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"My husband Sharad is a style icon"

Kirti Gaikwad , makes for a pretty picture many would agree besides being known to carry herself with a lot of aplomb she prefers to call herself pleasantly plump without any hesitation. She has three shows on her plate Sindoor , India Calling and Kahin To Hoga and is satisfied working in all the three shows.
Kavita Shyam caught up with the beauty

Have you streaked your hair?

Yes, Honey blonde colour

How much time do you take to garb up?
If I am shooting then 10 minutes and for a party 20 minutes

What suits you better? Indian/ Western?
I think I look good in both.

Chappals or Shoes?

Glares/Coloured contact lens

Tees or Singlets

Formals or Informals

Where do you pick up your clothes from?
I pick up my clothes from many places. Si Branche and Flash in Bandra and Lorenzo and Saheli in Lokhandwala.

Which is your shoe stop?
I love to shop for shoes at Regal, Catwalk and City Walk.

Anything you love to collect or obsessed with?
I love to shop for and collect Shoes and bags. I'd gone to Hong Kong and bought 13 pairs of shoes, specially chappals and nine bags. Still I feel its never enough to shop for bags and shoes

What comes to your mind when you hear Indian Fashion?

The most fashionable man and woman in the television industry?
Dolly Thakore is very stylish according to me besides Kabir Bedi is style icon too.

But above all my husband Sharad Kelkar looks like an icon and looks fabulous in each and every sense in whatever he wears.

Your favourite designer?

Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri

Are you a part of the 'shorter the better' culture?
Not really. I believe in being comfortable in whatever one wears and looking good in it whether it is short or long.

Any accessory which is close to your heart?
No accessories for me. My husband had gifted me a platinum and diamond ring which is closest to my heart

How do you sum up yourself?
I prefer to wear clothes that I am comfortable in and not try to follow fashion blindly. A loose tee from Fab India works wonders for me. Also I am a little plump so I have to be careful of what I am wearing. I love to wear lip gloss and blush on to hide my cheeks.

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"I love wearing diamonds!"

Money. That's what drives everyone in the final analysis, whether in the glamour world of acting or the hard grind of scripting and producing. Cashin' In sits down with TV celebs to know well they handle their financial matters, and tracks their spending patterns.  

Gurdeep, whose claim to fame was Sanjeevini on Star Plus, has two series in her kitty as of now, Sinndoor on Zee TV and Jet Set Go on Star One. She is extremely finicky about what she buys and it certainly has to be exclusive. She tells Riya V Anandwala that paying tax is also valuable.

Who manages your finances?
I have a C.A. who takes care of my finances. I don't blindly trust my C.A. though; my mom is majorly involved in it. So she keeps me posted with whatever is happening.

In what do you invest the most?
I have invested a lot in bonds like ICICI, insurance policies and also properties. I have not yet planned my life as such, I am just concentrating on earning now, it's only after some time that I can sit back and think what should be done with my money.

Do you blow up a lot of money on your shopping?
I am not at all an impulsive buyer! But yes, I want the best; I will never shop for stuff which is low on quality. But yes, if I like something, I will certainly go for it.

So how much do you end up spending in a month?
I spend a lot on spas and hair salons. I don't really blow up too much on my clothes. I also love spending on cosmetics. In a month, I end up spending around 15000 to 20000.

What are your thoughts on insurance policies?
I believe a lot in insurance, and I want to secure myself. The nominees of my insurance would be of course my kids and my mother.

And the tax system?
I am a proud tax payer! I am very much with the system of paying tax. This is because it helps me a lot in buying properties. Even when I have to apply for a loan, it becomes much easier. Basically my C.A guides me how to go about paying taxes.

Are you into the share trade?
I don't invest in share bazaar though, but I love investing in jewellery. I just love buying jewellery and that's diamonds, to be precise. I have so many sets now and I am dying to wear them!

Do you own a car and is it on loan?
I have a Honda City and it's on loan. Actually I have two cars, a small one and a big one and both are on loan. I could have done a down payment for both of them, but my C.A. suggested that I get them on loan. That's because the circulation of money can be well presented to the bank by showing our expenditure at the end of the fiscal year.

