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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi
Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

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The climate of Aruku valley had always been impossibly erratic. Sometimes from the painted blue sky that's clear and perfect breaks an unexpected monsoon in a blink of second. Impeccable for mysterious beings. Mere ones cannot help but dive into this place and long for this pleasant torture. Torture? Yes, it is, because anything too silent is violent.  The lust green meadows were everywhere on the flat top hills that were beautifully sketched by the creator. The ghat roads that can be mistaken for highways truly looked like aphrodiastic while travelling with the lofty palm trees on one side while the other side was fenced all along and viewed the sunkissed beach of the Bay of Bengal. Damini too was caught in this feeling. Dressed in a blood red seriously short strapless dress that had three rows of fringe laces at the bottom, she looked deliciously erotic. The floating wind was leaving a velvety silk feeling on her naked shoulders and exposed breast line. As the waves whirled in the sea and the gentle breezes blew the trees on her either side, she digged her left hand into her thick black hair and looked right to the person on the driver's seat. The open top car didn't leave a chance to make the drive more romantic to Damini who was sitting with all the transparent desires on the passenger seat with her legs crossed. As she bit her lips at the person's concentration on the road, he on the other hand was trying hard enough to control his wild desires. Not that Damini had any objection surrendering but the desires weren't just wild but dark, darker and darkest. She slowly uncrossed her legs and relaxed her back on the edge between the door and the seat. He incredible senses knew that she would definitely lure him outrageously; he smirked at that very thought. And Damini slowly lifted her feet and placed it on the steering making graceful waves with her toes. He couldn't help but lift his hand to touch her toes. He was apprehensive then. Should he or should he not? What if it burns him to death? But then he satisfied himself with the answer no, now her skin doesn't have the ability to burn him, since she no longer has the silver plated holy note around her neck. An evil smirk passed his cupid's bow shaped lips. He slowly raised his index finger for the beginnings and traced upto her knees, then opened his finger and brushed her skin with his palms. How long I had waited for this! he thought with his evil intentions. But he knew he should not behave like the peasant who had the bird that gave golden egg daily. If he cuts it for once for the treasure of eggs then he'll remain empty handed. She folded her knees a little and lowered them between his legs and moved towards him. She hugged him and whispered into his ears, "I love you, Prithvi". While she waited for his answer other than his hands brushing her hair, Prithvi felt he was in deep trouble. He didn't want the cat out of the bag so soon. Her breath was compelling as well as terrifying him, when it had to be the other way round as it was he, who is the world's most dangerous predator; a blood sucker; a vampire.


Three months earlier:


Prithvi was walking through the jungle with The Times in his hands.

Case of animal attack. Another two young women killed. This time in the north-west region of the valley.


 Prithvi laughed at the news.


'animal attack! Rotfl. Interesting'  he mocked at the foolishness of the people. He stopped at his tracks suddenly as he heard few laughs that were louder than him. He threw the newspaper that flew miles away from his hands. He ran with his incredible speed to a three from where he could see the people. Group of four teen age girls were surrounding another girl who was dressed in dark pink frock and blindfolded and trying to catch them. He could see them play with all the zeal and rolled his eyes at their innocence. Aah! Young blood. I love it. Would love to have one these foolish, imprudent and preposterous choco-pies as my next prey,  he gave his devilishly dangerous smile. 'catch me' 'here' ''Damini' 'here' ''oooh' 'ooh lalaa' they were screaming and playing. I just wouldn't mind turning a serial killer to all of them now. if one girls eyes are good, then other has beautiful hair, one has pout lips and one has sugary voice. He was going crazy at the lottery. kya karun o ladies main hoon aadat se majboor, singing under his devilish grin with perfectly arching his brow. He changed his mind. He decided atlast whoever the blindfolded girl catches will be the first in his list and so on.. unluckily for him the girls gestured to fool her and leave from there slowly for fun. And they did so. Poor girl now I have to dine her. Thank goodness I don't have to cook an affair, its ready to eat. He slowly walked towards her who was still searching to catch one. And then disaster!  She slipped with the soft mud under her feet and fell down. A little blood gushed out of her elbows. She opened her blindfold slowly catching it from both the ends and the vampire lost it. She was strikingly beautiful. The way her silky tresses flew freely with the breeze, the way she bit and caught her lower lip between her teeth, the way she shrugged her shoulders just elicited the male carnal rush inside him.  The destroyer of beauty slowly approached towards her to sabotage the limited edition piece of prettiness. As she unfolded, she looked around and shook at being fooled. Then she lifted her hand and saw a small bruise with a little blood, 'thank god! It isn't big' then she saw a pair of boots before her and slowly looked up to see the owner. Attired in a black suit he looked like an incarnated Achilles. His sexy topaz grey eyes were glittering like glass and his smile was seductive. He bent down on his knees and turned his head to a side, "hello pink pastry"

