Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF Kambhakt Ishq 3(Part 26, Pg 10) Feb 13

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I can't believe I'm on Thread 3 of this FF.  Thank you so much everyone who has read and commented and supported me throughout this FF.  This Arjun and Arohi have had quite the journey so far.  Please do continue to let me know what you think and how you're enjoying this story.  Take care

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Arjun sat staring at the script in his hand.  All the words running together on the page.  Frustrated he threw the script on to the table and raked his hand through his hair.  He had no idea what he was doing or for that matter what he should do.  "Arjun, are you okay?" Arohi asked from the doorway of his office, having seen him throw down the script.  Arjun's eyes met hers and instantly he felt calmer.  Holding out his hand for her she walked in and towards him.  "Babe you seem upset?"  "Is it the movie your working on?" she asked, once he'd pulled her into his lap.  "You're so beautiful." he replied.  Arohi rolled her eyes.  "Arjun!" she exclaimed about to push him on the subject some more.  "Seriously Arohi, you are."  he said a serious expression on his face.  "Your beauty doesn't just lie in your face and your smokin hot body." he joked, moving away as Arohi playfully swiped a hand at him.  "Your beauty lies in the way you see people, how you don't judge, and even after someone has wronged you. you still only try to see the good in that person."  "Even if that person has no good in them." Arjun replied, holding her nestled against him and breathing in her sweet Arohi scent.   Arohi gave him a confused look.  "Where is all this coming from Arjun?" she asked.  "Something has happened hasn't it?" she asked feeling her stomach drop.  She couldn't take another bombshell.  "Is your family okay?"  "Is everyone okay?" she asked twisting around and facing him.  "Everyone is fine Arohi."  "I have to tell you something and I want you to know that it doesn't matter."  "I don't know what's true and what isn't, but what ever it is we'll get through it together." he continued.  "Arjun, please stop talking in circles, what's happened?" Arohi asked tearfully.  "Calm down."  "Nothing has  happened."  "Yesterday Suman contacted me."  "It wasn't the first time,  I've been ignoring her calls." he said.  "Arjun..." Arohi began helplessly.  "NO!"  Don't even think about asking me why I don't want to speak to any of those people!"  "You already know my answer."  Arohi looked into his eyes filled with anger and hurt...for her.  Cupping his face in her hands she pressed a kiss against his lips.  "I know...and I love you." she replied, leaning her forehead against his.  "So Suman called..." Arohi asked.  "Yes, she texted me something yesterday and I don't know what their game is right now, because she won't tell me anything over the phone."  "She wants us to come to Delhi so that she and your mom can talk to you in person." Arjun said, his voice rough with anger.  "I would have told them exactly where they could shove their concern but..." he said trying to figure out how to continue.  "But???" Arohi probed.  "But Suman said something that I can't ignore."  "I'm just hesitant to tell you because I don't know what's true and what isn't and I don't want you getting any more upset that you already are."  he said miserably.  "Arjun, listen to me."  "You always say I have I have you to help me through anything...what ever it is just tell me." she pleaded.  Arjun nodded and then taking her hands in his he thumbed her engagement ring.  "When are we getting married?" he asked.  "Arjun?!" Arohi exclaimed.  "Okay, Suman says that your mom was never raped."  he said quietly.   Arohi stared at Arjun.  Her mouth open in shock.  "How, what?"  "How does Suman know this Arjun?" Arohi asked slowly, still not understanding what Arjun had just said.  "Your mom told her." he replied softly.  Arohi felt like she was choking on the lump in her throat, clumsily she climbed off Arjun's lap and backed away.  "So, my papa is my real dad?"  "And he said all those hateful things, said I was a rapist's daughter when all along he's my real dad?'  she asked, shaking her head in disbelief.  "And my mom let him say those things to me, about me...about her?" Arohi asked, hugging her arms around her.  Arjun got up and pulled her into his arms.  "I don't know what's happening, what's real, what's not?" he said quietly, pressing his lips against her forehead.  "I have no idea why Rudra would say something so horrible to his own daughter, and why your mom would stand there and let him, if it wasn't true."  Arohi cried softly against his chest.  The pain was too much, why did they keep hurting her so much.  And her own just made no sense.  Something so horrible that had almost destroyed her, even now she was only hanging on by a thread.  And now to find out that it could all be a lie.  She didn't know what was worse.  Thinking she was a product of rape, or that her own family had made her believe something so horrible. 
