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Kya Hoga Kunal Ka...?Finished

starcity Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 6:40am | IP Logged
Chapter 1, part 1

Okay so i posted a bit of the story on general fan-fic.  Thanx for the positive feedback and i've posted the story seperate for u guys
Here the 1st part
Okay so since everyone is starting a fan fiction I thought I do my own one, I liked the idea of amnesia that someone mentioned so of my characters will definitely get amnesia at the moment I'm thinkin kunal will get amnesia, that is just a precap for u guys but now from the beginning , . Okay so the the charcters are all the same and the story continues after kunal and nimmos wedding, we start at the suhag raat:

Nimmo is in the room wiv her sister in laws, shrada and varsha. Her sister in laws tease her about her and kunals pyaar and shaadi,
varsha says:"okay, okay, ab to nimmo ko chor do ab kal apnay bhabi sai baat kar lahni.
All the sis-in-laws and varsha leave. Now there is only shraada and nimmo in the room".
Shraada:" Nimmo mujhe bhi maloom hai kai apna ghaar chor kar aur prayah ghaar jaana kaisa lagta hai. Legin nimmo mai tumhai yeh gahna chahti hoi kai mujhe maalum hai kai iss ghaar mai tuha koi log pasand nai kartai hai legin is ghar me mein aur dadaji humisha tumhare saat hai. Ab sai tum meri beti jasi hoi. Aur meh tumhe yeh gangan tehna chati hoi. Jub mai is ghar me ayi ti to mujhe yeh gangan dadaji nai diah tah, aur mai tumhe dah rahi hoi, kunal aur is ghaar ka kiyaal rakna.". With that shraada leaves the room.smiley19.gif
Nimmo feels really guilty and looks up out of the window and talks to God " yeh tum mujse kyah kar rahai ho, mein ek nahin do parivaaroh ko joohte bolrahi hoin, pata nahin tum mujse aur kai karaho kai102.gif
Nimmo looks around the room and says to herself ab mein kya karoh, mujhe bhi isse kamrah mein pehna parihga.

Wen kunal comes into the room, its very late and the lights are off, kunal thinking looking around the room, finding his posters gone, the nimmos shaadi ka jora on the table and the room looking more messed around and thinkin ' yeh sub kya hai, nimmo kahah hai' and says to Ocsar who has come into the room wiv him "aab merah kya hoga".

"Jo bhi hoga manzorah kuda hoga" Kantaben says, Huh, kunal thinks and looks around the room and locates the noise to the balcony. Nimmo and kantaben are sat outside with KK and are drinking orange juice.

" Ab kya hua, yeh meeting kis lehaa hai"kunal says sitting on one of the deck chairs outside 16.gif
KK: "sir, humai apna agla move plan karma hai"
Kantaben confused: " Hai jo bhi us nai kaha,aur yeh kya hai, tum lokoh ko itnai barai kamrah mil rahah hai aur mujhe to murgai kai huda jaisa chota sai kamrah milah hai, aur who bhi mujai doh aur nokranioh kai saat rahna pareh ga, mai jub boli ti kai mein yah bhi rahogi mujhe kya maloom ta kai tumhare itna barah ghaar me mujhe tumhare kudi ke bhi thodi jaga milahgi" hehe.gif
KK getting exasperated: "Kantaben"
K: "hudai kya hota hai" 7.gif
N: " dekha masi apnai kunal ko to pehle si bi aur confused kardi ah" looks at kunal and says " huda meaning" 7.gif
KB:"meaning teri…"
KK interrupts: "meaning a birds house, sir" 45.gif
KB: "Ha, ha wohi to mah kahnai ja rahi ti, parkai aya bhaar si aur tumhai to apni subhan bhi nahi aati, mujhe ek barah kamra chahi aye, ayi to meh hoon nimmo kay saat magar contract tumhara nimmo kai saat hai…14.gif
KK: "Thank god"
KB: "kyai kaha tumne"
KK:"kuch bhi to nahi"
KB:" To meh karihi ti hai mujhe barah kamrah chahiai varna meh to..." 16.gif
K: "Tek hai, tek hai. Tumhe kal hi naya kamrah dengay. Bus Kantaben" 102.gif
KK: " Sir muhe yeh lagta hai kah kal sahi humai nimmo aur dadi ki difference of opinion ghaar key doosrah logo kah samnai lahnihi chahi ah" 45.gif
K: "hai, hai KK, kitni bhi jaldi ho mujhe divorce chahi ai" smiley21.gif
KK: "teek hai, teek hai, ab mujhai sonai bhi dogai. Is jhoote mhoote ki shaadi me mujhe such much ki neende ar rahi hai, meh chali. Aur yaad rakna mujhai kaal ek baraa karma dehna, varna…"
K: " teek hai, teekhai" getting irritated
KB: "Ub KK woh, meh kaha jah rahi ti" forgetting which way to go
KK takes kantaben down to her room and as kantaben exits the room you can hear her with more curses. 14.gif