How are you by nature when it comes to money?
I am not at all stingy; actually both of us (Arjun) spend a lot. I take care of my money. How can I be kanjoos, I am a Punjabi after all!

At the end of the day, what will you term yourself as, being a working woman?
I would love to call myself a self made woman, as I have been working since I was 15 years old!

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[url] p;articleid=321200623391893321200623384578 [/url]

Sixxerr was first in the news for its delayed launch; now it is female lead, Kirti Gaekwad's walk-out that has brought this serial more attention. Gaekwad was to play the character of Swati Gaekwad on the show, and was paired opposite veteran actor Mohan Bhandari's son Dhruv. When contacted, Gaekwad confirmed the news saying, "I have quit Sixxerr. When I was offered the serial last year, I was already doing Sinndoor. I agreed to do Sixxerr because I could commit dates to it. I shot for the serial between April and June last year. However when the show was delayed for whatever reason, the shooting did not resume for many months. In the meantime, I was offered India Calling. Kahiin To Hoga was also on. So I ended up shooting for Sinndoor, Kahiin To Hoga and India Calling on a regular basis. Later, when I was called to continue shooting for Sixxerr, I had too much on my plate. I spoke to the producers and told them about the situation. They understood my position and let me go. It was very nice of them to do, otherwise things would have been a mess." 

Manish Goswami, the producer, says, "When Kirti signed Sixxerr, she was doing only one serial. Now she is doing three. She has no time. So she had to go."

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Homing in!

Home is where the heart is and the heart is definitely where the family is! This is something that our telly stars seem to believe in. But it's not easy for these actors to manage their family lives given their hectic schedules and erractic timings.

Riya V Anandwala talks to a few telly personalities about the pros and cons of staying with their family.

Abhay Vakil

There are many benefits of staying with the family. Firstly, I get a lot of support from them whenever I am feeling low. Secondly, whenever I am done with a hard day's work, I have someone to look forward too. They are always there in my good or bad times, which is very essential for me. But yes, I cannot have too much of late nights as I have some responsibilities. And then I too feel guilty, that I have my loved one's back home. Another thing is my phone which keeps ringing, which used to annoy them, but now they have got use to it!

Tassnim Sheikh

My family has always been very supportive of me, my mother has been ill before I stepped in the industry, but my father is extremely compassionate whether I am right or wrong. I can't even imagine staying away from my family; I don't have to pay the rent as I have my own house here. My food is always ready, and I need someone to lay the blanket on me at night. All I can see are benefits of staying with them. And I don't want to live without them. The very thought seems like a nightmare and scares me!

Tina Parakh

Living in with my family is a complete boon! The most important benefit is that, when you meet so many people day in and day out one tends to get carried away, but having a family here we have rules and regulations laid down. You have to go back home on time as someone is waiting for you. The second thing is loneliness. There is so much of stress we face everyday, that we really need to discuss about things, which makes us feel good. We don't have to take tensions of paying up electricity and telephone bills, not to worry about the food in the kitchen. Because of my odd working hours my family life gets harmed at times. My parents don't sleep till I go home. Otherwise they are very cool of me coming home late, they never complain at all!

Mona Singh

There are only pros and no cons! Initially, when I moved in here, I didn't have my parents with me, they were still in Pune. Then I realised how important it is to have your parents with you especially when you are in a field like this. It feels good when your family is waiting back home for you, I get to eat ghar ka khana cooked by my mom. It is a major strength for me. Going out late nights was never a problem for me, as my dad was in the army, and there you have to party. Sometimes when I don't go partying for months together, my parents tell me to go! And on the contrary I crib, that I don't want to go.

Gurdeep Kohli

I can just see advantages of living with my family. I am talking about my mom in terms of family, because it's only the two of us staying together. There are no disadvantages at all; on the contrary it is of great help. Everything in my life is taken good care off. My mother doesn't sleep till I am home, and I feel bad about that. My family has been very supportive of me, in the sense that my mom has adjusted to my lifestyle and never complains about it. I think I have ot the best mother, of all what I could ask for!

