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IPKKND FF: Rakshas (updated:16th April)

Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 7:56am | IP Logged
[/copy] I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.
Author's note: "I condemn indirect bashing in the name of constructive critisism, if u really feel like being constructive... pm me, i wont eat u"
This FF is Based on Arnav and Khushi. (leading Charachter's of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon)
The Concept of this FF is a "Rakshas Felling In Love With His Prey" after hunting her. Making her life miserable and Loving her at the same time. Villian is ASR himself and No 3rd party involve in their relation , any kind of relationship ..may it be physical or mental, love or hate, relief and pain, is only between two of them.
The FF starts after khushi signed contract for AR group of companies and ASR welcome her to Hell'.

Khushi was standing infront of her ,he took large steps to reach her in the conference hall, to throw her out of this hall like he did some minutes ago, inside his heart he was sure he can scare her by coming closer any time , as he has always seen the horrified expressions on her face when ever they meet. He was so damn sure tht she'll back off..but suddenly he saw her moving her steps forward towards him , she took one step and stopped, he was amazed to the core of his heart by this act of dare she did. He got to knew many new things about her tht very second, tht she is not an ordinary girl, she has a pride tht she always carried, she has an ego and a mind of her own, she was not wht she look like form her appearance and attire, she was some thing else.

ASR was stunned to knew all these facts yet amazed and curious to know how this tiny tieny thing standing infront of him carries such a long list of things in her body? And for wht reason she was so stubborn and proud? As she has no money and tht was obvious but for wht reason she has such a proud and different persona'? (as for ASR every thing came from money).

Curiosity grew in ASR's mind 'to know her more, to discover her mind some more and to know the answers of the his questions about her personality. He finally signed the contract for Khushi Kumari Gupta to join AR group of companies with an added clause of one lack payment if she leaves the office herself'. For him tht was a drama'as he wanted to make sure tht she remains  in contact her to over come his curiosity.

Precap: ASR torn Khushi's dress by mistake but Khushi thinking it intentional slaps him in front of many people'.! ASR thinking of a revenge thts gona make any girl's life a hell in this world.

Guys encourage me if u want me to write more'also give me some ideas too'I want to put wht u guys like'and shyly hehehe thts my first ever OS so please bear with me'but do leme know the mistakes ...they are most wellcomed

Part 2: Harrassment...see the 6th post on page one.
Part 3: A bad dream 
Part 4: Kidnapping
Part 5: ASR's Revenge
Part 6: Bad Dream Shifted
Part 7: Skin's Adiction
Part 8: My Sin Facing Me :
Part 9: Burning Desires:
Part 10: Possessive ASR
Part 11: The Hotel Room Horror
 Part 12: A Bad News
Part 13: A Strange Fact
Part 14: Final Decision
Part 15: Feeling Complete
Part 16: Wedding Bells
Part 17: Starting Life With Rakshas
Part 18: Khushi Teased
Part 19: Love Is Uncontrolable
Chapter 20: MY CHOICE
Chapter 21: Protected
Chapter 22: Hot Stuff
Chapter 23: Sweet Tortoure
Chapter 24: New Colors
Chapter 25: The half Truth
Chapter 26: A new Start
Link For the list of my other work

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ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged

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Bunny_Bear IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Really nice. Please continue.Smile

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.lostinthought. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Nice one yaar! Thumbs Up

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rushshri IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Gud 1 to start. Keep dem coming.

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PriyaxBassi Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Awesome work for your first work!Clap

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Black_Paradize IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
I hold the soul ownership of all my work and concept and nobody should produce it without my permission.
Chapter 2 : Harassment

Khushi nearly banged her head with the glass door and came back to her senses'she was called by ASR to his office , it was her 4rth day in AR and she had already cried a lot becoz of this man, he was serious when he said those words "welcome to hell" she thought while walking towards his office, and thinking wht new punishment he has suggested for me for this minor mistake of joining AR companies.

ASR did'nt reacted or even moved his eyes upon the sound of the glass and her head and without looking at her said 'Come in'

Khushi looked at him scared of his new punishment or Work he has assigned for her and why he has stopped her from leaving and ordered her to stay at office after office hours, swallowed in her throat and said ..Sir..apnay humain bulaya? Kya hum ghar ja saktay hain? Humain bohot dair ho chuki hy aur office bhi sara band ho chukka hy, humary ghar walay pareshan hun gy.(Sir did u called me to ur office?can i go home , its already been too late , my family would be worried.)

ASR cutted her 'tumharay ghar walay yah tum? Aur tumhain jab bolnay ka kaha jaye tabhi bola karo, mujhay tumhari bakwas sunnay me koi interest nahi hy.(ur family would be worried or u r urself? and u shd not speak untill i ask u to, i dun have enough time to listen to u)

Khushi urged ..likin Sir raat k 8 baj rahy hain, hum ghar kaisay jain gy?aur office ka time tou 5 bajay tak hy na..phir apnay'(But sir its already 8 pm how would i go home?office timing is till 5 pm but u just...)she suddenly stop when she saw him getting from his big black latter chair and coming toward her slowly..looking her from head to toe with some extra attention to some specific areas like a scanner, with his trade mark smirk'this time a little more evil'becoz he was having a different plan this time'khushi shivered at this and tried to cover her chest with her dupata, within these 4 days he came to realize tht khushi really was a hard worker and no matter wht kind of work is given she succeeded and accompolished her task and he was stunned to see her efficiency'. So he planed to harass her so tht she shd leave, becoz he knew  respect was a thing she can never compromise on or may be he wanted to test tht, or to belive,  wht he thought abt her was right or wrong.

