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Love, Friendship etc...LAST PART pg79 (Page 4)

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Not knowing what had overcome her, Kripa gently kissed Angad on his forehead then each of his eyelids very gently. Kripa then kissed both of his cheeks and was going for the lips when Angad opened his eyes. Kripa got startled and really embarrased. Kripa was going as red as a tomato! Angad was no longer holding onto Kripa. Kripa was getting up to go when Angad grabbed her hand and pulled her back. They then rolled once. Kripa was underneath Angad and was struggling to get out but Angad wouldn't let her. Kripa slowly looked at Angad's face and stopped trying to get away but just got lost in his eyes. Suddenly Kripa looked away.
Kripa: Angad, please mujhe jaane do.
Angad: Kya tum apna voh mission (to kiss Angad) adhoora chord kar chali jaaogi?
Angad then moved closer to Kripa. Angad was so close to Kripa now that she could hear his heart beat and could feel his garam garam breath on her face. Angad kissed Kripa's neck which gave Kripa goosebumps all over. Kripa gently closed her eyes. Angad slowly and very gently kissed Kripa's lips. At first it was a very gentle and soft kiss but soon it was full of passion. Kripa put one of her hands on the back of Angad's head, softly caressing his hair and put her other hand on the back of Angad's neck and returned his kiss with all her might. After a long kiss, Angad moved to lay beside Kripa. Kripa's head was resting on Angad's arm and she herself was cuddled up in Angad's arms with a blanket over top protecting them from the cold weather.
Angad: Kripa...Kripa...
He looked down and saw that Kripa was sleeping peacefully. Angad got quite annoyed to see her sleeping.
Angad (to himself): So (sleep) lo Kripa, so lo. Kya pata tumhe phir kabhi chain ki neend aaye bhi ya nahin. Pyar to tumhe mujhse ho hi gaya hai, lekin mujhe us din ka intezaar hai ke jab tum mujhse apne pyar ka izhaar karogi. Uske baad main tumhari zindagi ek narak bana doonga aur tumhare paas koi raasta nahi hoga sivaye ek; Mujhe divorce dene ka. Jo mujhe yakeen hai ke tum dogi aur uske baad mein ek azaad panchi aur tum poori zindagi roti rahogi.
Angad then gave an evil smile and went to sleep, his head resting on top of Kripa's.
After awhile Kripa woke up and saw that it had stopped raining.
Kripa: Angad utho!
Angad: Kya hai...
Kripa: It stopped raining. Let's go.
They both quickly gathered their belongings and headed back towards the car silently. They both got in and at first the car wouldn't start up but after a couple of times it did and they were both on their way back to their house. There was an uncomfortable silence in the car and Kripa didn't want to make it any worse so she decided to pretend to be asleep. The reached their house and Kripa quickly got out of the car and ran inside leaving Angad alone. She ran upto her room and quickly took hiding in the bathroom. When Angad came in the room he noticed that Kripa was in the bathroom so he decided to change in the room. When Kripa came out of the bathroom she saw that Angad had already gone to sleep on the couch. She quietly walked upto him and gave him a gentle good night kiss on his forehead. She then made her way to the bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Angad awoke to someone knocking on the door.
Angad: Oh Shit!!!
He quickly picked up the pillow and put it on the bed and quickly slipped into the blanket with Kripa peacefully sleeping. That person then knocked once again before opening the door. Angad pretended he had just awoken because of the knocking. He slowly got up to rest against the headboard.
Naina: Oh I'm sorry Angad beta, maine tumhe jiga diya. I should have known that you guys probably got home late last night.
Angad: No, no! That's alright mom.
By now Kripa awoke because of the voices. She got really scared seeing Angad in bed with her but then turned to see Naina. Kripa pretended to be alright and as if everything was okay.
Kripa: Good morning, mom.
Kripa then in a quiet voice: Good morning, Angad.