All alone K and N still on the balcony looking at each other

Okay that was my 1st attempt, hope u guys like it. Animation_42.gif

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starcity Goldie

Joined: 16 February 2005
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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 6:42am | IP Logged
i'll post the second part in a little while and i'll post the third part soon afterBig smile

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starcity Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Chapter 1, part 2

Nimmo and K look at each other, each of them thinkin aab kya. Nimmo gets up and slips over before she knows it shes fallen splat on her face Dead. Kunals face is turned into a smile and he's tring not to laugh out loud but he cant stop it. LOL. He's laughing alot, Nimmo sits up and stares at him with dagger eyes Angry , but Kunal keeps laughing.
N: Baas bhi karo kai ya puri raat hasnai ka erada hai
K: Nai woh... LOL , nimmo tum...LOL. He straightens himself out and finally says without laughing, meinai to socha ta ke kitna uncomfortable hoga shadi kai baad.Nimmo gives him another look Angry
K: Merai matlab hai kai meinai to soccha ta ke awkward hoga, you know contract marriage and etc, magar tum to bilkol naihe badi ho, na tum kabi badalna. Tum aisihi rahna aur meh garentee karta hoi ke humari shaadi jald se jald katum hoi jaiaygi Thumbs Down
1.gif . Muje to lagta hai kai humai dost bana chahiay. Kunnal gets hold nimmos hand and gets her off the floor
K: Kya kehti hoi? Dost?   Thumbs Up
N: Teek hai dost, magar yaad rakna contract ke mutabik..
K: Hai mujhe patah hai, meinay to sirf dosti mangi hai tumharai dil nai Embarrassed,, wats say?
Nimmo and Kunal shake handand say dost.

They walk through the balcony and into their bedroom, kunal goes to the bathroom to change and wen he comes out nimo is asleep on the sofa. Kunal thinks to himself, yeh ladki kya mujhai octopus samajti hai, i can keep my hand to myself Pinch , plus Nimmo no way man shes not my taste    Dead . Kunal gets into the bed and falls asleep also Smile

Okay so thats the second part short and sweet. I' ll post the 3rd part soon
Kunals cousin shakes him 'bayah, bayah, wake up' Kunals sleepy eyed and tosses and goes back to sleep.
'Bayah, woh nimmo bhabhi nai darasal...'
'Nimmo' Hearing the name kunal gets up immediately
' Nimmo nah kya kiya'
'Woh nimmo bhabi nai actually...'

Hope u guys like the precap Heart

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Virgo_Stars IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 7:08am | IP Logged
great fan-fic Clap

rupali_rout Goldie

Joined: 27 April 2006
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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 7:08am | IP Logged
please star post the next episode at the earliest Embarrassed
ur stories r really cute Wink
congrats & thanx 4 sharing them. Clap
.Prometheus. IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 28 December 2005
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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 7:30am | IP Logged
awww so nice yaar thanks for this
starcity Goldie

Joined: 16 February 2005
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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Chapter 2

heres the next part okay so i've got nothing else to do at the moment and i'll continue.
Its early in the moring and Kunal is still alseep, Oscar at some pt in the night has jumped on the bed. All of a suddden theres a huge racket downstair, Kunal turns around and mutters' stupid naukar, making a racket early in the morning' He goes back to sleep.

