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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dreamyjennice

Originally posted by NightStarr

Originally posted by dreamyjennice

hey my twinkling star...u can call me for archhana...and yes i agree parents always wish for their children...but it may not be right always...but wat mkes them diff and ur parents is they accept it,regret it and stand by for makes one makes us quite immune to anything good or you have only 2 choices then...either u revolt or offence...but practically  ihave seen it happening with me...i gave to my parents...tht i was sacrificing...and now i thank them coz now i understand wat true love hubby has made me realize...coz he loves me and has accepted me with all my good and evil as well...he is stood by me wen i was fighting death...this is wat love is...we fight..we hate but we accept and share reality...he doesnt bother being soft with me wen am in the rong...but guides me...wat br said to m...learn the lessons...and i will guide that i become a strong and responsible my pov...nothing is guaranteed...LOVE HAS MANY FORMS AND MANY WAYS OF ENTERING YOUR HEART AND YOUR SOUL...AND EVERY TIME IT CAN BE PURE AND TRUE...TIME...ONLY IT ALONE DECIDES AND GUIDES US...THESE R MY 2 CENTS...AS FOR FALLING IN LOVE MORE THAN ONCE...

Aww love the twinkling star name by you Hugand I used to use ana as my screen name back when I was younger so love the name! I am glad you have someone like your husband in your life to guide you and love you for your all perfections and imperfections. Inshallah both of you will live a long and a happy life Heart

As for your post difenetly agree with you. Time heals every wound as well as brings change. Time makes one fall in love, fall out of love, hate someone, stop hating someone and so on...So time is one of the most imporant aspect of our lives if not the most important.

so twinlkling name is friends call me ana...and jennice is my dream name...and a name i used for my first and last blind dateWink...heheheheh...i have been a naughty!!!!!

Hi beautiful Ana! My real name is Mursal(unusual I know lol) but to you I can always be twinkling star Embarrassed . Oh and Ana has always been my dream name that I might or might not have used on certain occasions  Wink hehe Pshh I think everyone has been naughty at least once in their life lol Oh and where is the fun without being naughty Tongue

Ritzie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 2:36pm | IP Logged

If your first love wasn't worth loving and if you realise that you've found your real love with the next person then you may not even remember the first love. 

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dreamyjennice

Originally posted by Kalapi

Originally posted by dreamyjennice

hi dear...agree with u first love isnt easy to forget...{but it has to be love...not feeling of love...]but if you talk of wat if she was found after marriage with i say wat if instead of a roka uv and manyata were already married in childhood...wat if she wasnt kidnapped at all...there may be so many scenarious...we r just talking of wat we r presented with,,,,,,,,,,ok they could have married...but y didnt they go then...if she could chose murari over akash...y cant she do it with her real parents...the fact is she isnt married nor engaged to uv claiming her is right...he has waited for her 16 yrs...she was a complete diff girl in the chawl...but in her own house she is rebellius...reason being she is running from her identity coz wit that comes huge resposibility...u talk of indian girls...well not only indian...but any girl would think twice calling her bf and hiding her in her room...that too at night...forget that any bf...the stupidest of all will also understand...the virtue of a girl...he preaches how to talk to a lady...he shows his ethics there...but...where r those ethics...when u create a stunt like getting into her room...u call that love...talking throuhj window is excepted but bed roommm...well its just too for love...i agree not easy to doesnt blind you to lose all ethics...u have to change in front of me...gosh i dont thimk any bf would tell that...y to create such an humiliating...scene for the girl u we root for maanveer becoz we have been presented with an option...we can see...thouh he is prince...but u notice...he always takes permission before going to her room...y didnt akash do it if he truly loved her...common...he should have been brave enough...we have been shown monash without any depth...he says u will always be free with me...common now...imagine after marrying monash...she will have to be a struggling hw...she has to take on responsibiliyies even then...just coz of his wife akash cant leave his parents...they will expect a lot from her y create an oillusion...if they truly love they should face the fact...she should face the fact .did she even once think wen he spent his whole salary for her sandals..she never tht about his hard earned income and how he would run his house...even they have dreams...not only m...but she dreams only about herself...u call that i believe love can happen more than once...but first u need to realize is it actually love...then can u think of the second one...
Hi Dreamygirl (not sure what to call u), but as far as I can remember, Muniya challenged Askash to show her he loved her (of course Becoz of Jay) and to prove he loved Her, he came to the so called palace, right dressed as a chef...once Munica recognized Akash...she took are in her room (of course becoz the so called palace wasn't a safe place for far as I could see, they were not engaged in any thing inappropriate, rather Muniya wsa trying to get Akash out safely without anyone knowing when they were how as a veiwer are we saying the situation isn't ethical...are we saying any boy being in the room is inappropriate..or in this age we say girl/boy in a room isn't appropriate at all...I am confused...
hi we having a really worthy discussion...i beleive its good...that r wat forums r for...right...u can call me ana or jennice or whatever u like...since i dont no wat to call u a call u a friend..if u dont mind...coming to the point...agree muniya did this...and akash came to prove ..but ...think for a fit of anger u tell something to a loved one...he would react and prove to you but wat is rong is the way akash took...being a maturer...thats wat cvz have shown us...he should have understood...the time and situation...its consequences...if he loves her so much...he must know wat her nature and behaviour is...some situations demand a lot of thinking and maturity...i am not supporting moniya...but if it was normal family..normal circumstances...a boy in a girls room even if best of friends.. that too at night...i dont think its as yet acceptable in our ...go found in a bed room hiding...not acceptable at all...and akash being from a low society{i dont like calling chawl...its too demeaning...he is an educated hard working person] should have known this much better than the royals...the earthen virtues..and deep rooted culture of his people and country...we saw wat was going on in the room...but wen u love someone as they r could have lead to anything...i could sense a feeling of intimacy...he couldnt stop staring at her,,,,y did he suddenly say i cant handle anymore   lets get married...if u dont understand the meaning behind this phrase ,...u gotta be kidding...say some reportr or some guest caught up with a guy hiding in your room with a guy dressed as a shef that too in a closet...uff...they rn't going to wait for your explanations...especially wen the whole world knows that he was moniya's chawl wala bf...put 2 and 2 together...i dont need to explain...image is all tarnished...all explanations go out of window...a girls virue ,,rich or poor is her biggest asset...thats y it was inethical...Shocked
Secondly, rich girl shouldn't fall in love or marry a poor that what you mean ny saying how much Muniya's sandals cost...Muniya might 'want' the sandal, but might just be happy without it...happiness isn't equvalent to money...also in real life there are examples of rich girls marrying poor boys and being isn't necessarily about monetary gains or the fact that becoz M is already engaged that Marriage is given for her...she was an infant when that happened, was she ever consulted...what if she was kidnapped, engaged with UV but then fell in Love with all her richess with Akash...what if isn't depended on anything pOV, of course
def..if you have read my post plz reread doesnt see riches...caste ..creed...status...muniya wanted sandal...and akash gave him...i am talking of depth of their love and maturity...did she once realise...wat imp his salary has to his family and u straight away take such an expensive gift from a guy whom you have met just for few hours back...she couldnt stop herself...she should have refused...but she didnt...she shd have told him to be doesnt run by itself...even best of pov...dont give so expensive gifts...even if they have been friends for few years...neither would i take...remind you they were not yet lovers or even bf and for scenarious...ema' after marrige ...well many between young and old...many examples...but love sustains where you flow along with reality...u think about your steps and decisions...u dont crib and cry everytime...u try to find solutions..a way out to be together without making a fool of doesnt come without pain dear...and instead of howling...throwing tantrums..acting selfishly...u care ...think..safegaurd each an essential part...though not the most takes backseat...but it def..travels..along...making a public show of love...thats not love..thats makes destroys one...or can do def of love...shout i love you  doesnt count ...but sitting near your lover holding hands and just waking to see ur partner smile...without as much promoting is love...hating someone ...yet standing by and accepting the person as they r ..without changing them but helping them adapt to the new environment is love for me...Smile...theres a song by celiene dion...i want to be your eyes wen you cant see...i want to be your lips wen you cant speak...wanna be your voice...when u cant talk...wanna be with you and complete you...thats wat is love for me...

