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ArHi FF:My Other on page 18 (Page 14)

annab Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged
i loved it.ClapClapClappls continue asap.also pm me pls..thanx..

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whisperer Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Will update soon.
sorry...didn't have time today.
promise...i will update one of my ffs tomorrow!
sorry wasn't in a good mood today.and because of that, nothing was coming to mind to what to write
sorry this week has been really tortuous and killing me with much pain.

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crazy44 Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2012 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
its really ok hun :)
you dont have to be sorry!! 
and i hope what ever you are going through gets sorted out soon!! 
take care dear <3

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sarchanu Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 5:50am | IP Logged
hey pm me when u update  and i love ur writing

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shivu124 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
cant wait nymore loll plzz upload fastt 

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whisperer Goldie

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
Here it is. Sorry for the late update...well these past two weeks have been dead for me. Studying--studying-and studying and after all studying i got bad luck. And sadly my state had a really bad storm with a twister and tornado causing 12 people to die. So, this week has been horrible. It's still dark outside...and yesterday when the storm came i was by myself...luckily my brave brother drove through the storm. But stupid him...he put his life in danger to just be there for me.
i'm sorry if this is not good...i wrote it with dead eyes. i have working all day doing the chores, and already tired off the bat.
but i promised people for an update...and i already broke my promise bazillion of times.
so here it goes...sorry if it's not wut u expected. luckily i have spring break so i will recover to my normal self.

this story is a fairy-tale. it has no twist...just relaxing stuff. this chapter isn't all romantic because my brain isn't still clicking with anything.
Chapter 2.

Khushi smiles as she twirls the cake slightly while decorating it with a purple decorating pen. Since her in-laws didn't want her to work, she decided she will make cakes for fun and eat it afterwards. She was alone in the house and was tapping her foot to the music that was blaring from the ceiling speakers. Her husband, the rich and famous business man had installed ceiling speakers throughout the room and all you had to do was go into this small little closet and select the songs from the computer and listen it everywhere you go. It was utterly amazing for Khushi. Before she had to take her small stereo with her everywhere and now this whole big jump in technology was twirling her with excitement.

"Ho, Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai

Zulf Ghaneri Shaam Hai Kya

Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali

Ye To Bataa Tera Naam Hai Kyaa..." Khushi goes on singing the song . She smiles at the now complete wishing well cake that she thought of after seeing a well wishing ad. 

"Khushi, did you seriously just make the cake for yourself?" Khushi jumps from the voice and looks up and sees Arnav, her husband, leaning against the door and smiling. Khushi nods her head as she quickly turns the music off.  Arnav takes his phone out and snaps a picture. "At least snap a picture for memory." Khushi takes out another plate and slices a piece from the opposite side of her cut slice. "Khushi, I don't eat cakes."

"I know but I didn't add any sugar in this side of the area. Please..." Khushi pouts as she takes a spoon from his cake and tries to put it in his mouth.

"Khushi." Arnav says as he dodges his head back as Khushi leans toward him. "Khushi...Khushi...Khushi!" He yells as Khushi smashes the spoon on his his chin, making it slide down on  his chin and part of his throat. He glares at Khushi but Khushi starts giggling at the sight of Arnav. "Its not funny."

"Oof foo baba. Calm down. Don't worry, nobody saw you." Khushi says as she takes a napkin and cleans the mess on his face. She swipes some of the cake from his chin and tastes it.  Taste good for an unsweetened cake I guess. Khushi says to herself. She smiles and looks up at Arnav whose eyes are now so intensely thirsty as he stares back at her. Khushi clutches his collar as he leans into her. Khushi stares at Arnav as she leans back while leans forward and clutching her waist.

Arnav takes Khushi's sugar cake and puts into her mouth. Khushi opens her mouth subconsciously and eats it.  Arnav leans back, smirking at his mesmerized wife who's staring at him with wide eyes. "You---rrre bback so eearly." Arnav shakes his head as Khushi now smiles and rubs her hands. "Great! Than that means we could go eat outside and then have ice cream afterwards." Arnav stares at her with raised eyebrows.

"Khushi, I came home early because you were alone and I thought I could get work done here peacefully." Arnav says as he walks toward the family room and puts his briefcase down. Khushi walks behind him and picks up her slice of cake. There's goes my effort to make a cake for him. Khushi says to herself and sits beside Arnav on the sofa and looks outside. 

