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Epi 11

Ronit is shocked to hear Pooja say this.He does not know what to do and how to react.Pooja keeps on saying RONIT I LOVE YOU over and over again.He is now nervous and thinking of what to do.He quickly leaves the room and goes outside for a while.Back in the room Pooja wakes up and says:Thank God ye chala gaya varna aaj to meri izzat jati!Pooja wasn't drunk..she was just pretending to be drunk so that she can see what Ronit was going to do to her.Now again Pooja wonders why didn't Ronit do anything to her after she said I love You.She thinks that Ronit must be a nice hearted guy afterall but just dont want anyone to see or feel it.

Ronit was thinking that he was about to make a huge mistake something that he hasn't done before.He thinks he should go back to his room and wake Pooja up and tell her everything.He was also afraid that Pooja might say all this to Bikram sir.Just then Mr.Shah comes right in front of him and asks him what he DOing outside at THIs hour!Ronit rubs the spit off his face and tells Mr.Shah that he just needed fresh air and now he should go back because he is feeling sleepy.Ronit quickly runs away.Mr.Shah is wondering why everyone runs away from him!

Ronit goes back to his room and sees Pooja "sleeping" he wakes her up and tells her that he is sorry for what happened.Pooja acts like she doesnt know anything and asks him what is he talking about.Ronit tries to tell her but Pooja said that she remembers fainting downstairs and she thanks Ronit for bringing her up here and taking care of her.Ronit just smiled and didnt say anything.Pooja tells Ronit that just because she said all these nice words about him doesnt mean that they are friends!Ronit added that he and her can never be friends.Pooja and Ronit started their fights as usual and lasted for a long time!

Back home,Parvathi was talking to Poornima about her and Millind.Mirchi walks right in and tells Parvathi to get Poornima ready becuase someone is coming to see her.Parvathi gets a bit annoyed by this and tells Jayshree that she should stop forcing Poornima to get married and stay out of thier conversations.Jayshree was about to open her mouth when Sudha comes in and tells Parvathi to get Poornima ready.Parvathi sighed and agreed.She looked at Poornima who was again sad and then looked at Jayshree who was smiling.Jayshree tells hersef:Aaj main dekhti hoon ke Poornima kaise is proposals ko rejcts karti hai..poornima you dont's knows me.I am dangerous!!



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Episode 12

Mirchi kept on smiling and says to herself that if Poornima rejects today,she will tell everyone about her affair with Millind and make sure Rasik forces her to get married to someone else.Parvathi was talking to Poornima about what will she do now.Poornima tells her that she does'nt want her family to be sad and miserable because of her.Poornima agrees to get marrid to whoever is coming to see her.Parvathi is shocked and tells her that she can't ruin her happiness like this and life as well.Parvathi tells her not to worry and eveyrhing wil be fine.She turns around and sees Om and Sudha behind her.She is shockes as well as Om and Sudha.

Pooja gets a courier from Bikram sir.She opens it and sees that she has got an invitation to attend the LAKME INDIA FASION WEEK the letter also said that she will be hosting the show along with Sony's popular negative charecter Mallika of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi.Pooja was excited and asked Bikram if she can go.Bikram said that she must go since she is the best student of this course.Pooja was packing her bags and then checked out of the hotel.She goes outside and sees Ronit waiting there.She asks him what is he doing here and Ronit tells her that he has to go with her to Delhi.Pooja is stunned and says to herslef: Hey Bhaagwaan phir se iske saath jana parega!Ronit grabs Pooja's bags and drops them inside the car's trunk.He shows a bit attitude towards her and tells her to get inside otherwise they will be late.Pooja too shows some attitude towards him and gets inside.

Sudha is asking Parvathi what was going on here.Parvathi was trying to tell Sudha when Mirchi came and told Sudha and Om about Poornima's affair with Millind and how Parvathi was supporting Poornima on this.Om seemed angry about this and was about to yell at Parvathi for all this.Poornima tells Om that its not Parvathi's fault.Om doesnt listen to her and blamed Parvathi for all this.Sudha told Om to come down and said that everything will be fine.Mirchi was enjoying all this and tells Sudha that she should be thinking about Pooja too now that she went to Pune alone.Sudha tells Mirchi not to interfere on this and leave her children alone.Mirchi was uncomfortable hearing this and leaves from there.Sudha asks Poornima if she really loved Millind or not.Poornima said yes and Sudha then promised her that she will make sure Poornima gets Millind.Poornima and Parvathi were all happy.Om on the other hand was wondering how will Rasik react to all this.