Naina: Good morning, beta. I should get going. I just came to remind you that today is Karva Chauth and Angad I want to you to be home by 5 today, alright?
Angad: Alright, mom (annoyed).
Naina then slipped out of the room closing the door behind her.
Angad then turned towards Kripa and pulled her closer. They were so close that they could feel each other's breath.
Angad: Can I say good morning to you in a special way?
Too afraid to speak, Kripa just nodded her head as in saying yes. Angad then moved his face closer to Kripa's and Kripa just closed her eyes. Angad then very softly kissed her cheek and quickly went into the bathroom. Kripa opened her eyes and anyone could tell she was extremely disappointed. She had been expecting a kiss on the lips.
Kripa to herself: Maybe, just maybe I really do love him. He is pretty cute. He is pretty nice and caring. He does give me my space...most of the time. Maybe, I do love him...
Naina usually invited a bunch of other families over for Karva Chauth every year and this year was no different but extra special. She had two beautiful and obedient new daughter-in-laws to show off. The whole day was very hectic for everyone at home. They were running around trying to get everything ready before the guests started to arrive. Soon enough everyone started to show up and Naina proudly introduced everyone to her daughter-in-laws. Soon the men also came home from the office. Everyone sat in the living room talking to each other, desperately waiting for the moon to come out, and when it did the women frantically ran to the terrace grabbing their husbands. Kripa was wearing a beautiful light blue lehnga. While this was happening, Kripa was still getting her thali ready in the kitchen and when she came out and saw noone except for Angad in the room she got a bit confused.
Angad: Everyone's outside. The moon came out.
Kripa got a big smile and quickly grabbed Angad's hand and ran up. Angad then all of a sudden stopped.
Kripa: Angad, kya hua?
Angad: Come with me.
He took Kripa to the outhouse. He dragged her inside and made her wait up on the terrace while he went to go grab something from inside. He hid what he had behind his back and put it to the side so Kripa couldn't see it. Kripa then started to do all the rituals. Angad did his part and then when Kripa was about to leave he grabbed her hand.
Kripa: Angad, mujhe jaana hai. Mom mujhe thoond rahi hongi.
Angad: Maine unhe batha diya hai ke hum kaha honge.
Kripa gets a bit uneasy and tries to leave once again but Angad doesn't let her.
Angad in a stern voice: Agar patni apne pati ki lambi umar ke liye poora din bhooki reh sakti hai to pati kyun apni patni ki lambi umar ke liye vrath nahi rakhta?
Kripa: Arre yeh tum kaisi baate leke beht gaye ho? Kya tumne kabhi yeh sunna ya dekha hai ke ek pati apni patni ke liye vrath rakha hai?
Angad: Sunna ya dekha to nahi lekin maine tumhare liye rakha hai.
Kripa is shocked and doesn't no how to react. She gets tears in her eyes and Angad gets the thing that he had hidden from Kripa. It's a thali and he starts doing all the rituals that Kripa had done. This whole time Kripa has tears in her eyes and can't bring herself to say anything to Angad.
Angad to himself: Stupid girl! Ise kya lagta hai ke main iske liye poora din bhooka rahoonga.
Angad then gave himself an evil smile and turned towards Kripa.
Angad: Chalein, Kripa?
Kripa just nodded her head and started to walk away. She went straight back to their house and is surprised to see nobody there. The guests had left and everyone else had gone to bed. She quickly decided to go change first and then come eat dinner. She went upstairs with Angad tagging along
Angad changed while Kripa decided not to just yet and went down to eat. Angad piled his plate with food, pretending to be really hungry. Kripa got a small smile on her face seeing Angad. Kripa then went into the kitchen to heat something. Angad turned to make sure she wasn't looking and when he was pretty sure, he wrapped most of the food in a napkin and went to a nearby plant. He dug up some of the dirt and buried the napkin in there. He then ran back to his seat and pretended to be eating really fast by the time Kripa came. Kripa was amazed that he had eaten that much in only a few minutes.
