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FF: Being Snubbed--Epilogue/pg23.a happy afterlife

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Hey Guys

As my other fic My Killer, My Lover is about to end

Here is the INTRO of my new fic... Being SNUBBED
I wrote this fic on Armaan-Riddhima long back but i myself is so in love with this fic so here going to present this in AshNi version

NOTE: Ashu-Nidhi's age gap to be neglected here
Imagine Monish Behl from Hum Saath Saath Hain time please
so the only age difference is of 8 years

Part 1-2-3...Page1
Part 4-5-6-------page 8
Part 7-8-------Page 12
Part 9, 10-------Page 14
Part 11, 12-------Page 16
Part 13, 14-------Page 18
Part 15---------Page 20
Part 16--------Page 21


~:Ashutosh Mathur(32):~

The man of will...He was being Insulted and Ignored by all...His Parents left him alone in the world and he was sent to an orphanage where a couple adopted him but after having a son of there on...They just treat him as a piece of scrap...He do feel rejected all the time till he got an other big rejection from her wife, Mallika, he became heartless and rude

(Thought to give mallika the happiness of her life for a bitROFL)

~:Nidhi Verma(24):~

A spoil Brat...But apple of everyone's eye...Being the only sister of the two brothers Aryan and Ishaan...she always got treated as a doll and baby...No one like hurting her and her demands were always fullfilled by her parents and brothers...and this time, her demand made them all  stunned and shocked but still they can't say no to her

~:Other Characters:~

Raj and Aditi Singh: Ashutosh parents, died in an accident when he was 3
  Abhinav and Shyama Mathur : Who adopted Ashutosh...and changed his surname
Rohan Mathur: Abhinav n Shyama's real Son

Yograj and Nandita: Nidhi's parents
Aryan and Ishaan Verma: Nidhi's elder brothers

Shaina Singh: Ashutosh's best friend and consular...also his business partner

Anjalika Raichand: Nidhi's best friend and Rohan's girlfriend

Mallika Mathur: Ashutosh's wife but she left him and later suicide for some reason


"Shit, what is happening to this company?" Ashotosh said shouting at his employes and sit down on his chair with a bump...All left leaving him alone in the room as his eye fell on the framed picture of Him and Mallika

"My luck went away...Why you did that?" He said holding the picture in hand and hugged it, closing his eyes

***Beep Beep***

"Sir, Mr Yograj Verma is here...he want to see you?" The secretary inform him as he pushed the phone button

"I don't want to meet anyone right now...say him that..." He stopped feeling the phone of secretary being snatched by someone

"Mr.Mathur...your company is facing financial crisis...in this time, only its me who can help you" Yograj said with a determination and that attract ashutosh

"Ok, you can come in" Ashutosh said with a gasp and cut the call

"Mr. Mathur...i have a proposal for you" Yograj said entering into the room and sit infront of him

"Our companies can collaborate...Verma and Mathur enterprises...there will be a storm in fashion market..." Ashutosh look carefully at the man and got that there is something behind his statement

"So whats the deal, Mr.Verma" He said sitting straight

"You have to married my daughter...a contract marriage for two years...can you accept it?" Ashutosh was shocked with his words

Well thats the intro folks
do tell me do you like the concept or not

PS: how hardly i control my laughter writing ashu missing malluLOL
but do feel for the poor soul guysWink

the story will be continued on the basis of comments...so do comments..

luv ya

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Part 1

She was sleeping in her room, when two guys tip toed and went inside without making a noise……………..They wanted to make her surprise as they came here in Khandala, just to celebrate this beautiful occasion

She was sleeping like a sloth and the bedcover was irregular because of her continuous shifting in the bed……………while the laptop was placing beside her with her mobile, unkown to her was on the edge to drop down on floor

They both just smile, move towards her bed, uncovered her beautiful face from that coverlet and kneel down to her ears to whisper sweetly

"Happy Birthday Nidhi" her smile widened hearing that and she opened her eyes to see her two brothers looking sweetly at her

Aryan ruffled her hairs and made her sit in her bed to have a look of that sweet chocolate brownie cake, they both get for her

"Thank you Bhai" She hugged Aryan and than turn to Ishaan and hug him too

"Thank you Bro" They both smiled and then put the cake infront of her like always

