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reena's stars

Home is where the hearth is

Actors Keerti and Sharad Kelkar








Actors Keerti and Sharad Kelkar have been christened the 'good-looking couple' of the TV industry. Their effervescent chemistry has much to do with it. Walk into their Oshiwara home and you walk into a warm and comfortable environment. On the rare day when the two have packed up early, they invite us over for a hot cup of coffee. Paintings, DVDs, vibrant bed-covers... Keerti cheerfully shows off the effects they call their very own.

1. Curtain Call
Keerti and Sharad moved into this 2BHK flat only a fortnight ago. Keerti had always dreamt of living in a big and spacious home. "I love to entertain my in-laws and friends. It wasn't possible to do so in my earlier one-bedroom-hall flat," she says.  The actress is looking forward to a visit from her in-laws in the coming week. "They will occupy the TV room; I already have it ready for them," Keerti says happily. 

2. On the Floors
They've been married for 10 months, but they have the easy familiarity that couples who have been living together long, do. There are no added responsibilities to shoulder.  Of the things he looks forward to, dropping into Keerti's brother's place for dinner, is one. "I know I'll get the best food there," he smiles. Sharad also looks forward to playing with their pet dog, Bingo. Unfortunately for the owners, they have to sometimes put up with Bingo's tantrums – the effects of living with stars.   

3. Pati, Patni aur woh
It's only on rare occasions that they have a spat. "I indulge my wife," Sharad proudly announces. Be it dancing, eating out, or simply having a conversation, they have lots in common… even a common spiritual equation. "We'd rather talk to God than go temple-hopping," they say. Their other common interest is cleanliness. When they're home, cleaning out their bedroom is a chore they enjoy.

4. Soppy Opera
Sharad can spend hours watching TV, and that drives Keerti up the wall. "Sharad can be a complete couch-potato. I've tried my best to change that habit of his, but in vain," she sighs. However, Keerti soon recognised the advantage of following the adage: when you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So she joined her husband in watching the telly. "I fall asleep on his lap watching TV almost everyday," she blushes. After a hard day's work, this is how they unwind.

The couple's little secrets...

• Sharad has acted in a National-award winning Marathi film, Uttarayan

• Keerti made her Bollywood debut in the Raveena Tandon-starrer, Soch

• They don't agree with people who claim that love flies out of the window after marriage

• Sharad used to bring his wife tea in bed when their maid was on leave for a month

• Keerti likes her husband to wear clothes that she selects for him

• They're both non-vegetarian - he loves chicken; she prefers seafood

• They love going to theatres to watch Hindi films, but for English titles, they stick to their DVD player

• Sharad is a fitness freak; he even worked as an instructor back home in Gwalior. Keerti doesn't have the time to work out, so she keeps a check on her diet instead p;am p;articleid=41220060551609412200605237531

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The most memorable marriage masala

amanat: The show which gave Zee TV its highest rating ever, had the most unusual circumstances under which the marriage of Santosh (Puja Madan) took place. The groom was supposed to get married to her younger sister. But she ran away from home minutes before the baraat arrived. In such an emergency, where the family's honour was at stake, Santosh was asked to replace her sister and sit for the marriage without the groom knowing about the 'exchange'. What followed was a heartrending emotional story when the groom refuses to accept her.

koshish ek asha: Ekta Kapoor's best serial so far, this was the story of a girl-next-door who is caught in the web of relationships and commitments after being tricked into a marriage with a mentally retarded man. She is kept in the dark about the groom and comes to know about it only on her wedding night.

kumkum: The wedding in Kumkum some years back was much talked about when devar Sumeet (Hussain) end up marrying the protagonist, his widowed bhabhi (Juhi Parmar) under dramatic circumstances. What followed was the story of Ek Chaadar Maili Si. This wedding also proved to be the biggest TRP earner for Kumkum.

kasautii zindagii kay: Protagonist Prerna's (Shweta Tiwari) marriage to Mr Bajaj (Ronit Roy), who was double her age, was anything but normal. Prerna had to marry him in order to save her love Anurag's (Cezanne Khan) family fortune. Actually, Bajaj had bought them out and had put up a condition before Prerna that he would give everything back to them if she agreed to marry him.

kutumb: People get married so that they can start a new life and be there for each other. But in Kutumb, protagonist Pratham (Hiten Tejwani) and Gauri (Gauri Pradhan) got into the institution of marriage in order to destroy each other. And they kept hating each other throughout the show. But in real life, today they are happily married to each other.

sinndoor: The name of the show itself indicates what this show is all about. One of the most bizarre stories ever told, where hero Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) gets married to a mad girl Vedika (Gurdeep Kohli) only to keep his mother's word. The unusual twist gave the show the much required ratings and it went on to become the No.1 show on Zee TV.

