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MG OS: surprise confession epilouge updated 08-02

_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged

hii friends i am here with another OS. hope u all like it. HAPPY READING.            

I saw her working on laptop in her cabin. I have her important project to handle n told her complete the blueprints by today evening. She is angry on me for giving so much work in one day but she never complained. She dont say no to me. I know her very well infact we r working together for past 1 year. Today is very important day for me. Its my birthday but I never celebrated my birthdy because I was always busy in business. My daadi n my brother dev have asked me celebrate my bithday but I always rejected. But today I want to celebrate it with her, with my love.

I am MAAN SINGH KHURANA n I am in love with GEET HANDA.

She joined my company 1 year back as an architect. She is a very strong girl n intelligent girl. When I gave her the first project I still remember how tensed she was but at the same time confident too. I told her to complete the blue prints by next 1 week. But to sueprise she completed it in 2 days n showed me the blue prints. I checked them n impressed by her work. When I saw her face while I was checking the fear, the curiosity what will be my answer. I smiled inwardly when I saw her face. I never smile at my employees yes its true I never smile. But for the 1st time I smiled at her n thought she is something different.

'ms. handa I am impressed. But there r minor mistekes correct them' I said.

First her face lit up but became dull n told yes sir. I will check it once again.

She left from there n left from there n went to her cabin. Her cabin is next to mine n was just seperated by blinds. I opened them n saw she is murmuring something.

Geet: I am imresses but some minor mistakes. Isme kya galti hain babaji. Aap hi dekho na. Bafa aya attitude dikhake. Agar wo msk hain tho main geet handa hu main bhi mera talent dikhati hu.

I smiled listening to her. I thought yeh ladki bilkul pagal hain. Apne aap se baat kar rahi hain aur wo bhi non stop.

Then me resumed my work. But this girl is crazy because I told her some minor mistekes but infact there r no mistakes in them. But she again started working on those designs. Now the time is 7:00 I thought of leaving early today but when I saw towards her cabin n was surprised. She is still working. I went towards her cabin n barged there. But again she surprised me she didnt look up. I called her

ms. geet.

Her head shot up listening my voice.

ye.. yes sir she told.

Geet what r u doing at this time here? Office hours r over rite?

She murmured usko dikhai nai deta kya main kaam kar rahi hu (to me) bus thoda kaam baaki hain sir. I will complete n go.

She thought I didnt listen her murmuring n I smiled inwardly at her childish antics.

No its late u can complete it tomorrow.

No sir its ok I will complete n go.

Ufff.. ziddi ladki I thought.

Ok as u wish I told n left office.

But I was not able to leave her alone n go. I dont know why. So I waited in the parking lot till she came back. After half an hour she came to parking lot n took her bike n started driving. But I dont know I am following her. After half an hour she stopped near a shop n took something n again started driving. She stopped near an orphanage n went inside. Some children came n hugged her n shouted geet didi.

I smiled at the children they r so cute. Geet gave them some chocolates which she bought from the shop, she started talking with them. After sometime I heard a sweet voice. I turned n saw geet singing a song for the children.

Wow... very sweet voice I thought.

She completed the song n left from there n went to her hostel. I was surprised why she is going to hostel but I thought may be her family is living somewhere else.

Me too went to my house n rested. But I am not able to take off her thoughts from my mind. Her smile, her stuborness, her song I was thinking of that only.

6 months passed the same way. After office I use to follow her. She use to but chocolates to the children n sing a song. One day in the office I called her to the cabin. She knocked the door.

Come in I said.

She came in n asked yes sir u called me.

Take ur seat geet. N yes we have got a new project.

Oh wow sir. Congrats .

Hmmm.. we have to go for london till the project completes.

She smiled n told ok sir. When should we leave?

After 2 days.

Ok sir.

Geet complete all the work by tomorrow n day after u need come pack ur things.

Ok sir. Thanku.

She left from there n started doing her work.

Next day all r busy in office as we have to leave to london. I called sasha n adi into my cabin.

Sasha myself n geet r going to london for project. So I dont want any negligence in work when I am absent. I want day to day information by the end of the day. U have to mail me all.

Sure MK.

Adi u ave to take care of accounts department. I want the daily charts n transations. U too mail me by the end of the day.

ye.. yes sir.

Ok u may leave now.

The next day myself n geet r busy in packing things. The day has arrived I wished my daadi n dev.

Good morning daadi, dev.

Good morning beta. All ready??

yes daadi.

Beta think about ur marriage. U r going for 6 months u have ample of time to think.

Plz daadi dont start it again.

Par.. beta..

plz daadi I am getting late. Bye.

Daadi sihged n told bye.

Bro I am coming with u for airport.


we both left for airport n reached after 30 min. I saw geet already waiting for me.

I went to her n asked

all ready geet.

Yes sir.

No one came with u?? I asked.

