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ff rebirth alost memory updt 25 pg 43 gopi accept (Page 42)

lavv Senior Member

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:59am | IP Logged
ur way of destiny making gopi n ahem meet again z good...

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
lavv wait you will know what has happen in next part
--HANISA-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
wow awesome part hana i love teh way you make ahem gopi and krish to work like a team and teh way they said we trust you more than our wow gopi finally get her hug and ahem got his kiss wow what is going to happen next sorry to comments late Hug

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-Eris- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Really nice update dear!!!!

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 2:32am | IP Logged
thx hansa and vibz welcome back hansa im happy you love it

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-Archana- Goldie

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
At last finished reading it Hana. Awesome ffStarClap lovely, emotional, suspense and interesting I don't know  what to say more.  Beautifully written. Pls pls continue soon.

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 October 2011
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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 11:52am | IP Logged
hi guys thx your lovely comments which give support to cont it im so happy Smile i hope you will enjoy this part too here it is .

                                                                           part 25

in kinjal room

dhawal did you notice he look just like bhai he has the same smile the same the voice too when i met him i felt it was bhai who return to us again you did not felt the same . yes i did when i shake my hand and when he we was in the car too my heart was telling it him he is back to us but we know it cant never be true na . yes but what if he has lost his lost his memory like gopi bhabi we never know . you can be right too but dont forget we saw his face when he was hospital we saw him dying in from of us too . yes but my heart is not ready to accept it since i saw him . kinjal there are seven person who look the same in the world and you know why we feel it could be him as his name too is ahem that why and think if we feel him like ahem bhai what about mahji she too should have felt the same too because she was always so close with ahem her heart always feel his present before all of us naa. you are right we all knew with mah no body can lie about bhai she can feel his ahat . you know i think he can be good for gopi he stay in delhi and he is here to search a girl to get married . really i think kanaji has listen to us and krish wish too . yes but we must not let gopi know if he is here to search a girl ok . ok but you know if we remove his beard his face will be the same naa . hmmm  ok now let sleep you must have tied .

in koki room

koki was feeling very restless she was not feel sleep she was walking in her room and was thinking how she was feeling restless before ahem enter in the house and she hug him she felt her son she know his fragrance her heart was not ready to accept it but she will have to control her emotion has he can be ahem they have done his antim sascar too . she went out side her room when she saw the light of his room was on she think may be he want some thing i will go and check it . she went up to his room . she knock and he said to come in . she enter and ask him if he need some thing as he is not sleeping .
he said he is not feeling sleep he dont know his head is so paining too like it can explose at any time . she said why he did not call any one then she give him med for drink and she caress his head . when she caress his head ahem feel it was already happen to him before too . then she was about to leave when ahem call her . mom . she was shocked on hearing him calling her mom after so long years the same way she was with tears Cry  and look at him and said  beta you .

woh im sorry ahem cut her i felt like it my mom im sorry if you have hurt on my calling you mom i think im missing her that i call you mom .

no dont say sorry i can like your mom too as im a mother na i can understand you can consider me like your mother too ok .
thank you woh .

you want to put your head on my lap to sleep may be your mother use to do it like me when my son use to not feel sleep he came to me and ask me make him sleep on my lap even after he got married too .

he do yes with his head . then koki when to sit on the bed and she make him put his head on her lap . when he put his head both felt a strange feeling like it happen with them before too . 

how are you feeling now beta her hand was caressing his head .

 i feel so relax it look like im with my own mother who use to to like this but it strange i feel like it her with whom im i now .

 i told you every mother do this with their child and im a mother too ,after a long time im having this chance again to press your head na  she was with tears  Cry .

my head what you mean  and why  you have tears  he wipe her tears .

woh i thought you as my son for a mins i told you he too use to come to me to sleep .

oh you means to say your son dhawal na .

han dhawal im talking on him it has been a long days now he did not come to me to make him sleep that you make me remember that days .

 she was talking when she saw he was already sleep he look just like ahem she think she kiss him on his fore head and was leaving when ahem talk in his sleep .

thx mom you are to good like always love you mom .

love you too beta even if you are not my ahem dikra but i can feel him to me he too use to talk in his dream like you and say love you mom ho wit can be possible may im thinking so mush of ahem that why it happening to me to saw him in you your name is the same . she leave the room .

next day

kokila kinjal and dhawal was waiting for gopi and krish for breakfast and they were talking and dhawal sai dto koki taht ahem has come for searching a girl for wed and he is from delhi too they should think on him . then koki said she will as she found him nice for gopi too  but they must know about him first and the family too . then ahem was walking to come down when gopi and krish too was coming and ahem was about to slip as he was not able to walk properly too and it was gopi and krish who hold him on each side and they come down with him . the trio was watching them and koki said .

look at them how they look nice they look like they are made to be like a family .

