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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Depth Of Love-MaanEet ff.part 27/pg137

varshr Goldie

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Depth Of Love

Their Journey From Childhood To Adulthood Filled with Their unique love.

Hello friends,Smile

I am varsh.SmileMaanEet them to the core,missing them badly after ghsp went offair and cudnt stop myself wrting a story on my gurti/maaneet.I ll try my best to entertain you all with this ff.
Love u all.Heart

varsh rai.


Maan: 10 yrs old.Living in Delhi. Brainy child. short tempered ,loves sports.His mother is a model and father is owner of khurana constructions.

Geet: 8 yrs old.Living with her family in Hoshiarpur . Ever smiling child hiding her griefs even in this small age,because its her very nature which comes out inspite of all the hurdles she faces. Charming girl ,v caring, beautiful inside outside .Belongs to an orthodox family .Her parents loves her v much.


jannaton ke dar khule kuch baashinde the chale
le aaye wo nanhi jaan us khuda ka ek payaam
tab se tu hai jahaan mein ban ke raunak yahan ki meri jaan
khwahishon se bhi aage jo khushi ka mile wo armaan'

cham cham jani raatein ye sitaron wale hath
bheeni bheeni khushbhoo jaise teri meethi baat
ujla ujla sa ye tan
jaise mehka ho chandan
baahon mein teri guzre mera ye saara jeevan
teri ada mein masoomiyat hai phir bhi hai shokhi rangeeniyat hai
taaron se bhar doon main aanchal tera,
rab se bhi pyara hai chehra tera..

phool hothon pe khile chand aankhon mein mile
bikhre moti subah ki jaise kirne teri ye muskaan
noor barse nazar se noori tujh mein basi hai meri jaan
teri dhanak ki pyasi nazar hai
deewanagi ye tera asar hai
roohane rangon ka ye aanchal tera
sapno ki raaton ka ye baadal mera..

dheere dheere sar chadha tera jaadu aage badha
hua khud se juda main phir bhi tujhpe fida main meri jaan
ishq le le tu le le le le, le le mera imtihaan
soone safar ki tu sohbat hai, bakhshi khuda ne ye milkiyat hai
aaja saja de gori aangan mera, jaise sajaya tune lamha mera.. lamha mera.. lamha mera..


Sachin Handa:
Geet's father

Supriya Handa:
Geet's mother

Arbaaz Khurana
and Malaika Khurana:
maan's parents

Maan's dadi is savitri devi ,the same as in serial.









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part 27

Depth Of Love:Part-1

Maan in his room ,very angry ,kicking the football which is colliding the wall and coming back at an increasing rate of speed as he is hitting it forcefully everytime.

Dadimaa: maan bete darwaza kholiye bete. kitni baar humne aapse kaha aise gussa nahi kartey.

Maan kept hitting the ball without replying.

Dadimaa: aap apni dadimaa ki baat bhi nhai sunenge maan...aao dekho humne aapke liye kya banwaya hai


Maan was not in a mood to calm down today.Everytime his parents leave him at home for business parties or some social gathering saying that they ll take him outside on another weekend ,but as usually there promises were broken and this was the one similar day when maan wanted to see a new movie released KARATE KID but his parents were
busy all day and came back home only to get ready for another so called social gathering of there.

Maan had all the luxuries in life a child can have..high tech toys ,games,branded clothes everything.. but a child need most is love of his mother and father which was completely missing.

Dadimaa was very much worried with his anger growing by leaps and bounds .She tried speaking to her daughter in law and son about maan but they always said that he will be ok with time as he will have to adjust with their lifestyle and everything they are doing is all for maan as according to them money is the biggest asset one can have which is all we need for a better survival,but they never knew that survival without a happiness is worthless.

Dadima: Maan bete agar aap darwaza nahi kholenge to hamare paas spare keys bhi hai,hum ander aa rahey hai.

Maan(shouting): i hate mom... i hate dad...i hate them ...i hate themmm...i will never talk to them.

