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Posted: 17 August 2006 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
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Ketaki and Rasik Dave, Keerti and Sharad, Shweta Tiwari and Raja

Tina and Hussain, Gauri and Hiten, Tanaaz and Bhaktyar

Shweta and Manav, Gauri and Yash Tonk, Gurdip and Arjun

Narayani and Gaurav

It's the time to disco

It's back and it's bigger this time. Nach Baliye 2 returns with a brand new line-up of celebrity jodis adding dollops of masti and drama for 13 consecutive weeks. The format remains the same with several other surprise elements — a wild card round and a new judge

• Ketaki and Rasik Dave

"When they approached us, I said no as I knew that he will not be ready for it. But after a few days, he himself requested to say "yes" and I was surprised. Now, just wait and watch, how we rock the show," says Ketki. "

• Keerti and Sharad

"Sharad is a great dancer and he is far better than me. We have danced together only during a Diwali function. With both of us doing daily soaps make it impossible to practise but we are on and definitely big time," says Keerti.

• Shweta Tiwari and Raja

"I know he needs to match my steps. But, he is fast catching up with me (laughs). Last year, the contestants were so good, we need to perform really hard to win the show," says Shweta.

• Shweta and Manav

"I think Nach Baliye 2 will help us develop a better understanding between us," the couple says.

• Gauri and Yash Tonk

"This is my comeback on small screen after a long gap. This show is all about complementing each other. Sarojji is like my Dronacharya and I am her Eklavya. I think, the experience will be enriching," says Gauri.

• Tina and Hussain

"She has never faced the camera before and it took a lot of time to convince her. After the show, may be she feels like acting as well," Hussain jests.

• Gauri and Hiten

"We have played couples in many shows but dancing together for a competition will definitely be a different experience. It's the time to rock!" the couple says.

• Tanaaz and Bhaktyar

"Tanaaz is always eager to learn new things. She is on four while I am on two. But both of us are quite enthusiastic and we are definitely going to enjoy ourselves," says Bhaktyar.

• Gurdip and Arjun

"We are scared to dance in the presence of Sarojji. But, as you can see, we are happening couple, we are sure to mesmerise the audience and the judges," says Gurdip.

• Narayani and Gaurav

"We both are different but you must notice our chemistry on the dance floor. I am seriously excited for being a part of such a show. We are here only for a little masti," the couple says.

Innocent_Bachi Goldie

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Made for each other

After Sharad Kelkar and Keerti Gaekwad, Hiten Tejwani and Gauri, real life couple Rajev and Delnaaz Paul team up for Balaji's new production, Karam Apna Apna. This serial is significant in the couple's life for many other reasons. This is the first time that Delnaaz is acting in a Balaji soap opera and has been paired opposite each other. Rajev says, "Though we were together in a serial called Parivartan in the early 1990's, we never really got the opportunity to share screen space as a couple. But Delnaaz was there only for two days, so we didn't really get to act together in a serial. Not many married couples get the opportunity to work with each other. The last time we worked together was on Nach Baliye dance competition. I am very happy. For once she will not say 'don't flirt with your co-star'," adds Rajev on a lighter note. The two are currently at Kolkata shooting for the serial. The serial also features Sumeet Sachdev, Vinay Jain, Salil Ankola, Apara Mehta and Shakti Singh.

Innocent_Bachi Goldie

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Aman and Juhi

Top Drive Getaway a popular automotive show about little known getaways that are real finds visited Native Place. Anchored by Juhi (Gurdeep Kohli) and Aman (Arjun Punj) of 'Sanjivani' fame, a popular drama serial on Star Plus TV, the episode show cased Native Place as Multifaceted destination for those who hear the call of that distant drummer.

The two celebrity hosts were game to sample everything that Native Place, the homestead and Nirvana Adventures the paragliding school had to offer. Paragliding, river crossing, rappelling, boating on lake Vadivali, bonfires and barbecues...

