire me but I'm a diehard fan of Salman Khan. I came to Mumbai for him. I saw him once at the airport with Aishwarya Rai a few years back. I had gone to receive my dad. My dad even told Salman, 'I've lost my son to you!' (Laughs)

How about other television offers?
The offers keep coming but I'm just concentrating on lead roles. I'm already busy 20 days of the month with Sindoor ... so can only do main lead for a weekly.

You are seeing actress Monaz!
Yeah. We've known each other for four years but started seeing each other since the past 6 months. I don't know when the friendship turned to love. She's the best girl I've met in my life.

Don't you feel that being in the same profession could bring on its own tensions and problems?
We've never worked together and there are no ego problems between us at least as far as our professions are concerned. Of course, we have our ego hassles on the personal front (laughs). I hope both of us become big stars some day.

What about marriage?
I believe in marriage, commitment and honesty but we are not mentally prepared for it now. But I know that she's my dream woman.

How would you like to see yourself five years from now?
As the busiest superstar, if I may say so. Dreams should be really big. I want to do good films. Maybe I'll be married with a kid. I should have moved into a bigger house, drive a bigger car, have lots of peace, happiness and everything else (laughs).

I don't want the story to revolve around him, im sorry but he's sucha idiot, i dnt even feel sorry for him. He has sucha constipated face...[sorry]. Sindoor runs because of Vedika and Dhruv!!

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fter the release of their first Dandia album, Odhani, a non-stop dance album of 46 Rajasthani folksongs, blending of Gujarati dance form with Rajasthani folktunes, Veena Cassettes have now released Rajasthani folksongs album - Haathan Mein Chudalo Khanke by Mrs Sumitra Singh, Speaker, Rajasthan Assembly on June 10 in Jaipur.

The album focusses on monsoon. Rajasthanis celebrate the arrival of monsoon with song and dance. The album comprises nine songs in all, seven rendered by Seema Mishra and Satish Dehra, and two by Mamta.

It may be added that Rajasthani folksongs and folk dances are becoming popular in TV serials too. The Rajasthani popular folk dance 'Ghoomar' was introduced in Zee TV's serial Sindoor Tere Naam Ka recently wherein 'Ghoomar' dancers from Rajasthan were invited for the shooting

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Last seen in Kushan Nandy's debut film Hum Dum, actress Tanvi Azmi resufaces as a modern day mother-in-law on Zee TV's Sindoor. Insisting it's not a saas bahu saga, she tells Priyanka Kelkar that sister-in-law Shabana Azmi is her inspiration

Back in action
It's great to be back after four years. My family didn't want me to idle away my talent. They warned, "If you don't get back to work, we will throw you out!" I had to snap out of lethargy and look for work.

9/11 short film
In 2002, Mira Nair approached me to play the lead in her short film 9/11/01, based on the September 11 attacks. It was the true story of a Pakistani mother, Talat Hamdani, who was searching for her missing son. The son was labelled a terrorist by government officials and declared dead. Since the film was only 11 minutes long, we shot for just four days and it premiered at the Vanity Fair festival. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to India. Mira dedicated the film to my father-in-law Kaifi Azmi.

Vermilion fear
Jay Mehta's Sindoor is about relationships in a family. I play an overtly protective mother. It's an intense family drama that explores complex relationships. The daily soap is slated to go on air on Zee TV.

All in the family
I have lived and enjoyed my character in Zee's Family No.1 for more than two years. It was first comedy show and changed the sterotypical, "serious" image I had acquired. The show is now making a comeback, but you are not going to find me in it.

Mirza Ghalib was my first television serial, followed by Lifeline. Ironically, in my early 20s, I had to play the 60-year-old wife of a septuagenarian Ghalib (Naseeruddin Shah). I remember being terrified about shooting with Naseer. But he was wonderful to work with. Television has seen a change after that. Competition is stiff and actors are under a lot of pressure.

