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For TV stars, superstition goes beyond the letter 'K'

Jayati Bhatia, Reena Kapoor

Manav Gohil, Arjun Punjj

Sushmita Mukherjee, Sudha Chandran

They may throw all caution to the wind as the characters they play, but in reality are TV actors as forward as they make us believe? Sapana Patil finds a few still holding on to their superstitions as closely as they do to their vanity cases!

Jayati Bhatia:
I am superstitious about my old make-up box. I have a VIP vanity case that I received as a wedding gift 13 years ago, and I always carry it along to a shoot. The day I don't have it, the serial I am acting in, at that time, goes off the air. Today it contains nothing more than a few basic items, but I don't take the risk of keeping it at home.

Reena Kapoor:
I believe in logic. I so strongly oppose orthodox beliefs that I refuse to believe in the commonest superstitions. I get irritated when people tell me that they are superstitious and get scared when a cat crosses their way. When a cat crosses my way, it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I make it a point to cross the cat's path to defy superstition.

Manav Gohil:
I used to harbour superstitions during my school and college days, not anymore. On the day of a school or college cricket match, I would wear my favourite pair of socks. I am a right-handed person, but before batting, I would assume a left-handed stance for a few seconds.

Arjun Punjj:
I am a little superstitious about the colours I wear. I have been told by a panditji that I should wear certain colours and avoid others. It's not like I am very meticulous about this rule, but as far as possible, I try and follow it. For example, I have been told to avoid black for meetings and wear bright colours like white and red on Saturdays.

Sushmita Mukherjee:
I am not superstitious in particular. I am generally superstitious about things most of us are superstitious about; like a cat crossing my way.

Sudha Chandran:
I am superstitious about cleaning my make-up box. The day I do, the serial I am currently working on goes off the air. When my make-up box gets dirty, I simply buy a new one. I am also superstitious about the number nine. This number is lucky for me. I make sure to be stay in rooms with numbers that add up to nine. My car's registration number also totals up to nine.

from mumbai mirror

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Sinndoor's Hong Kong shots
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   December 6, 2005

My zen quotient: Vedika (Gurdip Kohli) and Dhruv (Sachin Shroff)
Vedika (Gurdip Kohli), Dhruv (Sachin Shroff), Rudra (Sharad Kelkar) and Niharika (Kirti Kelkar) of Sinndoor — Tere Naam Ka are back from a shoot schedule in Hong Kong. Several episodes of this Zee daily have been canned in the picturesque locations of the island.

"It was a big surprise to know that many people in Hong Kong watch Sinndoor! They were more clued in to the drama than people in India," points out producer Kinnari Mehtaa. "A child even wanted to know why Dhruv was being bumped off in the drama," Mehtaa adds.

That's not the taj behind us:
Rudra (Sharad Kelkar) and
Niharika (Kirti Kelkar)
Dhruv's disappearance

The biggest highpoint in the drama unfolds in Hong Kong — Vedika loses her sindoor. "Vedika's husband, Dhruv, goes missing after an air-crash, and is assumed dead."

Does that mean Dhruv will be back after a gap? "We would love to have Dhruv back at a later stage. At the moment though, Vedika is in a state of turmoil. She is unaware about Dhruv's death. It is her sister Niharika who breaks the news to her."

Kahani mein twist

Incidentally, the storyboard had Dhruv going to Hong Kong on a business trip. "At mother-in-law Kavita's (Kiran Juneja) insistence, Vedika accompanies Dhruv for the sojourn. She believes that Vedika's presence will keep Dhruv away from any harm unleashed by Sundri (Sumukhi Pendse).

He is required to take a flight to mainland China. Vedika skips the trip, as she plans a surprise birthday bash for Dhruv. But instead, there is a bigger shock in store for her," informs Mehtaa.

Gimme a hug, too: Rudra (Sharad Kelkar), Niharika (Kirti Kelkar) and Vedika (Gurdip Kohli)
New character

Sinndoor's overseas shoot schedule was courtesy the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and the channel. The team shot from October 22 to 30. "We canned some rare footage at the Buddha Temple," adds Mehtaa.

The Hong Kong schedule also sees the entry of a character called Vishal Bedi, who unleashes his ire on Dhruv — at Sundri's behest. "The show's creative head, Prashant Bhatt, played this character," says Mehtaa.

Besides shooting, the cast and crew also threw in a bit of shopping and sightseeing. The Hong Kong episodes of Sinndoor will air from next week.

Some other soaps shot abroad

1. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi — Australia, Switzerland
2. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii — Australia
3. Astitva — Ek Prem Kahani — Singapore and England
4. Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin — Singapore, Mauritius
5. Kasautii Zindagi Kay — Malaysia
6. Kavyanjali — Hong Kong
7. Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand — Dubai
8. Rabba Ishq Na Hove — Dubai
9. Instant Khichdi — Dubai

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Kohli talks about her marriage and career plans

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Gurdeep Kohli is all set to tie the knot with long time boyfriend Arjun Punj. "We've been formally engaged for the last five months, marriage is the next step," says Gurdeep with a gleam in her eyes. She happily shows off the diamond ring on her finger. "Arjun has just bought a house for us in Lokhandwala and we're in the process of readying it, once that's done we take the pheras."

