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Hey Hey Guys Big smileBig smile,
How are all my lovely Navyians!! Big smileWell we have had a lot of ups and downs Crylately so I wanted to cheer y'all up on this lovely Sunday Big smileas we dont get to watch our adorable Anya in the weekends Cryso I have made an SS on Anya's honeymoon to Mauritius! Wink EmbarrassedI thought that it is Nayi Soch so lets not stay within India but go completly abroad and I picked a favourite honeymoon destination where Anya can romance all day long with no disruption at all! WinkWink EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I have done the first part which is where Anant has decided he wants to go on a honeymoon he tells Navya and then the loonies they disagree the first time and then Anant goes again, there was a dispute but our pyaare Anant stood up to them again and has succeded they have reached the airport with the gang and the next part will be up soon but for now enjoy Part 1! So here it is,

Anya's Honeymoon

Navya was tiding their room and was shocked at how much mess Anant made in the room. "I don't know what I saw in this boy, he always talks big about how much he cares look at the state of the room feel sorry for ma!" Navya moaned but was happy doing work for Anant. There was a knock at the door and it caught Navya's attention straight away she called "Come in!" it was Anant. Navya was busy picking up Anant's trousers off the bed and wasn't paying attention to who was actually at the door. Anant smiled and crept behind her and hugged her from behind this made Navya jump with fear. "Anant, why did you jump behind me you scared me? Why didn't you call my name?" Navya was still in shock at Anant.

"Because I wanted to surprise you! Sorry Mrs Bajpai it won't happen again anyway I need to tell you something" Anant smiled at his mischievous plan. Navya gave him a confused look. She continued working "Anant, tell me quickly I have work to do otherwise Il never get anything finished on time" Navya spoke fearfully as she was still new to this house and she didn't want to get anything wrong. "It's okay Il come back later when you have time in your busy schedule" Anant continued to walk out of the room not looking at Navya as if he was angry with her. This affected Navya and she ran to him "I'm sorry Anant, what do you want? You can tell me now" Navya spoke as if she felt guilty. Anant smirked and he put his hands on Navya's shoulders. "I have organised something for the two of us" Anant smiled and Navya still confused.

"Oh silly you're so innocent, I mean I have planned for us to go on a honeymoon to the Mauritius!" Anant smiled at his idea waiting for Navya's reaction. Navya looked pleased and had a big smile on her face. "WOW!! Anant that's amazing, I've heard that's a really nice place... but..." Navya was excited but her face dropped as she came back to reality. Not the fact that they didn't have the money to go but the fact that no one would agree to them going and nor has it ever happened ever in the Bajpai family. Her excitement had drawn to a close and Anant held her hand and understood her worry " I know what you're thinking Navya that our family will never let us go on a honeymoon but you leave that to me I'll talk to them and I promise you that we will go" Anant reassured Navya and looked at her confidently. Navya looked into Anant's eyes and saw his dream of going, deep down she wanted to spend time with Anant alone but didn't want to sacrifice her role of a Daughter in Law which meant a lot to her. " Anant, I can understand that we want to go but just imagine will Baba let us go to a honeymoon I don't think so, just forget it Anant there is no use in trying it will create other problems" Navya had a tear fall down her face and Anant wiped it off. He hugged her tightly and said " This is our honeymoon every couple has the right to go on one and so will we, even I respect Baba but don't we have the right to do what we want too" Anant assured that he would talk to Baba today itself. "I will talk to Baba about this and then I am booking the tickets" Anant was certain that this is what would happen. Navya stood up and touched Anant's cheek "I trust you Anant more than my life, just don't worry whatever happens I am by your side because we will do this together"

Anant held her hand and hugged her. "I love you Navya, I am so lucky that I have got you as my Jeevan Saathi, and I am the luckiest guy in the world. They shared cute moments and hugged. Nimisha knocked on the door. "Oye Oye! Bhai what is all this? After Bhabi has come to our house you have forgotten everyone else in this house, not fair bhai?!" Nimisha pulled a face but smirking and happy for his brother. "It's not like that Nimisha... Anant still loves you as much as he used too" Navya reassured her.

