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IPKKND FF: Rakshas (updated:16th April) (Page 3)

ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Clapawesome loved it
continue soonClap

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Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mollycoddle

simply awesome...why dont u post in IPK forum...u will get more readers...
Ok sugession ...i will put it in IPK forum.
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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
nice job.

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Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged
I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.
Chapter 3: A bad dream

Khushi saw herself running on a lonely road surrounded by woods in the dark with out her dupata. It was just moon light and she could see dim lights of a vehicle in the fog following her on tht road. She was running as fast as she can, breathing heavily, her breath hitching becoz of cold wind blowing in her opposite direction making it more difficult for her to run fast. suddenly she fell down and she saw her blood on her hands as she placed her hands on her forehead. She got up again and again tried to run but her legs were injured and she can't walk, she looked behind but got a sigh of relief as saw there was no one following her now. she heard some sounds in the wood and got scared. She thought no one can see her in the fog as the vehicle's lights were not there, deep inside she knew she was lying to herself when suddenly a hand from the woods grabbed her arm with a loud ever voice'MISS GUPTA'..!. She recognized the voice and started screaming to her highest pitch. When she heard her jiji's voice 'Khushi kya hua, Khushi uth na , Sapnay mein dar gayi kia?(what happened khushi?r u scared in ur dream?) Khushi opened her eyes , she was sweating badly, she hugged payal and thanked her DM tht it was just a dream. The effect was all becoz of tht harassment tht ASR did with her tht evening.

Payal:khushi bata na kia hua?(Khushi tell me wht happened?)

Khushi:wo'wo Laad Governer.(that...that Laad Governer)(her eyes opened wide as she remembered her dream, she looked horrified)Wo..Wo admi admi nahi rakhshas hy rakhshas'ab office k bad humain humary sapno me bhi akay daranay laga hy.(That..that man is a monster, he is haunting me in my dreams too after office) She made a puppy dog face.

Payal: tou ab wo laad governer tumhain sapnay me bhi daranay laga?(so now he is scaring u in ur dreams as well?)

Khushi: jiji pani.(Jiji a glass of water?)

Payal gave her a glass of water from the side table and said

Payal:khushi hum kehtay hain abhi issi wakt istefa likho aur usko dey aow.(Khushi em saying just write ur resignation right now and submit it in the morning)

Khushi was quite as she knew that it was not tht easy. Wht excuse can she make. But after all it was a matter of her repect. She can't compromise on that. She remember how he harassed her last night. And no body was there for help. Actually no body could help her coz she knew no one can go against him, every one was afraid of his power and authority and she was a mere girl, weakness was gifted to her naturally . she thought to herself scared but still confident on her strong inner self. She felt her respect in danger and tht was it. She got up from the bed and sat on her chair. And wrote her resignation letter. At last she decided to leave the job no matter wht the consequences could be ,after all they cant be as important as her respect.


She reached the office and nervously looked up at ASR's Office. He was already standing there welcoming her with an evil small smirk on his face. In fact he was waiting for her today, coz he knew it was THE DAY. The Day of his victory over Khushi kumara gupta. He didn't believed this little tiny thing succeeded in staying infront of him in his office for 4 5 days? He was not expecting such a long time stay when he observed her first from head to toe shivering and escaping eye contact with him as he continually looking into her beautiful big naughty eyes with feared filled in them that time. He expected she will leave in the first hour of her first day coz she cant stand him. but here she was back again the 5th day but this time with a diff reason and he was happy at this. He thought to him self. and sat back on his Big leather chair.

He heard a knock on his cabin's glass door. And commanded '."Come in'"

He was having his back towards her, he heard tiny foot steps coming into his office. She remained silent. He knew each and every acts of her already, it was expected. He turned toward her and said

ASR: Bolo... (Speak)

Khushi stand still staring here and there, she did'nt know how to talk, he saw her, she was still wearing her bag rather than leaving it on her desk down,it was unusual.

