Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update For 14/4/05

Rumi Goldie

Joined: 01 January 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

Today's episode starts from where we ended last day.


Jassi and Armaan are face to face!!!!!!


Jassi is looking at him passionately and trying very hard to control her emotions!


Armaan is looking at her eyes sweetly and he is slightly surprised by her expressions.


Ultimately Armaan finds some words: Hi! I am Armaan Suri! Congratuations for the launch!!!( streaches his hands towards her!he is now smiling sweetly!!!)


Jassi fumbles but ultimately shakes hand with him! They are now shaking hand in such a way that no one is ready to end this handshaking session!!!!it  continues and continues!!!!

…………………………( Purab is looking at them form the background and he is green in jealousy!!!)

She takes away her hand from his hand at last and feels the touch in such a way as a thirsty person feels first drop of water!!!!!


Armaan turns back and starts going……………

Suddenly he hears a word faintly---- Armaan Sir…………..( Jassi couldnot control herself and murmured that!!!!)


 Armaan turns back and looks at Jessica who is now going away! Armaan halts for a moment…………………. and then shakes his head as if he is thinking :oh! I am such a mad!! I always hear my Jassi's voice everywhere! !!!so stupid!!!!!

Armaan is going away and Jassi looks back with thirsty eyes!!!!

( Purab is looking at them with a sad face and he is about to cry!!!)



Raj is talking to a woman :oh! Its so good that you have got your divorce!!! I will meet you soon!!!!( Raj! Baaaaaad boy!!!!) 

Suddenly he sees Armaan there: oh! Then ultimately you've come!

Armaan: yes! Where is Mr. Bakshi? You said he would come here! Let's go and talk about business with him!

 Raj: ah!!!! What's the hurry? You have just come and immediately you are taking about business! Let's go to the person for whom we are here tonight! Let me introduce you with my dream girl!

 Armaan(with a hard face):Raj ! I have come here for work only and I will finish it and go back!


In the mean time Purab comes there and says:Hi Armaan! How are you?

Arman:Hi! Purb! I am fine thank you!

Purab: so,how is your work these days?

 Arman(hesitatingly);Ah!!! Fine!!!

Purab: tell me ,how was Jasmine fashion's designs? Now don't tell me that you are once again late like your products( Purab's voice is deeply sarcastic!!)

Armaan feels hurt but still he controls himself and does not reply!!!

 Mallika, Aryan and Raj are clearly getting annoyed now!

Purab: well let me introduce you with our star tonight! For whom Jasmine collection is hit now!!!!( Purab's about to call Jessica who is standing behind them and listening every word with tension !!!!)


 Armaan's reply comes like a slap: Purab, neither I have any interest in your Jasmine collection nor I have any interest in you model!!!

 Purab is very angry now: I knew you would reply like that!!! Because I always knew you have no knowledge in business!!! That's why you have turned Gm like this these days!

 Armaan:Purab! It will be better if you don't comment about GM ! Because you don't know anything about it!

Purab: yes, I don't know exactly wht happened there! But I know one thing! Gulmohur is no more like it was earlier when Jassi was there!

Armaan giggles………….closes his eyes in pain……….. and again opens his eyes….. and says in a painful voice: yes! You are right Purab! Everything changed since Jassi has left!  Nothing is now like before! We really miss her!

( Jassi ! are you hearing???)

Purab: huh! You know , you have given big titles to yourselves but the fact is that it was Jassi who actually controlled Gulmohur and you all are a bunch of ideots!!!

( I just cannot believe !!! Purab is sooo rude !!! he is attacking arman's weak point again and again for nothing!!!!)

Purab continues: you have no idea about business and fashion industry and you have no respect for human beings!!!

(As if  you have  now!!!! Mr.Mehra!!!! Huh!!!)

Jassi cannot believe in her ears!!!! She is coming as if to stop Purab!!!

Arman (in a hard face): Purab! That's enough!!! I can tell you that Gulmohur was one of the most successful fashion houses in India and its my challenge that i will make it like that once again! And it will happen very soon!!!

Purab listens in a hard and cruel face!!!!

Armaan goes away!

Mallika, Raj and Aryan are standing in angry faces!!!!