Incidentally, the duo worked together in Sanjeevani and that's where they fell in love. We ask Gurdeep about Arjun's hasty decision to quit Rajshri's television show Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki. She says, "Quitting Woh Rehne… was completely Arjun's decision. He said that he was not comfortable with certain things and that's about it. I never question him about his decisions because I believe that he is far more practical than me. The issue about him not having any shows on hand is never discussed because it's not important."

Talking about decisions we quiz her about turning down lead roles in Swades and Ishq Vishq. Today every TV actor worth his name would do anything to do films and she actually said no to filmmakers like Ashutosh Gowarikar and Ken Ghosh? "Look, all this is destiny. I was not destined to do those films. My family is over-protective about me and they were apprehensive about me getting into films. I'm content with what I have. Television has given me immense satisfaction and recognition. I couldn't ask for more.  don't repent losing Swades and Ishq Vishq to other actresses."

Gurdeep Kohli with Arjun Punj

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Nach Baliye2

Another couple who claim that dancing comes easy to them is Gurdeep Kholi and Arjun Punj. "We were offered the challenge even this time, but because of our other commitments we could not. But of course, if in future we are ever approched for the same, we will definitely grab it for sure. and above all we are good dancers and therefore chances of winning also increases," says Gurdeep.



Gurdeep and Arjun ready to win hearts





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PROFILE: Sachin Shroff

Nitin Joshi

New Delhi, September 4: He is popular. He is successful. And he is talented. And yes, he is considered one of the most eligible bachelors of tellytown. Who is this wonder? Sachin Shroff of course. He is, currently, in Jai Mehta's daily Sindoor on Zee (it's just completed 100 episodes). You've maybe seen seen him in earlier shows like Naam Gum Jayega, Shagun, Vishwas. We caught up with this young actor for a brief chat.

He's been anxiously following the response to the show. That's understandable. ''It feels great, just fabulous. It's like sowing a seed and watching it grow into a tree. And it feels good when it bears fruit. So we are enjoying the success. All of us are happy and excited and now expectations are growing,''smiles Shroff.

Before his present assignments, Shroff was part of Ken Ghosh's Pepsi Ada on Sahara. Meaning till recently life was very hectic with shoots happening 30 days a month. Now he's got some time to himself. ''I watched Iqbal recently — that is I had gone to see a film after six months. Besides my ad films, there is only Sindoor that I am shooting for. So I am taking some time off for myself, my family and friends,'' adds Shroff.

You will have seen Shroff in ad films like Colgate, Airtel, Maruti Omni, Livon. ''I am shooting for Colgate again,'' he reveals. He also runs a company called Komal Enterprises (Komal is his mom's name) which is into the supply of construction steel. ''It's doing well. I am little squeezed for time. But I am trying to manage acting and business. So far so good,'' he says.

In Sindoor, the actor plays this very sweet, loving boy Dhruv Raizada, the younger son of a huge business family who married to lead girl Vedika (Gurdeep Kohli); earlier he was in love with Aarti. ''Dhruv is simple and straight without any twists and turns. He is a guy who does not think of his own happiness but the happiness of his mother, father, wife. He is a nice guy, good-hearted,'' Shroff explains.

He claims he's been receiving a tremendous response from everywhere for his performance, including the United States, South Africa — even Spain. ''I keep getting messages saying we like your show. That's nice,'' says the actor with a smile.

According to him, the USP of Sindoor is the story and its well-defined characters, besides the direction and camera work. ''It's a complete team effort. Even the producers are deeply involved in every little thing — the lighting, the direction, everything is in place. Each one is putting in their best,'' explains Shroff.

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believe going with the flow'

sachin shroff
Appreciation is a part and parcel of every actor's life, says Sachin Shroff

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for :     

A little about your character in 'Sindoor Tere Naam Ka'
I'm playing Dhruv, a very Ram-Ram kind of character. He's an absolutely positive guy. There aren't grey shades in it at all. I'm someone who always stands by my family through all the good as well as bad times. I've always pined for my mother's love as I've been deprived of her love since I was a kid.

Go on....
I'm married to a slightly mentally imbalanced girl. Now it's like the film, 'Sadma'. Like in the film, she refuses to recognise me when she regains her sanity and becomes normal. She's in love with another man from the past. Now it's like a 'Hum Dil De Chuke' situation.

Then why watch the serial?
(Laughs) I agree it has a very clich story but it needs a lot of conviction while performing for it to come across the way it was conceived. It's difficult to perform unless one feels for the character. The camera catches every emotion of an actor.

What attracted you to Dhruv?
It may sound strange but I wasn't going to do it. I was already tied up with 'Pepsi Ada' on Sahara One. So I kept saying no to the producers. However, he kept insisting that I do it. He gave me one final call and I just agreed. We met and he narrated the story to me. I loved it as well as my character. I'm happy that the producers were kind enough to wait for me and insist on me doing it.

