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The Insanity Club #6 [Invites Only]

NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Welcome to The Insanity Club!!!!

Number #7

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    Do not be easily offended!!!
    Be very willing to see where the madness takes you!!!
    Be open to new ideas!!!
    Any addition to the member list or invitees to the group should be discussed.


Have FUN!!!!

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Kristin's story by Vibha

He looked like a greek god kristin sighed she was busy spying on her new neighbour who had just moved in two days back. He was tall really tall 6 '4 and his shoulders... He was wearing a black jeans and black sweatshirt and was carrying a gym bag so tat s how he got those fab shoulders not like her eating pizza and drinking coke and lying around the whole day.

She would make him the hero of her new novel without a doubt.the last two days she kept having fantasies about him.last two days she heard oly sad songs from his he was depressed must ve been a love failure she mused half an hour later she dreamt he was a spy then a serial killer then a sad musician.she decided she had dreamt about him enough now she would go and meet him the best way to be cook something for him and introduce herself.she decided to make sandwiches for him and she would finally see him up close

his name was vishal singh.he was not particularly mysterious just private.he had been the subject of various stares and sly gestures to attract attention from many woman in the building. This house was just temporary in couple of months the renovation of his house would be complete..

Suddenly he heard the bell ring and when he peeped through the keyhole he saw a tiny cute girl with big green eyes and a beautiful smile.

He opened the door and she chirped 'hi i am kristin 4d! I brought some sandwiches for u you might be hungry'when he oly lifted his eyebrow and snatched the plate from her hand she felt insulted.
'i heard you playing songs i work at home and sound travels you know'oh so she was not here to drool over him like all the other girls but was here to bitch about the noise but he was not going to reduce it anyway.he continued staring at her admiring her.she was wearing a short top which showed off her curves to the fullest and jeans her toes were painted in shocking pink.

She looked around the whole apartment it was barely furnished poor fellow he could not afford much.not everyone was lucky like her to be born with a golden spoon.she tried to start a conversation but he just shut the door at her face.
Kristin was shocked how rude and arrogant could someone be she wanted to pound on his door and ask him to give her sandwiches back.she was glad tat he was really attractive and was a greek god but rude like hell.he was not her type for sure.

jigar banged the door shut he had seen the girl earlier but he could not remember when and where.he switched on the tv and suddenly he remembered where he had seen her earlier. Tat girl had some nerve to come back and offer him sandwiches in such a gushing sweet innocent way to a man who had seen her naked!!!he opened his door and banged hers.

Wat the hell was he talking had he lost his mind if she had ever seen a man like him earlier she could never forget him.probably he was a lunatic who ran away from the mental institution.I THINK YOU VE MISTAKEN ME FOR SOME ONE ELSE...

YOU DONT NEED TO PUT THIS INNOCENT ACT SAVE IT FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER SEEN YOU NAKED KRISTIN! She was shocked she crossed her arms around her protectively.wat gal in her right mind would parade herself in front of him who was physically perfect. YOU VE NEVER SEEN ME NAKED she replied timidly shaking her head.
I VE NEVER WORN HIGH HEELS IN MY LIFE I CANT WALK IN THEM I TRIP.she tried explaining.I NEVER FORGET A FACE OR BODY he countered.YOUR BODY HAS RIPENED!AND THE BLUSH IS SOMETHING NEW.he checked her from top to bottom and muttered THE WEIGHT SUITS YOU.the last time he had seen her she was stick thin bordering on size zero.but she looked better now.
It was kristin s turn to shut the door on him this time.

She had some guts to close the door on him.last time the shameless hussy was busy trying to seduce him all naked in high heels.he knew it was not just his great body and charming face that attracted men it was the added bonus the money tat really attracted them.he was the heir of singh industries after all.tat was enough for the juices to flow!!.last time he had seen her he was not attracted to her at all but now she could turn him hard with one stare.

Kristin dint know wat he was talking about she dint know him had never seen him dint know his name yet he claimed tat he had...he was a lunatic tat was the oly explanation she concluded.
If anyone would ever hear tat they would die laughing.she had always been shy hardly going out on dates she had just kissed two guys earlier and it was not an exciting experience at all.he was the first guy who had made weird sensations in her stomach by just looking but his ridiculous claims and attitude were a definate turn off.

he had been thinking how to meet her from the part two days.he wanted to see her again.the last time she had come to him so it was oly fair he go to her place.suddenly he remembered the plate in which she had brought the sandwiches returning it would be a perfect excuse.he banged the door but to his suprise it was not locked and his touch opened it.he entered the place was beautifully decorated for someone who worked from home.he looked at the wall lot of photographs of her in exotic locations were hanging so she was not one of the gals who was behind him for his tat was a plus point she came from a wealthy family herself.he called out her name but there was no answer.he went in looking for her she was in the bedroom trying to open her shirt with one hand.he went inside announced.

NO THEY DINT COZ NO ONE TAUGHT YOU TO LOCK THE DOOR AS WELL He replied. She had applied mehendi on one of her palm tat s the reason she was undoing her buttons with one hand.
It was definately his lucky day today he decided. He just kept the plate on the bed and stared at her with hot hungry eyes.she was mesmerized by him the way he looked at her gave her goose bumps.she was so lost tat she dint register him opening her buttons one by one.he removed her shirt carefully.jigar s gaze slid over her body.the sight of her in just a light pink bra was enough to set his heart pounding.every instinct kristin possessed made her want to cover herself but she snapped.I THOUGHT YOU HAD SEEN ALL THIS BEFORE..

she felt like hitting him with a huge stone.was he calling her fat?she was not blessed like amy...tat s when it hit was like the jigsaw puzzle had been solved.he had not seen her naked but it was her twin amy!!
Before she could react to any of this his mouth swooped on her and kissed her senseless.he was raining kisses all over her face her ears her eyes her neck on the exposed surface and she was in no position to stop him.she wanted him to go down further but he was busy biting her neck sensually.she was lost in his magic ,his fingers his mouth his tongue had created a spell and she was held captive.she groaned in content.
Suddenly she heard someone scream her name and the magic was broken she was shell shocked to see her parents at the doorway .

Kristin was really really scared her parents had caught her kissing a guy in a topless state.she knew wat was coming she gulped and looked down ready for the drama.

Vishal looked at her parents and recognized mr and mrs smith.they had met each other at lot of parties and his father and mr smith got on really well.kristin was their daughter?he was a very gentle man who hardly ever got angry so vishal was ashamed that he was caught in such a situation with his daughter.

He decided to diffuse the tension by finding her shirt and giving it to her.he looked at her mom who was furious and was ready to kill. She came up to them and glared vishal knew she was about to slap him to take advantage of her daughter.obviously her parents would not know tat this was nothing new for their daughter he had seen her in a far more compromised situation two years back and she was the one who was seducing him tat time so she was definately not innocent but how could he explain tat to her mother. He closed his eyes waiting for the slap.but when he finally heard it he dint feel any pain he opened his eyes to see her slapping her daughter.

The tears rolling down kristin s cheeks were more coz of the humiliation than the stinging slap her mother had given her.she had always been the responsible daughter and to be caught half naked with a guy was downright humiliating.she knew her mother s views on sex before marriage and she knew wat was about to come.her mom started crying and questioned her how could you kristin??how could you do this??wat wrong ve i done tat both of my daughters??she started sobbing there must be something wrong with me tat what all values i gave you were all forgotten tat you were about to ...i cant even say it i am so ashamed of you.kristin tried to comfort her mom and held her hand but her mom shrugged back and screamed dont touch me you ve acted like a common tramp oh lord why did i ve to see it. and kept crying.

Vishal who had lost his real mother when he was young could not see her crying and decided to take charge of the situation.he took the shirt and told kristin to go to the bathroom wear it.he gently held her mom s elbow and made her sit on the bed.kristin disappeared.vishal wiped the tears on the older woman s cheeks and said in a gentle voice no aunty you ve it all wrong.       Your daughter is not a tramp aunty she is a gem i just proposed her for marriage today and she agreed you ve it all wrong.when she accepted me as a part of her life i could just not control my feelings for her she even resisted me but its me who is at fault and not her.i will marry your daughter soon her reputation will be intact you need not bother about smile aunty pl.

When she heard this jane s happiness knew no limits she immediately hugged him and said welcome to the family are not joking? You guys are seriously engaged tat s good news !she turned to her husband excitedly and even he was happy.

Wait i will go get something sweet to eat and kristin s mom went to the kitchen.vishal started apologizing to her dad but her father held her hand and replied sometimes even the best lose control son am glad ur intentions are honourable.tat s the oly thing i want.

Kristin was in the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror and felt really ashamed she had lusted after one guy and she was caught up in a nightmare.she could not believe this was happening to her.she had never done anything wrong in her entire life but it all came crashing down.she washed her face and tried to scrub away tat strangers kisses and touch.she was shocked she dint even know his name oh god tat was like adding insult to the injury.she had no courage to face the drama outside she washed her face and combed her hair.when she went outside she was shocked to see her mom feeding him some cookies with her own hands.wat had happened when she had gone inside her mom was showering so much love on him and he was enjoying every bit of soon as her mom saw tat she was out of the bathroom she hugged her tight and exclaimed am glad you both are engaged

Wat was her mother sayin?? Engaged to this stranger who not oly claimed he had seen her naked but had seen her sister and her topless?oh god why was her mother making ridiculous claims then it hit her they must ve convinced him to get married to her anyways he was really poor she had seen his barely furnished apartment so they had decided to save her honour by offering a huge sum of money this was not new anyways they had done this earlier as well.the greedy fellow must ve jumped at the chance and agreed to marry her she dint blame him promise of a huge amount of money could convince a lot of she had to break off the engagement herself she could give him some money from her own trust fund which would mature soon or from the money which her agent would give once her new novel would be published in a month.

She had to talk to her father about breaking off this fake engagement.her mother held her and guided her to sit on the bed next to her so called fiancee.vishal was amazed at the way her mom changed earlier she had slapped her daughter now she herself made them sit together and started talkin about the huge engagement party she would be throwing soon.
Kristin wanted too run away when her mom fed her some sweets and asked her to feed her fiancee as well.she turned and saw a naughty smile so he was enjoying his discomfort was he?she would deal with it later when she would break this farce engagement and he would not even get a single rupee served him right.he had shut the door on her face eaten her sandwiches dint praise it barged in her house kissed her senseless undressed her invaded her dreams made her loose control ruined her reputation in front of her parents.she hated him she hated his expressive eyes she hated his naughty smile .

Her mom then told them to dress up and they would go to buy an engagement ring.kristin could not say no to her mother she just wore her oldest pair of jeans and a faded tshirt to irk her.but he looked breathtaking in a white shirt folded till his elbows and jeans.when they reached the jewellery shop her mom let both of them go and decided tat they would wait outside.she went inside the shop he took her arm.she decided to buy the first ring she would see and picked a plain gold band.

vishal who was seeing rings a few counters away decided he wanted her to wear something which matches her green eyes.he started hunting for rings and the one he finally selected was worth a fortune.

she decided to pay for the gold band after billing when he glared and shouted at her what makes you think i will let you wear that tiny ridiculous thing?.even if you wanted to wear it why would i make you pay for the ring.the press will ve a field day i want you to wear my ring so tat the whole world knows you are engaged to me vishal singh.the ring should be worthy of the future singh family bride.

Kristin was staring at him open mouthed he was vishal singh? The vishal singh?oh god she had heard so many stories about him.he was supposed to be poor!!! Why had he agreed to marry her??he was definately in no need of money so why??was it to expand his business?that was highly unlikely he could buy anything he wanted just by snapping his fingers.he was supposed to date beautiful woman who had an air about themselves why choose her?
He paid for the ring took her to the car opened the door for her .he showed the ring to her parents it definately met their approval he placed it on her finger and kissed her hand.
Kristin knew she was doomed she saw the firm resolve in her eyes and she knew she could never break this engagement.    

Here is the next part for kristin
So the mean rude fellow was not poor she fumed.wat could she do now he was not under any pressure to get engaged so he must ve agreed for it.the sly wolf she wanted to wipe tat silly grin off his face and pull his hair. He was talking to her mom like she was his own. Both her parents were ignoring her and focussing their attention on him.she dint blame her mom ,she had always wanted a son but after the twins there had been some problems and she could not deliver again. Her sister had crashed their dreams and now she had found this brute who they claimed was her fiancee.she was silent the entire journey.

When they reached home her mom decided to cook something for the special occasion and she was supposed to help her.her mom enquired as to what vishal s fav dish was she dint have a clue and started mumbling.her mom glared at her and asked him wat he wanted to eat. Kristin was not prepared for wat happened next. He came and stood next to her and caught hold of her hand.he started tracing small circles with his thumb on her palm. Suddenly he lifted her hand and kissed her hand sensuously the moist heat of his mouth and the wicked glint in his eye made her mouth dry.she swallowed before she or her mom could react he replied pl make sandwiches for me like the last time love they were really tasty.tat was the first thing u ever cooked with these small beautiful hand of yours and he kissed her again.

Kristin rolled her eyes how cheesy could someone be. If the kiss had warmed her these stupid artificial lines was water on the flames.

She jerked her hand out of his nodded and went to the kitchen to compose herself. She had no idea how time flew when helping her mom cook food for an army.

Before dinner she changed into her night clothes a tshirt and pair of knee length shorts which was a routine.she was made to sit next to him on one side while her parents sat together on the other side.she had made a huge mistake she realized when she noticed him checking out her legs and she made it worse by uncrossing them drawing his attention to them and the shorts had slid and were oly covering half her thighs. .

She had great legs the last time he had such a great view was when she had walked naked in heels.but then her legs looked like sticks now she looked so tat she was his fiancee he could have his way with her anytime and everywhere she could not resist.the uncrossing of her legs was a definite she was equally hungry for him.
He decided to give her what she wanted he continued eating while his left hand on her bare thigh.

Kristin knew the devil would torture her now.his touch was playing havoc to her senses. His fingers drew all kinds of patterns on her legs inching higher each passing minute.he was definately experienced she concluded.he would decrease his pace when ever she wanted it to continue.she dint know herself if she wanted it to stop or continue but when she saw the smug satisfied smile on his face she decided to get even. She dropped her fork and on the pretext of retrieving it she bent and poked his feet with the sharp ends.he yelped in pain and tat voice was a soothing balm to her ego.
Her mom enquired as to why he yelped and he just gave some weird excuse. Poke him would she?he decided to teach her a lesson which she would never forget.after finishing dinner they decided to watch tv and her parents who were staying back decided to retire for the night.tat s when vishal created a scene tat that he had locked the door of his house and misplaced his key somewhere earning him to permission to crash on her couch while her parents would stay in the guest room and she could sleep peacefully in hers.
Now he would make her pay he decided she would definately come to confront him tonight and he would make sure her voice would wake her mom.


kristin lay on the bed thinking of ways to start a conversation with her so called fiancee who was sleeping on her couch outside.she had to confront him somehow ask him why he had agreed for this sham engagement.she steadied her nerves and opened her bedroom door.
Vishal heard the door opening so finally it was show time it would be a lot of fun.he pretended to sleep and started snoring.
As soon as kristin came near him she tried to touch his broad shoulder to wake the devil but he continued snoring she bent near him and whispered his name to wake him up.

Suddenly vishal opened his eyes and pulled her hand causing her to fall on top of him.kristin shrieked and he just wrapped his muscular legs around her causing her to scratch him with her free hand.this female was a wild cat and needed to be tamed he decided.she struggled to become free from his strong grip while he continued tightening his hold on her causing the tv s remote which was on the couch to fall down with a thud.

The next voice was a nightmare for kristin her mom shouted and asked wat was happening.if her mom would come out to see both of them on each others arms on the couch lying down her top had slid up and his hands on her legs she would create a scene.she looked at him with pleading eyes and answered back nothing mom had come to drink water bumped into the table you go back to sleep.
Vishal decided to take advantage of the situation and got up and entered her room .kristin followed him and asked him in gestures to what was he doing!he almost held her in her arms pulled her close and kissed her senseless kristin was really irritated with this behaviour of touching and kissing her when ever he felt like she lifted her knee to kick him in the groin.she closed her eyes gathering all her courage to kick him where she knew would hurt him the most.he had stopped kissing her but she still felt the urge to kick him in his balls.
Vishal who just realized that her door was open stopped kissing her and turned to close the door when he felt a kick on his bum.   

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Nazma's story by Kristin

OS: The enchanting stranger


It has been nearly two month since this incident happened and Nazim still wasn't sure if it could be called as such. Then to be honest nothing really happened. The only thing that took place was a young woman walking by, long shiny hair dancing in the wind and large dark and beautiful eyes meeting his own for a fracture of a second while her angle chains sang a lovely enticing melody. He was brought out of his thoughts when Vishal lightly boxed him in the shoulder and asked "Hey are you going to concentrate on the shooting or will we be repeating this scene for the umpteenth time? You know I have something better to do then watch you missing your cue time and time again". He was saying it in his natural jolly way but Nazim could see that irritation wasn't far away. 'Concentrate Nazim. Stop thinking about it!!', he ordered himself silently and then turned to his friend and smiled a little sheepishly. "Sorry mate. I will concentrate now, honest." "Okay, take care but if you don't you have to treat me for dinner" Vishal laughed.


Yawning Nazim stood in the changing room. Finally the shootings were done for today but thanks to him everyone including himself had to work extra time and now it was nearly 11pm already. He hadn't messed up any scene after his friendly banter with Vishal and so didn't need to treat him to dinner so the younger man had left already. 'But where am I going now? I don't want to cook myself tonight so better go out and get something' he thought and decided to go to the high street near his home to get something from his favourite restaurant, which served very healthy food. On his way to it the young woman intruded into his mind yet again. He wondered where she was; who she is; how she is and if he would ever see her again. 'See her again? Please don't be ridiculous. Alone Mumbai has over 12 million inhabitants so there is no chance at all that you see her again, idiot' he scolded himself while he was stepping out the car. But just then he heard an angle chain singing behind him and a pleasant laughter. He quickly turned around and there she was the woman, who had occupied his mind for the last two month. She was standing with a group of girls on the other side of the street. They seemed to have a great time laughing and joking about.  

He didn't know what to do. Should he got to them or not and if he did what should he say and what if they regocnised him? so many question, which he couldn't find an answer to. He was a celebrity now, there was no mistaken. SNS was the most popular Indian serial in the moment and most people knew it or at least knew the faces of the leading actor to which he belonged. 'Stop being a worry ward' he scolded himself. 'Just go near them and see what happens' With this order to himself Nazim crossed the street a few meters behind the group of girls, in which centre his enchanting stranger stood. Smiling and laughing. He heard her say "Oh Ahlam stop your nonsense that is never gonna happen" and right that second all other sounds were wiped out to him, only her lovely voice came through. And so he did not here Xarina's reply "But Nazma we are in Mumbai so why shouldn't we meet Nazim around here? There is a small chance" "Yes there is" Fahima, Vibha and Kristin agreed, whereby Kristin had a distant look in her eyes. Ahlam, who saw that, laughed and said "But Kristin there is absolutely no chance for you to meet Vishal. So stop dreaming and come back to earth!!" The dreaming girl was brought back to reality and glared at the younger and smaller girl. "Can't you stop being a pest every five seconds babe?" she asked and on the chatter went accompanied by happy laughing and fake angry outcries.

Nazim on the other hand had moved closer to them. Very slowly but know he could see Nazma's face from close up again and decided that she was even more charming then he had thought or remembered from their short encounter two month ago. Now even the other people on the street and sidewalk didn't exist for him anylonger. He already colided with two persons without realising it and still went on until he bumbed into Fahima. The young girl swirled around to complain about the harsh treatment but then stopped in her tracks and starred open mouthed at the handsome devil standing before her, who just kept on starring over her head at Nazma. The other girls had fell silent as well and weren't shocked any less then Fahima. 'Oh how I wished I would have standed where Fahima stands, then he would have bumbed into me' all but two where thinking. Nazma was busy blushing deep red under Nazim's open stare and the memory of him having read her short story about Gohem in which Ahem tied Gopi to the bed. 'OMG what should I do? This is so embarrassing!!! Does he know I wrote that story and that is why he is starring like this at me? But how could he know that it is me?' she was wondering. Nazim on the otherhand was getting irritated now because Nazma had dropped her gaze to the floor and he couldn't see her eyes any longer. Therefore he closed the last distance between them with three big steps and grabbed her by the chin to raise her gaze again so he could see into the beautiful darkness of her eyes. "That is better" he mumbled under his breath and smile warmly at Nazma, who felt like fainting right that second.

