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Khushi Aur Arnav Ki Prem Kahani Part 5

angel26714 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged

Khushi aur Arnav ki prem kahani part 5

Khushi decided dat nw she wil bring back joy in arnav's life…so as d project was started…

Khushi started to d same acts as she was in coll…,wel wen arnav was concentrating on project she use to purposely giggle dat atleast arnav would pour out his stress on her n wishing atleast a  smile on his face bt she never succeeded…everyone wer really very surprised on khushi's(krusha) arnav loved silence n concentration..she was d total opposite pack of it..arnav use to humiliate her in frnt of everyone for her she never tasted d humiliation seriously…as she wanted dis to happen..d only thing which arnav standed her for was she was brilliant in her work..though she use to distrub him alot with her on other side she she was fabulous with her assignments..which plotted d progress of project..n arnav din mind dat as for him…do it hook or crook d result shud b success..

Wel,in a morning

Arnav n khushi discussing abt their project n was having coffee wer arnav took two sugar cubes for d coffee..khushi after seeing dat

Khushi to arnav –Stop Mr.Raizada u took sugar in ur coffee as per I know ur a diabetic paitent

Arnav- its none of ur business..carry on wit d work..

Khushi(recalls her college tym arnav takes sugar only d tym wn he is disturbed)

Khushi In no second speaks up- r u disturbed Mr.Raizada?bcz u serve ur coffee wit sugar wen ur disturbed..wen sumthng is itching ur  heart..wt's d prlb mr.Raizada?(she asks in a worrying tone..wit n impatient balance)

Arnav surprised with dis sentence,n evn khushi realizes wt she blurted out

Arnav to khushi-hw do u knw wen I m disturbed I serve my coffee with sugar?…as per only one gal knew abt dis fact no1 elz nt evn my sis n gf,,noticed abt dis thing…den hw did u came to know dis?(questioned her wit a hope in his heart)

Khushi(stammers)-i…i.i….mean I hav seen u having coffee widout sugar from past few days..i hav neva seen dat u serving sugar to ur coffee only its today I hav noticed it out so I thought u must b disturbed..n dat's y I asked you

Arnav(disappoint gesture)-okay..wel must say Mrs.Krusha ur a keen observer

Dat day R industries was going to sign n important deal with Buisness tycoon shashi gupta (khushi's father)

khushi din knew dat her father gna cum up to sign  a deal with evn khushi's father  wanted to give her a surprise..

So he din said her dat he gna arrive…arnav handed some blue prints instead of layout product as said u he was disturbed..he said khushi to take at most care of it as it a very important deal for him as per nt to any play mischief as he wil nt take dis tym…she said him she wil take care of it..

Soon shashi gupta arrived for d deal..arnav greeted him.. bt he din knew he is d same Shashi Gupta (khushi's father)

N evn khushi's father din knew dat Arnav Singh Raizada is her daughter's best friend specky..

Dey sat in d conference hall..n discussed abt dier project..he called up khushi to bring d file which he gave him..khushi came in n was surprised to c..her father sitting with arnav..nw she was in total fix dat wt wil happen?,as she wished atleast nt today arnav shud nt humiliate him as her dad wil nt bear dat at all…

Khushi starts stammering after watching her dad.

Arnav-wt happen mrs.krusha?,y r u hesitating?…

Arnav-wteva..give me d file…

Khushi handovers him d file,arnav opens up d file n din finds d layout..

So,he nw turns out..throws d file down n humiliates her..khushi confused after dis behaviour…

He yells mrs.krusha wer d hell is my layout of d project?

Khushi-mr.raizada it must b in dis file

Arnav-no mrs.krusha its nt der in dis file,wer d hel hav u misplaced it?,ur such n unethical,unprofessional employee,..

Its dat everything a joke for u?,its n imp deal for me,hw cud u b so irresponsible?,I guess u neva tasted u much success in ur life,so bcz u r destructing d way of a successful man…u cannot c d success of others right?,u must hav sold dat layout in good price?,I feel ur d gal who runs behind money.. evn my servants r  better professional,n loyal den u,u r so cheap mrs.krusha,if u wer in real need of money u wud hav asked me..i wud hav given u as a donation bt wt was d need to steal n sell out my such n imp layout?ur disgusting..

Khushi in tears for dis nw she is tensed abt hw wud her father react on such per her father wn't stand her daughter to b compared wit a servant n evn cursed for stealing out things..

Shashi gupta boling red…..he stands up in anger..n says n Stop it  Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada…she is nt ur maid dat ur yelling on her..she is n engineer working under project  as project partner..n who hav given u d right to humiliate her so much?,he was about to say him d truth dat who she is bt khushi signs him nt to utter a word…

Further her dad says him I cn't sign a deal with such a person who does nt respect a women..i need to leave   Mr.Raizada…he leaves n signs khushi to come out wit his furious eyes

Arnav's anger frowled he started roaring at khushi..dis is d first tym wen someone cancelled d deal with R industries n its juz bcz of u heck…get lost right nw I dn't wna c ur face…leave me alone..arnav turned back angrily n seated on chair in tensing mood

Khushi(gulping out d depression)-Mr.raizada..m saying u d truth I dn't knw wer is ur layout…,bt I promise u dat R industries wil nt face d failure bcz of me..i wil make it sure dat dis deal signs up at any cost..after saying dis she leaves…

She goes to d hotel wer her dad is been residing..