Immediately her face became sad n told no sir.

I didnt want to ask her further n make her uncomfortable.

After parking car dev came there.

Happy journey bro n he hugged me.

Thanks dev n she is geet.

Hi geet said dev.

Hi sir wished geet.

Hey I am not ur boss u can call me dev said dev friendly.

She smiled n said ok dev.

We both went inside n after all formalities we boarded the flight. The flight take off n we talked for some time about the project. N she fell asleep n I saw her face she is looking soo innocent n pure.

Me too dossed off. After a long journey we reached london. We came out n saw someone from london company is waiting for us.

Geet chalo they r waiting for us.

Yes sir told geet.

Welcome Mr. khurana n ms. Geet.

Thanku I told.

We have arraged hotel rooms for u both sir. Shall we asked that man.

Ya sure I replied.

Then after some time we reached hotel n went to our respective rooms. Her room is side of mine.

When I went inside the room it is soo beautiful. Immediately I fell asleep. Same with the case of geet.

After a slumber sleep I got up n got ready for dinner. I knocked geet's door. She opened

shall we go for dinner? I asked.

Ya sure sir. Just 5 min.


after that we both went for dinner. She is enjoying the new place. After dinner we discussed about tomorrow's meeting n bid good night.

We became busy with the project it was a hectic schedule n at nights I have to check the mails which were sent by adi n sasha.

5 months has passed due to this project geet n I became very good friends. After work we use to go for sight seeing. We both understood each other very well. Our bonding became strong which is more than friendship. We explored different places n enjoyed the beauty of that place.

I saw the excitement in geet when she saw new places. Then I came to know that she loves travelling.

One day when we both r tired n having dinner in my room I asked her.

Geet can I ask u one thing?

Yes maan.

Yes I only told her to call her maan as we r friends now. N during work she calls me as sir.

Umm.. y no one came with u when we were leaving for london.

The expression on geet's face changed. Her face became sad n tears were threatening to come down.

I am an orphan sir told geet.

I am sorry geet.

No sir dont be. When I was small my parents left me in an orphanage itseems the people in the orphanage use to tell.

Actually that angered me how can they leave her. She continued.

So from that time I use to stay there. I studied upto 12th after that I dont have money for higher studies. I use to do part time job n pay the fees for my studies. I have a dream of doing masters but I couldnt. I studies architecture by scholarship. After that I joined KC.

Maan felt very bad hearing to her.

She became very sad n for change of topic maan asked

geet u like children rite?

Geet is surprised how do u know maan?

Umm.. umm.. one day I was going on the same road saw u in an orphanage giving chocolates to children n singing sing for them lied maan.

Oh okk maan.

There was a silence after that. Finalle I broke the silence.

Okk geet tomorrow will be last meeting then we can leave for delhi.

Ok sir. All the files r ready for meeting. Good night maan.

Good night geet.

She left for her room n I laid on the bed. I am not able to sleep that night. I was lost in her thoughts. Here in geet's room:

geet laid down on the bed n tossing from here n there.

What is happeneing to me. Main maan ko kyun mere baare mein bataya. Aaj takh main kisi se bhi nahi kaha aur aaj main kaise? Uske bolne ke baad kyun meri dil itna halka mehsoos kar rahi hu. Yeh kya horaha hain mere saath. Maana ki iss london trip main hum ache dost ban gaye hain. Nahi dost se bhi jyada. Kya main maan se pyaar karti hu. Nahi nahi I am orphan n he is a big business tycoon. Main uske baare main aisa soch bhi nahi sakti.

Fighting within her she dossed off.

In maan's room :

Maan: kya horaha hain mujhe geet ki baat sunkar aur uske aankhon mein aansu dekhe mujhe itna dard kyun hain. Ha wo.. meri achi friend ban gayi hain. Par yeh ehsaas kya hain. Kya main geet se pyaar karta hu. Yes I love geet. Isiliye I cant tolerate when she is in pain. Dont worry geet main hu tumare saath tum akeli nahi ho. I love u geet.

A smile crept on my lips thinking of her. I dossed off thinking about my love.

The neeting of next day was sucessful n the deal is also success. After that we explored few places for 2 days n went back to delhi.

Again our office work has started. When we came back to delhi I saw something for me in geet's eyes. I want to know about her feelings. Whether she loves me or not. So one day I called geet.

Hello maan. Where r u abi tak aap pffice nahi aye ho? Asked geet.

Today I am not coming geet. Thoda fever hain n daadi is not allowing to come to office. N immediately I cut the phone without listening her reply.

I thought she will call me again n ask how am I? But she didnt call. I waited for long time she didnt call me. I felt disappointed. At the same time there was a knock at the door.

Come in I said.

Sir, someone came from office they need ur signatures.

Ok tell them to come. I thought I must be adi.

But geet entered my room with some files n her face is so tensed.

Good afternoon sir geet wished.

