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~bandishein~ maaneet SS THREAD1 (Page 92)

PoojaMishty Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

so dreamy... Missing my MSK..Cry

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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I am so heart broken.. she cried... I feel so horrible
all because of u...
mujhe tumhari baat hi nahi sunni chahiyen
baat tho karten nahi... bus yun.. badi badi aanken dihka rahten ho
she cried...
Maan almost held head ' hearing vry for the rest of the drive.

It took her couple of days to sober after that fight Tanmay. Guess they sorted it out. Then Geet too realized she was not yet ready to get so close to him. Like kind of she matured with time. She sweetly even confessed that Maan. He grinned '
she fought back.. jada udoo mat
he even smiled for that.

As the year came to an end, she came closer to Tanmay emotionally. She really started loving him more.

Maan & Geet were really cool with each other now. In the 3rd year of her college.. Maans schedule changed a bit. He even asked jhanvi to check with Rano if they still want him to pick her up since he would get late.. around 5pm or sometimes 6pm. that actually gave a lots of waiting time for Geet. Which all of them disliked even Maan except geetWink
Brij planned it up & made her join music classes after the college. That kind of kept her busy until 5 & Maan tried his best to be there max by 5.30pm. She co-ordinated well with him on the phone. She would promptly call him at 5.15pm every day & check with him.. sometimes.. go on chatting until he reached her college. It was strange she never questioned him... may be because she knew he won't answer, though she was bit curious to see him in more formal dress ..not that he ever wore jeans before.. but this was like coat..suit types.
It was almost a year now since she was going round with Tanmay & apparently he proposed her to marry him after he settles down with his job. She was on cloud nine. She couldn't wait to tell Maan .. she called him in the mid of the day... 
Maan actually spoke !!!.. almost jumping out of his skin.. seeing her call at that hr.
Maan ' kya huwa? tum teehk ho na?
he sounded so worried & terrified. He checked his watch couple of times..
she could make out he actually excused himself from a bunch of people who were probably addressing him as sir.
She felt little odd .. she fumbled with her words ' haan
he sighed...
Geet ' wo actually
she felt really stupid, probably she shouldn't have called, may be he was busy .. & she disturbed him
Geet ' its not that impt .. I will speak to u latter
he didn't say anything.
She knew he was waiting for her to say it.
Geet ' Tanmay proposed me to marry him
I was really excited & share it with u

Maan ' umm
Geet ' main shaam ko batathi hoon
Maan ' umm
Geet ' I am sorry
Maan sighed loosening his tie & went back into the meeting.
Later in the evening she went on saying sorry to him like crazy.. it was so odd.. that he had to stop the car & give her stern look. she held her ears & cutely said sorry. he looked away.
Then she continued with her plans with Tanmay. She was so excited. She told  her plans of writing do her MBA, that will give Tanmay some time to settle after his MBA.
Geet suddenly noticed he looked restless ' she paused kya huwa
he instantly straighten himself.. & shook his head
she refused to buy that kuch baat hain
aap ko aab bhi Tanmay pasand nahi
he didn't say anything & his silence was again unreadable like he was with drawing again.
Not that his refusal would lessen her feelings for tanmay but it will definitely dampen her spirits.
It was dec.. just after the CAT exams. She was supper excited she did well.. but was bit nervous how will she convince her parents to let her study further...

