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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged


Originally posted by zARqaa_X

Congratulations on your 8th shop! I wish you have many many more :)  thank u so much dear

^That is beautiful <33 <3

Originally posted by Vicky_sonikudi

Happy 8th dukaan Jhanvi ji! Big smile thanku vickyjii :P Hug and hopefully there are hundreds more to come!

Ayee I love your LKT ka pyaar...they bring back memories of when Indian tv was a novelty for me, we'd only just got Star Plus then and I can still remember the "jeene ke ishaare mill gayye..." song playing in the bg lol LOL ahha..u make me happy, actually in anyone in fact who remembers that jodi..yeah they use to play that song all the time and i fell in love w/ it...until Kekta buggered up the story Pinch ughh.. do not even get me started

Anyhoo...aapka update is ati sundar! Love how everything has such a classic or should I say Classy feel! One of your best sigs of the bunch has to be the wahi winget sig...style & colouring is la jawab!  aww thanks so much! means hell loads to me yaar Hug

p.s did you watch yesterday's DKDM? Mouni's dance was amazing!  no, i havent seen it..i usually am up to date but since i read the spoilers im not all that motivated to watch ahah.. i know i killed it for myself but i'll get around to it during hte weekend.. omfg...mouni is a brilliant dancer since her kyunki days, aur toh aur she's a trained dancer since bachpaan so her dances are bound to be good.. and dude looking at ur avi makes me tempted to watch the scene lol


Originally posted by ShilpaLuvsKMH

Congo Shongo Jhanvi For Youre 8th Gallery.. May You Have Many Many More Shops :))  thanks so much yaar Hug btw, really random: but i always notice you're always one of the first ppl to see my creations in the forum galleries lol..it feels nice ke koi apna ne dekha hai

Youre Banner Is Damn Beautiful :) This Banner Has Something Special.. Love It Totally. :) It Was Nice To Read Youre Note In The Beginning :) And I Roffled Me Away, When I Read Youre Rules :)) ahaha..i've become very batameez i know
And Youre Update Is Mindblowing.. I Love The Quote Siggie :) Its Really Beautiful :)) Really The 2nd LKT Siggie Is Wooow.. Turned Out Very Awsoome :) And I Love KMH Stuff.. They Turned Out Amaazingly :) Specially The 2nd One :) thanku thanku
This Is My Fav :) It Turned Out Perfectly :))) Loved It Totally ;)) And Also The Last KMH Siggie Is Suuuperb :)) my fav too <3 somehow i got everything in there, but looks like the siggy is having a heart attack w/ all the layers of whateverness
Suuuperb Update Jhanvi :) thanks so much shilpa ji
Shilpa :O)

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

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Joined: 09 July 2007
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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by -Afridimalikk-

and i thot we'd open it together! Stern Smile

DHOKEBAAAZZZ!! :X ladki, u need to updateee!! abhi bhi waqt hai!

Originally posted by mahaandneha

Congratulation 4 this new beautiful galley Tongue thank u hun

Jhanvi ... Your Banner is dame beautiful >333 <3 thanks alot

You your Up-Date is Mind blowing <33 I just loved it <333 Siddhima's Siggies are just Fab <333 Beautiful Coloring .. Gosh I miss them alottt Embarrassed KW individual Siggie is dame hawt as always <3333  hehe, wahi is khud hi itna hot lol..yeah i miss siddhima as well
Love your Stuff <333 Dame Gorgeous >3333 
Keep it up ! thanks jaan
Originally posted by Shamsaaa.

Congoo Jhanvi on ur new Shop:D
gorgous update loveee the Lakshya and KT staff's!<3 hey hun, thank u so much


Originally posted by -RamSitaKiDasi-

*yayy..* i got my own sparkly banner hehe..thankuu

wow jhanvi diii, congrats for ur new shop !!Tongue im sooo happiiieee that ur eighth is open dii, ur shop is one of my favorites !Embarrassed hope u open many more! aww thanks sweety Hug

desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 09 July 2007
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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 1:00pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by indiandoll89

Congrats on the 8th shop Jhanvi <3

Can't wait for more gorgeousness from you! Big smile thank u meerzz... love u lots! Hug

Originally posted by nikita_88

Congrats on the 8th shop!!! 

