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Th #1 SS Arhi: Bang, Hug & Kisses *Parts 1-15*

vikadesigirl Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys Many of you are asking me for the link to my blog, so I decided to post the link up for you guys here. From now on I will updating all my future updates on the blog, not sure if I will be back updating on I-F as the rules are still going to be the same, not to have any 'EXPLICIT' scenes.


Happy reading all!! and don't forget to comment on the blog.
xoxox Vika


I know, I know what am I doing writing another story on Arhi, but what to do... I have had this story concept stuck in my head for a long time and decided that it was high time I put it down on paper.

Basic background story concept: Arnav Singh Raizada, 28 is the same as the show, a ruthless, arrogant, rude business man. He runs a fashion house and is the most wanted bachelor in the Delhi society. All the girls swoon over his good looks and persona.

Khushi Kumari Gupta, 18 is an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. At the tender age of 8 she lost both of her parents in a freak accident, ever since that tragic day she was brought to the orphanage. She is funny, lovely, bubbly person. She wears her heart on the sleeve and is kind to everyone.

Other characters are Lavanya Kashyap, Payal and Sameera. Lavanya is Khushi's boss, a tough stickler at that. Payal (Not her sister, but her closest friend) is not only her friend, but her roommate as well. They met each other while she was in high school and instantly bonded. Sameera is another friend and roommate; she too met Khushi while in high school.  Payal and Sameera are both 3 years older than Khushi, hence always protect her from everything.

Arnav's family is still same as it is on the show with everyone's character.

I will update chapter one shortly, just tweaking it a bit.. I hope you guys like this new short story of our beloved Arhi.. ahhh.. okay enough babbling... read the intro.. while I go and update the chapter for ya'all.. as always..


This is a work of fan fiction using the characters from the popular Star Plus serial "Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Do?" which is a trademark of 4 Lions Films Production.  The characters are created and owned by the writing team of the show, and I do not claim any ownership over them or the show.

The story I tell about "Arnav and Khushi" is my own invention in regards to the content, writing style and situations and it is not purported or believed to be part of 4 Lions Films Production. This story is for entertainment purpose only and is not part of the official storyline.

I am grateful to the 4 Lions Films Production and writer Gul Khan for their amazing storyline about Arnav and Khushi, without their amazing concept my story would not exist.



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LyssaPie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Nice Sketch!

PM me whenever you update, you're already on my buddy list

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vikadesigirl Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 8:27pm | IP Logged

Hey guys.. first installment of the new SS.. hope you all like it... Enjoy!!

Check out my other FF on Arhi

Dreams Do Come True

A beautiful ballroom was getting decorated with flowers, candles, lights all over. The workers were hustling and bustling everywhere with the decorations to cutlery in their hands. Khushi smiling twirls around in a 360 degree turn to observe the room. She was in a complete awe at how gorgeous the room looked with all the lights, flowers, and candles around. She had accompanied her friend Sameera to the ballroom to lend a hand with the decorations. Sameera was assisting with the wedding reception that is supposed to take place here the next day. She had asked Khushi for help as she was short staffed as one of her workers had called in sick earlier that morning.  Khushi with a biggest smile agreed as it was her boss Lavanya Kashyap that she worked for was out of town attending a business conference and had nothing, but time on her hands.  Khushi had been interning with Ms. Kashyap's firm of event management for the past 6 months, she was her PA or more like her beck and call girl. Khushi walked over to one of the pillars where a bowl with water was with candles floating in them and smiled. Sameera walks in with her headset on her head laughs at the sight of Khushi it was like she was a kid left in a candy store. "If you are done with your la la land can you please help me with decorating the rest of the chairs and tables?" Sameera asked her friend with a cute smile playing on her lips. Khushi turned around at the voice of her friend, walked up to her and says, "This is definitely a dream job Sam. I wish Ms. Kashyap would get contracts like this, to organize wedding planning." She got the blue satin cloth and began to tie around the chair like the rest of them. Sam shakes her head, smiles sweetly and says, "Yeah, but her company only takes contracts for fashions shows or big business parties, which I must say is also good." Khushi nods her head, "It is Sam, but it is always the same old thing, for decorations and everything else, nothing like a big, exuberant wedding would be."  Sam moves over to next chair, "Well at least you get to meet the high-fi society type of people in those events." Khushi rolls her eyes at the mention of meeting people; little did she know that she was always stuck backstage making sure everything ran smoothly without any discrepancies.  


