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Thursday updates

(suttama oru mannu kudha puriyalai dialog between shankar and shanti D'oh mukkalai pesurangal Ouch) Shanti is not happy with the phone call. Shankar says he got to do ask asked by the person who paid them. He then suggest her to go to Gopi room and pretend like asking for panadol for husband head pain and get into the room. Later he too would join in and the throw the poison and kill Gopi and then they can kill malar Ermm (this is what i cud understand from their talking Ouch) They both go to Gopi room. Shanti knocks the door and gopi malar comes out. Just when Shankar about to spray both faces, the hotel boy appears and ask what they want and that he would get the medicine. Both malar gopi goes back to their room. Shankar says for now to hold this thing.

Kamu gives the payi to vanitha but her MIL ask why she cant bend down and put that vaa nu? Vanitha ask her mother to keep quite. Kamu does not say a thing but takes the payi back and puts for them to sleep. Ramesh comes. Kamu goes to kitchen to serve Ramesh food but he ask her what happen when attai mama came this morning. Kamu does not answer him anything but straight goes to Vanitha and ask her to serve food for Ramesh and goes into her room. Vanitha goes to kitchen and Ramesh ask what happen to anni. Vanitha says nothing but Ramesh is not happy and goes in back calling his anna. He ask Murthi what happen when attai mama came this morning. Lolayee opens her mouth but son shuts her away by asking her to keep quite. Murthi shows his anger to Kamu blaming her for pottufy to his thambi. Kamu gets angry and fights back. Murthi says yei and kamu raise her hand to stop him talking StarClap She ask why is he killing her like this. Don't make her hate this house with all incidents. As it is he beat her today on this auspicious day. Kamu says Paramu Ramesh marriage will not take place. If Murthi is still not happy she will ask her parents to kill Paramu. Kamu goes back to her room and lolayee ask her son to be careful as now Kamu has started to fight back. Ramesh is left sad regarding his marriage.

(another waste episode D'oh) Mages and hubby sleeping. His madam calls him and scolds him for cutting her call. She ask him to come back immediately. He is shock and says his on leave for 2 days but madam shouts and ask him to remember on what condition he was employed here? He agrees to come immediately. Sneak into his room silent and packs his cloths. Mages sees this and ask what happen and where he is going. He lies to her about akka calling him and saying mama is sad about this morning incident and so he has to go to them now.  Mages does her usual crying and he gives his usual promises and leaves D'oh

Next day Gopi is all ready for katcheri. Malar gets up with head pain. Gopi ask her to just stay in room and take rest. He leaves. Shankar Shanti plans to make friends with Malar. They go to her and ask her favor to snap their picture together. He then introduce himself as music distributor and starts his lying about how he can make Gopi more famous with his PP D'oh

Puspa and mother comes to visit Sokku who seem lost. Mother ask what happen and sokku says Mayil had never avoid himself like this. Why mayil is still angry? He had been angry before this but this time why Mayil has not come back? Puspa ask sokku to just forget it. He only thinks of Mayil but there is total opposite. Gopi mother comes running complaining to him about Mappilai leaving the house without informing them. Sokku says he is not surprise with his mapillai behavior. Puspa is sad with their way life is going on now.  Puspa then says she is going back to her house. Patti tells sokku indha vettiku vara mapilai ellam sari illa nu. From periasudar to murth LOL Sokku tells them he is going to go and see Mayil. Kamu matter must be told to him.


