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ff rebirth alost memory updt 25 pg 43 gopi accept (Page 39)

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
hana wtng 4 naseeb also...

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thx lavv i will do it but i have to do for another forum too im happy you like you will know about the pic too
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Amazing Updatee dear loveeed it 

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thx siham im happy you read it
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wow hana ahem with beard awesome part i love the airport scene of them so ahen is in rajkut and will not let gopi know wow witting for next  

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thx hansa for love it im happy
hana_y IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 5:43am | IP Logged
sorry to be so late for the update guys and thx a lots for supporting me with your lovely comments thx  again , i hope you will like this part too Smile

 prev ; ahem arrive in rajkut and change his look

                                                                 part 24

two days has pass ahem still doing his search and he was out side hospital with shocked  Shocked   he talk to him self   .

how it can be possible the day of birth there was no twins who was born modi and mehta  both got only only one baby , and for the accident there was no two ahem how that possible when i know i was here even ahem modi then how they can say that night only ahem modi who met with accident who was dead and the one who did operate was not ahem mehta how it can be possible and even the doc is dead which did the operate i dont understand any thing what to do now . i thing i will have to do the other step now and let this thing away may be is not the right time for me to know kanaji dont want me to it now i will wait for it kanaji but help now on my other step .

the nurse who was giving him the information was not other than ahem . sorry bro but i dont have any other choice i have to lie with you as it not the right time for you to know it but you will come to know it here when the time will come the right moment will be soon for you to know then you will know the full truth of your life but you will have to pass with the same pain again .that why i make to come here as all the secret are here .

in modi at night

krish room

gopi  was angry  Angry as she did not get any news for ahem since two days they did not talk nor even a text how can he do this . krish who notice it and .

krish  ; what the matter mom why you are looking angry .

gopi ; how can you know im angry han .

krish ; im your son na i know you very well when you look sad or angry too like now you look angry .

gopi ; yes im angry on your dad he did not text me or call me once how im getting a bad feeling you know that .

krish ; mom may be he has lots of work that why you think he can stay with out talking to you he will miss you a lot na .

gopi ; not only me whom he would he miss krish you too i know how much he love you too that why he has taken the decision to adopt you na .

krish ; yes to tell you im missing him a lot too , but my heart is saying he will call us may be in ten mins and you will be happy .

gopi ; oh no i will not talk to him if i will then i will urge with him but not with happiness .

krish ; mom im sure you will not be able as when he will talk you will forget every thing you will be blush or feel shy but angry with him no way .

gopi ; you know me very well  han  you must be just like your dad  ahemji he to use to know me like this .

krish was with shocked Shocked now  he think how she can say ahemji when she never call him this name since she met him .

krish ; when you have call him ahemji mom i did not hear you call him like this .

gopi ; are you sure krish but i feel i use to call him like this before too and you know what he was with me in the accident too along with a baby and i was like a married woman .

krish ; mom you  were not married and what is is accident you are talking and a have a baby too i think you are missing him so much that why you are saying it .

gopi ; no krish i saw him clearly his face and he  said the same words which he said that day too i dont know if it was before accident or after but it was him and the baby was just like you yes i remember it krish that we were in the car and i ask about name he said i will know it in the mandil and then i saw the car and the truck wait it was the car who it our car as the truck hit his car , yes the bay was you im sure of it you were with me in that accident too .
krish ; mom if i was as you said i was a baby do you think i would be here today and what will i do with you tell me and which accident you are talking how can you be a married woman dada dadi would hide it from you and where is your husband pic around here .

gopi ; dhawal bhai use to say i always take you with me when ever i go out and you use to stay with me do you agree on it , you are more attach with me than with them right im sure there is some thing which is hiding to me i can feel it if i met in that accident may be i lost my memory and he too has been lost his memory and he went at his parents house may they dont know if he was married , do you agree that he too met with an accident na he said it right that too on his birth day the same as i hear him said on my birth i will put his name too that means your name but why he will put your name .

krish ; mom it all your illusion ok , yes i know dad met with an accident that day on this birth but why he will put my name and why i nothing has happen to me how can you think of this no you are mistaken may it can happen later who knows but i was not with you that day im sure of it please forget it for my sake .

gopi ; if you say may be im mistaken it if you were with me as a baby you should have been hurt or have any mark too.

then her mob ring krish saw it was ahem he take it .