Shabana talk
Shabana is the one who persuaded me to get back to acting. She is a wonderful human being. She's always been there when I've needed her.
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Usha Kiran Popular yesteryear actress Usha Kiran, who was served as the sheriff of Bombay, passed away at her Nashik farm house in the early hours of the morning.

She was 71 and is survived by her husband, son and actress-daughter Tanvi Azmi. Tanvi is married to cinematographer Baba Azmi (son of Shaukat and Kaifi Azmi and brother to Shabana Azmi).

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Who would have bargained for a shift from Star to Zee? But Gurdip Kohli has raised quite a few eyebrows by daring to do so. "You don't know what I have got," she says, "Sinndoor-Tere Naam Ka is perhaps the most challenging role done ever on Indian television."

Zee TV Sinndoor-Tere Naam Ka which started on March 21 is a daily soap about Vedika, played by Gurdip (Dr Juhi of Sanjivani- A Medical Boon), who has the phobia of the traditional auspicious symbol of sinndoor. The serial deals with her marriage to a sane man.

According to Gurdip who plays the protagonist Vedika, "The serial is a combination of the serial Koshish Ek Aasha and the famous hit film Sadma. It's the role of a lifetime, it's better than my role in Sanjivani-A Medical Boon." The serial has veteran actress Tanvi Azmi playing mother-in-law to Gurdip. Tanvi is back on the small screen after Family No. 1 on Sony. Says Tanvi who plays Kavita Raizyada, "In Family No.1 I wore jeans. In this serial I will be wearing bindis of the same colour as my sari. Also, the pattern of the blouses that I will be wearing is different. I am experimenting a lot with my looks in this serial."

The story revolves around Kavita Raizyada (Tanvi Azmi) who shares a strong bond with her elder son Antariksh who has been a victim of a childhood accident which has left him paralysed! Unfortunately she holds her younger son Dhruv responsible for the accident and resents him with all her heart. Meanwhile she also pledges that she will find the most beautiful bride for her elder son. She keeps her promise when she finds a match for Antariksh in a beautiful girl named Niharika.

What's more, Niharika has a younger sister Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) who gets married to Dhruv and then the drama unfolds! It turns out that Vedika too is mentally imbalanced and breaks into violent fits at the sight of sindoor. Dhruv abides by his mother's promise and continues to remain husband to Vedika because he feels that somehow his decision will compensate for the amount of grief and sorrow his mother has gone through for his elder brother.

Kirti Gaikwad, the protagonist of Zee's Kammal, plays Gurdip's elder sister. "This serial is re-launching me," says Kirti, who was on a brief break from the screen for almost eight months. The rest of the cast includes Naresh Suri, Shweta Gautam, Jayati Bhatia (of Vagina Monologues fame) Sachin Shroff and Kishori Shahane. As for her personal front, Gurdip has decided to marry Arjun Punj aka Dr Aman of Sanjivani-A Medical Boon.

Gurdip says, "I met Arjun two years ago on the sets of Sanjivani. His role as Dr Aman had a negative streak, so whenever we used to hang out, people would tell me to stay away from him! They probably thought he would cause me harm. We do plan to get married, most probably next year. It's just that we were so tied up with our assignments that we had to put it on hold."

"When I get married, I want it to be a grand affair. I will take time off to prepare for it. We will hold our wedding celebrations in both Mumbai and Delhi, as our families are there," she adds. Let's see if Gurdip has made a wise decision on shifting from Star to Zee. As for her impending marriage, we would leave it to the Almighty. After all, marriages are made in heaven.
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Sinndoor's Vedika in identity crisis
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   July 15, 2005

[email protected]
THE PLOT THICKENS: Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) and Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) in Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka
Vedika (Gurdip Kohli), the main protagonist of the Zee daily Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka, is in for a severe identity crisis. Her family assumes she is dead after the blaze that engulfed the mental asylum; Vedika needed special attention after a violent bout of madness due to her phobia for sindoor.