Arnav types on his laptop as he stares at all the digits on the file that told AR Industries monthly figures. He types on the laptop and watches Khushi from his left eye and she plays with the cake and eats it happily. He was surprised about how a person could be so happy and enjoy every little meaning of life whereas he didn't have time. He felt somewhat happy that he was married to Khushi because no matter how much he scolded her ever since she got married, she would still smile at him. He enjoyed being with her even though he didn't talk. He didn't have to talk, his wife fill in that gap for both of them.

Khushi smiles and looks at Arnav. "You know I had the weirdest dream last night. I was sitting on the clouds enjoying the view while eating marshmallows and suddenly loads of lollipops came swarming at me with snickers bars as their swords." ( i had this dream last night)Khushi says as she smiles to herself, "Guess they got jealous that I was eating marshmallows instead of them." Arnav shakes his head and laugh to himself. Only his wife could dream about food at night.  He looks at Khushi who leans into him and checks his computer.

Khushi looks at him and leans back to sit properly. Arnav shakes his head in confusion and starts typing again just as he feels Khushi's arm brushing against his. He sighs and looks at Khushi, "What?"

Khushi looks at him with wide eyes, "nothing. Just wondering if your work was done so we could go out." Khushi looks at him and grins, "Is it done?"

Arnav shakes his head. "Khushi, I started just two minutes ago. Of course it's not done!" Arnav goes back to typing. After a minute of two he feels Khushi's arm again brushing against his.

"Now?" Khushi asks him.

"Khushi, only a minute and thirty seconds has passed so no." Arnav says as he starts typing again. After another two minutes he feels Khushi's arm brushing against his. He groans with annoyance and closes the laptop. "Let's go!"

"Yay!" Khushi yells as she jumps from the sofa and runs to kitchen to put the plate away. "Let me go get ready! Will only take two minutes." Khushi says as she runs toward the master room.

Arnav shakes his head at his wife's childish acts. "Unbelievable."


Arnav watches Khushi as she's bending down and trying to find seashells. He smiles at her childish behavior as she has got a 6-year-old kid with her to find seashells. Just two seconds ago she and the kids were making sandcastles. While Arnav sat on the chair completing his work on the laptop and keeping his eyes on Khushi. She was looking beautiful in a coral skirt and a long sleeve thin shirt .

Khushi grins at Arnav as she finds him looking at her constantly. She walks up to him and sits on the side of the chair.  "Come on. Let's look for shells together Arnav. Its so much fun." Khushi says to him but Arnav just shakes his head.

"Khushi, if you're done than shall we go?" He asks, ignoring Khushi's puppy face that contained a frown and fake tears.  Khushi sighs and shakes her head. "Then go play with your little friend or else we're going to leave." Khushi gets up and runs to the kid and sticks her tongue out at Arnav when he's not looking.

Arnav looks away from his laptop and stares at Khushi again. Somehow his eyes couldn't get off her. Every time he was near her, they would beg to see her. He smiles as Khushi jumps up and down for finding another shell. He sighs and gets up from the chair and walks to her. Khushi runs to him and shows him the shell. This is a shell? More looks like a paint crumble. Arnav says as he look into her hands.

"Khushi, are you sure that's a shell?" Arnav asks Khushi. Khushi looks at Arnav and grins.

"Of course Arnav, it's a shell! Look." Khushi says as grabs Arnav finger and makes him touch the shell. However, the shell or egg shell crumbles into her hands. "Kya? Frances what happened to our shell?"

Frances, the kid, looks at Khushi. "I didn't say it was a shell, I said it was a crab's egg. Right over there are where most of the crabs come and go." Frances points toward the shoreline. Khushi looks at Arnav, the shoreline, and then at her hands.

"I just killed a baby." Khushi says as she starts crying softly. Arnav takes her into his hands and soothes her.

"It's okay Khushi, it's okay." Arnav says as he smiles slightly and shushes Frances to go away. He looks at Khushi and kisses her forehead. "Shh. How about we get some ice cream, huh?"

Khushi cleans her eyes like a baby and frowns at Arnav, "We can't have ice cream when we just murdered an innocent baby." Arnav looks at her with confusion.

"Khushi, it's okay. Nobody will know. I could tell that kid to keep his mouth shut." Arnav says as he turns his head around to check if the kid was there but Khushi clutches his collar to get his attention.