"It's okay Bhabi I understand!" Nimisha smiled and stook her tongue out at Bhai. Anant hit Nimisha on the head and stook his tongue out. Navya walked out of the room and ran to the kitchen as she knew she needed to help prepare the evening meal with the rest of the women. Navya quietly walked into the kitchen and saw her mother in law she was relieved that Bua Dadi wasn't there. "Maa, what can I do shall I make the rotis?" Navya asked politely.

"Yes beta that would be lovely, then can you make the bhinda curry as well" Sughanda spoke politely and smiled at Navya. Navya nodded and got on with the work. In Anant's room he walked around the room impatiently trying to figure out what to say to Baba and how. Nimisha looked at him puzzled. "Bhai, what's up? Have you got something on your mind you seem really tensed" Anant carried on walking around the room thinking and he sat down on his bed and put his hands on his face. "Nimi, I need to talk to Baba" Anant spoke nervously.

"Why do you need too?" Nimisha was still confused.

"Me and Navya have been married for a week and I bet you have heard many couples go on a honeymoon together after marriage to start their new life together, I want to do the same with Navya but how can I tell Baba and Papa that I want to go on a honeymoon" Anant was worried on how to approach them as he has promised Navya.

"Bhai even Nikhil has promised me that we will go on a honeymoon! I am so excited, that is a great idea Bhai talk to Baba but it will be a problem as no one ever in the Bajpai family has gone on a honeymoon Bhai just think you have convinced Baba for a love marriage this is nothing compared to that, I will help you whenever you need me but if you want something just talk to Baba openly I'm sure he will defiantly understand" Nimisha gave him some hope and she smiled at him.

"Okay I will go I'm going to do this for Navya" Anant spoke confidently and walked out of the room towards Baba's room. Navya was busy cooking but her mind was elsewhere she reminded herself of Anant's words and they kept playing in her mind she kept on adding water into the bowl and this would ruin the rotis. Sughanda noticed this and held her hand "Where is your attention Navya beta? Look you nearly ruined the dough"

Navya realised her mistake and said "Sorry" she continued to work and pulled a worried face. Anant knocked on the door and walked into Baba's room with permission. Here Baba and Om were sitting on the sofa and glared at Anant. He gulped and breathed the courage to say what he felt and wanted to happen. "Yes Anant what do you want?" Baba glared and smiled at him with evil in his eyes.

"Baba... I want to ask for your permission regarding a matter" Anant spoke fearfully.

"Tell us clearly what you want? Stop wasting our time!" Om blasted at Anant. Anant looked down and thought that he needs to speak fast otherwise nothing is going to happen.

"Baba, Papa I want to go... On a honeymoon with Navya" Anant looked down at the ground waiting for the storm to hit him.

"ANAANT!!! What is all this???? You know this is against our traditions our culture how dare you come to us with such a stupid and humiliating idea" Om shouted at Anant's face and Anant looked down in misery just hoping for a miracle.

"Om be quiet let me speak... Anant so why did you come up with this thought? Baba spoke calmly to Anant but had evil intentions.

"Baba, after marriage many couples tend to go on a honeymoon for a break and spend time with each other it is said that this helps their relationship" Anant spoke confidently.

"But we never went on honeymoons before! So why should you? I think that you shouldn't because no one else has and that is final" Baba demanded his thoughts on Anant and he left disappointed. The door was shut and Om was furious he murmured "I don't know what this boy and girl are up too; he has crossed the limit now!"  Baba thought to himself and told Om "Let's see what both of them have to say, we have to hear Navya's thoughts on this as well" Baba glared and gave an evil smile and Om nodded at his thoughts. Anant walked into the room and punched the wall. He was angry at the fact that no one understands him in this house. He couldn't even do this much for Navya. Navya walked in the room and was shocked at Anant and his bleeding hand. "Anant what have you done?" Navya ran to Anant and held his hand his whole knuckle was bleeding she cried as his hand was badly hurt. "Why did you do this Anant?" she picked up the first aid kit and was more worried than Anant was at his wound. She slowly wiped his hand and he flinched as it stung. "I'm sorry Anant!" she continued to blow his hand and bandage it softly. Anant looked at Navya and felt upset he flashed back to him telling her about the honeymoon and what Baba said to him. He held her chin and said "Sorry Navya I couldn't be a good husband to you I have already failed in the first test" Anant couldn't look Navya in her eyes.