Jassi is running towards the green room!!!!



Jassi stands in front of the mirror!!!! She is thinking:he has said infront of all that he misses me!!!!!( she is glad to hear it!!!!)  But what has he done to himelf??? he was looking sooo tired and sad!!!! What is it for which he is soo sad???( its you ideot !!!)




Th door of the lift opens and comes out Mr. Armaan Suri with a better looking hairstyle!!!

Gang is as usual gossiping there( after a long time!!!).

Bindiya:Good morning sir!!!

Armaan (with sweet smile): good morning Bindiya!!!

He goes away very smartly and quickly!!!!

Gang discussing:

-         have you noticed, Armaan sir has become very weak and unmindful since jasi left gm???

-         Yes!!! He looks so tired and unmindful these days!!!

-         Jassi should come back as soon as possible!  We cannot see our Armaan sir like this!!!!

-         Are you mad? Don't you remember how Mallika madam had insulted her when she left gm? She will never come back again!!!!

-         Yes! That's also true!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!





Aryan ,Raj and  Mallika are talking to each other!!!!

Mallika: I just cannot believe it!!! How could Armaan digest all the insults of Purab last night??? He could have said something to Purab!!!!


Armaan enters.

Armaan replies: but Mallika I said to him that it's a challenge that I will make gm like before once again!!

 Aryan looks at  his face and raises his eyebrows!!!!

 Raj: only empty words will not serve anything!!!! We will have to do something!!!! We will have to prove that we can also make gm successful without jassi!!!!

Armn says:I have a plan! We will launch a new business line!

Mallika: a new business line?are you mad?do you have any idea , how much money will be required for that? We will need a financer for that!!!

 Aryan:it will require a new fashion show also!!! Where from will we get the money?

Armaan sadly says: if jassi was here, she could arrange all these!!!

 Mallika looks t hi in such eyes as if she will kill him with her eyes!!!!

 Mallika:Armaan! You know that will never happen!!!!

Raj: oh! Don't waste time arguing with each other!!!do you have any pln?

Aryan: we should have a model just like Purab!!!!

Raj gets his point: if we need a model then why not JESSICA?

Mallika is surprised:Jessica?




Purab is sitting in his chair and a man comes to the room ! He says he has alist for him1it is the list of all the companies, which are interested in Jessica to do modeling for their products!!

Purab is very happy to see the list! He says: this is the thing which I was waiting for!!!

 Jassi enter:what were you waiting for purab?

Purab shows her the list. But jassi says that she has no interest in these companies! the only company she is interested in is GULMOHUR!!!


Its like a slap on Purab's face!!!!!!!!!!



Mallika says that  Jessica is beautiful but she in not at all experienced!!! It will not be good to hire Jessica! Mainca is suitable for this job! She is experienced and a know face!

 She asks: What do you think Armaan? is't it right?

Armaan: absolutely wrong Mallika! Marketing people are saying different things! They are saying that fashion industry requires new faces these days!a new face which wllbe beautiful,exciting ,and which will create craze!!! Look at this report!

He gives her a report!!!!

 Aryan:whom you are suggesting!!!

Armaan:the girl who is famous for  her fresh look and beauty! The girl who has created craze in everybody's mind, the girl whom Purab has used in Jasmine fashions!!!!!JESSICA BEDI!!!( wooooooooooooooooow!!!! )


Raj is very very happy!! He says, we have no problem to hire her!!!!

Aran also agrees.Bur mallika says:first of all Jessica ill never agree to sign the contract and secondly she will not disappoint Purab as he is her godfather!!! And  Purab will never let her to work for a rival company!!!!


Raj: I know her personally!! Let me handle it! I will convince her!!!!




Jessica is gong towards her car !! Raj calls her from behind and gives her some red roses!! He starts flirting with her!!! Jassi is thinking , probably today I will get my job in gm!!! She says why are you following me always??

Raj says ;but today I have come to meet you for business purpose!! You know I am the vice-president of sales in GM! its a successful company!!!

Jassi: it was and not now!!!

Raj: it will be like that soon! And Jesica bedi will work for that!!!  How does it sound?

Jassi:boring!! Very boring!!