Angad to himself: Mujhe bhook to hai nahi, lekin agar nahi kahta to tumhe mere jhoot ka pata chal jaata aur vo main kaise hone deta.
They ate in silence and made their way back up to their room.
Angad and Kripa were both in their room. Kripa was walking towards the bed when she felt that she was losing her balance. She saw Angad standing close by and tried to grab him for support but ended up pulling her with him. She landed softly on the bed with Angad on top. Kripa slowly opened her eyes and saw Angad passionately looking into them and she too looked back. After awhile Kripa looked away and so did Angad. Angad tried to get up but fell back down since his necklace was stuck in Kripa's mangulsutra. In the process of falling back on Kripa, his lips lightly brushed Kripa's cheek. Kripa started to blush and she looked at Angad as he tried to get up once again. This time again he fell back and this his lips slightly brushed Kripa's lips. They forgot about their necklaces and about getting up but instead they kept looking into each other's eyes. Angad then inched forward and lightly kissed Kripa's cheek. Angad then kissed Kripa's neck very gently and then her shoulders very passionately. Kripa just lay a bit happy, a bit surprised and a bit confused. Angad then kissed Kripa's forehead. Angad was going for the lips. They were only a millimeter away when Angad backed off. He got up a bit and untangled their necklaces while Kripa was very confused and disappointed now.
Angad: I'm sorry, Kripa.
Kripa got up and saw that Angad was walking towards the couch where he sat down. Kripa went and sat down beside him. Angad turned the other way. He wouldn't look at her. Kripa then very slowly sat on his lap and made him face her. Both of them were so close now that all they had to do was move 1 cm in and the would be kissing.
Kripa in a forceful whisper: What are you sorry for?
Angad in the same kind of whisper: For coming close to you.
Kripa: You don't have to be. We're married.
Angad in an angry whisper: You know what I mean. We don't share that kind of relationship.
Kripa in a gentle whisper: But we can!
This caught Angad by surprise and he looked at Kripa.
Kripa: Jab main tumhe pyar karti hoon aur mujhe koi aitraaz nahi hai to tum kyun mujhse door ja rahe ho?
Angad: Kya kaha tumne?
Kripa: Jo tumne suna...
Angad: Phirse kehna....
Kripa: I...I...
Angad: You...You...
Kripa: ...Love...
Angad: ...Love...
Kripa: ...You...
Angad: ...Me!...
Angad then grabbed Kripa and gave her a long passionate hug. They finally broke apart but didn't move from their spots. Angad then got Kripa's chunni and put over top her head. He then made Kripa sit on the bed like a dulhan and covered her face with the chunni. But before doing so he gently whispered into Kripa's ear.
Angad: We never had a proper suhaag raat. Today we have gotten the chance.
Kripa was blushing like crazy. Angad seated himself on the bed and gently lifted up Kripa's ghunghat. He took off her chunni and basically threw it on the floor. Angad gently took off Kripa's choordiyan and put them on the side table. He kissed her hands very gently. Angad then took off each of Kripa's earrings and kissed both her ears gently. He then took off her Tikka and kissed her forehead very gently. He then moved Kripa's hair to the side and took her necklace off. He then kissed they back of her neck very gently. By now Kripa was getting goosebumps all over her body. The wind was blowing very hard and the window was open. Kripa was getting cold so she got up to close the window leaving Angad on the bed. Angad got up behind her and watched her close the window, he then went up to her and kissed her neck and then looked at her. Kripa looked back at him and got a bit shy. She pulled Angad really close.
Kripa: I love you so much!
Before Angad could say anything, Kripa cupped his face in her hands and gave him a big kiss. When they broke apart, they both kept looking into each other's eyes. Angad picked Kripa up in his arms, still looking into her eyes, and carried her to the bed. He put her down and threw himself over top and gave Kripa a long kiss....THEN the screen goes out of focus.