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Tell us about your characters in Sindoor on Zee TV and Kesar on Star Plus?
In Sindoor, I play the character called Naina who was very nice initially, but later turns out to be villainous. In Kesar, I portray a character who is very firm in her morals and ethical principles. She's very understanding and mature. I think both the roles make a great impact. I am sure audiences love both my characters.
You were an air hostess in Jet airways initially, so how did TV happen to you?
I was an air hostess in Jet airways but right since my school days I was interested in theatre. I came to Mumbai and got in touch with Nivedita Basu who suggested, I go for an audition to Balaji productions. That's how I got my first break on television. I've also done some Punjabi music videos for T-series.
So how has your experience been with the Sindoor team?
It's been fantastic working with them. Everybody on the set is very cooperative; it's like my extended family. The spotboys are great. Working in Sindoor has been a learning experience for me. The script writers shape up the characters well and the story plot makes the serial much more interesting and exciting.
What are the other projects that you are working on currently?
I am doing a cameo in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Kesar and Sindoor are the most happening serials on their respective channels, wherein I play major roles and I am giving my best, to both the characters.
Your dream role?
The one that I play in Sindoor is very challenging, it's got great potential and is very interesting. But on the big screen my dream role would be someone like Lolita in Parineeta

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Shweta Gautam

Actress Shweta Gautam assaulted

She was attacked, and her purse stolen, by unidentified persons in an autorickshaw at Juhu

Kunal M Shah

Actress Shweta Gautam, who plays Tara in Zee TV's Sindoor Tere Naam Ka, was attacked and robbed recently on 11th Road, Juhu Scheme. Shweta was visiting her cousin and was waiting by the compound gate, when she was assaulted by a passing vehicle. 

"It is very shocking, and what's worse is that it occurred at 8 in the evening. I could not believe that something like this could happen to someone like me. I have been born and raised in Mumbai, and nothing like this has ever happened before," Shweta says.

Recalling the horrific incident, she informs, "I was waiting by the compound gate when an autorickshaw came speeding my way; someone in it snatched my purse and shoved me violently. I was knocked so badly that my jaw started to bleed profusely. I tried to follow the rickshaw but it disappeared in the bylanes. I then went to the police station and filed a complaint. Hopefully they will get caught."

It was not just the loss of money that upset the actress. "I lost many other valuable things including my portfolio and a lot of documents. I lost some money and some of my jewels and all my credit and ATM cards. I also had my Artiste Association card with my address and phone numbers on it, and I hope they don't misuse that information."

It will take a while for Shweta to regain her confidence, and for her bruises to heal. "It was a shocking and terrible experience for me. Because of this wound, I cannot even shoot and I don't even know what I will do when I resume shooting as the mark is quite evident. I think we will have to add a scene to explain the bruise. I am petrified and haven't left home in the last couple of days."