"Hmmm, my bedcake time" She smiled fully on this and cut the cake feed both of them

"Ok now, come soon to the breakfast table………..Mom Baba waiting" Aryan said filling her mouth full with the piece

She smiled as the both left giving her a kiss and stretch her hands to feel the excitement of the day

She always like his brothers wishing in this way...thats why on her birthday, she never attend any call before they wished and that made both the brothers even more in luv with there cute sister

Like always, her whole family come to Khandala, her birth place to celebrate her Birthday……….She celebrated her birthday with her friends, a week back and from then own………she just lost herself……….something magical happened that night that place a strange feeling inside her

She closed her eyes and see that deep intense black eyes, contained many emotions, questions, feelings and pain inside them……..and she just was trying to find the happiness, cheer, and delight in his eyes but was unable too

She just remembered the meeting with him, she had a week before 


Sitting on the bar, she took another peg of wine……...The club was on full swing and the lights were dim as the rock song was going on…….She and her best friend, Anji joined the floor and start dancing

"Lucky Boy You're my, Lucky Boy

Jane Kaun Banega Mera, Lucky Boy"

She sway her body with the music and start dancing with a boy, then another…...

"Hey girl, you are too hot?" One said winking at her while she just bit her lip

"So, want to go out with me?" Other said touching her waist………..she smiled and suddenly


The boy looks up at her as she just kicked him between his legs and fainted while she just smiled

"Hey Nidhi, what a kick girl………..are you a karate champ?...never told me" Nidhi smiled and move towards the bar again

"Anji, what about Rohan? Are you really serious about him?" Nidhi asked her ordering another wine

"Well, he is a nice guy and I totally think that as we are same………..complete brats, we will move on smoothly……..so, yes, I am serious" Nidhi smiled at her as Anji gonna be the first one from her group to settle down in her life

Nidhi look at the door and found Rohan entering the Club…….with a black eyed man behind him………..she just gasp looking at the man and was instantly attracted to him..He holds something strange inside himself that just caught her attention……What is it? She was unable to understand……………but just got fascinated by his personality

"Anji……….Rohan at your back" Nidhi made Anji turn to Rohan as he and that black eyed man reached behind her and just hug Anji

"You are looking gorgeous" Rohan said breaking the hug and smiled at her

"Hey Nidhi" Rohan said shaking hand with her too

"Celebrating Birthday Night……..hope I didn't interfere between you guys?"

Rohan said winking at her while she just smiled and said with a teasing tone

"That actually you did" Rohan smiled but Anji give her a glare

"Nidhi" But ignoring her, Nidhi continued

"But now, when you already interfere………..i don't mind you taking her away if you left me with some company" She said looking at the man behind him

"Oh, Anji………He is my elder brother, my buddy, Ashutosh…" Rohan said turning at Ashutosh and introduce him to Anji

"Hi" Ashutosh said with an ever serious face

"Hi…..nice meeting you………actually Rohan told me so much about you that I insisted him to make me meet you once, atleast" Anji said excitedly meeting him

"Ya, actually I have a lot of business to handle so can't get out much…………but anything for Rohan" He was still serious………..Not a single smile came on his face from the last 5 minutes

"And bro, she is Nidhi………….you can say the boss of our gang"

"Hi" she said smiling but yet he replied with a serious face and turn to Rohan

"Rohan, I think I should leave…………Shy must be waiting…..we need to discuss some points for our tomorrow's presentation" Ashutosh lightly hug Rohan and left as he gave the permission

"Is your brother always such a rude……….can't even smile?" Nidhi said as her eyes traced him till the door of club and then turned to Rohan

"He was never like this……….actually with me, he was so cheerful but something happened in his life that changed him completely and made him turned to this angry young man" Rohan said seriously and Nidhi got distracted by his words

"What happened? That changed him so much…..I must get to know it………and who is this Shy……..hope nothing serious" Nidhi asked herself and turn back to reality with Anji's question

"So where is the cake, girl?" Anji and her other friends encircled her and lead towards the table reserved for them