Damini who still couldn't recover from his deep mystic eyes, sharp jawline and high cheekbones had got numb with his liquid voice that was pulling her to him. Not her fault. Vampires possess the power of making even a saint human fall head over heals with him. And Prithvi who had always fed on human blood gives him more powers than normal animal blood suckers. That's why human blood is like both elixir and narcotic to them. When Damini fell down, her blood triggered the monster inside him. He was ready to attack. "do you always play in these jungles, silly lambs?" he tried to divert her sanity with his words and hypnotise her. "no," she replied nervously, "we had come for a photoshoot here, i'm a model and we had decided to enjoy after work" she looked down and wanted to escape his gaze and get up and leave. But she couldn't. He didnt move an inch yet she was drawn to him. Prithvi looked into her baby brown eyes and slowly leaned forward indicating to kiss her neck. She didn't feel his breath yet there was something strange about him than made her close her eyes and moan silently in pleasure. It was awful yet wonderful. He was inches away from her neck and in that activation of his genes his pupils dilated in blue and fangs emerge from his canines.  As Prithvi's lower lip touched her side of neck, the first contact between her skin and his, he felt his lips burning, 'aaarrrggghhh' he cried in a blood-curdling and spine-chilling macabre roar. .A roar that was wildly blasted and had probably echoed in the whole Aruku valley. He got up immediately and turned his back to her. Damini got petrified at his scream. "what happened?" she asked with a terror. Prithvi didn't turn towards her as he didn't want to show his burnt lips to her.  He clutched his fists tight in absurd pain that was purely lethal. His mind seemed to be numb and the questions what and how had to wait. He quickly walked away without answering and disappeared into the sleepy, grey autumn mist. Damini was worried, what happened to him? Is he ok? She got up immediately and ran towards him, but he was nowhere. He was here just now, where did he go in seconds?  She looked either sides, it was a huge totally open place. She wondered how he could have vanished.


Few hours later:


A huge old mysterious bungalow is situated near the highest hill in the town where sunlight ceases to exist. People believed it to be haunted, dusty and ready to collapse, except that it never did. Unlikely to their assumptions, inside the bungalow was a neat, classy and elegant atmosphere. Yet it was dark, creepy and sinister. Red drapes flew all along the lounge, the celing was dark and centre of it was a huge Nizam chandelier that was swinging due to violent winds, the fireplace burnt vigorously and there he seated in a royal armchair before it like a wounded beast resting his head back. All that flashed in his terra byte memory mind was the encounter with his newest prey. She was different because he clearly couldn't understand for the first time what tempted him more, her blood or her body *flash* Damini returned back minutes after searching for him. After watching her go from behind a tree Prithvi returned to the place where she was hurt. He saw a few drops of her blood on the ground. He couldn't help but touch the grassy soil with his fingers and touch the blood. He smelled his fingers and let out a deep gasp. Exquisite. He then slowly licked it. O Satan! This had to be the tastier than cherry blossoms. *flash ended* Prithvi's yearning was crossing all the limits. The only thing that creeped like a snakes poison in his thoughts was to have Damini's blood. But he cannot do that without breaking her soft milky skin. And that very skin would burn him. Yet he couldn't resist that unfathomable temptation. It wasn't hard for him to guess that she perhaps had something silver on her body. And silver is lethal for the vampires to the extent that they can't even touch the person wearing something silver. All that he had to do is find out what is she wearing; bracelet, ring, chain or anklet, whatever it is and make it removed. His path will be clear. Not a big deal.


Few days later:


Not a big deal. That seemed to be surprisingly difficult for him. He came to know that Damini had a taaveez around her neck with a black thread and silver holy note inscribed the symbol of Om on it. Another day of autumn, he as usual secretly followed her everywhere. As they say we develop a certain attachment with the people whom we stay for a longer period though it's an enemy. Not that we start loving them. No, it would be just an attachment. Be it hatred if it's an enemy. But a passionate hated. Prithvi too showed such symptom stalking her for long. When he couldn't get her directly at the moment, he spent time watching her and gradually got fascinated. Fascinated not loved. He found her interesting. A petty upcoming model. The girl who didn't try to stop him when she assumed him to be kissing her was purely virginal. Not for long, he gave his trademark impish smirk. That day he was following her from the convent to the mall. Each time she smiled he felt like watching her like a child watching the sky, stars and moon for the first time. She took the escalator and he followed her on the same. When she sat in the food court having something, he would take a seat far behind and stare at her though he wouldn't eat anything himself. He would follow her to every shop in the mall and gape at her through the glasses. He watched her applying blush and lipstick in the cosmetic store and felt like breaking the mirrors which are too small for him to view her through a distance. He saw her twitching her lips after the strawberry gloss application, I feel like a diabetic who is restricted to have the most colorful and delicious fruit tart. She bought few and left the store. He hid himself behind a pillar when she was about to cross him. Then she entered a jewellery store and was choosing among few. Damini took out a small beaded necklace and tried it.. And then she saw him in the mirror. She jerked and turned back. But he wasn't there. Her heart was beating fast. Her breath had clogged the path. You have lost it Damini. Her eyes closed in extreme anxiety. "you like this madam?" the shopkeeper's voice brought her back. "uh?" she asked, he looked at her strangely. She came back to her senses and said "no thank you".


As she came out of the shop she walked slowly. Am I hallucinating? She feels the presence of someone stalking her badly everyday. At nights the cats, the wasps and the crows seem to be bringing the news of something inexplicable. And today she saw the person. She reached the bus stop and saw straight. I knew it my heart couldn't be wrong. Its you. She smiled heavenly at the person on the other side of the road. All that she wanted to do is reach him, touch him and flung her arms onto him. Prithvi who could read her thoughts at the other side of the road got scared. Really, my pink pastry? Then I'm glad that I'm away from you right now. Satan save me. Just then Damini started crossing the road. Prithvi began to curse her for the fact that a prey is scaring the predator away. Prithvi, what a shame on you. He disappeared from that place. So did Damini's smile from her face. She turned all the ways and searched for him but he was nowhere. Then she could see him two lanes away on the opposite side of the road. How did he reach there? I just crossed the road and he didn't cross with me. She looked at him disappointed. Why does he run away from me? She decided she would know it no matter what. Prithvi on the other hand was thinking that this incandescent attraction of Damini will cost him his life. She is a bigger stalker than him, stalking a supernatural. He couldn't hypnotize her to fall for him due to silver yet she had developed this infatuation for him. What an insane girl!  But he couldn't deny the fact that he too was mesmerized by her like never before. He wanted to explore her before ripping her flesh off. Ofcourse he wasn't a saint. Vampires are always high on sexual energy and he had been doing it for centuries. But it had been a pastime not a need for him. However this time it was desperation along with need. Damini's blood had casted a sorcery on the figments of his wild imaginations. Do all the AB -ve owner's posses this? He wondered, I don't think so. She is purer.