How much do you relate to Dhruv?
I would say 61/2 on 10. I can't be so positive. I'm a very family guy. Ours is a huge family. We have regular get-togethers at every festival, birthdays and anniversaries where we are about 50 to 60 people. We all stand by each other. At times, I feel happiness does not depend on what you have but what you give. I'm completely attached to my mother like Dhruv is.

Do you enjoy playing characters like Dhruv or serials like 'Pepsi Ada'?
It's all about having a good scene in your hand. Even if it's just giving a look and I get a good response from my producers and the audience then it's worth my while. I believe in giving my 100 per cent to every scene but it really feels great if I get a good response to it. At times even people on the sets clap if a shot is good. So, both, the audience's reaction and the character are important. Appreciation is an integral part and parcel of every actor's life. Every actor needs it like tonic.

How about criticism?
That's equally important. It helps me to do my next scene better. I try to give it more but am careful not to go over the top. I take criticism in a very positive manner. Of course, it has to be constructive criticism. It's required to keep the
excitement alive in my professional life.

What about 'Shagun'?
I'm part of the second generation. I'm a lawyer professionally and in love with a rich girl. Her father ruins me but ultimately it has a happy ending.

What is the criterion for accepting a serial?
I get inspired by the different characters that I play but I have to be convinced about every character that I am doing. Every sensible actor knows his limitations. So conviction
about my character is most important to me.

Any other serials in the offing?
n My hands are full with 'Sindoor ....'. I might be taking up a weekly next week. What I would really love to do is anchor a show.

It's very spontaneous and very much you. One has to be witty and smart and one knows where one stands. Even if I fall, I have enough confidence in myself to get up and start walking again. While playing characters, it is just walking along the path created by creative people. Of course, an actor has to be careful not to go off track but I think anchoring is more fun and challenging.

How about films?
No ways! I'm an absolutely laidback person and can't go around meeting producers and asking for work. I'm very happy doing good work on television. I'd definitely do a film if a good offer comes my way. I'm also handling my business and that takes up quite a bit of my time. I'm shooting almost 25 days a month and at times feel that I'm not giving my personal attention to my business. I speak to my manager in my free time or he visits me on the sets. I usually have a site visit in the mornings.

What about your future plans?
I'll continue acting as long as everything is going fine and is on track. I believe in going with the flow. I don't plan out things.

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'We worked in soaps that were aesthetic and progressive'

Kiran Juneja clears the air on replacing Tanvi Azmi and draws parallels between the sopas of yesterday and today's saas-bahu sagas

Kiran Juneja has maintained a low profile for the past few years and has had an on and off relationship with TV. She admits that the rigorous regimen of doing soaps unnerves her and she has decided to make a comeback of sorts only because she found the character, "Extremely interesting and intrinsic to the storyline."

All set to take over the mantle of Kavita Raizada (formerly played by Tanvi Azmi) in the popular soap, 'Sinndoor - Tere Naam Ka', Kiran vehemently asserts that she did not perceive the risk of replacing another actor as daunting. She further goes on to state that her interpretation of Kavita will be completely different.

"I got drawn to the character when the producers narrated the role to me and it was only later on that I came to know that I would be replacing Tanvi." She did not bother to cross-check with Tanvi as the producers assured her that the episode had been resolved amicably.

Kiran wants to create a new style statement for the character. The producer for the show Kinnari Mehta adds, "The character is going through a metamorphosis. Hence the style change was intrinsic to the storyline." Kinnari further adds that "Since Kiranji is more accustomed with the way TV works it would be easier for her to fit into the scheme of things." With the producers by her side Kiran feels, "It is entirely up to the audience to accept me."

Kiran who played Veerawali in 'Buniyaad' admits that the scenario has changed completely with the emergence of daily soaps. "We used to work in soaps that had a more moralistic, aesthetic and progressive attitude." She admits she finds it hard to relate to the saas-bahu sagas. "My own life is far removed from all this. I have a very progressive mother-in-law and I have never gone through all the complications of joint family politics. But I am sure they exist."

In a lighter vein Kiran concludes, "I would also love to play a vamp on TV". So will 'Sinndoor...' have a Ramola Sikand like saas? That's anybody's guess.
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Tassnim Sheikh hurt in an accident, turns deaf

Tassnim Sheikh, better known as Mohini in Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was on a celebrity special episode of Fear Factor on AXN recently. Other telly actresses in her team were Rupali Ganguly, Shraddha Nigam, Mandira Bedi, Aashka Goradia and
Gurdeep Kohli.

The actresses spent an enjoyable four-day trip in Malaysia but they also had to do quite a number of mind-boggling stunts. Unfortunately, during one of the underwater stunts, Tassnim hurt herself badly and had one of her ears bleeding profusely. She has now become partially deaf in that ear and is planning to undergo treatment that may also involve a minor surgery. She can now truly turn a 'deaf ear' towards her family in Kyunkii…!

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