~~FlashBack Ends~~

She get out from his trance and remembered how she followed him to everyplace, he went and just find herself, feeling something more stronger and attracted to him…….She got to know from Anji that he was married, once…………Her heart skipped a beat knowing that but found relief that she left………..but……….suicide later, reason still not known………..She also know that he was adopted but that don't matter to her…….The thing matter is that he is seeking for love, missing in his life

But Most Important thing…………..The girl after who's charm and beauty, guys used to die is finally in love………and was stubborn to get him


She move down the stairs in her new light pink sleeveless knee length frock that her brother brought for today……… She hugged her parents as they wished her and planted a kiss on her forehead

"So whats my daughter decides for day……..her gift?" She smiled as bit her lip and continued

"Baba………I want to get marry" All were shocked with her demand as Aryan and Ishaan too get up from there chairs

"What? Are you Kidding Nidhi?" Yograj said stunned

"I am serious Baba……………I became of 24 today and I think that it's the time for me to settle down…." She was outspoken and not at all afraid of sharing her views

"With whom?" Nandita asked making Yograj lowered his temper

"Ashutosh Mathur…." Nidhi said with a smile as that made Yograj more anger

"Ashutosh Mathur………the owner of Mathur fashion enterprises……….my rival?" Yograj said asking her still astounded

"Yes Baba………..and I really want him" She said with finality

Yograj got that she is serious but have to make her listen

"Nidhi, listen………Do you know him?" YES

"Personally" NO

"Do he know you?" NO

"Do you know anything about his past?" This time, Yograj was concerned but as she said yes, he was great surprised…..

"You know, he was already married and her wife left him and later suicide………Reason people told is that he is infertile……" Nidhi hold his father from his shoulders and said in her honey voice

"Baba, are you saying no to me?" She knew, this question was best to make him agree

"Ok, as you wish…………but you have to agree with me too" Nidhi look at him as he started after a small pause

"I want you to have a month…………so you can think about it seriously……in this month, go, know him…….and then at the end, if your answer will still be the same…….I myself will go and ask him" Yograj said smiling

"Really Baba" she was overwhelmed hearing that and as Yograj nodded, she hugs him…..Aryan Ishaan and Nandita were still shocked hearing Yograj answer but know, he is planning something again

"Ok, guys………..i think it was time for breakfast" They all smiled and Nidhi took her place beside her Baba and bhai as they all discussed the picnic plan and then her birthday celebration for today


"Shy, haven't they give any answer yet?" Ashutosh said looking up at Shaina who was constantly moving the pencil in her hand with a sigh

"No Ashu, actually I doubt now that we will get this contract………they are just not answering properly" Ashutosh sighed and put his back with chair and closed his eyes

"We worked for them last 3 years………..how can they just withdraw themselves" Shaina know what he is going throw……..he was in much better state now as from what he was in, 15 months ago……….when Mallika just left him…………..She knew the real truth as it was she, Mallika trusted after Ashutosh and she knew both of them, from collage days…………Mallika Ashutosh wedding was arrange but soon, they both fall in love and write there lives for eachother…………

Shaina move up from her chair and get her all documents

"Ok ashu, I am leaving now………." She went to him and move the hairs from his face to make him look at her

"Go home………..you can never run away from life" Ashutosh see that great concern in her eyes as ever and silently nod

Shy give a weak smile and left the room, as he went back in that great sea of memories………memories he always keep to himself, who bring a smile on his face and later, became the reason of the sadness………….that move from his eyes to his heart………..He had almost left going home and many times………spend weeks in this small room of his office which was now his only point…..to share and learn his grieves and sorrows…………these walls, this motionless furniture, these paintings……do know him…recognize him…………..they did see him crying in nights………his tears……..He sleepless nights and now, only looking up to see that famous smile of him which once used to make them lived up……..They are just waiting for a good day in his life and know………….its going to be soon

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Part 2

Strolling into the house……….he felt a bit tired……………..His small little cozy house was looking like a dream to him where he used to live with Mallika……Mallika, his wife which later became his love and life……...He hadn't step into this house from last 5 months and used to live in the apartment of his company nearby……….But today, he felt like coming here and remember her

"Ashutosh, put your shoes out of this house…………don't you know, I hate those mud stains" He felt like hearing her words, imagining her standing on the dinning, serving dishes while he used to enter home 