Vibha fainted just that second and Ahlam, Fahima, Xarina and Kristin got into a laugh flash, which made Nazma glare at them. Distracted she just pushed Nazim's hand from her chin and stepped past him to confront her friends but just as she was stopping before them she felt a strong hand grabbing her wrist and pulling her backwards. Stumbeling she fell backwards trying to find some hold to keep herself from falling she reached out her free arm. Just then a strong arm wrapped itself around her waist pulling her close to a hot and strong body. Shocked she looked up to see Nazim's face really close to hers and it was coming even closer until she could feel his warm breath caressing her face.

Nazim had been really irritated when his angel had brushed off his hand just like that and walked passed him without paying attention to him at all. He hadn't noticed the ruckus the immature girls had made so didn't know why she was going away from him. That is why he grapped her wrist to keep her by his side. Pulling her towards her she fall into his arms, which he liked. Her body perfectly matched his and it felt like holding his other half to Nazim, still enchated he pulled Nazma even closer till his lips where only inches aways from her lips. Time stopped for him until the clicking of a camera brought him back to reality.

His eyes widdened in shock and he looked down at Nazma and their interwined bodies. Slowly he put some distance between their lips and helped Nazma to find her balance again. Then he looked around to see what camera he heard just now. 'What did I do? Idiot!! Gawar!! Stupid!!' he scolded himself, while Nazma was thinking "Idiot, stupid, gawar!! why didn't you kiss him, when you had the chance?' She to turned around to see what Nazim was looking at and there stood Taniks with her camera taking one pic after another with a huge smile on her face. "Come on smile Nazim and Nazma" she said and took some more pics of them. The other girls where still giggling and pointing at the two of them. Colouring dark red Nazim turned to Nazma to apologise for his behaviour however everytime he opened his mouth one of the girls made a joke and got the other ones laughing loudly.

"Woh ..I.." Nazim started
"Did you here that? He sounds just like Gopi does, when Ahem questions her", ahlam was saying.
"I want to say .. erm" Nazim tried again
"and he has problems to get the word sorry out just like Ahem. Men I tell you" Xarina was laughing.
"Erm... woh.."
"and back to gopi stile" Kristin cried out and put her arms around Fahima's shoulder to keep upright and not fall on the floor with laughter..
Now Nazim had enough his head snapped around and he glared at them angrily.
"wooow if that is not the famous Ahem Modi glare!!! Thank you lord for giving me such a gift" taniks said faint hearted and clicked some more pics
"STOP IT!!!" Nazma shouted, embarassed with her friends behaviour. She turned to Nazim to apologise for her friends but he just decided that he needed to talk to her alone away from her friends and therefore had took hold of her arm again and now pulled her away from them.

'what am I doing?' Nazim asked himself while he was dragging his dream woman away from her friends even though he didn't even know her name yet. 'and where am I going?' He was feeling distressed and started to look here and there to find a good place to talk to her. And then he saw the steps down to the river. Nobody was down there usually and he would be able to talk to her in private. That this might look frightening to some girls or what he was going to say he didn't know.

However about the former he wouldn't have to worry at all because Nazma did not have any problem to be with him alone at an isolated place. Her fantasy was running wild already and her cheeks were starting to colour a deep red. Nazim who looked back at her for a second was hit by the beauty it gave her face and his fantasy was starting to act up as well. However all he dreamed about was putting his hands on this red cheeks to feel the heat and then pulling her towards him to kiss her softly. He was afterall a leading actor in an indian serial, which runs at the 7pm slot. On the other hands Nazma's fantasy was much more dirty and I will give you a short insight on it.

She was lying on a soft surface down by the river and Nazim was bending over her his top already opened so that her searching hands found his toned and muscled Torso and could explore it to her hearts desire. She run them over his chest to his abs and then around him to feel his strong back, pulling him closer to her at the same time. He his head was sinking down towards her first slowly but then with a fast movement he closed the last distance and crushed her lips under his hot kiss. He wasn't gentle or shy about it. No was kissing her senseless right from the start. Pushing her mouth open with powerful trust of his tongue so that it could slip within her and discover the hot inside of her mouth, dancing erotically with hers. Moaning sounds were coming from deep withing Nazma and she was pulling him even closer, clawing his bare back with her fingernails. Nazim, who was being turned on by Nazma's presence, the hot kiss and her appealing sent was starting to pull on her cloth to get them off her. Whereby he brushed over her breast, taking them in his hand meassaging them until Nazma was losing all her senses and arched her body up to feel more of this sensual touch. A warm and sensual feeling was spreading between her legs and she was trying to rub up against Nazim's body searching for a relise and then...

she tripped on the last step, loosing her balance and was saved by Nazim's strong arms, who wrapped about her body protectivly. "are you okay?" he asked worried searching her eyes. But as he found them he also found the passion within them and was enchanted yet again. without a second thought he pulled her even closer and kissed her sweet mouth.


Nazma, who was still dazed by her little day dream, did not take a heartbeat to think about what to do. She just instinctly wrapped her arms around Nazim's neck and kissed him back with all the passion trapped within her. Her hands were deeply entangled into his hair within seconds and somehow Nazim's fingers had found their way under her top and were now moving provocating up and down her back, touching her heated flesh. Their tongues had long ago found each other and were now encrossed in a sexy slow dance, which made booth their desires escalate.

Just then Nazim's mobile rang and brought both of them back to earth. They pushed each other away and then stood there for a second heavy breathing and without a word to say until the ringing phone brought them back to reality once more. Nazim rubbed his face shortly and then looked at his phone. The caller ID showed Rupal Patel (Koki). 'Oh shit what for a timing' Nazim was thinking as he picked up the phone. "Hello Rupal" he said still out of breath, while Nazma's mouth fell open after hearing, who just disturbed her hot encounter. 'Unbelievable that this Koki is even coming between me and Nazim. I should have slammed and bolted this damn door shut!!! ... Oh wait we aren't in MM' Nazma thought and started to giggle. 'If I tell this to the girls, they are going to have a field trip making fun of me and this situation!! But I am sure not even Kristin would defend Koki for doing this to me!' Still laughing she concentrated again on Nazim, who was trying to get Rupal to hang up. So he tried to answer her questions quickly, which was not lost on the older woman. "Why are you rushing through your answers so much Nazim? Have I disturbed you from doing something interesting?" she asked innocently and hit the nail right on the head. Stammering Nazim tried to convince her that it wasn't like this and Nazma, who was still looking at him to his added distress, could see him colouring a deeper shade of red. 'How cute', she thought while smiling warmly at him.

As Rupal had finally put down the phone Nazim looked up at Nazma again. His enchanting stranger was standing in front of him smiling at him with lips swollen from his kiss, while her close and hair were still a little dishevelled. 'What have I done? I don't even know her name and just kissed and feeled her up' he was thinking shocked with himself until he remembered Nazma's response to his touch. He could still taste her sweet taste in his mouth and remembered the alluring hotness of her tongue rubbing sexily against his. And the low moans, which were silenced in his mouth. Again desire was starting to spread withing him but he couldn't just be overtaken by it again. It surely wasn't a good idea to just crush her against his body again, while kissing her and giving in to all of his desires. Or was it?

Nearly five minutes went by until Nazim had himself far enough under control to talk to Nazma normally, who hadn't made it easy for him. She had stood there in her dishevelled looks, licking herself over the lips while setting her close really slowly and in a way which made Nazim want to push her hands away to do it himself, or rather rip this clothes right of her body. 'CONTROL YOURSELF!!' He has to mentally scream at himself more then once. But now he was in controll, or so he thinks and carefully approached the lovely girl standing before him. "Ermm ... Hello ... I am Nazim and..." he started stammering, while cursing himself for it. Nazma contained her giggle and answered "Hello Nazim. I am Nazma, nice to meet you." She did not stammer but could feel her cheeks hottening, while the whole, situation was falling into place in her mind. 'I just kissed and thrown myself at Nazim like a moralless s**t!!! A kingdom for a mousehole. I can't look into his eyes. This is so embarassing' She let her eyes sink to the floor and was not planning to ever look up in her life again.

However Nazim again didn't like the fact that he was made unable to look into these unsettling eyes, which he learnd to love so much in such a short time. He stept forward and touched her chin to move her head upwards again so that he had a clear view into her eyes. "Nazma that is a beautiful name" he said in his usual confident voice "I like it. Lets meet again. Do you have time tomorrow evening? We could go and eat diner at a restaurante? I know a nice five start hotel, which serves delicious food." Nazma was totally taken aback and couldn't believe her luck. She had the chance to go out with Nazim, her dream man and that tomorrow. Unable to say anything she just nodded. Nazim, who felt in control again grined down at her and then asked her for her mobile number, so that he could call her regarding tomorrow. Again Nazma just nodded her head and forced Nazim to ask her again for it. Flustered Nazma searched for her mobile like a maniac, flushing deep red of embarassment. 'She is so adorable', Nazim thought smiling broadly down at her. After he got her number he smiled once more at her and then pulled her into a tight hug, whispering in her ear "I see you tomorrow Nazma. Can't wait to repeat what we did today" Hearing this Nazma's breathing increased rapidly and she was sure that he must be able to hear her heart beating 200miles an hour. Nazim laughed and continued "I mean the lovely talk we had" and with this he let go of her and left her standing there still to confused to move.

- _ - _ - _ - The next evening at the five star hotel - _ - _ - _ -

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Nazma's story by Xarina

Return To Me


Nazma walked into the lounge and threw her house and car keys into the porcelain swan above the fireplace.  She's learnt from experience that if she put the keys there then there would be no mad rush of hunting the keys in the morning.  She kicked off her shoes and sank into the easy chair.   It had been a hard day.   Four weeks until the end of term and her workload had increased.  Her class of Year 0's (4 to 5 year olds) were taking part in the nativity, carol service and she was also helping out with the school's production of "A Christmas Carol."   She was so tired.   She glanced at the clock.  10pm.  She should have something light to eat and then go to bed.  

She quickly made a sandwich and returned to the lounge.  Picking up the TV remote she switched it on.  A news programme was reporting that the patriarch of Naz Industries in India had passed away from a heart attack.   News, which deeply saddened her.  "Grampy had died?" she thought to herself and remembered the times she has spent with him.  When all around madness ensued he made sure that he added to it.  She smiled wistfully and wiped away a tear.


Checking the time she picked up her mobile and tapped in the numbers of Naz Mansions.  Ensuring that she used the numbers 141 to ensure that her number was withheld.


The phone rang loud in the Naz household.  Slicing through the early morning silence.   Nazim was already awake.   Reaching over the side of the bed he picked up the cordless from its cradle.

"Hello?"  There was silence at the other end.  "Hello?"  Nazma held the phone to her ear and closed her eyes.  She hadn't heard his voice in such a long time.  Why did she miss him so much?  "Hello?  Who is this?" he demanded, getting irritated. "It is 4am in the morning.  I don't know who you are but have you got any concept of time?"  OK so he had been awake but he wasn't going to be magnanimous.  He was about to continue and then stopped.  4am in the morning?  There could only be one person.  His face softened.  "Nazma?" he spoke softly.  "Is that you?  Speak to me please?"  At the change in his tone Nazma snapped out of her thoughts.  She looked at the display on the phone and cut the call and then slowly felt her resolve crumbling.  Remembering the hurt and humiliation she had suffered she allowed herself to cry.


"IT WAS HER!" he stared down at the phone.  "She had called and he had wasted time by going on about being disturbed!  He didn't even get the chance to say sorry or even to see how she was.   He brought up the caller id.  Nothing.  Anger built up in him.  In a fit of pique he threw the phone across the room and listened in satisfaction as he heard it break.


Nazma dried her eyes.  "You idiot," she muttered to herself.  "Get a grip!"  Putting the phone down she picked up her dishes, deposited them in the kitchen and went to bed.




Nazim opened his eyes and rolled over on to his stomach.  Putting his arm out he expected to feel the soft body of his wife.  Only she wasn't there.

"Damn."  He thought to himself.  She always woke up before him.  "When am I ever going to get the chance to surprise her with breakfast in bed although he could think of other things to surprise her with.  A wicked grin lit up his face as she emerged from the bathroom.  He propped himself up on one hand. "I thought you were going to wake me for our early morning run.  Don't tell me that you have already been."  Nazma giggled and sat down on the end of the bed.

"You looked so angelic sleeping. I thought it better not to disturb you."

"Ah, but you have disturbed me now." He sat up and reached for her, "and now the angel is no more.  The devil has risen." He grabbed her by the waist, tipped her onto the bed removed the towel and lay on top of her. Nazma gave him a wicked look.

"So?  Is that what you are calling it now."

"Can't think of nothing better.  He said.  Grabbing both of her hands and placing them above her head he leaned in for a kiss and applying pressure on her thighs, positioned himself in place.  Nazma moaned and stretched out her body enjoying the sensation as he entered.  Still holding her hands he looked directly into her eyes. 


"Avinash?  Would you like some juice?"  Nazma offered to pour the juice.   Avinash gave her a withering look.  Nazma took the hint and put the jug down and sat with Nazim.  Ever since she had got married she had met with a considerable amount of animosity from Avinash, Nazim's older brother, and didn't really understand why.  The rest of the family treated her as one of their own.   But him!  He had big problems of his own.  The big jerk.

"Nazma?  Are you going to university today?"  Grampy asked.  Nazma shook her head.

"No Grampy.  I have no lectures today."

"Good.  You can help me with a few problems I am having with my computer."

"Going to uni!" Avinash spat. "The place for a married woman is in her house. Why do you think that you are so special that you can badger this family into allowing you to continue your studies? And what is this sports sciences anyway?  What type of mickey mouse degree is that?"

"Lay off her bro."  Nazim replied.  "What is it with you." Nazma was riled. She confronted him.

"If my family have no objections with me finishing uni, why should you?"  Avinash stood up.  The contempt clear on his face.

"They are not your family." He stated.  "Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that!"  Nazma opened her mouth to reply but Nazim stepped between them. 

"You would do well to keep your thoughts to yourself.  Now I don't know what your problem is but lay off." Avinash gave both Nazim and Nazma a dirty look and stomped off.   Grampy looked upset.

"Take no notice of him. He was always an angry child and is now an angry man.  I don't know what goes on in that mind of his."


Two weeks later Nazim was getting ready to go away.  He had been selected for an award and had to fly to the US to collect it.  He hated to leave Nazma but she had her finals coming up and accepted that they would be a priority.

She helped him pack.  She was sad but she knew that he would be back soon.  He took a call on his mobile telling him that a car was ready to take him to the airport. 

"OK.  I'll be down soon."  He cut the call.  Walking over to Nazma he pulled her close to him and hugged her.  "I hate doing this." He said and kissed the top of her head.  "But it's only for a week or so.  Before you know it I'll be back." He held her at arm's length.  "Try ad concentrate on your studies.  I know you will be thinking of me 24 hours of the day."  She looked up at him. 

"Oooh.  You are so smug.  As it happens I might think of you for say about five minutes, then I'll get on with things." He pulled her close and she laughed.

"Well how about me giving you something more to think about." He placed his hand at the top of the blouse, making his intentions clear.  Desire reflected in her eyes but she managed to bring herself from the brink.

"And leave the car waiting."  She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a long lingering kiss. "For now, this will have to do."

"Just a couple of days." He winked and picked up his case.  "I'll call you once I land."


Nazma was concerned.  Three weeks had gone by and still Nazim wasn't home.  He'd rung and cited a few hiccups with his return but promised that he would be home in no time.  Nazma pottered about at home.  Her finals were over and she had the whole summer with Nazim to look forward to.  That and wanting to share that little bit of news she received from the doctor. She felt elated and was thankful that Avinash was not around to dampen her mood.


Finally he was on his way home.  He sank into the back seat of the car and groaned.  He had spoken with Nazma but even her enthusiasm couldn't bring him out of the darkness that had engulfed him.  No, he was not looking forward to being home. 


It was late as the car pulled up outside the house.  Grampy was up to welcome him and explained that he had sent Nazma to bed.  Seeing the look on his grandson's face he knew that he had made the right decision.

"You'd best come to the study." He said and went into the house.  Nazim nodded and followed him.


"What has happened?" the old man looked across the table at him.  Nazim sighed and stared back.  Confusion, pain and remorse etched on his face.

"Grampy?  While I was in the US a situation happened." Grampy sat back in his seat.  "So the boy went off the rails a bit." He thought to himself.  "He could hardly be blamed for that."  Grampy shrugged.  "These things happen.  Why don't you put it behind you?"  Nazim shook his head.

"No Grampy.  While I was there I got married!"  There was a gasp of shock.  Both looked at the door to see Nazma standing in the doorway.  Tears welling up in her eyes.  With a strangled sob she ran off down the corridor to her room.


Nazma lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.  She had cried her heart out.  Trying to make sense of it all she fell into a fitful sleep. 


Nazim stood outside the bedroom door.  His eyes wet with unshed tears.  Maybe Grampy was right.  He had got himself into this situation and in all reality he had to sort it out.  Until he did he would have to keep away from Nazma.  He'd hurt her so much already. Putting his head in his hands he slowly sank to the floor silent sobs racking his body. 


She awoke as the light streamed through her bedroom window.  Without thinking she out her hand out to the other side of the bed and found it empty.  It wasn't slept in either.  She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.   She was hurt and the fact that he had not come into the room last night hurt even more.  She allowed herself to cry long and hard.  Once the tears had dried up.  She steeled her resolve.  She was not going down without a fight. 


Nazim would not even meet her eyes at breakfast.  More so he had chosen to sleep in the guest room.  She clattered the breakfast things and dumped Nazim's breakfast in front of him.  Avinash, the jerk, had come back like a bad smell and he sat opposite her and smirked.  He had found out about all that had happened and was not letting any opportunity pass without goading her.  Eventually she got so fed up that she poured the whole jug of juice over him and ground his breakfast into his face.  She sat down and glared at him.  Avinash was mad and bellowed like a madman.  He lunged for Nazma but she was too quick for him.  Grampy stood up.  Anger evident on his face.

"Avinash!  Leave the table.  Is there any time of day that you are home when you are not causing trouble.  Now go to your room and get cleaned up!" he ordered.  Avinash muttered few curses and giving Nazma a murderous look exited the dining room.

"Nazma, Nazim?  We are caught up in a very awkward situation.  Nazim.  You need to tell Nazma what has happened and see if we can find a way to resolve it."

"What is there to tell, Grampy.  He went away and the next thing I know is that he got married.  How can that be?  How is it legal?"  Nazim looked crestfallen.  She wouldn't even take his name.  Grampy looked at her gravely.

"It is legal, I'm afraid.   As a Muslim, he is allowed to take another wife and I have made a few enquiries and a full nikaah ceremony was conducted.'  Brown eyes rounded on Nazim

"Don't I get a say in this.  I thought that as your first wife that I would be given that right at least!" 

"Nazma, I had no intention of striking up a friendship let alone get married.  I don't know how it happened but I married Lauren.  I couldn't just abandon her?!"  Nazma drew in a sharp intake of breath.

"Lauren," she spat.  "You even dare to take her name in front of me!  Next you'll be telling me that she is here and that you are moving her in!"  There was an uneasy silence.  "No!" she exclaimed in shock.  "Why the hell can't you divorce her and send her on her way."  Grampy put his hand on her shoulder.

"We'll have to wait 28 days before a divorce can be performed."  This was getting worse and worse.  She flew at Nazim and beat on his chest with her fists.

"You slept with her!?  Why don't you just kill me now." and collapsed sobbing into his arms.  Nazim's self control was held by a very thin thread.  He wanted to hold her in his arms and soothe away her hurt.  But she was beyond that.  She was mad.

"I didn't sleep with her," he protested, "At least I don't think I did.  Nazma.  I was not myself when all this happened."

"So what do you call these?!"  Avinash appeared and threw down a handful of photographs.  Photographs with Nazim and a pretty blond girl, dressed in wedding finery taking part in the ceremony.   Seeing the pain on Nazma's face he smirked.  She picked up one or two of the photos scrutinised them further and threw Nazim a dirty look.  Then without a word she turned on her heel and went up to her room.


(*The weeks that followed took their toll on Nazma.  Knowing that her rival was under the same roof stressed her out.  Neither woman had made an effort to approach the other.  The last straw was when she lost her baby.  True she hadn't been taking care of herself but Avinash himself had had a hand in her "accident." And even admitted to it to her when she was alone.  She also found out the reason for his animosity.  The fact that her father had refused her hand in marriage to him.  That night she lay under her bed sheet quivering and sobbed.  Sobbed for the baby she lost, the end of her marriage and the helplessness she felt.


