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IPKKND OS: Midnight Snack 18+

blah_blah3 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
I should be sleeping, or studying, or updating an FF, but too bad I'm going to write this OS Evil SmileBig smile It's 1:30am here, and I can't seem to sleep.

This idea came to my head a few days ago, and well I guess I thought I should just write it. It's a little mature for some readers, and I don't mean to offend anyone with the language. Those who cannot handle such writings, please do not read. My job was to give a warnng, the rest is up to you Smile

IF you'd like to read more of my writing then: Amy's Writing Corner

BTW Harshu! I know you'll enjoy this Wink Or at least I hope you will Embarrassed

18+ Mature Content: Reader Discretion is Advised

Midnight Snack

Arnav looked down at his wife, who had her head resting on his bare chest, as she slept soundly; she looked so serene, just like a child when she slept; so innocent. He smirked as he remembered the events of earlier that night that proved just how un-childlike his wife actually was. He stared at her angelic face, and kissed her forehead, before he closed his eyes waiting for the deep slumber.


His stomach growled for the umpteenth time, and he realized that sleep was not coming unless he satiated his hunger. He slowly placed his wife on the bed, and crept out of bed. He quickly pulled on a pair of boxers, and quietly exited the room.


They had come to Mumbai for the grand fashion week, and were staying in Arnav's apartment, which he had bought years ago when his Di, and him had had to make frequent trips here due to his fashion business.


He walked into the kitchen, turning the light on; he began to wonder what he could eat at this hour. It was midnight, and with her sleeping peacefully, there was no one to make him a proper meal. He raided the fridge and pulled out the strawberry jam and bread. He quickly made himself a sandwich, and settled himself on a bar stool at the counter; his back facing the kitchen entrance.


He was done his first sandwich, and about to make him self another, when he heard the tinkling of payals in a distance. He wondered if she had awoken, and came to find him, but when he turned to see no one around him, he thought he must have been imaging the sound. A few moments passed, and he heard the noise again, this time closer. He shook his head to get a grip on him self, and busied himself into making another sandwich.


"Arnav?" he heard her call from behind him.


He turned to see his wife standing at the kitchen door. She was wearing his shirt, which barely made it till her mid-thigh. Her hair all over the place. She rubbed one eye sleepily, while stretching the other arm in the air. A small played at his lips as he noticed his cute wife.


"Khushi? You're awake?" he asked.


"I woke up to go to the bathroom, and realized you weren't beside me," she pouted, coming to sit on his lap, and taking a bite from his sandwich, "I'm famished," she stated.


Arnav chuckled at his wife, as she attacked his sandwich, "That's mine," he said huskily. She looked up at him, and raised her eyebrows, "Oh really?" she asked.


"Mm hmm."


"Well too bad, now it's mine," she said, taking another bite. He noticed that a little bit of jam was left behind at the corner of her lips.


"What's yours is mine," he said simply, and licked the jam off her lips. She let out a sigh as she felt his tongue on her lips.


He placed a kiss at the corner of her lips, and began making his way down. He left a trail of kisses starting from her left cheek, moving to her jaw, down her throat, and ending at the base of her neck. She tilted her head back, giving him more access. He trailed kisses across her neck, and began making his way up on the right side of her neck.


As he reached the corner of his lips, she moved her head so his lips landed on hers. His grip on her waist tightened, as her hands found housing in his hair. She pulled at his hair as she felt him deepen the kiss, his grip only getting tighter. He bit her bottom lip, making her gasp, and giving him access to her mouth. He snaked his tongue in there, and began to explore every nook and cranny, allowing their tongues to dance together.


He pulled back after what seemed like an eternity, and placed her on top of the counter. His lips again found their way to hers, as he began to devour them. He again began to trail kisses down to her throat, and she arched her back in pleasure. Her hands pulling him closer, as his lips raked havoc on his senses. He bit into the base of her throat, making her groan, and licked the spot as if soothing it.