He sighed and move towards the kitchen to feel her cooking his favorite Kheer while he licked a bit from spoon to taste the sugar

"hmmm, Mallika you are too good………..Don't know how you get such a stupid husband" He saw her smiling at his words and a little smile came on his face too imagining her with a frown that later took place on her face 

He stayed back standing with the door of the kitchen a bit and then move towards the room upstairs while remembering, how he used to pick her up in his arms while she used to annoy him……………. Ambling to his room………he found her moving the curtains beside to welcome that sunny light which used to irritate him while sleeping, and this was the only weapon, she used to wake him up

He moan in pain as he sit on the bed with a bump and lay down, holding the pillow while tears ran down his face 

"I can't live without you…………you should have thought about me once Mallika…." He closed his eyes remembering the pain, she gave him


He entered the house to find it strange……….Strange because its not like usual…..Mallika wasn't there preparing dinner for him and didn't even bug him to put his shoes out in shoe rack…………Removing his shoes, he entered and went towards the Kitchen, but she was not at her spot……………..How can she just miss a day from last 10 months not being there, niggling him……

"Mallika" he shout to hear no response…………..He run up to his room and open the door to find her sitting on the bed, holding her knees and looking down…………..His heart skip a beat on knowing that something miserable is there, she faced alone 

He went to her and lift up her face to see her red puffy eyes……….There was no shine in them as he used to see………….On seeing him standing beside her, she hold him from his waist and started crying out loud while he left startled

"Mallika, Mallika………..what happened baby?...why are you crying?" He said stroking her hairs to make her calm and was distress to see her like this

"I am sorry Ashutosh, I am really sorry………." Her words between her sobs made him angrier

"Why?...Mallika look up at me…." He sits beside her and made her look up at him 

"Why are you crying?..."But she kept doing that………..He started remembering the things she need to do today……….she told him the list of chores, she need to perform today last night and after going through them a minute, it struck him

"You had a doctor's appointment…..Right…?" Mallika suddenly took a pause which made him right 

"What happened?...What she said?" He can't hold seeing her like that anymore and want her to spill the beans fast and to get back to normal

"I can't be a mother Ashutosh………..I can never give you a child" She said a bit louder, crying while he felt like crying, not for himself, but for her……..as it was she, who wanted kids more than him…………….He hugged her tightly and let her take out all that pain, she was suffering from the doctors visit 

He kept caressing her back till the time, she became silent……………he kissed her forehead lightly as he started

"Mallika, don't cry baby……….I don't need one as it's hard to handle you than I think of a baby" He chuckled slightly to see her weak smile 

He cupped her face and made her look straight into his eyes

"See, We can't have a child……….that's God destiny….There are many children who look up to the people like us who can cure them from this bad bad world……….We can adopt a child and I know, she or he will be as special for me than our own as I know, I can see your concern, love and your principles in her or him…..hmmm" He straightly gave her a way………She nod in agreement feeling blessed having such a caring and understanding husband… 

Ashutosh hug her without knowing what was going on in her mind

~~FlashBack End~~ 

He remembered how 3 weeks later, he entered the house to see it motionless again……..he went to the dinning to feel a letter placed on it……….He, confused, open it to find her letter of leaving him………..The reason she wrote was that she can't look him in Mayank, the child they adopted 2 weeks back……She was getting into depression and for her, he adopted the child to make her get busy………….but that too didn't work….He shifted with Mayank to his company's apartment…………He came into this house, just wishing she will be back……..But she never, and one day……..Her suicide news approached him…….People told him that she got mentally unstable but no one knew the real reason of her state………..When people used to ask him he will straightly said that he was infertile………He can't gave her a baby and that what made her become like this so she will not get any kind of tantrums from people

But he was not able to save her…………..Crying he went to sleep 


"Yograj, why you accepted her stupid gift…………..I know you love her a lot but its about her life…………That man is already married and an impotent………Her wife suicide of her…….now do you want Nidhi to do same thing?" Nandita was tensed about her daughter…………and moreover was angry with Yograj acceptance 

He smiled and turns around to hold Nandita from her shoulders and made her sit

"Nandita, calm down………….i accept it because I know it's not gonna happen…..You just wait and see" Nandita got feared by his actions 