She knocks d door

Khushi-dad can I cum in?


Wen she cums in

Dad-wer r ur stuffs? pack dem up v r going back to lucknow right nw,n dis tym m nt gna listen u…enuf of d humiliation I heard frm dat man for u..

If d things wer in ma hand..i wud hav bashed him left n right…who does he thinks himself?hw dare he speak to my daughter like dis in front of me…do he know dat..u dn't need u run behind money?,as ur a daughter of business tycoon…wt he said he wil donate u d money?,n wt u stole out his layout..u wait a sec

Shashi Gupta removes his cheque book n signs 2 crore cheque n give it to khushi..

Go n bash dis cheque against his face n resign from d partnership nw..i wil talk to Kapoor abt dis…n dn't worry wteva d loss wud b der I wil make it bt u r nt going to work with him anymore

Khushi-dad I wil nt b resigning..

Dad- u wil nt listen me?

Khushi-is nt like dat  dad…d person u sawed today was Arnav Singh Raizada…bt same  person whom I knw is my specky

Shashi gupta shocked to hear dat he was khushi's best friend..specky?  Arnav Singh Raizada?he says..being ur best friend he humiliated u so much?

Khushi-he din recognized me,nor he knew m khushi dad..his change of tongue is juz becoz of me….she narrates d whole story which happened six years before..(leaving out point dat she loves him)

After dat she says –dad u always wanted to knew dat who made ur khushi responsible n turned ur child to a gal..its juz him..he is suffering from a pain which is given by a best buddy to him..n dat's  me…n bcz of dis he gets frustrated with every gal…he hav scarificed all d joy of his life bcz of me as he has lost d trust from it..n its my responsibility to bring ack my plz sign up dis deal plz…I beg u its my request I dnt wan him to suffer more…already he is burning wit a hidden pain frm six years..

She holds her dad's hand n start's crying..tears in his dad eyes..after listening dis…den he says-for ur happiness I wud do anything for it..if u want me to sign d deal..i wil sign it..

Den khushi hugs her dad…

Shashi gupta goes to R industries n says dat he is ready to  sign d deal wit Arnav..

On which arnav says dat he dn't hav d layout right nw..on which shashi says dat he trust him….he wil check out d layout later on wen her prepares d newne..he wil sign d deal nw..

Arnav in confusion dat wat happen so..dat Mr.Gupta changed his mind all of sudden?

Den he recalls krusha's(khushi)words…dat she promised him dat d deal wud b signed any cost

Arnav (thinks)-wt must hav krusha said Mr.Gupta dat he changed his mind?..evn after humiliating her so much she got d favour for d company..

Soon der is a call from his home arnav receives d call n its her sister

Anjali-chhote,I know ur disturbed for wt hpnd in plz dn't get ur mood off n dat I knw wen ur disturbed u pour out ur anger on some innocent person.{arnav recalls khushi(krusha)on dis sentence},plz chhote

Arnav-di m fine..

Anjali-n ha chottey I forgot for wt I called u up..wel u hav left out some layout file at home…I thought it must imp file so reminded u..

Arnav-wt?dat file is at home?dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anjali-y wt hpnd?

Arnav- I wil talk to u later di

He disconnects d call…

Arnav with d pain of regretion-wt d hel hapnd to me?...its all my fault I forgot d file at home n blamed dat innocent gal,wt nt I said her,cheap,stealer oh no!!!!!!!!..hw deeply she must b hurted wen I insulted frnt of business client…n in return wt she did…made out dis deal final widout uttering a word of annoyance…

In dis six years for d first tym I m feeling a big regretion on ma act..n I need to aplozise to her for dis… n I make it a point dat i  aplozise to her..

Wel wt must happened at arnav's home dat he was disturbed today,wt wil b khushi's reaction wen aplozise her wil she forgive him??n do think is arnav melting ?

Wel to know d answers soon….it wil b plotted in d next part of d story

So I end here sorry if mistakes occurred….

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awesome update hope the make up soon and kick la to the curve thanks for the pm

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spoorthi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
awesome update kinjalClap
beautifully written
i hope he will regret 2 what he has done to khushi and once again become best friends as beforeBig smile
plz do continue , impatiently  waiting for ur next part

thanks 4 the pm

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Very well written loved it so finally his dad came to know about khushi and what happened to her six years back good oh arnav humilated her hope he says sorry to her and recognize her cont. Soon

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
this is really awesome story...
Im waiting for the next part

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
YAY omg first one to comment after a very long time...
m so happy

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged

hey i thot i was da frst one to comment

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angel26714 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shokofa

hey i thot i was da frst one to comment


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