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Monday 23rd January 2012

Gong xi fa cai...

kulaavaipOl aaLungallaam budhdhisaali illai
collector aana Gangaavum vidhivilakillai
kadhai irukkum serial ellaam sun tvyil illai
seekiram mudiyum serialum ingu varuvadhillai..
ingu varuvadhillai...

The Jos saying that the child is safe as long as Naachch is there.  But it is better to separate the kid from Kula & BL.  Sr.Ayya asks why such harsh treatment.  Kula who is young is acting like a fool, he would not remain thus after growing up .  Jos is sure that Kula will not change.  (Jos - where are  you?  Your prediction is absolutely true.  Kula's pea brain remained the same)  Sr is ready to sponsor for pariharams.  No pariharams for this Jos categorically denies.  Jos says Kula's jathagam & Duryodhanan's jathagam are the same.  Kula will not accept BL's child as his sister all his life.  They must stay away, Kula' family should not even know their whereabouts.  BL cries.  Ayya would decide after asking 4 people.  Young Kula is happy and smiles.  Sr.Ayya sitting under a tree (Bodhi maram??) The rest of the village stand there.  

Sr.Ayya is asked to decide on Thavasi's family.  Thavasi wants his whole family .  Sr.Ayya says Kula can grow up in his house, so that BL need not go away.  Thavasi accepts the panchayat decision.  BL refuses to accept.  Kula who has lost his mother should not stay away from his father too.  She doesnt want to be stamped as a wicked step mother who alienated the children and father.  She is ready to stay away from their life.   She would do coolie job to bring up her child. One day her son Kula would accept them.  Kula's reactions are because of his love for his mother.  No fault on Kula, BL requests the villagers not to scold Kula and leaves.  Naachch cries - amma.  Wants the baby sister - will see to that Kula does not harm the baby.  BL leaves saying one day the baby sister will come to her - Sundaravalli can give shelter then.

BL walks on some barren land.  Kula runs and stops before her.  BL is very happy to see Kula, thinking that he has come to ask her to return.  But Kula throws a bundle - of the baby's toys and things at BL.  Young Kula walks away without even looking back. BL packs the bundle and leaves - crying.   Kula stops - turns to look at BL going away and laughing.  Now to the present - Karthik's jaws drop on hearing this story.  Asks Kula if he knows where his step- mother and her daughter are now.  No, Kula forgot about them but now he is doubtful that Subbu could be that baby sister.  Karthik too feels the same.  If it is so then Kula's revenge would become stronger because she not only shared his sister Naachch's life but ... Karthik asks if they cannot investigate to find out.  Naachch will never say it out, Ayya too, but Kula has plans to get the truth from MadasaambraaNi Subbu.  Ke will torture Rama so much that Subbu would be out with the "secret".  If Subbu is his half-sister Charu' wedding would be called off.  If the wedding does take place Subbu would have been dead by then.



Updates by Nithya

Tuesday Jan 24th Updates


Ganga and Charu at the temple. Ganga thanks the Amman for granting justice for their mother by gaining victory at the court against Kula and wishes that happiness should always remain in their family. Charu too tanks for giving a meaning for her mom's thali, wishes the dream home of Ganga to come up without any hitches, prays for suga prasavam for Ganga and Rama, Rama to become an IAS soon and to help her succeed in the mission of becoming an IPS officer. Iyer gives aarthi and says your prayers will be answered by the Amman.. A lady (new character) comes with a prarthanai vilakku in her hand and prays that her son Arvind should soon get a good wife and leaves the lamp at the steps and goes into pray. As expected, the lamp is about to be put off and Charu holds her hands around the lamp and the lamp glows bright.. That lady is impressed.. She asks Charu what you are doing and Charu says trying to keep the prarthanai vilakku lighted so that the prayers of person who has kept this is answered.. Lady impressed.. She blesses Charu and runs to a lady called Chellama (the same lady who referred to Ayya at Kappu's home about a prospective alliance from Soorakottai for Charu) and says I have found a very good natured DIL and points to Charu.. Chellama says well this is the girl we came to see for Arvind.. She is Ayya's youngest daughter Charu Latha.. Arvind Amma (AM) happy..


Ganga teases Charu for doing social Service.. AM comes and says my prarthani to get a good wife for my on Arvind and Amman has shown me.. Ganga says we  don't know you.. AM introduces herself as PeriyaNayaki (PN) from Soorakottai and calls Chellama.. Chellama reminds Ganga about the alliance she spoke during Golu.. Chellama tells PN is quite well off . PN has son and a daughter.. Daughter in college and son finished studying and doing business.. PN says I want to come and seek your sister's hand formally ASAP.. Ganga says we will discuss amongst elders at home and inform you.. PN says do it ASAP.. I don't want to miss this golden girl. Charu blushes.. Sisters leave and PN keeps smiling..