He came back to his bungalow and seated in his favorite spot. The royal armchair in front of the fireplace. She does't seem to take out her taaveez even for the photoshoots. I can no longer resist my temptation. Tomorrow she have to bid goodbye to it. He sketched a plan that if she doesn't want to take it and he cannot take it then he will make someone else do it. Next day he paid a huge amount to the ad-director who gave Damini her assignment for a bold net advertisement. Prithvi waited for her to come out so that he would immediately make her take it out and kiss her tight for the beginnings. He smiled at his untamed thoughts when he heard high heeled footsteps. His dread heart was being deathly. As the soft winds ruffled his hair he slowly turned back. He couldn't make out when this deathly feeling became deadly. She stood there right infront of him in a skimpy skirt and a bikini top with a sarong that left little to imagination, in flesh and blood just inches apart. Damini's joy knew no bounds. Infact she knew nothing, why was the joy, the attraction towards a stranger, the awakenings at nights, the day dreaming of mysterious person, nothing.  And she didn't care to know the answers either. She wanted to live life to the fullest and doest want to waste thinking too much of logics and struggling. Even that meant stalking him for years she would do it and get him. "Damini" the photographer called her, she didn't move from the frozen mist state and kept on looking at his deep black eyes that stared into hers back tranced. "Damini".. he touched her shoulder and shake her. "huh!" she came back to reality, "shall we start the shoot" he asked, "yeah" she answered and looked at Prithvi "sure".


Damini walked upto the setting passing through Prithvi. He immediately let out a deep breath feeling the liquorish blood of her. At that point the photographer came up with the idea of taking out her taaveez. She immediately refused. He insisted more. Defeated he let the manager know who then demanded. But she was bold enough to kick the assignment. And started to walk away. "what's the problem in it?" Prithvi said. Hearing his voice Damini turned back. "it's a great offer, you are being offered a handsome money for it" he said in his signature arrogance. Damini walked slowly upto him, "who are you to tell me?" she asked. Not arrogant or rude but as a mere question. Prithvi pursued his lips, "I'm the investor" he answered with a raised eyebrow. But she wasn't interested. And walked into the green room. Prithvi was frustrated. It didn't work. I don't believe this. It was just a matter of few minutes, why's this china doll adamant? he decided to leave the place before Damini comes back to him stalking. I swear once this little bird comes in my hand I'll grill her, roast her, barbeque her and deep fry her. Finally I'll make tandoori wings out of her. I've never waited for anyone so long in my centuries.


Damini came back in just few minutes changing to a simple full sleeved one piece pink dress. But Prithvi wasn't there. She opened the gates of the sets walked out of the place disappointed. She still wasn't able to understand why he always stalked her secretly and why he escapes when she finds out. She closed the knob of the gate and turned. And then she saw him, in his black lancer. Oops, even his car is black, doesn't he like colors? She thought. Prithvi who could read her thoughts from a distance said to himself, then what the hell does she want that I should turn into a pink pastry like her, he heaved a sigh. Damini didn't want to be a despo this time infront of him, so she acted to ignore and started walking away. Prithvi couldn't take that, after all he too wanted to get close her though he cannot touch her. So he followed her slowly and drove his car in minimum speed beside her. She kept on walking for few yards and Prithvi silently drove by side not wanting to start the conversation first.


-"don't you think it would be a courtesy to offer a lift?" she started it.

-"no" he said bluntly.

-"what?" she asked.

-"it would be more like a charity than courtesy" he replied in brusque. While she noticed volumes of attitude in him, I can give you a run for your money in attitude department, she mumbled and didn't speak a word further.

She walked for few more minutes and he drove by side in silence but didn't offer her lift in fear of contact. Prithvi was feeling restlessness with her silent treatment. He could read her thoughts and he knew that she won't give up now.

-finally he gave up, "is the pendant so special to you that'"

-"it was my mom's", she replied before he could complete, "I don't have any other reminiscence of her"

He understood why it was difficult for him to make her remove it. But she has to remove it, he swore.

-"so she was a hindu" he referred to the symbol of Om on it "then how come you grew up in the convent?"

-"who knows" she said. Then she stopped on her tracks, "hey how do you know that I grew up in a convent?" she asked him.

Prithvi fell silent as his hands slowly ran into his hair. How can he, the most cunning, powerful and experienced vampire, lose himself like that? He immediately put his car in fifth gear and escaped from the spot. Damini was left dumbstruck with her mouth opened wide at his behavior. Is he abnormal? She thought.

She stood on the road like a statuette. Now that Prithvi had left, she was in awe and was also upset at the same time as she didn't know when she would see him again. She didn't know whether she would even see him again or not. He was mysterious like a mist but she was frantically infatuated by him.