Now, she is back, all set to be reunited with hubby Dhruv (Sachin Shroff). But her Raizada family refuses to acknowledge her. And her double, the gyspy-like Lali, claims to be Vedika.
High drama

"The recent taglines of the show went sindoor ko lagi kiski nazar?" says producer Kinnari Mehtaa. "This nazar aspect has finally happened."

In episodes, Aarti (Gulrez) is set to get Dhruv back, though she knows Vedika is alive; she issues an ultimatum to Vedika: prove your identity within 24 hours. "Vedika is at a loss to prove her identity," explains Mehtaa, "and finds herself losing her sindoor."

Double role

Last month, the drama had Kohli essaying a double role — of Vedika, as well as of the gypsy girl Lali. This Babli-inspired character from the film Bunty Aur Babli enters the Raizada household to settle scores. Are Lali and Vedika two different persons? "Vedika and Lali are one and the same," informs Mehtaa.

In another development, the show will have Kavita Raizada (Tanvi Azmi) throw both daughters-in-law, Vedika and Niharika (Kirti Gaikwad), out of the house. "But these two, who are also sisters, will return to the Raizada household as Kali and Durga to regain what is due to them," says Mehtaa.

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Sachin Shroff in accident again

This just came in. Sachin Shroff (Dhruv of Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka) got himself involved in yet another accident. Sachin was recently paralysed on the Sindoor… show too, soon after he had an

Sachin Shroff - accident prone?

ankle surgery after a freak accident in a kickboxing class. Just a few weeks after having being cured of his disability in reel life, Sachin found himself in a near fatal accident on Wednesday.

The actor was driving to a shoot from Dharavi to Kalanagar in Bandra, when a truck went out of control and rammed into the right side of his car. Luckily the actor, escaped unhurt with just a few minor scratches on his face.

A shaken Sachin answered his phone and spoke to us. "I don't even know how it happened, I was driving and all of a sudden, this truck lost control and started swerving towards my car. Within a few seconds, it banged into the right front of my car," he says. The car, a Maruti Zen, was left in drivable condition, with its right door, however completely jammed and damaged.
"I had to use make up to cover the bruise on the right side of my face, have to do my job, right! I couldn't even file a complaint because I was getting late for the shoot," he adds.

SBut as he recalls the incident, he discloses, "By God's grace I really got saved, I saw the truck flying into my car and totally freaked out! It missed hitting me directly but just about ten centimeters!" With Sachin's freak accidents keeping their toll on him each, here's wishing the guy some real good luck.

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For Comments Please visit: N=1. Please DO NOT POST COMMENTS HERE N=1user posted imageThe girl-next-door!

She was a well-known model after doing numerous ads for Ponds, ICICI, Ariel,, Cadbury's, Nestle, etc., but soon, acting beckoned her. With a girl-next-door image and a charming smile, Gurdeep Kohli caught the attention of the viewers instantly with the role of Dr Juhi Singh in Star Plus' Sanjivani - A Medical Boon. And she never looked back! After three successful years she has now moved on to another serial, Sinndoor - Tere naam ka on Zee. Let's catch up on more.

What's so special about Sinndoor - Tere naam ka that you chose it as your next serial?
It is about colours of relationships, different shades of life, Indian tradition, values and definitely not another saas bahu concoction. I wanted to be part of a serial that stood out. Sinndoor… gave me an opportunity to portray the role of a girl who loses her mental balance and later regains it. I also got to play a double role for a while in the show. My roles were that of a mentally ill bahu Vedika and then of a Vedika lookalike dancer, Lali, who has to take Vedika's place to help her husband Dhruv during his illness. I was at ease playing the street-smart role of Lali, but the knife I had in my hand played truant by refusing to flick open (laughs). I like playing Lali, the dancer. So much so that I finish the shots with no re-takes.

user posted image]But you otherwise have such a positive image…
(laughs) I have now broken that quiet, sweet girl image. I had to keep reminding people who met me otherwise that I am not so simple in real life. So these aspects urged me to do the serial. The series has been receiving a tremendous response from viewers and has been maintaining a respectable TRP, so guess it's working.

