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TOI: Looks matter the most in TV: Darshan Pandya

By Amrita Mulchandani, TNN | Dec 14, 2012, 12.00 AM IST
Looks matter the most in TV: Darshan Pandya
Darshan Pandya
Looking dapper in the cool denims and hooded jacket, actor Darshan Pandya managed to turn quite a few heads as he struck poses at the RiverFront during his recent trip to Ahmedabad. The actor, who came into the limelight for hisimpressive performance in his debut TV show 'Aapki Antara' has been in the news for his recent endeavour in 'Kya Huaa Tera Vaada' where he played Vineet until recently. In town for a personal visit, Darshan says, "I have come here for few days as my parents and sister live here. I watched a film and enjoyed some lovely food in various restaurants in the city."

On work front, Darshan's role in Kya Huaa.., just came to an end. "I am glad my stint ended on a good note. I'd like to thank my colleagues and Ekta (Kapoor) who gave me such a good opportunity. It was a short, but beautiful journey. I enjoyed working with Mona (Singh). She is now a dear friend," says the actor. Quiz him about his equation withEkta Kapoor and he says, "I haven't had the chance to meet Ekta because of the clash of timings of my shooting schedule. We are going to to meet next week."

On his acting itinerary, Darshan says, "I decide something and god has some other plans for me in store. I rather go with the flow." Darshan, who has done several off beat Gujarati plays in Mumbai, adds, "I want to do a Gujarati film. I am already in talks for a film with writer Rahul Patel. I'm happy with the way Kevi Rite Jaish makers were appreciated. I hope the Gujarati film industry undergoes changes and becomes popular like other regional film industries."

Quiz him on what matters the most on TV ' looks or talent and Darshan says only "looks matter the most. You have to look good as the audiences watch you everyday." Darshan feels, today "television lacks talent ' very few can act on TV. One hardly gets to see different expressions. Everyone in the industry only wants to make quick money and earn instant fame." He adds, "To sustain in TV, attitude, luck and hard work matter."

Darshan is quiet upset with the way the TV industry is functioning these days. "Today TV shows are only about characters. While making a show everyone wants everything instantly and that is where the quality suffers. Producers, writers to actors want things to done in a single take without worrying about quality. Whoever does things fast is considered the best in the industry."

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TB: Ekta wanted me to be 'cool mom' post leap: Mona Singh

Saturday, December 15, 2012 | 11:42:10 AM IST (+05:30 GMT)
An Ekta Kapoor TV show post a leap would typically age a mother by adding a few streaks of white hair, a pair of spectacles and a dash of conservative dressing. But she has broken her own mould by giving actress Mona Jaswir Singh a more

Mona Singh

An Ekta Kapoor TV show post a leap would typically age a mother by adding a few streaks of white hair, a pair of spectacles and a dash of conservative dressing. But she has broken her own mould by giving actress Mona Jaswir Singh a more contemporary and cool look in "Kya Huaa Tera Vaada", which has recently gone ahead by 10 years.

Before the leap, which set in just last week, Mona was seen in traditional suits and saris. Post leap, she is seen in kurtis and pants. It was a conscious decision by Ekta, says the actress, who plays a single, independent mother of three in the show.

"I asked Ekta about it - whether she would want me to wear saris in sober colours or what changes would be made to the look. But she said, 'I want you to look like today's mothers. They are much cooler.' So she wanted to bring in the change we are all seeing in our mothers and wanted to portray me as a cool mom," Mona told IANS over the phone amid a hectic shooting schedule for the show.

"Of course, she said we could add in the spectacles while my character reads or something, but in the overall get up, there isn't much dramatic change," she added.

"Kya Huaa Tera Vaada", aired on Sony, started as a simple family show, narrating the ups and downs of a middle class family in Mumbai. It took a crucial turn when the man of the house falls back upon a former flame, and trouble ensues for the family.

The story was pushed ahead by a decade after Mona's on screen husband Pradeep, played by Pawan Shankar, was shown dead. Now, her character is shown as a strong lady, who is happy running a restaurant and bringing up her three children, albeit not as a strict mother.

"I think mothers make great friends. Personally, my mother is my best friend and I share all my secrets with her. Moms are so amazing. I see a lot of children have started treating their moms like their friends. That is what we have tried to reflect through our show, and I hope lots of mothers imbibe this attitude too," Mona said.

She also hopes the show and its turns manage to inspire women in more than one way.

"Such serials are inspiring. It gives a message that no matter what happens, it is important to get a grip on life and get going," she said.

The show has worked wonders for Mona, who for years, was caught in the image trap of the geeky Jassi of "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin". Though she took up reality shows, both as a contestant and anchor, it is with "Kya Huaa Tera Vaada" that she has been able to set a new image.

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TOI: Anika will help me evolve: Neelam Sivia
By Stuti Agarwal, TNN | Dec 15, 2012, 12.00 AM IST
Anika will help me evolve: Neelam Sivia
Neelam Sivia
Punjabi kudi Neelam Sivia, who has landed the coveted role of Anushka Sarkar's daughter, Anika, in Kya Hua Tera Vaada talks to CT about life, career and more... 