My heart is jumping in joy seeing her here that too in my room.

I contrlooed n just said hmmm

how r u feeling sir? Asked geet. Her voice is shaking n worry.

I am fine geet. Koi kaam tha?

Yes sir here r some files u have to sign. N she gave me the files.

But those files are already signed. Now I understood she came to meet me but these files r just bahana.

Geet these files r already signed.

Geet closed her eyes n thinking what to tell.

wo.. wo.. I think I bought wrong files. I will go n send someone with correct files. Bye sir.

Bye geet.

Take care sir. Get well soon. Saying so she left from there.

I am jumping here in joy she came to meet me. That means she loves me. So miss geet handa wait for my surprise.

Next day I called her n gave her an important project n told to complete it today itself so that she cannot call me.

In the evening I called her again n told to come to ***** hotel for meeting. She dressed in red salwar n came there.

Excuse me where is the meeting of mr. khurana asked geet in the reception.

Welcome mam. go this way told the girl.

Geet followed her instruction n came to the spot.

Why this is so dark. Maan sir kaha hain.

She started calling me. Maan sir maan sir.

Then I switched on the lights. Then I saw her angelic face. So pure n innocent. She is shocked to see the dcor. The hall is filled with red roses once she told me she love red roses n candles. The room is so romantic with a table in the middle n red curtains.

Welcome geet.

Maan sir where r u?

I came in front of her n I was lost in her eyes.

Geet(st): wow.. he is looking hot in black suit. Par yaha ho kya raha hain. Maan sir told me there is some meeting. Phir yeh sab.

Sir ye... I kept my finger on her lips. She shivered under my touch.

Shhh geet kuch mat bolo.

Then I bent on my knees n told

geet I LOVE U. pata nahi when I smiled last time but today because of u I am smiling. When u told me about ur life I was shocked n thought how u r able to smile having so much pain inside u. then I came to know that all the people have some or other problems n we should not stop living our life. Tumko dekhne ke baad mujhe yeh baat samaj aya geet.

Geet couldnt believe her ears. The great MAAN SINGH KHURANA is proposing her.

Will u marry me geet n be my life forever.

Geet had tears in her eyes. She dont know what to tell. Its like dream for her.

Sir.. kya yeh sach hain asked geet her eyes widened.

I chuckled at her reaction.

Ha geet yeh sach hain. Will u marry me I asked again.

Geet nodded in an yes.

I took a velvet packet from my pocket n took out the ring n slid in her finger.

Maangeet craved inside the ring.

Geets happiness have no bounds. I got up n hugged her. She too hugged me tight.

We both r in the same position for long time n broke the hug.

She said looking into my eyes.

I love u maan. I never expected that this day would come in my life. I am so happy today. Thanku maan.

Geet tum ab akeli nahi ho main hu tumre saath. U r my life geet. Tum meri geet ho maan ki geet.

Geet smiled with teary eyes. I kissed her eyes , then forehead ,then her cheeks. Her cheeks turned red.

Finally our lips met. She submitted herself to me in that one kiss.

The gentle kiss become passionate one. She opened her mouch allowing to enter. I entered her mouth exploring every corner of hers. She too responding in the same passion.

We both kissed agressively as if there is no tomorrow. Our tongues r playing. She pulled me more close n her nails r digging on my back.

I am holding her tight by her waist. My hands inside her kurti carassing her bare skin. She moaned in my mouth


We broke the kiss after long time. She hugged me n placed her head on my chest. I also hugged her n carassing her head.

After that we revealed our relationship to daadi n dev. They both r so happy. Daadi told that marriage will be held immediately. But I told geet wanted to complete her masters.

Geet felt very happy.

Thanku so much maan. Its my dream to do masters.

I know geet. All ur dreams will be fulfilled. Its my promise geet.

In that happiness geet gave me a bone crushing hug. I smiled at her antics n hugged her tight.


hi friends so here is one more OS. So how is it. Plz plz tell me ur opinions. Waiting for ur response.

Plz plz hit LIKE button n do COMMENT .

All of u plz comment.

plz add 'jyothikrish' for pms. or tell me i will add.



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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged

jyothi's maneet world


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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:35am | IP Logged

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
awesome os dear...
loved it very much...
thank u very much fr such a lovely one...

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:48am | IP Logged
omg!dat was so cute...
loved it a lot..

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome os loved it

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sehrish79 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Wowww awsome great os
Loved it poor geet she had to go through so much
But I am happy maan is with her now
Their sweet moments together I loved it
Finally he confessed his feelings to her yippie
Awww maan is so sweet he let her do her masters :D
Superb one dear xxx
Plz plz plz jyothi can u give us a epilogue plz plz dear it's a request if u can fulfill
Love ya xxx

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Simran_14 Goldie

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 2:52am | IP Logged
very nice os dear
loved it
maaneet are amazing

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