He hands guided him lower, and he reached the top of her shirt. He placed a kiss above the top button, and began to open the buttons with his teeth. He finished with the last button, and pushed the shirt aside, leaving a naked Khushi in front of him, only wearing lacy underwear.


His eyes roamed over her, making their way from her flushed face, to beating pulse in her throat, down to her heaving chest. He placed a kiss at the valley of her chest, making her sigh in pleasure. He took both her breasts in his hands, and began to massage them gently. He played with her right breast with his hand, as his mouth made its way to her left. He placed a kiss on her taut bud, and licked it vigorously, causing Khushi to moan in pleasure, and making her back arch. He first feasted on her left breast, and then her right, as she pulled his head closer with her hands, making little noises of pleasure.


Missing the feel of his lips on hers, she pulled him by the hair, and guided his attention away from her chest, and toward her lips. Not wanting to deny her, Arnav brought his lips and settled them on hers, and began ravishing her. He continued to pleasure her mouth, and her legs automatically wounded themselves around him; getting closer, allowing no room in between for air.


Not being able to take it any longer, Arnav pulled back, breaking this kiss for a second, and swiftly pulled of his boxers. As he stood there in all his glory, Khushi scanned him from head to toe, her gaze lingering at his chiseled abs, and at the excited member below. She smirked with pride as she realized the Greek God in front of her was all hers.


"Like what you see?" he teased, causing her to blush profoundly. They had been married for months not, but the natural red color never seemed to leave his wife's face during his teasing.


Wanting to show her husband that she wasn't always such a blushing queen, she jumped off the counter, and wounded her arms around his neck. She began to kiss him passionately, one hand still behind his neck, as the other trailed down his chest, to his rock hard abs, and lower to his hardened manhood. She gathered him in her tiny hand, and began to stroke back and forth, making him groan as she deepened the kiss.


She continued like this for a while, when Arnav could take the torture no more. He quickly pinned her to the wall, making Khushi gasp in surprise. Her eyes filled with mischief as she realized her husband's state.


He picked her up by the thighs, motioning her to wind her legs around his waist, as he entered her in one swift movement. She placed her hands on his shoulders for support, her back against the wall, as he plunged into her, and then out, rocking them both to their peeks. She screamed his name in pleasure, as she saw the stars above, and could take no more.


She rested her head on his shoulder, after their satiated hunger for one another. He pulled out of her slowly, and put her on her feet. He pecked her lightly on the lips, before gathering her in his arms, as she dozed off on their way to the bedroom.


He placed her gently on the bed, not wanting to wake her, and got in next to her. He pulled her close, and noticed the smile on her face, as she rested her head on his chest, as he hugged her close to him. He kissed her forehead, as he closed his eyes, reliving his moments with her, before drifting off to sleep.

You know the drill Embarrassed

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me first!!!!!!
lovely written... loved it...

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SanzBarbie IF-Rockerz

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HOT and loved it :)

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rupzloveu IF-Rockerz

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ashna27 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
loved it...but can you change the "little excited member" ASR would be mortified!!! hahahahahahaah LMAO

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saiqa4eva Goldie

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naughty naughty naughty

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--Siva-- IF-Rockerz

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** edited **

Amy! God, I'm at my work and its practically middle of afternoon and I'm half sleeping staring my laptop!! Got a PM from you and my eyes popped out when I saw the warning!!

Should I blush or sleep or work?? Blame you!! ** Think my condition of doing all, I'm a Clown now **

Ah! Again Strawberries..! I dunno how, You and Harshi managed to change it's meaning..! Now a days I cant eat that without a wild thought!! 

It was hot..! Lovely one!! Kushi in action Blushing Kitchen counters are now a days not for cooking I think.. Please guys, please don't make me blush for that place also, as you know I cant avoid going to kitchen!! **KiddingLOL ** 

Thanks for the PMWink

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Exactly who was the midnight snack khushi or d poor long forgotten

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