Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

|!|NL ArHilicious Droolers#15:Teri Meri Kahaani|!|

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^^Thankew so much Khushi for wonderful bannerHug
ArHiliciousDroolers #15 TERI MERI KAHAANI

Khushi: For the first time I thought I would handle the stageEmbarrassed so yeah I am here to represent Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Minu: Khushi Khushi wake up  you have to host todays teri meri kahaaani special newsletter
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Shine and Fairy enters while fighting with each other which makes Khushi and Minu to come out of there dreamlands

Minuu: You guys are always wrong timerAngry now why are you guys fighting

Khushi: Now toh I know then very wellSleepy they must be fighting that who will make avi and who will write special episode updateAngry

Fairy: No we are fighting that whther that scorpio is creapwa's shyam brother or not.ConfusedDead

Shine: No he is his brother as he is going to biteDead Arnie's Khushi kumari guptaApprove

Fairy: No he cant be his brother as he will act like cupid between ArHi

Shine: You are so insensetive

Fairy: Yeah u made me insensetive as you are insensetive to have my jalebi'sCry and to update such powerful episode and giving me bad episodes to do the update

Shine: Cool I know I...

Khushi sees that both of them will not stop the arguments so she steps in.

Khushi:  STOP IT GUYS!!!!!! techinically Bichooo I mean scorpio is Shayam's brother, I mean how can he even think to bite innocent KhushiOuch

Minu: FINALLY KHUSHI!! You understood how much big time nautanki these two are but here you are wrong he is not Shayam's brother as we will get some awesome ArHi scenes all thanx to himEmbarrassed

Khushi: No Minu this is wrong we should not act selfish hereTongue so he is  Shayam's brother

Minu: Arey we are not acting selfish she is heroine so my hero Arnie will save her at any cost. So that amazing bichoo cant be Shayam's brother

Khushi: he is...

Minu: He is not...

Fairy and Shine escapes from there to find other place where they can also fight in peaceROFL


Thanks to everyone who takes alot of pain to make the newsletter always the rocking one and to stand out on
 whole India Forums. You guys really deserve a round of applause for non-stop sending ur stuff and contribution
 and to readers who alws appreciate efforts

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

Dialogue of the week: -Ridzii-
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Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
Song of the week, Message to CVs: --sunshine--
Joota Scene of the Weekrechup
Achari Scene of the Week: --sunshine--
Video mix of the week: Deepali88
Blooper of the week: mazachaska
Best Character of the Week
Most Irritating Character of the WeekShiningStar18
Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: Princess.Suvi
 Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the weekminuu
Avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiiee-KMH(My BakriEmbarrassedLOL)

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Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout: --sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy)Geek & Sanjana (--sunshine--)Silly, Khushi(khushix)Embarrassed
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--)Silly Neetz(PurpleFairy)Geek , Khushi(khushix) Embarrassedand Minu(minuu)Cool

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The Big Fat Indian Sangeet !!

This week was fully dedicated to paying ode to Bollywood ,Madhuri Dixit & Sridevi in particular !!..

Breezy Monday started with Maami seeking to put  down the Gupta's  and humiliate them .. Accordingly she speaks disparagingly about the quality of gifts bought by the Gupta's , she had not reckoned on the strapping lads of Raizada Mansion Akshay & Arnav ...They stoutly throw into the breach and save the situation for the Gupta's by supporting and pointing out that gifts of the Gupta's were thoughtful and of high caliber..

The Raizada's take their leave of Gupta's and the Tom & jerry Arnav and Khushi assure themselves and one another that they will win the sangeet competition arranged for next day...

Next day dawns clear , it soon turns  evening and time is ripe for sangeet...Guests start arriving one by one to Raizada house, the diabolical Shyam meanwhile brings his own Guest aka a scorpion to kill his faithful,loyal wife ..He is carrying it in a box  , before he can secure it, Anjali stops him and  asks him to join for the family photo session ..Shyam tries to wiggle out of it but is not allowed any leeway..he makes use of the thirst  excuse and on the pretext of getting water, He slips the scorpion into one of the sweet box lying identify the  correct box, he ties it with read ribbon and leaves for taking photos...As soon as Shyam goes for photo session, some workers come and remove the sweet box holding the scorpion ...Shyam completes his photo session and comes to the table to take the box, to his dismay he finds the table empty of the scorpion box, in alarm he  asks  HP but to no avail..A panicked Shyam begins to hunt for  the dangerous Box...

meanwhile in the sangeet party, both NK and Arnav are  eagerly waiting for Khushi's arrival..The Gupta's soon come in but Arnav's searching eyes fails to See Khushi..hiding his disappointment, he turns to greet other guests  when his attention is caught by NK's exclamation  on seeing Khushi..Arnav turns and yet again fails to see Khushi ...A disappointed Arnav remarks that Khushi  must have developed a cold feet thinking about the competition and must have opted to stay home..On hearing this sarcastic taunt, Khushi pips up from the behind the ample form of Buaji , sharply retorts that she never runs away from battle and glares at Arnav who seem to be lost in her beauty...soon the competition starts ..

