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Tumhari Disha
Tumhari Disha

Tumhari Disha - 14th April Update

swathi Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

Tumhari Disha dated 14 April, 2005

Funny episode with both Gargi and Pori reduced to catfights literally. Nice DK expressions after a long time...my comments in updates are provided in italics. read on...


DK wants Mittal to finance his project. Pori and Sanya come into the party. In order to divert their attention DK flirts with them. Disha tries to convince Mittal about the project but is unsuccessful. Dejected both DK and Dish go back home. DK receives a call about a meeting with Mittal regarding project and he is overjoyed. Gargi hears the last part and is wondering.


Gargi is absolutely hyper thinking that DK did manage to do some deal. She goes in anger to Pori's room. Pori is sleeping on bed drunk. Gargi splashes water on her face and Pori suddenly gets up all hyper. She is angry and asks Gargi as to what made her do such a thing. Gargi is equally angry and tells Pori that looks like DK did manage to do a deal. Pori laughs it off saying that there is absolutely no chance as DK was the all the while flirting with her and Sanya. And she reaffirms that. Gargi is now reduced to thinking and she then suddenly asks Pori what was Dish doing the same time. Pori laughs idiotically and mentions that she was busy with some oldie. Gargi now thinks and deduces that Dish was in fact discussing the deal and not DK and also tells the same to Pori as well. Pori is now shocked and becomes more or less sober. She also thinks and remembers that Dish was indeed discussing something serious with that oldie. Gargi is now angry.

Dish is in Maaji's room. Btw Disha was in wonderful light blue sari. Maaji is sleeping (she does this always. Hope that the docs are not giving her some sleeping pills). Dish is thinking about the party. She remembers how DK was flirting with Sanya and Pori. He takes them for drinks. Pori and DK drinking with hands locked and so on and kind of gets a bit disturbed. (She looked J and looked like she was also wondering if DK is back to his old ways maybe). Just then DK comes in. (He was in a light orange t shirt and the color suited him). He sits down next to her (separate chair in case u people are wondering). DK asks her what she is thinking. Dish out of her reverie and replies back nothing.

DK - Mostly should be of the party the previous day.

Dish - nothing of that sort DK

DK - After Gargi had taken away my shares (dear DK, it was you who gave her the shares coz of your stupidity) I felt as if a lot of weight was on my shoulders. But now thanks to u that weight is no more. We will now be successful in starting the business.

Dish is now all smiles. DK hold her hands while talking. Ved comes there bringing the gift. He sees DK holding Dish's hands. He thinks back on yesterday's scenes. Ved is replying back to his mom that the gift is for the most beautiful woman Dish. Cut to present. Ved sees them together and leaves the place sadly.

 DK - You are wonderful. You take care of my maa also so well. Just then Maaji starts telling sonny, sonny while sleeping itself. DK and Dish are worried and try to calm her down. She calms down and again starts sleeping peacefully.

DK - I know why you helped me out yesterday. That is because you have developed feelings for me.

Dish still does not want to acknowledge the fact.

Dish .. No DK . Maine jo bhi kiya woh sab apna farz samajhke kiya. (Translation: Whatever I did I did it coz I felt that I was doing my duty).

DK - Tumme ek successful woman hone ke sab kabliyat hain. Bas tumme ek problem hain. tumhari middle class mentality (Translation: You have all the qualities of the making of a successful woman. Well just one problem and that is your middle class mentality)

Dish becomes hyper stands from the place. DK has this amazing expression on his face. If I were to describe it, it would be something like sometimes when u jokingly say something to make your loved one upset so that you can the see/enjoy the person's reactions . It was something like that. I loved the expression on DK's face at that time enjoying Dish's outburst.

Dish - If you think that high class mentality is snatching away someone else's love and making that person yours then am sorry am happy being a middle class mentality girl rather than being high class.

I though that she was referring to hers and Inder's love but I was mistaken. After DK's reply looked like she was referring to Ved Pori and DK triangle.

DK also stands up and says that he was in no way guilty in pori matter. Pori had told that her name was neeta. and that is where I got misled. I know that am not a very good person and all.  But am not so bad that I don't have any feelings itself. Ved has misunderstood whatever he saw that day. Dish tries to butt in replying that Ved was a poor chap and all.  But DK continues saying that he was not guilty and leaves the place. Dish is left wondering.

Ved is in his bedroom. He thinks to himself. I can see that brother is using Dish and showing her one of his tricks. But Dish does not seem to understand that brother is using her. And she is not listening to anything against brother as well. He is thoughtful and has a 'what to do' kind of a look in his face.

Pori receives a call from her boyfriend that someone is trying to threaten him and his family and is going to expose his illicit affair with Pori. Pori is shocked and assumes that it is Gargi and confronts her. Gargi is angry and retorts back saying she cannot do one thing right and contrary imagines all sorts of things. Both of them get into catfight (exchanging words shown in mute with some balle balle song in the background) . Disha is outside the door and thinks to herself. Sorry ladies. you will never get to know who is behind all this. Gargi is trying to pack Pori's things. She cleans her cupboard and puts all things into a suitcase. Pori is after her trying to convince her. gargi is angry that pori had poured water on all her plans. She brings the suitcase out and Pori comes behind pleading. Dish is now seated  on the sofa reading. Gargi stops on her tracks seeing Dish. She now tells Pori to go to her room. Pori is like one time u ask me to get out and other time to go inside. Gargi says that am your auntie. I have this much right. Pori then goes inside. Gargi says to Dish. you need not be so happy. It will not take long for me to throw you out of the house. Dish replies back as maybe. But you cannot do anything to me as I now have DK's support with me completely.