Hi Ana, nice to meet u over the forum. I am going to try explaining my according to my calculation Muniya must be around 20 (right around 4 when she was kidnapped plus 16 yrs)...and Askash probably around 23/24 yrs, since in Indian with graduation will put him in that age not much mature (will agree 3 to 4 yrs difference for guys hardly much maturity)...beside as far as I know he is'falling' in love for the first time so his testosterone is running high with the usual 'first' immaturity regarding love' he will jump the gun just to prove himself  as anyone (man) tries to do in trying to prove his love and worth to a lady love'...countless examples in he isn't really going to think what might happen if and when he lands in trouble in the 'palace''...that probably isn't the first thought when proving and standing up for his love'...he will of course have been more 'mature' if he was longer or in 'love' for the second time'besides the situation is such that they are (specially Muniya) creating 'ways' to meet him' it is only natural that he reciprocates it to Muniya to show that he will go to any extend to show her that he is also making the same 'effort' as she one according to me was really thinking the consequences of their action'.when in love young ppl do tend to take unnecessary risk, happens in real life too right, sure you will agree'...even meeting in public places in India has the usual risks, even parent don't approve of the this is how I see the situation'not really thought out, but then that is why they are called 'young', right'

Now regarding the sandal'the same logic applies'he wasn't really thinking of what will happen if and when he buys the expensive sandals'he was just buying those to 'impress' or rather to create the very first impression in his 'first' inception of 'love'' all animals (including human) in 'heat' does, right, think of what a male peacock or a dog or a tiger does'...we as human do the very same things just a bit more refined,'he was just creating an impression'if you have read the book called 'Blink" it talks about the psychology of creating impression with the first 5 secs. Or so And we all do it and if we are successful in that effort we succeed if not we fail'he was to me trying to do just create a positive impression of himself unconsciously'...and this is actually our very basic nature'and also Muniya was only demanding a gift (not really think of the day to day necessities right that min)'it will come of course when the initial establishment of love has happen, trust has been established'I don't think if the sandal incidence could have happened 2 month into a already established relationship'.

Now I salute ur profundity regarding love, but beg to differ on 1 point'to me the love you talk about is 'mature' love as you urself say somewhere...if Romeo/Juliet were lucky to have gotten married, I am sure this is the love Shakespeare could have shown us'but alas'anyways'the love you talk about comes with age, with time, with living with the person every day, having kids with him'then the love blossoms from the physical into the emotional need and the emotional connect'.but love at inception is all about the ability to prove oneself as is seen also in the animal kingdom'it is a prize to be won'and the girl also liked to be 'won' it creates a certain romanticism that is hard to resist for any girl'couldn't you as a girl like to be 'won' over by a duet between two men'isn't that we read what happened in medieval times where 2 men fought over a girl'and as girl we also 'like' to choose the 'strongest' right..this has been proved scientifically too.,..

Of course the question is why UV isn't showing any such trade until recently'simply to him Muniya was his for the taking due to the engagement'

Anyway, the post has become long'hopefully you have the patience to read...and please call me Kalapi

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