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My toned physique got me Nahar's role'
Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Sharad Kelkar is playing the male lead in two back-to back shows on Zee. Essaying Nahar Singh in 'Saat Phere' and Rudra in 'Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka', Sharad seems to have struck a double whammy. The actor proclaims, "The well-written scripts and the cast are responsible for the success of both these shows."
The Gwalior-based Sharad came to Mumabi four years ago. He traces his starry aspirations, "I am a graduate in physical education. It was my passion to maintain a good body and hence I worked as a gym instructor in Gwalior. Eventually I began aspiring for showbiz. I guess I got to play Nahar Singh's role largely because of my toned physique." But Sharad now is constantly on a weight-watch as he finds little time to work-out.
Though his popularity with the opposite sex runs high, Sharad is "madly in love" with his wife Kirti Gaekwad who's also acting in 'Saat Phere' and 'Sinndoor…' He gushes, "She is a very sweet and caring person, though very forgetful! Kirti is an expert non-vegetarian cook. She makes amazing chicken hazarvi." The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary early this month.

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Jayati's personal ordeal
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   June 8, 2006

I will sail through: Jayati Bhatia
Pic: Sujeet Jaiswal
While shooting for Sinndoor on Tuesday afternoon, Jayati Bhatia received an SOS from her family. She had to cut short her shoot and rush home to attend to her husband, Kiran, who had suddenly taken ill.

Sudden scare

"It was scary and so sudden. In the morning, he was hale and hearty. In the evening his oxygen levels had dropped and his face had gone white. We had to rush him to the ICU at Nanavati Hospital on Tuesday," says Jayati.

"He is stable but not too well. On Wednesday, he was out of the ICU. He has been advised complete bed rest," she says.

Kiran, who is an executive producer, had been to Tata Memorial hospital earlier on Tuesday, to donate blood to Jayati's uncle, who was to be operated.


"He felt a bit uncomfortable after donating blood. After waiting for some time there, he felt better and left for home. He was driving and was alone in the car, when again he felt uncomfortable. It was as if he did not know what was happening around him —- he says it was like a black out.

Everything was echoing around him. He had the presence of mind to pull the car to the side and call up my cousin to come and fetch him from where he was. My cousin immediately rushed to the spot and took him home at Shastri Nagar, Andheri."

After his condition worsened, he was taken to the nearby Gandhi Nursing Home, who advised that he be rushed to the hospital. "He was pretty bad by evening and was collapsing. It was a nightmare," says Jayati.

Number trouble

At Nanavati there was another ordeal waiting for her. They admitted Kiran to the same room number (No 8). It was the same room where my father was admitted three years ago.

My father had passed away within three hours of being admitted. I totally freaked out. And moreover the saline drip tube has the number 6/6/6 written on it. It was all so eerie as he was admitted on the 6th."

Rare case

The doctors have said that the bouts of blackout, were due to a drastic fall in oxygen levels. "He also has hyperacidity so everything happened together. But thank God, he is okay now. The doctors told me it is one of those rare cases."

Besides playing Titli mami in the Zee daily Sinndoor, Jayati will also be seen in B R Chopra's new show, Viraasat, on Star Plus. She plays the charater of Meera Lamba, an industrialist's wife. Sheis also seen on the floorboards in Mahesh Dattani's Mad About Money and Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal's The Vagina Monologues.

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Dja whew!

Sachin Shroff, the protagonist of Zee's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka was forced to dwell on some unpleasant memories thanks to a forthcoming track in the serial. The scene, featuring the married couple Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) and Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) handing over their new-born child to Dhruv's brother Antariksh (Pracheen Chauhan) and his wife Kajal (Gun Nayyar).

This shot reminded Shroff of a long-forgotten chapter in his life. "I felt uneasy when I heard this track and so did my co-stars. I mean, how can parents give away their own child to others, even if they all live in the same house? This reminded me of an old friend who lived in my neighbourhood in Nasik," he says. "My friend was given to his uncle and aunt to be raised as they were childless. Such practices are rampant in villages and the child's consent is immaterial. This affected my friend psychologically and he couldn't come to terms with the situation. The shot in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka brought back these disturbing memories."