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ClapWonderful Wednesday ClapClapClapClap Bridge Puspa Starts her Job in Both PP House
Sr.pp Family Discussion on.. Meen's & patti asusual jumping n saying that pandi is wrong ..why did he misbehaved to Mr.Sottai..Sr.pp Checks with selva whether his sis family is unhappy with them.. but selva confirms no.. n apologize for his act..Kekanuma..namma meen's ah pathi adutha come ur chking mappu on this issue nu..Sr.pp samathana padhufies.. next comes mahes tells him that we know pandi..sometimes he will talk sometimes he won't nu but this maha is creating probs becoz she dont like to hear kobi's name nu podura.. meen catch hold of it n agrees with her.. after hearing all this Sr.. says even mayil family also thinking of this issue only anytime he would be coming so dont pour water in rice.. u all go to bed nu solluraru..all disperse..
Mayil house : Dev 's & mayil are silent..Soda Butti Maha(henceforth) is jumping, that her pandi purushar 's manam kapal yeri poyachu(LOLLOLLOL 
yerkannavae mattum pandi yettu ooru panchayat thalavar ra irruthar pola)StarPushpa holds her(a Must watch sceneClap) n tells that we have given mahes to other pamily so we should go silent not Sr.PP even its you or even in his place would & should go silent only.. SBM jumps n tells puspa that am not like you to give up my hubby infront of anyone..i will not step to that home henceforth nu sollura.. Puspa give her nicely .. that am noticing from day 1 on .. i dont find ur activity are not in right direction..i give up my hubby infront of my brothers not with anyone..but i get see you planning to seperate both the families..if i get to know the true color of ur intension i myself will kill you mahalae nu solluranga.. n turns to mayil n tells him that we both fight for want of better relation.. not to cut relationClapClap..if you have decide to do so.. dont continue this hungamaClap..cut it n keep quiet nu sollitu starting from there..SBM is standing like scorpio bitten.. puspa leaves.. mayil thinks soundly in the direction of puspa's talkOuch..SBM insists that we are right so dont give up nu sollitu pora.. confused mayil & DeV leaves to bed.
Puspa reaches Sr.pp Home very dull..Sr.pp who was waiting for Mayil receives her ..Patti & Meen arrives to dice.. Puspa tells about the mayil home scenarios n tells they dont understand the real issue. Sr.ppSays that Mayil is always short temper , he has already got kamu's probs..So Leave it i will discuss with him tomorrow Puspa was pride at her Bro's mansu n adds when kobi was here have we ever faced any kind of this issue..but now its not even 1 month he was away from us.. see how many issues are coming up in family ..we doesnt know how to sort issues..if he was there he would always put his head in all issue n take the blame on his head nu solluranga.. Sr.pp Stunned to hear her.. Meen's started to realise her mistake n tears in her eyes.. Puspa continues n says he jus done 1 single thing for which we cant forget all the good he have done to our family nu solluranga.. Sr.ppSays that u r one who have more rights & reasons to blame n beat ur one got affected by him straight..but u understand him very this everyone will understand about him soon.. but will take some time nu solluraru.. n ask her to go n have her dinner.. puspa denies but sr.pp send her with his mom n meens n make her eat..
KObi n Malar back to cottage..malar found to be disturbed..she confirms that these anonymous calls are planned by KNG..Kobi tries to change her mind by giving romance(Deadantha kodumayana look ku athuthan peruOuchOuch) look n little romance talk again they gets an call (Serial edukuravugalukku Call block nu oru option irrukurathae theriyathoOuchOuch)from an guy who stays in opp room as couple..asusual they disturbs n keep down the phone..Malar gets paniced more n started to cry n go n curled in bed n calls up kobi n sit next to her..Kadaisiya Romansuuu Buzzz ah poiruchuLOL
Screen freezes

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Friday  [ fry day ] 23.12.2011