• I was knocked so badly that my jaw started to bleed profusely – Shweta Gautam

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Dont know if it has been posted before!!
Gurdeep Kohli is extremely irritated. News of her marriage to actorboyfriend Arjun Punjj have been published in newspapers, and though she admits that she is, indeed, getting married on December 10, she is incensed. "The date and month are right but don't put words in my mouth," says the actress, citing reports where certain quotes have been attributed to her even though she never said those things. "It irks me when journos probe and prod so much into something which is so far off." Some scribes, she claims, managed to find out the date and month of her marriage "from somewhere" and started writing about it. "Even if I reply only in 'yes' and 'no', there are some journos who go right ahead and write the entire story, which can be very embarrassing." Is she superstitious about the news of her marriage becoming common knowledge so soon? "No, I'm not. It's just that it's only April and my marriage is so far off. The reason it bothers me is that TV reporting these days has become all about somebody's mobile phone being lost or some such trivial issue. Neither Arjun nor I am a wannabe. It comes across as if we want to publicise our marriage, which is not true." Gurdeep prefers to talk about her work. "Arjun and I are doing good shows. While I am busy with Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka and Jet Set Go, Arjun's Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki is doing well, too." Jet Set Go is a show where she is one of four anchors who have to persuade someone on the street to take a trip abroad, without any notice. All of it depends on the persuasive skills of these anchors. "I have managed to send somebody to Egypt and Bali, but I have to keep doing well because the girl who manages to send the most number of people on these trips will herself win a trip as the final prize." The actress thinks it is good fun to do a show that "let's you be".

Gurdeep shot to fame with the medical soap, Sanjivani, which also brought her together with Arjun. She cannot take on any new work right now, "because I'm working 25 days a month. In any case, something worthwhile has to come my way before I can even try to accommodate it in my schedule."

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Baap re baap:
Naresh Suri

Nary mera naam!

Character artiste Naresh Suri, initially, found it extremely amusing when his co-actors in the Zee daily Sinndoor started calling him Nary. "The younger lot in the unit coined this name for me and now everyone refers to me as Nary," he says. Not that Suri is complaining.

"It sounds hep and mod and Nary Suri has that zing to it," he adds. He plays the father figure in both his shows, Sinndoor as well as Kituu on SaharaOne. And in Sony's new show, Aisa Des Hai Mera, he will be seen as Colonel Iqbal Singh Deol — playing a father thrice over, can be quite a daunting task!

Source: Midday

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Gurdip Kohli is Great Going

She has sold over 65 consumer products but she is no saleswoman. She has treated several patients but she is not a doctor. She has operated upon patients but she is not a surgeon. In reel life two of her colleagues were in love with her and she was in a serious dilemma over which one to choose.

However, for her real life partner she chose Arjun Punj, her co-actor of Sanjivani, who played the bad guy. The sweet, charming and beautiful doctor of the hit medical series is enjoying her role of a good-bad bahu in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. But more than that she is having a gala time anchoring Jet Set Go, a unique reality show.

"It's really great and exciting," gushes the beautiful and charming Gurdip Kohli. "The concept is unique. For a change there is no script. I just have to be myself, pick up a contestant with a valid passport and take him to the airport. The experience is quite in contrast with studio shootings, make-up touches and memorising dialogues. I am on the streets, shouting, screaming and trying to find the right contestant. It's quite a tough job running around, more demanding and physically straining."

It may be strenuous but it's worth the trouble because the anchor that reaches the airport first with maximum contestants will win a grand bumper prize in the end. "It is rewarding too," smiles Gurdip who didn't have to struggle for roles when she decided to transit from modelling to acting.

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Spicy pav bhaji is my favourite rasta food'

Merawallah Mumbai
Gurdeep Kohli, TV actor
My favourite rasta food is: Pav bhaji (from anywhere where they serve spicy food).
My favourite restaurant is: Don Giovanni (Juhu).
My favourite nightspot is: Squeeze (Khar).
The most expensive meal I've had was at: The Zodiac Grill.
The most value for money food is at: Urban Tadka (Versova).
I shop mostly at: I pick up stuff when I am travelling abroad.
My favourite rasta shopping area is: I hate shopping from the road.
My favourite designers are: Ritu Kumar - I love the heavy embroidery work on Indian outfits. They are simply awesome. I adore her Punjabi touch to Indian clothes.
The sale I never miss is: I never get the time to shop when there's a sale on.
My most expensive purchase is: Diamond jewellery.
My cheapest purchase is: Osho chappals.
My favourite place in Mumbai is: My home where I grew up.
Heritage structures should be: Maintained. We should not litter them and learn to value the structures.
The one place that holds fondest memories for me is: My college - the JJ Institute of Applied Arts.
The most aesthetic structure in Mumbai is: The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.
Mumbai's biggest eyesore is:  Juhu beach. I remember as a kid we used to frequent the place so often. It's really annoying to see the beach that was once so beautiful now full of litter. No one bothers to maintain it either.

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