Nani and NK dance for Bichoo while Shyam is foraging among boxes looking for asli bichoo..Khushi and Arnav are exchanging dagger looks at one another ..The next dance number is that of Buaji and Maamiji ... Buaji  gets  frightened  and has to be motivated by Khushi..A motivated Buaji  marches haughtily deliberately  bumping against Maami...An incensed Maami decides to take revenge , mixes alcohol in Buaji's drink..Buaji drinks it and soon the intoxicated effect begins to make itself felt on Buaji who finishes her dance sloppily... The points swing in favour of Raizada's ..The Raizada's are leading  the competition ...Khushi is getting tensed up over the impending  round.. NK tries to allay her fears only for Arnav to pour cold water on NK's efforts ..

Arnav curtly tells NK to win the round , riles up Khushi , stiffening her spine and getting her ready for the competition ...NK does Desi Boyzz dance and is awarded  handsomely..Next comes Khushi who does a medley ..with the final segment off the medley being a rip off of the popular ' Didi tera Deewana "..she uses this song to tease Arnav... Arnav is initially very angry but soon breaks into gales of laughter ... He begins to enjoy Khushi's antics and smilingly accepts Khushi's discreet apology ..The judges award her full 10 !!..The Gupta's are trailing  the Raizada's by 10 points..

Meanwhile a frantic Shyam has finally located the scorpion laden box, but before he can transfer it to some safe  place, Mamaji interrupts him..In nervousness, Shyam drops the open box, The scorpion makes its escape, it finds refuge in a sari...

This same sari is going to be used by Khushi for her next item ..Khushi proceeds to change her costume ..when Shyam notices the Scorpion clinging to Khushi's costume and khushi is holding it to her bosom ..A electrified Shyam  pushes the costume down.. Khushi  gets annoyed and the two get involved in a verbal sparring and Shyam manhandles Khushi in his anger, his vileness slowly coming to surface as Khushi begins to see the real man underneath that polished surface ..

Arnav  also has come to his room to change, The arguing dua are startled to hear Arnav in his room, Shyam beats a hasty retreat while Khushi stands by the pool side, shocked and hurt..tears trickling down slowly.. Arnav sees Khushi, comes to her, gets concerned seeing a teary eyed Khushi  , just then he remembers Khushi previous trick of crying to get the Sangeet  get going, He again thinks this is a ploy to make him lose and chides her ..A sober Khushi responds that she is not faking it , requests him to leave her alone..Arnav realizes his mistake, he again tries to sooth her , seeks to know the reason for her tears but Khushi leaves the area quietly..Arnav curses himself for his foolishness !!

The party is on full swing ...Anjali announces the next act and calls Khushi and her partner on stage but unfortunately Khushi's partner has not made it  and  proves to be unreachable..Arnav  seems to get an inkling of the fact and he seems to be thinking of something ...

Come Monday, we see Arnav walking to a dejected  looking Khushi  and to her surprise is singing and dancing , effectively acting as her partner..

This week, after a long time, our lead couple is back in this section!

Khushi, being her over-hyper self, starts ranting about Laat Governor to her beloved Jijaji. When Aakash asks her why she's so scared of Arnav, she becomes even more hyper and starts her monologue of how she's not a bit afraid of Laat Governor and how she gave it back to him always and how he broke into sweat after listening to her apt replies. She was so engrossed in her monologue that she didn't even noticed when Aakash went to greet some other guest leaving her alone. It didn't help that she was being encouraged by 'hmms' uttered in a very familiar voice. 

In between her raving, she looks around to find Aakash talking to a guest and jovially shows him a thumbs up. After a few seconds it dawns on her that if Aakash was standing far away, then to whom she was talking to. She slowly turns around to find her worst nightmare being true...yes! She's been blubbering a bunch of antagonizing things about Laat Governor to Laat Governor himself.This follows a bickering match which is so much ArHi, performed brilliantly by our dearest SaRun. 

