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KYPH - Update for 14th April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 9:58pm | IP Logged

Ekta is boring us now…..no Angad today! But the story has taken an interesting turn, one Dadi has come to know that Kripa has a soft corner for Angad and secondly, the Khanna's are going to behave decently with her from now….at least for some time till they get their job done!

Main Players

  1. Kripa Sharma
  2. Dadi alias Devyani Khanna
  3. Naina Khanna
  4. Dilip Khanna
  5. Harshini
  6. Anita
  7. Alia
  8. Nethra
  9. Kartik Khanna
  10. Naina's Secy


The episode begins with Nethra watching ''Kusum'' on TV and getting very involved in it, Alia comes in, looking pretty smart in jeans and a halter neck, and takes the remote from her and says that she wants to see the Sports Channel. While flicking the channels, she puts on the News Channel, and Nethra takes the remote from her saying that at least let her watch news, if nothing else. Alia gets up in frustration and says that she is going to her friends home to watch TV (the entire Khanna house has just one TV???), a news comes on some K Channel (that's Mr. Bajaj's Channel from KZK, talk about self-promotion for Balaji!) that Superstar Angad's new, yet to be released album, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai is going to launch Kripa Sharma along with him and that she will be singing in the album with him. This news has been confirmed from Devyani Khanna, Angad's grandmother who has herself announced this. As a shocked Nethra watches the television, Dadi comes on screen and smiling belligerently declares that Angad and the Khanna's want to prove to the world that humanity is not gone from the world and for this they have decided to give a chance to a rank newcomer like Kripa to sing alongside an established, super-star like Angad, because Kripa's father had helped Dilip Khanna become what he is today.


A stunned Nethra calls up Naina, who is sitting in her Office (looking very much the dominating businesswoman, in a power-suit) barking instructions to her secretary, and Nethra tells an irritated Naina to switch on K Channel immediately. Naina cannot believe her eyes and ears when she listen to Dadi repeating the same stuff.


The next scene shows Naina and Dilip in a furious conversation with each other where an outraged Naina shouts on Dilip, what has gone wrong with his Mother and what does this nonsense mean. Just then Dadi comes from behind saying that she will explain what this ''nonsense'' means. Naina and Dadi have a furious conversation, in which Naina tries to insult Dadi, but she gives it equally back and passes some good barbs at Dilip. Dadi says that Naina and Dilip might have forgotten all about their humble background and how Surya (Kripa's dad) had sold off his farm and Gayatri's jewellery to help out Dilip, but she has not and she will not let them forget it also. Naina and Dilip are furious but they are unable to say anything. After Dadi walks out, Naina tells Dilip that she doesn't care what she has announced in the Media, she wants Kripa out of this house as soon as possible, just then Kartik comes and says that it is not possible now and that Kripa has to stay here at any cost. Naina asks him what the hell is he taking about, Kartik puts on the TV, where the announcer is saying that since the news has come that a rank newcomer has been given a chance to sing alongside Angad, his reputation has hit the zenith and he has consolidated his position over the music industry more stronger than ever. Then they show the audience reaction, where people praise Angad by saying that he has proved that unlike other Media personalities, Angad has lived upto people's perception and expectation of him and that they are loving him more and more. Naina is elated, then Kartik tells her that since this news has released, Angad's album sales have gone up by 35% and that distributors are asking for more and more copies of his forthcoming Album. Naina then tells Dilip that they have to have Kripa with them now, Naina asks Teddy very sweetly to get Kripa to them as soon as possible, a serious looking Teddy tells them that Kripa is leaving for Nainital right now.


Kripa is shown packing her stuff and remembering the few days that she spent in Mumbai, particularly all the Angad moments, when he touched her hand for the first time at the Concert, when she saw him at the Concert the second time, his interview, the way he was giving autographs to kids in the Green Room….and then she remembers all the sad moments, when Angad had thrown the jacket on her and assumed her to be the new maid, then the horrible scene, where she had seen him making out with his one-night stand and writing his name on her back, then all that he had said to the girl, then the way he had flung his black shirt on Kripa (accidentally). Kripa wipes her tears and then walks to the Taxi, the background tune of the Yaadein song is playing, as she loads her stuff onto the Cab, Naina and Dilip walk to her and then ask her rather sweetly where she is going. This was a brilliant Kripa scene and showed her remarkable strength of character and dignity, she very politely and firmly refused the Khanna's to stay back in Mumbai by saying that she has over-extended her stay in Mumbai and has taken undue advantage of their courtesy and that she is going to her Parents where she would be happiest. As a stunned Khanna's look on, Kripa goes away.


The next scene shows the Khanna's pottering in the living room, discussing what will happen now. Anita has also joined and she very meanly says she feels that all of them are over-reacting and they should be relived and happy that the down-market, loser Kripa has gone back to the Village from where she had come. Naina is irritated and tells Anita to shut-up and says that it is not the time to take out personal enmity and that what explanation will they give to the Media. Dilip says that not to worry, we will let out a statement that Kripa fell ill and that she decided to go back to Nainital. Kartik and Naina do not buy the explanation, just then Naina's secretary comes and says that Angad's records are breaking all sales figures and his personal reputation is on an all time high, since this news of Kripa singing with him has come out. Naina tells the gathered crowd that she had never thought she would say this, but if she wants anything right now, that is to have Kripa come back to the Khanna family.