"I want to go to Delhi, I need to find out what's happening and why they would do this to me." Arohi said determinedly, as she pulled away from Arjun and brushed her tears away.  "Are you sure Arohi?" he asked.  "Arjun, I have been thinking I'm the daughter of some rapist, I don't think they can tell me anything worse then that." she said.  "What I'm finding out about my family,  that's just something I'm going to have to deal with." she said, blinking back more tears.  "When do you want to go?" he asked.  "As soon as possible."  "I can go alone." she began.  "The hell you can!" he snapped, already picking up his phone.  "It'll be a cold day in hell before I send you into a pack of wolves by yourself!" he said.  "Hi Lily, I need you to book two tickets." he said into the phone.  Arohi walked to the window and stared outside unseeing.  She thought her whole life had changed when she found out about the rape, well apparently it was about to change yet again.  But this time she wasn't going to let it destroy her,  looking at Arjun, she thought or her relationships with her loved ones.
"You okay?" Arjun asked seeing Arohi bite her lips nervously.  "Yes," "I haven't seen everyone since everything happened."  "It's just going to be awkward. she replied.  "I just don't know what to expect." she added, clasping his hand.  They'd flown in this morning, and checked into a hotel and now were waiting for Suman and her mom who were expected any minute.  "Whatever it is we'll get through it together." he promised.   Before Arohi could respond they heard a knock at the door.  Arjun looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile.  Getting up he walked to the door and opened it to find Suman and Arohi's mom on the other side.  An extremely frail Arohi's mom.  As they walked in Arohi seeing her mom quickly rushed to her.  "What's wrong ma?"  "Why are you so weak?" she asked tearfully.  Arohi's mom looked at her sweet, generous of heart daughter.  Her first born.  The one that she couldn't help but love the most.  Maybe that's why this was the child that had to go through all the pain.  Caressing her cheek lovingly she hugged her close and wept.  Wept for all the years she wasn't strong.  For the years she had stood by and let that man, keep her daughter away from her,  punishing Arohi for something that wasn't even her fault.  And the last fatal blow, telling her about the rape.  Gayatri closed her eyes against the horrible words Rudra had spoken, words that still gave her nightmares.  No, her daughter was not created from something so horrible.  She was created from love.  Real and true, love that she was never able to find again.  "I'm sorry," "I'm so sorry." she said softly.  "You will never know how much."  "But I am truly sorry." Gayatri repeated.  Arohi stared at her mom.  "Tell me what's true."  she finally said.  "Gayatri nodded and taking Arohi's hand they sat down.  "I met Vishal when I was 18..."  she began.
