Mr. & Mrs. Sneaky Bajpai =P

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged
What an absolutely dhamakedar episode today!Big smile Mr. and Mrs. Anant Bajpayee are one sneaky pair! While the plan is brilliant, I cannot brush off that little nagging voice which keeps warning me about the downright nasty consequences these two will have to face, should this plan go wrong..Chalo, I hope the CVs will not play the sadistic card this time and let things work out in AnYa's favour for once..Come on CVs, we just saved this show and hence your jobs, now its your turn to pamper us!Tongue

Sneaky Mr. & Mrs. Anant Bajpayee:
I knew these two were staging this whole fight up the moment I saw yesterday's precap..I wasn't skeptic because of Navya supporting the loonies, that was totally expected, she is a devi incarnate after all..But Navya, the meek, docile, bechari bahu talking in a loud voice, fighting with her pati parmeshwar in a hall full of people was a bit too much to digest..LOLThis is what I thought was going on in everyone's head when AnYa were at loggerheads:

Anant: Aww my biwi is such a good actress! Big smile

Navya: You are not so bad yourself Mr.Bajpayee!Wink

BD: Hari Om Prabhu Jee! Ee sab ka hoye raha hai?

Baba: *Stare* *Gulp* *Stare*..Navya ko loonie me badalne ki hamari yojna asamapt hi reh gayi, yeh toh pehle se hi loonie ban chuki hai!Geek

Angry Papa: WTH is going on in this house? I thought only I have the right to shout and scream and create a ruckus..These two are trying to steal my thunder..

Renu: *Wink Wink* *Nudge Nudge*

Nimmi: Three cheers for Bhai and Bhabi!

The Bechara gang ie. everyone else: Hey bhagwan yeh ho kya raha hai? Aren't these two supposed to be madly in love?Confused

Huggy-Buggy and Kissie-Wissie: The AnYa scene today was out of this world! Finally the chemistry has started to reappear..Waise Majnu's spiderman powers make a reappearance today, banda climbed upto his balcony to say bye to his lady love! LOLLOL Loved how these two seem more at ease around each other now..They looked like they couldn't get enough of each other..Hugging, eye locking, hugging, more hugging, and legit pecks on the cheek to close the deal! Embarrassed Now we are talking! Anant Bajpayee is the kind of hubby any girl would kill for..It was so cute how he was asking her not to cry while he was gone when he himself was all teary eyed..I really hope this separation won't last for a long time..These two just got married and they deserve to be together!

More Drama and Nautanki: Someone please kill Boo-Ah-Daadi already!Angry The woman had the audacity to badmouth Navya even after all that fiasco..Oh and also kill Dukhi Aatma while you are at it..I hate this woman more and more everyday..She was only concerned about Anant, and didn't even pause to think for the girl who had supposedly fought with her husband to defend them! I was cheering for Mohan and Sanjay Chacha for finally speaking up and putting an end to Boo-Ah-Daadi's venom spewing spree..Atta Boy! Moving on, Anant is such a nautanki! I was ROFLing while he started his sob story and said he would stay in some hotel or in the road, but he won't go back to the house..Little Mr.Drama King! ROFLI could so hear him thinking "Arre yaar, koi toh rok lo" when he was walking towards the door of the Mishra house to leave..I loved that little sequence on AnYa where both of them reminisce about each other with a soft smile/wide grin tugging at their faces..Height of cuteness!!

Random Musings:

1)Something needs to be done about Navya's wardrobe! She looks like a freaking dehati in those ghastly saris and loud makeup..Also giving her that hand-me-down heart necklace of Rama's is so not cool!Dead

2)Loving Anant's new kurtas..Bilkul Jammu-Fresh-Jaaneman lag raha tha!Tongue

That's all from my side, as always likes/comments much appreciated..

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Tanu darling,u dont know what your missing on T-land!jaldi aao!

omg!!im the first one to comment?!dhanya ho gayi ji mein to!Dancing
howlarious post,Tanu!LOLloved how u jotted down the thoughts in each of their minds!bang on!Clap
me not good at post-episode ananlysis!but would like to say ur post was as good as the episode!

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Yeaaah, we have a new abode. Thanks Tanu. Will give my bits soon.
Yippie, the chemistry is back, the TRPs are rising, the show has got an extension and the story turning better. Now what more can we expect?
Moving to the episode, I completely enjoyed the fake argument between AnYa, mainly watching the puzzled loonies. But that BDs grin annoyed me to no ends. Not even might these loonies had dreamt in their wildest dreams that this newly wed couple wud fight that way. HeeeHee. But in all this Navya came out clean as per the plan.
Now coming back to the awesome chemistry, I liked every bit from the sneak in to the move out. The hugs, the cute peck, the lip mark, the tears everything was just fab. But amongst all this we found the new glycerine KING of television. What I didn't understand was the vow to reunite the family before they reunited. Cudn't this be done without a vow?
Om's plight was worth watching today. Looked like a worried father of a daughter and not a son. And u said it well. Anant was no less than a nautanki and I hope he continues to remain the same. Now its time to bear the self chosen separation and singing 'Rangon mein..' So just move on Navya and Anant.

BTW did anyone else get annoyed at the excessive eye blinking by Navya during the arguement? Does she have a problem with her eyes. From crooked eyebrows to over blinking eyelids. Kya yaar?

