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Fake suhagan: Vedika
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   December 26, 2005

Gurdip Kohli in
Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka
Telly actress Gurdip Kohli is in a piquant situation in Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka.

As Vedika in the Zee drama, she has just lost husband Dhruv (Sachin Shroff) in a Hong Kong mishap. And she has to fulfill the post-death rites of her husband alone — in the customary white sari. The reason is that the rest of the Raizada family is clueless about his death. 

The show has the Santa Cruz-based boutique, Seasons, dressing up Niharika (Kirti Kelkar) and Kavita (Kiran Juneja) in shimmery six yards. This has come at a time when it is Vedika's turn to be seen in stark whites.

Dolling up

So is she feeling a bit left out, with the rest of the cast in designer wear? "Not at all," points out Kohli. "I am getting a chance to doll up, too, like the rest, by simply faking it," she laughs.

"Except for my mother-in-law Kavita (Kiran Razdan), no one knows about Dhruv's death; so I will be dressed to the hilt by Seasons," adds the actress.

Health at stake

Says producer Kinnari Mehtaa, "Vedika has to put on an act, as her father-in-law Virendra Raizada (Naresh Suri) is unwell. Vedika does not want to reveal the truth and give his health a further setback. Kavita sees her in a white sari doing a puja for the dead, and senses it; but she keeps mum.

We have just shot a special episode in which Vedika's biggest dilemma will be how to show that her husband is alive. She will be seen at a suhagan's puja!"

New entry

The drama had a new entrant last week, with the introduction of the character of Kajal, played by Gunn Nayar. "She plays Antariksh's (Prachin Chauhan) wife," informs Mehtaa.

Antariksh was formerly married to Niharika, but stepbrother Rudra's (Sharad Kelkar) appearance on the scene made Niharika turn towards him. The soapy twists continue with a bedecked Vedika on a slippery path till the truth is revealed.

2006 wedding

Everyone knows about Gurdip Kohli and Arjun Punjj (Woh Rehne Waali Mahalon Kii). They are a couple and intend to tie the knot. They have always been open about their relationship. But what irks Gurdip is the speculation about her wedding.

"Every now and then, there is this buzz that I am getting married, which I hear from others!" she laughs. "If I am getting married, I should know first!"  To put the speculation to rest, Gurdip says she will wed in 2006. "That's for sure, but I am undecided about the month."


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Kirti: Sinndoor Sharad ke naam ka
   By: A hitList Correspondent
   August 25, 2005

TIME TO CELEBRATE: Producer Jay Mehtaa and wife Kinnari with Gurdeep Kohli
Pics: Pradeep Dhivar
On Tuesday, Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka  had a party to celebrate the completion of their 100th episode.

The centre of distraction at the party held at Quilla in Andheri, was Kirti Gaikwad who plays Niharika in the Zee daily.

In her short black backless dress, she grooved like a professional dancer on the floor with hubby Sharad Kelkar who plays the character of Rudr in the drama.

HANDS ON: Jayati Bhatia and Kishore Shahane Vij
Actor-turned producer Jay Mehtaa and wife Kinnari were jubilant as they showcased a
Kirti Gaikwad
special reel of what viewers could never see in Sinndoor — getting actors off-guard on the show from picking noses to making faces!

Sinndor's Vedika Gurdeep Kohli came with her beau
Kirti Gaikwad with husband Sharad Kelkar
Arjun Punj who preferred to keep away from the spotlight (he is not part of Sinndoor!) and let Gurdeep hog the limelight.

The cast comprising Tanvi Azmi, Sachin Shroff, Prachin Chauhan, Jayati Bhatia, Anand Suryavanshi, Kishore Shahane Vij, Naresh Suri, Taanushree, Gulrez and the rest made merry as Jay and Kinnari Mehtaa dragged everyone to the dance floor.
KEEPING A DISTANCE: Arjun Punj         &n bsp; 

ME TOO: Tanvi Azmi

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Soup tere naam ka
   By: Anita Raheja and Heena Agarwal
   October 16, 2005

TV star Gurdip Kohli says, "You are turning me into a big foodie. When people will read this piece, they are going to be convinced that I am very fond of food."

The other interests of this sensitive and pretty sardarni include watching movies and painting, but she only manages to sketch, never paint. Her serials — earlier it was the medical drama Sanjeevani, now it is the family soap Sindoor Tere Naam Ka — keep her too busy for much else.

Born, brought up and bred in Mumbai, Gurdip loves Delhi's food. And she says that her zest for living and food has been encouraged by her boyfriend, Arjun Punjj, also a TV star.

Gurdip's thought for food

I am non-vegetarian. I prefer chicken in any form — Mughlai, Chinese, Italian. I also like prawns and pomfret.

