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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #17  
Truly Madly Deeply

Breaking News

>> Forum people are VAMPIRES now as they are DEAD after watching such freaking hot scenes
>> Minu and Khushi are busy in drooling ASR
>> Fairy and Shine are still  fighting that who can dream in arnie
>> Arnav is taking training how to be vampire as few grls told him that he looked hottest person on earth after that vampire ACT
>>Khushi  is again planning how to make ASR jealous
>> Mami has finally planned to learn ABCD after acting like primary school student
>>Nani and Anjali bulbs are glowing with 1000 watt
>> Shayam found new love in his brother scorpio
>>Akash  will now go to some school with his mom so that he can learn some courage 


Thanks to everyone who takes alot of pain to make the newsletter always the rocking one and to stand out on
 whole India Forums. You guys really deserve a round of applause for non-stop sending ur stuff and contribution
 and to readers who alws appreciate efforts

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

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Anjali sees the letter A on Khushi's hand and also the smirk on Arnav's face , Anjali begins to speculate  about the dynamics between Khushi and Arnav .. An embarrassed Khushi makes good her escape..
The Haldi ceremony begins with Buaji discovering that they had not given Akash's Shagun Dress, Khushi is dispatched to give it back , A reluctant Khushi comes to RM praying all the while  to her DM to not to see Arnav, As luck would have it , Arnav is the first person she sees .. Khushi bursts into laughter  on seeing a Haldi smeared face of  Arnav..A irked  Arnav swiftly pulls out her dupatta, wipes his face with it and walks away to the office after reminding her about the dare ...NK sees her and both Khushi and NK walk in, Shyam is watching this in silent fury ...
Khushi hands over the bag to Anjali who tells Khushi to keep the Bag in her room ..Anjali also tells  Khushi to select bangles  from the case  kept in the hall..Khushi goes to the room of Anjali  to place the bag containing Akash's shagun Dress when suddenly, her duppatta is tugged  from behind, turning around,  Khushi is shocked to find Shyam  trying to wipe away the Haldi, Khushi angrily pulls away the duppata from Shyam's grasp..Shyam tries to ingratiate himself into the good books of  Khushi but Khushi rebuffs him , walks away from him..
Khushi goes into the hall , begins to select the bangles design along with Nk, when Arnav walks in , sees them together and  begins to get jealous ..Khushi realizes that  Arnav is not liking her proximity with NK , she mischievously decides  to rile Arnav further, begins to play up to NK much to Arnav's annoyance .. while checking out various bangles, a bangle  slides down and falls, Khushi bends down to pick it up  exposing her bare back which is admired by NK..Arnav catches  NK looking at Khushi inappropriately and in controlled anger covers Khushi's bare back with her hair, glares at a ashamed NK.. Khushi is unaware of this byplay, chides Arnav for loosening her tresses An angry Arnav scolds Khushi   before Khushi can retort  the trio are called by Anjali to the swimming pool ... Khushi leaves first , Naniji calls her and quietly explains that her back dori has opened , Khushi understands the reason for Arnav's action, casts a grateful glance at Arnav who acknowledges with a smile ..Anjali shows the decoration she has done for the couple and seeks out Khushi's opinion.. A exuberant Khushi kisses  every one  on the cheek  for their good ness and without a pause Kisses Arnav too, leaving the assembled people including Arnav shocked  ... A stunned Khushi mumbles an apology leaves brushing  by a seething Shyam who had been watching this bplay ...
A dazed Arnav gives chase, corners  Khushi by the main door , demands an answer from her,, Khushi recovers her poise , says she kissed him bec of the kiss and leaves a shaken  Arnav to sort out his haywire emotions..
A alerted Anjali and Nani decide to test the waters , approach Arnav  to find out his feelings about Khushi ..They are delighted to see Arnav burning in jealousy when he thinks that Anjali and Nani wants  Khushi to marry NK ..he stalks off in irritation
In his Bed room, Shyam has called up somebody and is enquiring about the properties of ether ...He wants to immolate Anjali !!
The Gupta's come to the RM for the Havan ...The havan is proceeding  with PAYASH as the first couple , displeasing Shyam who has sprayed Anjali with ether adn wants to  immolate her as soon as possible  ...The Gupta's realize that they have forgotten Ghee at house itself..Khushi pips up  volunteering to go and get it ehrself, Buaji demurs citing the lateness of the hour, before Arnav could open his mouth, NK pips up offering to  go with Khushi ... A reluctant Khushi looks at  Arnav wanting  him to step up but he just contents himself with a bland stare and watches  jealously as  a miffed Khushi and NK walk out...His jealousy is watched  in amusement by Anjali and Nani ...
About an hour elapses , NK and Khushi have not returned, Arnav gets increasingly frantic as all his calls to Khushi  goes unanswered .. A calm Anjali comes and provokes Arnav further ..completely oblivious of the signals he is sending out, Arnav decides  to go out in search of Khushi and NK himself..Anjali eggs him on..