"What do you mean Anant?" Navya looked confused and was still worried about Anant's injury to his hand.

"I spoke to Baba and he said that we can't go" Anant looked down upset. Navya held his hand and looked him in the eyes. "It doesn't matter Anant, I don't need a honeymoon nor do we all we need is our love for one another and that will give us every happiness" Navya reassured Anant that she is happy with Baba's decision. Anant could see Navya was upset but was hiding it from him."Navya, I know you wanted to go as well I can see it on your face, I am going to make sure that we go to this honeymoon no matter what" Anant was sad at Baba's decision but burst with confidence. He smiled at Navya and closed his eyes indicating that he will do something about it. He stood up and left and just before he stood up Navya held his finger and they formed a hand lock. "I love you Anant; you're the best thing that ever happened to me" Navya kissed his hand gently. He pulled her up quickly and pulled her into his arms. "Wow! Mrs Bajpai seems to be in a very romantic mood today" Anant held her in his arms and smiled down at her. She listened quietly and had a shy but cheeky smile on her face. " I must leave now I have to try and convince Baba" Anant smiled at Navya and held her cheek.

"I love you Anant" Navya smiled at him with confidence and hope. Anant's face glowed when she said the three words that he always loved to here from her. He walked out of the room and rushed down the stairs with the biggest smile on his face the hope the confidence all came from one person his wife his beloved Navya. He glanced near the living room and he saw that Bua Dadi, Baba and Om were sitting chatting amongst themselves he felt that he should ask again to see what they have to say. He gulped but then remembered Navya's smiling face and plucked up the courage. He ran down the stairs and was in front of the loonies in no time. "Baba, I want to ask you something again" Anant didn't meet eyes with any of them and looked down.

"ANANT! NO means NO, don't you understand what we have told you, we don't have time for your useless talks, now stop wasting our time" Om lambasted at Anant and left him in no place to answer. Anant looked down and said "Please Baba, it's not for long we are married now we have our life to live and if we don't enjoy now when will we enjoy" Baba thought to himself and gave an evil smile at Anant.

"Anant what is all this? I don't know what you are talking about tell me clearly what you want? Hari Om Prabhuji" Bua Dadi taunted Anant and shook her head. Anant looked at Bua Dadi and said "I want to go on a honeymoon with Navya" Anant knew what the reaction would be by her and looked down discreetly.

"WHAT! I don't know what this girl has done to our boy bade bhai saab, he is running around his wife's orders all the time, since this girl has entered the house there has never been peace, Hari Om Prabhuji" Bua Dadi rambled on blaming Navya.

"That is not the truth Bua Dadi, it is my idea not Navya's" Anant stood up for Navya instantly. Baba was still thinking what to say.

"Saraswati, go and call the whole family including Navya!" Baba ordered Bua Dadi and she went and got everyone. She walked off and Bua Dadi gave Anant an evil look and shook her head in anger. Om and Baba waited for everyone to come to the hall. Everyone gathered and was tense on why Baba had called everyone. Navya slowly walked down the stairs and was worried about the honeymoon idea. She looked down upset and stood next to Sughanda. "So Anant, what do you want?" Baba glared at Anant. Anant hesitated and looked down he knew what he wanted to say but couldn't say it clearly. "I want to go on a... honeymoon with Navya" Everyone's faces were shocked at Anant's words, Sughanda was hurt and the loonies were angry. Mohan looked at Anant with worry thinking about how Anant will be saved. Rama murmured "What is this devarji? You can't go on a honeymoon no one ever has in the whole Bajpai family" She spoke ill words and smirked at Navya and then Anant. "RAMA" Bua Dadi shouted at her and Rama instantly shut up. "ANANTTT!!! You are not going anywhere with this girl, it is against our traditions and our culture" Om blasted at Anant. Anant was scared but he knew he had to speak up otherwise it wouldn't happen.