Gurdeep kohli
River crossing


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Gurdeep Kohli Sanjay Rao

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The cast of Sindoor

Died in the act

Stuntman dies after performing a stunt for Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka

Sapana Patil Poojary

Joseph, who was in his mid-thirties, was doing a stunt  for the serial Sindoor..., where he had to set himself on fire and walk a few steps. However, shortly after the shot, he started feeling uneasy and fell unconscious. He was then carted to a nearby hospital but was unfortunately declared dead before admission.

Khalid Khan, executive producer at Jay Mehtaa's production house, says, "According to the current track in the serial, the protagonist Dhruv played by Sachin Shroff performs a daring stunt to make some fast money. This is where the stuntman comes into action. This task was performed by a professional stuntman who had to act as Sachin's double. When Joseph started feeling uneasy, we rushed him to the nearby Gokul Medical Centre, where he was declared dead. The doctor suspects that he suffered a heart attack."  

An eyewitness adds, "The scene was being shot at Basera Studios at Kandivili East on Thursday at 1.30 am. Precautions were taken to avoid any mishap and the stuntman had performed brilliantly. He had worn fireproof attire and applied a special cream to avoid burns. There was a team of people who stood by him to rush to him with blankets in case of an emergency. When he complained of uneasiness, people around him helped him to settle down. There were no burns on his body."

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umm...i wonder when Gudip Kohli's birthday is?! Embarrassed
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 Gurdip Kohli, Arjun J Punjj














Gurdip and Arjun met on the sets of Sanjeevani, and love bloomed. So it was natural that one of the most hottest couples on TV would be invited for this show. Says Arjun, "Gurdip and I are good dancers. What we need is the final polish. The choreographers are helping us with that and we are confident of giving a good performance." Arjun likes Salman Khan's style of dancing, especially when he tears off his shirt! Gurdip says, "I feel we are the best couple on this planet! We will use our off-screen chemistry to the hilt onscreen. I am confident that the chemistry will work, so we are currently concentrating on our steps."

Gurdeep, a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit's dance, is very nervous about performing in front of Saroj Khan, whom she thinks the world of.

7)Gauri Pradhan, Hiten Tejwani











Undoubtedly the most happening telly couple, Hiten and Gauri have been married for more than two years now. "I was very anxious when we were first approached for the show because we did not know what to do. But with every passing day, I am getting excited. This is the first time Hiten and I are participating in a dance competition, so I can't say how we will perform. If it was acting, I could have predicted the outcome. But everyone in the industry knows, Hiten and I are not good dancers at all," Gauri says. Hiten agrees, "I admit we are not good dancers. We like to do ballroom dancing holding each other. We are here just for masti (fun). Whether we win or not is immaterial." Choreographer: Arvind Thakur

8)Tina, Hussain Kuwajerwala














Love culminated in marriage for Tina and Hussain. But Tina is very uncomfortable about facing the media glare. "I am feeling very nervous after coming here," she says. "This is the first time I am facing the media! I told Hussain that this reminds me of our marriage when we were posing for photographs." Talking about the competition, Tina says she is fond of dancing. "When we used to watch Nach Baliye last year, I noticed how excited Hussain was about it. I knew he would participate. He is a terrific dancer." ?I do not have any formal training in dancing. But dancing is a major stress buster for me. This is the first dance competition we will be participating in and so winning or losing is not important for us. Our hard work will pay rich dividends and speak for us," she adds.

Choreographers: Harshall-Vitthal

9)Keerti, Sharad Kelkar












Keerti and Sharad recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and are all set for the competition. Keerti says, "Sharad is a good dancer but is not comfortable in choreographed dancing. But he is a party animal and loves club dancing." Sharad adds, "When the producers of the show approached us last month, we were sceptical since we act in serials daily. We gave it a good thought and decided to participate. Keerti and I practice between 2 to 3 am every day!"

Choreographer: Kiran Giri

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Kyunki...TV stars ki shaadi hai

The next few months will see many TV actors tying the the knot... off-screen!

