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OS: NivRen Go To Rome

suman4evr Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone!Hug Well before I post the previous parts of the OS that I had on the first besharam gang thread, here is one of the scenes that i had posted on the thread to give you a little hint as to what you may see in NivRen Go To Rome!Day Dreaming I know a lot of people had liked it on the thread, but for those of you that have not read it here it is...and do tell me what you think...Big smile


Viren is about to leave and sees that Nivi is on her way to their room. Viren leaves his towel out on the bed and goes to the bathroom. Viren turns on the shower and goes to stand by the door to listen if Nivedita has come yet.

Nivi comes into the room and notices that Viren is in the bathroom. She looks on the bed and sees the towel. She goes and picks it up. "yeh Viren bhi na." Nivi stands outside the bathroom door and knocks.

 "Viren tum apna towel bahar hi chorr gaye."

Viren smirks. "Nivedita main naha raha hoon. Tum hi andar rakhdo na."

 "Viren main kaise?"

"Please Nivedita"

 "Ok, main rakh dethi hoon"

Viren smiles. Nivedita opens the door and walks in. From behind Viren quickly closes  and locks the door. Nivedita turns around. "Viren yeh tum kya kar rahe ho?" Viren slowly walks toward Nivedita. Both are in a eye-lock. Nivedita slowly steps back. Viren comes closer. Nivedita steps into the shower and Viren follows. Nivedita tries to go around Viren but is unable to. Viren comes closer.

And closer.

And closer.

Nivedita begins breathing really hard. She closes her eyes and turns her face away from Viren. Viren gently puts his hand under Nivedita's chin and turns her face toward him so he can see her. "nazarai kyon choraree ho Mrs. Viren Sood?" Nivedita opens her eyes. Dhono puri tharan se bheek chuke hai. Viren kisses Nivedita on the cheeks. Then he sings:

Pee loon, main tere neele neele naino se sab rang

Pee loon, tere gheele gheele hoto ki sargam

Pee loon, hai peene ka mossammm


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suman4evr Goldie

Joined: 30 May 2010
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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:32pm | IP Logged

Setting: NivRen bedroom

Viren decides that he wants to take Nivi out on a holiday for a couple of weeks, but he cannot decide where to go. He is looking through different brochures. "Nivedita ko konsi juga pasand aayega" mumbling to himself. "Italy...nahi. Switzerland...nahi. Mauritius...nahi. Paris...nahi., Rome. Pyaar ki juga." Rite then Nivi comes in with a pile of old folders in her hand that she was looking through to make sure that she did not leave any file, so she did not pay attention to Viren as she came in. Viren quickly gathers all of the brochures before Nivi saw them and hid them under his pillow. Nivi goes to the wardrobe closet  and puts away the folders she was carrying in the drawer. Viren stands up  and slowly, ever so quietly, goes toward Nivi. Nivi is just about to close the drawer that someones hand stops her. She already knows who it is by the touch.


"Viren, mera haath chorro..."


"Nahi choroon ga."


Viren tightens his grip on Nivi's hand.


"Viren, please mera haath chorro. Mujhe kitchen mein ja kar nashtha bana na hai."


"Nahi choroon ga. Kya nashtha banaana tumara he kaam hai. Thai ji aur Divya bhabi bana  le ge. Mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai."


Viren lets go of Nivi's hand, but quickly puts his arms around Nivi's waist as she tries to leave.


"Viren." Nivi annoyed.


Viren tightens his hold on Nivi and pulls her really close to him. Nivi begins to breath really hard. Viren takes one hand off Nivi's waist and lingers it along Nivi's arm causing her to have goosebumps.


"Viren please mujhe jaane do. Chachi ji ko meri madath ki zaroorath ho gi."


"Nahi, abhi tumare pati ko tumari zaroorath zada hai," wispered Viren.


Viren grabbed one side of Nivi's hair and moved it to the other side. And he kissed Nivi's neck. Nivi starts to blush. Viren turns Nivi around to face him. 


"Ab bataao Mrs. Nivedita Viren Sood, kya tume kayhi jana hai?"


Viren has that passionate and possessiveness in his eyes. And Nivi is drawn to them and forgets to answer. Viren smiles.


"Mujhe patha tha. Meri patni apne iss pati ko he choone gi."