Few days passed like that. Prithvi would stalk her and she would feel him at her back but never saw him. When she would see him momentarily he would vanish the next second. Thus making her despair worse. She was hanging on a painful edge for which she didn't have explanation, but it hurts. Whereas the evil Prithvi on the other hand was successful in luring her and leashing her at the same time. The windchimes in her room echoed noisily, the wasps and fireflies would still come at her French windows, the crows and cats still trailed her but he was nowhere. His effigy swam in her eyes all the time but it also reminded that he escaped her. This overthinking froze her blood and brought headache. This could lead to migraine. I need an anacin. She got up of her bed and opened her drawer for keys. She locked her house and headed to the nearest pharmacy at such late hour of night.

-"excuse me," she asked the person, "I have a severe headache. I need anacin"

-the person took out a box, "how many madam?"

-"give me a full strip" she asked, "also I haven't been sleeping due to this, give me a strip of compose too"

She took the medicines and paid the chemist.

On the way home she was dizzy due to ache already, he eyes were getting clouded in tears, on the top of all the emotional turmoil alas!  A group of five drunken men in the corner of the road started staring at her. She noticed the prying in their eyes and started walking off as quickly as she can. They chased her and finally surrounded her. One of them stood before her "hey babes, need help" he took his step forward, "oh common", he winked at her, "we are ready to help at any hour of the day, or night" the looks were terrible but she managed to answer in fright, "no, i.." she stammered "just, leave me alone" she tried to moved but he caught her hand and pinned her to the wall and to the steps nearby. Two of them caught her hands tight and one closed her mouth. She struggled to get out the grip but was powerless to resist. The fourth one began to unbuckle his belt and unzipped his pants. She was hopeless and to be doomed in the darkness of the night. Just then they heard the screams of the fifth one. All their attention diverted towards him, he was beaten out of shape and fell on the ground, unconscious. A shadow of an epitome of attitude appeared in the moonlight. He caught held the fourth man by his neck and lifted him up with a single hand effortless, scaring the wits out of other three who left Damini gulping their saliva. With one throw the man landed somewhere too far, perhaps dead. Damini didn't take it long to guess who it is in the black attire. He beat the black and blue out of two who held her hands and were shedding blood tears. The last one who tried to stop her from screaming tried to escape such brutal end, he ran far with all his energy but was caught by the evil prince of darkness and broke his teeth and mouth to death. Damini on the other hand followed him at the same time and saw the sight.

-"hey you!" she was shocked at the bloody sight "is he' is he alive?" she was frightened.

-"no" he replied bluntly.

-"what!"  her head was spinning an was about to trip when..

-"chill, he is very much alive, I only broke his few teeth" he lied "we need to leave before he wakes up"

He started walking away but Damini still turned back at times to check out.

-"Damini, lets go" he said firmly.

He then opened his car door at the passenger seat for her.

-"I don't need a charity" she said coldly.

-"Damini please, look, I know I have been strange and perhaps even rude to you but please I'm asking you something for the first time" his voice sounding unbelievably apologetic.

She nodded like an innocent swan at his words. Prithvi was no saint and feelings are not for him. Human emotions were a topic of mockery in his case. He inwardly sneered with a vengeful pride that soon he would turn the Damini from china doll to a ragged doll brutally.

-"last time.." Damini started, "the way you left me.." she paused and looked at him "I never thought we would be meeting again" she was shivering in his open top car due too the chilly winds of night. "Thank you" she said. Prithvi noticed it and started to take out his coat. "I just can't imagine what could have happened" he left the steering and pulled out his worn jacket "if you weren't there at time" she completed. "I'll help you" she tried to touch him.


-"get your hands off me" he blasted out roughly, his animal instinct tending to come out in his defense. It scared the wits out of her. He threw the jacket on her laps and puts his hands back on the steering to drive. "wear it" she looked at him unblinkingly, her eyes began to turn red in confusion, fear and hurt.


-"why are you doing this to me?" she asked rather emotionally.

-"wear the jacket first" he said with a straight face "then we will talk, you haven't been taking care of yourself"

-"how did you know about it? My health, the men and all at this hour of night. You have been following me right?"

Prithvi prayed to hell to make her stop this emotional drama that would make his hair go grey in irritation. If silver hadn't been protecting her then he would have chopped her neck in a second for this torture.

Damini wore the jacket and felt bit comfortable due to warmth. Prithvi brought the car to halt with a sudden break.

-"huh, I'm sorry I had come too far" he said apologetically. He didn't realized when he passed two lanes cursing Damini. That was the reason he hated her. She affected  him. He had to take a U-turn.

-"did I ask something?" she put again innocently.

He didn't answer. And she was sane enough to understand that he didn't want to.

-"are you comfortable now?" he asked.

-"hmm. Thanks. I feel warmer" she said leaving the topic. He took the turn.

"23242526" she said. He looked at her. "My phone number" she added.

"What's yours?" she asked.

-He turned his head slowly towards her, she was eager. "I don't have a mobile" he said, "distraction"

-"distraction? don't you need one for your work at least?" she tried to get acquainted with him.

He was controlling his temper at the firing of questions. Irritating humans!

-"the whether is beautiful isn't it?"

-he gave a rough look to her, "I don't think so"

- She was tad amazed at his conduct, took his statement with a raised eyebrow, "do you love music?"


-"oh," she looked at him top to toe in awe, "then what do you love?"

-"destroy anything that's beautiful" he said menacingly looking into her eyes.

-she was silent in fright, "good sense of humor" she brushed it aside. He gave a half smile to her.

- "what are your hobbies?" she asked after that.

He stopped the car suddenly.

-"get out!" he said curtly.