It was just another day .. Maan was supposed to pic her up little late today around 6pm. He strangely didn't get a call from her at 5.15pm, though he was already in her college .. he had been little tensed & not happy abt making her wait & this all marriage proposal seemed odd. He looked at his phone again & again as the time passed beyond 5.15pm. She never failed to call him.. even if she was with Tanmay she would call him & let him know.
He stepped out of the car & looked around. College was dead.. not a single soul around. He walked restlessly contemplating whether to call her or not. He finally punched her number.. & inhaled deeply before pressing the dial button.. to his surprise she didn't pick up the call. He got really tensed & started walking into the campus. He looked around there were few cars parked in the parking lot. He curiously looked.. & walked closer to it... he clenched his fist when he suddenly heard her scream in protest.. more of pleading.. plz.. tanmay stop.. plz..
tanmay ' u have already wasted lot of time Geet.. aaj nahi
Geet ' tanmay plz.. don't do this.. I really love u a lot
tanmay ' dam love my foot.. he threw her at the back seat of the car.. his hands carnally tore her t-shirt
her hands immediately came over to cover herself, it was the worst a girl could every face in her life being treated like this by her own love. Instantly his hands went to his belt & zipper.. her eyes widen in horror. She tried to kick .. & protest.. but the hurt she felt in her heart was nothing to wat he was doing to her physically.
He pressed her hand on the sides & bit her the exposed part of her curves .. nipping her skin.. his hands reached to  rip her pants.. when suddenly she felt him sliding out of the door.. like some one just dragged him out. She immediately gathered the remaining part of her cloths & stared at her savior. Don't know why she knew it was Maan.
She watched in utter amazement as Maan twirled in quick, rapid, fluent motion throwing Tanmay who was quiet well built.. like he wieghed nothing at all.. His movement was so sudden & so swift filled with rage..  she didn't have time to blink...
tanmay screamed not able to see the person.. in that sudden cloud of punches & kicks ' u stay out of this... she is my GF
Maan knocked him out with punch straight on his face ' not any more.
She was shocked to see the anger & range in his punch. He turned to her.. she was embarrassed to face him with her torn cloths. .. but then.. don't know wat happened.. the moment she saw his face.. she came out like a baby crying into his arms not caring abt her wrecked self. She sunk into his arms.. crying out loud. His hands rested on the sides unsure whether he could hold her back. She pressed herself closer feeling really betrayed. She wanted the world to just end for her. How could tanmay do this to her... she held maans collar.. why .. why ??? why me???
how can he do this to me?
She hugged him again.. why Maan?? why???
he closed his eyes & hugged her...
she continued to cry hiding her self in his embrace .. feeling so hurt... her heart, her soul, her every inch felt scared.

geets silent cry.
hope u like it
please motivate me with ur comments & likes

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Speechless IF-Rockerz

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Free MySpace Comment Cherry Glitter Graphics - yuppieee i missed it on DA

Awww Geet is a such a JanoTold him everything and then she fought back.. jada udoo matwhy Maan's schedule changed Smuggling shmuggling start kar di hai kiya maan ne Geet was cool about waiting for MaanZindagi bhaar ka sath jo hai dono kaTanmay proposed to her and maan was not liking itshe excitingly called him to tell about tanmayMaan tu student nahi hai? tu phir yeh sir kon hai
Tanmay tried to rape herMujhy tu yeh stupid tanmay pehle se hi pasand nahi thashe tried to protest but Maan dragged him out and kicked him Punched him hardGeet came crying like a baby and hugged him and maan hugged her Back waiting for next already

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honeygrape IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Shocked what?? continue soon...loved the update dee

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-kawaii- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
me third? lagta h 1st aane ka koi chance nahi!!!!!!Ouch
but di...
what a terrific update!!!!!! me *thud*Dead

maan spoke...he really did..after 6 awesum update...he spoke...Big smile
party timeParty
n tanmay...uski niyat pe to pehle se hi shak tha...grrrAngryAngry
sala donkey...(me very shareef so not using wordsCensored)

but i loved the way maan and geet had come so expectations..
ne demands...just them...
thats sumthing which has taken my attention since da very beginning!!!!!
loved it sooo very much...Embarrassed

and maan...he really knows whr his heart is..
n geet cuming to his arms at the was just so she belonged there!!!!Day Dreaming

me loved it sooo very much di...
cant wait for the next...
uthis SS has made me go insane...

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Speechless

yeppy first !!!!
some on is free for the weekend..
enjoy urself

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cyberprincess Senior Member

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
aww poor geet she has to undergo all this!! hope she will feel better soon!! good update muskaan! please also give the twist on DA !! pls pls pls!!

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PoojaMishty Goldie

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Posted: 10 February 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Poor Geet...Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

Is Tanmay ko to main... AngryAngryAngry

OMG  Maan spoke one whole sentence..Shocked
i think for the first time i saw blue line in ur update Muskan..LOLWink

Feeling really sad for Geet..Cry

But Geet baby dont worry.. Maan hai na.. sab thik ho jayega...Smile

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