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FF-Aankhon Mein Teri (Chapter18) (Page 36)

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Aankhon Mein Teri

A Maaneet Fan Fic


Geet looked toward her friend in shock, her eyes questioning what Pinky thought she was doing.  She remembered Maan's words about not wanting to dance at the wedding and was afraid that her friend's suggestion would start a big problem.  Hurrying away from the center of the circle to where Pinky stood, Geet quietly requested that Pinky come up with something else for her to do.  Despite Geet's pleading, Pinky wouldn't listen, insisting that she had to dance, just like everyone else had done their tasks.  Then she turned her sights on Maan, knowing that he would also require a push to dance with his sexy wife.

Giving Maan a smirk as she slowly ambled toward him, Pinky said, "I can tell that you want to protest, but I won't except any excuses.  I can easily hold the sleeping prince while you and Geet dance."

"I...I...can...t" sputtered Maan while his friend's fiance gently pulled David out of his arms and cradled him firmly against her body.

"Don't try to tell us that you can't dance, either.  I have it on very reliable authority that you were required to participate in ballroom dancing at school, so it's no use trying to say you can't," commented Pinky in amusement, her look towards Adi a giveaway on the source of her information.

Maan glared at Adi, but was unable to do more than that, especially when Pinky put the final nail in his coffin by saying, "Come on, Jeejaji.  Don't leave my friend standing there all alone.  Now is your chance to dance with your wife."

As soon as Pinky said the word "wife", Maan's attention was entirely diverted to the petite woman wearing white, standing alone inside the circle of party goers.  Every rational thought in his head was screaming not to make a fool of himself, but his heart had other ideas.  He could feel the pull between him and Geet, forcing him to join her inside the circle against his better judgement.  Maan had no idea what kind of picture he made to others.  He was only focussed on the mixture of fear and desire he could see in two beautiful, hazel eyes.

"I'm sorry," whispered Geet quietly, when Maan reached her. "I didn't know that Pinky was going to do this."

Maan just rolled his eyes in response. Rather than make a big fuss, he decided it would be better to just dance with Geet and get it over with. Taking her right hand in his left, he moved his right hand around her bare waist, drawing her close in the most intimate embrace they had shared in their three years of marriage. Though he gave no outward reaction, his very male ego sighed in satisfaction to hear the intake of breath and see the blush on her cheek from their unexpected nearness. If they were alone, he might have taken that chance to do any one of the number of things he had fantasized about doing with Geet ever since she had fallen into his arms at David's birthday party. But they were not alone, and from the way his wife had begun trembling in his arms, he doubted she would be ready to take their relationship to that next level.

" don't know how to dance close like this," Geet whispered to him nervously, looking down at the floor in embarrassment.

"Just f..follow me," Maan whispered back, letting go of her hand long enough to tip her face up to his, "and keep your eyes on mine."

Once her gaze locked with Maan's, Geet found that it was impossible for her to look away. She was vaguely aware of an unfamiliar piece of music beginning to play, but when Maan began to sway their bodies to the beat, everything faded away. For Geet, reality had narrowed into her, Maan, and the way their bodies came together, parted, only to come together again. She had been afraid of stumbling over the various unfamiliar steps, only to find herself essentially floating in Maan's very capable arms.

When the music finished and all the turns and dips were ended, applause erupted around Maan and Geet. Even a few whistles could be heard from the crowed that were very impressed by the couple's performance. Geet had no more than a moment to react to the praise, for all the noise had woken her son up from his sleep. Moving to comfort the crying David, she left it to Maan to accept everyone's compliments. For his part, Maan had a difficult time even acknowledging anyone's words, he was so focussed on the sight of his wife cuddling his son.

"I have to hand it to you, Maan," said Adi to his friend with admiration. "You still dance just as well as you did when we were at school."

Maan leaned in towards Adi's ear, with a soft accusation, "So, it have been who told P..pinky about the dancing."

Adi just shrugged, giving Maan a grin that made him warn his friend, "You better n..not t..tell any more...tales about me to y..your fu..ture wife, otherwise I might have re..taliate in the s..same vein, and trust me, old fr..friend, I know plen..ty of your s..s..secrets."

Convinced that he had sufficiently staved off any more embarrassing revelations by Adi, Maan caught Geet's eye.  By motioning with his own eyes toward David and the door, he silently conveyed that it was time for them to leave. Patting her still crying son, Geet made their excuses to Pinky on the basis of needing to get David in bed. None of the guests wanted to see the Khurana family go after their wonderful performance, but they all understood the parental concern for a child that prompted the decision. Of course Pinky, being the good friend she was, insisted on accompanying the little family as they left the hotel. She chatted with Geet about the schedule for the various functions that were taking place in the next two days before the wedding, while Geet listened, David cried, and Maan appeared to be oblivious all the way to the car.

Just before the valet closed the car door after Geet situated herself, Pinky leaned down to whisper, "Tell me about everything that happens tomorrow."