Arnav leaves for Gupta house , does not find NK or Khuhsi there , returns and on the way he finds that there had been an accident .. Arnav spies some broken bangles and shoes of Khushi, On enquiry he is told that  there were two ppl, a guy and a girl and that the girl is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance ..Arnav  is shocked  and thinks that the girl is Khushi, he runs after the Ambulance but is unable to catch it... A broken and devastated Arnav stands on the deserted road crying as he thinks Khushi has gone from him forever ... Arnav runs back to the spot he had parked his vehicle .. He climbs into hurriedly and is about to start the vehicle when he hears a familiar voice, Arnav looks at the rear view mirror in disbelief , there standing bargaining with a channa vendor is Khushi ..Arnav sags in relief only to jerk up in anger.. he shuts the door of the safari with a thud, walks up and gives a severe dressing down to Khushi...he is almost on the verge of confessing his inner most thoughts when he takes control of himself, takes a step back...NK chooses this moment  to interrupt them, He hands over  the Ghee and also some bangles to Khushi as gift..On  rude enquiry from Arnav, Nk replies that Khushi broke the strap of her slippers and also broke her bangles... A  furious Arnav orders Khushi to come with him, commands NK to repair the vehicle and follow them... Khushi tries to protest  but her protest is over rode,  A sulking Khushi gets into the Jeep, and goes with  Arnav ignoring him and maintaining total silence ...Arnav is missing the talkative Khushi  but is wisely holding himself in check ...A curious Khushi checks the bag, finds NK's bangles and tries to put it on..Khushi discovers that it is too small for her... A jealous Arnav who was watching Khushi trying on the bangles is quite pleased that the  bangles are ill-fitting , snidely comments that NK does not even know Khushi's size ...Khushi sharply retorts that  it is thoughts that count , silencing Arnav ... In a mulish mood, Khushi puts on her bangles forcefully, a piece of the bangle breaks and fixes itself on to Khushi's wrist...Khushi cries out in sharp pain.. Arnav is shocked and shouts at her for  trying out the bangle despite knowing that it was small..
Meanwhile in RM, Flower decorators have come and they identify Payal as the girl who was jilted at the altar..A row breaks out at RM .. Maami pounces on Gupta's for hiding the issue, Buaji tries to tell her that they did inform Akash but Maami does not allow them to enter edgewise , Akash finally manages to say that Payal had already informed him about the broken wedding ... Nani is mollified and manages the issue, tells Maami never to bring  up this matter again.. Payal is disappointed in Akash..Akash promises her that he will never hide anything from her, A twinge of guilt strikes  Payal as she remembers the fact that she had kept quiet about Shyam..
Arnav  provides first aid to Khushi , a brief  Rabba vey moment exchanged  and again both  drive ... Arnav drops Khushi at RM, tells her to go in  and  he himself goes out somewhere ...Khushi comes into the house , hands over the  Ghee  , turns and sees Arnav with a bag ... both feel awkward..seizing a moment, Khushi escapes into a room to freshen up..when she comes after washing her  face, she finds a bag with her name on it .. A curious Khushi opens the bag , discovers  bangles,  Khushi smiles   in happiness, picks out the bangles and tries it on, it is a perfect fit...Khushi sees the reflection of Arnav in the mirror , realizes that Arnav has gifted her the bangles ..Khushi faints in disbelief .. A surprised yells out and Khushi is placed on the bed
Khushi revives , she asks an anxious Arnav whether he was the one who got her bangles,  A embarrassed Arnav wards of Khushi's questions, tells  Payal to fetch Khushi down and walks away leaving Khushi frustrated ...
The Havan begins , Arnav waits anxiously wanting to see whether Khushi has put on the bangles or not.. Khushi deliberately covers her hands and walks down , not allowing any glimpse of her hand..Arnav is stumped , just then Anjali comes  n hands him the prasad .. with presence of mind , Arnav takes the prasad plate from  Anjali , picks a laddoo and gives it to Khushi , Khushi tries to take it  with her wrist covered but intervention of Buaji forces her to uncover her wrist and a triumphant Arnav notices that Khushi is indeed wearing his bangles...
Khushi comes  behind Arnav, asks him whether he was the one who gifted her bangles..Arnav pleads ignorance ... Khushi is determined to get him to admit the truth.. Khushi pretends to dislike the bangles and loudly says that it is utter rubbish in the hearing of Arnav, egged on by Anjali , Khushi even adds that she will remove the bangles as soon as she reaches home... A naughty Anjali seeking to provide some privacy to the couple cleverly sends Khushi to the Pool side ...Arnav follows Khushi ..
By the Pool side, Khushi  demands to know the truth, but Arnav declines to state it, Khushi invokes the Sangeet Challenge , gets him to admit that he indeed was the one who bought the bangles for her...Khushi is touched and overjoyed .. Arnav flatly refuses to answer her and bumps into Shyam who was watching them .. Arnav walks away after apologizing to Shyam  while Shyam looks on angrily at Arnav and at a happily smiling Khushi who is admiring the bangles given to her by Arnav ..

