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Sapnon Se Bhare Naina
Sapnon Se Bhare Naina

Dakshna FF - Unspoken feelings...

lucky.m IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2012 at 11:58pm | IP Logged
Hey guys,

Ab SSBN main tho kuch cute ya romantic moments nahi mil rahe hain thoCry.Cry...

This FF is something different from my style..very few dialoguesTongue..just an attempt to bring out unspoken feelings of dakshna .Wink...Hope u will like it...

Here we go

                                                    The Unspoken

Daksh ka office...

It had been 2 hours in the office but still not even a single file moved..niether he could concentrate nor take any client calls in this mood.Ouch.he was so disturbed.Confused..but still he decided to give one more try to get back to his work mood...but  the flashes  of  something which happened morning in their room is not letting him to concentrate...Tongue

Their faces were so close so close that they could feel the breath of each other...He brought his lips lil closer to her trembling their eyes he moved more closer to her..she closed her eyes...his eyes too were closed as his lips were almost on hers.

..just then...

He snapped the file which he was trying hard to go through

Y Y is it always like this??...Every time it was her..but this time it was somebody else...this is not the first time this happened..but this disturbed him more than anything else...Though it was her decision to maintain distance b/w them but still it was almost like mutual decision and he never complained as he knw she was right..

Now things were different..In past two days everything become all right.Tongue.His mother accepted their marriage and everything was back to normal like before.Finally they got their family and from past two days everybody was in a festive mood including him and naina.Tongue..they were so occupied that this particular point never came to discussion of what now??...but today...Embarrassed


Naina busy with kitchen work helping her mother in law..but still her mind was not working like usual...she was getting lost in her thoughts now and then very frequently...she decided she need a brk..she went back to their room for few min but it only worsened her situation..

.as soon as she looked at wall besides dressing table where they were leaning this morning..his scent..his lips which were so close to her...that morning scene ran through her mind...Embarrassed

..She was standing infront of mirror.. drying her damp hair with towel..she had just put towel on chair and is trying  hard to fasten the knot behind her blouse ..just then she felt the touch of his hands on hers..she looked into the mirror and he was satnding behind her..just came out of shower tied intowel one more towel on shoulders looking hot and irresistable.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedshe took back her hands..and he started tying her blouse knot.with his eyes on her..the slight touch of his hands on her back were enough to arouse some unknown feelings deep inside her...she turned back and their eyes met...she wanted to say thnaks but no voices were coming's just silence... they slowly moved towards wall.she was leaning he was on her their hands twined..and then...their lips were...just then...

She came out of her thoughts as ahe heard her name being called...and she realised her brk time was over..

Both were lost in thoughts thinking.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..If only that kiss would have would it be??Embarrassed


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LadyMystique Senior Member

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 2:14am | IP Logged
Lucky !! u did it again!!! y did u freeze it yaar!!!!!????!!!dont give so much tension to me!Dead i cant wait for the next part!
"The Unspoken"!! i love ur concept!Clap so so good!! keep up the good work dear!!Hug actually dakshna never need words spoken between them...its their beautiful eyes that do all the talking all the timeDay Dreaming

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lucky.m IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2012 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

Back to office...


He is disturbed because the kiss didnt happen but even more disturbing is  something which he saw in her eyes while she had to go away from him..was it disappointment?? his hr8 jumped with that thought..that means..even he might be right or... wrong..oh how much he wished he was right to sense that feeling as he was

He remembered ...she was going but still she turned back looking at him and her eyes were speaking lots of things..only if he had time to read those unspoken feelings before his sister dragged his darling wife away from him. ..bringing msg from his mother that she's wanted..only if they could know there's no one more than him roght now wanting her so so badly



Did he read the feeling in her eyes? Has he understood what she meant..that... that she was ready for...

..Only she knew how hard it had been for her to run away from him that 2 times...when he was that close to her holding her had taken all her will power to come back to senses and stop him..because she was afraid..once she would let him kiss her she can't stop herself..She only wished like every time she didnt want him to think that she was running away from him whenever he tried to kiss her..but this time it was not from her side.. she didnt run away... but still he was disappointed like always.. even she was...

she remembered

He came down for brk fast after getting ready andt she felt his eyes on her all the time..she pruposefully avoided looking at him because she didnt want to get caught blushing and lost looking at him..finally he left..with no words..just siad bye to all she was included in all and left from there...

In car

He was thinking ... he tried hard to get a glance from her willing to read those feelings find nay hints for him but nope...y she avoided him was it purposeful...she didnt even look at him properly..but y??...he reached his office nad then 2 hours just passed away in thoughts...


If the kiss would have happened no need of further discussions ..he would have known insatntly that she was ready for him and for them to become one but..bad didnt and the question reamined the same..he ran his both hands through his hair in lil frustration and he eyes fell on her photograph on his table..smiling breathtakinly beautiful like she was today morning in that sarree with damp hair..he took photograph into his hands..lovingly..and looks at her with aa love..thinking what she would be doing now..busy with in laws and house work...devising some new plans..he laughs within himself and then he feels what if she's thinking about him just like he is...

He takes phone into his hands and dails her is ringing..but no reply..oh god..what a day..he is not bale to have peaceful moment with her..just then he hears her voice...