Dadimaa(worried): achcha theek hai...nahi baat kariyega unse...par apni dadimaa pe itna gussa kyu kar rahey hai,hum to aapke sath hai na.

Maan: nahii...aap bhi chod ke chaley jaogey ek din...hitting the ball much more forcefully and the ball blasted cudnt handle the pressure.

Dadimaa outside scared and ordered nakul to bring the spare keys of the room,shouting maan.. maan... are u  ok,what happen...maaan..

Maan: sitting on a floor and hitting his fist on floor and shouting in anger...i hate themmm...

Dadi came inside after opening the room and hugged him tightly .This was the only way to bring down his anger today ,nothing helped this time ..neither his favourite game CD's nor his fav food which helped dadimaa to cool him down everytime he was angry.


Maan's parents came back late at midnight,and without checking their son they directly went to their room as they were v tired.Maan use to sleep with his dadi at night. He saw his parents directly moving to their room and quietly went to sleep with dadi.

Khurana's master bedroom: 

Malaika: arbaaz don't you think we shud take a small break from this busy schedule and take out sometime for maan.His summer vacations are on and he is expecting a lot from us this time.

Arbaaz: ya we ll think abt it.please m very tired ,let me sleep now.

Malaika: ya ya...after all i am the one who will face ur mother tomorrow.

Arbaaz: Oh if u r really bothered then y don't you leave ur modelling ,after all mother shud take care of her child ,being a father i have responsibilities outside home.

Malaika: don't u dare say that arbaaz, even i hav dreams and a life of my own, i dint married you to be at home like a traditional Indian wife waiting for her hubby.

Arbaaz: (calmly) then sweety y r u so worried.maan will be fine ,ab apni maa pey jo gaya hai tabhi itna gussa karta hai.and u v well know how much i love ur profession.Arbaaz Singh Khurana the business tycoon with his bful and sexy wife malaika khurana,and they giggled.

 Khurana mansion's breakfast table:

Maan was nowhere to be seen. Dadimaa was there ,soon arbaaz and malaika joined .

Dadima: after few minutes, i want to discuss something very serious about maaa...n..

Before dadimaa cud complete,arbaaz interfered and said ,maa please now don't start with this
again.aap please apna dhyaan rakhiye.maan ko hum sambhal lenge

Dadimaa: SAMBHAL LENGE(dadimaa in angry voice)..kaise sey jhoot bolkey ya usey roz naye tohfe(gifts) deke ...pata bhi hai aapko ki kal usney kitna gussa kiya umar mey itna gussa uski masumiyat cheen raha hai,usey pyar ki zarurat kab samjhenge aap dono...

Arbaaz was having his breakfast normally ,as always thinking his mother is over reacting. 

Malaika kept her hands on her head and said: mummyji aap please meri baat suniye ,maine socha hai ki is  month mai apne sarey assignments extend kar dungi and will travel with maan and
show him places outside india. Dont panic.

Dadimaa: usey tumhara saath he kaafi hai.phirr bhi humey khushi hai ki aapne maa honey ke naatey apni zimmedari ko samjha,Arbaaz se to ab humey koi ummeed he nahi reh gayi hai.

Saying this dadimaa asked nakul to get the breakfast served in maan's room with two plates for maan and her.

Maan was sitting with his dadi having his brk fast when all of sudden maan stopped eating making an angry face as he saw his mother coming towards him .

Malaika: hey my boy...and hugged whats my baby doing today...

Maan freed himself and immediately got up to leave the room,but malaika stopped him and said..

Mumma se naraz ho...ok m sorry baby...i ll take u where ever u ll all at ur service this month...

Maan gave an angry glare again..

Malaikas phone buzzed..

Malaika's past:

[Malaika left her family in hoshiarpur to bcom a model... after that her family never considered her as their daughter..]

Looking at an unknown no.,she ignored the call coz she knew maan will get even more upset with this. But the phone dint stopped buzzing .so she answered the call

Malaika(Frustrated): who the hell is this...