I don't believe in dieting; food is very important. If I am depressed, I eat something nice because it makes me feel happy. Yesterday, I had a pastry. Today, I'll make it a point to workout. I used to go to the gym before, but now because of my hectic schedule, it gets difficult. I have a small gym at home — a treadmill and some weights and stuff. I have an instructor who comes home and makes me do free-hand exercises and sit-ups. I can run on the treadmill for 20 minutes non-stop. I work out thrice a week.

I don't have tea or coffee. I just have a glass of warm water and follow it with my prayers. I eat thereafter.

Though I am a sardarni, I steer clear of parathas. I have milk and cornflakes or a poha or a sandwich. But I must have a glass of orange juice everyday; it's best for my skin and ensures that I'm taking in vitamin C. I like to have it fresh — within 20 minutes of its extraction. I consume lots of water. I carry water, nimbu pani and coconut water when I am shooting.

I always carry lunch from home. If I have had a heavy dinner the night before, then I have salad and curds for lunch. Otherwise I eat dal, sabzi and roti. I don't eat rice  unless I am in a mood to treat myself.

I have dinner by 10.30, the normal dal, sabzi, roti and a non-vegetarian dish. I have one roti, two bowls of dal and vegetables galore. I try to avoid carbohydrates with my meals. I eat brown rice as far as possible. My ghar ka atta is half-wheat and half-soya flour.

I visit a restaurant at least once a week. I am open to the idea of eating anything, from a Chinese dish to a pizza or pasta.

My mom is a good cook. My tiffin is always a delight. She makes excellent Goan fish curry and dum pukht-style biryani. She makes nutritious but tasty food. Food is cooked in minimum salt and olive oil; it has low cholesterol. Since I have a water retention problem, I drink nimbu pani without salt and sugar. My mom educates me on the kind of food that I should eat. She makes excellent soya bean koftas. I love potatoes in all forms, but I eat them boiled.

I can cook a decent meal, although I don't excel at making exotic dishes. I can cook chicken with gravy, masala chicken, a decent sabzi and a dal. My elder sisters excel in baking cakes and making homemade ice-creams. I make a soup which my family calls 'Gurdip Special Soup'; it's like a meal by itself.

In restaurants, I recommend Mangi Ferra for Italian and Urban Tadka for Punjabi food. The Risotto at Mangi Ferra is excellent. I like all the restaurants of J W Marriott — Saffron, Mezzo Mezzo, the coffee shop. In Bandra, the food at Olive is delicious. It's worth traveling all the way to town to eat a Bade Miyan roll.

I love experimenting with food; I like chicken with pineapple too.

In vegetarian food, I love paneer in any form and rajma too. Soya beans are very healthy.

I will go to the extent of ordering dishes with vague names and quite often the dish doesn't turn out to be up to the mark. Whenever we go out for a family dinner, I am dissuaded from ordering food because I end up ordering something vague and weird.

I associate Delhi with excellent Punjabi food. Last Diwali, my entire family had dinner at Park Baluche near Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. I love the pizzas and ice-reams at Nirula's in Delhi. The chaat in Delhi is something to write home about too. I am so happy that we have a chaat place, Kailash Parbat, at Lokhandwala.

My friends are constantly seeking suggestions from me to try out new places.

I was a student at JJ School of Applied Arts. I was always in my college canteen and I loved the misal pav. We would gorge on samosas at Mafco outlets. The chicken bolgonese at Intermission, Metro, was my all-time favorite. I was a regular K Rustom and Gaylord.

I went on a cruise that took us across the Egyptian Nile. I loved the food on the cruise. The buffet was elaborate and the desserts were awesome. I ate squids for the first time on that cruise.

In Dubai, I had an awesome pizza. The pizza bread was as huge as the size of a two-seater round table. I think the place was called Round the Clock Big Pizza.

For me, food and ambience are equally important. At the Hard Rock Caf, Dubai, they display memorabilia associated with Bollywood stars.

My favourite cuisines are Chinese and Italian.

In desserts, I LOVE brownies, chocolate pastry and Lindt chocolates. When I go abroad, I buy a lot of chocolates from duty-free shops.

My favourite beverage is fresh lime soda. Occasionally, I enjoy a red wine and cheese.

During mango season, Mezzo Mezzo serves an excellent mango Martini.
I have at least three-four fruits a day. My current favorite is litchi. I love the flavour of peaches. The saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is very true because apple has iron; I'm anaemic.

My favorite spice is chilli, which I like to nibble on while eating food. You will always find chilli pickle in my house.

My favourite appliance is the microwave. I don't like my mother to keep waiting, so my food is kept in the microwave.

I binge on popcorn if I am awake late in the night.

I am like an orange — it's difficult to figure out whether I'm sweet or tangy. I can be very moody.