"He was 23 and so much fun, and sweet and charismatic."  "He was staying at his uncle's place for the summer writing his thesis."  "His uncle was our neighbor."  I had noticed Vishal right away, but girls from good homes don't go approaching young boys." she said smiling as she remembered.  "So we used to steal glances at each other from the patio, then slowly he would think of reasons to ask me questions or find an excuse to come over."  "Oh your mail accidentally came to our house, or do you have any sugar, we're out."  "Slowly we started meeting outside, and we got to know each other."  "He wanted to expand his father's garments business, make it world renowned."  He had big dreams and listening to his stories I fell in love with him."  "He told me he loved me, and I 100% believe that he did"  "Deep and profound was our love."  "One night, I had gotten stuck in the rain and we found shelter in a little cottage."  "Where one thing led to another and that night you were conceived." Gayatri said softly as she caressed Arohi's tear strained face lovingly.  "From the moment Rudra said those horrible things, saying you came from rape I have felt this rage."  "I could kill him." Gayatri said angrily.  "Why would he say something so horrible to me?" Arohi finally asked.  "Because, because he does believe I was raped." Gayatri answered, lowering her head in shame.  Arohi's mouth dropped open in shock. "You told him my father raped you?" she asked in disbelief.  Gayatri tearfully shook her head no.  "I would never have told him that!"  "You were conceived with love, only love." she said vehemently.  "Rudra was in love with me and I had been refusing his advances for a long time."  "My father found out about the pregnancy and wanted me to abort you ofcourse, but I couldn't do that."  "Your father had gone back home and I was waiting for him to come back and marry me like he'd promised."  "But when he still didn't return I went to ask his uncle about him, well he told me that Vishal was getting married to a girl he'd been engaged to all along."  "I was heart broken as you can imagine but I'd already fallen in love with you and there was no way I could give you up."  "Rudra had been a different person at the time."  "He had loved me in his own way."  "My father was hell bent on getting me married as quickly as possibly since I insisted on keeping you, so instead of telling Rudra the truth, he had told him that I was raped."  "My father had actually felt in some convoluted way that me being raped was better then me actually consenting." Gayatri said, shaking her head.  "Rudra was angry and upset but my father's vast wealth quickly took care of any hesitations he might of had about marrying me."  "And at that point I didn't care who I ended up with as long as I was able to keep you, to raise you."  "That was my only stipulation when it came to marrying Rudra, he couldn't take you away from me."  "We were to raise you as our own."  "He didn't understand, but agreed because he saw dollar signs when he looked into my eyes and because with each passing day he was getting more and more infatuated with me."  "We got married quickly and too his credit he took care of me and didn't go back on his word about raising you."  "But then when you were 7 he changed suddenly."  "I never understood why, but he changed and became very cold and distant."  "Before that he didn't bother too much with you, but after that he seemed to show unnecessary anger towards you."  "He was so much harder on you...I never will understand what sparked it." her mom said, wrinkling her forehead.  "I'm so sorry my love for everything you've been through."  "The only time I was strong was when I had to fight for your life, after that I've just been weak." Gayatri said weeping softly.  Arohi hugged her mom tightly as she hugged her back.  "You are not weak, you are amazingly strong and you're the reason I'm here today."  "There's a lot of young women that would probably have aborted their child and started life again."  "The pressure of society especially in that time could have scared you, but you held your ground and brought me into this world against all odds."  "I will never forget what you did for me."  "I'm so lucky that you're my mom." Arohi said with a sob, as she pressed her cheek into her mom's shoulder.  "No, my love you're the strong one, you always have been." her mom said soothingly.  "I wish I had said something when Rudra was throwing all those lies and insults in your face, I wish I had stood up to him then, maybe my little girl wouldn't have gone through all this unnecessary pain."  "And maybe she wouldn't have tried to kill herself!" came Arjun's remark from where he stood listening to everything play out.  Arohi turned to Arjun and seeing the furious stony look on his face she shook her head softly at him.  Begging him to understand but seeing his set face she knew he wasn't ready yet.  "I'm sorry Arjun beta I never in my worst nightmares had thought this would happen and then well with Suman losing her baby everything else got pushed aside because Suman needed me."  Arohi's startled eyes flew to Suman.  "Baby?" she asked hoarsely.  Suman bit her lip to stop from crying and nodded.  "I  got pregnant but there were complications from the beginning and about the time everything happened with you... I...I lost her." she whispered, with tears running down her face.  "That's why I haven't been there for you di or believe me I wouldn't have missed your engagement."  "We were just terrified of the worst happening, and unfortunately that is exactly what happened." Suman said softly. "I guess I paid for my father's sins." she added bitterly.   Arohi pulled her sister into her arms and hugged her tight. "Shh, it's going to be okay." she said, as Suman sobbed softly. "We have each other and we'll get through all of this." "And we'll come out stronger." she added as Suman pulled away. "Fighting words di, I don't know how you can be so positive after everything that has happened to you.."  Suman said, grabbing a tissue and wiping her face. Arohi glanced at Arjun who stood with an unreadable expression on his face.   His eyes softening as they met hers.  "Someone I know has used those very words to help me to get from one day to the next."  "Believe me I haven't been very positive lately, but today hearing these words, knowing that my father isn't my mother's rapist, that has given me a new life."  "I don't know why he didn't come back and marry her, why he left her behind like that, but atleast I know that I wasn't conceived by hatred and anger and negativity."  "I was made in love and that I can live with." she said in a strong voice.  