Natchiyar massaging Ayya's shoulders..  Ganga and Charu arrive. Ganga tells about PN's meet and asks what to reply.. Ayya syays I have done background check and found that family and boy very good.. We can give a green signal. Natchiyar sends Ila to bring Panchagam to see a good day to call them for girl seeing ceremony.. Sara says 2012 has stared with all good things.. Judgment in our favour.. Chara's marriage on cards and he is anxiously waiting for the arrival of his niece/nephew.. Ila says why not for your borther's kid also.. Sara wishes that too will happen.. Ayya looks at the Panchagam and says tomorrow and day after both good. Ask them to come in one of these 2 days.. Natchiyar wants to take all the responsibilities for Charu's marriage.. She wants all the rituals to be done from that home. Ila says Subbu is the biological mom and she should be consulted.. Natchiyar says don't worry I know to handle Subbu.. Ganga says we don't differentiae between amma and periyamma. Let periyamma do as per her wishes and we are happy for the same.. Ila says Ayya's 60th  b'day function happened at Subbu's home and it was very big and convenient place. Why not do Charu's marriage also from there.. Natchiyar says as parents don't we know what to do and I know your motive.. Sara says let do Charu's marriage from this home.. Ila says how can you decide without consulting your elder brother.. Vadivu says in elder brother's absence younger one can take decision.. Ila says how can you decide without my hubby and dad's approval..  Natchiyar shuts her up saying Ayya and Me are the ultimate authority.. Ila says I wanted to do book a big Hall for Charu. Natchiyar says it would be gr8 if you and your father don't scheme and try to stop this marriage.. She tells Ayya Ila is jealous and does want Charu to get married form this home and is indirectly hinting her displeasure.. I have decided that Charu's marriage will happen from this home.. no more arguments on this.. She asks Ayya about his decision.. he agrees for Natchiyar ideas and asks Charu's opinion. Charu says I don't want to get married.. I want to become a IPS first.. Natchiyar says lets tell our wishes to them and go ahead with this proposal only if they agree.. Don't worry I am there for you.. Charu agrees.. Ila says Charu's has got a valid point.. Studying after marriage is tough task.. See I am facing it.. Sara says why not take Rama as an example.. Ayya asks Ganga to call soorakottai people. Charu in all smiles..




Updates by Migan


Inum Singa Kutty Introduce pannala. Only theSurakottai  family mattum thaan. Whole family of dad, mom, Grand ma, Dad's sister thaan kamichaanga. Athula intha Sister vera Villi(She acted in Magal as Easwari I think).


Wednesday update
Ganga gets a phone call from SPN(Sorakottai Periya Nayaki). She informs Ganga that they are coming tomorrow for Rama Girl seeing ceremony.

Ganga informs Ayya and asks him to tell Natchiyar. Ayya says I wil arrange everythign well. You all ocme here.

Then Ganga informs Rama and Muthu and JC. They arll are happy.

Rama says I will bring Kula mama there. JC amd Muthu scold her. But Rama says we cannot keep him out.

Kula comes there.

All start scolding him. Rama stops them and say there is a good news. She tells Kula that people are coming to girl seeing Charu tomorrow. Coem next day as Thai Maman. Kula gets mad. Rama begs and pleads with him. Muthu gets mad and scolds Kula just tell if you can come or not. Also Muthu says Natchiyar is going to conduct the wedding and everything is going to happen in their house. Kula tells to himself Subbu Nee Molaga araichutte - Since you thought I won't let the weddign happen, now you put it on Natchiyar head.

JC asks him not to think too much - say yes or know, Kula says I will def. come to see who the yemali is.

Rama loosu very happy.

They introduce Soorakottai singa family.

Muthiah praying. They show his mother Paati.(Paatti from uravugal and otehr serials) Also SKPN there. In addition there is a lady sister of muthiah. All talking abotu next day to girl seeing Charu. They talk about a daughter studying away, calling her also but decide not now as she has exams. So they decide to go with Aravindhan(Singakutty).

Kula comes there. He tells them not to come next day. Don't marry Subbu daughter. If you come then your whole family will face bad consequences. You will be my first enemy. He threatens them and leave.

After they leave the sister comes and asks M that do they really need that? I think we should not proceed. M thinking.


Friday - Charu Mappillai...



Shree Escapee..

Republic Day Special Programs..


Updates by Janu

Brief update  - Friday 27/1
- Nachiyar goes to Kula house with packed lunch. She talk lovely with her brother and wants to serve him. Kula is happy to see his sister bring lunch for him.
- Kula tries to dig out secret from Nach, asking her whether Subbu is their half sister. Nach laugh and brushes off his silly thought. Kula vows to find out the truth
- Everyone gather at Nach house for Charu ponnu pakaran ceremony, inclusive Kula... Illa and Manga plan to brainwash Charu not to accept this proposal... but Charu yaaru... just gives back to her anni...
- Finally mapilai house people arrive with tambulam. Both parties are introducing each other while Kula & Karthik enter home angrily...
Kula morachiying at mappilai people and they feel uncomfortable

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Lavanya matikita.. CryLOL
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Thanks Eclat and Nithya for the updates.

Atleast some happiness. Charu is a pretty girl and lets see who the groom is going to be.

Also abount Sondha kathai soka kathai of Kula - then what is the secret? Subbu is his step sister right?

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Thanks Nithya

So some SoorakkOttai singakutti or asingakutti is to get introduced by Migan. LOL

If Subbu is Kula's half sister, what is the big deal of family maanam in it?  So the half sister could be Vandhana's mother.  By the time Charu's marriage - stoppage etc is dealt with, the story writers will try to rake their head about the "great family secret"..

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Thanks Eclat & Nithya for the update. Kodumai daa samy...
Eclat, i burst out laughing at your comment on singakutti or asingakutti. ROFLROFLROFL

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Thanks for the wonderful updates..

Is any sun TV serial going to end?? i saw the promo of a new serial..

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@ Lavanyaz,  if it is a new serial by name "veLLai thaamarai" - it is a replacement for that abatha Anupallavi - if by any other name - We are all drooling.. which serial update stopping...
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Originally posted by eclat

@ Lavanyaz,  if it is a new serial by name "veLLai thaamarai" - it is a replacement for that abatha Anupallavi - if by any other name - We are all drooling.. which serial update stopping...

No eclat akka.. that starts with "T".. they did put viraivil.. no time was mentioned..

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