"So why did you get us married? You talk about traditions and values and sacrifice of marriage. Well aren't there vows of making your wife happy, loving her and caring for her all I am doing is supporting my wife what is wrong with that?" Anant spoke with wise words which shocked everyone. Om walked up to Anant and slapped him round the face. Navya's face dropped in shock tears rolled down her face and she was in shock. Sughanda was also crying at his son being slapped. "OM!" Baba held his hand as he went for another slap. Anant's cheek was red from the slap and he held his cheek and was upset.  He stepped back. "Anant, you have done very wrong? Was there any need to shout at your father like that and answer him back?" Baba spoke to him calmly and looked at Navya.

"Navya, do you want to go on a honeymoon or not?" Baba glared at Navya and spoke to her. She didn't know what to say to him she had never ever thought something like this would happen otherwise she would have never let Anant do this. So many thoughts ran through her mind she didn't know what to say which side to take. Everyone looked at Navya, waiting for her answer. Anant looked at Navya and was waiting for her to nod her head and say yes. She didn't reply to Baba as she was too scared. "Anant, give me five minutes and I will tell you my answer to your question, you all stay right here" The three of them walked into Baba's room angry. Everyone in the hall was tensed Sughanda walked up to Navya and Anant "What is this? Why can't you two live in peace? You always get into trouble with your father" Sughanda cried and Anant held her hands.

"Ma, I promise you I am doing the right thing, it is not Navya's fault at all it is my plan she told me not to tell anyone and not to go on the honeymoon but I insisted" Anant spoke the truth to Sughanda and she was still worried.

Baba's Room

The three of them sat down and Baba and Om were very angry there was worry on Bua Dadi's face as well. " Bhai saab, what is all this all this nonsense for nothing, I don't know what has happened to this boy all he talks about is Navya ,Navya Navya there is nothing else important in his life he doesn't care about values, respect and tradition. This marriage was a big mistake it shouldn't have happened" Bua Dadi accused Navya of Anant being like this. She shook her head and sat quietly waiting for Baba's response. "Look, Anant is our son if we don't give him freedom he won't ever respect us we may lose him forever and he will always see Navya as right we can't afford to lose him, otherwise we will never get him back, then we will regret it we have to be patient we will have to prove Navya wrong in his eyes and then only then will Anant be ours" Om and Bua Dadi shook their heads with the evil plan. "But bhai Saab what if it doesn't work out?"

"It will Saraswati, if they think they are clever I am a lot wiser than them" Baba smiled at his plan and stood up. " I am going to agree to this honeymoon, if that's what they want now they have it but they will have to be cautious in the future one mistake and I will never forgive them and that Navya we will move her out of Anant's life just like that" They laughed together and lead towards the door.


In the Hall

Here in the hall everyone was waiting nervously and Anant was very intent on hearing the result. They walked towards the centre of the hall and looked at Anant and Navya. "I have decided that... I will... let Anant and Navya go on the holiday" Baba smiled at both of them and Anant's face grew with happiness.  Navya smiled a little. Anant walked up towards Baba and took his blessings "Thank you Baba! I knew you would understand" Baba held his shoulder and smiled at him. They both took everyone's blessings and there was a sigh of relief on Sughanda's face when she blessed the couple.  "So Anant where are you planning to go?" Baba asked.

