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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 6:15am | IP Logged
When Gurdeep was royally ignored

We all know about the recently held bash hosted by Jay and Kinnari Mehta celebrating Sindoor Tere Naam Ka's 500 episodes. The entire cast and crew was spotted letting their hair down and having a good time. But what pinched the most was the conspicuous absence of the show's former leading lady Gurdeep. At one point in time, Sindoor was almost synonymous with Gurdeep.

She was associated with this daily since the start but her character was knocked off by the makers. Reasons cited: Gurdeep's high handed behavior on the sets or then was it because she got too busy with Nach Baliye. And this led to inclusion of a new character, a new lead, Aashka Goradia. In a nutshell, Gurdeep's ouster happened on a bitter note, so bad that a co-actor reportedly commented that her exit put a smile on everyone's face.

And this frigid relationship enjoys the same status even today as can be seen from the invitation list of this bash where Gurdeep didn't even figure. Guess people should just let bygones be bygones.

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Posted: 15 March 2007 at 8:53am | IP Logged
No night shifts please!

The World Cup fever is on and TV actors want to run home early to catch the cricket matches


   India is known to have some of the most avid cricket enthusiasts. Cricket fever is spreading fast like an epidemic in our country and now that the World Cup in West Indies is on, the frenzy is too much to handle as office goers and students plan to take leave from their respective duties! Housewives too will be glued to the teletube. Here some of our TV actors reveal their take on India's chances of winning the World Cup and whether they will disappear from their serials.
   Says cricket-lover Rohit Roy who celebrated when Sourav Ganguly was inducted back into the team, "Being an Indian, I think with my heart and I pretty much feel that we will win this time. Right now, from the way the team is performing, it is very encouraging. Earlier the fun was missing and now with Ganguly in the team, the chances are bright." On taking off from shoots, Rohit says, "No, I will not bunk shooting but I will surely watch the matches after the shoots. Since the game will be in the evening, I will wind up my shoots before that and reach home to catch up."
   An actor who still plays gulli cricket with the same verve as a teenager, is Aamir Ali who's a sportsman and loves cricket. About the Indian team he opines, "On papers we are very strong but on field we stumble. This year Sachin seems to be in form and there is a mix of young players. There is hope of being in the top four and reach the semi-finals. About winning, no one can say as it depends on that particular day." About taking an off from shooting, Aamir says, "As they are happening in the evening, I will watch the big matches for sure. We being Indians, cricket is in our blood so we can't miss them." Another bat-weilding participant is Anand Suryavanshi who gives company to Aamir in their weekend matches. He is very optimistic about India winning the coveted Cup, as he puts it, "Our team is peaking. We have had losses in the past. After 24 years, I am positive that with players who are getting their form back, it augurs a win. My hopes are on Dhoni, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly." Most probably, this could be the last World Cup participation for these four players and Kumble and they will want to perform well and make a point. And yes, Anand will certainly watch all the matches since it is a treat he has been avidly waiting for.
   Sachin Shroff of Sindoor is of the view, "If I am shooting late, I will keep a track of the World Cup through radio commentaries." Though he is not so much of a cricket buff, he makes it a point to watch when India plays. As for team India winning, he says, "I have hopes from our team and great expectations from Dhoni. My message to Dhoni is, 'Sabko Dho Dhalna'." Shekhar Suman who is not an avid cricket fan, reveals, "I become a fan when India plays against Pakistan. Now that the Ganguly fiasco is settled, Sachin is in fine form, Dravid and Robin are good bets, India stands a good chance to win."

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Monaz, Pracheen go separate ways
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   March 16, 2007

The end: Monaz Mevawala and Pracheen Chauhan
Telly couple Monaz Mevawala and Pracheen Chauhan have parted ways. Of late, they have not been spotted together and onlookers insisted that something was amiss.

This was surprising as they were a much-in-love couple as reported 'Khaas Dost: Pracheen, Monaz' (HiTLIST, June 17, 2006).

Keeping quiet

Monaz features in the Zee drama Jab Love Hua and the soon-to-be axed Sony afternoon saga Risshton Ki Dor. When asked about the relationship going kaput, Monaz says, "I don't like talking about my personal life."

But goad her further and she admits that Pracheen and she are not  together. "It was a mutual decision as we realised we were not compatible."