As soon as she was back on her feet she decided that she had to leave.  It was not a decision she took lightly.  Nazim had thrown himself into his work and was hardly home.  He'd leave first thing in the morning and return last thing at night.  He refused to give her a divorce.  Lauren was indeed pregnant and as the law stood he would not be able to give her a divorce and therefore decided that it would be unfair to agree to a divorce.  Unable to take anymore Nazma contacted a few family friends and had quietly put the wheels into motion for her departure from the house.*)


Writing a note for Nazim she tiptoed to his room.  Peeking round the door she saw that he wasn't in the bed.  She was about to turn and leave when she spied that he was sat in the armchair asleep.  She left the note on the desk and looked down at his sleeping form and stifled a sob.  Everything had started off so perfect but ended up so wrong.  She bent down and gently kissed him on the lips while he was sleeping.  Without another look back she left the room.


Nazim watched soundlessly as he watched her exit the room.


Two hours later she was on the plane taking off for the UK. She eased back in her seat closed her eyes and prepared to sleep





Nazma pulled into her usual parking space outside school and sighed. Just under 2 weeks to go.  She consoled herself.  She hadn't slept well since she had heard about Grampy's passing.  But if she was true to herself it was because she was thinking about Nazim.  Every evening she would see him in her room and she would reach out for him.  He would come towards her but when he got close enough Lauren would appear and he would disappear.  Never mind once school broke up she would get as much sleep as she needed.

Ms Townsend, registrar, came looking for her as she reached her class.

"Mrs Ali" she chirped.  Nazma smiled broadly at the sound of her voice. Comrades in arms and together anytime there was trouble brewing. "How are we this morning?"

"Fine, Ms Townsend.  What trouble have you brought to my door this morning?"

"Mrs Ali? I never bring you trouble only joy" she laughed.  "There is a new student starting today. Her name is Samara and she only arrived in the country last week.  Her English is limited so she may be shy."  Nazma loved it when a new student started.

That's good.  So you will bring mum over when she arrives?"

"As always,' Ms Townsend replied and tottered off.


Nazim was going through some paperwork in the study when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." he called out without looking up.  Lauren stepped into the office.

"Hi. Can I get some paperwork from you?"  He looked up at her.  His eyes void of any emotion. 

"What papers do you need?" He stood up and walked over to the window. Lauren sighed to herself.  Five years she had spent in this rat hole of a country.  Five years and he never acknowledged her as his wife.  Yes he gave her his title but that was all.  He kept her comfortable, never wanted for any thing but he never gave her any of himself.  She had thought that things would have got better after his first wife had left but instead they had got worse.  He had punished her for five years but most of all he had punished himself.

"I need to make mine and Talia's passport. I thought it would be nice to go and visit friends.  Can I have the original marriage certificate?"  He turned round.    

"I will get it for you tonight." Lauren nodded and left the office.  Barging into Junaid, Nazim's best friend and deputy CEO of the company. He watched Lauren as she strode down the corridor.  He smiled at Nazim.

"Everything OK? He asked and shut the door.  Nazim turned round and motioned Junaid to take a seat and sat down.

"Depends on what you consider OK."  He replied morosely.

"I have something to cheer you up." Nazim leaned forward in his chair. Junaid carried on.  "I have located Nazma." Nazim's eyes lit up.


"Well not exactly where she lives but where she works.  My sister is in London and she has enrolled her daughter, Samara at the same school.  I took the liberty of taking a copy of the photo you have on your table and sent it to her." Junaid leant back in his chair and smiled. "Her mission.  If she chooses to take it is to befriend Nazma and report back."  For the first time in years Nazim beamed and his eyes glittered with a look of anticipation.  He had a lot of work to do before he finally would be able to see her.  He walked round to the side of the desk.  The gratitude on his face showed how much of a burden he head been carrying.  He hugged Junaid.

"Thank you" he said. "You have done more for me than a brother could have done."  Junaid hugged him back.

"We have still got a way to go.  No need to thank me."

"For the first time in years, I feel like I want to be home."  He picked up his briefcase.  "Why not come home for dinner?"  Junaid shook his head.

"Mum has got relatives visiting.  She wants me home.  But you go.  I'll keep you posted."


Nazim sat on his bed and removed his shoes and socks.  He took the tie off and threw it on the bed and then went into the en suite.  He re appeared changed and refreshed ten minutes later lay down and got ready to sleep.  Then he remembered Lauren's request.  He pushed aside the bedcover and walked over to the small safe in the corner of the room.  Pulling out the file with all the certificates and important documents he sat on his bed and snapped on the bedside lamp.  He located the marriage certificate and pulled it out.  He had locked it away the minute he had gotten home and never really looked at it.  He read it from top to bottom and then stopped in horror.

It was not his signature on the certificate!


He looked closely at the signature, trying to make sense of it all and found that he couldn't.   Try as he might he had no recollection of taking part in the ceremony or when exactly he had met Lauren. He had woken in his room the following morning to see her crying and felt his world crash down around him.  He picked up the file and flicked through the papers and came across Grampy's letter, given to him the day before he died. He had been too upset to read it then and figured that now would be a better time than any.  There were a number of documents within.  The last will and testament, which had been drawn up weeks beforehand.  Nazim scanned through it and rested on the amended part.  Grampy had disowned Avinash and had made him sole heir to his estate!  He knew Avinash had been in a foul mood and had not even attended the funeral and here was the reason why.  "But why would Grampy disown him." He mused.  The last sheet was written in Grampy's writing.  He lay back against the pillows and started reading.


"What the '." He jumped off the bed. Fate was playing a cruel joke on him today.  Grampy's letter laid bare what had happened that night in the US.  He had been the victim of an elaborate hoax and that it was carried out by none other that his own brother, Avinash.  Grampy had investigated the events leading up to the ceremony and had only received the results in the recent weeks preceding his death.   Grampy pointed out that Avinash had drugged him heavily and had staged everything in an act of jealousy and revenge.


A red mist settled in front of his eyes and he lashed out.  He heard glass smash and pain shoot through his hand quickly followed by a sticky sensation as blood oozed from the wounds.  He looked down but all he could think was "Five years! Five years of pain and separation for something which turned out to be a lie?"  His first thought was to locate Avinash and confront both him and Lauren but then decided against it. No.  The most important thing was to go to Nazma.  Tell her the truth and bring her back.


He stood at the vanity and dialled Junaid's number via speed dial.  The cradling the phone in the crook of his neck he opened the tap and let the cold water wash away the blood. 

"Hi Junaid," he spoke as it connected.  "Sorry to call you so late.  Listen. Is there any way that you could arrange to get me a seat to London? Doesn't matter which airline or cost.  I need to leave straightaway."  The bleeding was beginning to lessen. Grabbing a towel and the first aid kit he started to dress his wounds.

"You sound pretty urgent.  Everything alright?"

"I hope it will be." And he narrated to Junaid what he had discovered.

"No!" Junaid replied, shocked.  "But how come you didn't pick up on the marriage certificate?"  Nazim asked himself the same question.

"I wish I knew," he replied back. "I was in so much despair, that I didn't bother to check it out and then so much happened in between with losing the baby and Nazma leaving that I was too numb to give it a second thought."

"So you are going to London to bring her back?"

"I'm going to London to persuade her to give us another chance.  I hope to god that she will."

"OK.  No worries.  I'll go online now and see about the tickets.  I'm coming with you.  We can stay with my sister.  I'll call back soon." Nazim cut the call.  His hand was beginning to hurt now.  He popped a few painkillers and went back into the room and started to pack.  More importantly he picked up all the paperwork he had been looking at and popped them into his briefcase.  They were essential to his efforts to reunite with Nazma. 



Nazma closed her eyes against the headache that was building up.  She had gone over this a dozen times.

"Girls, please.  It is not "When Shepherds Washed Their Socks At Night but When Shepherds watched their flocks at night.  Now please can we try again?  Who has been telling you this line?"  'Joseph' stood up.

"Miss it was some of the girls in the big school.  They told us to sing it like that."  Nazma smiled at the girl.

"That may be so, but I want you to sing it the way I have told you.  OK?" she daren't shout as this would upset the whole class and she didn't have the energy to placate a class full of 4 to 5 year olds. "Whose idea was it to give the nativity to Year 0's this year?" she questioned and then caught a glint in the music teacher's eye.  She shot him a look as if to say "I'll get you later for this!" He smiled and started the first few chords and Nazma smiled with relief as the students sang perfectly.  "Two more days two days and it will all be over for another year.  Hopefully it will be someone else's turn." She thought to herself.


Nazim and Junaid strode into the arrivals terminal after clearing customs.  Junaid's sister, Janaat was waiting for them.  After greeting her brother she extended her greeting to Nazim.  Seeing that both men were in need of rest she quickly led them to the car.  Nazim fell asleep as soon as the car left the airport.

"He must be really tired." Janaat observed in her rear view mirror. Junaid agreed.

"Yes he is.  Probably the first time he has slept properly in a long while.  He's popped a few painkillers as well.  He'd cut his hand before we left but wouldn't go to get it seen.  He's been hiding it from the airline staff as best he can. Otherwise they might not have let him fly."

"Quite a risk.  No worries.  I can call out Dr Delaney when we get home.  He can take a good look at it and dress it properly.  Oh, by the way.  Before you get totally relaxed and accuse me of not telling you, Samara has her nativity play on Thursday.  Thought it would be a good idea for Nazim to see Nazma while he is a crowd.  I don't know how she will react if she sees him on his own.  She seems really nice.  How could he do that to her?"  Junaid sat back in his seat, closed his eyes and sighed.

"Family politics," he said.  "Damn stupid family politics."  He didn't need to say anything else.  Janaat nodded all too aware of the problems that families created.


The following afternoon Nazma herded her class into the hall.  Parents and carers had been arriving since two and the hall was beginning to get packed.  She smiled. It was funny how the anticipation showed as eagerly on the faces of the audience just as the excitement showed on the faces of her charges.

"Right everyone.  In your places, please.  I will be in to front row so if you get stuck look at me and I will tell you what to say.  Has everyone got that?  Good!  Now good luck everyone."  She came out and took her place in the front row not even thinking for a single moment that he was there.


Nazim watched as Nazma walked off the stage and into the front row.  For a minute he thought he was going to stop breathing.  She was stunning!  She looked taller than he had imagined her but just as beautiful.  He smiled and sat back as the lights went down and the children started their nativity. 


Nativity play over Nazma stood with their class as she taught them how to bow.  The audience as always cheered their approval.  She smiled and looked out into the audience and felt a little hand tug at hers.  She bent down to hear Samaara.

"That's my Mamu." She whispered and pointed out at Junaid.  At that exact moment Janaat tapped Nazim on the shoulder and he turned round.  "Come and see him?"  Nazma put her hand on Samaara's head.

"Why don't we go and get your coat.  Then we'll come back and meet your Mamu."  Samaara beamed.

"Yes, miss" and skipped along to class to collect her belongings with the rest of the class.  Nazma picked up one or two of the crowns which had been left by the wise men and followed her class.  "Talia.  No running please and Tumi don't forget your coat today.  Mummy wasn't very pleased when you left it on the fence yesterday."  She tutted to herself.  She had become a right mother hen.



The music teacher, Jacob, knocked on the classroom door after the last of the students had been picked up.  Nazma had met Samaara's Mamu for her sake and ensured that she had everything before she left.  As always, many times she would find the odd PE kit or overall which had been left behind.

"Hi Nazma.  Some of us are off to 'The Three Hammers' for a drink after school.  Are you coming?"  Nazma smiled at him.  There was no secret that he fancied her and her colleagues had cajoled her often enough to go out with him. She had always flirted with him and he was aware that she did not think of him in that sense but he always persevered. Today was no exception.

"I'm sorry Jacob.  Thank you but I can't.  Tonight's my last junior Jujitsu class before Christmas. Another time perhaps?" Jacob's face fell but he recovered quickly.

"Sure.  No problem.  But if you change your mind ''"

"Thank you but I won't."


She moved around the room picking up the odd book, pencils and toys that were left out. She picked up a stuffed toy and stroked it absentmindedly thinking about the upcoming holiday and then sighed heavily.  Holidays were always hard.  At work she had plenty of distractions but holidays were when she missed him the most.  Yes, he had broken her heart.  But deep down she loved him.  She smiled to herself bitterly.  If he were to walk back into her life now?  What would she do?  Throw herself at him?  Cry in his arms? She threw the toy in the designated box.  And sighed heavily.  "Like that was going to happen."


It was almost dark when she eventually reached her car.  She was thankful that as it was the run up to the end of term she did not have any work to take home so she could get home and quickly change into her gear and go straight to class. Everyone else had left and she was the last to leave and felt wary.  Feeling a hand on her shoulder she dropped her case and whirled round, fist ready to strike and mustered all her energy to hold back the strike. 

"Hello, Nazma."   She looked incredulous.  For the first time in months she had thought about him and here he was.  If she had asked for anything else today surely her wish would have been granted.   Slowly she calmed down and lowered her arm. "Use that a lot, do you? He asked.  She looked down at her fist and then back at him.  She relaxed her fist.

"Only when I have to." She replied.  "Er?  What are you doing here." 

"I wanted to see you." He stepped forward.  Nazma reached for her keys activated the central locking, quickly opened the door and stood behind it using it like a barrier. "I have missed you."  She rolled her eyes.  After everything that had happened, he had the cheek to miss her.

"OK, so you've seen me."  She said, "Now if you don't mind I need to get home." She sat in the car and started the engine.  He held the door open and leaned down.

"Can we just have a chance to sit and talk?"

"Not at this moment in time.  I have a class I need to get to.  Call me." She said with a hint of sarcasm and grabbed the handle to shut the door.  He stepped back. 

"She drove off without a second glance." He thought to himself as he watched her car drive off down the hill.  Car headlights switched on at the access to the country park.  Nazim walked towards it.  "This might be harder than I thought."  He mused.


Junaid looked at him expectantly.  But by the look on Nazim's face he thought better not to say anything. Nazim sighed.

"It's not going to be easy." He finally said.  Junaid put the car in gear and drove off.  "Do you want to give it another try tonight?"  Nazim shook his head.

"No, I need to think.  She's not going to be the pushover I thought she'd be." He shook his head as if to clear it.  "Why did I think that she's welcome me with open arms?  She's had five years away from me and has made her own life."

"You love her?"

"Yes.  Even through those dark days. But she distanced herself from me." Junaid shrugged.

"So don't be beaten.  She's still the same girl you married.  So she's grown up a bit but she would have even if she was still with you."  Nazim took in all that his friend was saying to him.  He would need to work harder at regaining her trust.  There was no way that she would let him just walk in and say sorry. 


Nazma pulled into the garage and cut the lights and then the engine.  She hit the wheel in annoyance than anything else.  He had found her!  And she had to use every ounce of control she had in order not to fall into his arms.  She sat back. She needed to know why he was here.  But she would wait for him to make a move.  There was no way that she would go running after him.  Seeing the time she quickly ran into the house grabbed a bite to eat, changed into her kit and rushed to the leisure.  It would not do if the Sensei was late to class.


"Thank God, its Friday!"  Jacob sat down on the bench next to her.  Nazma agreed.  "Got any plans?" 

"The usual," she replied, "shopping, cleaning, washing and I have three swimming classes."  Jacob looked around to ensure that there were pupils around. 

"Any chance of you coming out with me tonight?"  Nazma looked at him.  He was persistent. She smiled at him.

"Jacob?  How long have you been asking me to go out with you?" Jacob grinned.

"Since forever. I know that you keeping saying no, but a man can dream can't he?"  Nazma shook her head.

"I don't want to give you the wrong impression.  I like you as a friend. I like your company. Can we leave it at that?"

"But you'll come out tonight.   It is the staff meal tonight so there'll be a group of us.  And I promise, no expectations."  A student came running up to Nazma, cutting short the banter and handed Nazma a note advising of a delivery for her, which was being kept in reception.  Curious.  Nazma went along to the reception office.


The PA's office was filled with the smell of roses.  She looked up as Nazma knocked on the door and smiled broadly.  She picked up the huge bouquet that was on her table and handed it over.

"Someone has an admirer?" she said.  Nazma looked at the flowers.  Two dozen red roses.  She inhaled their scent.  There was only one person who would have sent these.  She looked at the card.  Yep. True to form.  There was no message.  Just his signature. 

"Let's just say that a certain someone is trying to make amends." She said to the PA and then turned as she heard two of her students behind her who had come to collect the register.

"Miss, you have flowers!" They exclaimed in unison, wide eyes as only four year olds could be.

"Yes, I have flowers.  Now come on, quickly take the register." She turned to the PA. "Thanks."  The PA shook her head.

"Not me.  Thank him, whoever he is."  Gathering her two charges she took them back to class.


The flowers generated a lot of interest.  From colleagues as well as her class. Her four year olds sat at their desks practising their shapes but continued to look at the flowers.  Eventually, they could no longer wait. A hand went up.

"Miss?" Nazma looked up.

"Yes, Jaanaki,"  Jaanaki stood up. "Miss? Who gave you those flowers?" 

"Miss.  Are they from your boyfriend?" Nazma laughed.

"Now what makes you say that.  Now go back and practice your shapes."  The whole class started clamouring for an answer.  Nazma looked over at Liz, classroom assistant for her class but Liz shook her head.

"You're on your own," she laughed, "Besides I am curious as well!"  Nazma quietened down her charges, who by now were getting hyper. 

"OK everyone.  On the rug for story time."

"But Misss?" came the wail from Tumi.  "We want to know." Nazma knew that she would have to answer them before they got really worked up.

"Sit down quietly Tumi.  I won't start until you are all sitting quietly with your fingers on your lips."  Each student took her place on the rug and sat in silence watching expectantly.  Nazma looked in merriment as Liz had also taken her place an the mat and mimicked the pupils.  "I think, Mrs Graham that there is no need for you to sit on the mat" and she indicated the chair.  Liz winked and sat on the chair.  Nazma took a deep breath. "The lovely flowers are from my husband."  Ten pairs of eyes looked back at her.  A hand shot up.  Nazma looked over. "Yes, Jessica?"

"What is his name, Miss?"  Best not to give them too much information.

"He is called Mr Ali."  Tumi's hand shot up again.  "Yes."

"When did you get married?  Where are your photos? Why didn't you invite us?" The whole class clamoured with their questions.  "Miss were you a princess when you get married?"  Nazma quietened them down.  She picked up a book from her desk

"Shhh, girls you are getting too loud. Now sit down quietly and listen to 'the very hungry caterpillar' and if you are very good I will give you all a flower to take home with you."  She nodded at Liz who picked out ten roses and checked then for thorns, then wrapped them in tissue paper for the girls to take home at the end of the afternoon.


Nazim sat in the car and inspected his hand.  It was healing nicely.  He'd come along with Junaid to collect Samaara and was parked a couple of cars down facing Nazma's car.  He smiled to himself.  She would have taken delivery of the flowers.  She had always loved red roses. 

The school traffic had dispersed and he waited for Nazma to show.  He did not have to wait too long and she was carrying the roses he had sent.  He smiled and exited the car.  Junaid started the engine and turned the car around and drove off home.


She saw him get out the car and stopped.  She looked at him, then at the flowers then back at him and smiled faintly. He walked up to her.  She put the flowers on the back seat and straightened.

"I take it that you sent the flowers.  Thank you." She placed her case in the back as well.

"I'm glad you like them.  How have you been?" She shrugged.

"I've been ok." 

"God! This was like extracting teeth," he thought.  Nazma looked past him and saw that the car he had travelled in had departed.

"So he wants to come home with me. Well she can chat to him about old times and then show him the door." She focused on his face.  He had asked her something. "What?"

"I asked if you were doing anything tonight?  Thought we might spend some time together."  He stared at her.  Did he just see pity in her eyes!?

"I actually have plans for tonight.  You see I am going '." She didn't get to finish.  Jacob came cycling down the hill and stopped next to them.  He nodded at Nazim and turned to Nazma.

"See you tonight, then?  7.30 at Oscaz"

"OK.  I'll see you there," Nazim watched as Jacob rode off down the road.

"Who was that? He asked stiffly.

"A colleague!" she shot back.  She was in no mood to explain herself to him.  He leaned against the car, barring her from getting into the driver's seat. "What?" she asked frostily.

"Just a colleague?" he questioned.

"If I say he is, then he is." She shot back.  "Now if you don't mind.  I would like to get into my car now."  He moved aside and she noticed his hand.  "That looks painful."  He looked at his hand.

"It's getting better." He reassured her.  She looked at him.  He hadn't changed much, just got older.  She looked for the car, thinking it may have come back for him.

"Where's your lift?"

"Junaid has taken Samaara home.  I thought that perhaps we could talk." 