"Mauritius it is far away but it is a beautiful place Baba" He smiled at Baba and he nodded. Om was still angry and everyone walked off to their rooms quietly and there was Nimisha, Navya and Anant left in the hall. "So Bhabi, was this your idea? Not bad, I think you will love it at least you will get freedom from this jail, will you take me in the suitcase?"  Nimisha joked with Navya and she blushed. "No Nimisha it wasn't my idea it was your brother's idea, of course you can come" Navya smiled at her. Anant was shocked "Nimi you're not going with us, it's just Navya is such a kind person she can't say no to even a monkey like you" Anant laughed and Navya shook her head at Anant's horrible remark. Nimi and Anant chased after each other and got a pillow of the sofa. Navya stood there and laughed at both of them. "Fine bhai, I won't go but I'm not talking to you, Bhabi when you go don't spend time with him don't even talk to him, I say don't go just let him go by himself" Nimi stook her tongue out at bhai and Navya blushed.  Nimi finally ran upstairs to her room and Navya and Anant were left in the hall. Anant smiled at Navya lovingly. He pulled her towards him forcefully and Navya fell in his arms they both shared an eye lock "Anant, leave me someone will come, aren't you scared" Navya looked around nervously.

"  No, I'm not scared, let them come, let them see how much I love you and how much you love me, I'm not scared of showing my love for you in front of anyone, my jhalli, are you happy now? I told you I would convince them" Anant looked in Navya's eyes deeply showing how much he loved her through his eyes. Navya smiled at Anant and a tear fell down her face. Anant saw this and instantly wiped her tear and caught it "Never let these tears, fall out they are very precious to me" Anant spoke sweetly " I have promised Ma and Papa that you will never be sad, please don't cry baby" Navya kissed his cheek and said "I am so lucky to have you, I don't need anything in this world all I need is you  that is enough for me, I don't need this house, this jewellery, this fame as long as I have you by my side I can go through any phase" she hugged him tightly never wanting to let go they held hands and Anant carried her in his arms. "Anant what are you doing? This is not right what if someone sees us what will we say" Navya was amazed at Anant and his confidence she glanced in his eyes and forgot about everything and felt how lucky she was to have Anant as a life partner.  The BG tune My Heart Goes All Dhin Tana played. "Let them come, I'll tell them that I love my wife and this is what I will do to express my love for you, just relax" Anant looked at Navya and smiled. He kicked the door open and swung her around and had a big smile on his face.  Pehla Pyaar's instrumental played in the BG. He finally put her down and they sat on the bed. "Navya you don't know how happy I am, me and you tomorrow free from this house for 3 weeks! I would have never imagined this, but we have done it together and on our honeymoon we will never face any problem all we will do is be together and be happy" Anant held Navya's hand and kissed her cheek softly. "Thank you Anant, you're the best, I am excited Anant but I don't like flying and it's a completely new country, what if we don't like it?" Navya was excited and worried at the same time she looked at Anant for support. " Navya don't be scared I am here with you, I will always be by your side, we will make the country like home, there's beaches just like Mumbai's Juhu Beach but a lot cleaner and more beautiful, there is lots of food there Chinese noodles our favourite, lots of other stir fry's it will be a blast!"  Anant reassured Navya and she smiled a little.

"Mr Bajpai, you have made the plans of going on holiday but what about packing who is going to do that we leave tomorrow?" Navya laughed at Anant as he pulled an odd face.  Navya stood up and took all of her's and Anant's clothes out for the holiday. She tried to reach the other suitcase as they needed two but she couldn't reach she got a stool as Anant had gone into the washroom. She stood on it and was reaching high the stool was shaking but she couldn't reach it. Navya was about to fall of the stool "Aahhh" Navya screamed as she lost her balance. Anant walked out wiping his face "Navyaaa!!" He caught her at the right time and the suitcase fell and Anant caught it with his other and he held Navya tightly they shared an eye lock as Navya was still in shock.  Her heart beat rose and the BG tune My heart goes all Dhin Tana played. "Thank you Anant, you saved my life" Navya spoke with no fear in her voice because she was in the safest place ever Anant's arms. " I will always protect you dont worry pagal ladki" Anant spoke to her lovingly and let her go and sat her down. "You relax Mrs Bajpai, I Mr Bajpai will be doing the packing for both of us" Anant spoke proudly. Navya laughed at him and couldn't control her laughter. "You?" Navya spoke still laughing at his idea. Anant felt mocked and pulled a face and carried on packing his clothes first he was shoving them in the suitcase and they became creased. "Anant, you don't so it like this why do you always take your anger out on everything else, let me show you how to do it bandar" Navya laughed and folded all the shirts and trousers and Anant placed them in the suitcase. Navya's mobile started ringing and it was Ritz "Kabab me haadi" Anant whispered to himself, Navya stood up to answer the phone and Anant stopped her by holding her finger he pulled her back and made her sit on his lap " Leave it Navya, help me do the rest of the packing someone always rings when we are romancing?" Anant moaned at the phone call. She didn't listen and stood up and answered the call. "It's Ritz Anant let me speak to her I haven't spoken to her in ages properly" Navya spoke in an innocent voice. He nodded. "Hey Ritz, you okay?"

