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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHilicious Droolers #16: Could I Have This Kiss?

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:32pm | IP Logged


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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 October 2010
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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

Khushi stands all alone on stage , wilting  bec her dance partner  did not make it to the venue... Arnav is unable to bear her sad face, without any thought  about the bet or the fact that it is competition, he rushes  to the aid of Khushi... There follows a wonderful dance, where time stood still to watch this wonderful couple retrace their journey  in memory...  each  thinking about the good moments and bad that happened between them..Both of them making use of this setting  to express their inner most, their true feeling...The music stops but the duo do not part ...They are brought back to the Earth by the sound of applause ... Anjali and the family are stunned by the duet while Shyam who has caught on to the underlying attraction is fuming...
A perplexed Khushi caught in unknown emotions quickly escapes from the presence of Arnav and seeks refuge in the changing room...Arnav cheerfully bears the grilling of his family members, casually declares he was merely helping out Khushi and win/lose is not everything..the family are shocked at the new attitude of Arnav but wisely remain quiet..Anjali begins to search for Khushi...Payal  promises to fetch Khushi ..Payal goes to the changing room and tells Khushi to hurry up... Khushi promises to do so ..Payal leaves..There again comes a second knock at the door, unaware that Payal has gone, Khushi opens the door and goes in to change the dress not noticing that Arnav has come in..Khushi is blabbering about Arnav , she stops abruptly when she spots Arnav leaning against the door negligently ...Arnav wants to know why did Khushi stop if he or his presence did not make slightest difference to her ..Khushi  is unable to reply..Arnav advances towards her , gently teasing her and sending into tizzy spell..Taking pity on her over wrought state, Arnav orders her to come down soon and depart , but comes in again, loosens her pinned hair and compliments Khushi on her sari, leaving her speechless..
Khushi changes into her Ghaghra and comes down, she still has not recovered her poise..Arnav  points out that she has not worn earrings on one ear ...Khushi hastily checks it and confirms it..They both exchange a brief eyelock , which is noticed by  Shyam ...Anjali meanwhile is  busy making announcement and she says that Khushi is the winner of the competition ..A shy Khushi walks to the stage, pauses to glance at a smiling Arnav ,walks on and collects the trophy ..
The Gupta's return to the house, A disturbed Khushi  is eating Jalebi and looking intently at the Natraj statue [ trophy]  ...Payal  gets a bit anxious when she notices Khushi eating  Jalebi .. Payal asks Khushi, Khushi allays her concern saying that she was thinking about ehr missed chance of not acknowledging her supporters  help in her victory..Khushi mentions everyone's name prominently leaving out Arnav's name..Payal points out the omission, Khushi hotly retorts that she would have won despite Arnav's help..Payal does not push the matter further and a flight Khushi  goes to keep the Jalebi plate in the kitchen but in her hurry , she accidentally picks up the Natraj Idol..she discovers her error and in the privacy of  the Kitchen, she  hesitantly, shyly and with a lingering smile acknowledges  Arnav's help...
Meanwhile Shyamu has decided that the day of Scorpion has come, he  releases the animal out of  its  box and onto the bed where Anjali is sleeping..Shyam himself goes and sits on the chair, After some mins, getting no reaction, Shyam goes toward  the bed to find Anjali sleeping peacefully ..Shyam begins to search for the Scorpion frantically, when he suddenly realizes that the scorpion is on his bag..A terrified Shyam flaps around waking up  Anjali, who takes one look at Shyam, understands the situation,and wards off the Scorpion ..The scorpion scuttles away.. The whole family is roused by the ruckus ..An alarmed Arnav orders his sister to sleep in his room while he himself goes to the Guest room ...Arnav also decides that the mehendi will be happening in RM house ..
