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Posted: 30 June 2005 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
Beauty with substance!

I need to look good for myself first, says the attractive telly star, Gurdeep

Gurdeep KohliWomen on the telly, be it a saas, a bahu or a VJ, adorn the best clothes, wear the perfect make up and look absolutely stunning. We caught up with one such beauty - Gurdeep Kohli aka Dr. Juhi but minus the make up and the gorgeous costumes. Dressed casually in denims and a white and blue top, Gurdeep spoke about the importance of beauty - in life and relationships.

What beauty means to me...
My definition of beauty is two fold. Firstly, beauty is a state of mind. One needs to be content and happy from within. This automatically makes a person look good. When I am happy, it shows on my face. I feel that I'm looking nice. Even people around me tell me that I'm looking fresh and pretty. Similarly, when I'm in a bad mood it shows on my face. The concept of inner beauty may sound clichd but it has depth and meaning.

Secondly, one needs to look beautiful from the outside also. When I meet someone, the looks attract me first. By good looks I don't mean macho, muscled men or gelled hair. There needs to be something appealing and attractive about the person. The person should have some substance. The way we conduct ourselves in public, the way we talk, behave, the poise, the confidence - all this together can make one look attractive. Besides that, of course things like exercise, the way you take care of your skin, the way you dress up, hygiene, all of these contribute to one's personality.

If I were to spend an evening with someone...
...I would make sure I look beautiful. I need to look good for myself first. If I have to do a bit extra for someone else, I don't mind. So, whether I'm going out with a guy or just meeting friends, I would do everything that will make me look beautiful.

Assuming I have enough time, I'll first make sure I have done my workout in the morning. Then I would go for a body massage, a manicure and a pedicure. I feel small things like well-manicured nails, hair that is washed well and smells good are very important. I would wear a nice dress that complements my body. Wear a lovely perfume, minimum make-up (I don't like too much make up!) and appropriate jewellery. All in all, I'll make sure I look impressive to others.

Looking good is very important to me...
I love dressing up for occasions. I love getting complements! But the key is to not dress up like a doll but to enhance what one is good at. For example, people like my simplicity. They like me more when I am very simply dressed. Mind you, simply but adequately dressed. I'm also a total beauty freak especially when it comes to treatments, spas and salons!

Beauty is important in a relationship...
Again, by beauty I don't mean having beautiful eyes, or a perfect nose, etc. It means being attractive, appealing and presentable. The basic intellect to have a meaningful conversation is very important. After all, these things last much longer than physical beauty. But that doesn't mean we don't take care of ourselves! We should always give ample attention to our bodies. For example, I don't like men who are not well dressed or have potbellies!

So when one is in a relationship, these small things matter a lot. Everyone wants to be with a good looking, presentable and confident person. It only strengthens the relationship further.

Tips for readers...
You don't need to look like a Miss India, but make sure you look presentable. You may be very well read or brilliant at something else. But that doesn't mean you dress shabbily! I am a model and an actor but at I get so impressed by people who are dress well, who have poise, who move around with confidence. All these things will surely make you look beautiful and get you all the attention!

My beauty secrets...
I wear a lot of M.A.C and Make Up Forever. When I'm looking really tired I use the M.A.C Studio Fix and then dab my face with M.A.C powder. I like to do up my eyes with a lot of kajal and mascara. I love silver jewellery and am especially fond of long earrings. My favourite colours are blue and purple and am most comfortable in jeans and tops. My favourite brands remain Gap, Giordano and Diesel.


name : gurdeep kohli
age : 21 yrs
weight : 53 kg.
height : 5-6
hair : black
eyes : black
bust : 35 "
waist : 25 "
hips : 36 "
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Gurdeep Kohli prefers to focus on her TV career for now and would like to do films later.

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"Rani meets her Nemesis"

Woh Rehne Walii Mehlon Ki, enter Shilpa (Gulrez Khan aka Aarti of Sindoor), Rani (Reena

Trouble maker: Gulrez Khan
Kapoor) is in for a spate of disasters in the course of the breach of her marriage with Raj (Arjun Punjj). Gulrez, a recent addition to the show plays an ostensibly negative character on the SaharaOne show will be seen wooing Raj and alluring him into her trap.


"I like the look of the serial and I think the negative shade of the character attracted me to it," points Gulrez. The lady seems to be happy with the way her career is shaping up and sounded contented about her part on the show. The actress started out on the small screen playing the lead as Manasha in Zee's Manasha, and went on with Sindoor which is doing pretty well. She also has appeared on Raat Hone ko Hain.

The Sahara mega Project will have some twists and turns and Rani's character will be in for some more grievances. Let's hope this show works in Sahara's ball game of launching big budget television shows. Its earlier attempts such as Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam and Karishma: The miracle of destiny which didn't live up to speculated expectations. Woh Rehne Walii Mehlon Ki is currently Sahara's trump card with Hare Kaanch Ki Chudiya in the pipeline. Here's wishing luck to Gulrez in her new venture.