Super drum beat today – No commercial break but Pee Pee family b    






Sokku , paati , Meenu come to Mayol's house. Before entering Sokku cautions them not to lose their cool , Mayil thambi is  as it is upset with kamu matter  kopathila can spill words ,we have to be more considerate , be calm & talk less [ TM sir idhu nadakkira kariyama unga seriala– all of you oru vaarthai pesa vendiya idayhil 9 words pesakkoodiya pazham perum pechaLigal , peruchaLigal ]. Paati meenu thalai aating & going inside. Good Paramu greets , Maha turns her head the other way. Thiru & Tirumathi Mayil in the backyard. Sokku pasama calling Mayil , Mayil mugatha thiruppindu goes away , Sokku follows & tries to reason it out with him. Peahen now opens her thiruvaai- vasamari pozhinjing. Normala pesinale we cannot  comprehend her , now shouting in high pitch & abusing Mahes in laws –motta talayan , Thenga kadaikkaran , echakali nai ,how dare he lay his hand on my Thanga kutty , uthama puthiram. Sokku calmly tries to explain – our bad luck we have got such sambandhis ,just as you have Mrs. Nelli we have this sotta thalayan & his wife . Deiva roudhra thandavam , come on BIL how can you compare your thenga kadaikkaran sambandhi with my kaikari kadaikaran sambandhi. My sambbandhi is rich , has every right to talk , deiva goes on & on & on abusing [ yaruppa dialogue writer , kaiku irumbu kanganam podanum ]. Meenu loses her patience  - niruthudi – en SIL nayo peyo , nallavano kettavano , marumagan is a marumagan – your kodeeswara kaikari kadaikaran called you daughter Odukali not my thengai kadaikaran. Indha thenga – kaikari koothu never endinga going. Meenu then calms down & tries to put forth the nyayam on their side – says Pandi should have been more tolerant , should have given respect to age , should not have raised his hand . Now Mayil's turn – says all these kuzhappathukku karana kartha Gopi , but my son Pandi is 24 carat gold , he was the person who got money for Sokku's treatment , not that useless , drogi Gopi. Deivanai shouts – don't compare my son Pandi with that Gopi & talks all nonsense & rubbish . [ I don't want to elaborate – ridiculous & atrocious  dialogues amounting to death of Gopi]. Sokku Meenu shattered , Sokku repents for his mistake , not having supported son against brother . Dealt harshly with son for the sake of brother & family unity , & breaks the truth that money for hospital charges was given by Gopi . Shocked Mayil  looks at Pandi. Pandi is speechless. Now thani avarthanam of Mayil starts – shouts at Sokku – you are a drama party , all your talks thambi ,thambi kudumbam is nothing but lip service , you want only your son , you are selfish ,my wife is right , I am an ilicha vayan & you have taken me for a ride , your great son is even bigger dramatist, nallavan madhiri vesham pottu keduthufy my family , you all molaga arachufied on my head nicely , Mayil's kopam koorai mela eri sitting , 4 thappat for Pandi , had I known this would have pawned my head & got the money [ Hello sir unga kodhikkira thalaya adagu vacha ethukkiradhu yaaru?] . Mayil hyper , shouts at Sokku get out of my house , no more annan – thambi uravu , Netru varai nee vero naan vero , indru mudhal nee yaro naan yaro. Take your kootu kalavani amma also with you. Get last.


Adi thadi , kathu ,koopadu ,oppari, sabam ,vasavu arusuvai kalandha arumayana 30 minutes torture episodeai  porumai ullavangal watch at your own risk . My ears bleeding.  Enna paavam seidhanai srima? Cry



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Archives Copy...


At Malar's room all three sitting and talking. Ajay tries his best to make Malar believe his lies and stuff. Gopi arrives and shock to see some strangers in his room. Ajay and his wife welcomes him and leaves. Outside the lady ask Ajay to not waste time but Ajay says they need to move real slow on this. Inside, Malar has finish telling Gopi the whole story. Gopi is confused and says they are stranger and they need to be careful. Malar ignores this and tells Gopi its such a good opportunity and further they are nice people. Malar suggest they go out suffify and sightseeing with them. Gopi who hesitate a lot but agrees.

Sokku,meenashi and mother walks out together. Wife is crying. Gopi calls Sokku and he talks to him like everything is fine and ask Gopi not to worry and enjoy his holiday. At home all 3 Sokku's daugther has tears. Their mother continues polambal that Devanai mouth is bad. How dare she curse her son Gopi? That much gopi had did for their family. How cans Devanai says Gopi should die? Meenashi continues her polambal and cries out loud at the same time keep saying "ennodhu magan ennodhu magan" nu Confused. Mageswari cries and ask how can they keep quite when Devanai talks about Gopi like this. Meenashi says her buttilae serupalai taan adikanum nu Tongue because for Devanai's daughter marriage, Mennashi had disown her own son Gopi. Sokku listen to this all quietly and gets up to go and see Mayil Shocked D'oh He says Mayil is still is first son D'oh (sokku will never learn his lesson ...OuchSokku knows that right now Mayil must be suffering with this arguments and feeling bad. So he is going to samadanam Mayil and bring him here. Meenashi gets annoyed and tries to stop him but Sokku ask her not to say anything and leaves D'oh

Mayil house all sitting in one one mullai. Maha in room, the rest outside. Devanai says from now on they need to cook here at their house. (Shocked idhu enna.. then where were they cooking all this while??) Mayil blames Pandi and says even this kind of time also they had used Gopi help. Pandi ask Mayil not to simply blame him. From small he is the one who keeps telling him Gopi paaru Gopi paaru and made him sanjaran towards Gopi who had made big drama and lied to them. Not enough of that, Sokku too had kalatha arukuran them. Pandi says this all to be blamed at Mayil. Mayil stares Pandi and Devanai ask Mayil not to show anger to Pandi. Not only Mayil allowed himself to be adimai to his anna but push the entire family to be adimai to them. Devanai continues that they should have separated from the family when Gopi had run away with Malar. Devanai continues cursing and the cursing diverts to Paramu. She scolds Paramu for her past behavior. Devanai continues saying she never liked Meenashi from the start but felt for her fake crying and had join hand with her to get Malar out of the way.