From the other end: tumhara badnaseeb bhai...meri maa aakhiri sanse gin rahi hai...socha tumhe bata du...agar tumhe tumhari duniya se kuch fursat mil jaye to aakey mil lo maa sey..aakhir hai to wo ek maa he na...aur is waqt bhi tumahara naam ley rahi hai.

Malaika started crying...bhaaaiii...please aisa mat kahiye...mai aap sab sey bahut pyaar karti hu...maa ko kya hua haiii...haan...mai aaj he waha pahuchti hu...

call ended without listening to malaika's plees. This was the first time someone from her family called her,even her father's death news she came to know from some one else.

On the other hand maan was astonished seeing his mother breaking down like this...he looked at his dadimaa who gestured maan to hug his mother.

But maan didn't felt like hugging her...he went and sat beside her without reacting much...

Malaika hugged him and cried and kept apologizing...


Handa haweli:

Darji: ye kya kar rahi hai geet.

Geet: darji wo bus aise he kahani ki kitaab pad rahi thi

Darji: aur kitna padegiii,ja yaha se aur apni maa ka haath bata kaam mey.

Geet: ji darji.

She ran towards kitchen and sat besides her mother and said..

Maa let me do some work na...darJi mujhe daantey hai ,mai kaam me aapki help nhai karti to..please mujhe chapati banane do na..

Supriya: (smiling): acha meri pari khana banayegi...tickling her...haan...geet giggled and hugged her mom...

Supriya never let her do any household work but always took care of her studies and same was with her father...she was their nanhi pari...

Darji always use to blast at geet's parents saying whats the use of sending geet to one of the best school of hoshiarpur and wasting their money on a gal,who is finally goin to marry and server her family members cooking cleaning and washing clothes.

But sachin handa was nowhere close to his family...he wanted to giv his princess all the happiness and favours as much he can and never differentiated her being a girl child.

Handa's were the richest and respectable family in hoshiarpur.

Sachin's real brother Vinod Handa(elder) ...they were very close to each othey...brij was son of vinod...and darji loved vinod as he gave them brij ,the waaris of handa khandan...darji discussed every business matter with vinod and all the money earned is business was kept with vinod and darji ...and sachin use to get his share monthly as a fixed salary.He was working as an employee in his own business,but he was happy coz he never wanted to break his family as his mothers last wish was to always see her sons together living under the same roof. But sachin never compromised when it was question of geet,he can go to any height if somebody will hurt his princess.

Vinod always supported his brother and loved geet equally and always supported sachin and fought with darji for geet .

Delhi..Khurana mansion

Malaika called arbaaz and informed him that she is leaving for hoshiarpur with maan and asked him to join them as soon as possible.

On the other hand daadi was worried abt maan,thinking he will again get angry knowing he is also going with his mother to hoshiarpur and she was helpless and She cudnt say no to malaika as she was already broken . But to her surprise maan didn't created any havoc and readily agreed happily goin to hoshiarpur as if he knows that something most awaited and needful is coming to if someone is waiting for if he was born for this period and willing to write his destiny from there...

Now dadi was happy and wanted to join them but then she thot she will join with arbaaz coz she was sure his son will again escape from responsibilities and will not go to hoshiarpur unless she ll poke him.

Next: maan in hoshiarpur.

Part 2

Note: Frens plss add me if u want pm's and also let me know if u want to discontinue getting i dont want to fill ur inbox unnecessarily..he he..LOL

And thankss a lott for liking my first really means a lot to me...keep commenting and liking...<3
Love u all...muaah...

Varsh Rai...

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interesting concept and start
please continue soon and add me to ur pm list!

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interesting continue soon

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Loved it
Continue soon !!!

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sounds good...add me in

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nice start 

plzz add me to the pm list 

continue soon


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interesting concept
plz add me to ur buddy list i have sent aa friend request

just wanna tell u plz update it regularly plz plz plz plz plz

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LOved your part 1.waiting for the maneet to meet And how they fall in love.

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