Geet just looked at Pinky in confusion when she gave her a wink before heading back inside to the party. She had no idea what Pinky had meant by that statement, but she was sure she didn't want to know. Now that her friend was getting married to her long time boyfriend, Geet had discovered that she had grown alarmingly shameless. This fact was confirmed the very next day during Pinky's mehendi, much to Geet's annoyance.

After both of their hands hand been thoroughly covered and they sat alone waiting for the designs to dry, Pinky leaned over to quietly to say, "Tell me what happened."

"Tell you what happened about what?"

"Come on, Geet, don't try to be evasive. Tell me what happened last night between you and Jeejaji," she demanded with excitement. "Do you guys talk, hold hands, kiss, or even, you know..."

"What?" asked a shocked Geet, Pinky's meaning made clear by the wiggle of her eyebrows, and the suggestive tone of her voice. "Of course we didn't do anything like that!"

"Why are you acting so shocked? You both are two normal, young adults who happened to be married. To each other. There's nothing wrong in making love with your..."

"Pinky, please! How can you say such a scandalous thing? I've told you before, that there is nothing like that between Maan and me," replied Geet, her tone clearly indicating that she didn't want to talk about the subject.

"But, Geet, that was the whole point of my plan, to get you both closer to each other. Anyway, what actually happened after you left the party? Didn't you talk to each other, at least? What did he say? Did he mention the dance at all?"

"He didn't say anything," answered Geet.

"What do you mean he didn't say anything? You both didn't talk at all after that totally hot dance that had everyone talking? How is that possible? Look, just tell me everything that happened after you drove away last night," requested Pinky seriously, determined to understand how her plan could have gone so wrong.

"Well, David wouldn't stop crying, so after a few minutes I asked Maan to pull over so that I could get in the back with him. Maan turned on the radio to listen to the news and we didn't talk the whole way home. When we got home and I got David out of his carseat, after looking at us for a moment, he told me that he wouldn't be able to attend any more wedding functions other than the actual wedding ceremony, because they were too busy at work. That's all."

Pinky looked at Geet in shock, exclaiming, "That's all! That can't be all!  How can that be all?  Didn't you try to talk to him about the dance, about anything?"


"Argh!  Geet you make me so frustrated!"  Pinky felt like she could slap her friend for being so stupid and she told her so.  "Geet, we don't live in an age where men make all the romantic moves any more.  Plus, I have a feeling from what you told me about Jeejaji, that he will definitely need some sign from you."

"What do you mean, a sign from me?" asked a clueless Geet.

"OMG!  Do I have to explain everything to you?  You need to show Jeejaji that you are romantically interested in him!  You need to flirt with him, show him that you are interested in him as a man, even seduce him.  I know, you should plan a romantic meal at home for just the two of you.  Candles, soft music, his favorite food, you dressed up in a sexy saree, he won't be able to resist."

"Pinky, you can't be serious," protested Geet.

"Of course I'm serious.  What are you giving those weird faces for?  Why shouldn't you seduce Jeejaji?  He is your husband."

"No, absolutely not.  I can't do something like that.  I...I just can't.  Just forget about all these crazy plans, Pinky, please."

"But Geet, don't you want to have a normal relationship with Jeejaji?"

Geet bit her lip, before answering softly, "Of course I do."  Then she seemed to gather herself, looking Pinky straight in the eye.  "I do, but I can't change who I am.  All this plotting and planning to get Maan's attention is just not who I am.  It never was.  If Maan and I are meant to be together, then we will be, but I don't want you to try and come up with any more crazy ideas.  Just concentrate on your own wedding now, after all, it's just two more days away."

Pinky tried to prostest, but Geet wouldn't listen.  She gave the excuse of David to leave early and went home.  Geet did her best to distract herself with the little boy, and was successful to some extent while he was still awake.  Once David had been put to bed, she had nothing to distract her from thoughts of Maan, even though he was staying at the office late that night.  Every corner of the mansion seemed to contain precious memories of their encounters that never let her forget his existence for even a moment.  Then, there was also the name that never failed to catch her eye whenever she moved her hands.

Geet thought about the irony of the last time she had a person's name written in her mehendi, she had prayed so fervently to Babaji to save her from marrying that person.  He had saved her, and given her a blessing in disguise by getting her married to Maan.  Now that she had her wonderful husband's name adorning her hand, as was his right, she was afraid to ask Babaji for what she really wanted.  Everything was such a mess in her mind.  She wanted to be with Maan as his wife in all ways, but at the same time, she didn't.  She was afraid to try becoming closer to him, in case she ended up initiating something between them that neither were really ready for emotionally.

It was times like these that Geet missed having her mother there to talk to in person. Despite what she had told Pinky, she did want to do something to let Maan know what she felt about him, she just wasn't comfortable doing the kind of stuff her friend suggested. If she could only talk to her mother, she would be able to find out what kind of things her own parents had done to show their affection for each other. As it was, the only interaction Geet had with Maan anymore was a bit of conversation about work over breakfast and dinner, or taking care of and playing with David. Otherwise, they mostly communicated through email, which was fun, but hardly the place to do any pre-romancing with one's husband.