Two hours later, Arohi closed the door and leaned against it.  Her eyes closing and for the first time in ages she felt  peace.  She wasn't a rapist's daughter.  She felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders.  Pain and hurt and anger still lingered but now there really was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Feeling Arjun's arms wrap around her from behind and his lips tenderly caress her temple had her smiling.  Her Arjun, she was so blessed, if it wasn't for him none of this would have been possible.  He'd been taking care of her for so long now.  Taking on way more then was expected.  Where most men would have hightailed it out, he had stuck to her, trying his best not to let her falter.  "Turning around she wrapped her arms tightly around him.  "I love you so much Arjun Singhania." she whispered against his chest.  Arjun squeezed her hard against him.  "I love you to baby." he said against her hair.   "Are you okay?"  "That was a lot to take in?" he added softly.  Arohi nodded.  "I'm okay." she replied.  "I'm just trying to process it all." she said as she pulled away from him.  Arjun nodded.  "I just wish your mom had come to us sooner." he said.  "I know Arjun but with everything happening with Suman." Arohi began.  "I understand that Arohi, believe me I feel bad for what Suman went through, but you almost died."  "It's going to take me some time to move on from that." he said gruffly as he moved away from her and walked to the bar grabbing a bottle of grey goose and pouring himself a stiff drink.  Arohi watched the tension in Arjun's stance.  She might be a little bit more understanding because this was her family, but to Arjun his only real concern was Arohi and her happiness and health.  At one point she might have thought Arjun was being too hard but after everything they'd been through and everything she'd put him through he deserved to still be a little angry.  It was his intense unbreakable love for her that brought out those emotions in him.  Walking to him she gently brushed a finger against the wrinkles in his temples, smoothing them out.  "You're right, but I'm here and besides that you wouldn't let me die, remember." "I never had a chance." she added as she looped her arms behind his neck. "I'm glad you see that." he said putting his hands on her hips.  Lifting her chin up to look at him he asked "Now what?"  Arohi sighed.  "I continue with my counseling, god know I need it now more then ever." she said.  "And?" he pushed.  "And, let's take the rest day by day." she said quietly.  Arjun frowned but didn't push yet again.  He wanted to marry her, but she needed to want to marry him.  He'd wait a little bit longer and then he'd bring up the subject.  Now that things had been cleared up it was time for them to move on in their relationship.
Upon returning home Arjun got extremely busy with filming and with his other obligations like attending charity events, parties for fellow actors, promotions for his latest film and then starting production on his next film.  A month flew in the blink of an eye.  Arohi knew that Arjun's life was hectic and he wanted her to come out to the social gatherings with him but she just wasn't ready. She needed time to adjust to a lot of new things in her life.  Including the fact that the man she had thought was her father for all these years wasn't her father and in reality her father was out there somewhere.  He probably didn't even know of her existence she thought one night as she sat infront of her laptop.  "Vishal Singh Rathore, she googled which brought up numerous searches.  There was no way she was going to find him like that.  The next few hours she spent searching using the little information her mom could supply her with about him.  Finding nothing she closed the laptop.  She shouldn't let herself be effected, but ofcourse she was.  She just wanted to see him, see what he looked like.  Was he married?  Did she have half brothers and sisters out there. These kinds of questions plagued her even as she went to bed later that night.  