Next day dawns clear , The Gupta's descend  on RM ..Khushi  is trailing behind everyone fervently praying to Devi Mayya  not to let Arnav in her presence..But  Arnav is the first person Khushi sees .. Arnav  breathes in a soft husky ' Hi' which sends  Khushi's DHak Dhak soaring !!..An agitated Khushi blurts out that she does not wish to see Arnav  leaving him vastly amused..
The Mehendi commences with  its share of bantering, laughter ..Khushi is participating but her eyes are searching for Arnav ...Anjali is calling up Arnav too who seems to have disappeared... while on the other side Akash is desperate to see Payal.. to help Akash, NK dresses up as girl but  both are caught redhanded ..Nk conveniently blames Arnav as the  mastermind behind this prank..Khushi is startled and utters Arnav's name in surprise..The Mehendi girl thinks that Khushi wants to imprint Arnav's name on her palm and promptly tattoos the letter ' A"..Khushi is oblivious of this ..
Anjali is really getting frantic about the mysterious and continued absence of Arnav..Khushi catches  Anjali's bug and she too begins to get worried  ..Khushi tries to call Arnav but  the phone call does not get through..Khushi makes a last ditch effort and it gets transferred to the voice Mail ..Khushi is disappointed   and utters  her  innermost feelings along with an apology which  is recorded in the voice mail... Khushi again thinks of calling up Arnav when she realizes that Arnav is standing behind her ...
A furious Khushi  scolds Arnav for his absence of 3 hours , when probed by Arnav, Khushi admits that his presence  does make a difference to her..realizing her folly, she quickly tries to say that her anxiety was bec of Anjali which Arnav clearly does not believe.. Arnav seems intent on pursuing the matter further , when Anjali interrupts them , chides him for going off without telling anyone.. Khushi uses this opportunity to escape  from Arnav's vicinity ...
The Gupta's and Raizada's are at the dining table amiably drinking Tea  ..Naniji notices the absence of Manorama , Anjali replies that Manorama is in her room ..Payal volunteers to serve Tea to Manorama , gets a tray and goes to serve  Manorama..Manorama insults Payal and sends her back with sad fac..
In the dining table Khushi discovers that her hand has  " A' on it and is shocked..She rushes to the kitchen to scrape away the Mehendi..where she is cornered by Arnav who has heard her message in the voicemail.. he queries about it , But Khushi states she never made any such call..Arnav plays her message again, Khushi lifts her  hand signing him to stop and again reiterates that she  never called him ..Arnav who had noticed the letter  ' A ' wants to know the reason for, Khushi ripostes that it is taken from her name and has noo bearing to his name ...Before Arnav can goad her even further, NK  disturbs them, invites Khushi for the Tea..Khushi realizes that Arnav is jealous and with a suppressed grin leaves with NK and ignores Arnav totally..A miffed  Arnav glares at them and leaves for his room curtly saying that he has got conference call..
The Gupta's decide to call it a day and get ready to leave for their house..Naniji stops them and asks Anjali to get the Bangles  for Payal reposing in Arnav's room.. Anjali gets ready to go but is forestalled by  Buaji , who suggests that Khushi can do it..A reluctant Khushi    goes to Arnav's room..while coming from there, Khushi drops the bangle which falls into the pool, as she is trying to take it from the pool, Arnav steps up and helps up only to be confronted by a bristling Khushi who says that she can do it herself and does not need anybody's help...A challenging Arnav riles her further and bets that Khushi can't do all the things that he can do.. He pulls Khushi towards him and plants a firm kiss on her cheek leaving Khushi stunned while Arnav looks at her in a challenging manner .. 

