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FF: It's My Journey-Updated-pt 6-pg21-3/11 (Page 9)

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Originally posted by shruthi2010

munni i have fallen in love with this story.
every one are so cute and positive. i love this parrot gopi. i cant wait for the next update.

aww thank you shruti...glad u like it
yeah they are all cute...and nice...yeah she is a parrot... always pappa... pappa...

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Gopi with the excitement of meeting him...and the apprehensions and anticipations... about what he says when he sees her... and with various other mixed feelings in her heart...gets into the car to head to MM...

part 3

lunch time...the door bell rings...Meethi as usual goes to open the door..Mehtas come in and  they greet each other..Gopi is just looking around ...and hugging and taking blessings from the elders... her eyes are searching for someone she has been waiting for almost 5 years '. Gopi involuntarily and mechanically takes blessings and hugs them '..still looking for those eyes in every corner visible...her heartbeat is just increasing with time in anticipation of meeting those eyes...which she has been waiting to see for the last 5 years...she just stood in a place fidgeting her dupatta...

"gopi you know what... come to my room ' i got to show you lot of things which bhai got for me from America" kinjal came like a thunderstorm and dragged Gopi up the stairs. to her room...Gopi still looking around says "hmmm" and follows kinjal to her room... kinjal laid all her gifts on the bed and started talking to gopi.. but gopi is lost and playing restlessly with the ends of her dupatta ...looking here and there...sitting restlessly .., very uncomfortable...kinjal notices gopi and asks "gopi what happened you seem to be so lost... do you need anything"..."Ahem" says gopi thinking about something and stops saying further... ... "what!!! you want my Ahem bhai" and kinjal started laughing...Gopi just embarrassed at herself and says."ermm woh nahi... woh Ahem he downstairs" "ohh bhai... but bhai is not home..." said kinjal with a broad smile...gopi's head snapped and her eyes started to tear up very lightly...but then composed herself...

//flashback starts

On Saturday Morning @MM:

"Ummm...hmmm...Mom mom... what are you making mom...smells good..." Ahem comes in to the kitchen...taking a deep breath inside to get the smell of the food... prepared by his mom... took an apple from the counter top washed it and sat on the counter top, biting an apple ..."Dikra we are preparing all your favourite items for breakfast...give us a couple of minutes '.meethi will serve " mom can you imagine it's been 5 years..i am away from home..but never could get the taste of the food you make mom...don't you think so there is some magic in your hands " said Ahem smiling..."every mom has magic in her hands dikra..." "but my mom is the best " winks at his mom...//for gopi her dad is the best

and "now tell me dikra what would you like to have for lunch...", asked his mom..."ohh i forgot to tell you i am going out to watch the cricket match with my friends... they also planned for lunch mom...guess what mommm...i will be watching a cricket match live in our Wankhade Stadium with Australia you imagine...'s gonna be a spectacular match...waiting for Sachin's 100th centuary mom...wouldn't it be awesome if sachin's 100th century is in our own city in our own Wankhade stadium..." said Ahem with lot of excitement for the cricket match..."mom you know what i missed the most in all these years..." koki looks at him with some expectation "of course you  and the family...but what i missed most is watching cricket match in Mumbai ...our own ground as it's a day-night match, i will be back late night no dinner for me as well"..said Ahem..."dikra... what's all this... only god  knows about you and your craziness for cricket...get over it dikra...concentrate on other things in life other than that stupid cricket...and woh '.Ahem dikra woh Mehta uncle...", these words couldn't fall in his ears as he quickly went out when his mom started the lecture...//Ahem talking as Mumbaikar with a lot of passion for cricket and Sachin...

"jigar come on get ready '. we are going to the match .. there is a ticket for you as well ...get ready in 20 mins..." said Ahem entering Jigar's room.. '."no bhai you guys carry on"..." what happened jigar.. you were so eager to watch cricket in the stadium...sachin is gonna make 100th century ...come on jigar lets' go " said Ahem trying to pull jigar from his office chair "not any more bhai,,,, i hardly see any matches now" "jigar how long will you be like this ,...come on..get  over can't live in the past forever ... jigar..." saying in a calm and  gentle tone ... took jigar into a brotherly hug and said "don't dwell in the past for too long ..your future is waiting for you... get over it... " said Ahem ruffling jigar's hair with a slightest of the smile... Jigar just closed his eyes..for a moment and said "have fun bhai" and gave a faint smile...

he dropped himself in his seat ' closed his eyes..holding the arms of the chair...all he could see was a sequence of her smiling and laughing '..holding puppy in her hands...making cute faces with a dupatta on her head...showing off her bangles...running behind her in rain... watching sunset...  playing holi with him... riding a motor bike ... watching her crying...and the scene fades...while jigar closed his eyes further tightly clenching his fists on to the arms of his chair...and few tear drops rolled over his cheeks..

