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SS2 (V) - Pg 9 Updated Oct 23

maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Princess ki khushi... Aapse judi hai... Shukriya karne shabd kam pad rahe hain... But from my heart, for all your support
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Life is made of all the colors we see... My life has seen and is seeing all the colors here in this forum with my friends!!!!!!!
Like the VIOLET flowers that grow in our gardens,
and beautify our surroundings.

Like the INDIGO Bunting that flies around the country side,
chirping away and reminding us of the beautiful forms of life.

Like the bright BLUE sky that lights up the start of our day,
and makes us love getting up in the best mood.

Like the GREENery all over around us,
that keeps our planet fresh and supports life.

Like the bright YELLOW sunshine falling upon us,
that keeps us warm and brightens up our life.

Like the ORANGE fruit that we eat,
much like all that natures provides us hungry beings.

Like the RED blood that runs all through our body,
that energizes us and helps us to keep going.

Life is all about COLOR.
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maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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It was late evening… The office was practically empty, except the usual people…. Our team… Thumbs Up This one habit of theirs never seemed to leave them…. Though not often, but sometimes they did have to stay back and finish their work…

Coming out of the cabin, Dipika looked at the Special Squad door… Shaking her head she went back into the cabin… Her laptop was open, but her thoughts definitely out in the open… Nor her fingers or her brain was working…. Since afternoon she had not spoken to him…. She couldn't call… He was out on an investigation…. But her agitation was increasing from evening… Ouch

He was already upset with himself about last night…. About disappointing her… Even though she had consoled him, she knew he was not himself… But… Since evening something was wrong with her… She was feeling overly agitated and she didn't know the reason… Everything was fine at home, she had called and confirmed… Everything was fine in office…. So it had to be him… Confused

Neha who was working on the victim and her parents' background, turned around her chair…. She noticed Dipika come out and go back inside her cabin… In the past one hour every five minutes she had done this… And she was extremely agitated since evening… Disapprove

Zubin: Neha.. Ye lo… Ise system me feed kar dena!

Extending the file, Zubin looked at Neha and noticed her staring at Aryan's cabin… He too looked in the direction and noticed her concern….

Lightly touching her shoulder shook her… Confused

Coming out of her thoughts she looked up at him and stammered….

Neha: Zu… Zubin! Kya hua? Question

Zubin: Kuch nahi… (Giving her the file) Ye victim ke kal ka itenary…. Called people and collected them… Verified also… Ise system me feed kar dena…. Aryan would need it!

Neha: Haan theek hai…

Zubin: (Looking back at the cabin and at her) Kya baat hai? Dipika is still like that?

Neha: (Breathing deeply) Yes… Pata nahi shaam se kuch ajeeb behave kar rahi hai… Poor girl… Kal shaadi aur aaj kaam…. Aryan bhi naa!Angry

She said this anger rising in her…. She was just keeping the paper for scanning and in anger literally slammed it on the scanner…. Zubin yelped in surprise and immediately caught her hand….

Zubin: Hato main karta hoon… Tum karogi to scanner ko replace karna padega….Shocked

Frustrated Neha got up from her chair and roamed behind him, as he sat and scanned the report…

Neha: What was he thinking? Question Pehle sabko pareshaan karta tha… Ghar naa jaake, rest naa leke, difficult behave karke... Socha Dipika ke aane ke baad, thoda to badlega…. Badla bhi… Lekin phir se shuru ho gaya…. Aur Dipika… (Looking at the cabin) What was she thinking? Kaise aane diya use? Question Khud aaya, ise bhi le aaya… Couldn't even ask anything…. Poochne ke liye muh kholte, to dono ki aankhein sab kuch bada deti hai… Our profession is like that… Profession first… Life next…

Turning around in his chair, Zubin looked at her and smiled…Smile

Noticing him smiling asked suspiciously….

Neha: Muskurane waali kya baat hai?Question

Zubin: Jab sab kuch pata hai, to khamakhaan gussa kyun karti ho…. Aryan aur Dipika ke saath humne itne saal guzare hain… Unke baare me unse zyada hume pata hai… Phir? Question We know we cannot keep them out of this….

Coming to their place….

Shotgun: Such to hai Neha… Unke society ke commitment ke aage unki life unke liye kuch nahi…. Ye matlab nahi ki they neglect it… Bas priority badal jaati hai!