"Oh, I suppose so!" and she indicated for him to get in, put the car in gear and drove off. 


She let him into her house and with a flick of a switch bathed the hallway in light and then carried on to the lounge.  She put the keys into the swan, put the flowers down and rounded on him.

"Why are you here?"  He was taken aback and hadn't expected her to be so forthright.  He took a deep breath. 

"Nazma, I made a huge mistake five years ago.  I have regretted every day since then." He stood in front of her.  "Will you come home?" Nazma stared at him silently.  For years she had dreamed of this moment had waited for him to come to her.  But he never did and she had resigned herself to being alone.  But he was here in front of her asking the question she had yearned to hear.  And now that he was here what did she feel.  Nothing!  She had buried her pain and had started to live some semblance of a life.   Finally she spoke.

"You don't know how long I waited to hear you say that.  When I first came here I thought that perhaps you would come.  And then you didn't.  I figured that you had decided to live your life with Lauren, so I didn't make an effort to contact you either.  Thought it would be better to forget you."  She turned away, afraid that her eyes would betray her."  He put his hand out and touched her arm. 

"Did you forget me?"  She shook her head. 

"I couldn't.  We had something together.  I couldn't forget that. But you hurt me.  And that was very hard to accept."  He wanted to reach out and touch her.  Hold her in his arms and soothe her pain away.  But there was still distance in her eyes.  He would need to regain her trust.

"Nazma.  It wasn't that I wanted to come after you.  After you left I was caught in a mire and I just didn't know how to deal with it all.  So I regressed into myself and for years threw myself into my work.  To be honest, there was not a single day that I didn't think about you."

"Liar. You found someone else and then just rejected me."  He was thrown.  She didn't sob or shout.  But in a self assured way she had just made her feelings known. Feelings of hurt, of anger and of rejection.   He removed his hand from her arm. 

"Nazma, whether you believe me or not.  I am asking you to come back in my life.  In recent days I found out that we were both victims to someone's vendetta.  I did not get married." 

"Are you expecting me to believe you?" This was a joke.  He was playing a cruel joke on her.  She looked into his eyes and was shocked to find that they mirrored her own feelings.  "Could he be telling the truth!?"  She put her hand out and stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers.  He raised his hand and covered hers with his in silence they stood reacquainting themselves.  Finally she stepped back.  "I'm not quite sure what to believe, Nazim.  But I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt.  However," she glanced at her watch, "I have to get ready as you know.  Help yourself to a bite to eat.  Do you want me to drop you off at home on the way to the restaurant?" Nazim shook his head.

"No I'll get Junaid to come and pick me up.  I won't eat." 

"OK." She replied and went upstairs to get ready.  Nazim dialled Junaid's number and picking up an addressed letter gave him the address.  He then waited.


Nazma came down the stairs.  She had decided very carefully how to dress.  She wore a cream v neck jumper belted in at the waist, a tartan skirt in beige and brown check which came to just above her knees, black tights and high heeled shoes.  Make up and jewellery were simple.  Nazim stared.  She looked so elegant.  Perfection.  They both allowed each other a small smile.  He because she looked so good.  She because she had him hooked.  She grabbed her coat and keys.     

"I can still drop you off at home."  His phone rang.  He looked at it.

"No need," he replied, "Junaid is here."  After locking up she turned to Nazim. "Can I see you tomorrow?" 

"What time.  I have to go shopping in the morning and then I give swimming lessons until late afternoon at the leisure centre."

"Tomorrow evening, then.

"OK.  Got to dash."  And left him standing.  Nazim walked towards the car parked at the roadside and got in. Junaid grinned.

"Home?" Junaid questioned.  Nazim shook his head. He showed him a piece of paper with the address of the restaurant.

"We are going to that restaurant as well." Junaid looked concerned.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?  I mean if she sees us she may get mad."

"It's a chance I am willing to take."  There was no way that he would let Nazma be in the company of that teacher friend of hers.  Meeting him briefly today confirmed that he wanted to be more than a friend.


Nazim was in a foul mood.  The evening hadn't gone his way.  The restaurant had been fully booked.  Junaid has persuaded him that it was futile to wait and had taken him home.  But he couldn't get the image of Nazma out of his mind.  They way she looked tonight and then the way she had dissolved into a fit of giggles at something her colleague had said, wiping away the tears of laughter from her eyes.  He wanted to be with her and wanted her to want to be with him.


At home he was restless and finally collecting the car keys from Junaid decided to go out for a drive.  He drove for a while, made a few wrong turns but eventually ended up outside her house.  Engine off, lights off he waited.  He didn't have to wait long.


She parked her car, collected her handbag and keys and made her way to the front door.  She looked up at the faulty street lamp which fizzled out leaving darkness.  She quickly locked the garage door and hurried up the steps to her front door.  Just as she got to the door she felt a hand on her shoulder.  Quick as a flash she struck out with her fist and made contact.  Then stamping on her assailant's foot she took the opportunity to run and shut the door behind her.  She had to preserve herself.  Now was not the time to kick seven shades out of anybody.  However, the door was pushed open with such force that it knocked her backwards.  Stumbling, she looked at who it was.


Nazim stood in the doorway, face as black as thunder, breathing heavily.  The side of his cheek was beginning to redden where he had been hit.

"Are you going to greet me like this all the time?"  He practically growled stepping in and shutting the door.  Nazma smirked.  Obviously he was not aware of the dangers of creeping up on her. 

"How was I to know that it was you? Besides, respectable men don't ambush ladies in the dark." She threw back and there was almost a challenge in her voice.

"So if you had known it was me you wouldn't have struck me?" Despite himself her smiled.  There was a glint of mischievous in her eyes.  Looking at him squarely in the face and extremely deadpan she replied.

"I would have hit you harder."  

He stood infront of her.  For a while nothing was said.  They looked at each other, properly for the first time since they met.  He hadn't changed much.  Nazma thought.  Yeah he was older and he had garnered a certain air of arrogance about him.  Despite herself she reached out and touched his cheek.  Stroking it with her thumb.  "I should get you some ice for that."  He shook his head.  "No need."  He leant in and placed a kiss on her cheek as if testing whether it was safe to do so.  Nazma dropped her handbag on the floor and shrugged off of her coat.  Standing up to her full height she put her arms around his neck and met his kiss with hers.  Gentle at first and then followed by a sense of urgency.  She helped him out of his jacket and without breaking the kiss ran her fingers through his hair.  His hands went immediately to her belt and discarded it on the floor.  He cupped her face with his hands and deepened the kiss, taking the opportunity as she sighed to slip his tongue into her mouth.  With urgent fingers she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it free from his pants, exposing the expanse of his chest to her eager lips.  Grabbing her hands above her head he pinned her against the wall with his leg strategically placed between hers keeping her in place and kissed the soft skin of her neck moving down to the V of her sweater.  Like a woman possessed she rubbed herself against his leg.  There were no words.  He looked at her and saw the need that mirrored his own.  He stepped back and without saying a word led her into the lounge.  Throwing the cushions onto the floor he lay her down.  Releasing her from her skirt and tights he removed the last piece of barrier between them both and positioned himself.  He hesitated for a moment, worried that maybe it was too quick but she raised her hips up to him and taking his cue plunged himself into her and then held still.  She stiffened against him, sinking her fingers into the hard planes of his torso.  After the initial discomfort she relaxed against him and began to enjoy a sensation that she had missed so much over the past number of years.   He picked up the pace, fast and furious, taking her with him, wanting release.  To feel that nothing else mattered.  Not here, not now.  Just listening to her moans with each thrust until they melted.  And then complete release.  He sank on top of her, breathing heavily, before coming down to earth.  He lifted himself up onto his arms and looked into her face, feeling guilty.  It was too quick.  He should have had the presence to hold back.  Nazma was covered in a light sheen of sweat.  Strands of hair were plastered onto her forehead.  She looked at him and tried to blow the strands away.  He brushed the strands away and she smiled up at him.  He returned her smile and kissed her.     

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F and F story by Ahlam

They haven't met for five years. First meeting is at the vegetable market she i s buying tomatoes

She was shocked to see how much he had changed from the chubby little bablu she knew!!

he was very cute.she could not believe he was her bablu.she slipped on a banana peel and fell.

Fahaad who had been lost in Fahima's beauty ran to save her! He slipped on the same banana peel and landed ontop of her. Fahima blushed and looked away while Fahad marvelled at her beauty. He reached out his hand and she spat on it !

He smiled even wider at this gesture, recognizing that she still hates him like she did in childhood. While, his feelings were mutual back then too, they may be different now.

He wiped his hand on her head.Fahima was even move annoyed when she saw his wide grin. (Wait did he get up yet? how else would he have gave her a hand..duh)
"I guess some things never change huh Fahi", remarked Fahaad and wiped his slimey hand off on her head.  "Hey ! How dare you wipe your hand off on my head", shouted Fahima.
"How dare you spit on my hand !", Fahad responded with equal anger.

They both stood there fuming with anger for a few minutes. Then, they snapped back to reality. Fahad looked around the floor and saw squashed tomatoes everywhere.
"Sorry about..all of this mess. Here, let me buy them for you".
"No, that won't be necessary."
With that, Fahima walked away from him to buy lemons. When suddenly, a molvi came into the picture! he shouted and started dancing around waving a sword.  Fahaad grabbed Fahima's hand and ran out of the market.
Fahaad and Fahima, still holding hands, stopped running. A few seconds later, they bursted into uncontrollable laughter. They felt as if they were children running from their parents again.
When they stopped laughing, they looked at each other and would start all over again.
They realized they still were not out of danger, they started running again.
They both hid behind a booth while the molvi ran past.  Fahaad grabbed hold of Fahima's waist and pulled her closer to him. they looked into each others eyes suddenly Fahaad kissed her on the mouth.  She bit him.
He sucked on his bitten lip and then taking her head in his hands have her a huge french kiss. His hands moved from her head to her neck.  That little bit where the pulse is.  He broke the kiss and then followed his hands with his lips.  making her catch her breath. His lips met hers yet again. When their lips parted, Fahima spoke with a shaking voice.
"Is that all you got? Tsk tsk tsk. I think you can do better Babloo."
Fahaad accepted the challenge and deepened the kiss. He shoved his tongue inside her parted lips and tasted tomatoes in her tongue.
"How about that?", questioned Fahaad.
"You call that kissing? I've gotten better kisses from my grandfather! Let me show you how it's done fellow", remarked Fahima. Fahaad smirked at her confidence and before she could do anything, he stepped back and started walking away.
Fahima was astonished to see his courage to leave her hanging like this. She yearned for more but she knew she would have to wait. However, she was not going to let him leave. She ran after him rugby tackled him and sat on his lap.  She leaned into him ready to kiss him when she felt something weird. Something small and hard was poking at her.
"You always did have a little one, didn't you?", said Fahima.
"Thats my key ring" he said "but if you want to feel the real thing I can arrange that."
"Hmm. Maybe later but right now, I want to catch up with the years we have missed ! Let's go to the cafe down the block." 
"Sorry sweetheart, that will have to wait til tomorrow morning. We'll have plenty of time to chit chat later but for right now, we've got some other plans."
At this statement, Fahima's face flushed a bright red that she thought impossible to happen.

"Hmm. Maybe later but right now, I want to catch up with the years we have missed ! Let's go to the cafe down the block.  He held out his hand.  "Please don't spit in it this time."  She smiled at him and placed her hand in his.  At the cafe he found a secluded table ordered two cold drinks and sat down. "So.  What have you been up to?  Are you still studying?"  Fahima nodded and took a swig of her drink.
I's still at school." We had run out of tomatoes and mum asked me to get them. He remembered the squashed tomatoes.
"What did you intend to do with them?  Make ketchup!"  She swung for him and he grabbed her hand laughing.  "Hey I was joking.  You really have an anger issue.  Should get that seen to." "I am stressed," she replied. "Di is getting married in two weeks time and we are preparing some of the food in advance.  I am tired out."  Fahaad took Fahima's hand in his and studied her fingers.  He looked up.
"Will I get an invite?"  He thought that if there was a wedding he could sit and watch Fahima in all her finery and not feel guilty.
"Now that you're back, do you think my mom would forget to invite you? You know how fond she is of you." It was true. When we were kids, my mom would spoil him even more than me. Maybe that's why I hated him.
"Speaking of aunty, how is she doing? I have missed her so much". And I have missed you, he added in his mind.
He missed my mom and not me!! I can't believe this guy.
"Oh, she is fine. She loves to talk about you", said Fahima.
Fahaad was lost in his thoughts now. He stared at the wet pavement through the window. He watched the tiny droplets fall down the window. He smiled, remembering the times when they had a race with these raindrops to see which one would reach the bottom first. For some reason, he always won at this game which made Fahima furious. He loved seeing her face turn pink, signaling that she was angry.
He looked at Fahima once again as if just realizing she was sitting here with him.
"And how have you been?" At this question, she shrugged.
He knew the answer too well. She had cried so much when he had told her that he was moving.
He tightened his grip on her hand and gazed into her eyes deeply.
"I promise, I will never leave you again."

Fahima smiled a fake a smile and nodded.

She thought back to the time when Fahaad was her hero. Her chubby hero. He saved her from her evil cousin's schemes to try to get her in trouble. But her smart Babloo would always know what they were up to and would rescue her from their hands, just in time. He had always been there to protect her from everything so when she found out that he was going to leave, she was scared to pieces. Not just scared, but also heartbroken. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she had always loved him. She was scared to admit it though.

There was something else she was afraid of. Worse than her cousins, possibly more evil than any other creature. She shuddered as the memories flooded back and forced herself to block them. She had became an expert on putting away this particular person's memories. Fahima was in her deep,dark world. She didn't realize Fahaad looking at her, intently. Those knowing eyes stalked her every move. They caught her shuddering. He moved to sit next to her. Fahima was sobbing heavily. He pulled her head into his muscular chest and let her cry her heart out, and spoke soft, soothing words to comfort her. He knew the reason behind this outbreak. Another time he may have stood up and went straight to the treacherous man's door but right now, she needed him more than anything.

Fahima finally stopped when she had shed the last of her tears. From the table in front of them, they heard loud familiar girlish giggles, following a male's laughter. Fahaad looked at Fahima and asked,
"That can't be them!" Fahima's lips turned into a bright,wide smile.
"But it is them. Oh, Come on! We always knew they would end up together".
Fahaad turned his head around to peek at the couple. Sure enough, it was them! Vishal and Kristin.
Vishal had his arm around Kristin's shoulders and was whispering in her ear, making her giggle.
"Yes, but I never thought he would have the nerve to confess his feelings to her !" Fahima laughed inside her head, remembering how scared Vishal was to talk to Kristin.
"A lot has changed Babloo"
"Including us", added Fahaad with a smile.
"Including us", Fahima repeated.

They sat there, staring at each other with wide grins on their faces. They talked about every humorous memory they could think of and also about their present lives. Fahaad and his family had moved to the U.S for better opportunities in life, as so many others have. They were back in India to visit everyone they left behind. Not him though, he was back for Fahi and Fahi only. Fahi and Babloo hoped to never part again, to never leave this place. Hoped that time would stop for them so, Fahaad won't have to return to U.S. They ignored the subject entirely, focusing only on the moment they had right now and how much they were enjoying each other's company. But Fahima had to know when he was leaving.
"When are you going back?"
"Never if I could help it."
"Answer me Babloo. When? How much time do I have with you?", her last question was barely audible.
Fahaad sighed. He did not want to ruin the moment but he knew how stubborn Fahima is.
"Two months"
Fahima nodded slowly. Aching silence took over them. Neither knew what to say or do anymore. They sat there looking longingly at their intertwined hands, drinking in the sight that would disappear in two months. He finally, broke the silence.
"Come with me Fahi", he pleaded.
It rained heavily outside. Lightning flashed several times before the sudden realization of time hit Fahima.
"Oh my God! It's dark already. My parents are going to kill me!"
They had lost track of time, as usual. Their parents would always shout at them for coming home late after playing outside with each other. Being together made them forget everything around them. That's why they liked spending time with one another.
"I'll come with you", said Fahaad insantly,"They won't scold if they see me."
"Yes, but what about when they ask us where we have been! No, they would start suspecting things."
"What's wrong with that?"
The question threw Fahima off and she froze. She realized that she didn't know the answer. Why would it be wrong?, she asked herself. In fact, it's only the truth. It is bound to be revealed to her parents.
However, back at Fahima's home, a surprising blow waited for them. It seems that their parents already know what they have been upto, before they even reached home.

Fahaad and Fahima started to stand up from their seats when they heard cheers and applauds within the cafe. They stood up and found the most pleasant sight of all. Fahima's face lit up as bright as a candle seeing the scene in front of them. Fahaad wrapped his arm around Fahima's waist and ushered her towards it. They joined the crowd and started to clap joyfully and yelled words of encouragement. There they were. The same couple who was giggling and laughing a while ago. Vishal was on one of his knee, his outstretched hand held a dazzling diamond ring.
"I remember how frightened I was of you when we were kids. Frightened to admit my feelings towards you. Frightened, thinking about what you may think of me if you found out. Now finally, I have the courage to ask you this. I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you. Will you marry me Kristin? The "Awww's" filled up the cafe and brightened the atmosphere somehow.
Fahima stood there watching, astonished with glee for them, with her head resting on Fahaad's shoulder and his arm around her shoulder.
"SAY YES ALREADY YOU DUMBASS!!! ",screamed Fahima.

Kristin's excitement could not be described in words. She knew the voice yelling at her to say yes and listened to it.
"Yes ! Yes Vishal Ofcourse! YES!", she squealed with affection.
The cafe thundered with the sound of the customers standing up and clapping, happily for the couple. Vishal and Kristin were too busy kissing and embracing each other to notice their surroundings when Fahima and Fahaad rushed to them to congratulate them.
They all circled around in a group hug with the girls jumping and crying with joy.
"When did you come idiot? Didn't even tell us !," accused Vishal.
"I was a little busy with someone", he said and glanced at Fahima.
Vishal and Kristin looked at each other, knowing that they will soon be as enchanted as them.
They congratulated them, hugged them and teased them. Then, remembering that they had to depart as it was already dark, they said their goodbyes and hurried to the thunderous house.

Fahi and Babloo, now holding hands, started walking to Fahima's house. The smell of mud lingered around them and small puddles surrounded the path they walked on. It still rained lightly and silently.
"Shouldn't we be running, right about now?", wondered Fahima.
"We are already late Fahi. A little more late won't hurt", replied Fahaad and stopped suddenly.
"I believe we have unfinished business to take care of before we enter the house,"
She didn't understand what he meant and looked at him, puzzled.
"Don't worry, I will show you what I mean", he added with a wink.
Fahaad stepped closer to Fahima. She moved back. He took another step. She moved back another. She was afraid because he can be so unpredictable at times. She kept moving back until finally, her back hit against the trunk of a tree and they stood under the shade of the tree. She gulped. He gazed at her intensely and moved closer till there was no space between them left, He put his hand on her chin to pull up her mouth to his and kissed her ever-so gently, as if she was a piece of glass. She melted at his touch and put her hands on his shoulders. This was their first official kiss, filled with only love and passion, not lust. Their breaths had quickened and they were lost, feeling nothing but each other's lips. Their lips parted but their faces remained close to each other, their foreheads touching. Their hands on each other's necks they stood there, opened their eyes and discovered other's feelings through their eyes, they needed to leave soon now and they knew it. They sighed sadly in unison and let go of each other.

They started walking again, quicker this time. Fahima looked at her cell phone and saw 30 missed calls and from her house ! She yelped in horror, even more afraid. She started running the rest of the way and Fahaad followed her lead. They reached her house in a nick of time. There waited both, Fahima and Fahaad's families. They stood out in the front porch, looking worried and disapproving. They also someone that sent utter shocks through them, he gazed at them up and down, disgustedly. Fahaad and Fahima looked at each other and knew they were in a heap of trouble. It was none other than the Molvi who they ran from in the morning, who was now pointing a finger at them and yelled,
 "There they are ! Your evil, naughty children! The ones committing unforgiving sins!! Repent in the name of Allah! Ask for his mercy!!"

Fahima just stared down at her feet, not being able to meet her elders' eyes. Meanwhile, Fahaad,being the brave one as always, spoke up,
"With all due respect, I would like to clarify that what you saw was only part of what happened"
"Oh, so now you will tell me what I saw or did not see", said the Molvi with a loud laugh.
Fahaad had always been respectful to his elders but this man was testing his patience. He took a deep breath and attempted to speak again.
"No, I -",
"Dont say another word son !," said his dad in a strict tone. "Thank you Molvi sahab for informing us but this is our family matter now. Please leave us to solve it"
The molvi was not expecting this reaction. He made a weird gruff noise, nodded and left.
The families stared after him, then turned their gazes on the couple, their heads bowed down in shame.
"We didn't expect this from you two. Needless to say, we are very disappointed", spoke Fahima's mom in a stern voice.