Monsoon is my favourite season. When it rains, I like to eat vada-pav at Prakash Batata Vada Wala, Dadar. I like dining at Zodiac Grill; they have a seven-course meal which is really elaborate. For the last three years, we have been dining at Zodiac Grill on my mom's birthday. It hurts your pocket, but it's worth it.

My boyfriend,
Arjun Punjj, is a complete foodie. He loves Indian Punjabi food. He is the one who introduces me to new restaurants and cuisines. He loves eating out.

Gurdip's special soup

Serves four

2 chicken breasts
4 cups chicken stock
1 medium-size onions (chopped)
1 tsp pepper powder
Salt to taste
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp basil
1 tbsp corn flour powder (mixed with 3-4 tbsp water)
1 cup boiled noodles or wheat pasta
A few mint leaves

Grind the chicken breasts along with onions, pepper, salt, oregano and basil into a fine mixture. Make tiny balls of this mixture. Keep the stock to boil. Boil it.

Gently add the minced meatballs into the stock and again bring it to boil on a medium flame, till the meat balls are cooked. Add the corn flour mixture to the soup and mix well to thicken the soup. Add boiled noodles or pasta and mint leaves. Mix well and serve hot.

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Gurdeep refuses to wear a white sari for a scene in Sinndoor... Says no, because she's about to get married

Having got engaged to long-time beau Arjun Punj recently, Gurdeep Kohli firmly refused to wear a white sari depicting a widow for a scene required in Sinndoor Tere Naam. Considered ominous by Kohli, the situation reached a stage when the production team had to intervene. Long and elaborate meetings were held with the actress and she finally consented, but not gladly. "She was hesitant about wearing the white sari and as a woman I understand and respect her sentiments. But, being a thorough professional, Gurdeep finally gave in," clarifies Kinnari Mehta, producer of the show.

But despite giving in, eyewitnesses present on the sets say that Kohli was in an extremely snappy mood while shooting for the particular scene. "I was apprehensive about the entire scene. To begin with, the get up of the widow is something that I never imagined getting into. It was very disturbing initially. But the unit members convinced me otherwise," says Kohli.

The scene gains more significance because this is perhaps the first time that a woman will be performing the final rites of her husband on television. Vedika, the main protagonist of the serial played by Kohli, is to be widowed after her reel husband Dhruv's death. "The concept of a widow doing the antimsanskaar is something that has never been shown on television," says Mehta, "In fact, even when we were shooting for it, I kept in mind the Hindu laws and customs. The idea is to show the strength of a woman and not to offend the Indian audience."

The scene was canned last week and Kohli cited the shlokas for the same. "It was an extremely emotion-packed scene in terms of emotions, dialogues, and expressions. I'm more than happy that it's done and over with. It's something that I do not want to do again," says Kohli.

But on retrospect she adds, "When I watched the entire scene on the monitor, I was extremely proud of myself. I was brave enough to do something that I didn't want to do."

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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NON-COMMITTAL RELATIONSHIP OF THE YEAR....... Gurdeep Kohli and Arjun Punj

Both of them refuse to acknowledge that they have romantic feelings for each other. Ask them and they say almost in unison, "We go for long drives, we go for dinners, we go for movies, we go for parties. We like each other's company a lot." If this is not romance, then what is? Seems, someone from Sanjivani hospital needs to counsel the couple on what is romance!
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Gutsy Gurdeep

Gurdeep Kohli's popularity is on the rise

Despite being stuck to just one serial for three years she's become one of television's top eyeball grabbers. Though Sanjivani — A Medical Boon has degenerated from an engrossing hospital drama to lightweight souffl'E9 soap, Gurdeep Kohli's popularity hasn't dimmed.

Even as the serial comes to a tired end in a month, Gurdeep who plays the self-effacing Dr Juhi, is ready for bigger things. For one, she's been selected as the next Nirma girl and will soon be going to Italy for a high-powered shoot.

And then there are many TV offers she is not yet ready to talk about. But what she readily talks about is the roles she's nixed. For one, she's declined cameos in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Kasauti Zindagi Kay as she didn't want to get lost in the saas-bahu genre.

The bigger news is that she said no to Ashutosh Gowarikar for Swades. She says, "I know it is a big project but I had other commitments to honour". Now saying no to a Shah Rukh Khan film requires guts which Gurdeep seems to have in plenty.

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Gurdeep Kohli, Rohit Roy, Ronit Roy, Akashdeep Saigal and Rajeev Khandelwal. No we are not talking about the cast of another Star network soap. This is the latest 'star' attraction on Zee.

This is not a deliberate attempt to be seen on another channel: Rajeev
With Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, Gurdip Kohli was the first actor to shift from Star to Zee. Others followed in her footsteps. Audiences noticed brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy in Manish Goswami's Sarrkkar hopping over from Star and Sony respectively.