ASR: Speak up damit, mere pas pora din nahi hy tumari baat ka intizaar krnay k liye. (I don't have a whole day to wait untill u speak)

Khushi: Hum yeh job chorna chahtay hain. Yeh raha humara istefa. (i want to leave the job and this is my resignation)

ASR: (his smirk increased) Kun? Aur paisay nahi kamanay?(Why? u dont want to earn more money?)

Khushi: kuch chezain paison sy ziyada mehengi hoti hain. (some things are much more worthy than money)

ASR: aisi kia cheez hy tumhary pass jiskay kho janay ka tumhain itna dar hy.(still smirking)..(oh wht kind of things u have which u r afraid to loose?)

She felt his hot gaze penetrating in her body. She looked here and there in confusion, and he noticed tht. He stood up from his chair and walked towards her reducing the distance. She felt her breath stop.

ASR: bolo khushi Kumari gupta'aisa kia ho gaya hy jis ki waja sy tum aj haar mannay ko tayyar ho gai?(speak up KKG ,now wht has happened tht compeled u to accept tht u loose and i win?)

Khushi: (looked down and said angrily but in a low and shy voice) ap jantay hain k kya hua hy. Aur hum apki hr baat ka jawab dena zarori nahi samjhtay. (u already know wht has happened , and i dun find it important to answere all of ur questions).

She felt his gazes burning her skin at her words.

ASR: tum yahan sy tab tak nahi ja sakti jab tak apnay mun sy bata nahi deti k aisa kya hua hy? (u can't leave before u elaborate what has happened with u)(knowing fully but still want to listen as he felt enjoying her state, actually the man inside him was enjoying a girls shyness and tht gave him feeling of being superior and powerful over that tiny girl).

ASR: jao aur ja k apnay table py betho , aur jab tak tum mein yeh batanay ki himat nahi ajati tum iss office sy nikal nahi sakti' (go and sit on ur desk untill u gather some courage to tell me what has happened with u untill then u cant leave the office).he picked up the fone and called the guard on the main gate,'security,make sure Miss Khushi kumara Gupta yeh office chor k na jain jab tak mein na kahun.(Security ..make sure she dont leave untill i order u) And cut off the fone.

Khushi: Sir ap aisa nahi kr saktay, humain yahan sy jana hy, (sir why r u doing this , i want to go from there)(khushi said worriedly nearly weeping)

ASR: kun nahi kr sakta, yeh mera office hy aur me sab kuch kr sakta hun, ab jao aur ja k bolnay ki himat jama karo. OUT'! (why not..?i can do every thing, this is my office and u go and do as i say untill u dont have the courage to speak..OUT)

Khushi went down and sat on her table thinking wht to do.

ASR make sure she won't leave the office and decided to visit the location of his new project, he went down in the office from his cabin and some employees gathered him for taking his sign on some papers, he stopped to sign papers and looked at her desk, she was sitting there with a straight face, lost in her thoughts when Lavaniya came and threw a dress on her face.

Lavanya: chamkeli..yeh dress ASR ko dikha k aow. (Chamkeli go and show this dress to ASR).(unaware tht ASR is just there, she turned and walk away)

Khushi stood up and went to ASR who was already looking at her ,

Khushi: yeh Lavanya mam ny diya hy. (this ..Lavanya mam gave this to show u)

She tried to give tht dress to ASR and handed one cornet of the dress to him but saw a diamontie on the dress struck badly with her jorget shirt near her color bone. She tried to free herself but she could'nt, ASR while signing some of the remaining papers thought she is still holding the dress and pulled the dress from her causing her dress to torn from collor bone ,causing her strip to get visible. ASR just looked at her with voice of dress torning and then the place where the dress was torn and her strip visible. He realized wht he has just done and wht just happened. She looking at him with emotionless wide eyes, she thought he did this intentionally. Where as he just kept on staring her and tht torn place and the strip on her bare collor bone for a good 5 seconds when she suddenly slapped him. Every body in the office became shocked and scared of wht was just coming. ASR  closed his fist in anger and looked at her ,Extremly angry, he felt a volcano burring inside him , he wanted to grab her neck tht time and not leave her until she took her last breath. When khushi started shouting.