Gargi now meets up with Pori and asks her to find about the deal and financier from Dish. Pori promises to do it right this time.

Pori comes to Dish's room and sits with her. Dish is surprised to see her. Pori speaks with her about the party and asks her very quietly about the oldie that she was meeting with. Gargi was listening to the conversation and happy that Pori is doing the job leaves the place. Dish also realizes the fact that Pori now knows something about the deal and decides to mislead her. Dish says that the oldie is actually a bid businessman who now wants to make a film. He was asking me if I know any new girl. I thought about u. But he wants to make a social drama and you like only glam movies. Pori is intensely happy (funny scene actually). She replies back that she would be happy to do any film, which would showcase her acting capabilities. Pori then stops and asks Dish as to why she is doing this. She has come to this house as DK's ex . Dish says that she actually likes Pori. and is not bothered about that and she genuinely wants success for Pori. Pori gets convinced and goes on and on about what she will do with the film. She completely forgets the reason why she had come to meet Dish. Just then DK comes in and calls out to Pori. She does not listen at first and then realizes and goes to meet him. Dish is surprised at the happening and thinks back when Pori had come to Kanaka house th1 1st day and DK had met Pori and had asked her to close the door and so on.

Pori now meets Gargi. Gargi asks her about the person. Pori answers her in a non-committal way. Pori says that u know Gargi auntie. Dish is so strict that it is difficult to get anything out of her.  Pori then thinks to herself. If I tell Gargi about the offer she is sure to break it. Gargi then says then do whatever u want but get me the info and purposefully calls her Parineeta (wrong pronunciation of her name) and leaves the place. Pori once again thinks. DK , film or whatever but my 1st aim in coming here is only Ved.

Ved is seated in his bedroom sadly and Pori comes there wearing one of those Dish type saris. Ved is shocked and sees Pori. Pori tells Ved that see now am like Disha. Ved is not happy and replies back please do not ever compare yourself with Dish. You can never be like her. Pori then starts removing her sari. Ved is like what are u doing. Pori says don't worry baba I have worn my jeans and tops. (she had worn the sari over them), Then sits next to him. Dish is just passing by and hears Pori speaking with someone. She thinks that if I record it now then I will get some solid proof against Pori and goes to see who is in there with Pori. Here Pori takes Ved's face in her hands and tells him and that she loves him a lot. Dish is shocked at what is happening. Ved is not exactly happy but just then sees Dish and is shocked for a moment. Dish leaves the place in a huff and Ved runs behind her. Dish says am sorry. But next time onwards I will knock the door and come but you also please lock the door before doing anything of this sort. Ved is now even unhappier as Dish has misunderstood him. Tries to offer more explanations while Dish says that please don't say anything. By the way it is your life and am no one to comment on it. You can do whatever u want. Ved replies back Dish please try to understand nothing happened. Please don't believe whatever u just saw. Just then DK says Yes Disha. Ved is innocent nothing happened there.  That is what even am trying to tell you both. One should not believe just because u saw something. You know what. I asked Pori to go to Ved's room. Both Ved and Dish are shocked at the happening. Episode ends on Dish's shocked-surprised face.

My take on this episode

Both Gargi and Pori are now fighting with each other thanks to Dish. DK was amazing in his scenes yesterday. He now knows that Dish now loves him but is refusing to accept the same. Pori also behaves like a complete idiot and the actress who is portraying the character is doing a good job. I don't understand why Dish was shocked seeing Ved and Pori 2gether. Yesterday it was clearly shown that Dish is J to the core whenever she sees DK speaking with either Sanya/Pori and is having the same feelings as in a typical wifey fashion. I guess next week Ved might realize that brother was not wrong after all. At least he will start thinking that way at least if not fully convinced. And my dear friends thanks for understanding my situation yesterday.


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queen-bee Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

Hi Swathi,

Thx for the lovely update and u spice it up quite well with all your comments!!!! Job well done!!!

Pori and Gargi fighting wow! You know what I'm waiting for that day when they start pulling each other's hair and pounce on one another and finally kill one another hehehehheheheheehehehehehLOL

Well, now Dk desperate to hear ILU poor baby how long can he wait. I fully sympathize with him. D please don't keep him on hold anymore----Wink.

So seeing DK call Pori to his room Disha ko Mirchi lagi or lagni bhi chahiye!!! D what r u scared of please go and express your feelings in simple words we r with uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuTongue



stonex IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update. beautiful writting
ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
thanks swathi thanks a millon
lalgulab Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Thanks for taking time out to write such nice updates, Swathi! Smile
Mamta_ Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 11:57pm | IP Logged

tx, i especially like the fact that Pari & Gargi r at it all the timeWink.........as 4 dish, who is she kidding with her "No DK . Maine jo bhi kiya woh sab apna farz samajhke kiya"............u r in luv doll & the sooner u admit it the better.........pls don't make our hero wait any longerWink

really like the fact that dk is now taking charge of his life & is trying 2 set things straight with his bro Ved & ofcourse trying 2 get his business started up againSmile..........all in all this makes 4 interesting times ahead..........



Nishani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 12:13am | IP Logged

Nice update, Swathi!


samy74 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 12:15am | IP Logged


thanks for the update..Really appreciate it but according to the mid-day article more misunderstandings between the two D's because of Ved Cryufff...


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