After a while. Kunals cousin shakes him 'bayah, bayah, wake up' Kunals sleepy eyed and tosses and goes back to sleep.
'Bayah, woh nimmo bhabhi nai darasal...'
'Nimmo' Hearing the name kunal gets up immediately
K:' Nimmo nah kya kiya'
Cousin:'Woh nimmo bhabi nai actually...'
K:'meinay kaha kya kiya Nimmo nai,' he gets up and puts his robe on, changes his mind and take the robe off, thinks to himself should i bother putting it on and going downstairs.
K: I said...
Finally theres a huge noise downstairs and somene shouts 'KUNAL'
Cousin: i knew i shudnt have left her on her own damn betta run
Another roar through the house this one louder
'KUNAL!!!' Angry
Kunal grabs his robe and runs downstairs at top speed Confused

Kunal runs down the stair thinking to himself god aab nimmo nai kya kiya hai Ermm
He makes it to the sitting room, everything looks normal, he look around again and makes his way to the kitchen where all the other family members are gatheres, he pinches himself once and again, looking around the kitchen again he thinks is this really our kicthen, Ouch

He looks aroud at everyones faces and all are shocked. In the kitchen theres flour everywhere and the pots and pans are strewn all over the place and paminders dog is licking something. Paminder picks up her chiwawa and gives nimmo a look Shocked . In the midle of all the mess is Nimmo covered in flour and is crying Cry.

Oh no Kunal thinks and then retakes the situation, oh yes he thinks this exactly why i brought nimmo into the house. Dadi is looking daggers at Nimmo Censored , dada is looking sorry for nimmo.

Dadi: Kunal tum tekrahai hoi tumhai biwi nai kya kiah hai, Tumari paminder aunty nay to yehi kaha ta kah mujhe chai bana kar lekar ajoh. Aur Nimmo nai to...
Dada: Acha Preet yeh to hota hi rahta hai, chal gal choroh, Nimmo seh galti hogai
Shrada: Maa( to dadi) woh darasaal Honey (paminders chiwawas name) nai
Dadi: Bas Shrada mainay koi safai pochi ti
Sharada: Nahi lekin
Pam: smiling evily, Chal mami ji chor i dejiah in middle class lokoh kai yehi to...
KB: haray katta baloh wali, nimmo koi shok nahi hai tumarai kitchen mein anay mein legin yeh sub to uss chuhai (referring to Honey) ki galti hai, nah woh chuhai kitchen mein ah ka nimmo ko darah ta na yeh sub hota
Varsha: nahi mama asal main yeh sub Honey ki fault hai, aap nahi to rule rakah ta kah no dogs in the kitchen
Pam and dadi look taken aback pam says hai mumiji chor bhi dejiah, aisi vaisi galti hoti rahti hai, pams trying to get Honey out of any problem.Evil Smile

Dada: teek hai, teek hai, aaj sai paminder tum Honey koh is kitchen seh door rakna, aur beta tum dada says turning to nimmo. Tum nahaan key ajaana, bus rohtai nahi hain.
Dada looks at Kunal and tells him: Kunal, Nimmo ko apnai kamrah me lekay jaho
Nimmo trudges out of the mess and towards Kunal
K: Hain, hain dada ji abhi lakar jaatha hoin, Aaja sweety hum jaatah hai.

Kunal and Nimmo go into their room and the children of the house lookin at each other and thinkin wow nimmo got away with that.

As Kunal and Nimmo get into their room Kunal closes the door and looks at Nimmo and laughing once again

K: Nimmo tell me you were acting, woh sub sach to nahi ho sakta, hanah.
Nimmo getting angry,
N: Kunal tum itnah kyooh hastah hon, am i a circus act.
K: laughing some more LOL, Nahi woh darasal
N: Us.. us Honey nah to merah itnah bada tamasha banayah, aur tum kaha raha ho gai my act kar rahi ti. Nimmo starts crying again

Okay thats all for now, hope you guys like it

pre cap: Kunal hugs Nimmo and Nimmo hugs Kunal bak
Embarrassed and then the door opens

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rupali_rout Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2006 at 7:51am | IP Logged
so sweet LOL

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