"But what will happen……..if she really will get married to him?" Nandita came to the conclusion

"Then, she will see the life with her open eyes………and I just hope, she will not regret that" Yograj said worried about her daughter 

She was apple of her eye………..his desire…………he always thought and felt that saying no to her is like saying no to his own desires he never fulfilled as a youngster……….His childhood was a really bad state……..His parents used to sacrifice things for him yet he never felt satisfied…….as he kept his wishes and desires hiden from his parents………..thats why when he became father, he want to give his children whatever they wished and had a friend kind of relation with his children…………and now just pray that Nidhi willn't make a mistake


"Hey, Thank you for your services………" She said sweetly to the owner after having a full Spa & Salon session

"Your Welcome" The lady said with a smile……..Being Yograj Verma's daughter, she everywhere got a special treatment but she was humble enough to say thanx 

Wearing her goggles, she went towards her car………her skin was looking gleaming with the face polish and bleach……she got a full body massage alone with waxing and manicure pedicure……….She was concerned about her looks and that's what made her more appealing……

She opened her car door but someone hold her wrist………..she looked up to see the same guy who she hit in club few weeks back 

"So finally, I caught you?" He said glaring at him while she just smile

"Looks like, you didn't got the lesson yet?...Have you forgot that Kick?" she said mockingly 

"How can I? and today you will get your Lesson…..you Salli?" He said trying to drag her to his car where she can spot a number of guys in it

"Leave me you Moron……….Otherwise you have to pay hard for it?" She said getting tempered

"We will see who's gonna pay..." He said throwing her on the floor……….it was the silent parking area so no many people were around there

She looked up to find those same black pair of eyes who looked down at her and was burning with anger 

"You stay out of it man?...its not related to you?" The guy said warning him

"It is related to me, you chicken………..just wait a minute" He kneel down and help her get up……….she got little rashes on her wrist and knees while her head was bleeding a bit………He made her sit on a nearby car and put his blazer on her shoulders……. 

"Are you alright?" As she nod, he turned while she kept looking at him……….


She entered his apartment………..It was well placed and well managed area…….She put her high heels outside as of following him……The atmosphere of the house was very cool……….She can feel his cologne smell in it

"You sit here, I will get first aid kit" He went inside………..Seeing her hurt, he invited her to his house so she can't get any infection …… She looks here and there and spot pictures stick to a wall 

She get up and went towards the wall………….the fluffy purple color carpet was giving immense pleasure to her feet…….She noticed his picture with a lady in her twenties, who used to hold herself so sweetly………She got that it must be her wife……Her eyes were about to move towards another picture when she return to the previous one with a surprise………..Did she really saw that or is it a imagination………..She looked carefully into it and got that she didn't missed this………..He had a breath taking smile……a smile in millions or say billions…..with a dimple………….She smiled herself seeing it………….she never imagine this dimple in her thoughts..

"Ahem Ahem" Ashutosh came back from the room with the kit and she came back to the chair……….she thought he would apply that but instead, he went to the front room door and knock………..a moment later, a aged lady came out 

"Is he sleeping?" Ashutosh said silently

"Yes sir" She replied sweetly

 "Ok Lizi, can you please apply bandage on her face?" Elizabeth look at the lady sit there and nod 

"Ok, Let me check him" Ashutosh went inside the room silently while she came to her and after taking out the cotton and antiseptic lotion from the box, started applying on it

"Are you Sir's friend?" She said slightly applying lotion to her face as blowing it lightly 

"No, he actually saved me today" Nidhi said lowering her eyes

"Ok, actually after Shaina Maam, you are the first lady I see inside this house?" 

"Shaina?" Nidhi said in a questioning manner

"Yes, his best friend……." Being talkative, Lizi said out 

"Oh, but who is inside that room?" before Lizi could say anything, she saw him coming out with a baby in his hands as he was smiling feeling him pulling his cheeks

"Are you ok now? Lizi, you done?" As Elizabeth nod, ashutosh came and stand beside her 

"Uwaoon…..maaooon" Mayank said in his baby talk while looking at Nidhi….Nidhi noticed the baby and see his blobbing out his saliva with a naughty expression

"Umm, he is a cute baby" She saw sweetly pinching his cheek 

"Yes he is………" He said tickling his tummy as mayank giggle

"Baby, can you come to me….hmmm?" She said putting forward her hands and after a minute of looking at her………..he put forward his hands and land in her arms…. 