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lucky.m IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged

Naina; hello...daksh...

He wondered how could just her voice make his hr8 beat rise...he wanted to say lot of things..the torture he had been going through from morning to know whats running her mind and his need for herTongue...but he couldn't how can he just ask like

Naina; daksh..kya hua?
Daksh; kuch nahi bas aise hi call kiya..kya kar rahe ho?

Naina remembers how she hasbeen going crazy with his thoughts from morning..she wanted to tell him come hme fast and take her into his arms and complete the kiss and then...but how can would be embarssing...

Naina; kuch nahi ..kaam kahtam hogaya..aur khana bhi main..
Daksh ; room main??

Y cnt she tell him she's in hall or somewhere..y she has to be in room alone and y he cant be with her in their room and then...

Enough now..he told to himself

Daksh; teek hain main rakhta hoon..thoda kaamhain..
Naina; (itni jaldi..abhi abhi tho call kiya)...daksh..woh woh..
Daksh; haan kaho( just ask me to come back home once..pls..pls)
Naina ; ghar wapas kub avoge??
Daksh; kyu jaldi avu ..(cmon swt hr8..just say yes)
Naina; she wanted to say yes; but still...kaam khatam karke ajavo..bye..
Daksh; ok bye


Y did she let him go office? Y didn't they lock their room in morning...Y cdnt they...


Y he had come to office...y couldn't he just lock both of them in their room away from everyone...just both of them and then take her lips..and then.move down...

.control..control...Whats the use of thinking all this...they are not going to be alone unless everyone retire to their rooms  after dinner and thn she will be tired and they both will go to bed and this has to end..tonight would be deciding one...he would try to kiss her once more and that will clear his confusion..yes this would be better..not better damn  it best...


..after dinner he would be tired wrking in office whole day and she just cant ask him to kiss her once more to let him know what she feels.. would he try to kiss her once more  this time she will not let anyone come between then..she will lock the door as soon as they both are in.or will he not ..just once if he could come closer to her and kiss her..or she would go near him...

..She should let him know her feelings but ??...she thinks of something...yes this is best way to let him know..yes...

Clock tik tik..Shocked...

Both counting seconds..

Evening 6.00pm
Daksh starts from office...

In car

Some how I should get her out from family.. into their room.. ..or else one or other will be...this time no disturbance atlesat till one kiss...he decided...



daksh gets down car..cursing the traffic jam..bcos of which he reached late and in his current state of mind even 1 min matters a lot...he looks at PH...Everybody must be in hall having fun with buntu..naina must be in kitchen with ayi or with aku discussing designs or playing with buntu..whatever ...

He goes inside...but he is surprised...hall main koi nahi itna silence as if eveybody had disappeared...I didnt come into wrong house right...he was just thinking..just then her voice..

Naina; tum aagaye...

He turns towards her and here she is in same sarree...with that beautiful smile..he just wnted to rush towards her take her into his arms and forget everything...everyone..but..he didnt want to get caught infront of family members...

H comes into this world with her second call;

Naina; daksh kaha khogaye??..takes his laptop..cofffee piyoge...
Daksh; controlling his thoughts; haan...ghar main sab??
She goes into kitchen ..making coffee; bhool gaye kya aaj tumhare koi kareebi risthedaar ki shaadi hain..sab log wahi gaye/...
Daksh; matlab ki nahi hain ghar main..sirf hum dono...
Naina knows what he maens; she nods her head.yes and gives him his coffee mug..
Daksh; looking at his coffee; tum nahi gayi...( good she didnt go but y)
Naina her back turned towards him; woh tabiyat thoda kahrab hain tho
Daksh ; kya? keeps his coffee on kitchen table comes hurriedly turns her towards him; tabiyat?? kya hua? tum teek tho ho..tumne mujhe bataya nahi..tum.
Naina; daksh bas...

Few min of slience

Naina; tabiyat kharab ka bahana banaya.. taaki main rukh javu turns to other side...and carry's on with her work...
Daksh; (what!! did I hear right??...what does that mean ??)
Daksh; kyu??..

She sensed the change in hsi voice while putting that question...and she can feel his eyes on her
Naina; woh..woh..bas aise hi..

He hold her hand and turned her towards he is able to read her eyes..looking into her eyes...he moves lil forward just like in morning...both hr8 beats on rise..she moves lil backward bcaked up against kitchen wall...

Intense eye lock...Embarrassed

Daksh comes closer to her and both know this is their moment...he brings his face closer to hers..his lips more closer to hers and says; kyu??...

Her mind was going blank..she can feel his words in her mouth his breath over her face...Y isnt he kissing..y he is just burning her with his looks she moves her lips lil more closer and then their lips meet.
PS; Rest u can imagine...LOL...LOL.Hope u enjoyed reading this


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LadyMystique Senior Member

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Thanks lucky for another beautiful FFSmile

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ntsindia Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Day DreamingEmbarrassedoh lucky.. y do u burn us... Wink ha ha ha.. it was fantastic yaar... a big hug for u... Clap

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DakshnaFan Goldie

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Thats for the awesome FF LuckySmile... Loved it till infinityHug...Thank u so much budHug...

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sitakshi Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 3:57am | IP Logged
That   was  JAWSOME  was  JAWSTRUCK   yaar.

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