What is Anika like? 

Anika has many shades to her. She is an extremely glamorous girl who is based abroad, but she carries a lot of baggage. I won't say she's a grey character, but she has a lot of hatred in her for some people and there's always a reason behind it. 

Do you have anything in common with your character? 

Anika and I have a similar sense of style. But I don't connect with all the negativity in her, like all the jealousy and hatred. I'm much the opposite. 

Buzz is that the character is so negative that many actors refused the role before it came to you... 

I did not really think of it. My career has just begun and I'm trying to get into the drill. Eventually, Anika will change, but I love her. I'm getting to portray so many shades to a person. The character will help me evolve as an actor. 

Tell us about your early life... 

I was born and brought up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I started modelling since I was 15. I had come to India during a vacation to meet my sister, who was working here. I stayed here for a month and went back home. But phir mera mann nahi lag raha tha, so I convinced my dad that I wanted to go and take up modelling in India. Initially, he was sceptical, but then he agreed. I came to India and started auditioning and then, Anika happened to me. 

Are you excited about your first soap? What is the reaction of your family? 

I'm totally excited, but nervous too. My parents back in Denmark are super excited to see me. 

What is your favourite pastime? 

I like watching crime thrillers on TV. My favourite actors are Karan Singh Grover and Mohit Raina. I like adventure sports, swimming and gymming. And I'm learning Kathak now.
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TOI: Mouli and Mazher to act together again
By Neha Maheshwri, TNN | Dec 14, 2012, 07.45 PM IST
Mouli and Mazher to act together again
Mazher Syed and Mouli Ganguly
They were seen together as sister and brother-in-law in Kaahin Kissii Roz almost eight years back. And now actress Mouli Ganguly, currently seen in Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, is gearing up to act with her husband Mazher Syed all over again, but this time for a play. 

The play is titled Pritam Pyare Pappuji, which is remake of a superhit Gujarati play and also features Raakesh Bedi. Says she, 'It's an out-an-out feel-good comedy. I can't reveal the twist of play. I have done plays in the past and it requires lot of patience and practise as an actor. You are live in front of a large audience and there is no scope for errors. Plays give a different kind of high to an actor. It's fun to act with Mazher and Raakeshji." We couldn't agree more. 
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TOI: TV baddies take their shows to new heights in 2012
By Shruti Jambhekar, TNN | Dec 19, 2012, 12.00 AM IST
Prime time television's baddies comfortably flaunted their grey stripes and took their mean streak to newer TRP highs as they happily created trouble for the protagonists in 2012.

Abhaas Mehta: As Shyam Manohar Jha in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, Abhaas Mehta was easily one of creepiest telly baddies ever! He was probably the only baddie who was given a dramatic entry in a show, saved the heroine from ruffians and addressed even his enemies with respect (Saale Sahab, Khushiji). Everytime he'd come on screen for a face off with Barun Sobti, the protagonist, Abhaas showed off his acting chops with finesse.

Kiran Karmarkar: Sometimes actors love to don a character that has negative shades, just to break the monotony of playing positive roles and doing something creatively more challenging. Kiran Karmarkar who was best known as the agyaakari beta Om in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, is currently topping the hate-list of audience as Tej Singh Bundela in Uttaran. He's mean, nasty, manipulative, greedy and lusts for money and women sending shivers down the audiences' spine.

Varun Badola: As Thakur Vikram Singh in Phir Subah Hogi, Varun Badola proves his versatility once again as an actor. He started off as a good guy and his role has metamorphosed from the love struckzamindar to a cold-blooded baddie who'll pull any strings required to win his love Sugni (Gulki Joshi). The versatile Varun merely smirks as he devises new plans to make the protagonists' lives miserable. He doesn't need verbose dialogues or eye lifts to drive home the point that he's pure evil.

Adaa khan: As a rich and spoilt young woman — Amrit (played by Adaa Khan) is very convincing as the vamp in Amrit Manthan. She could go to any lengths to get her sister (Nimrit) out of her way even to the extent of planning the almost perfect murder. So overpowering is her screen presence that Adaa totally steals the thunder from her other co-actors as she shows off her grey shades.

Ashish Sharma: He knows the art of playing grey character in a smart way despite the fact that this is his first show where he plays baddie as Ranbeer in Rab Se Sona Ishq. As the childhood sweetheart of Sahiba (Ekta Kaul), Ranbeer acts selfish right from the time he runs away to London on his wedding day. And currently, he is making it tougher for her because he doesn't want to lose Sahiba to Daljeet (Kanan Malhotra). In his newly acquired shade of grey, Ashish seems to be making quite an impact.