Source - tellychakkar

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Kirti yearns for a film with the Big B

She became an instant household name with her histrionic skills in Kammal on Zee. Later on, she climbed up the populari- ty charts as the spiteful Niharika in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. Now after a string of televi- sion projects, actress Kirti Gaikwad dons a much-hyped role in StarOne's India Calling.

Recently you made an entry in StarOne's popular soap, India Calling. Tell us something about your character in the serial?
I play the mysterious Manisha aka Minididi of the female lead Chandni in India Calling. This is the first time that the mystical character got unveiled in one of the episodes. So long, she was only being heard over telephonic conversations with repeated mentions in the plot. But now the audience can see her appearance on screen. Manisha is an out-and-out small town girl — very homely yet ambitious at heart. Hailing from Jalandhar, she has that simple-sweet persona to charm others with her candid innocence. In pursuit of her goals, she travels to Mumbai to try her luck in the showbiz industry. However in the process, she makes some wrong choices that leads her astray. Meanwhile, Chandni makes a trip to Mumbai in search of her beloved sister.

Kammal, Aakrosh, Kahiin To Hoga, Sinndoor: Tere Naam Ka — your kitty seems to be spilling over with small screen projects. Has television brought you all the creative satisfaction that you seek?
Absolutely! Diverse roles means playing myriad characters and enacting a plethora of subtle emotions. If it was a grey shade such as Niharika in Sinndoor... , the title role in Kammal saw me portraying a positive character, while Manisha draws out a complex personality. I guess, it's all fun to be able to delve into varied traits of the human mind and live a thousand lives at the same time.

Do you feel that the current spate of serials generating the voice of today's women and dealing with contemporary issues has set a new trend that deviates from the ubiquitous saas-bahu sagas?
Every other genre has its own flavour, be it the saas-bahu tearjerkers or the aaj ki nari bandwagon. Moreover, the winds of a changing scenario are inevitable. But honestly, I enjoy playing a confident middle-class woman with down-to-earth principles and head always held high.

From Kanpur to the city of dreams, Mumbai — the journey's been a long one. How did acting happen?
Well back home, I was very much into theatre with Nadira Babbar's Ek Jute. Having delivered a lot of stage acts in between, I wanted to do something different to break the monotony. And quite akin to Manisha's character (quips), I travelled to Mumbai and accepted an odd job. But in due course of time, I got fascinated with television and offers kept pouring in.

Nowadays, onscreen love birds turning into offscreen couples has created a rage of sorts. How did love strike between you and actor Sharad Kelkar?
Obviously on the sets! Where else could it be? (laughs) Both of us were supposed to do the serial CID together, which ultimately fizzled out. And it was during those occasional meetings on the shooting floors, that the love bug bit us. Now we are happily married for the past seven months after tying the knot in June, last year.

Are you game for film offers in the long run?
Not really. Nevertheless, I intend to keep my options open in case of meaty scripts. I would definitely toy with parallel cinema or performance oriented roles in commercial flicks. And yes, who can turn down a role opposite Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) himself! (laughs).
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The secret behind Sindoor & more scoop

Zee's serial Sindoor is taking melodrama to an altogether new dimension. Gurdeep Kohli, the protagonist of the serial had a hard time recognizing her own sindoor, aka, husband in a recent episode. The supposedly heart wrenching scene was filmed in a Shiva Mandir. The serial explores the medieval concept of twins and predictably enough, there is a good twin and a bad twin.

What a conundrum for poor Gurdeep! Imagine the drama and suspense. Who will be worthy of her sindoor? Will Gurdeep distinguish between the real and the imposter? Oh, the drama! Seriously when will these serial makers learn? The Indian audience's sensibilities are immune to such melodrama. There is so much space for new concepts nowadays but these avenues remain unexplored. Why this fear of treading new ways? The Zee serial makers better snap out of their complacent selves otherwise their running serials might go the Sarrkarr and Rabba Ishq Na Hove way, i.e. they might get wrapped up before time.