"Yes Navya I am fine are you okay? I haven't heard from you in a while? There isn't any problems at your sasural are there? Hey Navya it's me Appy" They both spoke to Navya and were ecstatic on hearing her voice. "I am fine guys everything is fine here, I'm just in my room with Anant" Navya smiled. "Ohhh... Sorry Mrs Bajpai did I interrupt your romance time, I'm sorry, Leave it Ritz Anant can wait Navya is our friend first then his wife" Appy, Navya and Ritz laughed.

"Guys Il pass it to Anant he wants to talk to you! Bye! He has something to tell you he won't let me say it." Navya was excited on hearing their reaction. She passed it to Anant and put it on loud speaker.

" Hello my annoying saali's, why do you always ring at the wrong time, don't you have anything else better to do then annoy me and Navya your such Kabab me Haadi's your worse than Bua Dadi"  Anant was serious and Appy and Ritz were annoyed.

"Ey Anant, you can't talk to us like that if it weren't for us you wouldn't have Navya we allowed you to talk to her when you first spoke so shut up, we can talk to Navya whenever we want kyu Navya?" Navya laughed at their jokes and nudged Anant.

"Yeah yeah! Okay we both have something to tell you?"  Anant spoke excitedly. Appy interrupted.

"Navya you're not pregnant are you? Congratulations, it's not good already a masi at this young age oh god I am getting old" Navya was embarrassed and blushed quietly, Anant was shocked.

"Shut up Appy, now tells us Anant and Navya what do you need to tell us?" spoke Ritz on the other end. 

"Were going on a honeymoon to Mauritius" Navya and Anant spoke together they smiled.

"WHAT!!! YAYA!! Congratulations, WOW can't believe it you two on a honeymoon" Ritz spoke happily and they both jumped on the bed in happiness. The four of them laughed and spoke about all the ideas. "Guys we have to go now we are still packing for the clothes, how about you lot come to the airport at 12pm tomorrow tell Ranbir as well then you can meet us?" Anant spoke.

" Okay guys we will see you tomorrow by love birds" They both giggled and put the phone down Navya went a shade of red and walked to the suitcase and carried on packing the clothes. They finally went to sleep and slept in each other's arms.  Anant kissed Navya's head and hugged her tightly.

In the Morning

Anant and Navya woke up quickly and Navya was ready with the suitcases at the door. Sughanda knocked on the door and Navya opened it "Yes Ma?" Navya smiled and let her in.

"Navya beta have you got everything with you? I've just come to tell you that I trust you completely and it is lovely that you two are spending time with each other, just make sure you look after Anant you know how he is, he is very naughty but innocent" Sughanda spoke kind words about Navya but was worried.

"Ma, don't worry I am here I will take care of Anant completely I have never been to a different country but I will look after his every need just don't worry, I have got everything ready with me and everything is in the suitcase" Navya held Sughanda's hand and reassured her.  Sughanda blessed Navya by touching her head "Thank you beta, only if the rest of the family could see your kindness and big heart" Sughanda cried as she was proud of Navya.