Amazing update! 

Love the quote and the Siddhima siggie!  thanks nikiii Hug

Originally posted by -Fatima-

Congratz jhanvi on urz 8th gallHug
so gorgeous update i love jeran one the most tahnks so much fatimajii :P
keep rocking


Originally posted by indian_beauty

haiyee aanthvi dukaan...vadhaiya ji lakh lakh vadhaiya Party Party Party oyyee hoyyee zarrquuu uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu

okay that's all the punjabi I knowTongue haha, im not punjabi so its okay..i wouldn't know any more than that either hehe so Jhannuuu uu uu ji CONGO SHONGO on ur 8th Dukaan PartyParty Hope you open many many many more dukaans...mera aashirwaad tumhare saat hai Embarrassed thank u ji Hug i hope ke tumhara ashirvaad hamesha hamesha mera saath rahe Embarrassed
I freakin LOVE ur creations ur so FAB!!!!

ur Banner is EPIC <3333
the update as always STUNNING!!!!
All the sigs are so beautiful n gorgeous Embarrassed
but u already knw my favorite one Tongue
KW BlushingBlushingBlushing ek toh KW upar se nanga punga abs is there too *zarqa dies n goes to heaven* BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing ahahhahahahsldkfja;sdlkj fa;skldfj ohh zarquuu ek tu hi hai jo mere jazbaat samajhti hai..i still remember our gaandi gaandi baatien in SR AT hehe and how khushi got upset w/ me b/c i posted a topic in dmg forum protesting for wahi to take his shirt off haha Blushing..i know sabhi aandar hi andhar yahi baat sochte honge par kehte nahin LOL
LOUVVV it <3333333 already using it...lyk duh Tongue heh, thanks for usinggg!

Keep Rocking n keep making more n more sigs n avis cuz we loveee them Embarrassed aur haan ho sake toh plzzz KW sigs frm KTLK he's looking so freakin GOOD in tht show...caps chahiye toh HMUTongue ohh yess, u always have good caps, i'll pm u when i get ready to make it then send me caps, k? yayy

Mwaahzzz Loveee yaaa Huglooobberrzz 4lyfe hahha
desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
Joined: 09 July 2007
Posts: 20131

Posted: 09 February 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

CongratulationsDancing*does bhangra* thank u jii
Wow gallery # 8Party. Hope you open many more galleries

I liked first page. aww you are cute.
Wait wait. kia main andhi hun yah there is no copyrights in sig Ermm hehe, yeah there are copyrights on the siggys but i like to keep them a bit hidden and not to obvious so it doesnt stand out to much lol but i guess i made it too invisible
OMG i love each sig.. beautifully way to use pictures..

OMGDay Dreaming is it new? wooow i LOVE size, can i chori size? u can chori anything, i dont care lol...the siggy is new but pics are from season 1 <3 after talking to you about it i went to hunt up pics and made this siggy lol..i miss these kind of scenes so much
beautiful fonts and colorings.. LOVE the way u used pictures.. tahnkuu


Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

yup agree. and also enjoyed shadi track in KMH1. in Purvi sagai main pyar huwa aur barat pe break up. thats was very sad. goshh, i couldnt see the break up..i literally skipped that part..but i watched it again later when she's dressed in white and goes to arjun's house where he misleads her and announces his engagement w/ *i forgot the girls name* and he's like laughing at her..omgi was so heart broken for arohi..but it was nice how she gracefully exited that house w/o doing tamasha
but i think i liked the end also.  yup, short, sweet and too the point.. although i would've died to see some prewedding stuff..like mehndi..saagayi..and all but oh well..i hope we have a KMH3 soon! and they better get the writer of KMH1 to do KMH3..i would jump up and down if they did lol