Mouli Ganguly: Mouli Ganguly convincingly portrays a character with negative shades as an old flame, Anushka Sarkar seduces Pradeep (Pawan Shanker) and makes him give up on his marriage in Kya Huaa Tera Vaada. She did her best to make life miserable for the good bahu and wife Mona ( Mona Singh), shots the protagonist accidentally. Undoubtedly, Mouli took the role of vamp to a level of perfection — she's sexy, stylish and the sort of bad girl every one's wary of Her charming smile is deceptive. She's plain mean through and through.

Karanvir Bohra: Whosoever said a daily soap is only full of female antagonists hasn't seen,Karanvir Bohra in action. As Viraj in Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhav?, he redefined the rules of how to play the small screen baddie. As the sadistic husband who delighted in making his wife shed copious tears, Karanvir carried the show on his shoulder despite the presence of a star like Harshad Chopra. It's a pity however to see the loathsome Viraj suddenly has a change of heart as he's metamorphose into a good guy overnight. We're hoping it's a temporary phase, since we want the baddie back!

Seema Mishra: A relative newcomer in the grey hued world inhabited by the reel bad guys and gals of TV, Seema Mishra shines as Deepali in Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. She's well turned out, mean, manipulative and can smirk at the camera which makes her an instant hit with her audience.

Hema Singh: She marked the return of the manipulative reel MIL as Imarti Devi (Hema Singh) in Kairi... Rishta Khatta Meetha. Every young bahu would hate to have a saas like her who survives on taunts, verbal abuses and only thinks of ways to create unhappiness for her sons' wives.
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TOI: Hiten Tejwani re-enters Kya Huaa Tera Vaada!
By Purva Desai, TNN | Dec 20, 2012, 12.33 PM IST

Hiten Tejwani re-enters Kya Huaa Tera Vaada!
Hiten Tejwani

With the leap in Balaji Telefilms' Kya Huaa Tera Vaada, characters are being re introduced in a bid to boost the story and take it to new heights.

As Mona settles in with her three grown up children, an old friend is set to return. After Pradeep (Pawan Shankar) and Vineet's (Darshan Pandya) exit, Jatin ( Hiten Tejwani) makes his entry for a second time on the show.

If viewers are aware, Hiten was introduced to Mona by her in laws in an attempt to set the two up, after Pradeep leaves her for Anushka (Mauli Ganguly).

In spite of Jatin's efforts, Mona refuses his marriage proposal and they part ways. Now with his re entry on the show, a lot of questions are being raised. The real intention of bringing back Hiten on the show, though obvious in some ways, remains to be seen.

Sources inform that shooting for the same has begun and Hiten makes his appearance on the show tonight.

Confirms Hiten, "A lot of twists and turns are expected. You never know what happens in a daily".

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TOI: Sargun makes birthday boy Ravi feel special!

By Vijaya Tiwari, TNN | Dec 23, 2012, 07.12 PM IST
Sargun makes birthday boy Ravi feel special!
Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta


TV actor Ravi Dubey turns a year older today and his girlfriend Sargun Mehta made his 'special' day memorable.

The very much in love couple Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta will soon be seen shaking a leg in the fifth season of Nach Baliye. Though Ravi's working schedule does not permit him to celebrate his birthday lavishly, but all thanks to his girlfriend Sargun, Ravi's birthday became a day to remember.

Ravi's 'special' day usually starts with a visit to temple where he prayed to God for the betterment of his family and himself.

Ravi also intends to visit an orphanage besides going out for dinner with lady love Sargun Mehta. Sargun is busy with her current daily soap Kyaa Hua Tera Waada shoot but she still managed to take time out to make birthday boy feel special.

Sargun says, "Last night we went to Merlins with a few friends to bring in his birthday.He loves to sing hindi songs at the karaoke. His favourite song is Oochi hai building lift lift teri band hai" and we had a blast.

When asked what did she gift Ravi this year, she says, "I got him a Samsung Galaxy note 800 and I made a card for him. If you see it you shall die laughing and I have suddenly started feeling like a teenager. But still its Ravi's special day and I make one every year".

Well, Sargun it is the feeling and the intention of love that counts. Ravi is lucky to have a girlfriend like you and we must say you both make a good pair.
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TOI: Sargun Mehta's co-incidence

By Swasti Chatterjee, TNN | Dec 26, 2012, 12.00 AM IST
Sargun Mehta's co-incidence
Sargun Mehta
Sargun Mehta who was last seen in the title role of Phulwa and is currently doing Comedy Circus as well as the role of a grown up Bulbulin Ekta Kapoor's show Kya Hua Tera Vaada, which took a leap. 

The show will have a mix of existing and new characters with Sargun as the main lead now. On being asked how she got the role she said, "I got a call and on hearing the role I liked it and I took it up. I am playing a journalist. It's a strange co-incidence because Kya Hua Tera Vaada has been my favourite show since the last four months and I had been watching all the episodes. And the ones which I used to miss I used to record and see them later. It's ironical that I met Pawan Shankar on the first day of my shoot and I came to know he used to like my work in Phulwa. I told him that I have been watching the show regularly and I had never imagined that I will be a part of it." Sargun further added, "I suddenly got a call for this role and things fell into place."



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