-"wh..what?" she asked with trembling lips.

-he cooled down his mind, "I mean you have reached home. Go and take rest"

He got out of his car and began to walk away controlling her tears.

Prithvi pressed the horn twice to call her. She turned back, "my coat, please" he asked.

-"oh, sorry" she took out and gave it to him. She noticed it at that time that it smells of coffin-wood.

-"put it on the seat" he said not wanting to touch her.

She could no longer take his behavior.

-"why do behave with me as if I'm untouchable?"

-"Untouchable!" he looks at her in anger.

-"Yes, untouchable. As if I belong to the lowest caste or infected with a serious contagious disease" she complained.

-"then what do you want me to do, sleep with you at this hour of night?" he gave back to her.

-"just shut up" she shouted "you know very well what I mean"

-"no, I don't, please explain" he said shaking his head.

-"forget it," she said finding him hopeless and turned to go into the house. She opened the lock and shut the door loud. Damini's questions and her restlessness didn't have an ounce of effect on Prithvi. But he wished he could make a good equation with her because he didn't want to rape her in near future though he could hypnotize and freeze her once she is out of silver. But he didn't want to romance on the block of ice body either. He couldn't figure why he had these two exceptions on Damini for the first time in his existence, still he was sure of not doing them to her.


Damini was standing at her windows, looking up to the full moon that shone like silver in the midnight sky. The soft winds made gushing noises blowing her baby curled hairs away. Her blue little night frock hugged her hourglass figure more possessively. Her doe eyes fell back to the thoughts of meeting him. *flash* the first time she saw him. That classically handsome face, those intoxicating eyes, his velvety voice that darted novel sensations straight at her heart *flash ended* she kept on thinking, the mere temporary attraction that she contemplated wasn't just ephemeral. That wasn't fleeting. And just few hours ago, he was truly a Byronic hero. She cried for nights and longed for him, She crossed the paths of insanity for him, she stalked him, she cared for him. But why? I don't know, he is just a stranger who disappears in the mist and what exactly do I know about him, not even' not even his name. she looked at the moon.


Prithvi in his towered house was staring the moon too. His perfectly chiseled jaw was stiff. His eyes were narrowed in desperation. *flash* damini sitting next to him in the car. Her alluring scent of blood driving him crazy. *flash ended* why are doing to me damini? Just break the brick wall between us and come running into my arms. He folded his hands dreamily. She was so close yet so far from him. This made his lust for her grow stronger and stronger day by day. Temptations prevailed in his covertness. The dissatisfaction increased his naked wants to such an extent that he only fantasized claiming her in his animalistic force.


Where it was being an extreme lust in case of prithvi, damini realized I love him. I love him from the core of my heart. She was happy, her infatuation is actually love. This is insanity, I know. But I still love you, truly, madly and deeply. Her peach skin glowed shades brighter, her cheeks turned crimson red, suddenly her dark circles seem to be vanishing, her headache disappeared and she no longer felt feverish.  She doesn't need the compose tablet for sleep. She was in love which was the most precious feeling. She accepted him with all his good, bad and ugly traits though she doesn't exactly know him. But she was connected to him. And this bound her heart with his, like it is forever.


Prithvi wanted to see her. Not that he cared for her. But he was just so mitten by the peach skin and doe eyes of damini. He dropped in at her window. His moves were in a pin drop silence, one of the powers he possessed just like he zoomed faster than wind from his house. He slowly entered inside her bedroom. She was in a deep sleep with a soft smile playing on her lips. The moonlight fell on her porcelain face and her peach skin bathed in it. Angelic! He whispered in a trance. As she moved petite in her sleep, he checked out her delicate frame scanning her hungrily with his x-ray eyes. He checked out her pink juicy lips that were absolutely kissable at the moment. Her full curves with a perfect cleavage for which he extended his hands to touch but stopped at his tracks. He wished she wasn't forbidden. He wished he could take her into his arms and grace his bed. His evil intentions on an innocent sleeping beauty were disastrous. He neither cared that she was delicate nor was concerned about her love for him. He minded his own business of killing with pleasure. She smiled naively in her sleep dreaming about prithvi, that was totally irresistible to the soulless monster who sat on her bed. He bends down to kiss those berrylicious lips. As he neared her so close to feel her breath, his eyes fell on the taaveez hanging around her neck. Vendetta it is, he rolled his eyes. Just then damini's eyes flung open. Prithvi jerked back immediately and stood up, while she sat up in a shock. Her heart throbbed unsteadily seeing him in her bedroom, just an inch away from her lips. Before she could ask anything he jumped out of the window. She got up and looked out. But he wasn't there. Was I dreaming.. she hit her head No, he was indeed here. She was disappointed the way he left her again. She decided that she should let him go, but her love is unconditional and would never change. If he really belonged to her he would come to her someday.  Prithvi had hatched a perfect plan to this time to get damini into his den.


Next day he paid a petty thief to steal her taaveez. She went the market and was buying some scented candles for the mass prayer next day. She could feel prithvi watching her. It was just as if her soul was in a network area of the connection called prithvi. She knew nothing about him, what is his name, where is he from, nothing. Yet he is stranger who has probably become her soulmate. Soulmate? Definitely. Because she has deep feelings for him, affinity, similarity, spirituality, compatibility and sexuality, name it and she shares it with him.. he will realize it one day, and he'll stop escaping me. She was confident that he will come to her. Prithvi kept on reading her. I'll come to you soon.. but only to drink your blood. In the busy market his job was done. He left her and came to the his car. The thief had cut the thread and offered it to him. "put it in this" prithvi gave him a black silk cloth  making sure not to touch him. He wrapped the taaveez in it and handed to prithvi. Prithvi bid him a goodbye paying him handsomely. His chiseled features had a bratty triumphant smirk. Now he is unstoppable. He is fearless to enter the prohibited area. And this made him laugh loudly in madness. The craziness conquered him. He stopped laughing after some time and went to see damini immediately and touch her or atleast shake hands with her or probably steal a kiss at the moment. He found her roaming like a crazy girl in the market searching for her most precious object.