Look who turned matchmakers this week!
Yes, ofcourse our IPKKND's very own, newly surfaced and cutest matchmaking duo - Anjali and Nani. The duo witnessed Khushi kissing Arnav in front of everyone and suddenly both their tube-light brains seem to flicker ever so brightly. Instead of being silent spectators, they decide to do something about the obvious feelings between Aranv and Khushi. While Anjali was a little bit worried over the fact that her Chotey won't admit so easily, Nani used her 'Chotey ki Nani' wala brain and formed a plan.
They cornered an unsuspecting Arnav and started to speak loudly about bringing Khushi in the house as a daughter-in-law. Making him curious and damn uncomfortable, they also asked him about the opinion stating that it would be foolish to let go of someone like Khushiji when they can easily bring her home. Though pretending to be nonchalant, Arnav listens to the dialogues in sharp attention. Upon being asked his opinion, he gives up the game and starts stammering something about him and Khushi. 
The Matchmaking-Duo, however, had different plans and blatantly informed him that they were talking about NK and Khushi, not Khushi and Arnav! This makes the poor guy flip so bad, thus confirming Nani and Anjali's doubt on his growing feelings for Khushi Kumari Gupta. Arnav storms off the place stating 'whatever' when it was clear for everyone that he was fuming at the concept of NK with his Khushi.
Brilliantly performed by all three actors. The reaction of Arnav hearing about NK & Khushi was so classic that it set the scene apart prettily. And it would be sin not to mention the little antics and eye-signaling Nani and Anjali kept doing throughout the week, specially Anjali counting Tick Tick One, Tick Tick Two to see how long it takes for Arnav to follow Khushi to poolside. 
It was a very entertaining week, so drool on old scenes, don't get way too much bothered about the precap, Happy Weekend!

I'm sure its not just me but all of us wanted to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Shyam for daaloing buri nazar on our ArHi. Yes, I am talking of when he was glaring at Khushi for admiring the bangles given by Arnav. How dare he eavesdrop on ArHi?Angry
One more scene which got on my nerves was Manorma shouting at Payal for 'hiding' the truth of her broken marriage from her and refusing to even listen to her!Ermm

Hi to all my lovely shovely, dhinchak ArHilicious DroolersHug,
Isn't the show just on a roll these daysStar?