Arjun got into bed as quietly as he could next to Arohi, not wanting to wake her up.  It had been a late night and he was dead on his feet today.  As he wrapped an arm around Arohi and burrowed into her warmth, he felt her turn into him and press against his chest.  "Arjun?' she said.  "Hmm," he replied sleepily.  "I've been thinking." she began.  "Hmm." he answered again with a yawn.  "I've been thinking that maybe I want to find my birth dad." she said.  "Hmm." Arjun replied and then a few moments later he was reaching over and flipping on the lamp.  "What?"  "Why?" he asked in surprise.  "Because I just do."  "I'm curious and I just want to see what he does, where he is?' she replied.  Arjun frowned as he moved away from her and on to his back, staring up the ceiling.  Arohi stared at his set expression and waited for him to say something.  "I just don't understand why you would want to meet a man that abandoned you and your mom."  "I mean he had no problem sleeping with her but when it came down to taking responsibility he disappears." Arjun replied.  "But Arjun maybe something had happened that he couldn't come back to us." Arohi replied.  Arjun gave her a look and got out of bed.  "When are you going to stop making excuses for everyone?" he asked angrily.  Arohi sat up in bed and stared at him in shock.  "I'm not making excuses." she began.  "Yes, you are!" he snapped, raking a frustrated hand through his hair.  "First it was for that loser Rudra then for your mom and sister and now for this non existent father!" he said bitterly.  Arohi slowly got out of bed and walked to him.  "I know your mad baby" she said softly.  "You better bloody well believe I'm mad!" Arjun snapped.  "And what I don't understand is why YOU aren't mad?"  "You almost died!"  "We went through hell and back all because of some stupid lie!"  "We should be married right now, starting our life as husband and wife and instead I had to sit back and watch you fall apart piece by piece!"  "Instead of planning a wedding I got so close to planning your funeral and here you are making excuses for these people yet again."  "When they abandoned you six years ago you made excuses, blamed yourself and here you are at the same place!" he said with a scowl.  Arohi's eyes filled with tears and Arjun was instantly remorseful.  "Baby, don't cry." he said pulling her into his arms.  "I'm not mad at you I'm just having a tough time with this." he said softly pressing a kiss against her forehead.  Arohi pulled back and looked at him.  "You love me so much don't you?" she said.  Arjun raised a brow, "What gave you that idea?" he asked rolling his eyes at her silly question.  Arohi smiled through her tears.  "I know it seems like I'm making excuses but I'm not, honestly I'm just overjoyed that I wasn't an unwanted pregnancy."  "I'm not a rapist's daughter."  "I have always wondered why Papa didn't love me like he loved Suman, and now I know and even though I know I'm not going to have some grand Bollywood reunion with my real dad and he's probably not going to welcome me with open arms, I am still curious about my roots."  "Where I came from." she said quietly.  "But that's just it."  "This guy could very likely have his own life and family and right now after everything you've been through do you really want to potentially face more rejection."  "I mean he could meet you and deny everything."  Arjun replied.  Arohi nodded.  "You're right, absolutely right but I know if I don't do this I'm going to wonder for the rest of my life about who this Vishal Singh is." Arohi replied.  Arjun shook his head.  "I don't want you to do this Arohi...the rest is up to you but I don't want you to do this." he said gruffly.  His love and his worries for her shining in eyes.  Arohi took his hand and entwined it in her own.  Staring at it for long moments before she finally looked up and nodded.  "Okay, then I won't." she said with a small smile.  "You're my family, you're my everything Arjun."  "And the last thing I want to do is hurt you because of this."  "You don't want me to pursue this, so I won't." she said putting her arms around him.  Arjun hugged her tightly.  "I love you so much Arohi, I just think this is for the best." he said softly, holding her so tightly against him.  