As it is curtains for Risshton Ki Dor, Monaz has set herself a new agenda. "I am now only shooting for Jab Love Hua, so there is time on hand. I want to reinvent myself and change my look."

She is now only looking at only playing lead roles in shows. "It is time for me to think big. I don't want to play second fiddle any more."

Pracheen, who is currently seen in the Zee drama Sinndoor says, "There were certain issues and we are just giving each other time and space. It is not that we have technically split; we needed to be on our own for a while," he says.

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Posted: 16 March 2007 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Sinndoor party turns sour
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   March 17, 2007

Fizzling out: The Sinndoor cast and producers at the party last week

Last Sunday, the Sinndoor unit held a party at a suburban nightspot to celebrate the landmark completion of 500 episodes.

The cast, including Aashka Goradia, Sharad and Keerti Kelkar and Jayati Bhatia along with producers Jay and Kinnari Mehta, made merry all night with banter revolving around how to celebrate when they reach the next milestone – the 1,000-episode mark.

However, they were shocked to learn only a few days later that the show is now being pulled off air!

Money issues

It is learnt that escalating production costs forced the producers to ask for a greater amount from the channel.

Zee was not willing to hike the budget, as a result of which the producers had no choice but to say adieu. There was no point cutting costs and making the quality of the show suffer.

Producer Kinnari Mehta admits, "Yes, Sinndoor is going off the air. The channel informed us on Thursday. It is with a heavy heart that we will have to do this, but we have no choice. No date has been ascertained yet, but by April-end it will be farewell time for Sinndoor."

In the last few days, the producers were in talks with the channel over the budget hike. "We have well-known names from the small screen in the show. Obviously, we have to pay them accordingly.

Apart from the fees of the actors, there are several overheads that are incurred," adds Kinnari, who is also producing the SaharaOne drama, Solhah Singaarr.

It is learnt that Zee has hiked the uplink charges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1 lakh, which is to be borne by the producer.

As all dailies are shot only a few hours before going on air, this cost is a burden. As Sinndoor airs in the 7.30 pm slot, the ad revenues are not too high. As a result, the channel cannot hike budgets for shows in this time slot.

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Posted: 17 March 2007 at 10:15pm | IP Logged

Double cheque!
While other actor couples struggle to find time to spend with their better halves, Sharad Kelkar and his wife Keerti have found the perfect formula to be with each other all the time.

Keerti who is the lead in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka was responsible for getting Sharad back on the show while Sharad who plays the lead Saat Phere was responsible for getting Keerti on his show.

The end result is that Sharad and Keerti now spend most of their time together on the sets. Says an excited Sharad, "Keerti has just entered Saat Phere and I am obviously very happy about it.

As we are a couple, I always wanted her to be a part of Saat Phere for two reasons. One being, we can spend most of our time together; and also because Keerti's character fits well in Saat Phere. The show's writer Purnendu Shekhar finally understood my intention and reworked the track to accommodate Keerti in the show. I am happy to have Keerti work with me in Saat Phere."

Ask him if he got Keerti on Saat Phere because she got Sharad on Sindoor Tere Naam Ka, and he says, "Keerti always wanted me to be part of Sindoor… Although my track got over way back, she insisted that I should be included in the story once again. After finishing Nach Baliye 2, I had ample time and the team of Sindoor… was more than eager to take me in. It's not a problem for them as a daily serial's tracks can be changed any time. So, they immediately made me part of the show again. Obviously, I was happy to work on the show with Keerti."

Commenting on the benefits of working with Keerti on two daily soaps, Sharad adds, "Keerti and I work well together and our on-screen chemistry is quite obvious. Last but not the least, Keerti and I can spend time together on the sets too," laughs Sharad.

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 6:47pm | IP Logged

Don't try this at home

Aashka Goradia aka Arpita in Sindoor Tere Naam Ka has fractured her hand by, er, accidentally sitting on it!

Bone of contention: Aashka Goradia

At least, Aashka Goradia scores extra points for originality. Believe it or not, she has fractured her hand by sitting on it. Says a sheepish Aashka, "I was at home trying to sit on my sofa while talking on the phone. I accidentally sat on my own hand. Initially the hand was numb for a second and I was horrified to see it swell up. I couldn't believe my ears when the doctor said that my bones were fractured. I am still in great pain and also running a temperature." That's a truly rear episode, if we've ever heard one! 