          ArHi are on their magical, romantic best these days and its all thanks to PayAsh's wedding sequenceThumbs Up. We are getting doses over doses of cute ArHi momentsHeart, but the one that I will call this week's ArHilicous Achari Scene of the week is when Khushi is in Arnav's car and she's trying on the bangles NK brought her and since they are of a smaller size than her wrist, a bangle break and pierces her wristShocked. Khushi shrieks, and Arnav scolds her about trying to wear a bangle that was a few sizes too small. Arnav care for Khushi has magnified 1000x now since he saw the aftermath of a girl's accident who he presumed to be KhushiBig smileApprove. Must commend Barun for his excellent acting skills in that sceneCool. He told brought Arnav to life in that scene. Kudos SobtClapi!.. Keep delivering us such magnificent scene to cherishApprove. Well returning to the Achari scene, Arnav gets out of his car, Moves over to Khushi's side and takes out the bangle from Khushi's wrist from his mouth BlushingDay Dreaming
          He then dropped Khushi home and went to buy some bangles for his lady love. Arnav's very first gift for Khushi. The khadoos, rakshas 'Lard Governor' first gift to our Jalebi girl 'bangles'... has to be a golden moment going down in ArHi's romance history. Well lets see what the CVs have in store for us next week., With love, MahiHeart

Hi fellow Arhi droolers Hug
It was a gr8 week in IPK history...Ishq hi Ishq hai...Embarrassed Jealous Arnav n Provoking Kh...gr8!
Coming 2 fillers...Mami n Co...wat was the use of Payal's cough other than Mami's never ending taunts n her ridiculous dream?!
And Anjali-Nani  hi5 aftr each n every dialog...I know I know they r excited...but still...they r eating screen time(I know I m biased to ARhi, well who s not LOL)
Bagi All was well
Waiting for another gr8 week...till then

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hello me back again to disturb uLOL last week was week full of surprises, transitions, romance, care, concern love etc etc! so without any doubt d BC award goes to none other thn... [oops its a tie again] ok frnds i really feel hppy cz a handsome bro nd cute sister has won d best character. Wink
Anjali: chotte... look we r in d bc title after a long tym.
Arnav: di im alwys in d BC list. its u entering after a long tymLOL
Anjali: haan ur rite. let me take my thaali nd do puja.
Arnav: di if u do puja again, thn u'll enter into most irritating character of d weekClap
Anjali: is it so? acha teek hai i wont take. but can u tell me chotte who will be in dat list?
Arnav: [thinking] who else ofcourse ur husband my jeejaji.
Anjali: hey bhagwan [faints]Wink
its after a long tym dat this bro nd sis had came to this list. they were really awesme in last week's epi. so i'll be showing d best sides of both of them separately. first as usual i'll strt with my hottieWink
eventhough arnav is nt ready to reveal his true feelings to khushi. he really loves her nd she is d second most imp person in his life. he thinks dat he is nthing if she sees nt there. that was clear when arnav said khushi :''wat if i lost u?'' he taunts her everytym cz he loves him. his true feelings for her came out when she was missing. he felt lost dat tym. he wasnt knowing wat to do. if again felt bad for hurting khushi everytym as a result he decided to hurt himself. he was pressing d bangles nd hurting him. when he saw khushi he felt hppy dat wat he feared didnt hppen. he really felt angry to khushi for making him tensed. dats y he scolded her actually he was showing his true feelings for her. he was trying to show his true feelings to her but failed. when khushi got hurt he was telling her to be careful nd wat would've hppned if her vein got cut!! again he cant sufferWink 
arnav's concern for khushi was shown when he bought d bangles for her. he was checking whether she was wearing it nd felt hppy dat she liked it. when she fainted he was d one who is most tensed nd was nt knowing wat to do. finally he admitted dat he is d one who bought d bangles. but he wont tell d reason because of his ego. 
Arnav is nt only a gud lover but an awesme brother too. when anjali said dat wat if she passes away, he tells her nt to tell dat nd assures her it wont hppen. he really cares nd loves her di. eventhough he is in love with khushi he also cares for her di. have to say he is balancing his love nd care towards both. nd barun's acting has to be appreciated. ur a true actor barun.
talking abt anjali, she is d best sister a person can get. hw much he cares for her brother. i have to say she loves her brother more thn her husLOL when she came to know dat arnav nd khushi r in love, she feels hppy nd tries to unite them. she tried her level best to make arnav open his heart but she couldnt. but frm arnav's indirect behaviour she understood dat hw much he loves khushi. she understands her brother alot. eventhough it took a lot of tym for her to realise abt arhi love, hppy dat she understood dat nw. she purposely sent khushi to poolside as she knows arnav will go behind her. she doesnt allow anyone to interrupt their convo, even NK. its cz of her dat arhi came to realise abt each other again. thnku so much anjaliji. keep up d gud work. have to say daljeet's acting nd expressions were so cute. this two r d best bro nd sister of telly wood!
ok dat 's all. hope u liked it. see u next week with more spices nd romance!