Arohi nodded against him.  Pulling away a few minutes later she said "So when are we getting married?" she asked  Arjun's surprised expression quickly turned to one of happiness.  "Tomorrow morning!" he said, quickly grabbing his phone.  Arohi laughed and grabbed the phone out of his hand.  "Hold on buster."  "Not so fast."  "We're going to have a proper wedding with all of our friends and family there."  "Let's just set a date." she said with a soft smile.  "Are you sure?" he asked pulling her back into his arms.  "Are you ready?" he questioned.  Arohi nodded.  "Yes, I'm ready."  "I'm ready for us to get on with our lives."   "I'm ready to be Mrs. Arjun Singhania." she replied. Arjun smiled and leaned down for a soft kiss but as Arohi pulled him closer he deepened the kiss with a groan.  They hadn't been intimate other then a few kisses since everything had happened.  And even though they slept next to each other every nigh,t Arjun never pushed for anything more.  Waiting for Arohi to decide when she wanted more.   Arohi's hands reached down to Arjun's shirt pulling it up.  "Arohi, are you sure." Arjun asked again.  "I've never been so sure in my life." she whispered, as she pulled his shirt up and over his head.  Her hands settling and moving over his chest as her lips traced kisses along his collarbone.  "Arohi, you're killing me." he said hoarsely as he pulled her face up to his for another scorching hot kiss.  His hands moving to her tank top and quickly pealing it off.  Arohi leaned back as his hands worked their magic over her body.  His lips planting kisses along her neck and shoulder.  "I love you Arjun." she whispered as he tugged at the ties on her shorts and slowly pushed them down over her hips.  His shorts following quickly behind.  "I love you too baby." he replied as he guided her down on to their bed.  His kisses so tender and sweet that Arohi felt tears pool in her eyes.  Wiping away those tears he made love to her slowly and with such exquisite tenderness.  His eyes barely leaving her face.  Afterwards the only way Arohi could describe it was that it had felt so pure and innocent.  So right on every level.  Much later, curled up together in each others arms they slept the most peaceful sleep they'd had in months.  
 "We're getting married in 3 weeks.' Arjun told his mom, turning and winking at Arohi.  Arohi smiled as she sipped her coffee and stared outside unseeing.  A few minutes later Arohi felt his strong arms envelop her from behind. "Mom is so excited about the wedding."  "And I told her how we want to have it Chandigarh so they're going to start preparations right away." Arjun added.  "She wants us to choose invitations and get them out to everyone within the week." he continued.  Arohi nodded trying to smile.  "What's wrong?" Arjun asked.  "Nothing is wrong." she said with an overly bright smile.  "When do you have time to pick out the cards." she asked.  Arjun eyed her suspiciously.  "I can leave my shoot early tonight." he replied.  "Great, I'll be here." she said moving towards the living room.  Arjun paused and then called out.  "Where's my kiss."  Arohi walked back with a smile and standing on her tip toes gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.  "Have a good day." she said as she walked away again.  Arjun stared after her.  He hadn't missed how her smile hadn't reached her eyes.
The next few days continued the same, but different.  Arohi on the outside seemed very enthusiastic about the wedding.  Talking to Aria and Arjun's mom several times a day as they confirmed details about the series of festivities related to the wedding.  At home her and Arjun were the way they usually were, loving and affectionate.  Arohi even attended a charity function with Arjun where he performed, and she sat in the front row cheering him on.  If anyone was to see her she seemed to be someone very much in love and very happy.  BUT Arjun knew better, oh he didn't doubt that she loved him and that she was happy.  But there was something missing in her laugh, in her smile.  Sometimes he'd catch her looking kind of lost or deep in thought.  When he questioned her she would just shrug it away and change the subject.  But Arjun wasn't buying it.  Something was bothering her and he wanted to know what!