The actress is not supposed to move her hand for the next 20 days. Adds Aashka, "I have got a plaster on my fingers. So, these days I am only doing close-up shots. The production house has been very sweet and considerate so far." Considering there is no precedent for this sort of a seatback…

While Aashka maintains that she is not compromising on her work schedules and putting in the required hours of work despite the injury, the producers are behind schedule. Says Kinnari Mehta, the producer of the show, "We are having a lot of problems due to Aashka's injured hand. We do not have an episode bank and Aashka can't give us long hours of shooting time. We can hardly complete the scripted episodes on time. She comes in for only five hours where as we require about 12 hours of shooting time every day. The uplink charges have gone up and we are suffering monetary losses because of her."

According to the sources the actress is hardly shooting for the show. "Aashka only comes for a few hours to shoot and leaves early. Needless to say, work is suffering tremendously."

•  I was at home trying to sit on my sofa while talking on the phone. I accidentally sat on my own hand. initially the hand was numb for a second and I was horrified to see it swell up — Aashka Goradia p;sectid=12&contentid=200703190341597033825b570

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Posted: 18 March 2007 at 6:48pm | IP Logged

Sindoor to go off air

A still from Sindoor

Contrary to other shows going off air when the TRP's dip, Kinnari Mehta's Sindoor Tere Naam Ka on Zee TV is ready to wind up due to lack of sponsors for the 7.30 pm slot. Says Kinnari, "We have just completed 500 episodes and were in talks with the channel for an increment. It was getting a little difficult to sustain the show as everyone, from the actor to the technician, was asking for a pay hike. And I think they deserve it. The other problem was that the ad revenue collection for the 7.30 pm slot happens to be less and since Zee TV had increased the uplinking charge from Rs 45,000 to 1 lakh, it was all the more difficult for us to sustain the show. The channel has asked us to continue with the show till they have a backup."

However, Kinnari wants to be diplomatic in her dealings with the channel. She says, "We have no complaints with the channel whatsoever. In fact, Ashwini Varde of Zee does not want the show to go off air. We are in talks with them for another show in the afternoon slot, which the channel is coming up with soon." p;sectid=12&contentid=20070319034157703f26fa024


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Posted: 20 March 2007 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Sachin Shroff, Sindoor Tere Naam kaSindoor is going off air

Sindoor Tere Naam ka is going off the air in the next fortnight, but Druv (Sachin Shroff) is not worried. He has already signed another contract for a daily soap.

Sindoor started two years back and on 11 March they had grandly celebrated the completion of 500 episodes. Many stars at that time had said that they would be back to celebrate 1000 episodes but that was not to be. The show is being unhooked. The actors connected to the show are naturally upset, but not Sachin. His plans are in place.

Sachin says: "Just two days back I have signed a contract with a production house for a daily soap. There is another offer for me about which I'm also thinking seriously. I can't reveal much about my contract right now, within two days I'm going to announce it. This show will be very spicy and different, so I'm looking forward to it."

About Sindoor, Sachin says, "I have been there in the show from very first day. I'm working with them for exactly two years and two months. It was a nice experience working with them. On Thursday the production house announced on the sets that the show is going off the air and my first question to them was "Why?" Then they explained that there is some problem happened between the channel and production house and the production house did not get the increment they expected."

"However there is no official announcement about when the last episode will be. But unofficially it is being said that after 15 days the show will go off the air. No one has informed us that these are our last eight episodes. So may be it will get some kind of extension."

"I feel very disheartened when I heard this news. I'm very much attached to this show. Generally in every show director and other crew members keep a distance from the cast, but on our sets it was great fun to work with them. All the directors Swapna Joshi, Pawan, Santosh were friendly. Our cameraman too was very co-operative and funny. So we never felt that we were working.

"I still remember my first day of shooting and I'm going to remember that day because I took two and half day to give my entry shot, because I was nervous and that time as well they co-operated with me. I'm going to miss this entire unit and specially my co-stars. They were so good to me.

Before this Sachin had done many serials like Naam Gum Jayega, Shagun, and Vishwas. Apart from this he has done ad films like Colgate, Airtel, Maruti Omni, and Livon and also owns a company Komal Enterprises which supplies construction steel. Right now this is the only show he was doing. Sindoor included Sharad and Kirti Kelkar, Sachin Sharma, and Aashka Goradia and others.

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