Then suddenly, Fahima's soon-to-be-married sister put a hand on her mouth, her face red in the attempt to control her laughter and finally let go. Soon, everyone broke out in boisterous laughter. The couple waited for them to finish cracking jokes about their shocked faces.
"Alright, alright that's enough ! Stop teasing these two poor children," insisted Fahaad's mom.
"Poor children? They didn't even tell us about them !," said Fahaad's brother in a complaining voice.
"Wait, can someone please tell us what's going on?", asked Fahima
"Tell you both what's going on huh ?How about you tell us !! Fahaad has only been here one day and you've already turned into Romeo and Juliet?", teased her sister.
The couple turned red in embarrassment and realized that their families were happy that they were ... What were we? Before we could answer this question for ourselves, everyone rushed towards us.
The elders put their hands on their heads and pulled their cheeks. Fahaad's brother took both of their hands and put them on top of each other.
"Hai hai main mar jawan !", hooted Fahima's sister.
"You both are made for each other ! You look so cute together!", exclaimed her mother.

Finally, when their teasing was done, they started to hug each other, being excited that they will be relatives now. We're getting married ! What? This was happening too fast for both of them. Just when they thought that their horror could not get worse, her parents announced that they will get married with her sister. That's only a month away !! Fahima wished she could disappear into thin air like smoke. Fahaad was concerned for Fahima more than himself. He knew she would be terrified at the fast pace everything was happening. He had to stop this and though, enjoying everyone's celebrations, he cared for Fahima more than anything. He could see that she was smiling awkwardly at everyone who came towards her; she did not look too happy as to where this was heading to. They were family and he knew they would understand.

"Hey guys. Everyone, Please listen up !! I don't want to ruin the moment but I will have to. I would be the luckiest man on earth to get married to Fahima, but we need time. We understand that you guys are very happy for us but you did not even wait for us to say anything. As you said, I have only been here one day, I want to spend more time with her and not rush or force this marriage onto her."
Their smiles vanished. He despised himself for doing this now. There was only silence. No more talking, no more excitement, nothing. Fahima was smiling however, seeing how much he cared for her approval and comfort.
"I agree with Fahaad and don't worry. We will get married but when we are ready. We have been away from each other for so long, we need to get to know each other now", added Fahima.
"We're sorry. We were so lost in joy that we did not think to even ask you guys. We are not angry. In fact, we are proud of your decision. Marriage is not a joke and should not be taken as one. We will not force anything on to you guys," said Fahima's father.

The smiles returned again to let the couple know that they respected their decision. Fahima's family went into their house and Fahaad's family went into theirs, which was next door. They had gotten some relatives to clean it, so they could stay in it. Fahima's sister came back to get Fahima.
"Mr. Hussain, may I please borrow my sister from you for the night?," she asked sweetly.
Fahima's famous oh-you-are-so-dead glare pierced into her sister.
"Yes, Ofcourse Alysha Di but make sure you return her back to me, safe and sound," he replied in a mischevious voice, staring at Fahima consumingly. She wanted to run away from his gaze and she did when her sister dragged her into the house. He stared after her as she disappeared into the house. He stood there smiling broadly and sighed. Just as he turned around to walk to his house, something light hit the back of his head. He looked up and saw Fahima standing at the window of her sister's room. He looked down to see a paper ball, picked it up and saw her neat handwriting that wrote:

Good night
Babloo (:

He smiled, kissed the note and put it in his jeans pocket. He looked up and saw Fahima blowing him a kiss, he stretched his hand to his side , pretending to catch it. Then, he opened his fist and kissed his fingers. Fahima giggled and turned her head when her sister called her name. She took one last look at Fahaad and closed the window so he could not see her blushing. He felt the note inside his pocket and thought out loud,
"The night's not over yet Fahi.".
He took one last look at the closed window and walked to his house.

Fahima was flying over the moon. She walked up to the bathroom of her room and closed the door behind her. She reflected back on everything that happened that day. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water trickle down her body. The warmness spread over her body and she thought about Fahaad's warm breath on her face. The thought sent chills down her bare spine, making her have goosebumps. She grabbed the shampoo and rubbed it onto her hair. After half an hour, she finally felt satisfied with her clean hair. Then, she scrubbed her body down with soap. She was still thinking about Fahaad and how it felt to be touched by his lips. She touched her wet lips and blushed. Finally, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She came out of the bathroom, smiling and lost in her own world with only her and Babloo. He stood leaning against the wall next to her window, also smiling and lost in his world.

She was breathtaking with only a towel wrapped around her dripping wet body. My eyes traveled from her feet, to her legs, to her waist, to her neck and finally, to her face. Her wet, disheveled black hair was a little shorter than her towel that ended at her mid-thighs. Her angular face was turning redder by the second and her pink lips looked delicious. Water droplets traveled from her face slowly to her long, thin neck. Her eyes kept roaming around at the ground, unable to look at me. She wrapped her arms around her chest as if that would protect her from my gaze.

"What are you do-", she was interrupted by his finger on her wet lips.
How does he move so swiftly, so silently?
"You look stunning", he whispered in a voice that made her heart beat faster. Her eyes were still on the ground which made him angry.
"Look at me, not my feet!" he demanded.
Her gaze started moving up to his face, slowly and steadily. Her breath stopped when she reached his eyes. His intense, jet black eyes stared back at her. She recognized those eyes too well; it was the only thing that had not changed. He had matured so handsomely. His eyes matched with his silky, jet black hair which was neatly combed to the side and away from his forehead. His nose was pointy and wide, his square jaw had light stubble to prove that he was a man now. He licked his dry, light pink lips. The heat of their bodies was rising in the close presence of each other. She did not know what to say or what to do. They just stood there, feeling the warm breaths of each other on their faces. She shivered.

She stopped looking at the features of my face and fixed her gaze on my eyes. She let out a half-smile. I knew she was uncomfortable and felt awkward.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you would walk out looking..' this"
The room was dark except for the moonlight pouring in from the window he came in from.  It made her look even more beautiful. He wanted to touch her, to feel her smooth skin but he refused to fall for these temptations. He would not take advantage of her while she was vulnerable and insecure, not like that monster did.  This made him more determined so, he turned around and walked a few steps further away. She let out a deep breath that she didn't know she was holding and admired him for being such a gentleman.
"Thank You", she said with her lips curving into a small smile.

Fahima grabbed her night clothes from the closet and went into the bathroom to put them on.  She struggled with the clothes because her hands were shaking so much. She finally came out of the bathroom. He was lying on his side, staring at empty space. She grabbed a new towel and dried her hair. She wore a plain, white t-shirt and Mickey Mouse pajama pants. He chuckled when he spotted many tiny Mickey Mouses on her pajama pants. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly. He shook his head in response. She went back to drying her hair. Meanwhile, he stared at her dreamily.

"And what are you looking at?"
"An absolutely beautiful girl."
She found a small pillow and threw it at him. It landed smack dab on his face.
"Oh, you are so going to get it now!" He sat up and started to get off the bed. She started to giggle wildly when they heard footsteps. Both of them froze and looked at each other, panicky.
"Fahima!!", her mom  yelled and knocked at the door.

Fahaad rushed to hide into the bathroom. She opened the bedroom door and replied,

"Yes, Ammi?"
"I heard laughter. Do you know what time it is?"
"Sorry Ammi. I was talking to my friend on the phone."
"Alright. Go to sleep now."
"Ok Ammi."
She closed the door behind her and leaned against it. Fahaad was laughing silently and fell on the bed.
"YOU ! Stop laughing! You will definitely get me in trouble one day."
"Me? No, sweetie. I rescue you from trouble when it finds you."
She dropped on the bed next to him, exhausted from all the heart attacks she had today.
"You've been here one day and have caused so much chaos already!"
"Don't be such a spoil sport. Admit it. You had fun."
She did have fun. He pulled her head into his chest and wrapped his arm around her waist. She put her arm on his stomach and her other hand held his hand. He kissed her fingers one by one and laid them back down. He buried his face into her hair, sniffing in her shampoo's fragrance and she buried her face into his chest, letting his body's scent fill her nostrils. "You do know that you have to go soon right?"
"You love ruining the mood don't you? Just be quiet and enjoy the peace."
She cuddled closer to his warm body, and indeed, enjoyed the peace. She felt protected when she was in his arms, like nothing could harm her. A feeling she hadn't gotten in years since that...incident. She put those thoughts away and instead, imagined about her and her Babloo again. She let herself relax and feel safe.

Fahima stirred in her sleep, waking up Fahaad from his calm sleep. He jerked his head and saw that the clock read 4:12 AM. When taking his arm from her waist, she started talking in her sleep.

"Don't leave me, Babloo. Please don't leave me," she whispered in her sleep, her eyes closed.
He soothed her by kissing her forehead and stroking her forehead gently with his palm. She stopped murmuring and went back to her deep sleep. He put her head on the pillow carefully and took his arm out from under her waist. He picked her up from the edge of the bed and placed her on the centre. While doing so, her shirt lifted up, showing light scars where severe wounds had once been. He traced her scars with his index finger and his own similar scars around his stomach and his back. He grimaced in pain, his eyebrows curled up, remembering the painful memories.


She lay on the coarse, jagged gravel road, her teeth were clenching down hard on the handkerchief tied around her open mouth. Her eyes, blood shot red from crying and shedding innumerable tears and her waist was oozing blood from many of the harsh bruises and cuts. He stood up from the same gravel road that he had been kicked and pushed down to several times but was still determined to reach her. Although this time, he clutched a large, heavy rock with both of his hands and aimed it at the ruthless man's head. It hit the side of his head, the impact knocking him unconscious. He walked over and fell next to her, both bleeding ferociously.

He opened his tightly shut eyes, unaware of when he closed them. A single tear fell down from his eye to her waist. It was the first and the only time he had failed to protect her. He had failed her.

The sun's radiance beamed through the window, illuminating the room and waking up Fahima. She was covered with her blanket, awaking from her tranquil sleep with no nightmares. Nightmares had become a part of her sleep and she had long forgotten the delight of a peaceful sleep. She sat up, smiling at his consideration when she spotted the blanket around her. She felt something smooth under her hand. It was a note.

You look beautiful while sleeping.

She blushed. He sure knows how to impress a girl, she said to herself. She stood up yawning and walked over to the window to open it. She found another note taped to it.

You look beautiful while blushing.

She blushed and smiled like a madwoman. Then, she turned and walked to her bathroom, wondering how many more of these notes she was going to find. The answer was on the mirror.

You look beautiful while smiling.

She was expecting to find one on the toilet seat or the shower saying "You look beautiful while naked" but let out a sigh of relief when she didn't. She was right, he is incredibly unpredictable. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and walked out to comb her tangled mess of hair. She regretted not braiding it but was too dead-beat to do anything last night. On her mirror was yet another note waiting for her.

You look beautiful with messy hair.

She smirked at this one. He must have thought about my every step, every thought, and every reaction. Taking a look around to check for more notes, she took off the ones she had found and put them under her mattress. A knocking sound coming from the window startled her. She opened it and saw a bed ragged Fahaad in the window across from hers, his hands resting on the window pane. He looked so captivating that she wanted to just stare at him all day. He turned to get a notebook & marker and came back to the window. He wrote:




She turned to look for a notebook and a marker also, when she finally found them; she wrote down something and turned the notebook to face the window. It read:




He shaked his head indicating that I did not have to thank him. Suddenly, her door started banging and she heard Alysha yelling,

"Are you still sleeping? Wake up, Sleeping Beauty! Breakfast is ready."
"I'm awake already. I'll be down in a minute," she yelled looking at her door. She turned back to the window, gave an apologetic look to Fahaad and waved a goodbye. They both left, unwillingly. She went to eat breakfast while he went to take a shower. When she reached the dining table, she sat down with a growling stomach. She realized that she did not eat anything since yesterday. Since, she was reunited with her Babloo, he had turned her life upside down. She felt so alive, so new, and so happy. Her train of thought was interrupted by her mother.
"Stop smiling and eat. And what happened to the tomatoes and lemons you were going to buy?"
She turned pink with embarrassment and picked up a slice of bread. She felt her mother's strong curious gaze on her, making her nervous.
"Sorry Ammi, I ran into Babloo yesterday and forgot. I will bring them today."
She was surprised she could even find her voice.
"Ofcourse! You found your Majnu again and forgot about everything else", her sister said mischievously. Her mother smiled at Fahima and scolded,
"Leave your younger sister alone ! You focus on your marriage right now."
"Yes, let's talk about your Majnu for now," Fahima added and hit her shoulder against Alysha's.Thank You Ammi!  You are my savior, she whispered to herself.

He thought about how to see her wonderful smile again. He had promised himself after last night that he would give her all the happiness in the world. Not just because he felt that he had failed her but because he loved her. I love her. 'Fahima. He stood there standing in front of the mirror and thought out loud,

"I- 'l-ove you'. Fahima"
He repeated the words to himself and wondered how he would ever say them to her if he stuttered to even say them to himself.  He was in no rush though. He wanted to give her joy for the time he had with her then, he would think about the three cursed words. She would come with me, wouldn't she? Does she love me? Why else would she tell her whole family that she would marry me? He was beginning to despise falling in love now. He always stayed away from that feeling until now. It was coming on so instantly and with such force. It only encouraged him more to face it, to face that he loved her. He wanted to go scream it to the entire world. That's when his brother, Abid, walked in and he wanted to go hide in a corner with those feelings.
"Someone looks happy", he remarked
"Oh,Really. Who?" He looked around for an invisible person. Fahaad wondered when he had started smiling.
"Admit it Bro, you're going looney over Fahima Di."
"I never denied it. It was pretty obvious when I said I would be the luckiest man on earth to be her husband."
Abid chuckled at that and was beginning to annoy him when he carried on, ignoring his brother's irritation.
"Speaking of your marriage, when is it happening?"
"You'll be the first one to know, you nosy cow. Let's go eat breakfast. I'm starving ," Fahaad insisted to change the topic and was glad that he left it. 

Fahima finished her breakfast and went to her room to change her clothes to go to the market again. When she entered her room, a paper ball sat on the floor directly across from the window. She opened it.

Meet you at the market?  I promise no squashed tomatoes this time. No promises on everything else.

She blushed and looked outside. Fahaad was smiling, charmingly and waited for an answer. She wrote her answer in the same piece of paper, crushed it up and threw it directly at his head. He caught it before it hit its target. Show off, she thought. His grin became wider when she glared at his action. He smoothed out the paper and read.

Sure. I was going there anyway. Be outside in 10. Let's avoid molvis this time also.

He looked up and gave one sharp nod as if saying, "Deal". They were both came outside and stared at each other from head to toe. Fahi looked simply gorgeous dressed in a simple cotton dress, the kameez was beige, quarter-sleeved, with purple flowers and below that was a plain purple churidaar salwar, the dupatta was a contrast of both the colors and was draped in the front to cover her chest. Babloo wore straight legged dark blue denim jeans and a light gray shirt with many thin, black horizontal stripes, the sleeves pulled up to his elbows.
"Sorry for making you forget about the tomatoes and what not."
"Oh, don't worry about it. You're paying now."
"Why? Because I caught the paper ball before it hit me?"
He laughed and gestured to the road with his head.
"Let's go."
They wanted to hold hands again but they were frightened that someone might recognize them, considering the molvi incident. As they were walking, they saw a beggar sitting on the sidewalk trying to soothe her two children crying, vociferously. Fahima's heart melted instantly at the sight. She always had a soft spot for children and always gave money to beggars with children. She had stopped mid-step and stared at them absently. Before she could say anything, Fahaad knew what she wanted."Come."
They walked over and surprisingly, both took out a 500 rupee note at the same time and leaned down to hand it to the lady. She stared at the money then back at them. Her eyes filled with sparkling tears.
"Thank You !! Thank You so much!!! My children have been hungry for days and now I can feed them at last! May god bless you both and keep your relationship safe and your lives always filled with happiness."
The couple looked at each other and smiled.
"No need to thank us and we aren't married", Fahima said shyly.
"Not yet, but you love each other deeply. I can see it from the way you both look at each other."
She blushed. He nodded at the lady, smiling. She took leave and walked away, he started to walk after her when the beggar's voice stopped him in his tracks.
"She has endured great pain as a child. Take care of her."
"I will. Always and forever." he replied without turning, watching her bargaining with a street vendor.
He walked over, heard the price and started to hand it to the vendor when a hand snatched the money away.
"This guy is asking for too much money for these tomatoes! Don't you have any value for money Babloo?"
"It's not about the value for money. You standing here and arguing for ten minutes to save 10 rupees is just ridiculous, not that I don't enjoy the scene."
She went pink in anger. Yes!, he thought. He yearned to see her angry because she looked even more adorable. To add fuel to the fire, he snatched the money out of her hand.
"Plus, this is MY money so, I can spend it however I want. Here you go bhai"
She stood there giving him her death glare and he smiled wildly like an idiot back at her.
"Ugh. You!"
"Yes sweetheart?"
It took all her might to turn around and walk away, leaving him to carry the heavy bag of tomatoes which he did effortlessly. She rolled her eyes. After buying the lemons, they started to make their way back.
"I can't imagine you carrying all this alone. You should be glad I'm here!"
She never thought about how she was going to carry all that.
"Well, thank you Babloo, The Superman!"
"It is my pleasure to serve you malady."
She laughed, causing him to laugh with her.
"I missed you", he admitted.
She stared at him, shocked by the sudden confession. So, he missed her after all, she said to herself.
"I missed you too. I missed you very much."
Her sorrow showed through her eyes.
"I'm so sorry that I left you. I hated to but I had to. My parents refused to leave me behind. I begged to them, tried to convince them but nothing worked. Especially after what happened to you, I didn't want to leave you in that state. I-"
She stopped walking and faced him.
"Stop it Babloo. I never asked for an apology. I understand why you left. It wasn't your fault. None of it. So, don't hold yourself responsible for'.for what happened. "
"But it was my fault Fahi. If only I had reached you in time. If only'" he said this in such a soft tone, it made her heart flutter.
"Stop worrying so much. What's done is done."
"No, it's not just done. It has affected you more than you realize. You were in such a state of shock and I was there so don't deny that it changed you. You stopped smiling, stopped laughing, you stopped LIVING."
Her eyes were clenched closed tightly. She did not want to hear anything related to the incident or how it made her. When she opened them again, her eyes were blurry and she realized she was crying. Immediately, he knew he should not have brought it up.  He hated himself now. He reached his hands out to comfort her but she backed away. She wiped away the tears and smiled her fake smile.
"It's ok. I'm fine. Everything's fine."

"No, it's not", he said calmly but she detected the hint of anger in his voice.
"Look, I don't want to talk about this right now."
"You're right. Let's just drop all this stuff to your house and we will come back to talk then. Sooner or later, you will need to let it out ,Fahi."
"No! I don't want to hear it. We are going to drop this and come back outside to talk. I know just the place."
She was taken aback by his demanding voice but she knew he was right.
"Why do you always have to be right!" she muttered under her breath.
"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Can we go home now? We have to come back to talk also right? Or have you changed your mind now."
He chuckled and they walked home together.

"I'm back, Ammi!" Fahima yelled when she walked through the door.

Her mother was cooking something and stood up with a smile seeing Fahaad walk in after her daughter. He put everything on the counter and curled and uncurled his fingers.
"Fahima, you made him carry all this by himself? He's only been here for two days and you have given him no time to rest. You sh-"
"Its fine, Aunty. Plus, your daughter is too weak to carry anything this heavy," he interrupted, went behind her and put his arms around her neck, his face next to hers, while staring at Fahima. She knew he had always thought her as a second mother and her mother always gave him more love than she did to her own daughter but she didn't like him hugging her mother. She scorned at him with jealousy and anger.
"Me and weak? Come here! I'll show you how weak I am"
"I'm not getting into this! Let me go you two!" her mother insisted. They chased each other in circles around her mother and then obeying her, he ran to the living room and she sprinted after him. Her mother sighed happily and yelled,
"Fahima ! Leave him alone and go tell your sister to get ready. We are going out to shop for her wedding clothes."
"Jee Ammi", she yelled back. "I'll get you later!" she said, pointing at him.

He walked to her mother while she went upstairs to her sister's room. Her mother looked at him and smiled gratefully.