A special mention to Buaji proposing to NK in a drunken state and NK's refusal to go from the stage after performing. They could've been declared funny scene of the week, if they hadn't annoyed me so much in Friday's episode by ruining precious screen time!

Happy Weekend, I hope we all survive it after the precap!

"Joota scene is the scene after watching which we all are about to break our TV screens"
This week had witnessed many joota scenes in which shyam was plotting to kill Anjali. He had brought a scorpion for that purpose, but in the  midst of the attempt he lost the scorpion and was frantically searching for it. Finally he found the scorpion in khushi's saree which she was in her hands. He suddenly threw away the saree. Khushi was annoyed by his act while he challenged khushi to reveal his deeds to everyone and manhandled her by grabbing her shoulders and that action made her to end up in tears.

This week I really dont know from where to start. Whole week was filled with full on tadka and achaarTongue

But but when Khushi immitates him and he laughs for me it seems like moment should stop like now. See how magical is ASR laughing and khushi drooling him

Now it seems like only Khushi has right to make ASR laugh

Hi  fellow Arhi desh waasiyon  Hug

Celebration time in  challenges, scorpions ,some  sizzling performances and also our lovely couple ke doses...
Coming to fillers...there were quite a number of fillers...

On monday's epi Mami's never ending taunt for gifts from Gupta family was irritating
And Bua-Khushi's entry with dragging the trunk using the rope and "dum laga ke haisha"...dat scene was quite annoying...

And yeah, Shyam's prolonged pursuit for missing scorpion and haar-jeet challenge between the leads...could have been reduced...

All r waiting with bated breath for "Teri Meri prem kahani" next  week starts with a sizzling n sensational performance...Hopefully it s an eventful and Arhi full week


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Best Character... hmm this week was full of dhamaka, passion, fights. frm all this finally i decided to give d BC title to shyamLOL [eventhough he is a looser he saved khushi frm that scorpion]!!Wink ok ok before u throw rotten eggs on me , im declaring d best character with pride nd honour cz after a long tym we r seeing them on bc list!! they r always d best but this week they were amazing!! any guesses? ok d best character is none other thn...
this two really entertained us alot with their fights, dialogues nd so on! it was true that both were fighting with each other! when khushi arrived late arnav was searching for her! i think he is fighting with her so that he gets an opportunity to talk with her! khushi too was so enthusiastic! eventhough bua had got less marks she wasnt upset! as arnav said khushi noticed arnav alot nd dat made her dance on d last song! eventhough arnav was humiliated with khushi making fun on him atlast he enjoyed it nd was laughing! he appreciated khushi for d dance! when arnav told khushi that she dont have brains, she answered him back by telling u dont have a heart!  they were many dialogues of arhi which was my favuorite! will post some of them...
Arnav: khushi tum teek toh  ho na... tumhari aakhen
Khushi: aankhen ...
Arnav: tumhari aankhen inn mein mujhe tumhara dar nazar aa raha hai!
khushi at first thought that he was really concerned abt her!
this was my favourite
Arnav: khushi tum... [thinks abt flashback]oh samajh gaya, phir se bewakhuf bana ne ki khoshish kar raha hai khushi kumari gupta! shyad tumhe yaad nahi hai par yeh rone ka natak tumne pehli bhi kar chuke ho! phir se wahi natak kar rahe ho, koi aur tareeka nahi mil raha kya. tumhe perfect 10 mila lekin raizada family abhi bhi aage he! haar ke dar se ro rahe ho, aur tumhe kya laga tumhari rone se mein bighad jaon...
Khushi:humme maaf kar dijiye. aapko phir se humme rote hue dekhna pada. par hum aapko dikhane ke liye nahi ro rahe hai
this dialogue of khushi made arnav realise his mistake! he really felt guilty nd dat made him dance with khushi forgeting abt d competition, their condition!! he really cared for khushi nd will always be there when she is in trouble!
that's all for this week! see u next week.

Hello hi everyone...m not going to ask u guys about ur health cause i already know the your condition is very many hours to wait before we get to see the most happening and passionate dance of the century...!!