hmm wo to hai. u know in KMH1 Karan jaisa bhi i LOVED him. character was her acting was good but normally i was satisfied with his acting but but his cry scenes was always fantastic yesss you are correct!! i loved however shitty/good karan's acting was in KMH1 because it came out so raw and fresh..i liked how his ccharacter sketch was given..confident but shy..KMH2 the character was all over the place and i didnt like his character sketch there ughh... but yes i loved his break down scenes b/c it literally would floor me.. especially when he use to be mean to arohi when actually helping her and when she finds out everything.. omg..i loved those scenes
ohhh SAME HERE,,, i also think the same.. u know what seriously i also have the same complan, isi liye i always said chemistry in KMH1 was better then KMH2. amen

 yup. remember salsa  dancceROFL ahahh.. the best thing E V E R

 hmm wohi bhi hai-
and  u know when AA kiss and dada jee came at that place , OMG that scene was CHEAP.. Angry seriously i was like ohh hello kuch to sharam dekhatay yeh log.. 
HAHLSDFKJA;LSDKFJ omggg... it was soo damn random and weird... i mean that is something i prolly wanted to see for long time but when it happened it wasn't anything 'magnificen't.. u knwo the kisses in KMH1 would literaly send chills in my spin but in KMH2 ..itwas like..whatever.. Ermm and yeah, what was up w/ rudra and dadaji staring at them kissing..wthh..i would be sharam se paani paani..aur arohi arjun khulle aam kar rahe hain..wth.

 hmm her character is very cute.. u saw wo white dress wala sbs? OMG she was very stunning there..
btw i liked her in YKHS and  PKB also, but honestly dont like her inKMH2. yes i saw her white dress sbs..she looked hott!! i dont know as much as they tried to show arohi ''hot'' in KMH2 she looked cheap.. i liked her dressing sense in KMH1 and even in PKB she looked really really pretty!..i havent ever seen ykhs but PKB i feel was the time when she looked her prettiest.. she lost the most weight there and was skinny and along with that her dresses were nice ( kmh1 her churidaars w/ the glass work on them and the matching bottoms annoyed me..but after she left office i liked her anarkalis w/ all one color)

 agree agree agree
u know first i saved dialogues alsoROFL but i lost usb , to ab i hvnt
each n everything was perfect u have the dialouges??Shocked omgg..if u still have them post them!! u know there was a thread in kmh2 forum wehr we used to post al tlhe good dialouges of KMH and literally the pages were filled w/ kmh1 stuff and only acouple of stuffs from kmh2... i want kmh3 so badly Cry


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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

CONGRATS on your NEW shop! :D
Me LOVINGG all those stuff <333
ArjuHi & JeRan ones are DAMN marvellousss Day Dreaming saved some sggs for sure!
Keep rockinggg :D thanks so much jaan..btw love ur siddhima avi <3
Originally posted by -Aliya-