Few hours later, he went to her outside the convent. There he saw damini seated on a bench. She was sobbing. And he saw her tears for the first time. And sadly they didn't affect him. He removed his classically black Rayban shades revealing his sexy topaz grey eyes. Human emotions irritated him. "Generally girls look horrible while crying" he said standing behind her, she lifted her head hearing him, "but you look pretty" he added.

-"leave me alone, please" she requested him.

-"I'm sure you can share your problem with me" he acted all good behind his cunning eyes.

-"I lost my mom's last reminiscence. I have never taken it from my neck and today.. I lost it" she cried harder.

-"look, it happens. That's ok"

-"I knew it" she raise her voice, "you wont understand, how can you? When you yourself don't have any feelings"

Prithvi read between her words, yeah he didn't have feelings but he didn't like her throwing it on his face though she had done it unknowingly.

-"fine, look. If it is really yours and only yours then you'll definitely get it back some day" he told her in a hope to stop her from crying, which was making his head blast in ache.

-"but.. the little piece always made me realize that I'm not alone. My mom is with me always and now.." she said rubbing her cheeks.

"I feel all alone today, I have no one by my side. It's like just me and my solitude. I'm secluded" she told him bursting into tears.

-"Marry me"

He told her suddenly.

Damini looked back at him in a sudden shock. She stood up blinking her teary doe eyes at him

-"what??" she asked catching her breath in astonishment.

He came two steps forwards.

-"I said marry me. Even I'm all alone. Tomorrow is a Sunday. We are getting married here, in this church" he threw a sentimental cum attitude streak on her.

Damini's mind blocked at this. She felt so numb that she couldn't even pinch herself to clarify whether it's a dream or a real.

"damini I'm waiting, please say something"

-"if anyone.." she hesitated in shyness, "asks what's the name of your would be husband then.." she blushed at him, "what.. would' I say?"

He sensed her heart was beating too fast, her eyes were dreamy and words were hesitating. She loved him.

-he gave the most genuine big smile to her, "prithvi"

He left the place leaving damini with the dreams of a new beginning, a new hope and a new life with him.


Damini felt she is the luckiest girl in the world. Her happiness new no bounds. Doors for the seventh heaven seem to be opening for her. She looked herself into the mirror in her house and blushed like a bride. Just then she had received a phone call. She went to pick it up.


"hello'" she felt the silence.


She said.

Prithvi felt his dead heart missed a beat. Damini had called him by is name for the first time. He never felt his name was so beautiful. Infact it sounded sweeter than sugar and the most charming in the universe. Stop diverting prithvi! what's wrong with you? He thought.


-"umm.. hi.." he said after a while.

-"hmm, how did you get my number?" she asked blushing, though she knew that he had been stalking her badly and perhaps knew many things about her.

-"actually, I'm coming in a few minutes to pick you up. I mean.. its like.. I'm asking you out on a date" he managed to complete his sentence.


After a brief conversation, damini got ready wearing a blood red seriously short strapless dress that had three rows of fringe laces at the bottom. Prithvi had come to pick her up in his black lancer wearing ofcourse black Armani suit. He brought her favourite lilies. Presenting it to her he said, "you look truly beautiful"

She tucked her newly made baby curls behind her ear, "thank you" she blushed.




Prithvi was finally going to get what he wanted. He was taking damini to his house in the name of date with his would be wife. They reached his bungalow and he stopped his car before it.

-"you stay here?" she asked.

-"hmm" he said.

-"even the sunshine doesn't fall here"

-"does it matter when there is no sun in my life" he said.

Damini read it that he is all alone. She promised herself that she would never let him feel the isolated.

As they entered inside, she was hugely surprised.

-"this' this doesn't seem so from outside.." she told him.

-"never judge a book by its cover" he told her raising his eyebrows.

She smiled, there were beautiful scented candles and her favourite flowers all inside. Though its like dark, it was perfectly romantic. Prithvi did all this for her? Alone? She was felt so blissful. She took a stroll in the house, the antic pieces in it, the books and the music collection. But prithvi told me that he doesn't like music. She went through his collection. They were quite old. Infact they seem to be from a different era. Spanish classical, Egyptian jazz and the contemporaries. Strange! She thought.


Few minutes later prithvi invited her for dinner. He pulled out a chair for her and he sat on the other end chair of the table.