"Thank You."
"For what?"
She sighed sadly this time, paused and replied.
"After you left, she just sulked, locking herself in her room. She hardly talked to anyone. She did not go out with any of her friends. But now that you're back, she seems happy again. So, thank you for bringing our old Fahima back to us." He took one of her hands and held it tightly between both of his palms.
"Am I not like your son? Then, why are you saying thanks to family. I love Fahima with all my heart. I promise, I will never let anyone hurt her and I will always keep her happy." Her mother looked at him proudly, her eyes filled with tears of joy.
"I know you will son. I completely trust you with my daughter and I know you will always protect her."

They heard footsteps coming down from the stairs. Alysha turned and saw Fahaad holding his mother's hand. She was wiping her tears with the back of her other hand.

"Have we interrupted something?"
"No, no. We were just saying that we should marry you off as soon as possible," he remarked. She blushed. Fahima put her arm on one of her sister's shoulders and put her other hand on her waist.
"Yes, I agree. Look at how quickly she got dressed to go buy her wedding clothes!"
"Ammi ! Look at how these two are teasing me!" she said in a high-pitched whiny tone.
"You dug this hole yourself, Alysha. Now you will have to climb out yourself also." her mother answered.
"You too Ammi?" She stomped her feet. "You all are ganging up on me now but when I'm gone, you will miss me!" They didn't want to think about that, so her mother hurried to go shop with her. Meanwhile, he dragged her to a familiar place to talk. She gasped looking at it.
"You know, after you left, I did not even want to look at this place again. It only reminded me of you more."
"Well, you won't need to remember me when I'm right in front of you. Come on." He wrapped his hands tightly around hers and walked to it.

It was their tree with F + F etched on it. It stood alone,the big oak tree was filled with bright green leaves, its branches going every direction. The trunk was relatively thin compared to other trees and leaned to the right. The ground underneath had luscious grass growing. She walked closer to it and traced the letters with the fingers of her free hand, a small smile creeping upon her lips.


"Are you scared Fahi?"
"No ! I just..".
"You are scared ! Fahi is a scaredy cat. Fahi is a scaredy cat. Fahi is ascaredy cat.", he chanted til she turned pink with anger.
"I am NOT SCARED!" she yelled.
"Then prove it, climb this tree with me!"
"Fine!"Sweat was beading at her forehead, she was afraid but she would not let him win. She closed her eyes and locked her first foot on the trunk and put her arms around it. Then, she put her second foot on the trunk; she moved her feet as if she was walking and moved her arms up as she went up. She looked down and regretted it. Her heart pumped fast and loud, she heard and felt it in her head. She stretched her foot out to reach the branch and it slipped, causing her to fall. She landed on her feet but had twisted her ankle. Fahaad came down on the ground with a thud.
"Are you okay?"
"No! My ankle hurts. Ammi's going to kill me now!" Though her mother was getting use to her frequent injuries, she always scolded her for not being careful. Days later, he brought her to the same tree saying he wanted to show her a surprise. Our initials were carved into the trunk.
"This will be our tree from now on. We don't have to climb it. We can just sit under it."

That's how it became their tree. They came everyday and played under it, never daring to climb it again. She snapped out of her flashback and looked at him with determination.

"I want to climb it, Babloo."

Fahaad stared at her with widened eyes in disbelief.

"You want to climb the tree?" She nodded.
"No. Well, not right now anyways. We've come here to talk; we can climb it after we are done." She looked disappointed but he wouldn't let her escape from discussing this right now. She sat down with a huff and he sat next to her, still holding her hand tightly.
"Give me a moment to gather my thoughts."
"I'm ready when you are." She looked down and took a deep breath. She knocked down all the walls she had built to protect herself from that memory and let it take over her for the first time since that day, the day that changed her.


They were walking home from school, the road eerily silent as usual except for their laughter. Their parents always warned them to not walk through that way because it is very isolated with no people, cars, animals, or sounds. It only encouraged them when their parents told them to stay away from that road, so they decided to go that way. They stopped their chattering promptly when they heard a man's beastly laughter slice through their ears, echoing through the empty street.

"Babloo, it's a ghost!!! There's an evil spirit living here!!That's why our parents did not want us coming here!" she said in a shaky voice.
"There is no such thing as ghosts Fahi!"
"Is too. Come on. I will prove you wrong!" They followed where the sound was coming from and hid behind a tree. He looked over from his side, only to find four men in a circle, looking down at something.
"See! I told you that there is no such thing as ghosts," he whispered to her. But her attention was not on the men but at what they were staring at. The man laying there wore tattered, dirty clothes, stained with blood around his chest. His face was covered with fresh, dripping blood and mixed with the dirt from the ground. He had cuts all over his face made from a sharp knife. His eyes were shut, purple and swollen; his nose was broken and gushed out thick, dark blood. He stirred and groaned in pain. One of the men stomped on his face with his shoe. She turned her head away and tried to stifle the yelp that surfaced her throat but it was already too late. The men turned around and looked straight at her. Before Fahaad could take a look at what she yelped at, he saw her run and he went after her.

She began to narrate to him what she saw that he did not, her voice breaking when describing the man.

"That's what changed me, the fact that the world wasn't all fairy tales and rainbows. That there could be such evil people living in it. I had always been guarded by my parents, by you, by everyone from the cruel world that we live in, never letting an inch of violence reach me, an inch of the real world that when it did, I didn't want to believe it. I shut my eyes and wanted to pretend it was all a nightmare. I never even had nightmares until that day! I would wake up at midnight every night, wailing and shouting at monsters in my dream to leave me alone. They never did; they kept chasing after me." She was sobbing heavily now. He let her flow out the pain with her tears but held her close to him. She wiped them off and continued.

"To add to my misery, I found out you were leaving. It wasn't your fault alright. I don't blame your parent, not after what happened. Any parent would do the same. We couldn't afford to move though so we had to stay in this hell hole. It scared me even more to think that I would live there all alone without my shield, my protector, my rock. I only trusted my family. I didn't go out with my friends nor talk to them. I became afraid of the world and shielded myself from it. I made barriers around myself to prevent anyone from getting close to me. It was the only way I knew to deal with the situation, that's how the new me came about. A quiet, reserved, insecure Fahima, who refused to interact with the world at all, scared of what it may do to her. And then, the world changed yet again for me. You came. You broke down all the walls I made around my heart and claimed it as yours. You made me smile again. You gave me my life back in just two days. You did what my family could not do in so many years. You made me realize that there was evil but also good in the world. That you can't live feeling scared of the world. You have to face your fears."

She smiled at him bravely. He realized that her pain was deeper than he realized and that it would take much longer than two months to heal.

"Is that why you wanted to climb the tree?"
"Yup" And as if a bolt of lightning jolted him awake, he pulled her in for a tight embrace, tears falling down his cheeks. He whispered in her ear,"I'm so proud of you." He backed his head away and found her lips. She felt as if they were floating in air. For the first time, she discovered something changing inside her, making her have an adrenaline rush and respond stronger. She let herself feel the dizziness that overcame her, clinging to him as if it was the last time. Their lips pressed on each other's more confidently than ever. They did not speak of the feeling growing inside them; they expressed it through touch instead. Neither wanted to stop, just wanted to embrace each other tighter and never let go. They held each other closer, both hands on each other's waist.  They both moved away, panting, their faces red, their lips still tingling from the lingering kiss. After catching their breaths, they looked at each other and smiled. He broke the long silence. "Let's climb this tree then, shall we?"


Their feet dangled, their hands interlocked and they felt as though they were the only two people left on the planet. Fahima had climbed the tree effortlessly with Fahaad below her to catch her in case she fell. When they settled down on a strong, thick branch, they both drifted back to continue the memory in their minds.

Two out of the four men were chasing after her. She wondered where Babloo was, hoping that they had not caught him. Even though she was a fast runner, unlike chubby Babloo, their stride was much longer than hers because of their height. They caught up with her in no time.
"Go get the other little rascal. Go !!", urged the man wearing a red and orange flowery shirt. The man was hesitant, as if he wanted to rescue her, but quickly ran away, leaving her with the other man. By that time, she was struggling to get free from the man's evil clutches and screaming frantically for help. No one came, no one heard her. She felt lonely and trapped as if in a cage. The man back slapped her with such force that she fell to go the ground, the world spinning around her, her cheek stinging. The slap did not help but added to her misery and it only made her wail even louder.
"Shut up, you crying little rat ! First you snooped around in other people's business, then made us run after you, you worthless piece of sh*t and now you want to cry !" He gripped a fistful of her plaited hair and pulled down harshly. "I've had it with you ! There's only one way to shut you up now." He freed one of his hands from my hair and reached inside his pocket, taking out a white handkerchief. He sat on top of her, pinning her hands down with his knees. She shook her head wildly, attempting to escape from being gagged but he still managed to tie the fabric around her mouth, so tight that her mouth hurt from the pressure. Her screams turned into muffled sounds and the man grinned a missing-tooth smile, satisfied with his work. Tears welled on her eyes, dropping to the corner of her eyes and then, to the round, one after the other. She gave up and stopped shouting, stopped struggling to get free. The man was still sitting on top of her, his weight was unbearable for her thin,frail body. She knew she would not make it out alive but hoped that Babloo would. No, she knew he would, he was much more clever then her. Babloo WILL survive this, she chanted to herself.

Babloo walked slowly from behind the man, the only thing he could see was her legs. He recognized them because her knee had a purple bruise from the day before when she had slipped and fell while playing Tag; he crouched behind some bushes. On his way there, he had seen one of the men running back his way but he had hid behind a tree, just in time, letting the man run right past him. He pondered on what he should do next. His breath slowed down and became even, sweat trickled down his temples. Going home to get help was out of the question, they would not let him step out of the house ever again and he did not want to leave Fahi alone here anyway. She was his only friend, his best friend. All the others made fun of him and called him names like, "Fahaad the Fatty" or "Fahatty" but she never did. She cared for people's feelings, sometimes a bit too much. So, he became her hero as she became his. She always scolded the kids that picked on  him even though they were two years older, they listened because she was popular. She didn't realize how much those little gestures meant to him. She wasn't like the other popular kids, she never boasted or took advantage of it. She never felt that she was too good to talk to the loners. She was the most beautiful girl in their school and all the boys drooled and swooned for her and she acted as if they were not even there. She lived in her own world and was a very cheerful girl. She was sweet and innocent and the world tried to tear her to pieces because of that but he had promised himself that he would never let that happen. He would be the hero that comes to save the heroine from goons like in the movies. He would not let anyone take away her smile, he would save her even if it meant risking his life. It was obvious that only one of us could escape and it would be Fahi. His thoughts were interrupted by her urgent muffled screams or were they cries? He didn't wait to find out. He stepped out of his cover slowly, revealing himself to the man. Tremors went through him when he saw what the man was doing to Fahi.

They were both brought back to real life when they heard the familiar giggles that they heard in the cafe again. They both turned and looked down to the ground. Their faces turned red at the sight, trying to stifle their laughter. They looked at each other, wondering if they should scare, ignore or watch them. Both agreed that scaring would be much more fun.They both climbed down to the branches on either side of the couple and jumped down at the same time. They landed with a thud that absolutely freaked them out. Kristin's legs left Vishal's waist and landed clumsily on the ground. She almost fell back when Fahima gripped one of her hands and Fahaad gripped her other, Vishal was looking everywhere, unsure of what to do with the hands now, the same hands had previously been on Kristin's bum a while ago, holding her up.
"How could you both have a party without us !?!?", demanded Fahaad with fake anger in his voice.
"Um-", they both said in unison.
"Your voices were fine when you were eating each other's faces, what happened now?", teased Fahima.
They both looked at each other and then at them, sighing irritatingly.
"Hey now, no need to get angry that we interrupted your This is our tree though."
"Your tree eh? I don't see a name !", spoke Kristin, letting her annoyance show clearly in her voice.
"Maybe you didn't see the initials". He went circled around the tree and pointed at them. "See, right here!"
"Oh. Well, sorry man. We didn't see that. We just needed some time alone. Our parents wouldn't let us see each other saying it was bad luck to see your fiancee. We can find another spot. Carry on with whatever you two do.", answered Vishal in a calm voice.
"Nah, we were just playing around. It's fine. We were going to leave soon anyway. See you two around. We better get our wedding invitations !"
"Ofcourse yaar. How could we leave you two out. You'll be the first ones to receive them."
"IF you even get them. No promises", Kristin said with an evil glare and a smile, putting her arm around Vishal's waist. Everyone looked at her then laughed.
"Sweetie, we would break in if that's what it takes to get to your wedding We wouldn't miss it for the end of the world! We still have plenty of teasing to do. ", said Fahima with a wink.
"Vishal, we are gonna need a lot more bodyguards as it seems that wedding crashers are plotting to break in", Kristin said, looking straight at Fahima.

They pulled their legs a little longer and Kristin defended them, retaliating all their remarks. The couples enjoyed themselves while doing so, reminding each other often that they were sailing on the same boat- the love boat. Kristin may be a little evil on a daily basis but she was a darling at heart. Her heart always melted for Vishal. He seemed to be the only person who escaped her evil mind and brought out her tender side. Their love was shown through the little actions they did without noticing like holding the other's hand when someone said a hurtful remark or just giving a questioning look at the other to search for their approval of a certain act. That must be the language of love, do we do that as well?, wondered Fahi and Babloo. They looked at the couple then at each other, the question reflecting in their eyes and they found the answer there also. After a while, they took their leave and started to walk back home, leaving the two lovebirds to continue their encounter.
"They love each other so much.", said Fahima.
"Yes, they do. In fact, they remind me of another couple that I know", replied Fahaad with a pointed look at her. Her lips tried to hide a smile, she understood and nodded. He had made his point crystal clear to her with just one look. Yup, we definitely speak the language of love, he thought and wrapped his hand on hers, it fit perfectly, as if their hands were made to hold each others.

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Ahlam's story by Fahima

OS:Made for each other

Ahlam walked slowly toward the college she had been for the past years, all the other people around her were running to their old friends and having lots of fun. But for her she no more had a close friend, she had moved far away, to England while she was still in the USA. She remembered how she had made friends with her, when she was getting bullied by the senior girls, but time flew and now she was a senior, not the mean one but the helpful and kind senior.

In her daze she walked up to the classroom and went to her usual seat. She looked out the window and saw a long white car park at the front gates and a driver came round to open the door. She stared, wondering who this person was. Maybe a trustee of the college she thought'

'Excuse me?' she turned quickly towards the door and found a student looking lost. She got up and helped the student as she had asked. She was directing her towards the library, and instead f just telling went with her. She had forgotten about the long white car that was near the window.

She new she had a good ten minutes for the lesson to start so she walked slowly introducing her self and talking about the school while the other girl just nodded. Ahlams timetable flew out her hand with the sudden rush of the wind. 'wait, im just getting the timetable', Ahlam said to the student named Nazma. (hahaha) she ran over to get it. She never saw it coming! While she ran a group of people surrounding a boy came round and while Ahlam was running she slipped on some water and BAM. Tripped the boy over as well. He fell on top of her and their faces touched. Ahlams face tingled at the touched and her heart raced. Ahlam stared wide eyes at this handsome new face, who she had never seen around college before. His face was so pale and he stared at her beautiful face with his beautiful hazel eyes with olive green specks in them they stood out like a brown spot on the. She felt his breath on her face and wanted to lean in for a kiss. But she had never kissed anyone before so there was a moment of awkward silence but it was filled with a tint of love. He bought his face closer and was about to say something then'. 'ahlam you okay' namza came rushing besides her. Suddenly he got up and looked at her with a look of frustration on his face. Ahlam got up at the same time. She inwardly cursed namza for breaking the moment! 'what is this, cant you see where your going?' He said. 'chill man, faizaan, it was an accident Nazim spoke to Faizaan. Nazim was ailently staring at nazma at the same time. He liked the cute new girl.

But on the other side faizaan just stared at Ahlam. And Ahlam said a quick apology and rushes away not trusting herself to speak and embarrass her further in front of this guy who she had mixed feelings about'.

Later that day'..

'Nazma, that was so embarrassing!' Ahlam spoke to nazma. She felt utterly stupid about the morning and it was lunch time, she had joined with nazma. They were getting on well. Hmm.. replied nazma. She was thinking about the guy that had told faizaan to calm down, she didn't know his name but loved his looks. 'what hmm?' Ahlam clicked her fingers in front of nazmas face. This girl was a pain in the but at the moment. 'ahlam, I want to apologise for the incident this morning?'
 what? Ahlam looked questioningly at her.
'it was me who had accidently drpooed the water where you had fallen, my water bottle had slipped and fell on the floor, im really sorry' Nazma made puppy eyes to melt ahlams heart.
'what it was you?' argh, thanks' Ahlam replied in a huff, 'okay, whatever, but I feel so silly at the moment'..well don't worry I think he has probably forgot.

Then the bell went for the next period, both the girls got up from their chairs and made their way out of the canteen. 'I have biology next, then final lesson chemistry' Ahlam spoke looking at the timetable but straight away remembered the incident. She had not forgotten the handsome face. 'okay, I have P.E theory lesson next'. 'see you later by the gates'. Ahlam walked to her lesson and went the seat at the back of the class, it was her comfort zone in biology for when she got bored, it was the only table with an empty seat next to her. But this comfort only lasted for a few minutes'

Just then Faizaan walked in. she knew he was going to sit next to her because there was not seats left! She just hid her face in embarrassment, but then she was happy as well. 'right Faizaan can you please sit next to Ahlam'' he made a confused face and the teacher pointed towards the back and saw that Ahlam was not seated there, because Ahlam has hid under the table, not helping at all to disappear. 'Well, she will be here any minute'. He shrugged and walked up to the table. While he approached Ahlam composed herself, too late he was there and just stared at the girl who was looking in her bag under the table. Ahlam got up quickly but on the way banged her head on the table 'Ouch' she whispered to herself.  Shit, shit, shit! Why do I always make a fool of myself infront of handsome boys? I seriously need to leave school'..ASAP!! but boy he was handsome, the way he looked at her sent shivers up her spine, and she blushed harder turning a crimson red!

'umm, so it's you again' he spoke in his velvet voice, so alluring and engaging. Tentatively Ahlam licked her lips. She so wanted to kiss those luscious lips, but she was so sure she would not have a chance after these two most embarrassing incidents! 'oh hi' she replied. Nervously she sat back down on her place on the bench and he slid down next to her. He placed his hands down first and touched Ahlams thigh lightly on the side, an electric shock went up her body, he eyes shot up and Ahlam looked up at him in horror and at the same time happiness. Why am I feeling like this? She looked at him but he was unaware of the situation he had put Ahlam into.

Then the biology lesson started'..and it was about puberty for both males and females.., which made it even more embarrassing. 'So let's start with the woman's puberty signs first' the teacher, Mrs Fahaad exclaimed. Now Faizaan turned towards Ahlam and said in a joking manner 'you must know a lot about this' and winked. He winked at me!! Ahlam was over the moon but then realised what he had just said and blushed, and looked quickly down into her exercise book'..

'So Ahlam, would you like to answer the first question as you seem to have hid at the beginning of the lesson?' Mrs Fahaad said lightly. A murmur of laughter went around the class. Faizaan looked up at Ahlam and said do you need any help. He had a sarcastic smile on his face. Ahlam burned with more embarrassment and finally got a few words out of her mouth. 'ummm, they grow taller and pubic hair and'.' She trailed off. She couldn't get herself to say more. Faizaan had a mocking smile on his face and whispered to her 'periods start oh and yeah, breast develop' and looked away with a smirk on his face leaving Ahlam to feel more stupid and embarrassed. 'ahlam, it that all you could come up with?' the teacher questioned raising an eyebrow at her. 'well, as Faizaan said periods start and breast develop'. Faizaan turned his head around to look at her, he had a look of disbelief written on his handsome face. Ahlam had a playful smile on her face and remembered how she and her friend had made a guy run after them, so get his attention. Ahlam had done that for her dear friend.

Now she used that technique for herself, she started to feel more comfortable after what she had said.

 in the theory P.E. lesson!

'good morning class, well u are all new to the college i see, i am Miss Smith (hope thats fine) , but you can call me kristin'. Nazma looked at the teacher and had a good feeling that her lessons were not going to be boring. 'we are just waiting for a few senior students, ah here they are!' kristin looked towards the door, nazma turned and saw the boy that was with faizaan. she looked at him, when he saw her his smile widened and winked at her. nazma just blinked thinking what the hell was happening, she was a junior and he was a senior. 'come on in boys and girls' kristin excalimed happily. 'this is nazim, vibha, xarina and vishal, but he is another P.E teacher'. the teacher pointed to each of them. 'nazim, it was...what a lovely name thought nazma, and it goes well with my name, nazim and nazma sitting in a tree...she sang in her head...