"What do you feel like for dinner tonight?" Arohi asked as she flipped through the take out menus.  "Indian, Chinese, Greek..." she continued.  "How about some Arohi for dinner?" Arjun growled, pulling her into his arms and pretending to bite her neck.  Arohi giggled and pushed Arjun away.  "I'm not on the menu." she teased.  "Too bad," Arjun replied with a pout.  "So how was your day?" Arjun asked after they'd finally put in their order for dinner.  "Good, just did wedding stuff." she said.  Arjun nodded.  "So when are you going to tell me what's bothering you?" he asked.  Arohi stared at him and then looked away, busying herself with tidying up.  "I have an appointment in Neeta Lulla's boutique tomorrow to look at wedding lenghas."  "Hopefully she can create something for me in such a short period of time." Arohi said.  Arjun walked over and took her hands gently in his.  "What's wrong babe?" he asked softly.  Arohi's eyes filled with tears.  "Nothing, I said nothing is wrong Arjun." she replied, pulling her hands out of Arjun's grasp and wiping at her eyes.  "Something is, I can tell."  "Your smile doesn't reach your eyes."  "Did something happen with your mom and that Rudra?" he asked suddenly.  Arohi shook her head vehemently.  "No, nothing has happened with them."  "I spoke to my mom yesterday and she's very happy for us." Arohi replied.  Arjun forced Arohi to look at him.  "Then what is it?"  "Aren't you happy?"  "Is it the wedding...are you not happy about marrying me?" he asked hesitantly.  Arohi's eyes widened in surprise.  "I am ecstatic about marrying you Arjun."  "In you I've found my perfect mate."  "Don't ever doubt that." she said vehemently.  Arjun smiled.  "Just checking." he replied bringing her hands up to his mouth and pressing a kiss on her knuckles.  "Tell me." he said quietly.  Arohi finally nodded and then pulling him to the sofa she said.  "I had contacted an old colleague to see what he could dig up about Vishal Singh."  "What did he find out?" Arjun asked squeezing her hand.  "He found out that Vishal Singh Rathore lives in Bangalore and is widowed with 2 grown daughters."  "One of which is getting married next week." Arohi said softly, tears filling her eyes.  "I have two more half sisters."  "One is getting married Arjun, just a couple weeks before we are."  "I just feel overwhelmed with all this information." she replied emotionally.  Arjun pulled her into his arms.  "I know where he is and I want to meet him." she whispered against his chest.  "Is that so wrong?' she asked with a sob.  "No babe, that's not wrong." he replied, holding her tightly.  Arohi stayed wrapped in Arjun's arms for a long time before she heard Arjun say.  "I think we should postpone the wedding a couple more weeks and go visit this Vishal Singh Rathore."   Arohi looked up at him in shock.  "What?'  "But how can we postpone the wedding, everyone is so excited and have been waiting for so long."  "The invitations are getting printed." she began.  "I know and the family will still be excited even if the wedding is pushed back 2 weeks."  "You have to do this, if for nothing else then for closure."  "I have to shoot until Friday."  "But we can leave after that." he said.  "Arjun, you don't have to come with me." she began.  "Yes, I do."  "I have my reservations about how this is going to play out, so and I won't let you go into it by yourself." he said, furrowing his brows. "Just don't expect anything from this Arohi."  "I don't want you to be hurt again." he said quietly, pressing a kiss against her temple.  Arohi nodded.  But as they held each other Arohi couldn't help but think that maybe this was the family she'd been searching for all these years.  Maybe this will be the father that gives her away at her wedding.  Maybe through this she would gain 2 sisters.  A happy smile lit up her face as she cuddled closer to Arjun.  Arjun pulled her closer but there was no smile on his face.  Deep in thought he prayed that them meeting this Vishal Singh Rathore wasn't actually the biggest mistake they could make.  A mistake that could push Arohi over the edge when she'd finally just returned to him. 
So let me know what you think.  It's been a long time since this one was updated, so I hope it was worth the wait.  PTHHT will be next.  Take care.


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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
M so happy!!!
