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:: ~ArHi FF Deadly Obsession~ :: - Part 5 Up!

-Sanjana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Siggie Credit goes to Manal aka -AdiYalicious-
Hello shello my pyaare forumwaasiyon! Hug I'm back again with another ArHi SS of mine! This one is called Deadly Obsession! And I think it pretty well lives up to its name!Wink (Read the FF Plot summary below for more details)! This is all thanks to the love that you guys have showered on me AND my everyday-increasing ArHi obsession!LOL Hope u will like! And as always, if u want more updates, COMMENTSHHH are a must! They INSPIRE me to get off my lazy bum bum! LOL
And also, if u would like PMs, please add my ID: BubblyMunchkin
 FF description: Arnav has always kept his jijaji on a high pedestal. And he has even begun to make room in his heart for the girl he supposedly hates-Khushi! But when Arnav discovers the connection between Shyam and Khushi, his world comes tumbling down. Vowing to make Khushi's life miserable, Arnav decides to marry Khushi. It is only afterward that he chances upon Shyam's reality and realizes the danger that Khushi is in. But how will these incidents effect His and Khushi's relationship and how will he protect khushi from Shyam's evil clutches? Read to find out!

FF Trailer: The videomix below pretty much sums up the FF! It took me quite a while to make it with all the effects guys, so I request you to watch it and give me your comments on it!!! To watch the vm on this post, first scroll to the bottom and click the pause button on the music player and then play the vid! Looking forward to your views on it! :)


Direct Link:

Character Sketch:
Arnav Singh Raizada - A heartless business tycoon and the object of interest of nearly every woman in Delhi. He has complete faith in his Jijaji and will not believe a word spoken against him. Somewhere deep inside, he's in love with Khushi - although his elephant sized ego won't let him admit that.

Khushi Kumari Gupta - The girl every man would die to have. At first sight, people notice her bubbly, childish and funloving exterior. However, Khushi is completely broken from the inside. Ever since she's lost her parents, life has thrown nothing but obstacles in her life. But Khushi is hiding a deep, dark secret. Shyam. What will happen when Arnav discovers the truth that she's been masking away from him?

Anjali Jha - Arnav's sweet sister, who is (unfortunately) married to Shyam.
Shyam Jha - Dead Must I continue? The same as the show peeps. The true GHATIYAPAN. Despite being married to Anjali (Arnav's sister), Shyam has had eyes only for one girl - Khushi Kumari Gupta. And he will do anything to get to her. ANYTHING.
Other Raizadas  - Arnav's family. They'll not have that big of a role, so I don't think it's important for me to go into details.
Other Guptas - Khushi's family. Like mentioned above, they don't have such a great role.
What will happen when Arnav discovers the truth of his jija? Will he be able to save Khushi and his sister from danger? Read to find out!


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-Sanjana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Here's part one for you all to hopefully enjoy!!! :)
- Chapter One -
My breath escaped in ragged gasps as I ran, keeping my blood-streaked lengha up with one hand and the remains of my torn blouse in the other. I could still feel his hands as they cut their way through my skin. I cringed. The sting of the wounds were still fresh. My heart was gripped in cold fear. He was coming.


I knew I had to run. Away from him. Away from danger. My lungs were on fire. They pleaded for me to stop. To give up. And the thought of collapsing was tempting to my exhausted limbs. However, I knew that stopping meant falling prey to my pursuer. It meant death. And it was this possibility that kept me running.


The sound of his footsteps were deafening to my ears. And with each passing moment, his footsteps decreased the distance between him - the hunter and I - the hunted.  My heart thumped violently in my chest as I searched frantically for an escape. I was weakening. I knew it. And so did my predator. Cold sweat grew on my forhead, flowing down to my redened cheeks and merging with my tears. My eyes flickered momentarily to the path behind me. A trail of blood. My blood.  I didn't know when it was that my legs buckled underneath me and I stumbled to the ground at last. An anguished cry escaped my lips as the burn of scars grew with my fall. I lay on the ground, as helpless as a fish out of water. I turned hesitantly, afraid of what I might see behind me. Afraid of Shyam.