"Nahi Viren, mujhe abhi jana hai. Main tumse baad mein baat karti hoon," Nivi says quickly forcing herself to get out of the trance.


Viren kisses Nivi on the forehead.


"Kuch kaha tumne."


"Viren mujhe jana hai..."


Viren kisses Nivi on the left cheek.


"Kya...maine suna nahi."


"Viren," Nivi now getting upset "chorro mujhe."


Viren kisses Nivi on the right cheek.


"Phir se bolo..." Viren wispered looking at Nivi's lips.


Nivi understood what Viren was gonna do next. Her face started turning red. 


"Viren..." whispered Nivi.


Viren moved a little closer "Hmm..."




Viren moved even closer, lips almost touching. "Kya?" His lips brushed along Nivi's. Nivi gets really shy.


Nivi whispers "Chachi ji..."


Viren passionately kisses Nivi on the lips before she can finish what she was gonna say. Viren looks at Nivi. Nivi has her eyes closed. Viren cups Nivi's chin and gently makes her look up. Nivi slowly opens her eyes and looks straight into Virens.

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suman4evr Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:36pm | IP Logged

...Nivi and Viren have a long eye-contact. Nivi forgets that she had to go to the kitchen to help VD make lunch for everyone. Both are lost in each other. Day Dreaming They can hear a faint voice in the background saying something like "Nivi," "but neither Viren nor Nivi pay attention. This time the voice becomes louder "Nivi," but no effect. Nivi and Viren are lost in their own little world. This time, the voice yells, "NIVI!!!" Shocked

Both Nivi and Viren are broken out of their trance. And look to see who was calling. Viren lets go of Nivi and both look toward their door. There, standing, looking upset (as always) is Divya.With her angry expression, looking from Viren to Nivi walks (or should I say stormsWink) in.

"Nivi, main tume kab se bulaari thi, Tume sunaai nahi diya?"

Nivi looking scared and nervous at the same time. Viren peeking a look at her.Embarrassed

"Di…woh main…"

"Teek nahi batana hai to chorro iss baat ko. Maa ne mujhe tume bulaane ki liye bhaija hai. Ghar walo ki liye naashth bana na hai ki nahi?"

"Haan Di…Chalo."

Viren looks upset. Nivi gives Viren one reassuring look. Viren makes a baby face to try and stop Nivi, but she does not stop. Unhappy She smiles. Viren stops Nivi, holding her hand from behind as Divya leaves.


"Maine kaha kit um kahi nahi jaao gi. Mujhe tumse kuch zarroori baat karni hai."

Divya comes back in.

"Nivi, tum chal rahi ho ki nahi?" she says coming in.

Viren is upset and annoyed with Divya. Nivi gets her hand free.

"Haan Di. Chalo."

Nivi leaves with Divya. Viren really upset. Broken Heart

"Bhabi ko abhi aana tha. Sara maza kirab kardiya. Such mein, KABAAB MEIN HADI ban kar ayi hai." ROFL

Viren walks (or storms) out of the room.


(Next Scene)

Nivedita is in the kitchen helping VD and Divya make lunch for every one. Viren comes and stands outside the kitchen. He thinks of a way to be alone with Nivi. He snaps his finger, "Idea!!!"... Wink

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suman4evr Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:37pm | IP Logged

…Viren leaves. He sees Nandu in the hall. Viren smiles. He goes up to Nandu.

"Nandu mere bandu…tu ki kar raha hai?"

Nandu smiles.

"Kuch nahi bhaya ji…Dadi ma ne yahan se samaan hutaane ko kaha hai. Bas woh kar raha tha."

"Teek hai Nandu tu pehle mera ek kaam karega?"

Nandu gets excited wondering wut job Viren has for him. "Batao na bhaya ji, main apke liye kuch bhi kar sakhda hoon." Nandu thinks: "aap kaho toh meri jaan bhi haazir hai. Buss hum aur aap…" Nandu cant finish his thoughts.

"Nandu, tum apni choti didi ke paas jao aur use kaho ke uske mobile par uski dadi ka phone aya hai."

Nandu got sad for a second. That was not what he was wanting to hear. He held in his sorrow and put a smile on his face.

"Teek hai bhaya ji main abhi bata kar atha hoon."