'these senoirs have taken p.e. aswell, so they will be here every so often for this year to help you in this course...nazim can you start off please'

'sure why not, it will be my pleasure' nazim gave a little bow and stood up straight, he looked directly at nazma and when he saw her blush he thought 'she is so cute, i want to bite those cheeks'. he smiled to himself in wonder... he talked o about the course, every so often glancing at nazma whose name he still did not know. he made sure he had her full attention, not caring much about the other students...throught out that whole time nazma had been staring at him, wide eyed as he spoke, made gestures. he was so fluent in his english and every muscle in his body made her want to go up to him for a hug...have to wait this rate i wont be a long time...nazim hardly gave a chance for the other seniors to speak...

'right fill in your forms, and sign it, these are for your safety and agreement to take part in the course' kristin handed the forms out to all the students'...

the senoirs walked around letting the students inrtroduce them selves. but Vishal stayed at the front and talked to kristin, who seemed very pleased by the fact. ( i wont include vishal-kristin love story, d.w.)

nazim walked straight to namza, he made eye contact, not breaking it till he reached over her shoulders. he placed his hands on either side of her and breeathed on her neck. it feels so good thought nazma. he spoke on her back 'so, whats your name?' he glanced at the sheet and at the very top of the page it was scrawled nazma in itallics. what a lovely name he said. nazmaz heart pace quickened, she tried to turn around, but she was unable to because she was blushing hard. his hot breath made goose bumps rise on her skin, she shivered, seeing this nazim wnet closer to her and was near her cheek, he leaned in, then abruptly pulled away when he heard Xarina call him, as they needed to go to thier lesson. he winked at her and went out the class. all he said was 'see you around' and thought closer to me...

In the biology lesson

Now she used that technique for herself, she started to feel more comfortable after what she had said. She turned and smirked at Faizaan, and happily smiled a cheeky smile.

'What the hell was that?' Faizaan asked.
'nothing', Ahlam replied sounding uninterested. In fact she was really happy that he was talking to her, it felt good to be back in those good time, with her best friend.
'aha, I can see that' he replied in a accusing tone.
'you two seem to be very interested in this subject, then Mr Ibrahim, why don't you answer some of my questions' Mrs Hussain exclaimed in a strict tone.
'yes madam, ask me anything you wish, the spotlight is on me?' Faizaan said in a arrogant manner. 'well, well, okay then as you helped Ahlam a lot with the answers why don't you tell me what are the signs of puberty for males?' Mrs Hussain fired at Faizaan.
'well, that's easy, pubic hair, taller, more muscles as you can see he held up his arm to show the strong muscles, and testis start to produce sperms'. He replied quickly. 'thankyou for your contribution Faizaan. 'umm, I think you forgot the most important factor, do you need help reminding?' Ahlam questioned in a laughing tone. 'really, you think your smart, tell me then.' He replied equally in a laughing tone. 'facial hair, the ones I can see on your face' she said, and bursted out laughing. Faizaan's  hand flew up to his face, he looked at her in shock. He felt his smooth skin under his hand and made a mock stern expression. the bell went and the lesson had ended.

Mrs Hussain walked up to the pair and looked into their exercise books. 'seems you did not copy down anything here at all'. 'sorry ma'am, I will catch up' Ahlam replied  and slipped out from her seat and left Faizaan to the hands of the teacher. 'where are you going to copy your missed work from mr?' the teacher asked, clearly irritated by the fact that the pair had hardly paid any attention this lesson. 'don't worry Mrs Hussain, I wil get it off Ahlam' he smiled at his idea to get the book off her to copy the work. He smiled his charming smile and strode out the classroom.  Ahlam was waiting outside and saw that he was coming so she walked hurriedly towards her locker. Faizaan was right behind her. 'what your problem' he said. 'aha, nothing, it just you are my problem' she replied smiling to herself. Faizaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, then let go, stepping closer to her. Ahlam stepped back, until she could no further go back as she was against the locker. He came right close to her face. Faizaan placed one hand on the right side of her face and one hand on the left side. Ahlam could smell the delicious smell of aftershave from Faizaan's handsome face. Faizaan looked straight into her eyes and never drew them back, he held Ahlam's gaze. 'So I am your problem, is that right?' he looked at her. Ahlam nodded although she didn't want to. He leaned in closer, close enough so that Ahlam could feel his breath on her face. His eyes had not broken contact as yet. 'Well then, this problem will keep you busy for a very long time' he winked at her, lightly planted a kiss on her cheek, then in a swift movement strode off with a he grin on his face, and a shell shocked Ahlam who was unable to move for a good few minutes'.

In the next lesson Ahlam could not concentrate at all. Her mind kept wondering back to Faizaan. He had just kissed her on the cheek and went away! Did he think he could get away with it? Ahlam thought angrily. Although she liked being close to him she was not easy to get. Whatever, I never gave him permission to kiss me, she huffed. As the chemistry lesson progressed she tried to concentrate but the concentration only lasted for a while, he kept disrupting her concentration.

Finally the bell went and the college day had ended. Ahlam headed towards the ladies toilet, on the way she found Nazma who was buzzing. She narrated what had happened in her P.E. class. Ahlam 'ooed' and 'aahed' at the right places but her mind was on Faizaan. Ahlam stood in front of the mirror in the toilets. Her hand flew up to her cheek where Faizaan had kissed her. She got a handful of water and wiped the place and with a tissue rubbed hard to remove any trace of his kiss on her face.

Ahlam had accidently rubbed so hard that her cheek had gone red where he had kissed it. 'oh no' she groaned, she tried to cover it with her scarf but it didn't reach out till there. 'Nazma, hurry up will you, I have to go to the library, I need to copy some work', Ahlam was literally screaming. She was very frustrated. On the other side Nazma was applying her makeup perfectly. Just in case she thought happily. 'Why are you getting dressed up? Are you impressing your family members, you are going home for god's sake!' Nazma jumped and stuffed her belonging into her back and with a final look into the mirror she walked out with Ahlam.

'Umm, Ahlam what happened to your cheek, it looks really bad, did you get bitten by a fly?' Nazma asked innocently.
 'What, does it look like I've been bitten by a fly? It was'', argh nothing'. She didn't want Nazma to know or anyone else what fly had caused this.
 'Why are you so angry Ahlam?'
'just, I am!' Ahlam knew she had to calm down and not scare Nazma with her intolerable anger. She turned towards Nazma and said 'okay am going to go to the library and then go home, what about you?
'Shall I stay with you, my parent are at work and won't be home till another few hours'
'that's great, let's go'. They headed towards the library.
On their way, Ahlam received many funny looks because of her cheek; she just glared at them and rushed, dragging Nazma who just couldn't help but laugh.

They found a quite place to sit where no one would disturb them. Ahlam took out her biology exercise book and workbook to copy necessary notes. Nazma was staring at something in the other side of the library, Ahlam followed her gaze only to find Faizaan and the gang sitting on a table and laughing, and Faizaan punched the boy lightly on his right and quietly whispered something to him. The boy glanced over his shoulder and stared straight pass Ahlam and to Nazma. Nazma giggled quietly. Ahlam glared at her, and she shut up immediately.

'That's him, nazim, he's so hot!' Nazma whispered happily. She saw them coming towards then and signalled Ahlam that they were coming. Straight away Ahlam straightened up, and put her scarf properly. What am I doing she thought
'urmm, why are you getting all ready Ahlam, who do you want to impress?'
Ahlam ignored her. She carried on writing her work and was half finished. She felt all twitchy and thought why they are not here yet.

She was just about to turn around when she heard his velvet voice. 'What happened to your cheek Ahlam' he enquired so softly. Ahlam felt her cheeks go hot in embarrassment. To make it even worse Nazma said 'she got bitten by a fly'. Faizaan burst into laughter uncontrollably and held his stomach. Ahlam wanted the ground to swallow her at this moment. She looked up and glared at Faizaan. Nazma was too busy to notice Ahlam's discomfort and was having a great time drooling over Nazim who was moving closer to her and sat down few spaces away from her. She batted her eyelashes and turned a shade of pink. They were enjoying the company.
'Why don't you join us' Nazma invited Faizaan
Ahlam could not believe this girl, she could not tell the obvious situation of her friend.

'What fly was this then' he winked at her. Ahlam had not said a word till then. If she did she would scream the place down. He sat down close to her, inches away. She could again smell the aftershave, it smelt so good, and Faizaan inched closer. Ahlam couldn't help but take a sharp breath, taking in the smell of aftershave. He then smirked at her making her annoyed. 

'it was really annoying and I really want to kill it now' Ahlam said in a mock sweet voice. Next to her Faizaan ripped a piece of paper and scrunched it into a ball and threw it over his shoulder. It hit the librarian, Maddy, she turned around and glared at Ahlam, Faizaan was sitting as if nothing had happened. Ahlam rushed up to the teacher and apologized.
'This is a place to study, not to mess around' Maddy said.

On the table Faizaan quietly took the biology book and slipped it into his bag. He signalled nazim to leave. Nazim said a sweet bye to Nazma and they left. All this time Nazma was too busy talking with nazim that she did not realise Faizaan stealing the book.

Ahlam returned and was hugely pleased to see that the boys had gone, frustrated she sat down and was about to continue writing her work. 'Nazma, where-is-my-book?' Ahlam asked frustrated.
'Ummm, I don't know'.
Then it hit Ahlam, Faizaan needed to copy his work as well and she had left him in the class to deal with Mrs Hussain. And he had told her he would get it off me.

He was not going to get away with this.

Ahlam reached home after school and was very tired, she went up to her bedroom and laid on the bed, her mind wandered to Faizaan, she remembered his lovely face and the incidents that had taken place in just one day. She closed her eyes and replayed the incidents in her head. The first meeting, the first touch, the first words exchanged. She drifted off to sleep.

His beautiful hazel eyes with olive, green specks in them, they stood out like a brown spot in the sun, stared at her beautiful face. His skin so pale with a shade of red, it was near her face. She held his head between her hands and bought it closer to her face. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him.  She looked deeply into his eyes which were full of passion, he leaned in for a kiss, his lips brushed against hers, and he lightly kissed the corner of her mouth and moved to the other corner. He then planted a soft kiss of her lips, and then deepened it. It was as if he was drinking from her otherwise he would not survive. She felt like she had stepped into a different world that only consisted of them. Slowly he pulled back and looked into her eyes. She smiled her first kiss so perfect, so calm and so soft.

'Buzz, buzz, Buzz' Ahlam's phone buzzed on the table next to her waking her up suddenly from her beautiful sleep and dream. She looked at the caller ID, and saw that it was none other than Nazma. Then she remembered the dream, it was so nice and perfect. Just say that happened in real. Ahlam shudder at the thought. First I need to sort this guy out! Glancing around her she looked at her phone and realised that she had a text message waiting to be read. She groaned and opened the text message Nazma just sent her it read

wuu2? I'm really bored,
 can u come down my's?
120 E 87th Street
I need help dressing for
tomorrow :/ plzz

Naz xx


Ahlam read the text and glanced at the clock, it read 4:35 pm. I have enough time, wondering why she needs help choosing dresses. I don't know what kind of girl she is. Seriously, she falls for a guy on the first day back. You're not any better. Make friends with someone on the first day and get into trouble with a guy on the first day back. Ahlam remembered the library incident and hoped Nazma would help her with what she was going to do. Ahlam grabbed her bag and headed for the door. she found the house and went to ring the bell. Just as she knocked the door opened and Nazma was standing there, she ushered her into the house and they went to her room.

'I like your house' Ahlam complimented.
'Thanks, now tell me what to wear tomorrow' Nazma said hurriedly. '
Why, what is so special tomorrow?' Ahlam enquired.
'nothing really, I have theory P.E lesson you know''' Nazma trailed off.
'oh, so its about impressing someone, that someone whose friend stole my book today, and you were too busy with that someone, that you didn't even pay attention' Ahlam responded.
'I'm sorry about that, I did not even know that he took the book' Nazma said regretfully.
'What's the point now? I have biology tomorrow and needed to complete my work which I was unable to'
'oh well, tell Mrs whatever that Faizaan took the book'

A grin spread over Ahlam's face as she knew what she had to do to make him pay. Ahlam looked at Nazma, who was looking very confused at what Ahlam was planning in her mischievous head'
Ahlam narrated the plan to Nazma and they both agreed on what they had to do. The girls picked what Nazma should wear the following day and had a great time laughing at their plan.

'Good night Nazma, see you later in school tomorrow'
'Bye, are you sure about your plan?'
Ahlam winked at Nazma as to indicate that she was fully prepared.

At home Ahlam prepared some sheets for her plan and done some biology homework. She used the internet to do her homework because someone had stolen her book. She put the stuff in her bag and went off to bed and hope Nazma had done her part of the plan. At night Ahlam couldn't get to bed, she was restless and excited thinking about what will happen tomorrow.  After a long time she drifted off to sleep. And she did have dreams but they did not consist of Faizaan, but of her best friend, who she missed dearly still.

The next morning she woke up early, fresh and excited.
'Ahlam beta, you woke up very early today and you look so excited' Ahlam's father enquired at the breakfast table.
'Nothing daddy, just looking forward to today's lessons, especially biology'. Her dad gave her a funny look and finished his breakfast and left for work.
Ahlam gobbled her breakfast and ran out the house, she needed to go early and Nazma was waiting for her at the corner.

Nazma was waiting patiently, she checked her bag to make sure she had what Ahlam had told her to get. She saw Ahlam running towards her laughing; it was like the old times Ahlam thought.

'You got it?' Ahlam was getting very impatient, she couldn't help it and to make it worse biology was fourth period but the good thing was that it was after lunch so she had plenty of time prepare and do what she wanted. She smiled in glee.

'Yes, here it is' Nazma held up the packet of stink bombs in her hand and Ahlam smiled in satisfaction. But this was only part of the plan''

'Okay, this is what we need to do' Ahlam explained again to Nazma who was nodding her head, but she was annoyed at Ahlam for repeating it to her again and again.

'I understand, you know' Nazma said little annoyed
'Yeah, I know you do but I don't want anything going wrong or then I will be in trouble'. Ahlam said.

They headed to their classes. On their way Nazma stopped at her locker, she needed to get something. She opened her locker and took her stuff out. Put it in her bag and saw that her coat somehow was stuck in her bag. She decided to pull it out so she flung her arm out behind her and she had managed to hit something really hard.
'Oof that hurt'. The voice came from behind. 
Nazma froze thinking that would that be? 'Shit, I'm done for' she thought out loud. Next to her Ahlam was standing their giggling. Nazma turned and to her embarrassment she saw nazim standing right behind her. On her right Ahlam was laughing hard. Unable to hold her laughter she winked at Nazma and walked away. She managed to ruin her day already, wonder how my day goes Ahlam thought. She left Nazma to deal with it.

'My god, I am so sorry' Nazma was apologising profusely. He just nodded and looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing black pencil heels followed by black skinny jeans. And she was wearing a loose, flimsy top, but had a black top underneath. It reached half way down her thighs.

'You look beautiful but I have to be careful not to get on the wrong side of you' he said smiling at her.
'I am really sorry, I didn't see'. She was looking anywhere but at his face.
'No seriously, it's okay'. He smiled a dashing smile, and walked away leaving Nazma really embarrassed. She just wished that he wouldn't mention this incident in front of anyone.

In the first two lessons Ahlam was restless and unable to hold her excitement. Now she was in her third lesson, mathematics.  She kept looking at her watch, impatiently waiting for the time to fly but the time was going ever so slowly. She was even thinking about Nazma, poor soul, she was getting all dressed for him and the first thing she does is hit his torso. She laughed silently but was quickly stopped when she saw Faizaan enter the class. She stared at him and a slow smile spread across her face, this time there were two empty seats in the class. One next to her and one next to Azzam, another fellow student in their class, her best friend had a crush on him. She had thought he was okay, but her best friend was head over heels for him.  She laughed at her memory not realising that Faizaan had chose to come and sit next to her.

She smiled at him; she knew if that she never kept her mouth shut she would scream at him.
'Have you lost anything' he asked deliberately, he was smirking at the same time.
'No, I don't think I have, I have everything with me' Ahlam replied referring to her plan. Ignoring him she looked at the board and tried to concentrate on her work but she was unable to as she could sense his gaze following her every move. She tried to look relaxed but it didn't work.

'You seem very tense, any problem' he asked kindly, but he had done a mistake, he had only made her more irritated than she was with him.
'No, and you can mind your own business'.
'Someone's pissed'
'whatever, I think you are going to be pissed soon'. She mumbled to herself. She felt satisfied with what she was going to do. He deserved it!
'Did you say something?' he questioned unaware of the situation he was putting himself into.
Ahlam never replied, he would get his answer very soon.

For the rest of the lesson he didn't say anything and continued with his work, so did Ahlam.

As soon as the lunch bell went, Ahlam stuffed her belongings into her bag. Next to her Faizaan was already out the class. Rushing out the class Ahlam never looked where she was heading and bumped into something hard. There Faizaan was standing just outside the class. He had a huge grin on his face.

'Have you calmed down?' He teased. Ahlam huffed and moved on his other side to get away from him. She needed her time to make the plan go into action and this boy here was not helping at all. I know he might ruin the plan Ahlam thought gruffly.
'Move out the way, I need to go.' She said.

Ah, she looks so cute when she angry, looks like she up to something. Faizaan stared at Ahlam who was trying her best to make herself unobvious to what she was going to do. Wonder what she's up to he thought. He liked this girl; she was different from the rest of the girls. She wore a headscarf that covered her hair and he imagined it to be mid length and a dark colour. Her clothing was simple. She wore black jeans with a long white top that came to her mid thighs.

'First tell me why you are looking so worried' he stated. He wasn't being nosy but he was just curious. He knew something was up but didn't ask directly instead he asked indirectly.
'Or what are you up to that you are in such a rush' he added.
'Mind your own business, why should I tell you anyway?' she threw back. Looking clearly annoyed.
'Who are you to me anyway?' she put in. Faizaan smiled at her stubbornness. He had never encountered anyone so stubborn before

'Why don't you join us for lunch then, I'm sure your friend would love that. And hope you do as well.' He hoped she would not turn down the offer; he would enjoy some company after all he was new here and only knew Nazim who was close family friends.  The only family friend he had.

Faizaan, what are you doing?' Nothing Ammi, just playing some games on the PSP' he replied. He knew that his mother loved him very much and would not let anyone harm him. She smiled at him lovingly although he knew that she would tell him to stop playing because they both knew his father's anger.  Just then his dad walked into the room and in anger scolded him. 'That's all you can do, you have nothing else to do, never sitting to do any learning. I don't know what son we have been given with.' 'Leave it, he is still young let him enjoy his youth.' His mother replied to his father. Faizaan did not want his mother to get into trouble because of him. 'Sorry Bauji, I will do my studying now.' He smiled reassuringly at his mother and went away.

He snapped away from his memory when he saw Ahlam looking at him with curious eyes. He chuckled silently to himself. 'Okay, you joining us or not?' he asked again.

'If you insist.' Ahlam replied. Ahlam was happy, at least this would make her plan more successful. Faizaan moved to the side.

'Ladies first'.
Ahlam rolled her eyes, and walked forward. Walking next to her Faizaan asked her if she had done her biology homework.
'I have, all set and done'. She referred to her plan happily. Things were going her way.

As soon as they entered the hall Faizaan asked if she would like anything to eat. He wanted to fit into the crowd. 'Oh thanks, but no. I'm fine thank you'.  Ahlam didn't feel like doing her plan, he seemed to be very nice to her.
'Not like I was going to get you anything anyways.' He said smirking. That's it, he's had it Ahlam thought to herself.

In the lunch hall Ahlam and Nazma sat next to each other with Faizaan on her right and the other boys. The boys were messing around cracking silly jokes about their teachers and their lessons.

Ahlam whispered to Nazma 'Get the bombs out'. Nazma was too busy looking at nazim that she never heard Ahlam. Ahlam took out the sheets of paper from her bag and saw that Faizaan's bag was right next to her chair. This is going way better than I thought. She turned around and saw that Nazma had not even moved an inch. She shoved Nazma in the ribs.
'Ouch' Nazma said.
'Quick, get them out'.
'Oh, sorry.' Nazma dug in to her bag and got the bombs out.
Silently Ahlam took one of them and put it into the paper and folded it. She smashed her fist onto it and shoved it into Faizaan's duffel bag.

'What are you doing?' Ahlam looked up shocked and saw Faizaan staring down at her.
'Nothing, just putting the straps on my shoes properly' Ahlam replied sweetly. Faizaan gave her quizzical look and just then the bell went.