"you are treating me more like a guest than your would be wife" she joked. He smiled along. That was lovely she expressed. All of the things were her favourite. Prithvi wasn't exactly eating anything from his plate. But he kept having glasses of red wine. After the dinner they both were sitting near the fire place glancing into each others eyes. Damini stood up and walked upto the book shelf trying to pick one. He followed her and hugged her from back wrapping her like a snake through her slim waist. "dance?" he mumbled whispers into her ears. The windchimes brought out the natural music with the winds. Jaadu hai nasha hai, madhoshiyan.. tujhko bhulake ab jaaun kahan.. she got out of his grip and started to walk away, he then caught her fists and stopped her. dekhti hai, jis tarah se, teri narein mujhe main khud ko chupaun kahan.. he slowly brought her closer putting his full plam on her elbows and then slowly tracing upto her shoulders. His grey eyes had a sense of ultimate passion for the lady in red who is the bearer of the intoxicating blood. Damini who is unaware of his real intentions slowly began to dron in that passion. Kuch bhi na samjhe, kuch bhi na maane.. dil kar raha hai, kitne bahaane' he placed a soft and firm kiss on her naked shoulder and then slowly on her neck gripping he cheek. He turned her towards him and kissed her cheek. Tumko dekhen, tumko chahein iss taran se kabhi.. humne kisiki chaha kahan.. he slowly kissed lips, he soon lost his control and didn't realize when his baby kisses turned into an intense and carnal ones. jaadu hai nasha hai, madhoshiyan.. tujhko bhulake ab jaaun kahan.. He pinned her to the wall without breaking from the kiss and started making her breath get stuck in her throat with his lust. Damini was feeling suffocated but she had to think otherwise as he was is would be husband and she is going to marry him the next day. Also that she loved to cross all the levels of trust and insanity. She felt complete, it was giving her a security that she is not alone. Prithvi is her soulmate and he will always be with her. Before she could know prithvi was increasing his pressure on her, perhaps even making her bruised. She cared less; afterall she was in love with him irrevocably. Actually irrationally to be precise. Their hands were entwined while her other hand was on his chest to decrease the pain, but he was a beast, it wasn't possible to her. Prithvi's other hand was dig into her hair making her delicate frame steady against him. She put her arms around his neck  after the kiss. Prithvi traced the contours of back with his fingers from top burning the skin beneath her dress into flames, as he stopped at her tailbone she let out a deep breath which was giving her signs of something drastic. But love is insanity. She felt safe with prithvi. Before she could actually listen to her conscience prithvi's hands unzipped her dress which landed straight at her feet.


Within few minutes she found herself in his bed with him unclothed savoring her naked body. He was totally ravaging her right from her curve, circle and triangle making her lose her virginity. She tried to feel him everywhere but she could neither hear his heartbeat nor sense his breath. She grabbed a little time and kissed his lips with love which prithvi couldn't feel. "you love me right?" he asked. She kissed him again along his neck and shoulders, "when you know the answer why are asking?" she said dreamily or rather the fact that she was too hurt. Her voice has killed her. Prithvi's process of exhuming passion made her bleed. He no more felt like a man, she had awakened the animal inside him. He entered his prey for one last time hugging her, "I love you prithvi" she said as he kissed her neck, "I love you too' to death" with these words he ripped her soft milky skin with a bite.


Damini yelped in pain, prithvi was relishing on her blood slowly. This was making her death more and more painful. He lifted his head and damini was shocked at what she saw. Prithvi's pupils dilated in blue, fangs had emerged from his mouth and it was covered with blood. The blood curdling sight made her pain worse. He bent down and bit her again. His madness was like that of a drug addict who cannot be cured even with rehabilitation. Finally in her last drops of blood, "look at my original form and tell do you still love an animal like me?" he smirked beastly like a true vampire who finally got what he wanted. "but I still love you" she managed to say and died in his arms.


Prithvi placed her motionless body on the bed filled with all her blood and went to clean himself. Few minutes later he got himself dressed his black muslin pajamas and sat like a triumphant beast on his royal armchair, fully satisfied and contented. He muscles seem to have done so much of work that night to emerge him victorious. He relaxed himself resting his head back and closing his eyes. *flash* damini's face, she was smiling at him, her baby curls flying with the breeze, her peach skin blushing with all the love for him *flash ended* prithvi opened his eyes with a jerk. He was loosing it. He went inside the bathroom and splashed water on his face. When his raised his head he saw damini's image in the mirror. He turned back suddenly. But she wasn't there. Slowly he began to think of the moments he spent with her. He felt heavy. Something very important was missing from his life suddenly. He felt he had lost something very precious. As he rested his hands on the parapet of mirror, "I love you prithvi" her words rung in his ear. He opened his eyes. He had felt the sudden urge to see her. He zoomed upstairs to his room where he ravaged and killed her. He stopped at the entrance of the room. His bed was all blood. Surprisingly, he didn't feel attracted.


He walked slowly towards her and saw her at peace. Her neck was drenched in blood. He slowly took the sheet covering her saw her naked body. His eyes widened and his blood seemed to be freezing at the very sight. There were all purple bruises on her body and the scars of his nails, her ribs were broken, her arms were discolored, her lower parts were bleeding due to his carnal pressure. She must have been in unbearable pain. But she had found pleasure in it only for him. She hadn't said a single word against it. She didn't stop him nor objected to his moves. For the first time in his life he discovered that he had something called guilty conscience. He felt ashamed of himself. Unknowingly tears started to flow from his eyes. Tears of blood. He didn't even know before that vampires tear in blood. This showed how evil he was and he loathed himself. He was devastated. He wished he could at least once go back in time and have stopped behaving like an animal at loose.

*Flash* prithvi in damini's room, sitting on her bed when she was asleep. He tried to kiss her when she flung her eyes open *flash ended* he bent down and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips in hope that she'd wake up but she didn't. Remorse stated to take over him. Human emotions which he always made fun of showed him his placed today. That he is a pervert, a leech, an animal. He took the undue advantage of a girl who loved him even at her death. Who accepted his ugly reality and said that "I still love you", he had given her false promises of marrying her, he had given her treacherous dreams of keeping her happy, he had slept with her in the name of touching soul and killed her. This made him petty in his own eyes. He understood the meaning of the word love.