Khushi and Sam worked with cheerful laughs, gossiping and not even realized that all of the chairs were done in the room. Finally, as the last one was done and Khushi's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pant pocket, with the caller id indentifying her boss. She answered, "Good afternoon Ms. Kashyap. How is your conference going?" Khushi asked with a smile on her lips. Lavanya was exiting the conference room and making her way to her hotel room suite, "It went fine Chamkeeli, listen I will be arriving late evening tomorrow night," she arrived at her hotel suite, placed the key card to open the door, "So I want you go over to my place and make sure that heater is turned on as well the place is dusted." Khushi nods her head as the instructions were given to her, "Okay Ms. Kashyap it will be done. Is there anything else you would like me to do besides that?" She waited for her reply, meanwhile Lavanya had slipped out of her high heel sandals and made her way to bar to pour herself a drink, "No that would be all for now, oh and make sure you get the finest bottle of the red wine I like." Khushi walks over to the end of table and says, "Yes I will get the wine. You have a safe flight back home Ms. Kashyap and have a good night." Lavanya holding her drink walks towards the balcony says, "Mhh." Hangs up the phone and takes in a deep breath as this had been a tortures week for her with all the conferences. One thing that made all better was that her travelling boyfriend was coming back into town tomorrow and she was over excited to see him. Last time she saw him was 2 months back and boy she craved to see him. With his thoughts on her mind, she placed the glass down on the table, walked over to the bathroom to take a hot shower.


Sam walked up to Khushi and asked, "Who was that your evil boss?" She laughs at her playfully. Khushi rolls her eyes at Sam, slaps her shoulder, "Yes that was her and she is coming back tomorrow evening." Sam with a sad face, "Oh what poor baby, fun time is over and it is back to slave work." Khushi laughs out hard, "I do not do slave work."Sam raises one of her eyebrows with a serious face, "Oh really." Khushi finally giving up shakes her head, "Okay fine I admit that sometimes she is overbearing and insensitive, but she is the best event planner in the city." Sam still giving her a serious face says, "Yeah she may be the best, but that does not mean you have to take all of her abusive remarks." Khushi knew that once Sam gets started on this topic there is no stopping her, so decided to ease her worry, "Okay baba I won't, but you know as well as I do that I am learning a lot from her." Sam shakes her head, places her right hand on Khushi's shoulder and tenderly says, "Khushi you are very talented and creative. I know that any company would be glad to have you on their team." Khushi smiles at her friend, hugs her tightly and breaks the embrace, "Thank you Sam for believing in me, but like they say you got to start somewhere and then climb up the ladder," She looks around the room, "I don't just want to work for a company, but be the owner who runs that management company." Sam nods her head in agreeing with her friend, "You will Khushi, because I have every faith in you and that is once you set your mind on to something you achieve it."  Khushi smiles lovingly at her friend, "Okay enough of this serious talk, when is Payal done her work? We are going out for dinner aren't we?" Sam totally forgot about the dinner plans, sticks her tongue out, "Oye sorry I totally forgot that we had dinner plans tonight," she gives an apologetic smile to Khushi, "I have to stay in till late to oversee the rest of the planning and make sure everything is in place."


Khushi understanding Sam's situation nods at her as she knew that work comes first and to make sure nothing falls apart, "You are forgiven by me, however not so sure about Payal." Sam starts to giggle at the thought of Payal being mad, "I can just imagine her face, all furious with rage and anger." Khushi and Sam look at each other with serious face, and then burst into a fit of laughter. Khushi starts to wipe the tears from the edge of her eyes, "You know she is a total drama queen and can't stay mad for too long," Sam laughs at the mention of Payal being a drama queen, "I will take care of her, no worries babe." Both friends hug it out and Khushi leaves Sam so that she can complete the rest of her work. Khushi takes her phone out, texts Payal that they should meet at home and decide where to go for dinner.