KI reaches 3rd thread. Wao! Its been d mst swtst journey ever. I love hw my playboy transform into d bst man,i love hw he provd his love. N i love hw much strng arohi is.
Nw i cnt wait to read d nxt part.
Di,i cnt thank u much for gvng dis awsomest gift to us. Love u much:)

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kitanithuy Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
love this ff so much . waiting for your update

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
congo congo congo 
for new third
i love this ff so much 
waitning waitng 
Partyi enjoying this story so much :) i remebred first chapter hahaha casinova arjun and journalist arohi and how forget their first meeting and their kiss and the chandigarh trip was amazing hahahhaha how arohi mad him and tht cottage scene uh-la-la-la and then they parted and again met and how arjun desparet for her and try to convince her and omggg it was amazing and also hapte arohi 's dad . ther were lots of up n downs came to their life and arohi attempt suicideCry omggg felt bad for both .now see wht happen next . u told tht u hoping 3-4 chapter for this ff but really i dont want to end this ff . please continueee it i want 2-3 more thread for this ff . make more twist n turns hahahah really i m alsways enjoying ur twist n turn like slip with enemyyy oh i misss it so muchhh 
and again congooo

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piamist Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
just now read PTHT and thinking of KI that how long its been and it will be next opened the thread :) glad to see that..r u updating it now ?

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:03am | IP Logged
ohhh i love this arun so much :) so protective and carrying for arohi ..he is totally scared of arohi's sucide Cry
i love every concern and care of arjun .he loves her so much .
and i like arohi decide to move on her life . but why she want to meet tht person .i mean live in past always give pain.any way nothing is happen with arjun and arohi 
and arjun is really amazing he stand with her everytime ...i love him .and how romantic Heart

raman give me this arjun hahahhaha
really amazing update 
now me confused tht i chose PTHT or KI ?
i want both update hahahhaha"kya kare dil he ki manta hi nahi"
so now this time its up to u . and update whtever u like . cuz i like both . Wink

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..Ananya.. Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:09am | IP Logged

Temme one thing Is there any limit of Arjun's sweetness Embarrassed "Your beauty lies in the way you see people, how you don't judge, and even after someone has wronged you. you still only try to see the good in that person."  "Even if that person has no good in them." Arjun replied I can't help but go aaawwwiiee...whenever he speaks Embarrassed I really really admire Arohi for the strength and dignity she personifies Big smile Aww..My heart tore learning about her Mother's story..but I pity her that she can't take a stand of her own in front of her husband Confused Felt really sorry for SumanCry As for Rudra..He's a money minded bas***d who married a lady just for the sake of money...disgusting Dead I liked how Arohi sympathised with her mother Big smile No doubt Arohi is a product of true love Embarrassed O.M.G. Arjun and Arohi are getting married...maybe LOL Awwie...I absolutely love Arjun BlushingHe's the epitome of true love and affection...Sometimes tears well up in my eyes seeing Arjun's love and care for Arohi which know no bounds Day Dreaming I really envy Arohi..she has the world's best fiance/to-be husband Embarrassed I just hope That Vishal is not another Rudra Angry Deep in thought he prayed that them meeting this Vishal Singh Rathore wasn't actually the biggest mistake they could make.  A mistake that could push Arohi over the edge when she'd finally just returned to him.Is this the calm before a storm...Di please give us a happy wedding Confused I guess maybe Arjun and Arohi will play matchmakers for Gayatri and Vishal.LOL.I hope  they do..Gyatri is a very nice lady and deserves a much better life partner than that Asshole Rudra Censored

P.S.:Congratulations for a new thread Di..This was one of the most emotional updates of this story Star Keep up the good work Thumbs Up Love U lots Hug

Edited by ..Ananya-kmh.. - 18 January 2012 at 12:51am

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sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
wow congo on the new thread!!!!!!!!!Party  was waiting 4 the update since a long tym!!!!!!!!!!!!superloved the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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