Ronit and Pooja were on their way to Delhi.Pooja was wondering why couldn't they send her an airline ticket as well with the letter.Ronit was looking at her and asked her what was she thinking about.Pooja said that she was thinking about how to get rid of him forever.Ronit says its impossible.Pooja:Kyun?Imposibble kyun?Ronit:Kyunki jaha Poojipaji waha Ronitpaji.Pooja:HA HA HA very funny! Seedha dekho ho aur gadee theek se chalo.Ronit smirked and told her that she talks too much and she needs to stop doing that now cause he can't concentrate on his drving.Pooja was a bit annoyed with this but kept quiet and she stick her tounge out at him.Ronit:Ufff bhagwaan main kaha phasgaya!!SAVE MEE!!Pooja smiled and said to herself that this is nothing Mr.Ronit Gujral kuch din aur intezaar karo aslee annoying ke liye!

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todays episode rating-50-50Smile
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I love the way that in ur story Pooja is so confident, independant and so alive to the world!!!!!!!!! Such an improvement on the current Pooja! I'd say that you kick out gursheel Walia (is it still her or has it changed?) and take her job.... you'd do a much much better job!!ClapClapLOL
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Episode 13

Jayshree Bua entres the hallway where she saw Rasik who was all happy and praying that Poornima would like this guy who is coming to see her.Jayshree goes towards him and says:Rasikbhai whats are you doings?Rasik:Nahi Jayshree kuch nahi baas bhagwaan se prathna kar raha hoon Poornima ki anewale rishtey ke liye.Jayshree:Rasikbhai,I am so sorrys to tells you this but I haves to tell you.It is very importants.Rasik asks Jayshree what she was talkign about and wanted to say to him.Rasik tells her to say it quick.Jayshree popens her mouth and says:Rasikbhai aapki beti Poornima,Millind ke saath affair karrahi hai.Infects Rasikbhai aap andar jake dekho ke mothers aur sisters in laws dono milke Poornima ki weddings Millind ke saath karniki plans kar rahi hai.Rasik is in shock and goes to see what was happening.Jayshree smiles and says:Bechari Poornima!(Mirchiiiiii)

Pooja and Ronit finally arrives in Pune and goes to the hotel which they are supposed to stay in.Later,Pooja goes to the place where the Lakme India Fashion Week was taking place and met her co-host Mallika Seth from Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi.Pooja was delighted to meet her and Ronit started to flirt a bit with Mallika just to see if Pooja's reaction.Pooja was seeing all this and tired to ignore it but her eyes couldn't get off from seeing Ronit with Mallika.She quicly told Ronit that they must be going right now!Ronit:Pooja tum jaona waise is show ke liye mujhse zada tumhe tayari karni hai kyunki tum is show ke host ho aur kuch nahi hoon bas ek audience hoon.Pooja gets a bit jelous and leaves.Couple of seconds later Ronit also leaves and goes to see what Pooja is thinking or doing.

Rasikbhai talks to Sudha and Parvathi.He yells at them for not telling him all this.Om tires to calm Rasik down but Rasik was not in the mood for calming down.He looks at Poornima and tells her that she is and must get married to the guy who is coming to see her if she cares about her family's happiness.Sudha tells Rasik that by forcing someone to do something doesn't make that person happy nor does it make others happy.Rasik also tells Parvathi whom he takes as his badi beti and not a bahu.He tells her that she has broken all the vishwaas and bharosa of this house.Parvathi tries to explain but Rasik doesnt giver her a chance.Rasik:Aaj chahe jo kuch bhi hojaye...Poornima ki shaadi Millind se nahi hogi!Everyone was in shock and Poornima sits on her knees on the floor ans starts to cry.The phone rings and Sudha answers it.It was Pooja.She called to tell them that she will be coming home later in the next couple of days because she is busy in Pune right now with the Lakme India Week Faishion Show.Sudha tries to tell Pooja about the Poornima situation but Pooja says she will listen to it when she comes back home.Pooja hangs up and turns around to see Ronit standing behind her smiling.

