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After Amit Sadh and Neeru Bajwa's (Roses all the way for Amit, Neeru) decision to tie the wedding knot later this year, Kirti Gaikwad (remember the petite protagonist of Zee's short lived Kammal ) and Sharad Kelkar of CID are following suit. While the couple decides to do the marital formalities in June in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, they continue to keep themselves busy with their work.

Kirti has taken up the role of Niharika in Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka to be launched on Zee TV next week.

Sharad Kelkar - love on the CID sets?

Kirti - from Kammal to Niharika

and Sharad continues to play the cop Jihaan in CID Special Bureau. So how did romance come into the picture?

"I was to do CID Special Bureau. But things did not work out and I was not a part of it. I was so upset with this that I decided to go back to my hometown to Kanpur. That was when Sharad came into the picture. He helped me deal with my depression," reveals Kirti.

Kirti has done Aakrosh, Kahiin To Hoga, Jay Santoshi Maa and Yatra apart from two launch episodes of Siddhanth. She will also be seen in Pretty Woman, a one hour special on Star One next week. She has also been doing theatre since childhood. Her latest project was Gulam Begam Baadshah with Ekjute Productions.



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Need to look good for myself first, says the attractive telly star, Gurdeep

Gurdeep KohliWomen on the telly, be it a saas, a bahu or a VJ, adorn the best clothes, wear the perfect make up and look absolutely stunning. We caught up with one such beauty - Gurdeep Kohli aka Dr. Juhi but minus the make up and the gorgeous costumes. Dressed casually in denims and a white and blue top, Gurdeep spoke about the importance of beauty - in life and relationships.

What beauty means to me...
My definition of beauty is two fold. Firstly, beauty is a state of mind. One needs to be content and happy from within. This automatically makes a person look good. When I am happy, it shows on my face. I feel that I'm looking nice. Even people around me tell me that I'm looking fresh and pretty. Similarly, when I'm in a bad mood it shows on my face. The concept of inner beauty may sound clichUbut it has depth and meaning.

Secondly, one needs to look beautiful from the outside also. When I meet someone, the looks attract me first. By good looks I don't mean macho, muscled men or gelled hair. There needs to be something appealing and attractive about the person. The person should have some substance. The way we conduct ourselves in public, the way we talk, behave, the poise, the confidence - all this together can make one look attractive. Besides that, of course things like exercise, the way you take care of your skin, the way you dress up, hygiene, all of these contribute to one's personality.

If I were to spend an evening with someone...
...I would make sure I look beautiful. I need to look good for myself first. If I have to do a bit extra for someone else, I don't mind. So, whether I'm going out with a guy or just meeting friends, I would do everything that will make me look beautiful.

Assuming I have enough time, I'll first make sure I have done my workout in the morning. Then I would go for a body massage, a manicure and a pedicure. I feel small things like well-manicured nails, hair that is washed well and smells good are very important. I would wear a nice dress that complements my body. Wear a lovely perfume, minimum make-up (I don't like too much make up!) and appropriate jewellery. All in all, I'll make sure I look impressive to others.

Looking good is very important to me...
I love dressing up for occasions. I love getting complements! But the key is to not dress up like a doll but to enhance what one is good at. For example, people like my simplicity. They like me more when I am very simply dressed. Mind you, simply but adequately dressed. I'm also a total beauty freak especially when it comes to treatments, spas and salons!

Beauty is important in a relationship...
Again, by beauty I don't mean having beautiful eyes, or a perfect nose, etc. It means being attractive, appealing and presentable. The basic intellect to have a meaningful conversation is very important. After all, these things last much longer than physical beauty. But that doesn't mean we don't take care of ourselves! We should always give ample attention to our bodies. For example, I don't like men who are not well dressed or have potbellies!

So when one is in a relationship, these small things matter a lot. Everyone wants to be with a good looking, presentable and confident person. It only strengthens the relationship further.

Tips for readers...
You don't need to look like a Miss India, but make sure you look presentable. You may be very well read or brilliant at something else. But that doesn't mean you dress shabbily! I am a model and an actor but at I get so impressed by people who are dress well, who have poise, who move around with confidence. All these things will surely make you look beautiful and get you all the attention!

My beauty secrets...
I wear a lot of M.A.C and Make Up Forever. When I'm looking really tired I use the M.A.C Studio Fix and then dab my face with M.A.C powder. I like to do up my eyes with a lot of kajal and mascara. I love silver jewellery and am especially fond of long earrings. My favourite colours are blue and purple and am most comfortable in jeans and tops. My favourite brands remain Gap, Giordano and Diesel.