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Lifebuoy ka jadoo
"I was so nervous that I remember having sweaty palms," reminisces Gurdip Kohli, the stunning doctor of Star Plus' Sanjivani. "It was my first commercial for Lifebuoy soap around four years ago. I was to pose with the soap looking fresh, sparkling and had to show off my pearly smile. I was completely anxious and panicky. But when the commercial finally aired, I saw this beautiful girl and couldn't believe it was me. I was looking so different and gorgeous that my happiness knew no bounds. It was like Gurdip has arrived and people appreciated my performance. After all lifebuoy hai jahan tanduroosti hai vahan," she giggles.

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Gurdip Kohli and Arjun Punj

What's your Valentine gift for him/her?

A: I haven't decided as yet, perhaps a nice pendant

G: Still undecided, maybe a good watch

How has he/she changed since you started going steady?

A: She knows me thoroughly now. She knows where to draw the line and when. She is aware of my likes and dislikes.

G: He has become less mischievous and more organized

Is there anything you would like to change about him/her?

A: She is perfect. On second thoughts, I would like her to feel less sleepy and sleep less.

G: He should sleep early and reduce partying

What kind of a Valentine surprise would you like from him/her?
A: Nice weekend in Goa in a hotel near the beach

G: A holiday outside Mumbai

What's the best thing about him/her?
A: She is very soft at heart, understanding and very sincere to her relationship and work.

G: He makes me laugh and gives me the energy to live and work.

How will you answer if he/she proposes to you on V-day?
A: I would say yes and take her out for a treat.

G: I am just waiting for him to propose. Hope he does!

When do you feel most romantic with him/her?
A: Candle light dinner

G: Candle light dinner

I would love to get married on
A: In the Alps

G: None of these. I would like to get married on a cruise

The most romantic moment we have had together yet
A: In Mumbai, when we were dining at Mezzo Mezzo at Marriott we had an intimate conversation where we spoke above love, life and relationships

G: We had a lovely time besides dinner on the beach at Dubai Creek recently

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Cool babe, Gurdip
Gurdip Kohli has no qualms as Cinevistaas' Sanjivani- A Medical Boon enters its last stages. The petite beauty (Lucky Arjun Punj!) has sufficient offers in her kitty. We know of at least two. Le Jayenge Le Jayenge by Contiloe Films is one and Cinevistaas' forthcoming Sujata (tentative title) is another. We have a feeling, Gurdip might just opt for the latter. Let's see.

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Gurdip ready for Sinndoor
   By: Shaheen Parkar
Gurdip Kohli in Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka
For the last three years, Gurdip Kohli has been playing the charming Dr Juhi in Sanjivani — A Medical Boon (Star Plus).

At the end of the month, however, this weekly soap goes off air. Next on Gurdip's platter is Jay Mehtaa's family saga Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka, which deals with the relationship between a mother, her two sons and her daughter-in-law (Kohli), who has a fear of sindoor.

This daily show will air on Zee TV from March 21 at 7.30 pm. While shooting at Film City, Kohli talks about the new show and her beau,
co-star Arjun Punj (Dr Aman of Sanjivani).

Arjun Punj
Sinndoor has me dolled up
All this while, I was a doctor in a white coat. In Sinndoor, I am dressed to the hilt. I will be seen mostly in saris and lots of jewellery as I play a daughter-in-law. So in that sense, it is a drastic change for me. My character, Vedika, suffers from a phobia of sindoor.

As soon as she spots it, she gets fits and falls unconscious. This character is like a child woman. I am not resorting to any overt physical gestures. Vedika is like any other person except when the phobia strikes her.

I prefer doing only one show at a time
Sanjivani was a weekly, yet I did not take on any other assignments, as I wanted to give it my best shot. It was my debut show. Now, I am getting a taste of a daily show, so I really don't know how much time will be left.
Sanjivani's Dr Aman (Arjun Punj) is the one
I met him two years ago on the sets of Sanjivani. His role as Dr Aman had a negative streak, so whenever we used to hang out people, would tell me to stay away from him!

They probably thought he would cause me harm. We do plan to get married, most probably next year. It's just that we were so tied up with our assignments that we had to put it on hold.

When I get married, I want it to be a grand affair. I will take time off to prepare for it. We will hold our wedding celebrations in both Mumbai and Delhi, as our families are there.

I am dying to do comedy!
That's one role I'm looking forward to, as I feel it's something I can do. In Sanjivani, there were many tracks — a medical drama that became a love angle and then a terrorist angle. I enjoyed Sanjivani and will miss doing the show. In Sinndoor, viewers will see me in a drastically different role. Hopefully then, someone will offer me a comedy show!

Jay's take

Jay Mehtaa
Actor-turned-producer Jay Mehtaa, best known  for his film Muskurahat, has produced Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka.