They all grabbed their bags and made their way out of the hall and into their lessons. Ahlam winked at Nazma and happily went to her biology lesson.

When she entered the class Faizaan was already sitting at the back with his equipment out. Ahlam started her act. 'Mrs Hussain, shall I collect the homework in?' Ahlam smiled her sweetest smile possible at her biology teacher.

'Thank you Ahlam, you are a star. I need to prepare some sheets for the lesson anyways.'
Ahlam whizzed around the class and got all the homework in. she finally went to Faizaan and collected his homework. Taking his homework she put it separately, she took the sheets she had prepared yesterday and changed his sheets, stuffed his homework into her bag.  She went near the front and took her homework and put it in front of the pile followed by Faizaan's.

Plan complete she thought.

At the back of those sheets of those photocopied homework was written:


And the homework to label the female and male organs was done very badly, everything was labelled incorrectly but out of mercy she had put some right answers.

Ahlam returned to her seat only realising that the stink bombs effect was really bad, it was really horrible. Ahlam couldn't stand this and pinched her nose shut with her index finger and thumb. Faizaan's face was scrunched up, and he did not look pleased at all. Faizaan was looking very irritated by the disgusting smell.

She looks so cute like this, and I wonder where this smell is coming from Faizaan thought. He looked at Ahlam, who was not enjoying the moment but she was looking happy. At least she is smiling now, she doesn't even look guilty like this morning, he murmured to himself.

'What are you looking at?' she questioned him.
'Just wondering where this horrid smell is coming from.' Faizaan nodded his head towards Ahlam.
'What?!?!? Um I think you should check your bag first,' Ahlam blurted out before she could even stop herself. Shit, shit, shit. I can't even keep my mouth shut. Now he is definitely going to know where the smell is coming from Ahlam was cursing her own self. She never shut up and this was the result of her big mouth.
'Why would I need to check my bag, not that the smell is coming from me anyway.' Faizaan replied clearly confused.
Ahlam glanced around the class and could see that all the students were highly aware of this stench that filled their biology class. They giggled and turned to see where the stench came from, no one had the slightest idea that it was a stink bomb.

'Class, what is this? Where is that absolutely unpleasant smell coming from?' Mrs Hussain asked the class. Her tone was strict and she looked displeased, whether it be at the stench or this joke someone was pulling. 'Anyone want to own up? Or do I need to go and check to see who it was?'

Silence filled the class. Ahlam couldn't help but snigger. She was enjoying every single moment. She looked at Faizaan, who sat their innocently glancing around the class to see any signs of guilt showing on anyone's face. But everyone looked normal. Then it clicked, Ahlam had told him to check his bag but he had not. He was about to reach down to get his bag but realised that if he did then it would look as if it was him who had made the smell. Faizaan wanted to know what caused the smell but he had to wait for the lesson to be over. He heard Ahlam chuckle and suspected that it would be her. Not wanting to burst her bubble right now, he just smiled warmly at Ahlam who didn't even notice that he had clicked on. Mrs Hussain ignored this stupid prank and decided to continue with her lesson. The lesson was normal and they got on with their work.

Although Ahlam looked normal she was still impatient to know what will happen in the next lesson of biology once the homework was marked. But she had to wait as the next lesson was a day after the next. She was so restless that she felt like getting out of her seat and shoving Faizaan's homework in the teachers face so she could be content with her success.  But not everything was in her hands, she had to wait and also keep her mouth shut in case she spilled the beans, which she had spilt half already.

During the lesson Faizaan glanced at Ahlam work and saw he neat handwriting scrawled across the page. He wished his was similar but not everything in his life would be perfect along with some other things.

Faizaan come here now! His father bellowed Faizaan rushed into his father's presence and his head was down. That day Faizaan had been in trouble at school for saying something to another student, he swore at the student because he had pissed him off. But he would never explain and even if he tried his father would not hear him. His mother tried several times to take his side but his father's stern look was enough to shut her up also. Later she would come to him, apologise o behalf of his father but Faizaan let the matters slip. He couldn't keep a grudge against his father because it would affect his mother. 'What do you think you are doing in school? Is this what I have sent you for?' his father barked at him. Faizaan knew best and remained silent, but his silence irritated his father. 'Answer me!' he shouted. They were stood in the grand living room of their mansion. It was huge. Their mansion was well known in the city they used to live in. they had recently moved. IBRAHIM MANSION.  'I was just'.' Faizaan trailed off as his father glared at him. 'I want you to run my business after me; I don't want you to ruin my business.' That was what it was all about, family name, business and prestige. His father had never asked him what he wanted to do. 

Near the end of the lesson the smell had disappeared and everything was normal. But Faizaan was lost in his own chain of thoughts. 'Faizaan, Faizaan, the bells gone. It's time to go home.' Ahlam was speaking to him. She tapped his shoulder breaking him from his thoughts. Oh yeah, back to home. He stood up tall, and took his stuff making his way out the class. He didn't even respond to Ahlam. She went out after him. And turned the opposite side to him, off she went to find Nazma. 

'Mission accomplished!' Ahlam screeched to Nazma. Both girls stood at the lockers. Ahlam was jumping in joy and Nazma was telling her to quieten down. Other students were giving the weird looks. Ahlam described the entire lesson to Nazma, she was laughing with her, enjoying their success. While Ahlam narrated their deeds a shadow was standing away from them listening to every word spoken between the girls. It smirked to itself, turned around and walked away'. Ahlam and Nazma were completely unaware of this stranger.

Faizaan wanted to walk home but then the car pulled up near the school gates; he had told his dad that he did not want to announce that he was rich. But his father, being his father always done the opposite to what he had said, not like he ever would listen to him. The driver made it worse by coming round to the passenger door and opening it for Faizaan.

'Leave it kaka, I can do it myself, thank you!' He quickly climbed into his car and the driver shut the door behind him fulfilling his duty or else his master would give him an earful. 'Kaka, can you please wait a few blocks away from college in the future please.' The driver just nodded.

Faizaan was happy; although he could be angry he was feeling normal. He had heard Ahlam talking to Nazma about their plan, he was slightly irritated that he had not even realised but was glad. His entire life, previous school were non dramatic, ne was never in trouble, he never really had the fun, people were afraid of him, but they had their reasons. He remembered the bag, Faizaan took his bag out and emptied it out on the seat; he saw a sheet of paper with something wrapped up in it. He already knew what it was, smiling he took it out. At least people treated him normal.

So you are joining my college? Looks like you are going to have a lot of girls following you' Nazim said cheekily to Faizaan. 'After all you are a rich, handsome boy!'
'No nazim, I don't want to publicize that I am rich, you know what it's like, I hate to show off.' Faizaan replied. 'I want normal friends, I mean those who don't follow me for my money, it is annoying. I hope dad does not be a trustee of the new college and everyone will know about me.' 'Chill Faizaan, your secret is safe with me. I know you don't like your richness.' Nazim laughed. His friend hated the rich parties ,and the rich people in,  every party the two hang out together avoiding those rich business men who sucked up to their parents.

In his previous college Faizaan was never mistreated, no one teased him they feared that they would be in trouble. They respected him. Some girls flirted with him just to show off, he never paid any interest. He looked for fun, he ended up with the rich boys who showed their priority. Once he had bought a friend home who was not equal to their social standing, but he had come to help with their project. His father had seen him and insulted the boy, he never returned and the word had spread in school. No one from the lower social standing tried to befriend him, they thought he was like all those other rich boys.  

Faizaan was glad, now he was ready for some fun. First time someone had played a real prank on him. He remembered Ahlam's face, which was full of life, she was loud, mischievous and gorgeous, the girl he is starting to like although he did not know her properly. But he wanted to know what the consequences are and what would happen. It had only been few days of school and a lot had happened. He had a feeling that the coming year was going to be great.

They pulled out, outside Faizaan's home. He opened the car door himself this time and smiled at kaka who then moved the car away. Faizaan in his happy mood entered the house, seeing his father his smiled faded immediately. He said Salaam to his father and rushed to his room. 'Oh shit, I forgot, if Dad finds out about those sheets that Ahlam have written then?' Faizaan was worried, not only him but Ahlam would also be in trouble. He paced around the room wandering what to do, but never came up with a good enough plan. He let it be, he would have to face his father's wrath.

Later in the day Faizaan was on his laptop, doing some homework and playing games at the same time, he didn't feel like doing any work. His mind wondered back to Ahlam, she pulled that stupid prank, he knows about it as he had overheard it but she didn't know that he knew. He didn't want to burst her bubble. Faizaan directed himself to Google translate and typed in Ahlam, he put the translation from Arabic to English. The word dream came into the translation.

Such a beautiful name and meaning! And my name means favour. Faizaan thought to himself.
He went onto his face book account and logged in. he wrote Ahlam's name into the search box but he didn't know her surname that failed he thought! Just then he heard a faint knock on the door.

'Come in' he said.
'Chote sahib, the food is ready, please come down for dinner.' The servant told him.
'Please don't call be sahib, just take my name, I don't like it.'
'Ji sahib, sorry Faizaan.'

At home Ahlam was busy with the cooking; she was humming at the same time.
'You look very jolly today, just like the morning, is there something you would like to share' her dad said to her popping into the kitchen!
'Nothing dad, I'm just feeling good.' She replied smiling widely to her Dad. Her dad gave her a funny look and went away.

Ahlam thought back to the day's events, at first she felt contentment, no one messes with Ahlam, or you will pay. But she wondered if what she did was right, but with what she had written in the sheets, she was not sure. She had written that biology sucks and so did the teacher, was that extreme? Nazma had also asked if she was sure with her plan, and she had ignored.  If my dad finds out? Ahlam thought, then what will he say, he doesn't even like me near boys, what will he say. Ahlam thought she had taken the wrong step out of stupidity, how will I rectify it? She just hoped no one would find out''.

One of them would be in trouble, if one confesses one would be saved, if one accepts then the other would be saved, who will be the one who is saved?

The next day Ahlam walked to school still thinking about her deeds, she was confused, did he do something that bad that he deserves this? Shall I go up to him and tell him what I have done? No, I don't want to get into trouble! Ahlam wondered what to do. Forget it! She just huffed and walked into the building to find Nazma. 

'Ellow Nazma!' Ahlam said in a cheerful tone.
'Hi' Nazma replied plainly.
'What happened to you? Why are you looking so down?' Ahlam inquired seeing Nazma sulking.
'Not seen your crush, have you?' Ahlam teased her friend.
'No, guess what I saw right now?' Nazma cried in frustration, she looked very update and annoyed at something.
'Okay, tell me what happened and what you saw!!'
'Nazim!! I hate him now!!' Nazma cried out loud. She narrated her story'

Nazma walked happily into school hoping that she would see nazim in P.E again, but fate had written something else. She was walking towards the library when she saw what she never wanted to see. Nazim was walking down the corridor with another girl, not only that but he had his hand around her waist. He saw Nazma and smiled and the girl looked as if she was enjoying every moment, who wouldn't enjoy it? Being in the arms of a handsome boy. Nazma felt like screaming at him. but she knew better and gave a tight smile back and stormed off.

'That's bad, don't worry hun. You can do better' she encouraged her friend to be happy and get over nazim. But it didn't help Nazma looked very upset.
'Okay, don't be upset, well go for a movie tonight, okay?' Nazma just nodded.

Ahlam had no biology or mathematics that day, so she never had a chance to see Faizaan, and didn't ponder over the right and wrong! Later in the day Ahlam and Nazma went to the cinemas to watch a movie.

'Let's watch Breaking Dawn'
'Nah, lets watch''..urmm' Ahlam didn't know what to watch so she agreed with Nazma and went to get the tickets. In the line Ahlam spotted Faizaan and Nazim a few spaces ahead of her.

She stepped out the line and went to them.
'Hey guys, what are you doing here?' Ahlam asking although it was obvious.
'Why do people come to the cinema?'  Faizaan said laughing. Nazim just chuckled.
'Whatever, can you get me two tickets please? Nazma is here with me.' Ahlam said sweetly to nazim, she glanced to make sure that the girl was not there, she wasn't, Ahlam felt relieved that Nazma's evening would not be ruined.
'sure, go we will come. Faizaan why don't you go with Ahlam to get some popcorn' nazim suggested.
'k man, meet you there.' Faizaan walked with Ahlam to get popcorn.

Nazma spotted them and she walked over to them, she figured nazim would also be there, she scowled at Ahlam who shrugged and told her not to be affected by his presence. Faizaan went to get popcorn and the girls stood waiting for them.

'Chill Nazma, the girls not there. She might not even be his girlfriend, don't worry!' Ahlam assured her friend. Just then nazim appeared, on seeing Nazma his face lit up and he smiled at them. Nazma was irritated, he has a girl friend but flirts as well. So cheap she thought.

They went into the cinema hall and took their seats, the girls sat in the middle with Faizaan sitting next to Ahlam on one side and nazim sat next to Nazma on the other side. They waited for the movie to begin.

They went into the cinema hall and took their seats, the girls sat in the middle with Faizaan sitting next to Ahlam on one side and nazim sat next to Nazma on the other side. They waited for the movie to begin. As the movie began the lights went out completely and the cinema hall darkened. They concentrated on the movie.

Nazma was stealing glances at nazim although she was angry with him. On the other side Ahlam was munching on the popcorn and staring intently at the screen. Faizaan was just looking here and there, he wasn't much interested in the movie, so he plugged his earphones into his iPod and listened to music, and Ahlam gave him a funny look!  Nazim knew that something was irritating Nazma as she seemed not at all calm and was looking frustrated. Will have to ask her later, he thought.

'Hello nazim' someone whispered and they all turned except Faizaan too busy with his music.
'Oh Hi Jasmine.' Nazim replied nicely. It was his sister's best friend.
'Join us, we don't mind.' Nazim glanced towards the group as if to make sure. Nazma gave a tight smile and Ahlam looked at her friend quietly and gave her a just deal with it look.
'Oh thanks.' Jasmine made herself comfortable next to nazim and nazim did not look at all bothered.  

On the screen the movie had reached the *** scene, Ahlam blushed. Thank god it's dark in here. She looks sideways on her right and looked at Faizaan. At that precise moment Faizaan turned his head towards Ahlam and winked. Shit, what was that for? She thought to herself angrily. She mutely continued watching the movie, so did the rest of them.

Nazma was not enjoying the movie at all. That kabab mein haddi. Argh, wonder who she is Nazma thought to herself. I hope she is just a cousin or a friend, or then'.okay, calm down Nazma instructed herself. Soon the movie finished and so did Nazma's discomfort.

She grabbed her bag and rushed out the cinema hall; Ahlam shot an apologising look to the rest of them and went after Nazma.
'Nazma, what's wrong with you? Leave it'
'Ahlam, I want to go home now, I will take the bus' Nazma just replied plainly.
'okay, I thought we would have gone for some pizza but oh well.' Ahlam was disappointed.
'Next time, hopefully, I'm not in the mood! And it's really late, 9pm.'

By then the rest of them had joined them and Ahlam told them that Nazma was leaving as she wasn't feeling very well.

'I will drop you off' nazim offered, Nazma looked at him confused. 'I am going that way, jasmine is coming my way as well.' Nazma's face fell.
'Yeah, sure.' Nazma said half heartedly, said goodbye to them and walked out the door followed by nazim and Nazma.

Faizaan and Ahlam were left. Ahlam had wanted to walk home with Nazma but as she had left she now had to catch the other bus and on the other hand Faizaan was in no rush to go home.
'So?' Faizaan said awkwardly.
'So what?'
'You going home then?'
'Yeah, that is the plan.'
'Shall I drop you home? We can walk it if you don't mind.' Faizaan suggested and expected an answer in the positive and he got it.
'Yeah, that's fine by me.' She said.

Together they walked out of the cinema hall and into the cold streets of Georgia. The night was cold and the wind was blowing. Ahlam looked into the sky and saw millions of stars reflecting back. The moon shone in the dark night and bought light into the sky. It looked beautiful; Ahlam looked as if she was noticing for the first time the beauty of the night. She smiled gently and noticed that Faizaan was in his own world as well. The wind blew hard and Faizaan broke from his trance and saw Ahlam shivering.

Ahlam had only bought a thin jumper because she had expected to come by bus but that had not happened. Faizaan being gentlemen took of his jacket and placed it around Ahlam's shoulders. She smiled at this gesture of his and thanked him. Ahlam and Faizaan started talking about their previous schools and interests and Faizaan told Ahlam that he was interested in singing but his father was not fond of his interest.

'Really? That's cool, or are you just joking?' Ahlam joked
'no, serious, shall I sing for you?' Faizaan asked cheekily. Ahlam nodded in agreement thinking that he wouldn't sing and was only joking. They had reached half way to her house. Just then Faizaan walked ahead of Ahlam and started to sing.

You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when you walk through the door
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough

Ahlam just shook her head and giggled. But he continued to sing.

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful

Suddenly Faizaan took Ahlam's hand and twirled her around, they crossed the now empty roads.

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
But that's what makes you beautiful

Faizaan walked around Ahlam, she found herself blushing, but still he continued to sing.

So c-come on
You got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a song
I don't know why
You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eyes

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you

He held her hand and pulled her gently along with him around the corner of the block. They were a few blocks away from ahlams house now and she let go of his hand and started to remove his jacket off her shoulders. She didn't want to, she could smell the delicious smell of his perfume and inhaled it. But she took it off before he noticed. Faizaan hadn't stopped and was still signing.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
But that's what makes you beautiful

They had now reached the road on which Ahlam house was on and Faizaan had stopped singing.
'Indeed, you sing beautifully' Ahlam said smiling.
'It was more beautiful because I sang it for you' he replied, his voice sounding very sincere.

Ahlam heart fluttered, she didn't want the day to end''and it wanst as yet over!!


They had now reached the road on which Ahlam house was on and Faizaan had stopped singing.
'Indeed, you sing beautifully' Ahlam said smiling.
'It was more beautiful because I sang it for you' he replied, his voice sounding very sincere.

'Um, Thanks' she replied.

'My pleasure.' He said chuckling.
Ahlam and Faizaan walked towards her house, Ahlam stopped outside her gates and remembered that her dad could come out any second. Just then the dorr of her house opened and her brother came out. She rushed towards Faizaan, grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the sight of the house and her brother.

'Whoa, what are you doing' he said laughing.
'Shhh, my brother' she whispered. She never realised that they were very close and her hand was on his chest. She peeked over her side to see if her brother was still there. He was busy locking his bike, but she wasn't get out till I was safe.

Faizaan looked at her beautiful face, she was so close, he could feel her breath on his face. She averted her eyes towards him and realised their closeness. He looked into her eyes. They stood like this for a good few minutes just then Ahlam's phone started to ring, she immediately took her hands off him and dug into side bag to find her phone. She fumbled with her bag until she found her cell phone. It was her dad on the other end asking when she will be back.

'Few minutes dad, I'm just on my way'. She replied rapidly.

After she had switched her phone off, there was an awkward moment of silence.

'Um, I'll go now' she turned and started to walk away.
'Wait, umm give me your phone number' he said awkwardly.
'oh sure, note it down' they exchanged numbers and waved goodbye and Ahlam walked to her house, before entering the house she glanced at him once more. Faizaan was stood there till she was safely in the house.

When Ahlam reached her room after meeting her family her phone started to ring, she read the caller id and it was none other than Faizaan. She smiled….

On the other side Nazma and the other two were making their way through the streets and in less than 5 minutes they had reached Jasmines house. She turned to Nazma and nazim, bid them good bye and walked to the door. Before she entered her house she waved at nazim and gave a small smile to Nazma. Now Nazma was very sure that something was going on between them. She couldn't stand this but then she realised that she was getting worked up for no reason. She liked Nazim but she never knew if he liked her. But then what was that in P.E. lesson she thought.

'Hello?' Nazim clicked his fingers in front on her face and bought her out of her world.
'Oh, what?' She questioned.
'What world have you been in, I have been calling you for the past minute.

Nazim had stood there admiring Nazma's cute face. She looked gorgeous in the moon light. The slight wind blew her hair onto her face but Nazma had not noticed. She was too busy in her deep thoughts. He stood there without interrupting her, just watched all the emotions pass over her face. He thought of what she might be thinking of.

'Oh nothing, just…..' She trailed off.

Nazim stepped closer and placed the strand of hair covering her right eye behind her ear. She blushed at their close proximity, which did not help. He made her heart beat faster than a cheetah and her breathing difficult.

'You looked beautiful Naz' he whispered in her ear.

He chuckled at the look on her face, stepped back and walked forward. When Nazma never followed he went back took her hand in his hand and pulled her along with him. All the while Nazma kept glancing at their locked hands and hoped that this wouldn't be the last moment between them…

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