Ahem makes a few calls to his friends and before leaving tells parag "dad you just sit in this couch and don't move here and there... only then India will win and Sachin will score a centuary,..."but Ahem dikra... how can these two happen on the same day... i rarely see India winning and sachin hitting a century on the same day" and started to laugh out loud joined by kinjal, chirag and baa... Ahem is sentimental about his dad sitting in a particular place will win the match for India (yeah these are the little sentiments which cricket fans follow)  //FYI: when sachin hits a century india will loose the match that's the irony of the cricket god himself//

flashback ends//

. "he went out with his friends for lunch and to watch India-Australia cricket match at the stadium...he will be back only late night...he had the plan to watch the match for a long time...that is why bhai came to india this he could see the match in the stadium"...said kinjal raising her eyebrows in excitement... and still organizing her room... '.and gopi has now composed herself  and got involved in watching kinjal's gifts...but somehow she was disappointed...

After lunch and little bit of chit-chat the mehtas are ready to leave... "gopi dikra please do come sometimes... it's hardly 10 minute drive from your place.. please do drop by whenever you feel like.. recently you are not even coming during the weekends.." saying so koki puts her hand on gopi's head and hugs her to her side.Gopi smiles and says "ji aunty i will come sometime next week as i have no extra classes next week" saying so the Mehtas' take their leave...

Gopi is silent on the drive back home... her dad seeing her face... thought not to disturb her..Gopi goes to her room and locks it...she  lies down on the bed...slight tears in her eyes welling up... went back in time, when she fought with him for calling her parrot in class 4...playing with him on a swing...chasing him...her lips curled into a slight smile... with these scenes flashing across...she closed her eyes tightly ...dozed off... after an hour or so she wakes up... changes into her pajamas and goes to the artificial lawn where there are almost 30 to 40 pots with different varieties of flowers... whenever at home she waters them in the evening.. sits on the swing (for 2 people) in the lawn for sometime and watches the sunset '...her pappa joins her after coming back from office and they both talk about anything and everything sipping their tea...then have dinner followed by night time coffee with dad and goes to her room ...and talks to ahem about her day's events and goes to sleep... this is a typical day for Gopi Mehta...

early Sunday..."Ahem dikra... hey krishna bhagwan...what happened dikra did you get this hurt.." started koki worriedly touching his face where he had bruises  on the corner of his lips there is a blood stain..."What happened dikra..did you have fight with someone...let's tell your dad to call the commissioner uncle and tell about the guys who beat you up mercilessly..." said koki dragging Ahem along with her... Ahem stopped in his place and said "mom i am fine...look at me... its' just that there was a tiff in the stadium with a guy...nothing major mom... i am fine,,... don't tell dad about this" said Ahem holding his moms' hands and requesting her to calm down..." and by the way said i have to go and meet nani today..." "yes dikra...also take kinjal along with's been long time since she has gone to nani's place... and she can give you some company during the drive..." "ok mom...but please don't tell this to dad... he will be mad at me...please mom" he asked his mom with a pleading simle..."ok now get ready and start soon.." said kokila closing the door behind her...

Sunday morning Gopi plans to take her pappa and go to MM ...she comes and sits on the couch in the living room.. sees her pappa on phone with Parag uncle...after nodding to gopi her pappa continues talking "Arrey yaaar Parag ..did Ahem wake up ...Gopi wants to meet him " saying so her pappa winks at her..."Wake up '.he is already on the way to his nani's house ' you know how kokila wants Ahem to meet her mother with the top most priority...and he will come by tomorrow night" says Parag "What !! Ahem went to meet his naani for 2 days..." says Aadarsh ...Gopi  releases an exasperated sigh and her face falls. So they could not meet over the weekend...she just dreams about meeting him and anticipates as how he will react seeing her...She is in her own dreamland watering the plants ..sipping coffee and talking to pappa... //weekend over

Next morning gopi and her dad head out after breakfast ... he drops her at college and goes to his office..."How the hell is this happening... what were you doing when all these things were happening right in front of you... i need to see the reports for the last one year..." Aadarsh screams at his manager by loosening his neck tie and drops himself in the chair... and he keeps rubbing his forehead..."but sir Vikram sir knows about all these things..." "what!! Vikram Kapoor knows about all the dealings of the Planet Bank" "sir, before going on vacation only he came to know about these dealings" "then where the hell are the reports of his findings" shouts Aadarsh at the manager '"sir, the files are in Vikram sir's custody and he is on vacation" "Now what will we do with out the reports and where do we start off with,... just do one thing ...first call him on his mobile,..i want to talk to him right now and also you check on the office local servers to see if there are any soft copies of the reports which he prepared..." says Aadarsh angrily to the manager..."yes sir i will look for them" and the manager runs out of the room...//Vikram kapoor, Aadarsh Mehta's colleague is the auditor for the Planet Bank...but since he is on vacation due to family emergency...Aadarsh was given the work of Vikram Kapoor to look into the audits of Planet Bank on which he is currently working//