Neha: Aam din ho, to priority humari bhi badalti hai Shotgun… Lekin kal unki… (Pausing, said a little upset) And he walked out of it…

Shotgun and Zubin nodded knowingly…. But they understood more than they knew…

Ajay: They wouldn't be Dipika and Aryan if they didn't behave like that Neha…

Turning around startled Neha saw Ajay walk towards them… Breathing relieved she gave him a small hug and asked…

Neha: Thank God tum log aa gaye…. (Looking behind) Aryan kahan hai? Ab to use ghar jaana hai… It is already night…

Ajay: (Hesitantly) Vo… Ghar hi to gaya hai!

WHAT?!!? Shocked

Zubin stood up in surprise as Neha exclaimed out loud…

Neha: (Literally her voice raisingAngry) Ghar?!? (Looking at the cabin where Dipika was talking on the phone) Dipika yahan hai to vo ghar akele kaise gaya? Question Why didn't her come here to pick her up? Question

Before he could answer her Dipika came out of the cabin…

Dipika: Neha… Ek help… Meri laptop pack karke tum ghar leke chale jaana… Kal la dena please…. I am leaving for the day…. (Looking at Ajay) Boxer? Question

Ajay: Ghar gaya hai… Vo airport seedha aa jayega… Commissioner office se koi aa jayega unki permission letter leke… Tickets will be ready for the next flight!

Dipika: Theek hai… See you all tomorrow!

Saying she hurried out of the office…. Confused

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maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Neha, Shotgun and Zubin stared at Dipika go and wondered what was going on… Neha turned on Ajay and he immediately understood her expression…. She was waiting to load him with questions….

Ajay: (Putting up his hands) Batata hoon… Batata hoon… Hum aaj Indra ke school gaye the… Uske teachers, friends se baat karne… Phir uske hostel bhi gaye… Uski parents Gujarat ke Gandhi Nagar me rehete hain… Use scholarship me yahan ke school me admission mili thi… Isliye hostel me reheti hai… Uske friends….

Neha: (Frustrated interrupted himAngry) Ajay… Hume case ke details nahi chahiye ab... Bas ye batao, ki Aryan aur Boxer kahan jaa rahe hain? And specifically why is Aryan going? Tumhe pata hai aaj…

Ajay: (Interjecting her) Pata hai… Wahi to batane aa raha hoon… Indra ke friends ne kaha, ki vo log thode din pehle South India tour gaye the… Chennai was their last stop…. Till then she was fine… But after that, coming back from the tour Indra's behavior changed seems… All her friends suspected something had happened there…. But she denied anything... Isliye investigation ke liye Aryan aur Boxer Chennai jaa rahe hain… Aaj raat hi… The next flight they get… Commissioner se baat ho gayi… Unki written permission se urgent ticket bhi mil jayega….

Shocked Neha, Zubin and Shotgun stared at him….

Neha: Matlab…Ouch

Ajay: (Seeing her disappointed and worried) Neha!

He hugged her and consoling said…

Ajay: Maine aur Boxer ne use bahut samjhaane ki koshish ki…. Lekin usne tai kar diya tha… And there seems more to this case than the girl's murder… He suspects so…. Isliye vo khud sab kuch kar raha hai…

Neha: Lekin Dipika…

Zubin: She didn't seem upset!

Neha turned around and looked at him angrily… Zubin immediately shut his mouth not saying anything further…

Neha: (In a tirade) As if! Hamesha vo apni dukh sabko batati hai… You guys would never understand us girls! Sab kuch ankhon ke saamne nahi dikhayi deta… Samajhna padta hai…

Shotgun: Neha! Sab kuch samajh rahe hain… Lekin hum isme kuch nahi kar sakte hain… Leave it to them… Yahan tak aaye hain, to isse aage bhi jayenge…. Der ho rahi hai… Hume bhi nikalna hai!

Shaking her head Neha couldn't digest this fact… Everything was going so right…. But….Stern Smile

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maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Just as Aryan got out of the taxi and paid the driver, the main door opened…

Standing at the gate he looked up at the house and his hesitation stopped him from opening the gate… It looked beautiful… The house was decorated with lights, and the drive way decorated with flower pots and red carpet…. It had all the brightness of a festive house, the previous day… And would have today too...

Hearing the sound of the gate opening he looked down and saw his mother in law standing at the gate, worry all over her face….

Aryan: Mama! Smile

He didn't have the guts (For this first time in Aryan Khanna's life, his gut was failing him) to look at her… Because he knew the questions he would have to face which he couldn't answer…. He had answers for the questions, but not for the person asking them….

Mrs.Gosh: Yahan kyun khade ho beta? Koi problem hai? Andar to chalo…

Taking his hand, she lightly pulled him in…. Shutting the gate, led him inside the house…. Surprised at no questions been asked, he walked towards the house...