Mayil ask her to stop and he is here for her. Devanai kilikiran him also. All this while Mayil had done everything with his anna and until now he had never saved any money just for them. Now everyone would only book Gopi for nadasaram and his nonnei Sokku and family will join back their son and live a luxury life. And they here have to pitchai edukuran. Mayil just remains quite. Devanai polambals go on and on and on D'oh and finally Mayil says he is going out for a while nu. 

Pandi tells Devanai already father is upset, why is she making him more upset with her words. Devanai says podha .. now also he will be heading towards his nonna house to get ideas LOL He will never change and so would Pandi. Maha comes out with her bag and says she is leaving to her parents house for 2-3 days. Both Devanai and Pandi tried to stop her but she is adamant and leaves ...

thodarum ..

(back to you mennu Tongue ... nallai ennavom ungalaku Day Dreaming i think mayil is on his way to see his anna pola LOL)

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Continues with Maha saying she has abortion the baby and Pandi puts his hand on her neck screaming Maha nu. Mayil and Deivanae rushes in asking what happen. Pandi cries and tells them Maha has killed his baby. Mayil wife shock and Mayil ask why did Maha cheat him also. Here Maha starts her drama. She says it she who been cheated by her very own husband. Everyone cheated her with her marriage with Gopi and this Pandi too had made her pregnant when she does not even know herself. But she trusted Pandi and was willing to live with him with only one condition. That he would take care of her and baby with his own earn money. But this Pandi had cheated her in this matter also. That is why she aborted the baby to teach Pandi a lesson. She goes to bed and sleep. Pandi cries and Mayil Devanai too shock.

All roundu kattify Nelli. First wife starts and condemn on Paramu  and her behaviour. Also mention how arrogant that so call family has become. Murthi supports his mother .. his anna also supports and say that family is no good so better cancel the wedding. Kammu comes out from her room crying and says her sister behavior is not good so cancel the wedding. Nelli gets up and ask Ramesh if he is okay with Paramu as his view is more important. Ramesh says he has promised to marry Paramu. Mother and brothers are angry and annoyed but Nelli ignores them and say this wedding would take place nu.

Malar -Gopi scene. They are back to house. Malar leg has bandage. Gopi does everything for Malar.


Sorry friends.. really busy adhan updates bit messy. Sorry.

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Friday - enakku eppovume spl. episodethan - To day's spl. - Maha[mattamana] mandiram

                              Friday 30th Dec. 2011


Motta boss calls  KNG . Mission success  so , give my  agreed amount . Gokul says still savu news has not come. MB says once the police find the body , will appear in Head Lines & again asks for his dues. Gokul asks him to come to the room.  Gokul is restless , calls Ashok to see the reaction. No luck , Ashok has normal conversation .Gokul's BP rises. Thalayai pichikking & paces up & down the room restlessly like a madman. [ like enna like  , definitely a madcap]


Pushpa labo dibo – gets to know Maha's  tiruvilayadal, shouts Maha has gone mad , runs  ennanga ennaga  , our Pirai busy kulipatting the cow. Pushpa breaks the news. Sabash says pirai – now Maha has proved she is my daughter .I will get her a brand new life now.  Livid Pushpa shouts back – appadiye enakkum oru purushana parunga. Pirai , pati Sam shocked at her outburst. Now Pushpa sings Pandi puranam. It was true Pandi was a riff raff once , but now a totally changed person ,his immense love for Maha has changed him totally , Mahavai palmla vachu thangara thanga kutti , vellak katti ,even for this heinous act of Maha he wouldn't have raised his hands on her. Now pati's turn to advice mapillai , asks him to bury all his differences & take positive look at things ,pleads with him to change his attitude & 24/7 agenda of criticising Sokku/Mayil family, says Pandi is not a bad person . Pirai's mind slowly  changing for good. Now Sam's turn – dad don't be a 24 hour idiot , lend your ears to others advice , true Pandi was ruffian once , but has changed a lot , avane mariyachu why are you still holding on to your than pidicha muyalukku moonu call story? To err is human , to forgive is divine. Let us forgive Pandi & give him his due respect. Pirai manasu muzhusa ore minutela  changes , Says kilanbu Pushpa let us go , says I have also changed now. No proper guidance all these days. Now you , MIL & son have opened my eyes & ears & mind & everythig


Ore ada poda segment. This Maha is grrr .