Khushi shredded and took steps back as he came closer, and uttered a faint protest'Sir ye ap kya kr rahy hain'(Sir plz..wht r u doing?)but soon she felt her self pinned against the glass door. She started breathing heavily. ASR took a look on her breathing and felt good inside him seeing her afraid of him.

ASR slid his hand down on her arm from shoulders to hand in a very delicate manner 'allowing her to feel his rough touch'..Khushi closed her eyes and started reciting DM DM DM, when she felt a paper in her hand which ASR handed in her hands after touching her arm fully'.for some time he forgot why he was doing this, he forgot the actual reason for this act as started thinking in his mind about her soft and porcelain skin, how tiny her delicate arms are, and how nazuk, smooth and soft her hands are compared to his, he thought but did'nt showed on his face wht he was thinking keeping his evil smirk on his face , when suddenly she opened her eyes and he came back to senses. Main chahta hun tum kal ki metting k liye yeh letter type kr k mujhy abhi do'(i want u to type this letter for tommoro's meeting right now)she look at him suddenly. And said 'likin Sir metting tou kal 1 bajay hay ,hum yeh letter apko kal subha hi type kr k dey dain gy jaldi.(but sir the meeting is tommoro 1 pm, i will do this tommoro morning early) He was still pinning her against the glass door, while hearing this he just reduced the distance between them a little more...seeing this she just realized tht she messed with him by saying this and hurriedly said .."OK sir"'tried to run off from there almost snatching the letter from his hand when he grabbed her arm and she strike back to his body, she could feel him behind her,  she felt her breath stop for a moment ,terrorized by his touch. Evil smirk disappeared and his stern face back.

Meri baat ab tak khatam nahi hui, tumhain kitni dafa batana parega k jab tak meri baat khatam na ho mun mat mora karo.(how many times i have to tell tht dont dare to turn away untill i am not finished talking) Khushi was quite now and was thinking how to escape the Rakshah in him was growing gradually. Khushi murmured 'ap humain chorain gay tou hum type karein gy na'(how can i type untill u let me go?)

ASR:yahan mere samnay beth kr mere laptop py. (there infront of me in my office on my laptop)

Khushi: likin Sir hum apnay computer pr kr k apko laa dein gy.(but sir..i will do it on my computer and will bring it back to u)

ASR: Shut up Khushi kumara gupta mujhy tumhary suggessions nahi chahye, jitna kaha jaye utna karo .(shut up Khushi kumari gupta i dun need ur suggessions ,just do as i say)

He almost threw her on the chair in his office and sat infront of her on his chair.she setteled her self and tried to behave normal. While she was typing she felt his gaze penetrating her body. She felt a terror inside her'as she knew he had a girlfrnd, so wht was the cause of looking at her like tht, tht too this time of the day when nobody's around and the office is empty. He got up from his chair and started taking rounds in his office and came and stand on her back, pretending to check wht she was typing he leaned down a little keeping his hand on her chair's back intentionally touching her bare back. She shivered on his touch and look behind , he was too close , she swallowed in her throat and thought of the situation again and she thought not to be afraid and fight back. ASR still had his touch on her back. When she said angrily 'Hath hataye' (get ur hands off me)ASR looked at her with his evil smirk as he was happy tht he succeeded and was enjoying her state. Hum ny kaha hath hataye'(i said get ur hands off me) she got up from the chair breaking his touch' Hum abhi issi wakt ghar ja rahay hain'.(i am leaving for home right now)as she tried to left he grabbed her again and twisted her both wrists behind her back ,his chest was touching hers ,afraid of the proximity and her wrist's pain , khushi started crying and sobbing'ASR took a brief notice on her face,on her eyes , tiny nose , and her soft pink lips, admiring her  innocence in heart but soon negative emotions took over and he said'Kun Khushi kumara gupta, dar gaye? Abhi tou sirf shurwat hy, poray 10 din aur baki hain. Mainay kaha than a, tum mere agay tik nahi pao gi.(why KKG r u afraid? 10 more days are remaining and its just the begining, i told u already, u cant stand me) Looking straight in her eyes but she was trying to avoid him and was crying'becoz of pain, she felt her wrists broken becoz of his grip and uttered a painful cry ,his power was a way too much on her he felt her tinny bones crunching sounds under his hands and loosen his grip, realizing he was putting too much pressure on her' suddenly she felt the grip on her wrists loosen a bit and took advantage and run away from there '.but this time he did'nt stoped her, as he know he has to left some thing for the other days as well...if she does'nt resign tommoro'he was sure tht after this incidence she will be afraid and will resign.

Khushi was running towards her home while thinking about the time some minutes ago and continuously crying. She reached home crying , payal rushed towards her seeing her crying and asked '.Kya hua khushi bata na'Khushi bata kia hua? (khushi tell me wht happened , tell me khushi)'khushi while crying and sobbing'.jiji wo Lard governer and started crying again'(jiji tht laad governer ...)suddenly payal saw her hands and was shocked to see bruises on both of her hands 'and asked ..Khushi bata yeh kis ny kia?kahin us Lard governer ny tumharay sath kuch ghalat tou nahi kia? Tu theek tou hy na khushi?(how does these bruises came from? tell me wht he did? or he did some thing wrong with u...?r u safe?) Khushi hugged payal'.bua ji was not at home. After some time when Payal succeded to relax khushi and she stopped crying , Khushi told her every thing about wht ASR did with her and how she found a chance and escaped. Payal suggested her to resign the very next day as she was scared tht he might harm khushi again and wht if he succeded this time? They cant do anything against him as they knew who was he and how cleverly he can use his money for winning the case. Payal shurdded at this though and pated khushi who was now sleeping soundlessly like nothing happened.

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome love it con soon :) x 

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