Kripa is sitting in the lounge waiting to board onto her plane and she is remembering Angad over and over again and she is not able to stop her tears. Just then a girl comes and places her bag besides Kripa, and as she looks up, its Harshini. As a stunned Kripa stands up and asks her what is she doing here, Harshini says that they had both dreamt of coming to Mumbai and fulfilling their dreams together, if they cannot do that, let them break it together atleast. Kripa is touched and tells her that she does not want Harshini to abandon her plans because of Kripa and that she is leaving Mumbai for entirely some other reasons (she has still not told anything about the Angad issue), Harshini says that whatever the reason, she for one knows that Kripa is a very strong and determined person, and that if she could not withstand the atmosphere in Mumbai, then Harshini can never tackle it alone.


The scene shifts to the Khanna Household, where a worried Dilip, Naina, Kartik and a disinterested Anita are shocked to see Kripa walking in with her baggage and then as they stare at her emotionlessly, Dadi appears from behind and Kripa turns around to look at her and everyone bursts into a relieved smile except Anita and Kartik (he doesn't seem to be bothered by anything)


Just then Dadi comes and Kripa is stunned to see her. Dadi smiles nicely and she hands over a present to Kripa by saying that she wanted to say goodbye to Kripa and handover this present for Surya and Gayatri. Kripa feels very bad and says that she wanted to meet Dadi but could not due to some last minute rush, Dadi shows as if she is not bothered and says that it is ok Kripa. Dadi then says that she won't stop Kripa nor ask what has prompted her to leave Mumbai so suddenly. She says that there are two types of people in the World, Winners and Losers, so what if Kripa belongs to the second category, so be it. Kripa feels very awkward and tells Dadi that she is not a quitter and her reason for leaving Mumbai is not because she had some expectations of the Khanna's and of Mumbai and that fell short of her expectations, but it is Angad. Kripa suddenly bites her tongue and realizes what she has uttered and is not able to look at Dadi, who suddenly has a, ''Oh so that was it.'' And Dadi says with utter amazement that she had no idea that Kripa had come to Mumbai because of him, she had thought it was to pursue Music. Kripa mumbles something and tries to correct what has accidentally slipped out of her Mouth. Dadi then says that she won't stop Kripa from going back to Nainital, or recommend her to stay back in Mumbai, because now whatever Kripa does she has to do because that is what she feels right and that is what her heart says and not because of someone else. Kripa just keeps looking at Dadi and then breaks out into an endearing smile and says that she is willing to give one last chance, but this time to herself and not to anyone else. Dadi and Harshini are elated.


The scene shifts to the Khanna House, where Anita is like whatever, Kartik has no expression and Naina and Dilip are elated and tell Kripa very nicely that they are very happy that she had decided to stay back in Mumbai and that they are willing to do anything to help her out. Naina then offers to take Kripa into their house and tells her that she will stay inside the Khanna mansion from now onward, but Kripa very politely and firmly refuses and says that she is comfortable in the Outhouse and  that she knows her ''place''. As Kripa and Dadi walk out, Naina smiles victoriously,  and tells everyone present  that if Kripa thinks that she will take advantage out of them because of this incident, she is so wrong, Naina will make Kripa pay for each and every thing that Kripa gets out of the Khanna Household and that Naina knows how to use and dispose people at her convenience. Naina says that they have to put up with Kripa only till Angad's next album releases and becomes a blockbuster, and then she can go to hell or to Nainital, whatever comes first.


Average episode! Good acting by Kripa and Dadi, though it was actually Dadi's episode today. The dialogues are really good, I loved the ones between Dadi and Kripa in the Airport scene!

 Its really bugging that they are not showing the lead hero at all! I mean its three weeks now, and he has appeared in two songs and just two scenes, with a couple of dialogues thrown in! Its like a guest appearance, hope they show him regularly from next week! Its very bugging to do an update without Angad! But I found this ridiculous that a small press report could cause Angad's album to soar, that means he is so untalented that he needs to resort to gimmicks all the time???? Whatever, hoping for a better next week.


BTW, Angad, Kripa and Prithvi are appearing in a special promotion for Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai on 20th April, Wednesday at 10 Pm or 8 Pm on Sony! Its some kind of a live programme, maybe a dance cum song thingy! Whatever, must be fun to watch Angad on some other programme as he refuses to come in a single episode! I hope the three perform on, ''It's the time to Disco'' and on ''Tum Paas Aaye'' and ofcouse, the best song of all, ''Mahi Ve.'' It would be great fun to watch!

anonmember IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 10:02pm | IP Logged

Hey Chilly! Thanks for the great update. Yeah, Ekta is boring us to bits and pieces by focusing on the Khanna family right now. Dadi rocks! She thought of a nice plan to keep Kripa in Mumbai, watsay?

chillyflakes Senior Member

Joined: 27 March 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Thanks Sonu!

Yeah, that was a great plan Sonu! Never thought Dadi would come up Winkwith something so bright and bold! Naina's has been stumped hard this time!


PS : The story looks more and more Kripa oriented than Angad and Kripa's love story!

Edited by chillyflakes - 14 April 2005 at 10:10pm
Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 12:44am | IP Logged
 Chilliflakes,what an amazing update!!! thanks a lot girl.U simply rock!!!
sugar plum Goldie
sugar plum
sugar plum

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 12:53am | IP Logged
excellent update chilly!
lilly Senior Member

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 4:26am | IP Logged

excellant update Chilly, its like watching a movie and then reading the bestsellar it was based in, Dadi is adorable (smart, intelligent and has a mind of her own, nice to see that for a change Dadi is not a melodramatic character with lot's of rona dhona). I think they are now setting the stage for more interaction btw the Kripa and Angd


Mrs.Brett Lee IF-Rockerz
Mrs.Brett Lee
Mrs.Brett Lee

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 6:05am | IP Logged
TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2005 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Cool work as usual...need I say more?


Take care,

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