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Gurdip Kohli in New Delhi. Photo: Sandeep Saxena.
LONG AFTER Gurdip Kohli closes her conversation with you, the aftertaste lingers. Soft-spoken, a dash of nasal intonation in her say, dignified expressions, poised actions and of all, that cherubic beam. She is indeed like a whiff of sterilized air that you wish to breathe in more and more. Not that she is any different in her solitary small screen role in "Sanjeevani - A Medical Boon". Dr. Juhi of this Star Plus prime-time rollout is that innocent, captivating small-town girl blessed with a heart of gold and an angelic smile. A heartbreaker and most times heartbroken herself, a wronged persona thus winning all the viewer sympathy for herself. And, bridging this gap between the real and reel self, this 23-year-old Mumbaikar finds a correlation: "Personally, I am a sensitive person and Juhi's characterisation as receptive and responsive to her surroundings brings us to the same platform. And, like her, I am a family person. I could make Juhi look real thus." Perhaps here lies the answer of her mass public gaze in this garb than her modelling assignments, 60 of which she had done before joining "Sanjeevani". Though not formally trained in acting, Gurdip, in New Delhi recently, says she always used to imitate people at home. "While doing a serial, you are acting almost everyday and that helps you in improving your skills," she says. Unlike many tele-actors, she insists on her "own private time" and so is not interested in featuring in more than one soap at a time. "If you overstretch yourself there is no fun in it. At least you should have some time to wait and think too". But this lone telly performance has given her all that an actor normally looks around for. Besides common viewers' attention, it seemed to have also grabbed the notice of filmmakers. "I have been getting good film offers from respected banners. But I am not in a hurry to jump into films. I want to give it some thought," this one-time graphic designer states. Odd, one feels. With some many instances in front of you, you almost believe that it has to be the obvious trend. But, looking at this poise incarnate, you can pardon her even for a greater slip.


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Gurdeep Kohli and Arjun Punjj
Lovers Gurdeep Kohli (Sanjivani, Sinndoor) and Arjun Punjj (Sanjivani, Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki) have brought their love nest on the fourteenth floor in Samarthdeep, located little away from Barista at Adarsh Nagar in Andheri.

Shaadi ke baad

The couple will shift into their dream house, soon after marriage, which in Gurdeep's words is "about six months away."

The house was chosen, selected and bought by the couple. The apartment in Samarthdeep scored over others because it gave positive vibes to Arjun and Gurdeep. "We really didn't see much before arriving at Samarthdeep. This flat exuded energy and positivity, and that made our decision easier."

Samarthdeep building at Adarsh Nagar where Gurdip Kohli and Arjun Punjj have bought a flat (encircled)
Three-month wait

The two-BHK apartment which is being currently done up by Rajan Dighe and will be ready for the couple to move in after three months.

"But we will not stay in our new abode until we tie the knot," emphasises Gurdeep, who is currently staying with her parents in a joint family at Santa Cruz (East).

"We asked Dighe to do up our aashiana because he has done one of my relative's house and we were very impressed with his work," she reveals.

Keen on Andheri

Arjun currently stays in Arena, which is virtually a stone's throw away from the their soon-to-be-home at Samarthdeep. The actor wasn't keen on leaving the Andheri area as he has lots of friends in the neighbourhood.

"Arjun can still meet his friends and be near them, he will just need to commute a bit more," says Gurdeep. And was she okay with that? "I think it's fair. Also, this area is extremely well-connected, plus it's close to where we shoot, so we'll save lots of time and energy that we would've otherwise spent on commuting," she adds.

Mangni ho gayi

The duo got officially engaged about six months ago. "We had a very quiet affair, which was attended by only close relatives from both sides. After the engagement, our commitment towards each other has multiplied by leaps and bounds," says Gurdeep.

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Dhruv has a lookalike

Sachin Shroff
The character of Dhruv, played by Sachin Shroff, has been missing from the Zee daily Sinndoor-Tere Naam Ka. Last heard he was bumped off in Hong Kong. But now he is back in the thick of things.

"Ever since his exit, the feedback we received was to get him back in the show. Sinndoor is popular in London.

The UK office of Zee was jammed with emails demanding Dhruv to be back in the drama," says producer Kinnari Mehta. But as all soaps go, there is a twist — Sachin is back in the show as a Canada-based business called Karan.

He arrives in Mumbai as he is wanted for some illegal deals. His stark resemblance to Dhruv Raizada proves handy for him — he cashes in on his looks and gains entry to the household. So when will the real Dhruv land up? Wait and watch.

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Buniyaad today means 20 years of togetherness....."