All her frustration was only amplified by seeing Pinky and Adi so happy and in love at their Sangeet. Geet was very happy for them, of course, but she envied them the easiness of their relationship. Neither of them had ever had trouble connecting with the other, and though circumstances had delayed their union slightly, they were now headed towards a wonderful life together starting with a beautiful love marriage. In Geet's mind, it was a huge contrast with her marriage to Maan, which was so hastily arranged, that they only now had developed what she could confidently say was a friendship. The differences between her marriage and Pinky's made it difficult for Geet not to cry on the drive home from the Sangeet.

The whole situation with the wedding, Pinky's plans and her own musings had made Geet feel lonely for the first time since Meera had arrived at the mansion. She missed having a closer relationship with Maan, if you could miss something you never had, she missed Dadima and Nani, and she missed her parents. With Maan still at work, David put to sleep hours ago by NAME, and the servants mostly retired for the night as well, the mansion seemed eerily empty to Geet when she returned just past midnight. She was just on her way upstairs when the familiar ring of her phone broke out into the silence. Checking the caller id, she saw it was an unknown number. Not sure who would be calling her so late, Geet answered the call, surprised when it turned out to be her mother.

The last person she had expected a call from was Rano Handa, because she was in the U.S. visiting her sick sister. Gurwinder Kaur was battling a rare form of bone cancer, and the doctors had been desperately trying to save her leg from amputation. Geet immediately asked about her aunt's health, before expressing surprise at even hearing from her mom. Rano explained that she had her sister's bahu had let her use the prepaid phone that they had with them to keep in contact with the family in Amritsar. She wouldn't be able to talk long, but they had a few minutes to catch up.

Geet told her mother all about Pinky's wedding and how she had just returned from the Sangeet. Rano was pleased to hear Geet sounding so happy.  She asked a few general questions about the upcoming wedding, as well as asking if Maan had gone with her to the various functions.  Geet barely finished explaining to her mother that she had gone to the Sangeet alone because Maan was working late, when he walked in through the front door.  She intended to mention his arrival, but her mother just announced that she would call back later and to have a good sleep.  Then she ended the call before Geet could do anything but look at the phone in confusion.

"Whose was..s..s th..that?" Maan asked, seeing the strange look on her face.

"It was Maa.  The strangest thing happened, though.  She just cut the call, so suddenly.  I hope there isn't any problem with Beeji."

"Your m..mother doesn' me," state Maan very matter-of-factly.

"What?  That's nonsense!  Why would you say Maa doesn't like you?" asked Geet, putting her phone away while turning her confused look on him.

"Be..cause sh..she doesn't.  She n..n..never asks talk to me."

"You're never around when she calls me, so how could she talk to you?  Besides, would you even speak with Maa if you were available, or would you just give the excuse of work?"

"That's..s..s not the p..p..point," he answered her with slight irritation for hitting so clse to the mark.  "Any..way, never once see me or when sh..she came for that ever long ago th..that was."

Geet rolled her eyes at his complaint.  "You were out of town on a business trip, so I don't get where you are getting justification for your crazy idea from that, that Maa doesn't like you.  You both hardly have met each other once."

"What...ever.  I'm t..t..telling, doesn' me," he repeated, lacing his hand over his mouth to hide a yawn.  "I'm bed."

"Did you have anything to eat?" Geet questioned in concern, forgetting their previous conversation when she saw how tired he looked.  "At least have a cup of tea before you sleep."

"I d..don't have t..t..time.  I get uh..up early I c..can be by eight."

"Maan, we're supposed to be at the hotel by noon," came the reminder.  "We can't be late."

"I'll be rea...dy on t..t..time.  Maan Singh Khurana is..s..s ne..ver late," he stated confidently as he walked away from Geet and up the stairs to the family wing.

His wife watched his retreating back, unable to suppress the feeling that she had failed him somehow.  Geet was sure that he hadn't had any dinner, and it didn't sit well with her that he had gone to bed on an empty stomach.  If their marital relationship had been normal, she would have felt it was her right to force him to take care of himself like she wanted to.  Instead, her uncertainty about everything made her feel a strange lack of confidence, which she didn't like.  It was too late and she was too tired at the moment, but Geet promised herself that once the wedding was over, she would find a way to figure out her relationship with Maan, somehow.

Laxmi's Lafz:

Finally an update.  I know everyone was probably wondering where I was.  Well, I was extremely busy and very tired lately, so updates kind of took a back burner in everything.  Also, I haven't been on IF that much, even if it seems like I have, because I never log out, so when my computer is awake, I show up as online, even if I'm busy doing other things.  Fortunately, I'm a lot less busy now, so updates should pic up in frequency.  Also, the wedding is next, so obviously something great has to happen, right?

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Woohoo finally an update !!! Pinky's ideas are awesome ;) and it wud be fun reading abt it..Geet doing the very things Pinky suggested and Maan's reaction would be worth watching !!!! Anyways, let's see what Geet does..!! 

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thanks for the update
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awesome update...
love it
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loved it . hope maaneet ki gadi thodi to aage badegi 
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hey Laxmi nice to see you back Smile

hmm i hope something better happens soon Big smile cant see geet and maan like this

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di waiting for that great thing to happen
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woot woot!

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