If he feared what he faced outside the house, inside would be worse he thought….

His Maasi Maa…. Angry

He stood at the door not knowing what to do… Which way to go? To go or not to go?


His maama welcomed him inside…

Mr. Malhotra: Aryan beta, wahan kyun khade ho? Question Andar aayo….

He looked around and saw his Maasi Maa seated angry… Neither did she look up nor said anything to him…

Mr. Malhotra: (Looking at his wife and back at him) Use chodo… Vo thodi der me theek ho jayegi… Tum jao, packing karo… Dipika abhi das minute me aa jayegi….

Aryan surprised looked at him and now he understood… She had called… And that was why no one was asking him any questions… And his Maasi Maa was subdued… At least subdued enough to not to talk to him... Else….


His Maasi Maa was in full rage… Angry She was waiting for his return in the hall way…. Ready to blast him, give him a sound hearing… Fifteen minutes back Dipika had called her mother and also asked to speak to Mrs. Malhotra… She told them all the details and strictly forbid them to ask Aryan any questions… Stern Smile

Mrs. Gosh more than angry was upset… But she trusted her daughter and son-in-law to know that they could handle their life…. Mrs. Malhotra on the other hand was angry above clouds…. If happiness could take you to the ninth cloud, anger could take you to the eighteenth…

Aryan: (Looking around) Sri kahan hai?Question

Mrs. Malhotra: Tumhe use kya? Question Wo jahan bhi ho… Tum bas apna office hi sambhalna… Waheen kyun nahi…

Mr. Malhotra: (Sternly) Pooja!

This stopped Mrs. Malhotra and she turned around in her seat, not showing him his face…

Mrs. Gosh: Vo so gayi… Pichle dinon khel, hungama bahut tha… Thaki thi… To jaldi khake so gaye…. Kamre me hi hai…

With an awkward nod towards his Maama and mother in law, he went upstairs…. Straight to Sri's room….

The night lamp alone was glowing softly and she was cuddled in her bed… The Minnie mouse bedsheet wrapped tight around her… Smiling he walked towards her… Sitting down beside her he lightly kissed on her forehead and slowly caressed her head…

First day… Him officially her father… And he missed it…. Ouch He knew she must have missed him too… She had so many plans for the day…. And that was all she talked about since yesterday… To roam the whole city… Watch movie… Eat out…. Go to the beach…

Since her coming to Mumbai they barely had time to spend with each other… With the marriage within a week, they were all busy… And Sri too was involved full in the marriage masti, even though she couldn't do much…. But she understood and hence made all the plans after the marriage… But….

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maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Dipika parked the car outside the house itself, since she had to drive it again to leave Aryan at the airport…

As she hurried inside the house, she looked around and saw Vishal's mother standing up… Before she could open her mouth, Dipika shook her head with a pleading look on her face… Shaking her head Mrs. Malhotra marched to the guest room and shut the door… Hard enough! Ouch

Taken aback, Dipika wanted to follow her but knew this was not the time…

Hearing the sound Mrs. Gosh came out from the kitchen…

Mrs. Gosh: Aa gayi beta…

Dipika: Aryan kahan hai Ma? Question

Mrs. Gosh: Upar hai beta… Thodi der pehle hi aaya…

Dipika was about to go up, when the guest room door opened and not looking out Mrs. Malhotra….

Mrs. Malhotra: (Clearing her throat) Khana leti jaana… Warna bina khake hi nikal jayega… Kya pata itni raat ko plane me khana mile ya naa mile…

Next moment the door closed again, but this time a little soft…. Dipika smiled looking at the closed door…Smile

Mrs. Gosh: Gussa jitni bhi ho… Fikar bhi hai unhe…. Tu jaa beta, main khana upar laa deti hoon…

Dipika: Er nahi Ma… Main abhi leke jaati hoon…

Mrs. Gosh nodded and went inside the kitchen to prepare the food plate….

Carrying the plate Dipika went straight to their room… It was closed… Thinking she opened the door and saw that it was dark, the light from the outside the room lighting the area a little… He wasn't here… She set the plate on the table beside the bed and checked the rest of the room… He was not there, coming out she noticed Sri's room door open slightly….