Ashutosh was surprised seeing him liking her

"Wow, he never even went into Shaina arms" He said amusing 

Nidhi sit down with the baby and started playing with him

"Is he your son?" She asked hopping not 

"Yes he is, actually I adopted him a year back…………and from then on, he is my life" Ashutosh was surprised with his answer...if someone else would have asked, he would strightly have said yes, he is my son...but with her...he dont know why, he felt like saying the truth...Nidhi smiled knowing it and was happy……

Mayank was being supportive to her little games...Ashutoshleft amused seeing them like this...After playing a bit with Mayank, She get up 

"Ok then, thank you for your help…………I should leave now"

Ashutosh hold Mayank back in his lap and said 


He came to see her off till the door……………….Nidhi wore her shoes and then turn 

"If you don't mind, can I come to play with him??" she genuinely liked this kid...she crossed fingers at her back...hoping for a yes

"Mayank….." he said as Nidhi smile……….. "and you can surly come…………anything for Mayank" Nidhi almost jump in joy but controlled her emotions...she dont wanna look like a stupid

Nidhi smile move up to kiss Mayank……

"Bye baby" 

"Mayank, say bye to aunty" Ashutosh wave his hand infront of him and he too did the same as Nidhi smiled and left

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Part 3

Shaina noticed a car following his car from a long back...she was keep peeping at the side mirror and found that same black Honda Jazz..

"Hmmm, ashu...what about the quotations of the new tender" She said driving his car

Ashutosh was deeply engrossed in the papers placed in his lap and was going through them

"Nothing final yet, we need to sort out this together after reaching the office" Shaina ended the conversation with a little yes and again steal a glance in the side mirror to find no car there now

"Where that disappeared?" She narrowed her eyes but left the thought behind as ashutosh called her


**Ting Tong**

"Baba, sit here...let me check" Lizi instructed Mayank who was playing with his toys, scattered on the carpet

Slightly open the door, she found the same lady who came three days back

"Hey young lady, how are you?" Lizi welcomed her with open arms

"How's the marks?" She further asked inspected her forehead

Nidhi politely hold her hand and said

"Its perfectly ok...I was just passing by so thought to meet you and this young boy" She said moving towards Mayank as Lizi closed the door behind with a smile

"Oh my baby, how are you?" Mayank smiled widely seeing her and just move his little soft hands in air to show his excitement

"He got really well with you" Lizi said as she took place on the couch as Nidhi sit down with Mayank and started playing with him

"Oh, so spiderman is your favorite super hero...I liked more of Batman" Shed said as Mayank's hands were continuously going towards that red and blue spider man's toy who was seemed to be stick with a rod

After a bit of playing, mayank started crying and Nidhi move her finger to his lips and he started sucking it

"I think he is hungry?" Nidhi said, surprising Lizi

"You got it right, Lady...i never thought a modern girl like you can know such things too..." Lizi get up and started moving towards the kitchen

Nidhi hold up Mayank in her arms and followed her

"Actually, My Mom and Baba opened an orphanage long back...so on weekends, my mother used to made sure that i visit that place and interact with those sweet children who don't even know who's there parents are..." Nidhi said sighing...thanking God inside her heart to give her the right to be the child of such nice couple'.she was so lucky and she never wanna loose them

"Oh" Lizi said putting boiled water in the baby feeder and further add baby milk powder in it

"There were many of Mayank age so i used to assist the workers and thats why i knew a bit of it" Shaking the bottle a bit, Lizi come to get hold of Mayank

"Can i?" She asked with a puppy face and Lizi can't said no to her

"Yes" she came out from the kitchen and made Mayank lay in her lap...she firstly put a drop of milk on the back of her hand to know its temperature and after getting satisfied, She placed the nipple in his mouth while Mayank too hold the feeder

"He is a very sweet child...from how long you working here?" Nidhi said looking up from Mayank to Lizi


Hearing laughing sounds from inside, made him shocked...What must be inside, he started to guess the things...its long back since he heard any kind of laughter or even a giggle from inside the house...Ringing the bell, he put his shoes out and saw a smiling Lizi, opening the door