hello dad . hello son how are you . im fine and you why you did not call us from two days . woh im sorry i was little busy i know your mom is angry na . hmm she is i was missing you a lot . me too son im missing both of you a lot that why i finish my work and im here in rajkut . what you are in rajkut wow dad im happy when did you arrive . today where is your mom may i talk to her . mom dad . hello  . hello im sorry for not calling you or even do any text jaan please . it ok i can understand  you were busy . i miss you a lot . me too . you know im in rajkut and i want to be close to you to hug you both take you in my arms . me too im waiting to us to meet ahem . dont you worry will be soon one jaan and for it i have a plan too .oh really . yes . mom tell dad about the adoption too na .yes i will told him wait . what he is saying to you gopi . woh actually about the adoption it will not  be necessary to do it as they give me the right on him now as my son . wow that a great news gopi .

yes ahem what you said us to do we did it and they will start for searching a guy for me . ok it good now will you please it on loud speaker i need to talk with both of you for the next plan . ok you can talk now ahem . gopi , krish you both do you trust me . more than our life both said at the same time  . ok them listen carefully . he said the plan to them we dont hear it .what you think it will work . yes dad it will im sure and dont you worry for me as i know until you will be around me nothing will happen to me right dad . yes son i will not let any thing happen to you but make sure only both of you come ok . yes ahem i will make sure only they come there ok . dad love you and a big kiss fro you now talk to mom bye dad . bye son a big kiss too . he felt gopi in the room to talk .

gopi are you happy will be soon meet . yes ahem i was waiting when you will come to . to what gopi tell me what i sit please . woh to be in your arms to have your hug and to do some romance too. wow im so impress my sweet wife was  so eagerly waiting for me to be in my arms i never though and was waiting to do some romance too you have been improve i must say han . yes and it all your love who make me like this i cant stay so long with out you now ahem . me too gopi ok now give me my kiss now . no you will get it when you will come . what how i will spend my night then gopi please give me one . hmm no this is your punishment for not call me for two days . oh no this is not fair gopi i never do this with you na so . im doing the same like you use to do with me ahemji bye she cut the mob .

did she said ahemji and she said that i use to do it with her but when oh no i hope she is not remember of her past i will have to do every thing fast now before she get her memory back he talk to him self .

next day afternoon at modi

in the hall arey krish beta you look happy may i know the reason ? kinjal ask . woh gopi mom has accept to get married that why i will get another dad kyun dadi . han beta you will have soon and you will see he will love you and accept you has gopi son too . but what if he dont then gopi mom . then i will not accept to get married with him . gopi what are you saying how can you say it han . mom you know i told you all yest if the man will accpet krish then if not then dont think for me to married with that man . gopi dont worry im here na your bro im asure you you will married with some one who will accept krish dont worry . thx dhawal bhai i know only you who care for me but i have another problem too . what that now gopi  ? kinjal ask . woh i will cont rule my resto in month i will go in delhi for my work or if tehy accept we get go there to stay i will not mind then . what is this now  gopi you know what are you saying kokila said . yes mom i know if you want me to marry then find some one who will accept all this or find some one who leave in delhi it on you . how will we know peoples who leave there how they are how we will find what kind of people they will be if you will be happy or not if they will be a good family or not this is too much now . mah i think she is right too we must think on her business too what do you think dhawalji . yes i think is right we must think of it and ask bauji too then we can do something we have time with us .

oh no papa we dont have time i will have to go for school in next week and it will be after six months then will be able to come here , and dont forget she can change her mind at any time so we will have to find for a man soon . only my son know me from all of you see how he said what is going in my mind han . he will be like you as you are his mother na kinjal stop , woh i means to say he stay with you so he know you more . gopi get text im in the spot . ok . she do sign to krish . papa i want to have an ice cream please let go to have it i was missing uncle ice cream . dhawal bhai bring for all of us too i too miss this ice cream a lot . why we all dont go along it wil be nice . no dhawlji im so tied gopi you go along if you want . no i will stay with you both of you go then and bring for us too . ok then we will bring for you dhawal said and they go .