So i'll cut the useless chatter out and come to my Mission...(yea babez james bond style let me just grab my sunnies...Cool all good now...)so my mission every week is to hand over the most prestigious award...the funniest award to a certain someone who cracks one after another joke to cheer us up..!!
This week i, as usual was swinging between two people..NK and KKG...Both of them sure made us laugh on many occasions this week..but after alot of thinking and nail biting i have come to the decision that KKG beats Nk again and wins this award...I'm not bais i like being neutral but KKG never leaves me with a choice...!!
Her imitation of Arnav and encouraging words to bua ji were wat made me hand this awrad to her...If she can make our Arnie laugh then she and only she deserves this award...Thus i announce that KKG wins this tom and jeey trophy..!! taaliya...!!
KKG we don't know if u wud win the other trophy or not but oh well u already have a tom and jerry trophy...its very unique...u know way??? cause u can't hold it nor can u see it...!!ROFL
So i'm done typing another bakwaas speech...hope u guys are polite enough to skip most of u sorry folks u would have to sit through my not so very smart speechs for some more time...!!
So see u later..CUT IT...!! <<<<----m neva getting over this)

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this has to be THE most difficult choice of the week.. thanks to SBS,SBB,PROMO and the whole week's episode which spelled FIRE!! ek se badkar ek, the pictures came and stole our hearts! it would be SO unfair to give it to one single pic Wink.. so here goes just one of those sensational best!
check out the picture gallery for more to quench your thirst LOL
the intense song, the dazzling lights (kudos tech depart!), the choreography make it a treat to watch.. and most of all that man in black and that lady in green (never knew
black+green = Day Dreaming) SIZZLE like never before!!

Hi darlings! Im back once again with Costume of the week!!! This week Costume of the week goes to Khushi Kumari Gupta and Anjali Jha! Both the ladies dazzled the screen with their beauty and presence. (ok that's as corny as i can get!) 

While her original outfit she wore to the sangeet was a disappointment to many, once she got into her performance clothes Khushi looked dazzling as ever!! And if that wasn't enough, the green saree that she adorned also made her stand out and look absolutely beautiful!!

Anjali on the other hand, charmed everyone with her gorgeous red saree and her hair out in curls! The woman is truly adorable and beautiful!

Thats all for this week! Until next time this is hershi saying Dress prettyyy!!! =D


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My buddiesss how're u all doing...well well well inspite of this week containing numerous bloopers i didn't feel like writing down bloopers..then i thought chalo yaar likh hi doon..after all its for entertainment na..haha


The first one goes for shyamu's scene on Tuesday,(while he's searching for the mithai box)pata nai i think it wasn't edited properly..the dialogues he has to say to HP are shown to be going on in his head..his dialogues are repeated..from *dabba kahan gaya...woh mithai ka kahan gaya? * :L..something didn't seem right here..well i know the mystery fo that table,the scenes are so disconnected,tCV's use RM as a bhul bhulaiya,when it is so obvious ;) ..and yaar iski shakal itni drained rehti hai..he always has this freaking frightened face and no one guesses why its like that??

and how does he end up searching for the scorpion in the bedroom??little usage of brain CV's?he lost the scorpion in the kitchen and he's looking for it in the BEDROOM?Confused??where's the connection dude??saale ne bekar mein khushi ki jaan par mushkil daldi.Ouch


Okay don't get upset ,i have other bloopers too..Big smile


Pretty straight, there's no Khushi pushing the dabba from behind (PIC 1,2), but in the next frame  she appears ,pushing the box for buaji (PIC 3)...ermm

(PIC 1)

(PIC 2)

(PIC 3)


Though Khushi and buaji hadn't covered allot of distance but still they dragged the dabba till the center of RM??HOW!!??Shocked and that too almost near the staircase na?(PIC's 3,4,5)so when, Khushi-NK lift the dabba to take it inside ,they're going in opp. Direction ??:O :O that is back to the place where they started off!!LMAO! and coz of getting exhausted  they  drop it at the same spot (PIC's 6 and 7) ..areey tum dono bhi na..round 'round kheloge itne huge box ke sath to definitely it'll tire u na??!!

 (PIC 3)

(PIC 4)

(PIC 5)


(PIC 6)

(PIC 7)


And of course the blunder of khushi's costumes getting switched..i don't even need to mention about that, it's been so obvious.Confused.khushi dancing in a blue sari for *didi tere jethji diwane* ends up with the *ek do teen* costume on the stage,i think prolly ek do teen was supposed to be last one, and they shot for it in the last too, but later while editing they thought of keeping the best for the last (surprise element, and it paid off well)..Weird..!!hmm IPK CV's know magic  my fault that i forgot that for a moment, no wonder they create magic with Arhi's chemistry which clasps us in their spell alwaysEmbarrassedDay Dreaming..