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Awesome episode

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rejerbed!! thanks for the adda tanu!! so awesome to see one after a while from u hun!! will be back shortly! come to kabootar land if u can ASAP =P its howlarious!!


Okies Tanupoo, as always marvellous adda Hug Thank you & you my friend cracked me up with your dialogue-giri LOL Lovely lovely take!!  LOL so I am SO happy today with all of this #savenavya totally sucesfful! Man, Im sure everyones fingers are still aching so awesome job everybody Big smile

Okay so firstly, mera senti-sher HAYEE MARJAWAN Heart What amaaazing acting! He was so HOT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I LOVE ANANT. hes like the cutest thing ever.He was so hot but yet so cute! He was more cute, cause of his amazing eyes, & gulabi chehera & gulabi lips!! Sadly, cant drool over his zulfien, I dont like them, theyre too long Ouch He needs a haircut ASAP!  LOL anyways, so me likey the whole drama, but just wished that Nabbyadevi could actually stand up for herself, that way! It seems no the show should be re-named as Anant cause he is bringing the nayi soch while devimata is more interested in becoming adarsh bahu but no complaints, cause that just makes my BabyA look even better BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing  So overall, good plan BabyA, dont screw it up again otherwise you may not end up being januableBabyA again whichi I would hate to see happeningOuch 

Now coming to the REAL januable scene of the day, the AnYa scene Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingHayee my chunnu-munnu are back at what they do best after what 3 months? Both AnYa were adorable!!!! Otherwise it was always just An or sometimes just Ya but today AnYa were magical! Day Dreaming IDK why, Navya dressed up in that saree & pallu kinda ticked me off for the scene, I miss her suits or atleast I wish she got rid of the pallu Ouch & like you said sarees are DISGUSTING. They look terrible & so colorphool, me no likey Dead She looks worse than Rama! Anyways back to the scene, I loved their hugs, even yesterday very cute hugs! They feel nice & tight & genuine Big smile LOL & then loh ji, humara Senti-Sher showed his Sentiness by ganga jamuna!! LOL I swear, the man is going to beat Gopi bahu's world record or has he already LOLBut still very cute!! AND haila we got a KISS Shocked Baapre, that too without Navya being all sharmili & all Anant, chodo, my goodness, jai ho Navya devi ki!! Big smile Anant's kiss was so sweeet! IDK it seemed so romantic Day Dreaming Jai ho AnYa ki!!  Keep this magik going & I request Anantikajee like everyone is, send AnYa on a honeymoon seqeunce now since show has gotten extended to Jammu Big smile Why? 1) We can probably see Navya back in her suits Big smile 2) AnYa romance, its cold, & our leads can get warm with jhappi pappi = hawtt AnYa,duuhh Blushing 3) Humara sher can see his phamily while shooting, since bechara hasnt seen them!! Ouch If that happens, I swear I will be the happiest girl in the whole wide world Embarrassed I feel so sorry they gotta stay seperate cause Anants families are a bunch of stupid loonies,but this is required for the nayi soch Big smile

Now, this BD, is one stupid hag, i actually wanna like kill her so much, I wont bother wasting too much time talking about that acid woman, but all i wish to say is, I hope she goes in a hole & dies! Same with DukhiAtmaa, gosh, I wanted to strangle the woman so badly, i mean all she cares about his her ladlaa! I have the same hatred for both women at this point DeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead LOL @ OmPapa. Deepu ke saamne, woh chup ho gaye & didnt know what to say LOL CSB ki bolti bhi band hui! I think they were still in shock that a Bajpayee bahu has the guts to fight with her husband, like you said ,with DA, she always shutsup & Mohan & Rama are never open! LOL BTW loved Nimi, shes so sweet! I love the way she told Navya that she would support her when BabyA wasnt there Big smile I like Renu's behen kind of bond now with Anant too! Its so hard to believe still these kids are married now! I mean this weekend, i was watching the episode where Anant had his confrontation with Renu, & she was so mean to him but everythings moved on & so faast naa Big smile

OMG the AnYa missing each other was too sweet! Anant babua is going to get all pampered in his sasural while Nabbyarani is going to get tortured in hers, YAAAY LOL Well, i am happy kinda cause Anant should get some azaadi from his house, & while living with the Mishra's he can have some fun & ENJOY home LOL Navya must be cursing Anant by the end of this bichadna cause the ladka is smart, uska faida & bring AnYa together bhi LOL Ishhmart boy I tell you!  & we got to see IMY  MONKU back Big smile LOL it was hilarious, when they showed the monkey I literally was screaming "MONKU, UR BACK" LOL BTW decor needs to be changed ASAP of AnYa's room! It still looks like Anants room, not AnYa's room so maybe after this whole natuanki is over, we can see some redecoration Smile

Thanks for the wonderful adda again, & hoping for more dhaamakedaar episodes in the future too! Feels like our Navya is really back with these awesome episodes & Navya getting saved Big smile

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Reserved. Will be back tomorrow with my take :)

P.S. Thanks Tanu for our brand new shelter after the 'extension' news Big smile

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Thanks Tanu jaan for opening the new adda..not sure if I'll have time to watch the episode and give my 2 cents-bach gaye tum log-hehe

But thanks a ton for giving us new baseraHug
Okay now let me read your take-hehe

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GGGRRR8888888888888888!!! POST...

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