What a week! With Teri Meri and Arnav Singh Raizada showing his flirty colors and Khushi having repeated Dhak Dhak attacks, the week was on of the all time best of IPKKND. I almost feel like I don't need to write about any scene today as I'm sure all of you have got the week memorized, like me!
Among many choices, my pick of this week's funny scene is the scene where the whole Raizada family surrounds Arnav after his jaw dropping action of becoming Khushi's partner in the Teri Meri sequence. The whole family looks on with various levels of flabbergasted looks while our hero just stands there, leaning against a pillar, not paying a damn to any of them. He finally questions their stares by asking 'what?' and Anjali replies that the situation is not a 'what' situation but a truly 'what the' situation.
And then the barrage of questions start. Everyone questions him about his motives and reasoning behind his actions. They also pester him to know why he himself gave the game away when it was him who was so determined to win. Anyone else would've come out clear under such massive combined pressure. But he's not Arnav Singh Raizada for no reason. He remains cool as a cucumber and berates them by saying, "Not everything is about win and loose" leaving the family and the audience dumbstruck. 
A special mention to NK & Buaji's unique 'lurve story' and all of Khushi's antics, she's slowly becoming the new generation's Dhak Dhak girl, bless her! Have a happy weekend and hope the next week is even better than this one!


Well for this scetion mami and Shayam has registered themselves for the there copyrights. It gets difficult to choose between them.
Shayam well how much cheap this guy can get can anyone tell meSleepy. I mean he wants her wife to die by scorpio bite and man-handling Khushi and then making plans on plans so that he can just marry a innocent girl by taking life of another innocent. Ultimatum of cheapness
Mami well I dont want to give joote I want to give her candies she is acting like some primary school children well crying for attention, jewellery, clothes and small-small things is what she can do. Her scenes are like some saas-bahu saga which pisses me and everyone.


Hi to all my lovable ArHilicious DroolersHug,
By GOD!!.. Kya dhamakedaar week tha,Party
     I was totally stunned from mon to friday... Monday started from the mindblowing Teri Meri sequence where ArHi were scintillating, jaw dropping, mesmerizingDancing. I could go on...but you get the point right?. What was magical was that it was initiated by ArnavThumbs Up and he led Khushi throughout the dance. It was their moment to shine and my eyes were super glued to ArHi/ SaRunCool. They swerved through the music dazzling us, making us hyperventilate with their sexy movesBlushing till the point when the song ended and Arnav, the guy who only believes in winning lost himself so Khushi could win. I would count this as another turning point in their relationship where Arnav became selfless for KhushiClap. This guy has a heart of goldStar. Khushi, you're one lucky gal Big smile.
     This week started from a dance and ended with a heart stopping kiss/ peck from ArnavApprove. Khushi who couldn't even imagine it in her wildest dreams and that too with her 'Lard Governor'BlushingHeart... OMG, her stupified look was worth a million bucks in the end. Arnav has gotten sooo naughty, I tell youCool. He has forgotten the word 'limits' when it comes to Khushi...Haiii I'm soo in ArHiland right now. Even the way he tilted his head to initiate it, and then kept his eyes closed was a MUST WATCH. This week we got to witness ArHi's first dance and their first kiss, now what could be better than that. ...Hoping for a rocking next week with loads of deliciously mouth watering ArHi momentsDay Dreaming.
...Love ya loads guys,
    ...Enjoy the weekend by rewatching this great week,
       ...Your ever-loving pal, Mahi Heart

This week for me Rakshabhandhan scene was when Arnav gets scared off for ANjali. Well Raksha means protection and I am really glad that this guy knows how to protect her sister. He can sacrifice his own comfort and his life too just to make ensure that his sister is safe
Yes I am talking about the scene when some creap person leaves scorpio for the Anjali who is like defination of life for Arnav. When Arnav comes to knows that his sister's life was in danger he come running there  and to ensure himself he send her to her room for rest life and even he make sure that every ceremony happens in RM so that he can ensure that his life that is his sister is safe

Hi fellow Arhi droolersBig smile
This was a gr8 week in IPK I m in a mood 2 forgive Buaji-Mami fillersLOL
Several minutes were wasted on Pursuit of Tarantula n Shyam tasting his own medicine...
And also on Thursday, mamiji's jealousy over her to-be-DIL were OTT n were extended almost for 10-15 minutes which was quite disappointing