Yaar the biggest blooper i forgot to mention was the scorpion ,such a big production house and yet they've used of a cheap quality plastic toy material for itLOL..that didn't even look realistic to me :S


that's all folks!!enjoy the weekend..Big smile

I think.. this time it should be Dialogues of the Week Because 2 Dialogues were just outstanding! 1 Dialogue by ASR and 1 by KKG and the fact is that both the dialogues they say to each other only :p


Hogi bhi kaise?... Arnav Singh Raizada banne ke liye, jo cheez chahiaye, wo tumhare paas nahi hai; pehele bhi bata chuka hoon.. us cheez ko bimaag kehete hain!


Nahi Mr. Raizada, Hamare paas kuch aisa hai...jiske rehete hue, hum aap kabhi nahi ban sakte..pehele bhi bata chukey hain..  Usse dil kehete hain!


The Entire Week was quite Boring! But i got these 2 superb Dialogues! And now Next week is just gonna be.. Day Dreaming Blushing

Pride and Glory
You Hold a Key To My Heart

Can you see ? There's a lock lies beneath my heart
Can you see ? I had closed the door upon my Heart way past, 
But, my Heart quivers when you uncover the sheet of my forlorn,
You came into my life, made it bright and charm.
Do you ever realize ? You're a Key that holds me everywhere,
You're my ray of shine which basks inside my eyes,
Tell Me! Can you feel my heartbeat within yours ?
Why does your body shakes when you sink in eyes ?
Why does your lips gets sealed when i move towards you ?
Would you ever come to me and unlock my obscured Lock ?
Perhaps! You don't know you're the best gold i had ever beloved,
Nothing else matters when your Eyes dips in grey shades
When I see your tears, something deep plucks my Body,
Spoken words , actions , mocks doesn't matter
Little things seems faded when your Eyes fall apart,
My blood veins turns dripping and feeble,
As some part of my Body has been taken away ,
I wish i had powers to steal away your chaos,
I wish i could turn your path in ecstasy of rides,
For you're the One, who grabs me infinitely 
Just remember, I'm everywhere with you,
Just remember, I can smell your poignant turmoils,
May be you can't touch my internal distress yet,
May be you can't blow my fears away yet,
Though, My happiness lies within your smile,
My heart beats if your heart is pounding,
Your tricks lightens my each step with glorious dawns,
For you, I can flee any challenges,
For you, I can spin anything to make your Life glisten,
Just remember! I can crush any barriers for your smile,
I can thrash myself with thorns to see you In roses,
If you Only knew , My heart yearns for You always,
My Heart Loves you, adores you, sings for you,
You're my magnificient Doll I Owns you eternally. 

The above Lines are portraying Arnav's Internal state of fluster where he dispassionately & willingly needled Khushi with his profound and sleek assertion , silently that She's the Only Beauty of his Heart who has a fortitude to Open him up only with her soft words , which would change the entire Existence Of Arnav and perks up his Heart forever. Hope to see Glory's thoughts to seek a Backyard of his mind and she turn able to unveil his havocs!

Well this week's Rakshabandhan scene was totally given to Anjali and Akash. 

I loved how she teased him about Payal. It was so cute! Then off course I loved how she stood next to him talking about Arnav getting mad at the song. In total all of the scenes this week of this two have been adorable!! They are just the cutest brother and sister pair!! Awesome work Daljeet and Akshay!

Mya Big smile

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*deepz* aka arhilicious

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed





Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

Made by: -ToriVDongWook

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed


Made by: * Unnati *

Here is ur gift

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Here is ur gift

This week was something alright!! ArHi eager to win and show the other one down. Their small cute repetitive taunting was fun to watch! NK is toh totally fida on khushi and Arnav's expressions at that time are cute! Khushi's dance topped the events this week. Rating is 4/5. Uhm.. Shyam and mamiji planning things. As always, a point down for Shyam but i actually liked what mamiji did. It added fun to the episodes LOL Next week will start out like BAM!! Tere meri waiting ahead.

See you all on the dance floor Embarrassed

CVs Now what to say you people just left us DUMBSTRUCK. I mean we are no state to say something. Track is going amazing. We are just waiting for monday and shoot we are DEAD we SaRun's chemistry. But one more thing please in upcoming mahaepisode do something about the Shayam as it has been dragged too much.

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Thankew sooo much guys for ur immense support I cant believe its 15 edition already. :O.

I wish we cross many editions with the same love, pride and excitement.

Wish u guys more ArHilicious scenes.

This time the task of choosing winners was really difficult as we had so much talent on the board so congratulation winners you guys really deserve a applause.

Congratulations on 15 edition. Love you guys and keep rocking like thisHug

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