Hello peeps!

 The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he is present on screen. This week who topped the list is none other than Mamiji.

 The woman irritated us to extreme lengths. In Thursday's episode, she didn't even bother about Khushi fainting though she should have considering she is Payal's sister. Coming to the other topic, as Nani said, how can she be so cold hearted towards Payal if she herself was lucky enough to find a family like this in her youth?  She should be thankful and should accept Payal wholeheartedly. I really didn't get the reason for her unwanted attitude.  Oh and didn't she almost accept her as her daughter-in-law??

What happened all of a sudden that she decided to call off the wedding? Just because the girl's first marriage couldn't take place. It's disheartening to see such woman in the society. It is actually because of them that domestic problems are always on the rise. Sigh. Well, that's it for this week. Take care and loads of love!Embarrassed

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section..i hope u guys had am amazing week and are still day dreaming about ArHi...they are so adorable i tell you.Embarrassed

So anyways coming to the funniest character award. This week the funniest character award goes to none other then our very on KKG...That girl surely know how to make ASR smile and also how to piss him off. Her nok jhok with ASR and the bangles talk was hilraious...!!
Nk is no good these days...even his Hindi mistakes look fake...(no offence to anyone who lurves him) so all i gotta say is NK ji m sure u can do better then this and being funny doest not mean being stop acting like a primary kid and grow some yea i just said that...u need to do better then this in order to beat KKG...u see she has some major feelings for this award and she won't give it away that easy..!
So this is it for now folks..c u later...till then CUT IT..!

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there are quite a few pics which i can't take my eyes OFF, thanks to Sobti's Tuesday acting and his ultra tempting Vampirish bloodsucking/banglepicking ways Stern Smile
But this HAS to be the moment! what if i lost you? Heart Love how both of them did that.. concern from him, confusion from her .. and the whole story of farakh padna.. LOL..

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Helooo felaaas!hope you guys are doing good..

 Just like last week this week has been mind-blowing and Arhilicious too..

 So here are the best bloopers I could locate throughout the week.. 


Apan ke Arnav babua is so smart, he keeps running in the same square again and again,and hum ulle de patheStern Smile, we're thinking he's been running and running like in a marathon for his Khushi.. Big smileBig smile


Kaise??see for yourself ((warning:don't start drooling over the hotwa,now notice something beyond himWinkSilly))---notice the barricades in the background LOLWink,the red arrows direct towards those Big smile

The above snaps were clicked in continuity


 And oyeee yeh kya??abhi toh there was no chane wala around Arnav bituwa's gaddi,and when he's back in his car ,there is chane wala,chudiyan wala, hustle and bustle and other mini stalls in the back ground,..khair its okay,ARHI gave us such sizzling scenes here that I forgive the editorsBig smile!!hmph!