Shroff admits that back then he was too young to actually associate with his friend's problems.

"Now, I understand what he must have gone through. I hope I can give my best to this scene," he says. ticleid=613200600418756122006235923218
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Crossover on TV
After Hours Correspondent

Friday, June 16, 2006  18:38 IST

Sharad walks out of Sinndoor: Actor Sharad Kelkar has quit Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka and is now concentrating on Saat Phere. Sharad who also had wife Kirti Gaekwad acting in both the shows will now be seen only in Saat Phere.

Insiders say that his role being more significant in Saat Phere brought about this move. And how will he be replaced in Sinndoor…'? In true tellydom style, Sharad will die in the show.

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Khaas dosti: Pracheen-Monaz
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   June 17, 2006

Pracheen Chauhan and Monaz Mevawalla
Pracheen Chauhan (Antariksh of Zee's Sindoor) and Monaz Mevawalla (Mansi of Sony's Risshton Ki Dor and Ameesha of SAB's Chuupke Chuupke) have not have acted together in any show.

Onlookers were therefore surprised to see them hanging out together at Sharad and Keerti Kelkar's (Niharika and Rudra of Sinndoor) first wedding anniversary bash recently.

Love thy neighbour

The fact that the two are extremely close friends was clearly visible to all — as they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is learnt that about five years back, Monaz, who used to live in Colaba, shifted to Goregaon.

It was here that they struck up a friendship — Pracheen was her neighbour. Even though Pracheen moved to Malad later, the two remained in touch — like all good neighbours. Acting being the common factor between them — there was certainly lots to talk about.

When asked about their friendship, Pracheen says, "I first met Monaz at a dandiya event in our complex. I was still new to Mumbai then, so it was all a novelty for me. Even after I shifted to Malad, I have kept in touch with her."

She's so special

So is there more to this friendship? Monaz would rather not say anything at this juncture. As she puts it, "I want to concentrate on my work right now and am looking forward to new assignments."

But Pracheen is honest about the relationship and admits there is more to it. "Yes, she is special; we are seeing each other." Though for both of them, work is more important at this stage of their life.

Pracheen, who has featured in shows like Kuttumb, Kucch Jhuki Palkein, Kyun Hota Hai Pyarr and Kasautii Zindagii Kay, is from Delhi.

"My father is in the Border Security Force and currently posted in Jallandhar. My mother and elder brother Pradyumna live in Delhi.

Pradyumna is into advertising; he is with Rediff. I'm the only one in our family who was stuck with the acting bug and moved to Mumbai."

Call me, Ms Shy

Monaz gegan as a part of Shiamak Daver's dance troupe, turned to acting with Kittie Party and later featured in Astitva, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and Zindagi Terri Merri Kahaani. This Mumbai Parsi girl's father, Firdaus Mevawalla, is also an actor.

So how come all this while no one knew about their khaas dosti? "I prefer to be low-profile," says Pracheen. "That's why many people would not even know me!" Now certainly they know Pracheen as well as Monaz!

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Real v/s reel life

A still from Sinndoor
The recent controversial case in Hyderabad involving the tussle over the biological and adoptive parents finds an echo in the Zee drama Sinddoor.

Real parents Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) and Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) are battling it out with the adoptive parents Antariksh (Pracheen Chauhan) and Kajal (Gunn).

At the centre of the battle is the child Parth. Dhruv-Vedika had given up on their baby to save the marriage of Antariksh-Kajal.

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By Yasmeen Faruqi

Gurdeep Kohli talks about her trousseau shopping, fiance Arjun Punj and her serials

Q After Sanjeevani, you were not seen much. Were you too picky about your roles?
Who says so? In fact, I haven't had a break since the past five years since I started with Sanjeevani. Even when I was shooting for Sanjeevani, I had begun Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. The impression that I am choosy perhaps comes from the fact that I've always done one show at a time. But that's how I like it.