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hey guys plz leave ur comments
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wow!! GREAT PART!!

please continue soon Clap
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great part Clap Clap
continue soon
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nice part plz do continue
habli Senior Member

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its sooo cool but i feel like i hve read this fan fic before is it that u are re updating ur old fan fic ... im sorry maybe ur not and its just my imagination.. its still a gr88 fan fic
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by habli

its sooo cool but i feel like i hve read this fan fic before is it that u are re updating ur old fan fic ... im sorry maybe ur not and its just my imagination.. its still a gr88 fan fic

i am not posting the same story...

it was put up by ishika... some time ago... i didnt like how it was continued further so i have made many changes...

so from next update u will have a new type of story

AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Kripa woke up the next morning and to her utter surprise, she was alone in the room. Kripa looked towards the bathroom but noone was in there. She looked at the time and was a bit confused. It was only 7:30 a.m.
Kripa to herself: Angad kaha chala gaya?
Kripa quickly took a shower, got ready and went downstairs where everyone was having breakfast, except Angad.
Kripa: Good morning.
Everyone: Good morning.
Kripa: Mom, Angad kaha hai?
Naina: Beta, vo tho kab ka office chala gaya.
Kripa: Lekin itni jaldi...
Naina: Haan, vo koi important meeting thi aur usne kaha hai ke main tumko bata doon ke vo aaj raat ko late ho jayaga aur tum uski wait na karo.
Kripa (disappointed): Oh.
The whole day Kripa was a bit restless and when night finally came Kripa was waiting for Angad to return. It was 10:00 and Angad still hadn't returned so she decided to watch a movie to make time go by faster. Just then she got a call on her cell phone. The number was unknown and Kripa got a weird feeling inside.
Kripa: Hello
Person: Hello Kripa bhabhi
Kripa: Bhabhi?...Ji kaun bol raha hai?
Person: Main, Angad ka dost, Suraj.
Kripa: Oh, acha acha. Ji kahiye.
Suraj: Vo kya main Angad se baat kar sakta hoon
Kripa: Agar aap ko Angad se baat karni hai to aap uske phone par phone kijiye.
Suraj: Maine try lekin vo switched off hai.
Kripa: Oh....lekin aap ke paas mera number kaise aaya?
Suraj: Angad ne ek baar aap ko mere phone se phone kiya tha...So can I talk to Angad?
Kripa: Acha...lekin Angad to yaha nahi...Main bhi ghar par usi ka intezaar kar rahi hoon.
Suraj: Lekin yeh kaise ho sakta hai...Maine abhi abhi aap dono ko Sheraton Hotel ke room number 203 mein jaate huye dekha hai. Maine Angad ko bolane ki bhi koshish ki lekin mujhe lagta hai ke use suniye nahi diya. Aur jab maine room par jaake knock karne ki koshish ki tho door par "Do Not Disturb" sign tha. Tab maine socha ke main uska phone try karta hoon lekin vo usne uthaya nahi to maine aap ko kiya.
Kripa (shocked, starting to get tears in her eyes): Are...Are you sure ke vo Angad aur main hi the?
Suraj: Arre bhabhiji, maine khud Angad ka chehra dekha lekin main aapko nahi dekh paya, aapki peet thi mere taraf. Anyways, rehne dijiye, main use dobara try karta hoon. Bye.
With that Suraj hung up and gave Angad a thumbs up.
Angad: Thanks yaar.
Suraj: Hey, don't say thanks. After all what are friends for.
With that Suraj left and Angad went into the hotel room.

Kripa was shocked and heart broken but then decided that she shouldn't believe what others say. She had to go see for herself what the truth was. Kripa reached the hotel and stood in front of room number 203. She had no way of getting in and didn't want to knock. Just then she saw a housekeeper.
Kripa: Excuse Me.
Housekeeper: Yes...
Kripa: I left my keys inside the room and I have no way of getting in.
Housekeeper: Here you can use this spare. When you are going to leave just leave it in the room.
Kripa: Thanks.
Housekeeper: No problem.
With that Kripa made her way to the room and opened the door.
Kripa made her way to the room and opened the door. She quietly slipped into the room and closed the door behind her. All she heard was some soft romantic music. She couldn't see anything from there. There was a small hallway leading to the actual room. She very slowly tip toed towards there. She stopped dead in her tracks and had silent tears running down her cheeks. She was shocked at what she saw. Angad was passionately kissing some lady on the lips. Kripa took a step back and accidently knocked over a vase that was standing on a table nearby. Angad and the woman quickly got up to see who it was. Angad saw Kripa with tears in her eyes and gave an evil smirk to himself. Angad looked at Kripa who stood frozen on the spot for about a minute. Kripa then went up to Angad and gave him one tight slap, turned around and ran out of the room. Kripa ran out to the car and sat in there for a few minutes unable to control her tears and her pain. She had trusted Angad. She had loved Angad. She had thought that he had changed. After a bit she got a hold of herself and drove home, still thinking about what just happened. She went straight to her room. She locked the door and fell on the bed started to let out all the pain and heart ache.

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