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Kahaani Ye Meri Life Kii:Ep:81 Updated (Page 48)

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Posted: 11 January 2006 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
I JUSt finised with EPI-30.ConfusedSorry,


Anyway I found it really interesting!!

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Posted: 14 January 2006 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Episode 80

Pooja follows Ronit and tries to talk to him. Pooja tells him that she is really sorry for her rude bahavior last night. Ronit still doesnt listen and walks away. Pooja holds his hand and says she is really sorry. Ronit tells her that he wont forgive her until she beleives Ronit's Kali story. Pooja agrees and says she will listen to him. Ronit smiles and hugs her. KS,Reema, Akash and Mandy were watchin the two hugging from a distance and had to tease them. KS: Oyeeee hooyee kya jodi hai na! Reema: Kya yaar..tum dono na..kahi pe bhi shuru ho jatein ho. Mandy and Akash: TADAM DE TUDUM! Pooja gets shy and hugs Ronit and hides her face on his chest.

Maya was playing with her little grandson Sameer and was thinking about Ronit and Pooja. She was planning to get them married soon since college is coming to an end. Dadi comes there and Maya tells her about Pooja and Ronit's marraige. Dadi was delighted to hear this news and told Maya that they should talk to Sudha and Rasik about this issue. Kajal hears their conversation and joins it as well. She tells them that she will desing her dev rani's weddind saree. Maya and Dadi agress.

Pooja and Ronit were on their way back home. Pooja tells Ronit to stop near a shopping mall since she has to shop for prom night tomorrow. Pooja and Ronit both walks in together in the mall. Someone saw them and that person quickly hid behind a pole and watched them enter the mall. The person took out his/her cell phone and was calling someone. Pooja tells Ronit to shop for himself or do something else until she is done shopping. Ronit watches the jewelry shop and goes there. He talks to the sales man and picks up something he ordered. Pooja sees this and goes inside that shop. She asks Ronit what he's hiding from her. Ronit tells her to wait. Pooja asks him again and in reply Ronit tells her to go shopping.

Pooja sees Reema and Mandy there as well, she joins them for shopping and they were all looking for dresses to wear at the prom tomorrow. Pooja and the others all selected red dresses and told all the guys to wear black. Ronit agreed and said that he will be back in a while. Ronit goes outside to get something from his car. Someone puts their hand on his shoulder. Ronit turns around and to his shock he sees Kali again smiling at him.

prettyguria IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2006 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Awww.. soo sweet, great job Smile Clap Clap
ThE_kHan07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2006 at 8:49pm | IP Logged
Episode 81

Kali walks towards Ronit again, Ronit asks her what she wants and why she keeps on appearing in front of him. Kali tells him that she loves him very much and wants him back in his life. Ronit is surprise to hear this and tells her its not possible. Kali tells him she will kill Pooja and will make Ronit her's. Kali tells her she has been waiting for Ronit eversince when she was seven years old and still is waiting for him even after her death. Ronit is scared now and yells at her to go away. Ronit hides his face with his hands but when he removes them, he sees no one there.

He goes back to the shopping mall and looks for Pooja. He goes upto her and tells her that they are leaving from this mall right now. Pooja wanted to stay a little longer but Ronit yells at her and tells her they are leaving right now. Everyone in the shopping mall watched this drama between Pooja and Ronit. Reema and Mandy were surprised to see this side of Ronit. Pooja took him outside and calmed him down. She asked him what's wrong. Ronit tells Pooja about Kali and how she said she will kill Pooja to get Ronit. Pooja is worried about Ronit now and thinks he needs to see a psychiatric. Pooja tells him not to worry and everything will be fine. She gives him a hug and takes him away from the mall.

Maya, Dadi, and Kajal goes to Mehta house with Ronit's proposal. Maya talks to all of them and tells them that Pooja and Ronit should get married now since college is almost over. Everyone was happy to hear this good news. Sudha tells Maya that she will talk to Pooja and then will give Maya an answer.At the same time, Pooja call's on Maya's cell phone and tells her what happened today at the shopping mall. Maya is surprised to hear this about Ronit's behavior. She excuses herself from Pooja's house and rushes back to her her house. Pooja tells Maya about Kali and how she wants Ronit back even after her death. Maya is stunned and feels bad for her son. She starts to cry and begs Pooja to recover her son's health from this issue. Pooja tells her that she has decided to take Ronit to a psychiatric and maybe then they can get some help. Maya agrees to this and tells Pooja to take him there soon.

Its night time, everyone was getting ready for college prom night. Kamla comes to Ronit's room and sees him all dresses up in balck suit. Kamla: Oye hoye..the bhanje..ready for the po*n ngiht? Ronit: Mami..po*n night nahi PROM NIGHT...PROM NIGHT! Kamla: Prom..pron jo bhi ho lekin undono ke peeche to the NIGHT shabd hai na! Ronit:Haan..vo to hai. Kamla: Accha puttar tu mujhe yeh bata ke tu Pooja sa shaadi kaab karega? Ronit: Jee? shaadi? Kamla: Haan shaadi! Ronit: Mmmmm...abhi main kuch nahi bol paonga. Thodi si intezaar kariye..phir batoonga theek hai. Ronit leaves from there. Maya sees him leaving with a happy mood she almost started to cry by seeing him. Ronit tells Maya that he will pick up Pooja and they will go to the prom together. Maya pats his cheeks and watches him leave. Maya prays to god so that he can make her son feel better.