Q After playing the unconventional role of a righteous doctor in Sanjeevani, why did you opt for a sort of regressive show like Sinndoor?
Well, when I took on Sinndoor, it had a very interesting concept — of an imbalanced girl like Sridevi in the film Sadma. Probably that's why it became an instant hit. Yes, today it's turned into the usual saas-bahu shows, but then again that's what people want. All the shows that come to me invariably centre around these themes. Nothing else is happening. Either I do such roles or do nothing. And I certainly don't want to sit idle. I would rather cash in on it while the going is good.

Q How has the Jet Set Go experience been?
Like a breath of fresh air. For once, I got to play myself and it has also given me a lot of confidence. And instead of mouthing dialogues, I have to approach the show with a lot of spontaneity, which makes it more interesting. And the best part is that it has received a very good response.

Q Why didn't you and your fianc Arjun Punj do Nach Baliye?
Well, we were approached for it by Star but at that point I was not free. If I am approached now, I am  game for Part 2.

Q Busy preparing for your wedding?
I sure am. Right now, I'm shopping for jewellery. I love diamonds and I am busy picking up the best. I haven't begun shopping for clothes because styles will become outdated. I'll do that when the actual wedding date is set. That's something I will do just a few days before the marriage.

Q So what's special about your would be husband?
Oh, Arjun is the guy every girl dreams of. I like everything about him. He's got the most brilliant sense of humour. And he's got an amazing energy. Especially when I am drained from work he's the person I want around to get me all charged up. He's the best partner I could have asked for.

Q  What kind of roles are you looking for now?
At this point, I am dying to do a project with Arjun.

Q But you two are doing MTV's Ishq Deewane, aren't you?
Yes. The show is about real life lovers trying to impress each other. All I can say at this point is that I am used to being surprised by Arjun but for once, he will be pleasantly surprised at what I have planned for him in the show. Wait and watch.

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Sharad Kelkar

'I'm stressed and overworked'

Well, this has made him overweight too! Rudra of Saat Phere is over seven-odd kilos heavier now. And he attributes it to his hectic work schedule

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Sharad Kelkar wishes his day had more than 24 hours. The actor who has been shooting non-stop for the last ten days for Sindoor Tere Naam Ka and Saat Phere feels that the erratic shooting hours have taken a toll on his health.

"My friends have told me that I'm looking fat. And they weren't wrong, because I have put on seven-odd kilos. For the past few days I haven't been having my meals on time. I eat anything at any time. When you're working round-the-clock, you don't keep a check on the time or the type of food. Everything goes awry."

However, Sharad isn't too happy with his professional life. The buzz is that he might be opting out of Kinneri Mehta's Sindoor Tere Naam Ka. "I shoot 15 days for Sindoor… and 15 days for Saat Phere. The dates have never clashed in the past but now both shows require me to shoot on the same day. My dates are in a mess. As a result, I'm stressed and overworked," he says.

"I wish my role in Sindoor... is reduced. Though it's special because I'm paired opposite my wife Keerti Gaikawad. Considering that otherwise we're extremely busy shooting for our respective shows, working in the same show means spending some time together."

But the actor says that Saat Phere is his trump card. "I'm playing the lead in Saat Phere. In Sindoor… I play a parallel lead. So, the former is more important to my career," he says.

The rumours about Rudra's character being bumped off are doing the rounds. What does he have to say? "The producers take a call on the character's lifespan. As an actor, I have no say in the matter. Even I have heard that Rudra will be bumped off. Both the shows are aired on Zee TV and I think it's the channel's prerogative to sort things out. I'm completely okay with their decision," he says.

The actor admits he'd rather work on one show at a time. "I'm a married man and I need to spend some time with my wife too. I can't take the stress of working in two daily soaps. I know other actors have been doing it for years but I cannot. It's taken a toll on my health. Anyway, I have a life beyond work. A married man cannot live a bachelor's life, can he?" he asks.

Link - p;am p;articleid=618200604834734618200604817328

they made a mistake in the article - they said rudra of saat phereLOL

I also don't want sharad 2 leave the showCry but we have no say, whats meant 2 happen will happen in the end.

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