gopi text they have left .ok . after dhawal buy ice cream krish saw ahem who do sign to hm he know what he will has to do so he do it . he cross the road to go with dhawal on calling him . wait krish do not come wait there im coming . papa he cont calling him when a car was coming to him . krish no wait you will get hurt go back please im coming . and he cont walking car come just was about to hit him ahem save him and he hurt himself blood was coming out . krish was with tears on seeing blood in his arms . ahem hugs him and said are you all right son you did not get hurt . no im fine but it you who get hurt . dhawal come an dhug krish are you alright when i told you to stay there why you were crossing the road han . im sorry papa but i wanted to go in the washroom that why i did not saw the car and he save me . oh thank you a lot you save my son . it all right uff . oh no you are bleeding so mush come we stay just near come with us . oh no i will manage dont worry you go . no uncle you save me so we should take care of you too right papa . yes come with us let go . ok if you insist then . krish was still with tears and he was talking from his heart to get the permission and to have the person whom he love he is doing all this you are a true love person im proud to choose you as my father . ahem do sign with him to wipe his tears as he is ok . he do it then .

in the car

im ahem mehta . im dhawal modi and he is my son krish modi . when ahem was talking with dhawal he was got a strange felling like he know him long ago too. where you leave . woh actually i dont leave here im from delhi i came her for my parents who ask me to come to see the girl whom they have choose for me she is form here but has a resto there . oh you are here to look for the girl whom your parents has choose that very nice now a days some boys  and girls dont want to married with their parents choice and you still do it wow . yes for me my parents are every thing till now they never do any wrong for me so i think even the girl will be good too . what if she she not in your choice then i mean if she is not a pretty girl then . for me it not pretty who look good but nature have respect for others and have a good manners how to leave with family that is necessary . that means you dont know the girl nor the girl know you right . yes we dont know each ever but my parents do . what her name may i know it if you dont mind . i think it gopi she has a nephew too . oh ho it means you you are talking about gopi mom . gopi mom you know her . arey she is my mom we have resto there im krish . but my parent said you are her nephew . yes he is but he is in her responsibility and from his birth he was with her so she is like her mother . 

but we never saw you in chirag dada house . krish you know his father . yes we use to go there they are so good papa just like dadu and dadi that why i call them dad and dadi too . i was not there that why we never met so im glad to met you krish . me too but to get my gopi mom you will have first win my heart then you will be able to win hers . im sure i will win your heart and for hers too but i have a condition . what condition you have ahem . if he will call her gopi mom then he will have to call me ahem papa too or just papa i will be more happy . oh really that means for you it will not be any problem if krish will call gopi as mother and to stay with her as her son . no i dont have i will be please to have a son like him but gopi dont know if im was coming to look at her for wed as my parents wanted me to look her then they will come to  tel  about me to her they want us to know each ever first then they will come to ask for her hand . if it is then we will be happy i will not let her know why you will be there and you will stay with u sin our house like a gust who has save my son krish when she will saw you like krish she will like you too im sure of it . ok then it will stay with us about the proposal matter ok ahem said . yes dont worry my mother will like you as you look just the man whom we are searching for her kanaji has sent you to us . yes he bring me to you .they arrive at modi .

ahem when he was about to enter in with them he feel a strange like he use to stay there . dhawal beta who is that man ? kokila ask . he enter he greed them and take bless . she give him she feel it her ahem was back  the same voice the same style of talking walking even kinjal was like her mother she feel her brother presence there  when he do his presentation to her there was a strange feeling in the hall . then he met gopi he greed her she too do the same . then koki saw teh blood she was shocked and ask how it happen then krish and dhawal explain what happen . then koki said thx him for saving krish and put his life in danger . he said it was his duty to save him may be it was kanaji wish to send me there at that time . koki was please with his talk and she  call doc when the doc come he look after him and he gave him med and said he will need some rest ha she has lost lot of blood he may feel dizzy and weakness too . then koki order him  to stay there until  he dont get well  and he agree too . koki saidt o gopi it will be her duty to take care of him and she accept has he has save krish life . then every body leave there . dhawal said to gopi to bring some juice for ahem and she accept to do it .

ahem room

gopi come there with juice and said your juice please have it . he said put it on the table he will take it later and she was about to leave when she turn to him and said .

thx for saving my son life . you must say our son na with a smile . he open his arms to let her come for a hug and she run and go in his hugs she was with tears Cry on seeing the pain and the bandage he has . he wipe her tears and said .

 why this han you must be happy im close with both of you now this pain is nothing than the pain to be separate from you both . yes we are close now thx you to come to me ahem i was missing you a lot she kiss him  on his lips with out any hesitation for the first time since they were together and the kiss goes passionate too Star .

i stop here i hope you will like it i ddi it a bit long as next can be the last part Smile .

press like button please if you like it Smile .

next will be ahem will know on him self Smile wait for it .

bye bye .

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Very very superup update i loved the way Krish insisted Gopi that all her illusion was great very nice
update next part soon

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