Of course I'm tired of writing, please CV's and editing unit, try and manage the scenes for the actors, hate when u guys use body double's in place of the real actorsCry and try to bring continuity in scenes, esp at places like where you switched arnav's shoes while he was running behind that ambulance Confused


 PSS::guys don't take these bloopers to heart, these are discussed just for fun and positivity, I don't like pointing them out too, but kya karun awful editing just strikes my eye anytime and every time..Hoping for them to be reduced or we get rid of them in the future Big smile

Hey Guys... I am back Cool
Well I don't want to do any description of this Dialogue, all i want to tell is that, In this Dialogue, ASR showed how much he cares for KKG! But nor yet to ILY.. Hope he does that soon.. Embarrassed

ASR to KKG: Samajhti kya ho tum apne aap ko? Kitni der se dhoond raha hoon mein tumhe. apna phone ghar par chod diya aur NK bhi apna phone nahi ootha raha tha. Tum Ghar pe bhi nahi mili aur Raste mein mujhe ye mila (showing the broken bangle) Mujhe Laga...Do you even know what i am going through? Pata hai kitna pareshan tha mein, mujhe laga ki... mujhe laga ki maine tumhe kho diya. Aur tum yahan... Aur tum yahan chana... (cupping her face) Agar uss ambulance mein tum hoti toh? I would've lost u!


It was a WOW dialogue.. Day Dreaming Can't say anything after that.. Blushing

Pride and Glory
His Little Paradise Of Happiness In Her

She closes her eyes, he takes her hand,
The pain he tries to hard yet emerged with her soul,
Let him hold her tonight under the starlit sky.
Feeling the breeze of night and letting worries die
For he's a knight in shining armor by her every side,
When she left, he was just an empty soul in lonely streets,
When she left, his life blacks out in a blink of an eye,
Clouds Drift in , he feels her Pain stand solitude in desolation
On the edge of a Chasm, Inviting Cold Hating Who he, 
A Man with No Soul, choking and sobbing
Can  she hear his Cries of Anguish and Despair,
To Live or Die Do she even care, he's lost?
A broken heart is what he feels Iead him in flowing tears
The sorrow from this loneliness gives way to deepest fears
He hurts inside from losing her life
Often asking why? How could this end so suddenly?
He feels like as he could die in secs,
Life standstill, but shines as a paradise of tulips
For once you loves come backs as a smiling roses,
He vows to take away, heal all her anguish,
Never ever let her go, so many words  go unspoken,
Clouds of love tranquil with rain drops of dew,
He found her love as a beautiful surprise of fate,
Dark feelings washed with a waves of happiness
And he treasured her love with a gift of Love,
Her heart is the deep darkness of the night sky, 
Each love of him,sparkling, twinkling Shining as a splendid glowing love, 
Echoes of bangles catches up the tunes of her heart,
Whispers of sweet lullabies in his life, drifting him in love,
As he found a castle of dreams in his hopeless life,
She found her dreamland of desires in him.

The above lines are echoing the sentiments of True Love whose journey has  gone through with lots of obstacle, though the angst and distress his heart received by her abrupt disappearance has turned unendurable for him. What he supposed to be, isn't ruling over his present. The Man who died many deaths within few secs within the fear of loosing her. Thus, when his mind legitimately shines with happiness that his Love is safe and sound her heart brightens up with candle glow. For him, she's his eternal love and always till be till the death. 

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Andheri Raat, by --Nargis--, Janet.Das, romantic.chick and -rushtrip-
Here's your gift.


Here's your gift!

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by ishu 

by anya <3 

Here's your gift!


by aish 

Made by: -Fatz-

Here is ur gift

Made by: .Sanayaa.

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

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Dogs Tail !! by tanthya (Sathya)

Here's your Gift:

Here's your Gift:

The rating will have to be 4.5 outta 5. The week was blasting with Arnav and Khushi coming close to accepting their feelings! It's great to see Arnav in this cute avatar. I'm falling in love with the character more and more each passing day! For the .5 decrease will have to be because of Mamiji. The situation she arose was neccesarry. I agree. But the way she was speaking even when elderly (naniji) was present, I found that bit uncalled for. In life, one just doesn't speak back to their mother-in-law like that. That's the only reason! Or else, the week deserved a 5 fur sure. Just my self-respect that I have for my own beliefs doesn't allow me to give it a 5. Embarrassed 

See you all next week Droolers Hug


This Time CVs I have no message for u guys just one message you guys are awesome. But 1 request that I have been requesting you guys since forever that Shayam track really needs end. And  except that  everything on the show is going just amazing and ArHilicious. But we do demand for frequent promos.

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