 Raj:well!i can make it attractive if you go with me for dinner tonight!!

Jassi: well! I am not thinking about dinner right now and now,i am interested in ice cream!!

 Raj: then have it!!!!(he is happy with the name of ice cream!!



 Jassi: okay !bye!!

Hahaha!!!! She gives the bouquet back to him and goes away!

 Raj is standing stupefied!!!!!!!




Jassi is in hospital!she sees billu wth some money and some necessary things for Bebe!! She looks from behind in teary eyes!!! She turns back and sees Nandu!!!

Nandu is staring at her sharply!!! She thinks that she rightly anticipated that Nandu would recognize her!!

Nandu says:I have recognized you!!! I  have seen you in TV and newspaper!!!

Jassi is relieved!!!

Nandusays:can you give me a job of a model?look I can also walk like a model!!!

Nandu walks stupidly as always!!

 Jassi is smiling affectionately!!! She says:you are very funny!!

Nandu says:my best friend also says like that!

Jassi is remembering her old days with Nandu!!!

 Nandu continues: but she is now soo busy that she does not get the time to contact me!! I miss her!!

 Jassi says:I also miss my best friend!! Will you be my friend?

Nandu is  surprised: you want to be my friend??Off course!!

 Jassi:then let's go to canteen and eat some samosa!!!

 Nandu: well not now! I have to go to jassi's bebe!  I have some thing for her!!

Jassi: give these to jassi's bebe!!(she has some fruits and flowers for bebe!!!!)

Nandu is surprised!! Jassi manages: well I had these for someone but he left ,so take it!!

Nandu takes it and he is thinking I must be looking very handsome these days!!such a beautiful model wants to be my friend!! Jassi if you could see it!!!



 Every one is angry at Raj that he could not convince Jessica!!!

Aryan is blaming Raj for his failure!!! Arman is sitting silently!!!

Mallika says: I knew that Jessica would not agree!! Jessica works with Purab!! He is her godfather!! She will not go against him!! And Purab will never let her work for gm!!!But one thing is clear that Jessica is indispensable for gm now!!!

 ( Arman is sitting silently like a mouse!!!!)

Aryan: but how can we get her!!

Mallika :there is only one way!!!we will  take Jessica away from Purab!!!

( Armaan is listening!!!)


Mallika (smiles): emotion often defeats indebtedness!!!

 Arman's eyes widen!!!!

Malika: emotion comes from love!!!!

Armaan is nervous now!!!

Malika: a woman can do anything for love!!!

Armaan is sitting more tensed!!!!

Mallika:and there is only one man among you who can win any woman's heart easily!!!!!!

Armaan is sweating now!!!!

Mllika: he can make any woman falling in love with him any day!!! And its' Armaan!!!

Armaan is shocked: wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttttttt????



That's all for tonight!!! goodnight!!


Preview: Jassi is in a garment shop!! She is trying some green dress!!suddenly she feels something! armaan comes from behind and whispers: BTW!!! Green colour doesn't suit you!!!!

Jassi looks back!!!!







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rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot for the update Rumi!
**ShInE** Groupbie

Joined: 04 January 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

i havent read it yet....but i thort ill jus type the thank u and dehn print it off and sit dwn with a mug of my mums best tea and have a nice long reed......sooo


ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 April 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

thz a lot rumi

great updateTongue

bas02 Goldie

Joined: 06 November 2004
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
thnx for the update rumi!!Smile
SONYA_K Goldie

IF’s Strict Mod
Joined: 19 January 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
Thank you for the excellent update Rumi!ClapClap
FreshAir Groupbie

Joined: 07 July 2004
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:35pm | IP Logged

oh god. What the heck are they doing with the story.

btw ... excellent update Rumi. Thank you.


rose85 Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2005
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Posted: 14 April 2005 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
thnx a lot rumi.....indeed a good episode.. but plzz no armaan to flirt wid jessica again.. now the history will repeat itself.. jassi will start thinking tht he only cares abt GM CryCry again misunderstandings blah blah.. whn all of this will end...... eeee y in the first place thy are stretching the show.. ne wayz.. i'll still watch it.. Big smile thn y i m complaining for Embarrassed

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