"Lizi, what's up?..." He asked questioning her

"Sir, First time Baba called me...Libi in his childish tone...that was fun hearing him" Lizi said smiling as ashutosh handover his bag to her and take a look of the hall

He spotted Nidhi sitting there with Mayank infront of her, looking deeply at this girl...trying to get the words

"Mayank, call me Nid-hi" Nidhi said making the word prominent from her lips circle

Mayank look deeply at her face and then look otherway while Nidhi make his face turn to her again

"Hi" Ashutosh said looking down at her as he pull up his cuffs and sit beside Mayank

"Hii..." Nidhi said getting straight

"So teaching session haan..." he said ruffling Mayank's little hair as he look at him

"Ya, just was telling him to take my name..." Nidhi said looking at him

"ok, you carry on then...i am just going to freshen up" Ashutosh give last glance at Mayank and then get up

"Mayank, ok leave it''say Mama or Daddy" Nidhi said again making Mayank got the word

He looked at her with concentration

 "Ma-ma'.Dad-dy''." She again tried'.these were the normal words any kid would take first

"Ma Ma" he said sweetly pouting his lips...Nidhi and Lizi get shocked hearing this while ashutosh who was moving towards the room, get startled in the Mid-Way hearing him

"Ma Ma" Mayank said again playing with his car toy, a tear escaped ashutosh's eyes as he slammed the door behind him


It was late when she reached home...

"Bro, open the door please" She called Ishaan and waited outside till she heard a click and found Ishaan there... bare-footed she entered the house

"Why are you so late?" Ishaan said as he too tip toed along with her towards the stairs to get Aryan's indication

"Bro, Can i tell you in the morning???...i am really tired right now" She said as she looked up at aryan...who indicated that the way is clean, Mom baba are sleeping so nothing to worry about and she and Ishaan reached up the stairs and finally in there rooms corridor

"Good Night" After bidding both his bothers, she entered her room and as soon she closed the door, she hit the bed and remembered whole day

It was a great day...Mayank is such a sweet child, not much naughty...exactly the way she liked a child to be...easy to handle...She smiled at the thought and turn over...It was her age to think of her man and children and whenever, she ever thought about her children to be like...Mayank was the same...A sweet, cute features, nice and not too much to worry about...Her smile grew wider thinking of how she spelled "Ma"...its sound so cool to her ears and give a soothing feeling to her

"Ma" she mummbled under her lips...she never thought that he would get it this way and moreover that, it sound so cool...one day, she truly wanna hear him say that to her'..smiling, she went to sleep


Next Morning, Nidhi at first left the home without giving an explanation

"Aryan, Where is Nidhi?" Yograj said as he take his seat

"Dad, she said that her friends thought of a get together in there college today...i think she left early for that" Aryan lied

"But atleast she can left after saying Good Morning to us...you know its my routine to start my day with her voice" Yograj said a bit angry this time

"What can we say Dad...it must be important that she left early" Ishaan said trying to hide Aryan's lie

"May be...Nandita" he get up and called Nandita

"Don't make breakfast for me...i will eat something from Office" He was disappointed that Nidhi wasn't there...He can't even bear to have a day without her voice or her face...Right then, his mobile rang and after having a bright smile seeing the name, he picked that up

"Morning Baba...i know you are angry but i have planned with my friends and so isn't able to be there...but you better take your breakfast ok...Don't get up while my mom is making it with so much love, only for you" Hearing her cheering voice, he laughed and said

"Stop it, Meri Ma...Sometime i do think my mother's soul enter in you...sometimes, its better to have a break girl" He said getting back to his chair as Aryan and Ishaan to smiled up and give an indication to Nandita to go on with the breakfast

"Its fast time Baba...you need to be fast to get settled with this world" She said logically while Yograj rubbed his temple with the nail

"Oh, from which book this line really is?" Nidhi surly be frowning with this line of him, he knew that and he loved seeing that look on her face

"Pa...its really bad"

"Ok...sorry, now have fun with your friends...and be back soon today, i don't want your brothers to guide you to your room while thinking we are lazy bones" Aryan and Ishaan bend down there head smiling while Nidhi laughed on the other side and cut the call saying bye