Smiling she walked to the room and peeped in… As expected he was there, his head beside Sri's eyes closed… Sleeping?!?! Embarrassed What a wonderful sight…. She could stay there all the while watching them both… Together… Her dream coming true… Star But…

Walking as noiselessly as possible she went to them, bending down kissed Sri on the forehead and lightly shook him… Startled he woke up…

Aryan: Kya? Main… Sleepy

Immediately she put a finger on his mouth… Indicating Sri, she caught his hand and walked him outside the room, closing the door silently behind them….

Aryan: (Squeezing his eyes) Can't believe I slept…

Dipika: At least itna to soye…

He looked at her…. Only looked… Smiling she led him to their room… Switching on the light and fan, she made him sit down… Taking the food plate, placed it in front of him and said…

Dipika: Have your food… Tab tak main tumhara packing kar deti hoon….

Saying she turned around to go when he caught her hand… Standing up he pulled her back lightly...

He looked around the room... This was decorated yesterday... Completely from top to bottom... And she was here in this very room... Awaiting him... Oh!!!!!! Disapprove
How could she do it?!?! From the time she had come there was smile on her face… No worry… No anger… No complaint…Confused

Dipika: Aryan… Der ho rahi hai… Jaldi khao…

Aryan: Am I been punished? Question

Dipika: (Surprised) Punished? Kis keliye?Question

Aryan: Maasi Maa bahut gussa thi.. Lekin tum aur Mama, you didn't ask a single question…

Dipika: (Nodding understanding) Sawaal to mujhe sirf ek hi poochna hai… Tumne Chennai jaana ka decision kab liya tha? Somewhere around 4'O clock in the evening?

Aryan: (StartledErmm) Kya? Shaam ko… (Thinking back) Haan hum Indra ke hostel me the tab, they said about the trip… Unke school me bhi us trip ke baare uske friends ne kuch kaha tha… Haan shayad kyun? Smile

Dipika smiling made him sit down and she too sat in front of him….

Dipika: Ab mujhe mere agitation ka kaaran pata chala…. Tumhara wahan upset hona mujh tak pahooncha… Decision asaani se le li, phir upset kyun the? Subah jo kuch maine kaha, vo yaad nahi tha?

Aryan: (Still surprised at how she felt his state, took her hands in his and held it… More for his comfort than hers) Yaad tha… Isliye decision aasaani le li… But again Dipika…

Dipika: Sshhh… Aryan… No more questions… No more answers…. Its getting late… Khaa lo aur fresh ho jaana…

Saying she took a piece of roti and dipping into the dhal, fed him… Still not convinced with his own actions, he ate silently… Confused

Within fifteen minutes, the packing done and eating done…

Dipika: (Keeping the last set of clothes in his bag) Aryan bas ise close kar do… Just five minutes, main fresh hoke aati hoon…

Within five minutes, she had changed her dress to casuals… Jean and top….

Dipika: (Putting the towel in the dirty clothes bag) Aryan chalein….

She turned around and staggered back… He was standing there as usual with a naughty look on his face…

Questioning him with a nod of her head she indicated the time in his watch…

Smiling he nodded, but instead of moving away wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer… Very closer...

Dipika: Ar…

Silently he placed a finger on her lip… Slowly traced it on her lips… The tingling sensation, made her cheeks turn a bright red….

Aryan: Mera ransom abhi baaki hai!Wink

Surprised she attempted to open her mouth but instead her hands found sliding around his shoulders gripping his hair for support, as his lips sealed hers….

Ecstasy spreading through her….

Countless times she might have encountered his kiss…. His touch… But this one kiss she would remember for her life time… First such kiss from her 'husband Aryan Khanna'Blushing

Husband… She could not get enough of that word…. And especially when the owner of that word was the man of her dreams!!!! Star

After a long breathless journey, they parted…. Looking up at him she smiled and smoothed his cheek…

Dipika: Hume chalna chahiye!

Reluctantly he nodded….

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maha_prakrti IF-Sizzlerz

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Mrs. Gosh and Mr. Malhotra were in the hall…

Dipika: Ma, main Aryan ko airport chodke aati hoon…

Mrs. Gosh: Theek hai beta… Dhyaan se… Aryan ke flight chadte hi phone kar dena…

Dipika: Ji Ma!

After blessings and take care words, Dipika and Aryan turned to leavet… He looked upset towards the guest room…

Mr. Malhotra: Theek ho jayegi Aryan…. Kal dekhna, tumse phone karke baad karegi… She cares… Isliye gussa hai!

Aryan: Pata hai maama, isliye to pareshaan hoon…

Mr. Malhotra: Chodo… Chalo der ho rahi hai… Take care!

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THANK YOU so much for the update.  Big smile

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Thanks a lot...Waited so long for it Hug

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