haa mah you are right do you remember when bhabi was pregnant and bhai leg was hut like this how she help him with  krish in her womb and today he is with his future father too by supporting him .

yes you are right kinjal im also imagine that day how ahem was angry on her too for coming down even after doc says she must not do  the stairs dhawal said .

dhawal i want you find out on him soon i made my mind it him which i choice for her and krish too it kanaji sign we want to find some one who live in delhi and we get him it his bless i think .

ok i will but first he will have to win krish heart first then he will be able to get gopi as gopi has said it if the man will accept krish and if krish will love that man then she will accept too .

in the stairs the trio was talking with out let there lips move .

dad for us you have put your life in danger why you ddi not think any thing else .

krish to get some thing we must suffer a little too and here i come to get both of you so i must sufer and im happy you both are with me to take care of me na .

ahem you dont know how i feel bad when i saw you like this .

it nothing chill now we arrive near them .

they arrive and sit .

why you have come here i would sent your breakfast in your room beta .

mah  when he become your beta .

gopi his age is just like dhawal naa so i can call him beta what wrong in it haan .

arey you please have you breakfast dont feel shy kinjal said . i will take it woh i . 

actually he dont take tea but he drink green tea in the morning . but how you know it gopi dhawal ask .

woh woh he told me last night when i brought juice for him and then i ask him what he drink in the morning and he told me mom has told me to take his care so i did .

then mani brought black him . and she brought fro krish too as he too use to drink it .

but i drink only one cup not two . this one is for me uncle . you drink black tea in your age it not good .

woh he use to drink it since he was four years and we try to stop him but he refuge koki ans .

may i try it may be he will listen .

 try it if you can even i try when we reach in delhi .

woh beta ha i means krish right ok krish you want to have muscles like me naa .

yes i would like it how you got it what you did tell me please .

it simple i use to drink milk or juice but not green tea in your age that why i got it .

 shaach we must drink milk to get muscles like you .

haan but if you want to drink this then drink it but you will not get muscles like me think .

no i want to have muscles like you so i will not drink green tea from today i will have milk kinjal mom and gopi mom .

 arey you make a miracle we do every thing and you with your words he accept it kinjal said .

it simple we should know how to handle kids that all .

you love kids koki ask .

 ji yes i love kids .

 im happy you could make him accept it thx a lot you prove you are a good person .

welcome kinjal woh i mean kinjalji .

no not kinjalji im like your younger sister naa you can call me only kinjal because for me you look like my bhai he is no more .

 ok then from now you are my sister ok and im your bro too im also happy to get a sister i dont have any one im all alone for my parents .

 wah in one day you got mom sis and bil what you will want to get later haan and you all how can you trust him i agree he has save our krish life but that does not means you should think him like a family member i dont trust him .

gopi hw can you say it on him what ever he did for us if he would not save our krish then where he would be now you know that dhawal shout .

dhawal bhai you shout on me because of him how you can you this .

gopiji is right too now a days we cant trusth any body not even our bro or family .

 yes we know that but even now a days we dont get some one to put there life in danger to save another life too kinjal said . 

you guys want to trust him do it but not me ok .

then ahem mob ring he pick it .

hello dad im fine dont worry how is mom woh dad i forget the address and name of that resto lady  what is her name ok it gopi modi he look at her ok by dad .

who has with you my name whose son you are and how he can give you my name tell me fast .

i was searching you and im staying at your place what a coincidence it is na you know my parents .

your parents sorry i dont know them who's son you are .

im chirag mehta son ahem mehta we talk on the mob too before you come here you forget it .

so you are chirag uncle son im so sorry to talk rudely with you , mom it his dad whom i use to visit  they love me and kris too .

did you see gopi you were saying cant trust him see kanaji make you know who he is  now you trust him koki said .

yes mom if he is chirag uncle son yes im totally have trust in him .

one week was about to end when one day  koki ask ahem what type of girl he want to get married and he said just like your gopi and he said will you give me her hand i will accept krish too as my son if you agree and gopi too if she will accept me . then gopi  who heard all this she said i saw krish like you and you too how you love him then i dont have any objection for the wed with you .the family was happy as gopi said yes and ahem accept krish too . they told him to call his parents too and he call them to inform them to come the next day . and they said . even koki said that parag too is going back tomorrow ahem you will be able to meet him too  Smile Clap Star .

i stop here i hope you will like it and will do comments too i will wait fro your fed back tooSmile  .

im sorry i said ahem will know on him but it will be in next part may be the last too  Big smile .

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hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by archanakarthik

At last finished reading it Hana. Awesome ffStarClap lovely, emotional, suspense and interesting I don't know  what to say more.  Beautifully written. Pls pls continue soon.

thx archana for love them i hoe you will be able to read this part too im happy

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