"Dad" Aryan said trying to justify but Yograj stop him

"I know son..." He smiled at his sons and was proud of the relation, there children have between themselves...Nandita served the breakfast and all got started eating


"That girl is going on my nerves" Ashutosh said remembering last night act

"Who Girl? and why?" Shaina was confused as between a discussion, in which mostly she spoke and he was seemed to be in his own thoughts... He suddenly spoke up

"That Rohan's friend... I met her in the party, that too on Rohan's insist...Later two weeks, i found her dragging by a group of guys and just helped her genuinely...She got some scars so for first aid, i took her home and there she meet Mayank and mayank too liked her" Shaina was stunned with his words...is he serious or joking with her?...Not joking atleast...its long back he joked last time...and its seems an era hearing him laugh tooo...This is real Shy

"Then?" As always, she was calm...and was ticking points she need to say at the end of his whole speech

"Then what? Last night, she was trying to teach Mayank some words...He called Lizi to Libi and later..." he paused again and said in a much softer tone

"Ma" it was almost like a whisper but Shaina heard that and said

"What?" She was stunned

"Ya...she was telling him to call her name'but when he cant'she tried with normal words like Mama Daddy...and instead, he called Ma..." he was shouting, at her...no...just to calm down his nerves and again mummbled to himself... "It was only's Mallika right to be hear him calling Ma"

Shaina got that too...his mumblings and whispering was always loud enough to be heard by another person and he hate that too...he can never say anything to himself

Shaina get hold of his shoulders and made him sit on the Chair and going at his back, silently putting her hands on his shoulders, she massaged them a bit

"Relax Ashu" He took a gasp and closed his eyes, making his mind get rid of any kind of thoughts

"Look, you met her at party...that's ok...you helped her saving her from those goons...thats too ok...but if that is irritating you much, why you called her home for first aid...you can take her to any hospital or clinic...but you choose Home, right..." Ashutosh trying to justify himself but shaina stopped him

"You stay Shut up ok" Ashutosh again closed his eyes

"Later, Mayank is a child...he must got attracted to one he thinks will love him...and thars what he do...As you said he called Lizi Libi...so in the same manner he was not able to get her name...what was that...?" Shaina stopped to look down at his reply

"Nidhi" his lips softed escaped her name

"Ya Nidhi...Mayank is not able to get his name so he choosed to say Ma from other words like Mama and Daddy that a child learn first ...of which he was capable of...so whats the big deal...it wasn't her fault" Shaina said justifying her for an unknown but strong reason

"Now can i say something?" Ashutosh said, opening his lids...As shaina nod, he get up and said

"First i called her home because i don't want that to be an issue...the police and stuff stuff stuff...and 2nd, whatever it is...i don't like Mayank calling Ma infront of her...She could have choosed to say "Aunty" instead of her name...and then if Mayank choose to say "Titi" or "Ant" i don't mind, but not Ma" Ashutosh said justifying himself

"Ashutosh, you are hopelessly hopeless..." Shaina said getting irritated and went towards the door

"Shy" Shaina turn from the door and look up at him with an angry expression while he just gave a weak smile saying

"Thanks for the massage...i really need that" Shaina smiled at that

"Be Attentively ready in five minutes, now i again need to go through all the details..." She said leaving the room with a smiling ashutosh

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

if not enough comments will come...i m gonna quit this ff...i m very disappointed with the reviews till now...Confused

Edited by cool_SK - 05 February 2012 at 3:35pm

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bhalobasa Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
The story seems to be interesting. We have no problem in accepting ashu as 32. Waise vi ashu does not look like 42 in the show. He looks like much younger...
Like the other fanfic of yours again a surprise here. Mallu as Ashu's wife :o :o. Would love to see that Ashu did not love her, was forced to marry, did not like the fact that as ashu missing her. But i know after marriage you will make Ashu,nidhi romance worth watch (obviously after the initial fight etc)

Please continue...

P.S.--In Intro in some places Ridhhima's name still there. Please edit it to Nidhi

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ruchi21 Newbie

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
interesting story...plz continue

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AMBIKA2561979 Senior Member

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interesting..plz continue..Smile

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ananya2000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 11:23pm | IP Logged

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