So are the nation's television heartthrobs Akashdeep (Ansh of Kyunki...) and Rajeev Khandelwal (Sujal of Kahiin To Hoga). Viewers will see them sparring in the Ketan Mehta produced thriller Time Bomb. Sizzling Sangita Ghosh (Pammi of Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand) is not to be forgotten. The radiant lady will be returning to Zee TV after almost five years when she starred in Aroona Irani's Mehendi Tere Naam Ki.

Co-incidentally except for Gurdeep and Sangita all other actors including Karishma Tanna (who will be playing lead in Cinevista's Paalkhi) seem to be moving out of the Balaji camp extending their wings and reach (maybe) to different audiences through another channel.

Actors want to try out different things: Rohit Roy
Reflects Rajeev, "This is not a deliberate attempt to be seen on another channel. I wanted to work with Ketan Mehta and the show happened to be on Zee. I am willing to work on Star and Sony also."

Rohit agrees, "This is a strong co-incidence that most actors shifting to Zee had been doing Balaji shows last. I think actors want to try out different things, making them work with different channels."

Zee managers say this is all part of a strategy to get some of the best known names from television to star in its soaps and series. Zee TV's President Abhijit Saxena told a few days ago, "Today Zee has the best star cast industry has to offer; Rajeev Khandelwal, Akashdeep Saigal, Sangeeta Ghosh, Rohit and Ronit Roy, Gurdeep Kohli. Name it and we have them on board. There is still a long way to go but we are getting there fast."

Zee TV's Marketing head Tarun Mehra shares, "Yes, this is a strategy. But it is not a deliberate attempt (to wean away stars from Star, Sony and Balaji). We would like to have the best of the industry in our shows. We look for the best directors and best stars. So, basically, this is a strategy to get the best of the industry."

Zee TV Programming head Ashwini Yardi echoes the same view adding, "these actors were immediately thought of when the script was written. Divya Seth came to our mind when the character of Priyamvada in Sarrkkar was drafted and so did Rajeev for Time Bomb," she explains.

With the coming on of Star's stars on Zee, will it shine? Watch this space.
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Zee Telefilms Ltd

The country's largest vertically integrated media company Zee Telefilms Ltd can term 2005 as a year when its hopes got dashed (as the Supreme Court ruled against its petition challenging the Indian cricket boss' diktats) and rekindled as towards the end of the year a new regime took over the Indian cricket board and promptly handed Zee the rights for the India-Sri Lanka Test series.

Considering that the group's promoter Subhash Chandra is bullish on cricket and his sports channel, late developments augur well for the group.

And, then the predictably unpredictable Chandra relinquished the position of managing director deciding to continue as the non-executive chairman and principal promoter of Zee Telefilms. Who'll fill the MD's vacant slot? A good question for which nobody has an immediate answer except guesses like CEO Pradeep Guha who might be elevated to the vacant position.

The high profile Guha joined as the CEO of Zee Tele from Bennett, Coleman & Co, publishers of The Times of India.

While Chandra re-entered the FM radio race through Essel Group company Pan India Network Infravest, he also hived off the news business into a separate company, Zee News Pvt Ltd with scaled down the foreign holding to comply with government norms.

In the restructured news entity, Zee Telefilms' equity stake is 35 per cent, which works out under a complex formula to about 20 per cent of foreign holding on a pro rata basis.

ZTL also restructured its top management. The most crucial was the change at the top for flagship channel Zee TV. Puneet Goenka, who had been overseeing the operations of Zee Sports, was made Zee TV business head, while outgoing Zee TV business head Abhijit Saxena returned to the arena where he first made a mark, the distribution business. Saxena also supervises special projects for Zee TV.

After almost 13 years of existence, the Zee Network decided to sport a new look, which also included renaming of the three English channels. Zee English, ZMZ and MX were re-named as Zee Caf, Zee Studios and Zee Select, respectively. Comedy channel Smile TV became Zee Smile and Trendz got re-christened as Zee Trendz. All channels under the Alpha brand were brought under the Zee brand. The company's lone south Indian presence, Zee Telugu, got relaunched in May 2005.

With game shows being the flavour of the year, Zee TV launched the Rs 30 million Kam ya Zyaada in the last leg of the calendar year with actor Manoj Bajpai as an anchor.

Programming-wise, the channel attempted a variety of genres this year. Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka and a consistent Tumhari Disha have helped the channel to strengthen the 7:30 pm - 8 pm time band. 2005 also saw Zee TV increasing its production and promotion budgets manifold.

On the international front, Zee Arabiya, a music and lifestyle channel for the youth, was launched. This was Zee's first localised channel offering in the Middle East. Zee has commited to invest around Rs 1.2 billion in the region within a year.


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