Rest were awesum! Hope this continues next week too

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 26295

Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

hello frnds...
                      me back again after a dhamaka filled epi! so without any thoughts d bc is none other thn... [any gusses].
Arnav: is it so? big deal! nt impressed.
me: y so arnavji. u were d rockstar in this week's epi. u were juz awesme
Arnav: i know i know. dont appreciate me too much. but u didnt include me in d icon/star of d week rite. so bad of u. i planning to cut ur half salary!
me:[thinking: it would be better if u cut my whole salary nd dont think that u can scold me everytym! im nt Aman!LOL] par arnavji there's nothing like icon of d week. if its there thn ur definetly an icon of this week. i mean nt only this week but everytym!
Arnav: ok wateva! but one thing dont call me arnavji. only khushi can call me like that! aur waise bhi khushi's only mine! mind u!
me: [thinking: u had prooved dat nwWink] ok sir. im sry!
 ok cuming to that point as i had said before, arnav was so sweet this week. he did many gud things! first of all he felt bad for talking badly to khushi nd decided to tell her sry by helpin her when indeed! eventhough he didnt even dance before he decided to help khushi to make her hppy! his concern for her was clear in his dialogue: ''tumhari aakhri performance hai khushi. pura nahi karongi'' he doesnt want his lady love to feel ashamed infrnt of everyone. as a result he  decided to sacrifice his hppiness nd helped her! nd after d dance he didnt switch back to normal ASR mode, he was smiling seeing her hppy! nd nw he thinks dat everything is nt about winning nd loosing! so of my fav dialogues of arnav with khushi is given below:
 Arnav: faraq nahi padtha toh ruk kyun gayi. kya hua chup kyun hogayi.
khushi: aaap
Arnav: haan mmmein [making fun of her] tum muhe darthe kyun hai. mein tumhe kha todi jaaonga. tum humesha peeche kyun jaathe hain!
khushi: kyunki aap humesha aage aathe hain!
 he accepts d fact dat eventhough he didnt know hw to dance he juz supported her. he made her tell sry dat too in a friendly way! arnav is very concerned abt khushi. he was able to figure out her missing earings nd gave back to her with a smile in his face! nt too dat his transition was prooved when he said ''hi'' to khushi. usually he says wat d to khushi but it changed. nt only dat he doesnt want khushi to think he is in love with her. dats y he told d condition. when khushi told i alwys pray to devi maiya nt to show ur face. he listened to her smilingly!
 khushi too was best this week. she felt thankful when arnav helped her nd felt bad when he was missing. she decided to tell him sry for wat she had told him! but arnav's transition [specially when he kissed her] is something to be appreciated!
 so arnav sir ru hppy nw!
im really impressed nw shobra!
 woho!! so ASR is hppy nw! dats all for this week. hoping for more romance next week!!

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us everytime we see him/her. This week's most annoying character is none other than Shyam Jha.

 The man has crossed all limits of pyscho-ness. He's trying to kill his wife to be with an unmarried girl who doesn't even reciprocate his feelings. That is honestly sick. The scorpion act was quite a dumb track if you ask me. Anyways, I was really glad that the scorpio came on him instead at Anjali. And what the hell was he doing staring at Khushi at the function and at the Mehndi function?! It is so hard to believe that the people don't notice how he continues to stare at her shamelessly. This man has no dignity, no self respect whatsoever. Anjali should really open her eyes and see the snake hidden in this man. He will even hurt Khushi(according to the new promo) to kill his wife. That is plain disgusting.  So this week he wins.

Ammie enters singing *Chumma chumma da day, chumma chumma dai da chumma...*

Hello Hi to are u all on this very fine day...?? Hope u are all doing well and the ArHilicious week hasn't given u heartattacks...!!

 So anyway getting to the point..m her to announce the funny character of the week...and u would be suprised to know that its not KKG this did this happen..!!LOL
 Well u see KKG was so busy controlling her Dhak Dhak and worrying about her Arnav Ji that she forgot about the funny award...!! NK took the opportunity and successfully won the most prestigious award on this forum...!!
 His saree get up was oh so hot that Akash almost had second thoughts about marrying Payalia...LOL But he thougt better of it and decided not to make dostana part 2...!! Good thinking akash good thinking!
 So very very congrats on the new Baby i mean award NK ji...this is ur first and um last...KKG haar manaa walo main sa nahi...Approve
 So folks this is it for now...see ya later...CUT IT!