He pleaded her to wake up,

he made thousands of promises that he had changed,

he is actually alone,

he needed her,

he asked for forgiveness,

but she never woke up.


He understood the power of love, damini's unconditional love changed the most dangerous and evil predator of centuries. Myriad emotions didn't help him to get her back from death. Perhaps his heinous sins need more repentance. He finally realized, he loved her. He shouted, that he loved her. "I love you damini" "damini I love you" "please don't do this to me" "please don't leave me" his blood tears weren't stopping. He couldn't accept the fact that she had died; that he had killed her. There was no trace of life in her. He held his hair in despair. This made him wild. He made a spine-chilling roar that echoed in the entire valley, making it more obvious to the people over miles that the bungalow is indeed haunted. It beat like hammers in his head. He waited, waited and waited. For her to get up  and hug him, kiss him, tease him. But she fell there like a ragged china doll who managed to remain beautiful even being naked, dirty in blood and bruised skin just because she had the most beautiful heart. The heart which carried love  even for a blood sucking monster who killed her with all the cruelty.


Centuries passed, prithvi still loved damini. He didn't touch any human since her death. He wished he was a human so that he would suicide and unite with damini in some other world. but belonging to the world of living dead hurt him. He stopped feeding on blood, he touched silver. But death never came again. His punishment was to stay like a living dead in remorse that he killed his love with his own hands. His punishment was loneliness which is bigger and worse than any retribution in the world.  He sat before her grave. the words carved on it along with his heart.




A beautiful girl,

A special child,

A wonderful human being,

Will never forget you,

Will always love you,

Till the end of time'


He touched the tomb softly with his fingers, imagining her lovely hairs, this time with love. "I still love you damini" he said.


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..Waves.. Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 5:41am | IP Logged

Ahem...Tichhh dis is scary n I mean it...Embarrassed I nvr receive such scary gift on bth day beforeTongueLOL...!!! Thanxxx so much for dis...Embarrassed

Nw cuming to was intriguing I was literally holding my breath till end...!! I so loved d ending part...Star Unique concept...though I felt most of d parts were inspired frm PKYEK I dnt mind it at all...:D I still love it...!! N for me imagining Pri as evil... lusty Vampire is quite easy...m comfortable with it aftr mkng VM on it LOL...strangeD'oh..!! Nw m tempting to go back n watch my VM once again...:P
Great job...Clap Ur writing style was diff in dis OS loving d write more n moreBig smile...!! N tnax again for dis OS...!!

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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazypridaholic


Ahem...Tichhh dis is scary n I mean it...Embarrassed I nvr receive such scary gift on bth day beforeTongueLOL...!!! Thanxxx so much for dis...Embarrassed

Nw cuming to was intriguing I was literally holding my breath till end...!! I so loved d ending part...Star Unique concept...though I felt most of d parts were inspired frm PKYEK I dnt mind it at all...:D I still love it...!! N for me imagining Pri as evil... lusty Vampire is quite easy...m comfortable with it aftr mkng VM on it LOL...strangeD'oh..!! Nw m tempting to go back n watch my VM once again...:P
Great job...Clap Ur writing style was diff in dis OS loving d write more n moreBig smile...!! N tnax again for dis OS...!!
awww, nitzy
the first one to comment.. i didnt even sent pms yet and you commented.. thats so sweet..
and scary??? aww really? then chalo my job is done.
and please yaar dont compare my one-shot to a stupid and idiotic show like pkyek..
i wouldnt have mind if its twilight, true blood or tvd..
and i'm really happy that you loved it. i thought you'll kill me at the end coz it tragic.
lekin kya karen, main hoon aadat se majboor.
thanks again jaan..

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged
wow amazing fic

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UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
I told you na Prithvi as a vampire is lethal...
You portrayed that brilliantly...the chronic lack of conscience, the lust for blood and the lethal skills of he makes one scary supernatural.
Damini on the other hand was a fragile china doll, innocence personified and one believing in all that is positive...only some one like Prithvi before he fell for her could actually use her like that...otherwise to even hold a diabolical thought for her would be too much...
What do I say about your weave a visual treat for you readers my darling...transporting them to your world, giving an in depth understanding of each character...
Kept  me entranced throughout 
Thank you for this wonderful treat sweet heart...
Love should be that which brings out the righteous in you...
That which teaches you to sacrifice, that which shows you the right path...

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pia09 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Hi Tich, thks for the awesum os. even visualize Prithvi as vampire. really enjoyed reading it.

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sur001 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Awesum os tich
beauty and the beast where beast won his prey but lost his love. . .When he lost her he realised his mistake but it was too late. . .Gr88 work

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Devil_Of_Heaven Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
OMG tich i don't have the slightest idea how to tell you about the awesomeness of this OS... Hug Clap 
i loved prithvi as a vampire...he was awesome...the way you described his evilness was awesomeEvil was giving me shivers...i love it...HeartEmbarrassed
and damini's character was sooo amazing and beautiful... i loved how she loved him till the end..Heart
and the way you described prithvi's pain at the end,,,it was breath taking...i was literally in tears...Clap
you are an awesome amazing and fabulous writer..i love your you create the suspense and the climax at the end...StarClap
i am in seriously in love with this OS...plz do write more stories like this...Tongue
especially make prithvi a vampire..cuz i fell in love with him in this OS...prithvi as a vampire was an awesome treat BlushingDay DreamingWink
seriously buddy i LOVE this..Heart
amazing job...

-Mah HugHug

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