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"I don't look at people who are badly dressed"

Sachin Shroff, a quiet personality on screen, believes in dressing according to the occasion. Currently seen in Zee TV's Sinddoor, Sachin has picked up a few styling tips from his co-stars and loves wearing branded watches!
With a one on one chat with Riya V Anandwala, he talks about his style mantra!

"Being stylish is important, but also one should be comfortable in what they are wearing!"

What do you opt for, being stylish or comfortable?
I think both the factors go hand in hand.

Do you believe in being vogue?
It certainly depends upon how one carries oneself and also on the body language. The style element can also be seen when one's wearing an ethnic outfit.

Has you hair witnessed streaks?
Oh yes! I did it just once, and it was beige in combination of dark brown. I did it for an ad commercial and I too was surprised when I heard, beige! But trust me, it was rocking!

How much time do you take to garb up?
Well, this is something which is completely dependent on the occasion.

What can we dig for the most in your wardrobe, the ethnic Indian wear or chilled out western stuff?
I think I look good in western stuff. I don't like wearing extremely body hugging tees but of course something which fits well, looks good on me.

How do you like yourself, with or without beard?
I think a little stubble makes a lot of difference, two days old stubble looks hot!

"I love wearing branded watches!"

What name can we find on your clothes tag?
I am not at all brand conscious when it comes to my shirts and tees, so they can be from anywhere. But I do pick up my jeans which are branded.

Which is your favourite shoe stop?
Oh, it has to be Bandra! There are two to three shops out there.

What makes you go crazy?
I am obsessed about watches, I own many of them. I have Tissore, Swatch, Timex and many more.

What comes to your mind when you hear - Indian Fashion?

'Pure Cotton' That's the only thing which comes to my mind, as I relate it to the humid climate of Mumbai.

Are you fond of anyone's dressing style in our industry?
Without doubt, Pracheen has an amazing sense of clothes. I really appreciate the way he carries himself. And Kirti too carries herself very well, among the women in our industry.

Who tops your list, when it comes to designers?
Lately I met Navin Shetty, who designs clothes for Sunil Shetty, and I really like his stuff. He has designed some good outfits for me.

"Corporate women look cute with long kurti's and eye liner!"

How important is it to flow with the trend?
It makes a lot of difference and at times it is essential. I am fond of corporate women wearing those long kurti's on denims with eye liner. It looks just so cute!

The worst dressed person in the industry according to you would be…
I don't look at people who are badly dressed, it puts me off!

What makes you stand out?
I think my image!

The fashion tip which goes out to the readers from your side is…
Please dress up according to the occasion, when you are catching up with your friends wear bathroom slippers and a ganji and push off!


Chappals or Shoes
I prefer wearing shoes when I am moving out, but chappals are extremely comfortable, hence I wear them at home.

Glairs or Lens
I don't wear lens and I cant stay without my glairs.

Finger rings or Bracelets
None of them, I love wearing watches, only branded!

Formals or Informals
Well, semi-formal! I used to wear only semi formal when I used to go to office, but now, it will look funny if I wear them on the sets


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Saturday, March 25, 2006



She has sold over 65 consumer products but she is no saleswoman. She has treated several patients but she is not a doctor. She has operated upon patients but she is not a surgeon. In reel life two of her colleagues were in love with her and she was in a serious dilemma over which one to choose.

However, for her real life partner she chose Arjun Punj, her co-actor of Sanjivani, who played the bad guy. The sweet, charming and beautiful doctor of the hit medical series is enjoying her role of a good-bad bahu in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka. But more than that she is having a gala time anchoring Jet Set Go, a unique reality show.

"It's really great and exciting," gushes the beautiful and charming Gurdip Kohli. "The concept is unique. For a change there is no script.  I just have to be myself, pick up a contestant with a valid passport and take him to the airport. The experience is quite in contrast with studio shootings, make-up touches and memorising dialogues. I am on the streets, shouting, screaming and trying to find the right contestant. It's quite a tough job running around, more demanding and physically straining."

It may be strenuous but it's worth the trouble because the anchor that reaches the airport first with maximum contestants will win a grand bumper prize in the end. "It is rewarding too," smiles Gurdip who didn't have to struggle for roles when she decided to transit from modelling to acting.

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