Nandu leaves and Viren smiles.

"Ab Mrs. Nivedita Viren Sood ko ahna he hoga."

Viren runs up to his room.


Nandu comes into the kitchen calling "Choti Didi."

"Haan Nandu."

"Didi apki Dadi Ma ka phone aya hai…apke mobile par."

"Dadi ka phone."

Nivi gets worried hoping nothings wrong and that everythings ok.

VD says, "Jaa Nivi, tu Amma se baat karle. Main aur Divya yahan par sub sumaalainge"

"Teek hai, Chachi Ji."

Nivi washes her hands and rushes to her room


Next Scene

Nivi rushes into her room and looks around for her mobile. She sees it on the dresser and rushes to pick it up. She does not even check to see if it is on.


She checks it and realizes that it is switched off.

"yeh toh switched off hai. Likhen Nandu toh kairaha tha ke dadi ka phone aya hai…"

Just then Nivi hears the door behind her close. Nivi turns around and sees Viren locking the door.

"Viren yeh tum kya kar rahe ho. Darwaazaa bhand kyon kiya?"

Viren turns around. Nivi can see the mischief -ness  in his eyes. She understood right away that there was no call from Dadi and that this was just another one of Viren's shararrath. Nivedita walks toward Viren and the door about to leave.

"Viren tum bhi na. Tum kabhi nai sudaronge. Tume patha hai na ke main Di aur Chachi Ji ki madath kar rahi thi sub ke liye nashtha bana ne mein…"

Just as Nivi was about to open the door. Viren pulls her by the waist and puts his arms around her.

"Viren…yeh kiya…chorro…mujhe jaane do."

"Maine tume pehle bhi kaha tha ke tum sirf mere paas rahoongi. Main ne kaha tha na ke main bahot laljhi hoon. Toh phir…"

"Viren, mujhe abhi jaana hoga. Main baad mein kudh akar tumari baat suno gi."

"Teek hai tume jaana hai toh jao. Mujhe tumse ab koi baat nahi karni"

Viren gets upset and lets go of Nivi and goes sit at his thinking chair. Nivi can not see Viren upset. She walks over to him. She puts a hand on Virens shoulder. Viren upset pushes away her hand.


She put her hand on his cheek and tries to make him look at her. But Viren again moves her hand away and looks away. Nivi holds both of her ears.

"Teek hai baba mujhe maaf kardo. Chalo ab mujhe batao ke konsi baat tume karni thi."

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni."

Viren gets up and leaves for the door. Nivedita holds Virens hand from behind and stops him. Nivi walks up to him with a sweet smile on her face. She hugs him from behind.

"Kab tak naraaz rahonge mere naal Viren. Akir tum mujhse bohot pyar karthe ho."

Nivedita walks to stand in front of him. She roams her fringer along his cheeks.

"hai na…"

Then she stops her finger right by Viren's lips. She smiles. Viren is losing control of himself, he knows exactly what Nivedita is going to do next. Nivedita kisses him. Viren has totally forgotten that he was suppose to be upset. He picks her up in his arms and puts her on the bed. ***(Well you know what happenz  next)***.


"Viren tumne bataya nahi ke konsi baat karni thi."

"Oh, haan! Main to bhul ne wala tha….Hum dono holidayzzz par jaa rahe hai."

"Holidayz par…likhen kaha?"


"Rome! Such Viren? Hum Rome ja rahe hai?"


"Oh, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Tume maloom nahi ke main kithni excited hoon."

"Woh toh tumare muskuraat se patha lagraha hai."

Both smile and hug each other.

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suman4evr Goldie

Joined: 30 May 2010
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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Well everyones those are my past three parts that i had written in the besharam gang...will be posting the next part this comment to let me know what you all thingEmbarrassed

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deepti_9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
super.. awesome Suman..all the scenes are so nicely written..really was imagining update next soon..
edwardcullen19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
hey Suman it was such a cute OS dear...loved it...tussi to cha gayeWink...oh ji hum bhi thodi si punjabi jante haiLOL...oh ji ek gal dasso ye nivi hamesha bhagati kyun rehti hai viren seWink...really awesome continue soon dear
-SilverDragon- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Finally I read it and I loved it can't wait untill you update next and I can't believe I missed out on this awesome OS. Smile

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