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

The week did have TONS of OMFG worthy, camera-click moments! starting from monday till friday!
but, we ain't getting enough of the first kiss and the way it was done, are we? LOLWink
love how both of them close their eyes!Wink

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:47pm | IP Logged

I think none of us would've missed in Friday's episode how Khushi had mehendi in one scene, didn't in the next and did again later. I must say, this was VERY poor editing and not something I had expected out of the team. Very disappointing. Little bloopers happen in all daily soaps, I understand they work under a lot of pressure but this was so darn obvious that even someone who doesn't know the job can tellOuch

Though this dialogue was just a line it was the highlight of Fridays Episode (27-1-12) and for the entire week and the dialogue was by ASR.. Many of u'll must be knowing which one..dialogue before the kiss Tongue
"Tum wo sab nahi kar sakthi jo mei kar saktha hoon"
"You cannot do all the things that i can do"

It was a solid dialogue! Superb one!

Pride and Glory

The missing treasure of the sinking vessel,
On the seafloor, as a nestle of birds cherished,
He was a pride, a monster, a deepest sea,
The talks, rants, laughs, the hearbreaks, angst folds in dark,
Only affection of pure Love from the depth of souls,
Affinity of love, desires, needs, heartbeats,
Yearning from desire, she opened the floodgates
Touched the soul, made her shake, quiver, and roll
Yearning from desire, her taunts and teases
Touched his inner soul, his breath
If only for a moment they hold each other dear,
For the times they spent the nights with each other
Are the times that made him valved , desirable,
The picture's of their Love worth a thousand words
For his heart has been touched by an angel
Leaving him speechless forever and all eternity
His mortal words could hardly describe her beauty
However, he could surely give it a try,
For she have ignited his scorching flame of inspiration
And he'll will certainly not let it die,
He could say that she's the most rare of all fragrant flowers,
Who gives off a fragrance that's breath-taking and very sweet
A fragrance that is so intoxicating, his heart just simply skips a beat,
The warmth in her heart so blissful, spell bounding,
Everytime she rotates around him, she takes his Breath away
She Wishes That she could be with him,
Every minute of every day, when she's with him she start to shudders
She can't think of what to say, her Heart starts beating really fast
And All his Fears Simply melt away, from her glance,
Pride cherished his most precious diamond,
As a purple lakes throws a emerald shines,
He treasured his love,Life, fate everything within her,
A pearl of sweet sensational feeling,
A moment of tenderness, warm and true
He kissed her on her soft Cheeks,
Forever this Love will relish underneath Two Bodies,
The dreams of life fulfilled as he stroke her droplets.

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

Made by: aa123.80 

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


Made by: ..Ragzz.. 

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

Made by: -Sharona- StarClap 

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed



Made by: fizzi_gurl Star

Here is ur giftClap


Made by *Unnati*

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:54pm | IP Logged

Kiss Me, by Nymra

Here's your gift.


We Are Family, by AquaBluez17

Here's your gift!

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged

Here's your Gift:

Hey ArHi Droolers Hug Do I need to tell how awesome possum this week was? Cool Teri Meri sequence rocked the floor. Why do they have such breath-taking chemistry? Blushing After scene's and sangeet/mehndi functions rocked too! Oh, did I mention that the way Arnav behaved throughout the week has made me go in some other land? It's still holding me there. Without further a due, the rating has to be 5/5! Yup!! First time I give full 5. And why not. Everything worked. Yea, mamiji annoyed but the bahu did good na? Embarrassed Shyam's plan failed. Nothing else needed right now. After the kiss endind the week, I'd say Just Perfect! Best week with almost no fillers. Day Dreaming
See ya all next week, Droolers Hug 

CVs where are your feets I really need to tocuh them. OMFG either we people have lost our brain or either you guys are running your mind as awesome speed. I mean HOW HOW HOW???? awesome ArHi can get seriously. This week starting was just awesome.Arnav finally showing that he loves Khushi and Khushi also responding to him. What else we can demand. Just one advice this Shayam track is really getting streched up we need a end to it and please we dont watch this show for that saas bahu saga. Rest the show is running just awesomeEmbarrassed. Nothing else we can deamand from you guys,

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