Mehtaa had earlier produced serials like Jung (Doordarshan), Zara Suniyo Toh (SaharaOne) and Mujhe Dor Koi Kheeche (Zee). His soap Kkanch currently airs on DD.

Son of producer Pranlal Mehta (who made films like Kinara, Bezubaan and 100 Days), Mehtaa Jr says his stint with acting is over. " I have attuned myself to production aspects now."

The Mehtaas' last production was Tarkieb. "We are looking at another film which will roll soon," he says.

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Accidents take a toll on Sachin Shroff

Sachin Shroff, who plays Dhruv in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka, had a surgery recently. After speaking to him we found out some more on the recovering actor who has been having a spate of injuries on the sets recently.

Sachin: Injury prone?

The actor just had a surgery performed on his ankle six days ago. "Having taken up kick boxing classes, I happened to kick a block of wood wrongly in my second session itself (chuckles),"says Sachin with a sigh. On further questioning he says that he had been neglecting the surgery for quite sometime now and finally decided to get the problem solved after all.

Due to the surgery he was out of action for an entire week and is finally glad to be back. "I'm glad to be back on the sets," he quips enthusiastically. The scenes he's doing currently has him paralyzed and on the wheel chair. "Not much of a problem," he quips, embarrassed by his kick boxing fate. He won't be doing kick boxing anytime soon, that's for sure.

He seems to be quite satisfied with his work and goes on to say proudly, "Its decent, manageable work and I have no qualms about my part on the serial. I can say I'm quiet satisfied with my work." The actor also stars in Ken Ghosh's Pepsi Ada on Sahara one.

The serial Sindoor Tere Naam Ka has his wife, Vedika going mad and here again Sachin gets into an accident and gets paralyzed! Reel life working on real life too, eh Sachin?

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'Sinndoor...Tere Naam Ka' (Episode 63 to 66)

Monday - Thursday at 7:30 pm

Director: Swapna Joshi Waghmare
Producer: Jay Mehta & Kinnari Mehta
Cast: Tanvi Azmi, Gurdeep Kohli, Kishori Shahane, Kirti Gaekwad, Sachin Shroff and Anand Suryanshi

Still from SinndoorEpisode-63    Date of Telecast - 01 July 2005
Lali surprises Kavita in Vedika's get up. But Kavita is tensed that Uma can recognize Lali. Lali assures her that she will handle it.  Kavita enters Raizada hall and reveals to the all that Vedika has recovered and is back. All are surprised. She is brought in Dhruvs room.  Virendra confronts Kavita that in spite of his warning she brought in the dancer to take Vedika's place. She pacifies that what she did is for Dhruv. Uma hugs Vedika and Vedika is touched, and is in tears.  Niharika feels jealous about Tara and Rahul's love. Kavita overhears Uma & Niharika's conversation and meets Uma and asks her about the guy whom Niharika is in love with.
Episode - 64    Date of Telecast - 04 July 2005
Uma concocts that she doesn't know the name of the man in Niharika's life.   Kavita, Niharika, Vedika and Titli gather in the temple and pray for their individual interests. Lali's landlord sees her at the temple but refuses to recognize him. Niharika fights with Rahul to leave the place as soon as possible but he refuses to do so.  Kavita saves situation in front of Antariksh when Vedika was supposed to open the locker to take out share certificates, as the code is known only to Dhruv and Vedika. She keeps the keys to herself.  Uma confronts Rahul but he doesn't listen to her advice. Late in the night Kavita catches Vedika red-handed when she tries to open the safe.

Episode - 65   Date of Telecast - 05 July 2005
Vedika answers Kavita that she came to put the papers in the locker & returns back the keys to Kavita. Kavita feels sorry and asks her to visit Dhruv. Virendra notices Vedika taking care of Dhruv, which he does otherwise. He warns Kavita about the intensions of Lali taking over the place of Vedika.  Rahul and Niharika meet at the same place where she consummated. Niharika feels cheated by Rahul. Kavita reminds Vedika of her own identity and warns her that if she crosses the line she can be thrown out. Through Virendra she comes to know that real Vedika is still alive and is in mental asylum.  In mental asylum it is revealed that Vedika and Lali are one and the same.                                 
Episode - 66    Date of Telecast - 06 July 2005
Vedika confides in the doctor of mental asylum and tell him how she came to know about someone who is causing her mental imbalance. She asks her to handle the situation and moves for Raizada house.  Kavita is shocked when Vedika replies that she had gone to see her mad daughter in law. She pacifies why she lied to her that Vedika is no more. Vedika goes to Dhruv's room and she cries bitterly before him. Niharika instigates Titli against Rahul to take revenge from him. Antariksh takes Vedika's signatures on some papers wherein Virendra thinks that Vedika (Lali) has forged their bahu's signature. He warns Kavita once again and Kavita calls Mrs. Singhania. Vedika overhears their conversation and understands that Kavita was responsible for her madness.

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