Pandi  says – true he is an ayogyan but then doesn't deserve such a serious punishment. Maha's mega mouth  lecture starts – most stupid , vulgar  arguments – tries to justify her act – puts the blame on Pandi & Gopi , her main aim is to poison Pandy's mind & turn him against Gopi & well succeeds in that .[Narasama vada poda pechu , sick reasoning yuck . ]. Maha succeds in kindling the animal inside Pandi who goes out angrily. Honestly I don't feel like updating this segment –Maha's pechu really three much.


Some Nuda Vaidhyasalai. Vaidhyar treating Malar. Says she will be well soon & gives an oil to apply. Once they leave , vaidhyar calls Malar's mom & informs about it. Malar's mom asks him not to mention it to her husband . Malar's mom informs Rohini , asks her to hold the fort when her dad comes & goes to see Malar.


Gopi  makes Malar sit in the auto 7 was about to board when Pandi grabs him from behind.


Happy New Year To Everybody.  Puthandil Sandhipom


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Wednesday  Updates - 28th Dec 2011 - Cry oH Cry
Kobi Finally Reaches Malar..Ore crying(No Kobi No .ShockedShocked.dont Cry...Engalala unna chumma vae parka mudiyathu..Ithulla Ippudi oru acting vera yaOuchOuch..)After rendu ullupals malar gets conscious..says kaalluu.. it found to be her leg broken.. Heroine ah thukkittu
oduraru kobi..correct oru car varuthu..ivaru nippaturaru..avanum nippaturan(ShockedShocked adisayam annal unmai) both r going to hospital.. inga..motta boss namma KNG ku panni success nu solluran(Motta boss SUCCESS  Sollurathu Cinema vula kuda stop akiduchuOuch..namma kobi  yen pudichukittaroShocked ).KNG ku Ore kushi..i will give you money soon nu solluran..he thinks of something n move ahead in car.. marakadai la Owner ennavo don mathiri pesikittu irrukaruShocked..There comes mayandi who refers pandi there for job..pandi comes in n checks for money 60K with owner, but owner says interest itself will be 3k your total salary is 4K so i will not give nu solli ask him to go for work..pandi goes for work.
KNG at Jag's home.. KNG Tells Jags that he needs surity to take money from kathiresan chettiar.. namma jag's eeena vaana va no thopullai ungala mathiri oru uthama puthiran kadan vanga kudathu naa tharean evalo panam venalum ungalukku kudukalam nu solluraru(Oru thar oru thadava eena vagalam ippudiya mullu loosa avanga.. D'ohpolice trace pannina jag's than kotha matuvaruD'ohD'ohOuch)n agrees for giving 20L for KNG n tells him henceforth if you need money , jus call n order me.. i will send money nu solluraru.. KNG ku vayee full ah teethoda poran .. conveys MOtta boss that dad agreed to give money for killing his own daughty so we both are not caught nu solluran()motta boss says he will come n collect the money..
Malar in hospital after treatment.. POlice is there n tells them they traced all the numbers ..all are found to cell nos.. but nothing is active now nu solluraru..n scolds room boy for not taking proper details from those couple..kobi saves room boy..police checks with him you are oridnary person ..why they are trying to kill you nu kekuraru..kobi says i dont have anyenemies you need to help us in finding it nu solli .. stops malar from talking to police man..police man ask manager n hotel owner to meet him once they are back..n leaves the place.. malar cheacks why did he hided KNG name nu kekura..kobi says without knowing surely we should not blame nu solli consoles her..Mayil House..Dev's is serving him night dinner n tells about the happenings..Mayil says henceforth dont tell him as my annanShockedShocked..its good now maha got to know on it nu's tells that pandi was searching to arrange money .. maha comes back home..there comes pandi.. dev's conveys him the same n tells him to bring maha for dinner as she is holding baby..pandi happily goes in maha moves away from him..pandi tells that its his mistake ..for which maha should not suffer nu pls have food n have medicine nu solluran.. Maha tells him that she aborted his doc said not to have medicine nu sollura..pandi tries to hold her neck..
Credits :
Screen Freezes

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