She walked right into television history with her character of Veerawali in
Ramesh Sippy's Buniyaad. From then on the lady hasn't looked back! Mahabharat and A Mouthful of Sky followed, but the lady finds a lot of joy in talking about the show that propelled her towards instant stardom. Ananya Sengupta spoke to Kiran Joneja on the eve of the relaunch of Buniyaad on SaharaOne.

On the relaunch of Buniyaad
Actually it feels really nice. I am looking forward to watching it on screen, as I haven't seen the show in its totality. I am very excited, even my colleagues at work seem to be waiting for it to air again!

On whether she expects Buniyaad to repeat its success
I really don't know about that. See, there is a whole new generation who haven't watched the show, but have heard a lot about it. But I always believed that every show has its own audience. Buniyaad is a classic and it will have its own loyal audience.



On her memories of the show
It was the best work that I have done. It was great working on the show and remember, I met my husband ( director, Ramesh Sippy) on the sets! From then on its been 20 years of togetherness, happy memories and loads of fun.

On the idea of airing the show on SaharaOne
It was entirely their (SaharaOne) idea. They approached us with the idea and we agreed! But the show has been previously rerun on Star and Zee and DD as well.




On working on television today
Well, change is the keyword on television today. I have always believed that if an artist doesn't change with the times he will be left behind. The role that I am doing now in Sinndoor is an interesting one and that's why I decided to do it. Frankly, I work for 20-22 days and I wish it were 15. And as far as the teh quality of work on television is concerned, I am not complaining. See, people get bored with seeing the same stuff, although it takes time for them to get bored!(laughs) But times have changed, the moralistic viewpoint that Buniyaad had cannot work today! The glamour and the bold scenes that we see today is a reflecyion of what is presently happening in society...nothing can be done about it! But again, I think change is welcome!


source- hp

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Son shoots mother

Kiran Juneja's character in Sinndoor comes to an end

Sachin Shroff

Kiran Juneja

Sapana Patil

There's blood and gore and thrills and chills ahead in Zee TV's Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, the serial that is known for its on-screen and off-screen drama.

Kinnari Mehtaa, producer of the serial, throws light on the forthcoming drama. "Karan (Sachin Shroff), who is the deceased Dhruv's long-lost twin brother, will kill his mother Kavita Raizada (played by Kiran Juneja). Karan who was living at Raizada'a house since Dhruv's death, is being hounded by the police. He wants to evade the police. But he fears that his mother will expose him. He feels she is the biggest threat to his safety. Hence, he decides to get rid of her by shooting her."

Describing how the scene will be shot, she says, "We are shooting it at a quarry. It has a beautiful landscape. It will be a very high drama scene. We have seen a mother killing her son in Mother India and in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, but we have never seen a son killing his mother. There will be a lot of emotional lines said by Kavita in the scene. It will be a real tear-jerker."

However, apart from Kavita Raizada, Dhruv's widow Vedika also knows about Karan's reality. "Vedika follows Karan and sees what he does. That leaves her shocked," says Mehtaa.

When asked if Vedika would reveal Karan's reality, Mehta says, "Karan has made Vedika appear mad. So no one would believe her and she does not have any proof of proving Karan guilty." This episode will be telecast in February.

However, with a history of dead characters coming back to life on soaps, Mehtaa says she isn't yet sure if Kiran Juneja will return to the show later.

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Sachin Schroff

'I have been brought back by public demand'
Sudipto Chattopadhyay
Tuesday, January 24, 2006  17:27 IST

From being an introverted actor who was replaced in his first soap 'Kanyadaan', to the quintessential hero in 'Sinndoor', Sachin Shroff seems to have come a long way.

"Actually I was not conversant with Hindi earlier. My diction was weak. I could not deliver my lines properly," confesses Shroff. But the hard working model-turned-actor took lessons and was given a second lease of life with 'Shagun'.

His big break however has come with 'Sinndoor'. "I had worked earlier with makers Jay and Kinnari Mehta. So when they approached me to play Dhruv in 'Sinndoor' I couldn't say no.  I liked the simplicity of Dhruv's character," says Sachin.

What amazed Sachin was when viewers of Zee London protested against Dhruv getting killed in the show and sent many emails to express this."I have been brought back by public demand," he proclaims proudly.

However, unlike Mihir Virani in 'Kyunki…' he has not risen from the dead. He now plays Dhruv's twin brother, the mean Karan in the same show. "I have worked on the body language, voice, and mannerisms to portray Karan differently. For instance Dhruv would blink a lot but Karan does not," elaborates Sachin.

The daunting challenge for Sachin was the sequence where Karan had to kill his mother. "It was a horrifying experience for me as an actor and as a human being. Killing your mother is the most difficult thing in the world," sighs Sachin. 

On the personal front Sachin is dating someone who is not from the industry. Life sure seems to be on a roll for the Shroff!

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