Payal came home and both her and Khushi decided they would go Italian for dinner. They were seated at the restaurant waiting on their order and chit-chatting about their day. Payal at first was really mad at Sam for missing the dinner, but later calmed down as she could not stay mad at either one of her friends for too long. Khushi then out of the blue got an interesting idea in her head, "Hey you know what?" Payal looks at her with a questionable face for her to continue, "We should surprise Sam at the hall and take some gelato for her."  Payal instantly liking the idea, smiles widely at Khushi, "Great idea, let's do that I mean I am sure she must be exhausted from all the running around and a scoop of gelato will surely make her day." Khushi nods her head in excitement, calls the waiter over and orders the gelato's to go.  She ordered strawberry flavour for Sam, pistachio for Payal and for herself delicious chocolate. They paid the bill and made their way to the hall. It took them 15 minutes to reach the hall, they entered the place and Khushi made her way towards the elevator. The wedding reception hall was located on the 3rd floor, so that they had to take the elevator, however Payal's feet froze on the step as soon she sees the elevator opening. Khushi turns around and sees the frightened look on Payal's face. Payal slowly gulps her throat, looks at the elevator and starts to dizzy. She turns her head to look at Khushi, "I will take the stairs and meet you there." Khushi now perplexed at her friend's behaviour, gives her a quizzical look, then it hits her, "Oh come on Payal, you have to get over your fear of phobia over riding on elevators someday." Payal gives her a glare, "Right this coming from a person who has a fear of flying, besides it is easier said than done."  Khushi nodding her head agreeing with Payal, as she too had a fear of flying on planes and every time even if she looks at an air-plane she starts to panic. The elevator opens, Khushi gets inside the elevator, while Payal walks towards the staircase all this while Khushi yells out, "Good luck climbing three sets of flights." With that being said the door to the elevator closed.


A man dressed in crisp, black suit is seen walking along with some of his staff on the 3rd floor. He had just exited the hall adjacent to the wedding reception and was making his way towards the elevator. One of the workers asked, "So, sir did you like the hall area?" The man looked at his worker with sternness and answered, "It will do. Make sure you get the hall booked for the fashion show as soon as possible." The worker nodded his head in agreement and made notes on his notepad. The man presses the elevator button, while checking his messages on his phone.  The elevator bell rings indicating it had arrived and without looking where he was walking, bumped right into a petite girl with a bang. Khushi startled at the contact of bumping hard into a body splashed all of the gelato ice-cream over his expensive suit.  Her eyes begin to turn wide with shock at what she had just done. She slowly looks up towards the tall, lean, and sculpted man in front of her. As soon as she locks her eyes with his, she gets scared out of her wits, the dark rage, intensity, anger all pouring out of his eyes was making her tremble on her feet. She begins to open her mouth to apologize, when she was abruptly cut-off, "Do you have a death wish?" Khushi gulps her throat slowly and answers, "I am really, really, really sorry sir." She gives him an apologetic look that she was beyond sorry as she had not meant to ruin his suit. The man takes in a deep breath, gives her disgusted look and says, "Your sorry is not going to fix my suit." Khushi knew that any amount of apologies will not make this all better, "I realize that sir, I can give you my addressee so that you can send me bill and I will pay for your dry-cleaning." She sincerely tells him. He turns to one of his workers and gestures with his head to deal with her. Khushi slowly exits the elevator so that he can get in. He turns around with his face serious, looks directly into her eyes as the doors to elevators were closing. Khushi kept on looking into his eyes; they were dark chocolate brown, with a hint of honey in them.  


Khushi then turns towards the worker and asks, "Who was that?" The worker with a polite smile answers, "That was Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada." Khushi with a shocked look on her face blinks her eyes rapidly as she knew that name, hell everyone in the city knew that name. He was the great Arnav Singh Raizada, rich, influential, ruthless business man and above all the most wanted bachelor. Each and every girl would throw themselves at him, but he was not at all interested in any of them. Here she had made a major blunder of dumping the ice-cream all over his expensive suit.  "You are very lucky ma'am." The worker tells her with a smile. Khushi with a confused look asks, "Why am I lucky?" The worker softly smiles at her and explains, "You were saved from the wrath of great Arnav Singh Raizada today, because anyone who crosses his path this way surely regrets to live the next day." Khushi realizing that she indeed was saved prays to her Devi Maiyya for saving her rear end. The worker takes in all of her details regarding her addressee and leaves from there while Payal approaches and asks, "Is everything okay?  Khushi shakes her head in negative, grabs her hand and leads her towards the hall where Sam was. Payal baffled with her behaviour starts to walk with her as Khushi tells her that she will tell her what happened as soon as they get to Sam.

So, you all the know the drill... go ahead comment, press the like button... let me know what you all think of the first chapter.. and should I continue...

Next Chapter Two

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awesome start love it is different thanks for the pm please continue soon

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awsem update

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its a nice start..i hv buddy pls do send me d pms..thnks :)

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yeyy...u shud continue!!!!

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Its beautiful, Please continue and I have sent you a buddy list, Can you please PM me

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