Sweat was dripping down his face, depicting the wild chase that had ocurred  only moments ago. His brows were furrowed. I peered within within his brown eyes, looking for an iota of mercy. But they seemed to have an exterior of ice. Unmelting. Unrelenting. Cold. His lips were skewed upward in a cruel sneer. He knew he had won. I gasped as my eyes fell onto the glint of his slender knife.
His grin widened when he realized that I had spotted his weapon. He knelt down next to me, running the knife lightly across my pale skin. "Khushiji..." He murmured, ensuring that my eyes were locked onto his. I swallowed the urge to push him away. "Aah..." He whispered. "You look so beautiful... even in a state of fear..." His fingers treaded cautiously over my forhead, lowering to my eyes, nose, and hovering just a moment longer on my lips. I cringed, closing my eyes to avoid doing something to him that I would regret soon afterward. The quivering of my limbs did not go unnoticed by Shyam. His eyes turned to the knife, quickly realizing the reason of my fear. "Oh don't worry sweetheart. This isn't for you. Let's just say... this is a small present for my brother-in-law."
My eyes shot open in shock. "No! You can't hurt him! I won't let you!" I cried. The look in his eyes changed immediately from amusement to hatred at my sudden outburst. I let out a cry of pain as his knife left its mark on my arm. His once silver blade was quickly covered in my blood. He closed his eyes, biting his lip in distaste.
 "This is all your fault Khushiji. All your fault. I gave you so much LOVE. SO MUCH LOVE DAMNIT! And you! What  do you do?! You go prancing off with brother-in-law!!! What was the use of that Khushiji?!" Shyam demanded. His hands immediately flew to my injured arm.
"And now look what you made me do to you?! But you understand why I did it don't you Khushji?! You're involving yourself too much with him. And I had to show you the consequences of that!" My heart nearly stopped at the look that I witnessed in his eyes. So much madness...danger... anger... It frightened me. He was sick in the mind. It was evident, then, to me.
"Don't you see my love for you Khushiji?" He asked with desperation. "I've even tried to kill Rani Sahiba so many times! Just for you! And do you know how it makes me feel when I see you romancing my brother-in-law?!" He turned away in pure disgust. "How COULD you Khushiji?! What will I need to do to prove my love to you?!" I looked away shakily, and eyed the knife which still sat in his hand.
Hai devi mayyia... I thought to myself. Stay with me...
I swallowed, trying to build up courage for my next move. I smiled. Softly... reassuringly. "I know you love me Shyamji... And I... I..." I bit my lip, forcing the words out of my mouth. "I love you too... H-How could you even think that I could love a person like Arnav...? It's you I'm in love with..." My voice shook as I spoke. He blinked, looking at me with shock. "N-No... y-you're lying. I know you're lying."
I shook my head as I widened my smile. "Of course not Shyamji! How can I lie to the person who I am so deeply in love with?" He gazed at me, suspiciously. "B-But then... w-why were you and saale sahib..." I mustered a laugh as I waved off the topic. "Off oh Shyamji! You ask so many questions! And as far as Arnavji goes, I was just testing your love... I wanted to see how far you could go for me..." I murmured, hesitantly winding my arms around his neck. His lips slowly formed into a smile. "R-Really...? You mean it...?" I nodded, flashing my eyes shyly at him. I had to try hard to keep myself from vomiting. "Yes... But there is one thing that I'm not happy about. You hurt me Shyamji... You cut me so hard with your knife that I'm bleeding! Look!" He turned his eyes to my arm guiltily. "Sorry Khushiji! Tell me, what can I do to make it up to you...?"
I closed my eyes, thanking the good lord for successfully getting him where I wanted. "I want you to give me the knife Shyamji..." He pulled away from me, stunned. "J-Just because I know you wouldn't want me to get hurt because of it again!" I corrected quickly, praying that he would fall for my lie. He looked at me, nervously. "Y-you don't trust me Shyamji...?" I whispered, willing myself to sound innocent and hurt. His eyes grew wide, as he shook his head, afraid to loose me. "Of course I trust you Khushiji! What kind of question is that?!"
I raised my hand out to him. "Then give me the knife Shyamji..." After a momentary pause, he quietly placed the knife in my hand. I smiled victoriously. "Thanks Shyamji. And let me make one thing clear to you. I don't love you, I never have, and I never will. If there is anyone in this world that I love with all my heart, it's Arnavji."
I gave a cry of desperation before stabbing him in the leg and running from the scene. Behind me, I could hear his pained roar. But I didn't care. For the first time that night, I felt a flood of relief. He was gone. He wouldn't be able to run anymore. However, my legs were unwilling to stop. Had I really done it? Had I just stabbed someone? I felt shaken up. Frightened. And out of breath.
I quickly ducked into a side alley, shivering in shock. "Oh my god..." I murmured. "Oh my god..." I placed my hand on my forhead, slowly wiping the sweat off. I could feel the flood of tears as they made their way down my cheek. I sobbed, quietly sinking to the ground. I pulled my legs against my chest and buried my head in my arms. I was just about to send a silent prayer of thanks to the lord above, when I heard a cold growl behind me.
"Going somewhere Khushiji...?"
So that's it for now friends! Do tell me whether u liked it or not and if u want me to continue! If u want pms, you must add my ID: BubblyMunchkin ! Thanks a lot guys!
Waiting for comments!
Lots of love,
ps. I know part one was a bit dark, but the storyline calls for it!Wink Hope u understand! Will soon get better! Hug

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Where is the ss please post it...

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-Sanjana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Will only post if there are a few more forum members willing to read it jaan! Hug
sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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Oh... hope u do it soon... Smile
-Sanjana- IF-Sizzlerz

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Hope so too dear! <3
Scintillating IF-Dazzler

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Sanju!! Hug  OMG!!  A brand new SS from you!! Dancing  That's absolutely brilliant!!  Super excited.  Please update soon and don't keep it conditional on how much response you get.  You know you have a huge fan following.  Ton of folks love to read what you write.  I am excited.  Looking forward to a great weekend read.  Hope you won't disappoint by making us keep waiting...Unhappy

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Do continue ASAP !!

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