"It's okay Ma, I'm always here for everyone and I promise I won't break your trust ever" Navya shared a special moment with Sughanda and Anant opened an eye to see their bonding relationship and smiled as he was sleeping. They both went downstairs to do the pooja before Navya and Anant left. It was 7am and the Bajpai's gathered downstairs. The loonies didn't look too happy but pulled fake smiles at Navya to approve of their happiness. They all did the aarti together and Navya and Anant performed it to make sure that they had a safe honeymoon as instructed by Baba. They took everyone's blessings and Anant got the suitcases " Baba we must leave now it's time for our check in and we must get there on time to make sure we don't miss the flight" Baba nodded happily and said " Yes Anant you are right you must go now otherwise you will be late" Baba agreed with Anant's suggestion. They all walked to the door to send them to the car. Sughanda was happy but also sad that they were leaving. They once again took everyone's blessings and Navya and Anant hugged Sughanda. Nimisha and Savita hugged Navya as well and were happy. Sughanda started crying and Navya wiped Sughanda's tears and shook her head saying not to cry. They sat in the car and the driver was going to drop them off at the airport. They both sat in the car and waved goodbye to them all. Anant held Navya's hand and hugged her as the car sped off to the airport. "I love you Navya, I don't want you to worry these three weeks will be the best time of your life, forget all the tensions all the worries and just think about me and you" Anant smiled looking down at Navya.

"I will Anant, I am not thinking about anything but just you, your always on my mind and you always will be" Navya lay her head on Anant's chest and smiled. They reached the airport and the driver took the luggage out for them. "Thanks bhaiya, you can go now" Anant spoke politely. Navya and Anant got their luggage and went into the departure area holding hands. As they walked in the gang jumped up in front of them they were surprised and scared at the sudden surprise. Anant and Navya breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "You scared us both" spoke Navya laughing at them.

"Oh sorry Mrs Bajpai, you should have held on to your beloved, there isn't anyone here now, you can relax, Navya why you wearing a sari? You're going to Mauritius you need to wear western clothes that's why I have bought you some dresses in a bag here?" Ritz said in a funny way. Navya's face dropped as she saw the dresses she was shocked at the clothes in the bag and had never dreamt of wearing them in her life.  There were 5 short western dresses, jeans and a few tops that she could wear she already had a couple of salwar kameez's with her in her suitcase with what she wore before marriage."Navya, wear them please you will look beautiful but make sure you don't take pictures of you and Anant when you are wearing them otherwise you will be in trouble!" Appy spoke cautiously.  "Don't worry Ritz and Appy" Navya reassured them both. Ranbir smiled at Anant and was extremely happy for both of them "Look after Navya when you go there Anant, have a lovely time Mr and Mrs Bajpai!" Ranbir and Anant hugged each other as it was time to check in as the voice over spoke "flight to Mauritius at 3pm, checking has now started for plane boarding" Navya, Ritz and Appy hugged each other in a group hug and they were all really happy. "Guys I have taken my laptop so we can video call you whenever we want so come online okay!" Anant spoke happily. "Okay Anant, you lot go now!" Ritz spoke excitedly.

"Byeee Guys we will miss you lots, love you all!" Anant and Navya waved and spoke together they went inside to the checking area and the gang waved back happily.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the SS I will post part 2 on this thread in a couple of days please read it and like and comment on it, it will also help to increase the rank as we are not far off from no 2 position! Enjoy!!! Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile The next one will have nothing but romance just imagine a three week suhaag raat im sure you will love it!! WinkWinkWink
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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
nycc post..Thumbs Up

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naveen_13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 8:45am | IP Logged
awesome awesome awesome honeymoon dear 
loved it great keep it up Clap

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ViraatMaanviLov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
great dear...waiting for SR

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thendi Groupbie

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 8:52am | IP Logged
...smiley...  superb ...  smiley...

    waiting  for  next part...           smiley...,,,

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kpm_madhu Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 9:13am | IP Logged
superb updateClap...loved very much.waiting for next partSmile

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sifarah Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Great style of writing, I loved your version of HM, waiting for the next update to see how they spend their HM.. Three weeks without loonies is really a treat...

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