CONGRATULATIONS Jhanvz!! i'm sure your gonna rock this gallery with amazing creativity as always. Super brilliant start to the gallery already. i Heart everything! THANKKUU
i have to say keep making more and more quote sigs because i love your ones - your sig style suits quote sigs and you choose suitable pictures to do quote sigs on which i think is a pain which is why i hardly request quote sigs or else i would have bombarded you with them... So my suggestion to you will always be sigs on quotes..and maybe matching icons too even though you hate making icons, even though they come out super pretty too.  lol.u know im taking ur suggestion seriously b/c even i hate using siggys w/o matching icons and im sure others are like the same so i'll try to make atleast 1-2 matching icons for each sigyg <3 but thanks for liking my quote siggys..yeah they really are a pain to match picture w/ text b/c its not really a bolly/telly cap where u can just match it up but rather doing w/ nature most of the time lol.. but im glad i get it right in ur eyes <3
is that a new different colouring on the last Arjuhi sig? i haven't seen a sig with colouring like that from you i don't think. anyway it looks great. All the Arjuhi sigs here look soo beautiful. your use of color with b/w is of perfection. yeah thats a new style..i try to stay away from high intensity color but now i want to do something different and use colors rather than just my usual of pastel colors
the coloured LKT sig is my preferred from the LKT sigs, the bright spotlight textures(don't know the term for it) look so nice with the soothing light grey. and i really like how you did tiny texts around the sig as well as in the centre hehe, thank so much!! .this is also another colorign so im happy u like it
OMG the JeRan one looks incredible!! i have no clue what you did to get that rainbow-y color brush stroke thingymajiggy but it looks stunning against the grey and slightly red coloring i think. anyway i love that sig! your blending is flawless in it Jhanvz dude do not even ask..it took like 4508450 textures for it to come out liek that haha..but thank uu
'fighting against you for you' so true. Your SR creations tempt me so much to go back to that bittersweet time. they  were beautiful while they were...if you get me. *sigh* yes...evne i liked that time..ab kya kahein.. i like how your grey coloring looks different in the SR sig, i don't know how to describe it but the coloring is soft. i've never seen you use the font you have used on 'shattered' in the sig. sig looks superb! thank uu..ermm..not sure what font that is but i actually broke it apart so it would fit the scene lol

you finally have a banner!! you believe that this life is a dream? sorry, curiosity got the better of me. haha..well its actually from a children's poem.. 'row row row your boat , gentley down the stream, meerily meerily merrily meerily ..life is nothing but a dream' ..i learned back in kindergarden and its one of my favs..its more philisophical rather than "fun" ..and yes I feel life is a dream as all things are temporarily and one should learn to take the fullest from each moment and start each day learning from the past and advancing yourself to the future..rofll i swear i didnt mean to write an essay on this lol

i'll shutup now.LOL i'm pretty sure i was just repeating myself anyway but you get the fact that i love your creations hehe, its okay, i love hearing from you <3 thanks for commenting and liking though !

Originally posted by Neeshoe

Congratulations =) thank u !
..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by desigrl05

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Wow, congrats on your new shop, Jhanvi, I'm sooo proud of you!Hug thank u jaanuuu

The update on the first page looks fantastic! The quote one is so beautiful, and the rounded border makes it even cuter, but this sig is my favorite.
The blending and coloring is sooo fab, it looks like it's glowing! lol, thanks so much, yeah i liked how it came out as well :P
Hey dear, are you open for suggestions? I'm really eager to see some creations on Punar Vivah (Gurmeet's new show) and Chidiya Ghar (Debina's new show) from you.Big smile Please tell me if you are, and I'll PM some pics to you or just post them here, whatever you prefer.  atm im not working on suggestions b/c i have to complete some older demands in the next couple of updates but when im free i'll always pm both u n lola for suggs b/c u guys give really nice pics and text lol..soo hopefully sooner than later i can get to u w/ the suggs.

Sure Jhanvi, no problem.LOL I have a bunch of suggestions ready for you, mytho and non-mytho, for when you're ready. Send me a PM whenever you're free.Wink
desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
^^hehe, yay, okay will do ;)
serendipity. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Since i was naraaz i havent really commented on the update... Have i!? Ermm
i just want you to know that this is Absolutely BEAUTIFUL: 
i dont know what makes it so damn pretty, but whatever it is, it IS amazingly beautiful, please make my shop ka banner too, though have Fawad and Mahira in it, will you!? :P
and update main:
LOVE the shape, coloring, text effect, super amazing che! Big smile
ULTIMATE fav style hai yeh mere liye aapke sigs ka! Embarrassed Sach Blushing i want my siggy AISE!!! Approve
^Yeh, and those that follow are so eye catching and theyre all very pretty in their own ways Embarrassed
Keep it up Hug

tu meri jhanu, main tera pink font Blushing

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