@Mehta house:

evening  Gopi comes from college along with her pappa... her pappa seems to be stressed out about something...they go home..freshen up and sit in the swing in the lawn...Gayathri gets them some tea.. Gopi while drinking tea asks "pappa is everything alright" he does not answer Gopi again looks at her mom with a question mark.. and this time asks loudly by shaking him "pappa is something wrong" he comes out of his trance and says "hmm did you ask anything beta" to which Gayathri says "she has been asking if you are alright... please tell us what is the problem seem to be really really upset.. if there is any problem please tell us" "no no '.there is no's just i had a hectic day at work..." "but pappa you seem to be so lost in something...we have never seen you so stressed out with regards to office work..." said gopi lying her head on her dad's arm..."you did not even call me as pari today everyday you call me as your pari beta '.but not today..." gopi turns away from her dad with a slight pout..."my dear pari look at your pappa... look sweet pari beta..i am fine beta ...just some work tension ,,it will get resolved in a day or two" saying so he hugs her to his side and kisses on top of her head..."you need not worry about anything beta... ..your mom and i will handle if there are any serious issues..."

After dinner they go to sleep...In Gayathri and Aadarsh room Gayathri lying on Aadarsh's chest starts " i am really there a serious matter that you are hiding from us?" "no jaan it's just an office matter it will get resolved sooner now you sleep" saying so he kisses on top of her head "please don't hide anything from us...if we want we can talk to parag bhai regarding this" "no jaan...if i feel the need ...i will ask come on go to sleep jaan" said aadarsh switching off the side lamp...

Two days later Ahem, wearing a black pin-striped suit and a white shirt...enters the premises of Modi Industries in his new BMW 5-series a CTO for which he has enough experience...Ahem how much ever lively and fun loving he might be at home and with his friends... ...but for him business is business and no second thoughts about it...He being a guy with grey shrewd in business ..has sharp business instincts...and has a great acumen in recognizing the people he work with and knows clearly that business and personal life should run parallel ...but they should never cross each other...He got into his new role '.with the new zeal...

same day.. gopi comes from college at 3:30 drops her bag and  ..."Maaa can we go to kokila aunty's house today." "but why gopi" "Maa woh koki aunty asked to come whenever i have some free now i have no work  to do...can we go maaa..please please please please maa..." "let me call your pappa and inform him to come over to MM and pick us from there after his office" "ok maa thank you and i will be back in a few minutes" saying so she runs to the lawn on the top floor ...picks  some beautiful roses  and ties them together... changes into a pink churidhar and goes to MM with her mom...

meethi opens the MM main door..."Meethi ..did Ahem come back from office" gopi asks very slowly ..."ji bhai hasn't come yet" '"ok then i will place these flowers in his room and come" said gopi walking towards the stairs...

When will they meet ?

How did Ahem get hurt in the stadium ?

What is jigar's past.. who is the girl in the flashes...where is she now?

for more stay tuned...

p,s: still they did not meet...please don't give up...still setting the base for the story to ramp up.

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hurray me first
munni now i m going to cry. you are bad as the cvs. dear.
the anticipation for their meeting is rising higher and higher.
so now will aham create problems for adarash due to that project.
i have a feeling that gopi will place the flowers in his room and aham will be there, so they will meet there.
i will wait till the next part to see if my predictions come true.

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I m so earger to read your next part where gohem would meet and i m sure it would be a dreamland meet sending gopi into lalaland...

But will Ahem recognize her??????????Please update soonBig smile

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Why dint you pm me? Are u upset coz of all my koki bashing? Cry coming to the update it was fantastic! You know i am so happy you mentioned my fav sachin! Yup but the irony is whenever he hits century we loose and so many times he gets out in nineties other wise hundred hundreds would ve been long back. Coming back ahem modi looks like a lot of fun actually human!jigar what happened?? Who is the gal whose torturing him? Update soon i ve no issues with waiting for gohem first meeting as i am enjoying the pace!

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navyab IF-Rockerz

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Liked it Munni...but why is Gopi only desparate to meet him ...he does not even remember her !!!
Is he even intrested to know about her or is she just a family friend...
Intrested to Know Jigar's past...does Ahem also have a past & hence the non-intrest !!!

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thanks for the pm dear!!!!!!! nice update as well!!!!!!!Smile

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Great update munni !
Hope u will let Gopi to meet Aham in next update...i'm eagerly waiting for that moment

p.s. Thanks for the pm

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