Pooja asks Ronit what he was doing with Mallika downstaris.Ronit said that he was talkign to her and asking her for a dance tonight.Pooja feels a bit jelous and says that he can't go to the dance with Mallika.Ronit:Kyun?Main Mallika ke saath kyun nahi jaoonga??Pooja:Vo...Vo...Vo mere saath show host karegi isiyle tum nahi jaoge.Ronit:Pooja,Dance show ke baad hai aur show ke baad to vo belkul free hai.Pooja:Nahi vo free nahi hai...vo show ke baad foran Mumbai jayegi apni show ke shooting ke liye.Ronit:To kya hua?main bhi uske peeche peeche airport jaoonga aur phir uske saath ek hi plane me baithkar seedha Mumbai!Pooja asks how will she go home then?Ronit tells her that she is a big girl and she should be able to take care of herself.He was about to leave when Pooja says:Accha theek hai Jao!Mujhe tumahare koi zarrorat nahi main main abhi...abhi mere...mere BOYFIREND Raj ko phone karke kaheti hoon ke vo yaha aye aur mere saath dance karein aur phir hum dono ek saath Mumbai jayenge.Ronit turns around and is a bit surprised and asks Pooja:Pooja,ye Raj kaun hai?

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Originally posted by tafarruz


Pooja sees Ronit moving towards her in a angry way.He then sees Reema and Mansy there who couldn't stop laughing at him.Ronit looked at Pooja and left.Pooja was releived that he didnt do anything to her.She tells Reema not to tell anyone about this otherwise Ronit might feel bad and might as well be hurt.Reema tells Pooja why is she worrying about Ronit's feelings all of a sudden.Pooja was surprised and said that she just doesnt want anything bad happening to her.Pooja:Agar Ronit ko pata chalgaya ke pura college ye baath jante hai to phir to vo mujhe maardalega!Reema and Mandy laughed about this and said that they will "TRY" not to tell.Pooja was smiling and then started to laugh again remembering Ronit's pani poori incident.

Back home, Parvathi was worried about Poornima.Om sees this and asks her whats wrong.Parvathi says nothing is wrong she's just thinking.Om:Kya soch rahi ho tum?Parvathi:Nahi kuch nahi baas yuhi time paas kar rahi thi.Om wonders whats going on and tell her to tell him if theres something troubling her.Parvathi didnt sayanything and told Om that he will have to wait till the right time comes and then she will tell the entire family about something they dont know.Poornima overhears this and feels sad and think she's responsible for all this.Just then,Paresh comes out from behind Poornima and scares her!Poornima:Bandar ke bachhe tu yaha kya kar raha hai?Paresh:Kuch nahi baas mein bore ho raha that and i cant find anything to do aur jab maine aapko dekha to socha ke i should scare he hell out of you!Paresh startes laughing.Poornima then started to chase him around the hole house.

Kushaan,Annie and Ronit was shown talking about their plan to make Pooja's life hell.Ronit told them that he'll teach Pooja a lesson that she will never forget.Kushaan tells Ronit that Pooja has made his image fall low to the ground by spreading the Paani Poori incident and he must take revenge from Pooja for this.Annie adds that Pooja just wants to be have a fake friendship with Ronit so she can later make him lover her and marry her and run off with all the money.Ronit tells Annie that Pooja will never be his friend nor love or wife after what she has done to his image.Ronit promised himslef in front of Kushaan and Annie that he will destroy Pooja's izzat,her dreams, and her life!

Pooja was shown enjoying the party in the ball room and was having a blast. Pooja was wearing a red western outfit and again highlighted her hair so it will match with her outfit.Ronit enters there and sees her.He takes a glass of drink and mixes some pills there.He walks towards Pooja and offers her the drink in a nice and a sweet way.Pooja tells him that she doesnt trust guys like him and she has already drank six glasses of wine.Ronit still offered her the drink and said to forget what happened in the past.Pooja finally listens and drinks it.Just couple of minutes later she felt dizzy and leand on Ronit's shoulder.He picked her up and got out of the ball room and no one even noticed because at that time it was dark.On his way to his room,Ronit sees Bikram Roy standing right in front of him.He is shocked!

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. how cute. i loved the epi.

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