NICOLE DASTUR Times News Network

As was the case last year, this year too many TV couples will tie the knot. Arjun Punjj and Gurdip Kohli, Tanaaz Lall and Bakhtyaar Iraani and Manoj Bohra and Teejay Sidhu and one of television's hottest bachelors, Iqbal Khan will be getting married in the months to come. While Tanaaz and Bakhtyaar will be getting married in November, Arjun and former co-star Gurdip are set for a December 10 wedding in Delhi. Manoj and Teejay will also be saying their vows in either November or December, depending on the auspicious dates. And Iqbal Khan will marry his long-time girlfriend Sneha in January 2007.
   "We'd planned our wedding a long time ago. It's coincidental that so many of our friends and colleagues will also be getting married at the same time," says Arjun. "But the year-end is the marriage season in India, so I guess there'll be more of partying and less of working then, what with so many weddings," laughs Arjun. Tanaaz agrees, "Yes, it's a big coincidence that so many of us will be tying the knot during the same period. But all the weddings will be different experiences, since they will all be different. I think ours will be the first bawa wedding in the television fraternity."
   So, is it that most television stars are falling in love with their co-stars because they spend maximum time with them on the sets? "We are together for most of the day, so we do get a chance to know the person better. But it's important to relate to the person, after all, you can spend the whole day with someone, but there can't be a relationship if there is no chemistry," says Arjun. "It's not just about spending time with the other person, you have to get along with him too! There are so many co-stars who just hate each other, yet, they have to spend most of the day together! But yes, to an extent, the long working hours tend to bring us closer. It helps soothe the creases in a relationship," says Tanaaz.

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Star of the week

Starting his career as a newsreader with Sahara Samay, today Sachin Sharma has created a niche for himself as an actor with serials like Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki, CID, Tumhari Disha and latest Vaidehi. The actor recently made news by signing up for a second fiddle in Sindoor-Tere Naam Ka, in spite of the fact that he was already playing the main lead role in another daily.
Sneha Hazarika had a brief chat with the young actor about Vaidehi, and his hi-profile entry in Sindoor.

Q  Tell us about your role in Sindoor?
It's a positive character. He is a very lovable boy, a perfect guy who every woman will like. I am cast opposite Keerti Gaekwad's character Niharika who is the bad girl in the show. In fact, this is for the first time in Indian television that a positive and a negative character fall for each other and will also be seen being  together for quite sometime.

Q So will your goodness play upon Niharika's character and make her a good girl?
She has all the vital reasons to remain negative. So he won't be changing her. Just that everything about my character reminds her of her dead husband Rudra.

Q  So are you enjoying your time with the Sindoor unit?
As of now I have been shooting only at nights with them. And even though it's been just a couple of days, it's great fun working with the unit.

Q You were already playing the main lead role in Sony's Vaidehi. So how come you signed up for this character in Sindoor which is only second to the main lead?
For me it's not the first or second lead which matters. What I value most is the character and if a character is powerful enough, I don't mind taking it up.

Q Is variety the reason behind joining Sindoor?
Yes, in Vaidehi my character is hardcore negative and here it's out and out positive with whom any woman can fall in love with. It's hard for people to believe that it's the same guy who is playing these two different characters.

Q So variety is the spice of life for you!
Oh yes, surely. I even did a charity show recently called Kudiyan Bemisal. In fact I keep doing shows on and off. Now given a chance, I want to do shows abroad also.

Q  Are films on your agenda?
Of course. I definitely want to do films and sooner or later it should happen.

Q You seem to be quite satisfied with the way your career has shaped up till now?
Yes. I am a Delhi boy and I came to Mumbai around two-and-half years ago. Since then, I have portrayed varied roles in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Tumhari Disha, CID, and now Vaidehi and Sindoor. So it's been a pretty satisfying journey.

Q Your future plans?
I haven't planned anything in Television now. I will take things as they come. I am looking forward to Navratri as I am hoping to do some good shows. And yes films later on.

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