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Posted: 15 January 2006 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Clap Clap Good!
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Posted: 07 February 2006 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
Hey is this over or is there anymore left to the story. It is really good. Clap
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Posted: 09 February 2006 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tafarruz

Here is the First Epi...hope u ppl like it!! Here Goes...!!Confused

Everyone is up and ready to star their new day at the Mehta resident.Everyone does the morning puja.Sudha realizes that Pooja was missing.She tells this to Parvathi to go upstairs and wake Pooja up.Parvathi listens and goes since Pooja feels more comfortable telling her everything then telling others.Parvathi goes upstairs and wakes her up.Pooja doesnt want to wake up.Parvathi:Are Pooja jaldi uth ja varna puja miss kardegi aur neeche mummyji aur babuji teri lntezaar kaar rahhein hai jaldi kaar.Pooja yawns and says:Kya babhi..aap to janti hai ke mujhe itni subha mein uthne ki adat nahi hai.Parvathi:To phir jaldise uthna sikhiye madamji,kya pata kaal teri shaadi hogaii aur waha agra tu jaldi nahi uthegii to tu to gayii.Pooja:Hum to jaise hai..waise hi rahenge.Parvathi:Accha really?Then Pooja starts singing the song "Hum to bhaye jaise hia waise rahenge" (Veer-Zaara).We see her getting ready and going downstairs having a zabardast breakfast with her huge family.Om offers Pooja a ride to collage but Pooja says that she and Mandy will go bythemselves.Mandy enters the scene.She greets everyone and says to Pooja:To Pooji, tu tayaar hai college jane ke liye?Rasik asks Pooja that what kind of career is she looking forward to.Just then we see Pooja is lost in the world of films.We see cameras,lights,scripts,seeting the scene,talking to the actors.Pooja comes back to reality and tells Rasik that this is not the right time for her to tell this to everyone.Dadaji tells Pooja to go carefully to collage.On their way to collage Pooja and Mandy sees Poornima with Millind.They try to find out about the "affair" but Poornima tells them to go to collage since they are late.They rush to collage.

WELCOME TO ST.MARTINS! Pooja and Mandy quickly enters and rushes to their classes.All of a sudden they bump into Anushka aka Annie.Annie:Uuuff kya tum dono dekh kaar nahi chaal saktein ho BEHENJIs?Pooja:Sorry Annie vo actually hum log thodi jaldi mein thi na isilye...Annie:Whatever BEHENJI! Pooja:Dekho Annie humein behenji maat bulaou.Hum sabh ke status ek hai leking haan..meri aur Mandy ki kaprein old fashion ki hai and I have no problem wearing it kyunki hum dono respectful sanskaari parivaar se aaye hain!Annie just igonores them and is like ye dono rich hai to kya hua shakal se to number one VERNIE lagti hai! Pooja and Mandy are in shock.Just then someone taps them from the back.Its Reema.Pooja and Mandy were happy to see her.Reema:Kaha the tum dono aur itni late kyun aye ho? Pooja didnt say anything and they rushed to their class.Akash was saving them seats and was worried about them being late.Akash says to Reema:kya hua itna der kyun laga di?Reema and the others say nothing.Bikram Roy enters the class.He tells them that they will be going out of town for a couple of days to Pune to learn more about films and he needs the application signed by each student's parents or gurdian.Pooja is worried since Rasik doesnt know anything about the whole film course issue.

Mandy tells her not to worry and make Rasik understand about her dreams of becoming a film director.Pooja smiles and agrees.Just as they were about to go home Reema tells Pooja:Pooja..kaal bhai London se wapas araha hai aur phirse humarein saath is collage mein ana shuru karenge.Pooja:KYA?Ronit wapas arahein hai?Kaab? Reema:Kaal baba.Pooja says to herself...oh god Ronit matlaab problem!Pata nahi kyun lekin vo hamesha mujhe itna tang kyun karta hai...Idiot!Reema:Kuch kaha tumne Pooja? Pooja:Nahi Reema...humein jana chahiye aur waise bhi aaj to kuch bhi karkein papa se baat karni hi parenge.Then they say bye to Reema and leaves.Annie and Kushaan enters the scene and tells Reema how can she hang around with those "VERNIES".Reema tells them that just because they wear salwaars and have cultural and traditinal values..does not make them vernies and she also adds that Pooja and Mandy are good hearted people unlike them.Kushaan and Annie are in shock and leaves.They come up with a plan to ruin Pooja's career. Kushaan:Aur maine abhi abhi suna ke kaal Ronit araha hain ab Ronit hi Pooja ke life aur career dono ko barbaad karsakta hai!Annie smiles.

Pooja reaches home.She sees her aunt Jayshree Bua sitting in the living room.Jayshree says:O ho ho Pooja darlings how ares yous?I hopes tumhari educations alrights chal rahi hai varna aaj kaal ke childrens ko dekho readings aur writings chodke baas funs kartein hai...I just dont likes it!Pooja:Bua...main sirf parhai mein dhyaan deti hoon aur masti ke liye mere paas time hi kaha hai?Jayshree:Vo hi chahiye..u musts concentrates on ur educations.Pooja leaves and Jayshree says to herself..Pata nahi jayshree darlings but i thinks somethings is worngs..mujhe investigations karni chahiye....GOOD IDEAS!Pooja goes to Rasik and tries ti talk to him.Rasik was busy with his bussiness problems but somehow manages to listen to Pooja.Pooja:Papa vo..vo..hum log kuch din ke liye bahar jarahein hai.Rasik:Bahar..kis ke liye?Pooja:Papa vo maine film course join ki hai aur uske liye mujhe kuch dini ke liye bahar jane parenge appni claas ke saath. Rasik is in shock and looks at Pooja with anger.He takes the application from Pooja and took a look at it...Jayshree overhears this.Then Rasik looks at Pooja in a very angry way.Pooja was scared and almost fell in tears!

How was it?? Its 12:25am in the USA so its FRIDAY!! Sry If there wasnt enough twist here yet..its just the 1st epi!! Ur comments please!!Smile

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these are nice updates how do remember all of this?

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