"It's not about nobody knowing. The poor crab mommy must be looking for him but we killed it." Khushi starts crying. Arnav laughs silently at her childish act and hugs to comfort her. He takes the egg out of her hand and buries it in the sand. Then, he takes Khushi's hand and walks toward their car.

After they get in the car, Arnav looks at Khushi who's still sad. "Khushi, don't worry. The baby was going to live by itself anyway." Khushi looks at Arnav with anger. Arnav quickly turns the stereo on before she yells at him.


                On the way, Arnav stops at Ritter's to get ice cream for Khushi. Khushi takes the cone gloomily and eats an inch of it. "I dreamt of being of being a soccer ball and being knocked all over stadium by my staff. Is that scary or what?" Khushi starts laughing. "No seriously, my right-man Aman was kicking me the most. So the next day I went to work I left them have a half day off. I was scared that it might actually come true."  

"That's why I tell you to lose your temper. If you start smiling than you'll have dreams of playing in the sand with petals surrounded by you." Khushi says as Arnav looks at her.

"Khushi, I'm not a girl." Arnav says as they reach their house. They walk into the house as Arnav leaves to take a quick shower. Khushi walks outside and enjoys the beautiful view .  After a few minutes she feel's Arnav's presence and pats at the seat next to her.

Arnav sits next to Khushi as she puts her head on his shoulder and stares at the view. "I never dreamt of this. Never in a million years did I think that my dreams would actually come true. I always dreamt of living in a house from where I could see the sunset and sunrise. Never thought I could live a peaceful life and do everything with relaxation. I always dreamt for this but thought my life would be just like my parents. Wake up and go to work. Struggling for way to survive. But this, I never dreamt. Never dreamt that somebody would come and give me and my parents happiness. Thank you for that. Because of you my parents actually sleep without thinking somebody was going to come and tell us that we didn't pay some fee. Thank You." Khushi says as she hugs him. This was the reason why she never cared about him yelling at him. He saved her family from bankruptcy. Her younger brother-in-law, Akash, married his older sister Payal, who rejected by every guy that came to see her. Everybody wanted dowry, which was hard for her parents to pay. But somehow luckily Khushi met Naani-ji  and the next thing she knew she and her sister sitting in the mandir and getting married.  

Arnav kisses Khushi's forehead and gets up. "Come on, its late. You don't want to miss your Rugrats, do you?" Khushi gets up and runs to the master room, scared she missed the starting. Arnav comes behind her slowly while checking all the locks and turning off all the lights.  Arnav smiles as enters the master room and see his wife already changed and sitting like a baby and watching her favorite show. He takes his laptop and lays next to her on the bed, checking the business news.


After a few minutes, Khushi snuggles into Arnav as he softly strokes her hair. "Arnav?"

"Hmm?" Arnav says.

"Have you ever been to Disneyland?" Khushi says.

"Khushi, if you're asking me to go to Disneyland right now because you're bored. Well, the answer is no. Go to sleep." Arnav says as he smiles about his wife always thinking about two things: food and adventure.

"Guess you never been there. How about the aquarium?" Khushi says.

"Khushi, why are you asking me?"  Arnav says as he stops stroking her hair.

"I don't know. My stomach is aching for Disneyworld, the aquarium, and circus."

"Khushi it must be your heart because your stomach is too small to eat all those three."

"No, my stomach is also aching for a vanilla shake, gulab jaman, and yummy yummy malai kofta."

"Khushi, seriously go to sleep." Arnav says as he shakes his head.



"No halwa? Okay how about...hmm...hmmm...Arnav what's your favorite food."

"Go to sleep." Arnav groans while wondering what could make her go to sleep.

" Kheer?" Khushi says after a while.

Arnav pulls Khushi more into him and puts his hand over her mouth. "Sooja." Arnav says to her as he brushes his lips on her throat, causing her to gulp continuously from his icy warmth breath. Khushi closes her eyes as Arnav does too. "Jalebi?"

Thank you for reading!
Please do give feedback...both positive and negative.
Please add me as a friend, for a Chapter update.
VM of the day: teri deewani

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shivu124 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
write part 3 fast fast fast 
and  loved ur writting 

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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 March 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
I love the fact that there won't be any twists!

This story is so sweet, the way Arnav smiles at her and forgets who he is and just bees with her is cute

He listens to what she says and laughs at her from inside because of her antics!

Now i get why Khushi doesn't talk back at him which is sweet

can't wait to read about if she actually makes him go to Disney world!

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