Khushi: Apki himat kaisy hui humary sath aisa krnay ki. '..?issi liye Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada, Issi liye hum yeh office chorna chahtay hain, jab apnay dekha ap sahi tarekay sy humain hara nahi saktay tou apnay ghalt rasta apna lia? Yeh haar humari nahi apki hy Mr. Raizada kun k humary liye jeet ka matlab sirf sahi tarekay sy hi hota hy, ghalat tarekay sy tou sirf buzdil jetay hain. Aur ap buzdil hain. (How dare u did tht, when u saw u can't fetch me down with the right way so u choosed the wrong approach? for me winning is all about from true means, but u r a coward becoz u used a wrong approach)

ASR was feeling his anger on 7th sky'.but when he realized tht if she did'nt stoped speaking, she can discuss wht has happened in the office last night and his employees could get a wrong impression of him, though he did'nt cared of them but all he was concerned was about Akash ..his brother who can hardly hide any thing from nani. And can create a greater mess if this news reached nani. So he urgently tried to stop her by throwing her out.

 he just shouted, SHUT UP'.security'uthao is larki ko aur bahar phaink do office sy. RIGHT NOW. (Security ..throw this girl out of my office right Now.)

Khushi: ap kia humain nikalain gy? Hum khud ja rahay hain yahan sy,(u dont need to ask them, em going my self )

ASR: (being a lill bit more loud) I said GET OUT'..!

Khushi: Shivered and ran towards the gate, covering her torn dress from her dupata.

Meanwhile ASR left from Office and thinking of murdering her as a revenge. Reminding every thing tht happened a few minutes ago, from her resignation to her slap'but suddenly his imaginations stopped when her torn dress came in his mind, imagining how silky her skin was and her strip on her bare shoulder gave him a new idea of taking revenge, he smirked while thinking and said to himself 'Ab tumhain tumhara bhagwan bhi nahi bacha sakta Khushi Kumari Gupta'Arnav singh Raizada ki bezti krnay ka anjam tum zindagi bhar yaad rakho gi, aur kuch anjam mout sy bhi buray hotay hain. (now even ur God cant save u KKG,u'll regret this for ur whole life. u'll have to pay for insulting me for ur whole life, and some punishments are much more worse than death)

Khushi came home and hugged payal. And told her every thing. Payal relaxed her and said

Payal: khushi jo bhi hota hy achay k liye hota hy, ab dekho na us ny tumhain khud nikala, ab us contract k 1 lack ki koi value nahi rahi. Yeh tumhara wahan akhri bura din tha, ab aram sy ghar me uthna jab bhi tumhara dil chahye, (every thing happens for good and as he threw u out himself so the clause for 1 lack is in ur favour, so u shd not to worry abt wht happened today, u shd start an new life from tommoro this was ur last problematic day there and u can relax in ur home now as he'll not tease u any more now)

Khushi nodded at her tht she agree wht she is saying but she herself don't know why she was so scared , as her 6th sense was telling her some thing worse is gona come in her life.

Link For the list of my other work

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awesome update loved it arnav is behaving like a total jerk and control freak thanks for the pm thank you so much for the translation arnav is his own enemy god lord he is so ruthless and stubborn wonder what he will do next he seem to have lustful feeling for her 

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Originally posted by dumas

awesome update loved what i could understand please put english translation please arnav is behaving like a total jerk and control freak thanks for the pm
exactly he is a total jerk and a villian himself in the OS, no shyam etc. i will try harder not to put shyam as a villian but cant promise. and i am working on translation dear, i'll pm u when em done.thanks for liking. Smile

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Awesome part dear...
Loved it..

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awesome dear   

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