That's alright but on the whole you still have a positive image. Will this image help you being be considered for more negative characters?
Many people have told me that I have a very positive-looking face. So maybe that might be a bit of a problem. But I think I have the ability to surprise and shock like I did with Lali in Sinndoor. Though till now my girl-next-door image has been an advantage and I haven't had any problems because TV and films deal with day-to-day life and stories related to them. And these are actually a hit. I am not a simple-clad girl. When I got into acting, people identified with me. I was perfectly cast for the role of Dr. Juhi. It's also very important to relate to the image. My girl-next-door one is actually a major hit with viewers. Whenever I would appear in a glamorous role on screen, people would actually say that they wanted to see me as a fresh-looking girl, and not a glamour doll. So when a real meaty negative role comes my way I will think about it.

user posted imageHow much do you think saas bahu sagas depict reality? Are the characters in them justified?
According to me saas-bahu sagas are actually the story of every Indian house and of course, television has everything to do with households. That's why these serials are a hit. It's just showing reality to a certain extent. Of course, there are cinematic liberties without which it will turn into a drab affair after five episodes so in television one has to constantly keep innovating stories to keep the audiences hooked.

Playing the same role continuously, like you are doing, might make an actor's acting skills go unnoticed. Agree?
Not at all! Believe me, I have been flooded with offers. People like Vashu Bhagnani had contacted me for Hrishita Bhatt's role in Out Of Control, Ken Ghosh too called me for Amrita Rao's role in Ishk Vishk Pyar Vyar, Sooraj Barjatya for Rajat Barjatya's film which never materialised, Ekta Kapoor for Aamna Shariff's role in Kahiin To Hoga and last but not the least Ashutosh Gowariker screen-tested me for Swades starring Shah Rukh Khan.

user posted imageWhat happened?
I refused, for I didn't want to step into two boats. First of all, I wanted Sanjeevani to reach a logical conclusion and secondly, I am not in a hurry to reach anywhere. I will tread on the glamour road very stealthily. I am very young, I want to take my own sweet time getting there to the top. I am definitely looking at doing films. And I am looking for something substantial in films to come my way. I have been very lucky with television. Yet, as I got a fantastic role of Dr Juhi and now with Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, television too has been quite fulfilling.

Did you always want to be an actress?
Maybe I was destined to be one, because things in life just fell into place. The production company, Cinevistaas, saw one of my ads and called me up. In one audition I was finalized. I had not got any formal training in acting nor do I believe in it. I have been at ease with acting and feel the emotions personally when I have to do a scene. I imitate actors all the time but only at home for my friends and family. One can improve everyday and learn on the sets if one is inclined towards it. The feedback from audiences, the director, the producer, unit members, other co-stars and friends too make a difference in moulding an actor. I feel lucky that I got a chance to work with stalwarts like Rajiv Varma, Smita Jaykar and Vikram Gokhale in Sanjeevani.

user posted imageYou had lots of animosity towards Mihir Mishra who played Rahul in Sanjeevani.
Yes. We got along well initially but when Shilpa Kadam's role turned negative, he too started changing. Mihir stopped talking to me. I have no clue what bugged him when Shilpa opted out. Initially, I was shocked. But now, it has become a part of life. And then things went from bad to worse. Now that it's all over I have put it behind me. I don't want to talk any more about Mihir Mishra.

user posted imageLots has been written about your relationship with Arjun Punj.
My relationship with Arjun is a personal thing. I am happy with him. As for things being written about us, I guess that's the price celebs pay for stardom. I am very lucky. Arjun makes me feel on top of the world every time. I feel very special with him around. Arjun even played a rough and cunning guy in Sanjeevani, which, in real life, he is not. He is very down-to-earth, simple, with a brilliant sense of humour and the best partner I could have had.

When are you and Arjun going to finally settle down?
We are just waiting for the right time. We are both busy working at the moment. It could happen any time.

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